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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 22, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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it is tuesday, september 22nd, 2015. welcome to cbs "this morning." pope frances arrives today for his first visit to the united states. the commissioner bill bratton and john miller take us behind the scenes of the massive effort to keep the pope safe. >> u.n. ambassador samantha power is in studio 57. we'll ask her how putin's involvement in syria affects the war on isis. plus meet the company ceo who raised the price of a life saving drug by 5,000%. >> your world in 90 second. >> crews are installing fences, stngartish to ut down streets.
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this is one of the largest security operations in u.s. history. america president-elect bushs for the pope's historic visit. >> pope frances arrives in the united states this afternoon. >> the pope will be greeted in person by the president. >> presidebant os ma igoing to be the guy at arrivals holding a sign that says "pope." a gun battlte a a target store in northern california. two officers struck trying to serve a warrant. both are expected to survive. the justice department is launching a criminal investigation of volkswagon after the company admitted to cheating on e solnutio tests. the owner of a peanut company was sent to prison for his role in a deadly salmonella outbreak. >> the crowded republican field just got a little smaller. wisconsin governor scott walker has thrown the towel in. he says heoo lks forward to his new job in the picture in the dictionary next to the word "duh." incredible video. a man fighting off a hammerhead
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shark t. large s sharktarting biting and raming his kayak. the story of one rat and one slice of pizza. >> this is the most new york scene ever. >> don't say something stupid to i ke me look stupid. don't like. a goal for the touchdown. marshall and the jets are 2 and o. jets fans in all their glory. >> and all that matters. >> could you put these sunglasses on? just in case we have to do the weekend at bernie's. how is that? just go like that. how's that? >> on cbs "this morning." jeb is struggling to get traction against donald trump. trump is even dominating in jeb's home state of florida. it makes sthaens florida likes trump. they're used to life-size cartoon characters with giant heads. [ applause
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[ applause ] >> welcome to cbs 80 this morning." tens of millions of americans are getting ready to welcome pope frances to the united states t. pope is spending the morning in santiago, cuba. he will celebrate mass before he flies to washington this afternoon. >> it is the first stop of the pope's brief city tour on his first ever visit to the u.s. frances goes to new york city on thursday. then to philadelphia on saturday. chip reid is in washington outside the apostolic anunsia and he is in the nation's capitol. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, when pope frances arrives here in washington, d.c., he will stay here at the apostolic vatican embassy. this is prime real estate in washington, d.c. we are right in the heart of embassy row and just across the street from the vice presidential mansion. on his final night in cuba.
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pope frances laid flowers at the foot of the country's patron saint. the 78-year-old pontiff will be in the u.s. for six days. the first paper p pal -- papal . in an unprecedented move, proep frances will address a group meeting of congress thursday morning marking the first time a pope has spoken to both chambers. both events in washington, d.c. are prompting protests. one arizona republican congressman says he's bioticing the pope's speech because of his views on climate change and the guest list for the meeting at the white house, which includes a transgender advocate, an activist nun and the first gay episcopal bishop is firing up president obama's critics. >> i'm not sure president obama needs to school and lecture pope frances on catholic doctrine and
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why he's wrong. >> reporter: thursday afternoon, frances' arrival in new york comes as 170 world leaders, including president obama, are in town for the united nations general assembly, creating a massive challenge for security officials. friday morning, pope frances will speak to the u.n. and say mass for thousands at madison square garden. saturday, his final stop will be in philadelphia. on sunday, he will deliver a speech from the same podium used by president lynn common for the gettysburg address. pope frances is well known for his simple tastes. for example, in rome, he rejected the papal pa las and lives instead in a simple boarding house. when he arrives here, he may be pleased to discover, yes, the 1st floor is elegantly furnished. the upper floors where he will be staying is much more modest. >> it sound like he will like that. thank you, chip. president and mrs. obama will meet the pope in walk. a massive police force will be waiting as well.
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some call this the largest security operation in united states history. officials in washington, fork and philadelphia have been planning it for months. jeff begazi is at the shrine. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is shaping up to be a complex security operation. a special designation by the department of homeland security put in on par with an inauguration or super bowl. keep in mind, this is an event that stretches out over five days and three different cities. at the vatican's official resident in walk, law enforcement is putting the final touches on the security plan. >> it is all hands on deck. >> reporter: paul abate leads the fbi's walk field office. >> i would say it's one of the largest, if not the largest special event we've ever seen here. >> reporter: while there are no credible threats, just last month, a 15-year-old in new jersey was arrested. investigators say the teenager may have been communicating with
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isis as part of a plan to build a bomb and carry out an attack against a visiting diplomat or the pope. last week police were around to carry out an attack, it was not related to the pope's visit, still raised concerns days away from his arrival. all three cities hosting the pope have a security plan that involves thousands of local, state and federal law enforcement. there will be tight security on the rivers and on land in philadelphia and this 3d virtual map is giving the secret service a detailed advanced look at locations the pope will visit. but it's difficult to predict the pope's every move. he is known for going off script and mingleing with the crowds. the secret service was so concerned about it, they have been studying his movements for months. >> have you watched tape, watched his movement? >> we also sent our detail leader and some others over to rome to watch how the pope works
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and how he moves about and how his personal detail secures his movements. >> one concern is lone wolf attacks. philadelphia police commissioner regardless ramsey. >> there are stems you can minimize for anyrun with to commit any kind of act. >> reporter: one. that will happen here, 25,000 people or so coming to to see the pope will be screened. law enforcement is also actively monitoring social media where there is potential threats. gayle. >> jeff pegues, thank you. we will check in with nypd bill brat tan at the brooklyn terminal where the massive base is faced. they will join us ahead on "cbs this morning." the republican presidential
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field is smaller. in a surprising move, governor scott walker announced he is suspending his campaign. more than a dozen candidates are chasing drumpb and carley fiorina is now his strongest competitor. fiorina will speak later today. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're here to see carley fiorina, who climbed to the top of a field that waved good-bye to wisconsin governor scott walker yesterday. walker quit after seeing his lead nationally plummet. just a couples ago, fiorina was a long shot and walker a genuine contender. in this season of presidential novice, change can be cruel. >> i will suspend my campaign immediately. i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive
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conservative alternative to the current front-runner. >> reporter: that front-runner would be donald trump, who no longer sounds as confident after a new poll showed his support softening. >> i don't think panic is the word that i'd use. but, sure, i'd like to stay on top. i'm going to do what's right f. i don't make it. that's okay. i'll go back to having a good time and building a business. >> reporter: trump failed to correct a town hall who called president obama a muslim, not an american. >> that has ben carson running to the top of the polls, saying he would not support a muslim running for president. >> absolutely i stand by the comments. we do not put people in the leadership of our country woes faith might interfere with them carrying out the duties of the constitution. >> reporter: for hewlett packard
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carley fiorina disagreed with carson on an appearance on the "tonight show." >> i think that's wrong. you know it says in our cons as you can see religion cannot be a deficit for office. >> reporter: another late night contender, senator ted cruz joked about a key campaign qualification. >> running for president is real simple. you walk up to total strangers, you go hi, how are you doing? can i have money? >> over the eweekend, walker's top supporters urged him to shake up his national campaign staff and fight on. walker quit instead. charlie, top republicans are stunned. two of the party's most successful governors, walker in wisconsin, rick perry in telmex have closed up their presidential campaigns before the fall. this morning, russian concerns in the syrian conflict t. "wall street journal" says they have coordinated efforts to protect bashar al-assad. they show russian combat planes parked at a syrian air barracks
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our david martin reports moscow flew more than two dozen jets. samantha power, ambassador to the united nations, we are pleased to welcome her back to studio 57. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> this could be a good week for you. >> diplomatic speed dating i call it. >> a lot of focus on syria. i was there over the weekend to talk to the russian president. he is building up a force there, he says, to support president assad. his enemy is isis, he says. is the united states concerned about what russia is doing in syria? >> we are concerned about any approach that believes that doubling down on assad's strategy, which involves barrel bombing and gassing civilians and, in effect, empowering isil, we are concerned with anything that doubles down on that. >> but the secretary of state has said right now that's not our primary goal, president assad. >> that can be a later eventual transition for him. right now, we have a higher goal, which is isis. >> well, the secretary and more
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importantly president obama is very clear that there can be no way to get at isil in the long term until you deal with assad. so many of the jihadis flowing into syria are coming because assad is flipping on his people. they are very related. >> there is a story we are considering our involvement there. for a long time, we didn't believe a moderate we could benefit. now the kurd are doing better. the u.s. is considering its strategy in syria. >> we had considerable success, partnering with the kurd, the turkish-syrian border which used to be a free for all for isil. but all but skate miles are in the hands of responsible actors. so i this i we are looking for ways in which we can reenforce that and continue to push out against isil. >> russia changed the dynamic. >> russia has introduced a new dynamic, it appears, but we will decon flict with them operationally. our target is isim. if they pursue the assad a approach, it will create
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challenges to our anti-assad effort. >> do you think president obama will meet with putin in new york? >> the public is not public. every corner up turn at the united nations will you see a new head of states, 154 in the history of the united nations. >> do you think the u.s. can trust president putin at this point? >> i think clearly the actions in ukraine, inic, loping off part of a neighbor, disregard for international laws is highly problematic. we still with him on the city council if russia work with him every day on peace keeping in the iran deal. it's a complex relationship. we walk and "the chew" gum at the same time. >> i hard you say you don't know the schedule yet, to norah's point, putin made it clear he wants to meet with president obama. do you know if he wants to meet with him? >> again, very soon to announcing the schedule. >> negotiations are under way? >> we, secretary of state as you know has had extensive contacts
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and operational decon flicks is important if they are doubling down and flooding the zone with additional military hardware t. safe conduct of our operations in syria, of course, will be paramount for president obama. >> one of the ought big issues is free the 20 campaign, talking about female prisoners around the world. what is the agenda there? >> thank you for asking about. that 20 years ago, hillary clinton went to beijing. hillary said human rights are womens rights 20 years later vast progress is made. girls are educated in primary school same as boys, parliament representation is improved. yet women's voices are slensd around the world. we have hung the par traits of now 13 women. we are going to get up to 20, who could make a vital contribution around the world to tear societies but who are being silenced. china is hosting the 20-year commemorative anniversary of this. yet, there are three chinese women in part of our free the 20
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and many more they represent. we want to get past the diplomatic distractions and draw attention to real women who could be contributing but are disempowered in prisons, instead of empowered. >> who are you featuring today? >> yesterday we fewtured a 21-year-old egyptian a part of the peaceful protests and has been locked up, so much to offer to egypt. today a burmese land rights activist last night was sentenced to an additional four months on top of the six-year term. she is serving hard labor ensuring poor people can keep their land and not have it seized by corporations. >> is today your birthday? >> yesterday. >> happy birthday. >> international peace day. >> thank you all. another big story this morning, volkswagon board members will reportedly hold a crisis meeting tomorrow. they will address the car makeic of riging environmental tests. this morning shares dropped again. yesterday the stock plunged 20%.
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vw says 11 million cars world wide were fitted the suspect software. kris van cleave is in walk. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, "cbs news" learned the justice department is launching a criminal probe on the u.s. clean air emissions test. >> that comes as house lawmakers announce they will hold hearings in the coming weeks. >> let's be clear about this, our company was dishonest with the e and the california air resources board and with all of you. >> reporter: monday night, vw ceo michael horn apologized for deceiving regulators. >> in my german words, we have totally screwed up. >> reporter: using sophisticated software that took information of the steering wheel vehicle speed and steering wheel, popular audi and vws were able to pass emissions tests they should have failed. while being tested they would
7:18 am
enter a specific compliance mode to reduce emissions. the vehicles were ricked to bypass that mode when driven, emissions increased 10 to 40 times above acceptable e levels. >> it's not a mistake you made by accident. it's not something you weren't aware of. it's something that you deliberately did. >> reporter: clarence ditlow runs the operation for safety. >> there needs to be penalties for executives. >> reporter: the models span from 2009 to 2013 versions of the beat him, golf, jetta and saudi and audi. federal regulators grew suspicious after a study at west virginia university discovered the difference in emissions. vw denying wrong-doing and issued a recall. it wasn't until it became clear 2016 models would not be approved the e says the auto maker fessed up. professor dan carter was one of the first researchers that
7:19 am
spotted the problem. >> once we spotted the test, it didn't take us long to realize they were much higher than their certification levels. >> reporter: the e says they do not present a safety risk. they can stay on the road until vw has a fix ready. volkswagon set aside $7 billion to fix the problem and the car maker could face billions in fines. norah. >> thank you very much. new controversy over a life-saving drug whose price skyrocketed 5,000%. ahead the ceo the drug maker
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>> americans are waiting to see pope frances and hear what he has so say. >> next, the pope's message. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." your allergies bring more than sneezing...
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safe this week. tomorrow a few threat to police officers above the streets. ho
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there's one. i haven't done. i haven't written a song for a late night talk show. ♪ get up off your fight for the host of despair with class ifs and a shirt so good, it's not even fair it's late night with seth meyers ♪ >> yeah, he didn't love it. ♪ i'm going to have good times ♪ going to have a party ♪ i'm going to take color yoets off ♪ ♪ because of late night with seth meyers ♪ >> i mean, that's great. you can't say [ bleep ]. >> that's what charlie rose said. >> you wrote that for charlie rose? >> yes, he loved it. cbs was it's not brand, real quick, which one do you want? >> none of them. >> if you turn me down, i'm
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taking it to someone else. p>> is there anyone else you ar taking it to already? >> no, i guess what you are saying is it's a deal. >> >> was it offbrand, did you love it, charlie rose? >> no, we are willing to improvise. >> it's quite effective. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." that was great. coming up in this half hour, one pope, hundreds of motorcades, no room for error. nypd commissioner, that's bill bratton and the point man on terrorism, that would be john miller, are standing by. they will break down the extraordinary security plan for the pope and 170 world leaders. plus a drug maker defends the life saving prescription t. price of a pill rose $13.50 to $750. why critics say drug company versus no business making patients pay more. that's ahead. time to show you this morning's headlines t. "wall street journal" says apple is speeding up plans to build an
7:32 am
electric car. the company is setting a target shipping date for 2019. it is tripling the 600 person team working on the apple branded car. sources say apple's first electric car will not be driverless. >> the "new york times" reports on china's president arriving today in the u.s. president xi xin ping's trip comes as the economy closed. there are tensions over the amged cyber attacks and construction in the south china sea. the first stop in the chief reported schedule is seattle. tomorrow he attends a summit hosted by microsoft. on monday the president delivers its first speech in new york. they are reporting this morning on a navy fighter jet in california. the f/a-18 super hornet went down monday in a field. your naval air station lemoore. he is in good condition today. the air field was shut down a few hours while crews put out the fire from the crash, and the
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atlanta journal constitution reports on a 28-year prison sentence for a georgia peanut company ceo. he was convicted in a deadly salmonella poisoning case. 61-year-old stewart parnell could spend the rest of his life behind bar t. outbreak was linked to the death of nine people, more than 700 others became sick. the visit the pope frances brings an unprecedented security challenge. he is coming to new york city at the same time as 170 other world leaders. police will roll out a massive presence when the pope arrives. the security eerpgs is based at the brooklyn army terminal. here's the scene this morning at the terminal. new york police commissioner bill brat tan is there. so is john miller, deputy commissioner for intelligence and countertrimpl and our former senior correspondent. good morning.>> let me begin wi obviously at an event like this, you have heavy security, but are
7:34 am
you facing reports of pointed attacks against any of the people, especially the pope? >> well, the good news is that as we're speaking this morning, charlie, that there are no threats that we are aware of directed against this event or for that matter the events in walk or philadelphia. >> commissioner, how do you protect someone who believes he has the ultimate guardian an gem and in addition he likes to get out and shake hands with people spontaneously? >> here he will have 6,000 additional guardian angels we will have on duty. i'm assuming he will bring a few of his own. we will take all the help we can get. >> one of the magazines that features isis propaganda put pope frances in there. does that raise concerns about an attack on him? >> that's a concern going in, norah. yesterday, we published a joint intelligence product with philadelphia police and washington metro police with
7:35 am
chuck ramsey in washington and in walk. >> that went over the threat picture here with isis, al qaeda, the terrorism overlay. but it also went back through every attempt on every pope's life, going back to the late '70s not because we have specific information on the threat, but because we wanted to remind everybody on these details in all three cities about the way these things have happened in the past the different ways they have been put together and when you look at -- and these are contained in the threat assessment. the threats from groups like isis and al qaeda, where he's been mentioned in those publications. you have to know in the back of your mind, there's people on the other end of that message who are probably thinking about it. >> john, what worries you the most? what is the imponderable fact that you can't necessarily handle? >> so, i think if you get down to what worries us the most in this six, in any of these situations, it's, it is in a lot of this now is internet driven.
7:36 am
in terms of the threat picture, and that means, you know, if the conspiracy is just between a growing laptop screen and somebody's bedroom in their mind, it's very hard to penetrate from an intelligence standpoint. so the flipside is, this layered approach, which is, we've got layers and layers and layers of different kind of security on the idea that you have to be not just on the intelligence side ready to know, if you can, but ready to react, if you don't. >> i assume it goes without saying, you back up everything the federal government knows and the coordination with the fbi? >> fbi, secret service. secret service is actually the lead agency for providing security for the pope. we're in support with them. and we are pretty tightly coordinated on this, charlie, as you might expect, that it's a celebratory event for everybody else, for us. this is a security event. one of the highest levels. >> have you all been advising security teams in d.c. and
7:37 am
philadelphia? >> that's correct. we have people down there. we have been working with them. we met with chief chuck ramsey in philadelphia up in my office about a week and a half ago. we had a conference call with kathy down in d.c.. the three cities are closely coordinating with each other t. report that john miller talked about was specially prepared so we, in fact, have a seamless operation between the three cities. >> john, can i ask you about the specific report from the police sending out a memo they're concerned that terrorists could pose as first responders. how concerned are you about that? >> so we're always concerned about that. that is based on a joint intelligence bulletin from the fbi that came out several days ago. what that report did is it looked at around the world the number of cases where terrorists have either used ambulances or police equipment. we saw that in "charlie hebdo" in paris. we saw that in the belgium plot,
7:38 am
where they have gotten police emergency lighting and used them on their vehicles or some semblance of police uniforms and what that says to our people, which is, you know, when you look at these 1173 police cars laid out here or the 6,000 police officers, everybody is going to be challenged. you can have a uniform. you can be in a marked auto. if you come up to a checkpoint, you got to identify yourself with the right credentials around largely because of what you are talking about. >> commissioner, before you go, i want to ask you about your one-on-one meeting yesterday, in the paper he is calling it productive. how do you describe it? >> i think that was clearly the case, he talked about some of his thoughts about what was needed going forward and i explained that literally everything he discussed already is in place or will be put in place. we have quite a lot that we have been working on over this past 20 months and fortunately, there was a very good discussion yesterday and i think he left
7:39 am
satisfied that many of the issues that he had identified were being addressed and about to be implemented. >> he wants a police officer fired. have you made a decision on that? >> that decision is much farther down the line. we have a process in the department and that process right now is in the hands of the civilian complaint review board, which will conduct their investigation. so that investigation is one that we will follow closely. i will ultimately make final decisions as to discipline, if discipline is necessary in this case. >> thank you both so much. new backlash over alleged price gougeing of prescription drugs. ahead how the maker of a life saving tab is the defending a 5,000% price hike for a single tablet. if you are headed out the door, set your dvr to watch us any time. we'll be right back. ♪ i don't want to live with
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>> this morning stock for several biotech companies are down. investors are responding to the 5,000% life increase for life saving medicine. one tablet of dar are april was increased to $750. don dahler shows us how the company is standing by the massive price hike. good morning. >> good morning the increase drew protests from those concerned that many patients will no longer be able to afford the drug. but according to attorney ceo martin shkreli the move is a good decision. why is it in es to raise daraprim so drastically? >> it depends on how you define drastically. any company selling it would be losing money. at this price it's a reasonable profit. not excessive at all. >> reporter: daraprim was created as a treatment for an infection caused by a parasite. it comes from eating under cooked meat or eating
7:45 am
contaminated water and affects those with compromised immune systems like aids and cancer patients. when they raised the price to $750 per tablet last month the average cost of treatment for patients rose from about $1,1 this irt to $63,000. for certain patients the costs can run as high as $ 34,000. this particular drug is used by a small but vulnerable group of patients, so you see how greedy this move looks? >> i can see how it looks greedy. but i think there is a lot of altruistic properties to it. >> altruistic, in what way? >> in one example this is a disease where there hasn't been one pharmaceutical company focused on it for 70 years. we are working on this, we can spend the upside on the patients who sorely need the new drug. >> patients shouldn't be taxed
7:46 am
and charged for future research and development. patients should pay for the drug they are getting and what they need in the situation that they are. >> reporter: oncologist dr. david agus is a "cbs news" medical contributor. >> it's predator practice. it's inappropriate. we have to take a stand. >> reporter: the topic entered the political debate on monday with democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton tweeting price gouge like this in the specially drug market is outrageous. >> bernie sundayers sent a letter calming the rate hike the latest in a long list of skyrocketing price increases for certain critical medications. sanders and congressman elijah cummings have been investigating drugs that have seen a jump in price. >> right now it's out of control. so we as a government, as individuals, as doctors all have to get together and say we need to make a pricing appropriate. >> reporter: but according to shkreli the new cost of daraprim is appropriate.
7:47 am
>> there is no doubt i'm a capitalist. i'm trying to create a profitable drug company, we are trying to flourish. we are also a first and primary stake holders in the corporation. no doubt about th. >> hillary clinton says she will layout a plan today about how to take on what she calls price gouging in the specialty drug market. the increased scrutiny on this practice has already led another company that sells a tuberculosis drug to rescind last month. we will show you a a single destination.
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7:52 am
long, it is the world's largest sailing ship t. masts are 300 feet high. it has eight floors and includes an under water observation room t. ship's price tag comes in at more than $400. it took three years to build. i love to go. pope frances is hours away from his first u.s. visit. u.s. cardinal timothy dolan will talk about the pope's message. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." i've discovered we the same fighting spirit, too. that's why i asked her doctor about new once-a-day namzaric™. vo: new namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients who are currently taking, and can continue to take certain doses of both namenda and donepezil. new namzaric is the first and only treatment to combine 2 proven alzheimer's medicines into a single once-a-day capsule that works 2 ways to fight the symptoms of moderate to severe alzheimer's disease. once-a-day namzaric may improve cognition and overall function
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8:00 am
. it is tuesday, september 22nd, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including new york's cardinal timothy do lan in studio 57. he previewed the visit of pope frances that begins this afternoon but first here's a look at today's eye opener at 8:00. wh pope frances arrives here this afternoon, he will stay here. wais is prime real cincinnati gtshinon, d.c. it is shaping up to be a complex security operations. su par with an inauguration or a boper wl. >> when you look at these 1173 police cars laid out here, everybody is going to be
8:01 am
challenged. >> russia has introdduce a new dynamic it appears, if they pursue the assad approach, it's only going to create challenges. >> "necbs ws" learned the justice department is launching a criminal probe on cheating on tests. >> a couple months ago, fiorina was the longest of long shots and walker a genuine contender. change can be cruel. >> walker made the decision when he realized all of his supporters could fit on his harley. >> commissioner, how do you protect someone who believes he has the ultimate guardian angel and in addition he likes to get out and shake hands with people spontaneously? >> here he will have 6,000 additional guardian angels around him. >> president obama plans to greet pope frances at the airport tomorrow. apparently he wants to pay him back for that time the pope helped him move. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell.
8:02 am
pope frances is celebrating mass right now in cuba. it marks the 100th anniversary of the shrine dedicated to the patron saint. it gains historic trip to the united states. >> the biggest news, "new york times" poll finds 79% of catholic americans approve of the direction pope frances is leading the church. some catholics worry the church is changing too much. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, so you know, pope frances is really signaling a new tone. he believes that people can fall short in the church must show more mercy and forgiveness, but that is causing a real pushback among some church conservatives who worry he is rolling back catholic doctrine. in a going number of catholics
8:03 am
say pope frances is sewing seeds of confusion, especially on moral issues. >> they worry that perhaps he is devaluing marriage, perhaps he doesn't recognize that homosexuality is a sin. . frances hasn't changed anything doctrinally, just the shift in tone gives conservative calls for alarm. >> reporter: his turn is understanding. a priest could forgive the sin for women that say they're sorry. on divorce, a projected priest could allow remarried couples to take communityion, homosexually, he said in italian to supporters. if a person is gay and seeks god and has good will, who am i to judge him? for conservative catholics like cardinal raymond burke, frances is taking his message of mercy too far. >> all day long we make judgments with regard to certain acts. this is what the natural law is to avoid evil.
8:04 am
>> reporter: this fall, more than a dozen cardinals and bishops from around the world will publish books defending church doctrine, nearly 500 priests are urging church leaders to issue a clear and firm progress la makes against communion for divorced couples. but the pope has yet to change church policy. he called abortions an abominable crime and marriage he emphasizes is a bond between a man and a woman. frances roon years a former ambassador says the pope is calling for a less judgmental attitude. >> i think the pope is looking at realities of life saying, whoa, you can't ban these people to the basement. you got to embrace the differences without changing your theology. >> now, rooney says the pope's focus is on the disadvantaged and the vulnerable. that's why he's also sounding the alarm on issues like immigration, climate change, income and equality. other areas where he may part ways with conservatives.
8:05 am
charlie. >> jen, thanks. the pope will be greeted by president obama when he arrives at a joint based andrews. he speaks to congress on thursday before traveling to new york city. it is the first time cardinal timothy do lan will face a papal visit. welcome back. >> charlie, good to be here, gayle, norah, good morning. >> there is great anticipation. >> you bet there is. i'm kind of nervous. i hope i'm not showing it. i feel like the father of the bride or something. >> he's in cuba. he will be in washington and philadelphia. is he coming with a pastoral visit or is it a visit with a political message? >> both. but you had it in the right sequence, charlie. he is come, as a pastor, as an apostle, an evangelist. but in preaching that gospel message in handing on to us the teaching of god as revealed in jesus christ and in the bible, there is always implications in
8:06 am
the moral life and some of those implications are the economic and political realm. so even though he doesn't come as a politician or an economist, obviously, in the articulation of basic biblical principles, he is a pro at that, there is going to be implications for the economy, for the environment. for morality. for politics. it's a little bit of both. >> you will address congress in washington and those who have seen his remarks say he will talk about climate change, the need for climate change the need to address immigration reform. >> good go these are issues that are more aligned with democrats than republicans. how political will it be? >> well, i would, i think we'll see a different reaction on both sides of the aisle. you can bet the republicans will be vigorously applauding on some of the things he said, while democrats might be a little somber. in the other, you will see democrats that will be enthusiastic on some of the things he said, while the republicans are sitting on their
8:07 am
hands. he isn't there to please anybody. his job is to please god. >> are you concerned he may alienate some because of his progressiv views? >> he will alienate some on the other side, gayle. there is a beautiful phrase back in the 1930s, t.k. chester said the role of the leader is to comfort the aflicked and afflict the comfortable. he will do a little of both. those who are kind of secure around comfortable, who might be very even tempted to be self-righteous in their beliefs, they will be afflicted. those looking for some consolation in the touch of mercy and grace, they will be comforted. >> it's huge, so much so people are scalping free tickets to go and see him. you've spoken out about that. >> that's not good. everything by pope frances is free. everything about pope frances is gracious and inviting. he would cringe if he thought somebody had to pay to see him.
8:08 am
>> this is an aggressive travel schedule. he is going from cuba, to walk to philadelphia. he is 78-years-old. he has one lung. are you worried about him? >> i am a little. thanks for bringing it up. you are gracious to do so. an exhaustive schedule in cuba. hardly less hectic in washington and in philadelphia, which is the main evented for him. we're sandwiched between all of that. i am a bit worried he will be exhausted. >> let me ask you about his safety. there is a report this morning in the main isis magazine there is a picture of pope frances in there. are you worried about his safety? >> i have say i'm concerned. there is a difference between concerned around worried. i have been talking with the new york police department and the service. he's not. i should take my queues from him. he has a good stern guardian angel. i guess i should relax. >> what does he say is miss main, what does he hope to accomplish beyond the pastor am, beyond the message, what is he hope will result from this
8:09 am
visit? >> he wants to reawaken spiritual sentiments and remind us of god and remind us we are destined to spend all eternity with good. that's a basic rau meat and potato message that very often we forget. >> how is he handling the fact he is the most famous, the most style us, he is the main man? >> i will say, this has got to be a great paradox for him. have you noticed, the more he tries to de-emphasize the prestige and the power of the papacy, the more he trials to pull away the trappings, the more people pay attention. he doesn't want to be the center of attention, gentleman vous is to be the center of attention. >> that has to make him nervous. even though he rises to the occasion. he loves to be with people. if he senses adulation, he gets a little nervous. >> everyone says there hasn't been anyone like him. that's what's fascinating. people of all faiths want to
8:10 am
touch him. >> yeah, that's an appeal, too. we calm him the holy father. he's not just our holy father as catholics, my jewish rabbi said, hey, wait a minute, he's our pope, too. >> thank you for bringing him here to new york. >> my honor. i look forward to next week. okay. >> thank you so much. >> and when the pope lands in walk, "cbs news" will bring it to you in a special report. it begins at 4:00 p.m. eastern time, 3:00 central right here on cbs. >> here's a question, can the new york giants pull out of a fast start this season?
8:11 am
she showed us how to eat, pray, and love, the head author is here in studio 57. melissa gilbert shows us the new
8:12 am
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8:13 am
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they stayed outside. they take off. they've fumbled the football. picked up by revis. the jets will have it. >> that is another turnover for luck and the colts. >> a monday night surprise in indianapolis. the new york jets defense forced five turnovers to beat the colts 20-7. we continue the road to the super bowl 50 this morning. nfl analyst phil simms is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm the warm-up bag, tom. i fixed it out. i imhere and jim nantz on thursday. interesting. i'm the warm-up guy. >> that and i made his career. >> there you go. >> i made him what he is. >> oh, good for him. >> good to see you. >> good to be here. how are we doing? you guys are awfully perky for early in the morning. >> good stuff. so could you fix the giants,
8:17 am
sir? >> could i fix them? >> there is not much wrong. i think of it this way. thursday night we had two games leading with the last drive of the game coming up. with the opponent having the football. i think of it this way. if jpp could not have been in there with the fireworks and that, they'd probably win both games. they have all those chances and all they need is one pla i to make them have a penalty, to throw an incompletion. anything probably wins the game. >> that guy, jpp not being there calls for the new york giants. >> he is as good as he ever was? >> absolutely t. mistake he made there, that will happen once in your career. >> did you ever have a coach call you stupid? >> yes, i did. >> how would you do it? >> well, he wouldn't say stupid. he would say. >> there is when you were with the joints? >> and bill parcels was my co. he'd always get, i couldn't keep
8:18 am
last night. unbelievable. my wife, you tossed and turned. my dam quarterback can't complete a pass. that's how he would start the days in the locker room. >> how was that? >> it made me foley relaxed. >> how do you overcome when you lost two games everybody thought you should have won? how does he get through this? >> gayle, when you play, it's not like everybody thinks it is. it's it's own little world. i promise you, when they start practice, they go right into business. >> he's not thinking of that? >> no, you don't, have you as to learn so much and get ready for all the sixes you could face. now, when he goes home at night sitting there having dinner with his wife, he might go, what the heck. you talk about it. you do move forward in the locker room. >> the redskins beat the rams. >> you can tell giant fans, pretty good. >> i know. >> when i started watching them.
8:19 am
>> even with rgiii on the bench. maybe that's why. >> kurt cousins, the quarterback played well the last two games. as i studied him, i was like, wow, this is a different walk team. it's not the total disarray we seen the previous couple years. >> i know you are an nfl man, what about the giants going to the jets? >> good reform. they beat a team in total disarray. it really is. injuries, i never understand those guys. >> the general manager and coach are fought agreeing. they disagree. you feel there is something lost with the football team because the chemistry is not there. if the owner the general manager and the coach are not in line, the football player cannot overcome that situation. >> they are caught in the middle. >> that's a tough one. >> and the patriots are just fine. >> they keep on rolling. >> everybody says, oh, this is the 84. my friend boomer esiason.
8:20 am
how is that working out? this is the year they fall apart. >> you say na na na na na. >> phil simms, you have a new partner. i'm there for you. >> really? i need one right now. i'm talking about jim nantz. >> no, i don't want to replace jim nantz. they know i want to be a sports anchor. >> wonderful. >> we're working on that. >> you can watch the washington redskins and the new york giants on thursday night football. we're counting down to the coverage which begins at 7:30 eastern right here on cbs. >> how'd she do? >> your sports voice, that was pretty good. >> laughs and boos for ted cruz on the "late show" with stephen colbert. that's next on "cbs this morning." i was a doer. then the chronic, widespread pain slowed me down. my doctor and i agreed that moving more
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8:24 am
what i'm fighting for are simple principle, live within our means, stop bankrupting our kids and grandkids, follow the constitution. >> and no gay marriage. >> and no gay marriage. actually, let's be precise uner th constitution marriage is a question for the states. if you want to change the marriage laws. >> it doesn't mention marriage in the constitution. >> i believe in democracy. i believe in democracy and i don't think we should trust -- >> guys, guys, however you feel, he's my guest. please don't boo him.
8:25 am
>> republican
8:26 am
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the name your price tool. still only at . >> that's some great stuff in nashville. all right. that's a nice way to start. welcome back him wake up to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, that was gorgeous. how can you live a more creative life? that's the question rewith asking today. "eat, pray, love" author melissa gilbert. >> i know exactly what you are thinking. i was thinking the same. >> it's magic. opening yourself up to new ideas. >> absolutely. >> well, we have a show about expanding your mind with a pill t. stars of the new tibia from "limitless" are here, jake
8:31 am
mcdorman take us behind the scenes. how bradley cooper is bringing his movie character along tore the action. >> we will show you more headlines, bloomberg business says streaming physical sales. streaming sales totaled more than a billion dollars in the first half of year. ed sheeran's hit song "thinking out loud" has 483 million streams. one of the highest on spotify. >> i believe it. the walk post reports on jobs on people are most likely to marry one another. listen with both ears, charlie rose, u.s. census data found 27% of agricultural workers marry each other. 25% of physician an surgeons marry other doctors. wait, i'm not done. next most likely to marry others in the same profession are gaming service workers, followed by farmers and ranchers and then lodging managers.
8:32 am
sadly no morning news to show hosts. >> there is hope yet. can i be your made of honor? >> yes. >> all right. >> and oprah is the made of honor. all right. >> you are okay. >> yes, of course. >> breaking news. >> you are a bridesmade for sure. shall we continue, dear? >> yes, i think so. the "new york times" reports on cracks on the moon want how about that? scientists blame earth. who ubt that? researchers found more than 3,000 ridges in images of the moon taken by nasa. they believe that tidal forces of the earth pulling on the moon generated enough stress to break the moon's crust. >> there morning, viola davis' powerful emmy speech is resonateing. she may be the first black woman to lead for a lead actress in a drama. she thankedth oer plaque actresses for taking us over that line. she later talked with ben tracy for greater opportunities for
8:33 am
women of color in hollywood. >> do you think we're at some sort of tipping point? is there some sort of break-through happening? >> yes, absolutely. ba us the world is changing. we have a different perception of what love and life looks like. women of color actresses, we sit around and talk about it all the time. we want to get past that line. we want people to know we are not monolithic. we are multi-facetted. that we're talented. it's not like there has been a plethora of leading actress roles and you didn't recognized our talent. there's been nothing. >> meanwhile, another tv actress is apologizing this morning for her tweets criticizing davis' speech. "general hospital" star nancy lee grahn wrote davis has never been discrim nailt nated against and emmys are not the venue 4 racial opportunity. she later said it was badly
8:34 am
phrased and check my own privilege. she is throwing shade. people don't appreciate that. >> congratulations to viola davis, huge. >> a transcend ent speech she gave. melissa gilbert is widely known for her book "eat, pray, love." her book spend more than 3.5 years on the "new york times" best sellers list. in 2010, it was adapted for the big screen with oscar winner julia roberts. now she is back with her new book "big magic." good morning. >> good morning. >> all your books, i'm excited about this one, too. explain what big magic is. >> big magic is what i call that moment of intersection between your efforts, the human being efforts and suddenly you are making something and then you look down and you see something you made you go i don't know how that happened. i did the work, but there was extra fairy dust in it somewhere. i feel like that's the essence of creativity. it's our shared human
8:35 am
inheritance, i want to open up the conversation to encouraging people. >> is there a way you can make it happen? >> what you have to do is follow your curiosity. your curiosity is through which the bred crumbs of inspiration come. i think everyone is looking for the tower of flame. it's a smaller hunt than that. that's one of the things i explore in the book. >> you say curiosity is the secret and the truth to creative living. most people are afraid of creativity. because all daunting ideas you say are scary at first. >> if you engage in creative living of any kind, you have to learn to deal with your fear. creativity asks you to enter into realms of uncertain outcome. what i see happening is people want to create a safe life, a life with no fear. they end up killing their creativity in the process. >> it can happen anywhere, anyplace by anyone. i did an interview with the
8:36 am
president of russia vladimir putin. i said what do you had mire about americans? he said their creativity and innovation. >> it is a country that gives per mission to explore and advantage things. i feel there is something that happens in the schools very early on where a couple kids are singled out as being the creative ones and everyone else is shuntd away to sort of live lives where they're nothing but consumers, producing, pay bills and di. i feel like that's not what we're here for. unused creativity is not benign. >> how do you nurture your creativity every day? you talk art your friend susan. >> i had a friend hit her 40s was feeling drab, plain, bored. she asked herself, when was the last time she felt free in her body, it turned out when she was a teenager quitting figure skating. she quit because she wasn't good enough to be a champion. we live in a culture that says if you can't be the best, do
8:37 am
endoit. she didn't skate, decided to pick it up. didn't hire an olympic coach or win medals, but gave back permission to herself to live in a way that made her feel unfolded and more than an accumulation of her daily things. >> if you want to do a movie, do it. true peniss on the wall. eit makes me wonder, what is going on in your life? >> that's my next. >> why are you saying that? >> it did make me wonder that, sorry. >> when you were first starting out the professor said to you, you will never be a great writer, you haven't suffered a lot. you talked about a writer in the book that went through one of those same things. >> i'm trying to dismantle the stereotype. we're really addicted to this idea. it makes for good biopicks. i believe it is possible, in fact, better to live a life where you are constantly exploring your curiosity, you are not married to this idea that you have to be a martyr
8:38 am
about it. >> you talk about moving beyond fear. >> not fearless inside, i have actually met a few people in my life i would genuinely describe as being fearless, they were psychopaths. you look in their eyes, there is something dead, right? or taurd letoddlers. >> there is a difference between bravery and fearlessness. >> moving beyond you must know it. >> bravery is saying this is really scary, i want to do it anyway the alternative is a smaller, less interesting lie. i want to have the most interesting life i can have. >> it was a really good read. >> thank you. >> as always, thank you. it's called "big magic." it goes on sale today. can a man taking a pill fight crime better than the fbi? jake mcdorman and jennifer carpenter star in the new -- i don't know about you, jake, they're in studio 57 with
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> that is a scene from "limitless" bradley cooper starred in a brain boosting pill that allows people to use 100% of their function. it topped the box office bringing in more than $150 million. >> tonight a new cvs show picks up the drama four years later with a struggling musician that finds the drug and all its power. >> don't move, hands in the air. >> dumb idea? sure. what if you can remember every document you ever saw? every trig class, could you do the math? you physical out exactly where that train is going to stop? if you are positive the driver
8:44 am
can see you, i think you can get pretty close 90% sure. maybe 80%. >> oh, no. you and your co-star. welcome to the cbs family. i have to say, i've never seen a pilot like this. i thought it was just me. then forbes said this, as far as broadcast, "limitless" is a perfect example of how to do it right. it has narrative ability this year. that's a great start. >> a great what i to start. even your parents must be excited by this. >> you know what, i have done tv show, 13 years, all my mom wanted to see me on the side of a bus. that's like her -- winning an academy award doesn't matter, as long as i'm on the side of a bus. so i sent her a few pictures of that. >> they seen the premier?
8:45 am
>> i saw a pilot earlier. i sent them a dvd. the pilot starts, it's put together in a clever way. it throws you in the action in the middle of the episode. it starts in the middle and explains how you got there and finishes at the end. they put it in a dvd player. why is it in the middle? >> trying to go back. great, guys. i play a genius on tv. >> is that when you said all, an acting role? >> he's reprising his movie. he is back four years later. running for senator, now he's a presidential hope. . you find out he has been very much involved. which is great, to have bradley involved in front of the camera. >> in a tv show. isn't that nice? he walked in, i went, whoa. so is he going to be on, on a regular basis? >> i mean as much as we can
8:46 am
wrangle bradley cooper. but, yeah, no, he has every intention of returning. he's kind of in the pilot. it sets him up as odds, like the man behind the curtain. you don't quit know what his intentions are and what he wants to do with this kid. >> jennifer describe your reaction when you first tried out for this role and what happened. >> well, i read the pilot. it was sort of hard to get ahead of. which is what i admired about it. i was living in north carolina at my kitchen table, encore. >> shoutout. >> plus eight-and-a-half months pregnant. i thought i'll make a tape and send it in. throw my hat in the ring. of course, there are plenty of actresses in hollywood that aren't pregnant. they wouldn't have to hide their stomach. i don't know how it happened. but i got a call that they wanted to see what my stomach really looked leak. so i took a few picture. then all of a sudden we were
8:47 am
moving to new york. >> so you shot a part of this in the late stages of your pregnancy? >> i was eight-and-a-half months pregnant in the pilot. great picture. >> it's for people saying i remember her from dexter. i remember her. >> much happier character. >> and sensor. >> for those that i haven't seen the movie, explain sort of the whole pill in knowing everything. >> okay. it's a pim. it's completely fictional. it's loosely based. ndt is a drug that allows you to have 100% recall all the way to basically your first memories ever. >> at first glance sounds like a good. . maybe you don't want to remember everything. >> yeah, no kidding. you have cognitive skills, too. and it's all pretty much at your
8:48 am
disposal. more than that, it's the side effect. side effects are fatal. your brain is working on hyperdrive. so your body catches up to you once you come down off the pill. >> from a weird way it feels like magic, what would happen if you got out of your own way? >> yeah, that's a very good way to say it. get out of your own way. >> it really is, you are able to live the best version of yourself and have your own way. it's true. it's not all about intellect. everybody who takes it, it will affect them differently based on their personality and god given talents. >> your character, you play rebekah harris. the name of my best friend growing up. explain her role. >> so she works with the fbi and she recognizes something in bryant i think it is his character. the fact that he took this pill and did something for someone else, something selfless, which makes him unique, so to save him from a life of maybe prison she
8:49 am
built him into the fbi and has the bright idea maybe he can become a resource. >> she believes him when nobody else does. maybe there will be hanky and panky between the two of you? >> can i take this one? see i think a lot of times you put a male and a female in a show, you assume it. so we're going to do something different. i think that make it interesting. it feels like sort of a -- >> sibling relationship already. like jennifer might be my sister in many ways. i had an older sister that just had a baby. >> older. >> gosh. >> we wish you continued success. >> thank you, jake and jennifer. you can watch the premier of "limitless" tonight at
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chef bryan voltaggio is here. >> and smart style by belfort is back. >> it is tuesday, september 22nd and this is great day washington. good morning and welcome to great day washington. i'm markette sheppard. >> and i'm chris leary. we have a local chef. bryan voltaggio. he's joining us making things that we can only dream about in our own kitchens. >> we all -- [ inaudible ] -- lala anthony coming up on the show. she's going to talk about a condition that


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