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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 22, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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breaking news from virginia tops our noon news. all of the northbound lanes of i-95 near the thornberg exit in responsibility vain ya county are -- spotsylvania county are closed as a result of a state
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police investigation. hello. i'm andrea roane. we'll have live team coverage of pope francis' impending visit to washington but first the latest details on this traffic nightmare in virginia. nick giovanni is live in the newsroom with what's going on. nick? >> reporter: we're still working to find out exactly what happened to prompt this investigation. for the moment all virginia state police are saying is there was an incident on the northbound lanes of i-95. as a result as you mentioned all northbound lanes are closed near the 124 mile marker in spotsylvania county. traffic is being diverted off the interstate. information very limited at this point about the reason behind this. virginia state police are telling us they do have a spokesperson heading to the scene. as soon as they get there, we'll pass along any updates they have. you can of course download our new mobile app for breaking details throughout the day. >> nick, thank you. to the region's top story. wheels almost up in cuba as pope francis prepares to fly to joint base andrews this afternoon. he'll arrive in about four hours.
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when he gets here the pope will be greeted on the tarmac by president obama and the first lady along with vice president biden and dr. jill biden. one of the most important stops during the pope's visit will be to the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. traffic will be restricted in the area but people living in the brookland neighborhood are very excited at the prospect of seeing the holy father. nikki burdine is live in northeast washington with more. hi, nikki. >> reporter: hi, andre ya. the pope effect -- andrea. the pope effects can be seen all over. it's an undeniable feeling throughout the city. just four hours away from the pope's arrival and already the city is bustling, even more so than usual. the basilica is set up and ready. gates surrounding the campus and there's a heavy police presence everywhere you turn. >> we're celebrating the pope with religious -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: it's true they've been prepping for the arrival for quite some time and
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brooklyn is among those doing some extra special to welcome to town like the sweet baby jesus. >> i think there are going to be a lot of sore feet and exhausted friends, parents, admirers who will want to come in and celebrate the pope in a little more relaxed way. >> reporter: across the street filtered coffee is ready to provide a pick me up for those who need t especially after a visit to brookland. >> i think the pope's visit is grate for the city because after an influx of our summer tourism, this is great for d.c. because we even get an even bigger boost. >> reporter: if the pope need some caffeine? >> you have a pizza handup in italy. i don't know if i can -- if i can give him a cappuccino handout but could try. >> reporter: it's not just about business. [indiscernible] i'm going -- hopefully i'll be very close tom. >> reporter: especially those following in the footsteps of francis. >> it is a great privilege.
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it's so beautiful. it's great to hear him speaking in our own tongue. >> reporter: his visit means so much to so many. this pope is special to many people as you heard the sister say. for her it's because he will be speaking a lot of spanish as the pope from latin america. she also said he's the pope who brings so much love and joy everywhere he goes. at the basilica, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. >> thank you, nikki. during his time in our region pope francis will stay at the vatican embassy in northwest washington. delia goncalves is live outsides what is formally known as the apostolic nuncaiture. >> reporter: the pope won't be here till 5:00 p.m. but preparations well under way. i'm standing live in the middle of massachusetts avenue. it doesn't happen very often but the northbound lanes have obviously been closed to traffic because crews -- lots
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of activity. crews are setting up a security check point here. they're beginning to close down many ever the roads in the area. we've seen about a dozen secret service agents. of course d.c. police here as well. i've even talked to some security agents who came down from texas. an all hands on deck effort for pope francis. let's take a look at the behind- the-scenes action for you as heavy equipment moved into massachusetts avenue turning embassy row into a construction site. barricades moved in place as crews work to shut down portions of 34th street alongside the embassy and the cones that had once blocked off traffic gave way to cement jersey barriers. i'm told those weigh about 6,000 pounds a piece. those barriers will be set up along the curbs and sidewalks. >> 6,000 pounds right here. you don't got to drive, i hope that you wouldn't drive. but if you're going to be drive, be safe. if you're walking, don't text and walk because you see what's in front of you. just be patient. you're going to have a good
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time. >> reporter: patients is the key word. we're all hoping to have a good time but expect a lot of crowds. a lot of traffic delays. of course northbound massachusetts avenue closed. southbound will remain open. it will shut down for a portion of time when the pope actually does come to the vatican embassy. you can plan your trip ahead of time by logging on to our wusa mobile app. we have everything covered for you from metro to traffic to items you should leave at home before coming. so log on to that mobile app for everything that you need before coming down to see the pope. we're live in northwest, delia goncalves, wusa9. pope francis is right there on the tarmac. this is at jose international airport n. is live from havana, cuba. his plane is usually called shephard one and he boarded just a little while ago and ready for his flight to washington which will take him getting here to andrews air force base about 4:00 this
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afternoon. while he's here, he is going to say the mass but he is going to stay away from making any political statements during the trip. the vatican spokesman says he chose to travel to the u.s. from cuba. it's more about reconciliation rather than just a political statement. and again the papal plane is yet to touchdown but a number of roads are already closed in preparation for the visit. larry miller has a look at those roads and the best ways to get around them. >> reporter: andrea, a number of road closures associated with the paper pall visit -- with the papal visit are already in place. this afternoon massachusetts avenue northbound from observe story circle south and 34th place northwest, commuters will need to be mindful of that the southbound side of massachusetts avenue in this area is still open right now. for truck drivers, will you need to be mindful that all southbound traffic here will be diverted eastbound on the garfield street or south on wisconsin avenue. i think wisconsin avenue is going to be your best bet not
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only in terms of space but in materials of traffic as well. we've been talking about many. the activities that are going to be taking place during the pope's visit here to washington, d.c. we've been talking about alternates as well. i really think that marc train will work for many commuters that will be going to some of the festivities tomorrow. we have trains running a lot later than they would normally. the last brunswick line train will be running at 7:25. if you're going to be walking around town, you can consider a capital bike share as an alternate. they'll be adding additional bike coral recalls throughout many of the -- corrals throughout many of the areas where they will have papal events. so it's an alternate for folksen joying the pope's visit the coming daze. i'll see you -- days. i'll see you back here later this evening. >> check out the special papal visit section on our wusa9 app. you'll find a complete schedule and list of items you can't bring if you plan to attend any of the historic events. we'll be live streaming all the
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major events online and right here on wusa9. metro has announce add new deal to provide -- announced a new deal to provide cell phone service in its tunnels. verizon, at&t, sprint and t mobile would pay metro tens of millions of dollars to wire the transit system's 101 miles of tunnels. the deal would allow riders to both talk and use the internet throughout the transit system by the end of the decade. metro expects to finalize an announced agreement within a few days. still ahead on wusa9 news, maryland live doubles down on its casino commitment in maryland. we'll have details just ahead. >> plus, the widening scandal at volkswagen. the german automaker says it could be vastly greater than previously thought. those stories and more just ahead.
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you are looking live at shephard one, the plane that will take off from jose marti
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airport in havana shortly bringing pope francis to d.c. we'll continue to monitor the pope's departure for the united states and of course his arrival this afternoon around 4:00 at joint base andrews. focusing now on your money, the maryland live casino in maryland is making another large bet. the anne arundel county council just approved a $100 million expansion. the project calls for a new hotel with 300 suites along with new dining options and a conference center. the expansion is expected to create around a thousand new jobs. there's also growth at washington's premier arts and performance hall. candy company heir jacqueline badger mars is one of the latest donors helping to fund the kennedy center's first major expansion. the price tag is up to nearly $120 million but thanks to the mars donation of $10 million and others, enough money has been raised to pay for the expansion. the project is expected to be completed in september of 2018.
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the head of volkswagen in the united states says the company totally screwed up. michael horn is referring to a growing scandal where the german automaker admitted its vehicles cheated emissions tests. kris van cleave has more. >> reporter: volkswagen has been 11 million diesel cars worldwide fitted with software that the epa says was designed to cheat s. emissions tests. on monday vw's u.s. ceo offered an apology. >> our company was dishonest and -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: using sophisticated software that took information like the position of the steering wheel, vehicle speed, and duration of the engine's operation, certain diesel models of five popular vw and audi vehicles were able to pass emissions tests they should have failed. while being tested the cars would enter a special compliance mode that reduced toxic emissions but the vehicles were rigged to bypass that mode when actually being driven. emissions increased ten to 40
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times above acceptable epa levels. >>it's something that they deliberately did. >> reporter: clarence ditlow runs the center for auto safety. >> there needs to be criminal penalties. >> reporter: the models expand 2009 to 2015 versions of the beetle, gulf, jetta, passat and audi a3. the epa says the vehicles do in the present a safety risk to drivers. they can stay on the road till vw has a fix ready. the car maker could face billions in fines. kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. >> the car maker also says the emissions test scandal is forcing it to tear up its profit forecast for the the year. coming up a russian billionaire is taking the art of yacht building to new heights. details ahead. >> allyson? >> it's pretty nice out here but it is cloudy. so when do we see the sun? how nice is it going to be for pope francis' visit and what
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about showers? we need some rain. it's been a very dry september. yesterday didn't do it for us. i'm be right back with all the details.
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this is a live shot. it says atallia but everyone knows if the pope is on board, this is shephard one finally taking off in havana, cuba. it was a first for the pope being there, the first pope from latin america to tour the americas and now he's on his way. once the jet takes off to the united states. he's expected to land at joint
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base andrews around 4:00. the anticipation is building. it was an amazing trip in cuba. having visited with president recall cast toe and a special meeting with an ailing fidel castro. the hope as we know has been an important force in brothering a reconciliation deal between the united states and cuba. and we know this message of mercy is what he brings to the united states when he arrives and of course at the mass where he will deliver a homily wednesday afternoon. so we're all very excited to hear what he has to say. again, this has been quite a trip to havana. there are a number of people we haven't been able to see but there are a number of people who are therbidding him farewell. he had one final mass there this morning. so again we'll take a look at this airplane known as shephard one getting ready to lift off
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from jose marti international airport. the weather has been extremely hot, about 105 degrees. you saw people out there fanning almost like what we saw at the emmys the other night, really sweating. it just shows you the devotion people have for this manual who his motto is lowly but chosen. and what he is doing is being a shepherd walking in the footsteps in christ. >> in just a few hours he will be with us in a much cooler environment. >> they said the flight was supposed to take off at 12:30 which means they're very much on time. we should have a touchdown around 4:00 or 5:00 at andrews air force base. when he arrives there in an unprecedented move, we'll have the. and first lady greeting him -- the president and the first lady greeting him on the tarmac as well as vice president joe biden and his wife, dr. jill
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biden. we're watching this. as we said he will find much cooler temperatures and as warm a crowd greeting him as he arrives this afternoon. >> everyone is in for such a treat. not only the pope's visit which is the big story but the weather. you are not allowed to bring umbrellas to-- >> to any of the events-- >> to any of the events and you're not going to need them. cloudy skies right now. we're holding on to the dreariness we saw this morning and from yesterday with the rain. we picked up about a qeart inch of rain from -- quarter inch of rain from yesterday. much needed but it just wasn't enough. it's been very dry for this september. we have another chance for rain later on this week and into parts of the weekend. but perfect timing here for the papal visit. it is going to be dry for this evening and for tomorrow and thursday. so we're start off cloudy. eight going to stay cloudy for much of the afternoon. but really by the hour, by the time the pope lands, about 4:00 or so, we could see moments of
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sunshine out there. 69 degrees right now. we're headed back to the mid- 70s this afternoon. pretty dry air in place relatively speaking. and those north, northeasterly winds really keeping the clouds in place. 64 degrees for leesburg and frederick. 68 for waldorf. yesterday this is about as hot as it got. we're going to see a little bit warmer temperatures today. into the mid-70s we go. lower 70s for a lot of areas off to the the north and farther south. it's not a warm day. it's a few degrees below average but we are starting to dry out from yesterday's showers. we really needed that. here's the fran as we head through -- the plan as we head through the evening. i think we'll see a lot more sunshine tomorrow but we're setting the stage for a nice afternoon and evening. by first thing tomorrow morning, another cool start to the day. you can leave the windows open. it's not going to have that damp feeling like we did last night. of course the aren't going to be any showers for this evening. give your ac a little bit of a rest for this evening. you might need to turn it back on tomorrow, though. here's a couple of clouds hanging around for lunch time
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as we head through 7:30. you can see a lot of areas farther west of 95 will be pretty clear. as we head through first thing tomorrow morning, areas south of the district might see a lot more cloud cover than the district and farther north for tomorrow. so we're starting off with clear skies for almost everybody except for southern maryland and the northern neck. here's 3:00. you notice the cloud cover just south of d.c. this is all from a disturbance that's going to make our forecast for the the end of the week into the weekend questionable. thursday we stay just as nice with sunshine. increasing clouds. as we head to friday and the weekend, we're tracking this low pressure system as it pushes off to the north we could have a wet weekend at times, but if it stays to the south, we could be pretty dry so something we're still monitoring. what we do know it's going to be nice this evening. 75 for the afternoon high. 80 for tomorrow. low humidity, sunshine. doesn't get better than that. 79 for thursday. and then friday into the weekend, a couple showers
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possible. andrea? here we are. live again at havana, cue barks jose marti airport -- cuba, jose marti airport. looks like the plane is getting ready to take off. the flight time between havana and andrews air force base is just a little under three hours. and it's the plane shepherd one that will carry pope francis here to the united states to begin an historic visit and of course we will be covering every aspect of this visit live on air and on our website and on our mobile app. we'll be on the air beginning at 3:30 this afternoon. but we wi
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looking live from havana, cuba. wheels are finally up. shepherd one is taking off from jose marti airport bringing pope francis to the united states. he says he wants to greet the people and of course the people anxiously await his arrival. he wants to share the joy, the joy of the gospel with the people of the united states of america and we are looking forward to hearing his message. we will have live team coverage of the pope's historic trip to washington starting today, this afternoon. and this flight will bring him:here at about 4:00 -- bring him here at about 4:00. we'll be live as close as we can get to the tarmac seeing him being greeted by president obama and mrs. obama, vice president biden and dr. jill biden. our coverage will begin at 3:30 this afternoon. allyson says it's going to be a good day today and an even better one tomorrow. >> absolutely. it's exciting. the wheels up. he's on his way. we look forward to his visit. >> he's coming to america. we can't wait. that's it for wusa wusa9
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news. we'll be back at 5:00. we're always on our mobile app and have a great day.
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