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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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important. again divine providence is something with a lot of potential. >> the catholic church in america is very important. >> it is. >> we can talk about the number of people who practice. it is lower in europe. that's what i heard when i was in rome. >> it is. >> you talk about those who practice. it is still huge financially, number wise. what is it? 20% of americans are catholic. it wasn't that long ago when john f kennedy was president, it was a big deal. we going to put a catholic in the white house? are you kidding me. now we are talking 70,000 plus catholics in the u.s. it's been an incredible day. we have a newscast, and we will ask you to stick around. we've got a lot more to talk about. are you back in the studio? >> i think we are here. you have done a phenomenal job here. at 5:00 after months of preparation, pope francis is finally here in washington, dc as he begins his three city
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tour of the united states. good evening. there is a lot of excitement around here. i am lesli foster. >> bruce johnson has been anchoring coverage of the basilica from the national shrine. >> reporter: this is truly a historical trip. it is the pontiff's first ever visit to the united states. >> hey, hey, welcome to the usa! [ cheering and applause ] >> immediately after getting off that plane pope francis met with president obama and the first family. sasha and malea were there along with the first lady and the first lady's mother, the hierarchy of the catholic church in washington, the
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world, bishop that used to be in washington, now with baltimore. joe biden is there with his wife jill also. an incredible display of security, secret service, fbi with dc police and obviously police at andrews where the plane is parked as we speak and will be under guard 24/7 during the pope's spray. we are joined live from the vatican embassy where the pope arrived and is going in for the rest of the night. >> reporter: what an exciting moment, bruce. when the pope pulled up, i am surrounded here by school children from parishes and catholic schools across the d.c. area along with children from the argentinan embassy. they're waving flags of argentina and all the other kids waving flags of the vatican. i have to tell you, i didn't think i would hear screams like this outside of a one direction
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concert. that is the level of excitement among these elementary, middle, and high school students that were selected for the privilege of being here, randomly selected. the pope pulled up in his motorcade and waved to the children. there was a tiny bit of a disappointment i must say about his not coming over to shake hands or touch any of the children. but it was probably a good call considering they are being held back on the front lawn of this vatican embassy by fencing. you also probably see kids wearing blue cur chiefs around their neck. this is significant for pope francis because he was born in buenos ares. right now you are looking at the extraordinary security surrounding his visit, the largest security operation in
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united states history. the secret service has handled the set up for all of the security and at this point, the fbi is handling intelligence. i am taking a look behind me now. i believe there is a cardinal. i can't see who he is. he is reaching out to the children. they ran up to him. maybe you have a better vantage point. it's cardinal world we understand from the arch diocese of washington. look at his smile. look at him waving at the children. he is shaking their hands. they all have their cell phones out. it is really quite a moment for these kids, one that will never be forgotten. i cannot imagine. just up the street from me, there is a crowd of a few hundred gathering. they have not left even though pope francis has entered the vatican embassy on massachusetts avenue. they still are looking in this direction. i see cameras held up, a couple
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hundred people. they were singing and they were chanting. the children here were singing in both english and spanish. they were chanting "feel it, feel it, the pope is here, you feel it." look at cardinal whirl. i am not sure who is more electrified by this day, the children or the cardinal. look at him smiling and shaking hands with these kids. what a moment to be here in washington. he is being treated like a rock star. >> reporter: you are absolutely correct. i have never seen him like this, so elated, like a child in a candy store, as if he is saying can you believe this? he does know the pope intimately. he travels to rome often, part of the pope's inner circle.
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from time to time he talks about the toll that the job can take on the pope and the burden. this clearly is a high point of his career. >> reporter: i am going to try to step aside a bit. you see him with the security entourage. the children are singing again, another vip working the long along the fence. it's so interesting to see children who are that thrilled. we are trying to figure out who this other gentleman is. >> reporter: andrea, thanks a lot. we are going to come back to you. we want to go to bruce now. >> reporter: things are breaking down very quickly here. you see the plane is still behind me but the press core and school kids and everything
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have left. the woodwinds sounded, trumpets roared, children sang, color guards' boots clicked to greet pope francis for his first trip ever here to the united states. he landed after the long flight from cuba, a tiring trip throughout cuba for the 78 year old pontiff. he landed to a roar, an absolute roar of about 1000 people who were gathered here to greet him. he came bounding down the steps deite only having had a fauzi hours of sleep -- few hours of sleep. he greeted president obama at the bottom of the stairs. he greeted the first lady, vice president joe biden was here. his wife dr. jill bideen, their kids, the grandkids of the bidens were all here to greet him. at the top of the red carpet, some elementary school children from some catholic schools
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handed him a big bouquet of flowers. he did not bend down and kiss the ground. he did go over and embrace babies in the crowd, but he connected with his huge beaming smile and then perhaps the the most symbolic moment of a symbolic pope, a man who knows his symbols, he climbed into a sub compact fiat, an italian car, a little tini tiny fee fiat, great man, small car, drove with the motorcade into dc. >> that's a great line. thanks very much. count less hours have been put in getting ready for the visit. >> we have been at this for a long time. now you can see all the
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expectation is coming to fruition. the joy, the excitement, the absolute joy when someone receives their ticket and they know they will be here and celebrate mass with the pope. >> i am sure it will be beautiful. we don't know any spanish but it will still be the feeling to be here. >> reporter: you see crews are here putting final decorations on the basilica a few hours ago. the work continues now. the papal motorcade is taking the parkway to get to the vatican embassy. you have seen all that. parkway to massachusetts avenue. they passed by stephanie ramirez. stephanie, are you still out there? >> reporter: hey guys, a lot of excitement here. if you saw it, i am guilty of screaming when i saw the pope's motorcade go by. we saw the vehicles. i was not expecting to see his hand out the window waving to everyone with a big smile on
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his face. the mini pope watch party started with three wusa9 members and rose to 40 to 50 people screaming when they saw the pope's motorcade go by. what was it? a small vehicle, a large man? what did you say? we were all excited to see it. the crowd here, people came from all over. we talked to an off duty navy member, a dad who picked up his daughter to witness this. a lot of people are telling me they're not catholic but they still welcome pope francis because he welcomes all. >> ever since they voted for this pope, this pope is about the people. he is about the needy, about the homeless, about giving. he is not about self. the thing about it is with us, with all religions in this time that we are trying to have peace in the world, he is bringing all of us together as one. that is why i am so glad i am off today because the one thing i wanted to do is pay my
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respects to this pope to say thank you for being the person who he is and making this world a little better for all of us. >> it's just a wonderful environment to see the pope. when i seen the crowds, i said oh i gotta stop by, gotta see this guy. i am just happy to be here. >> reporter: we saw that significant security presence rolling through here. suit land parkway is back open but earlier things were shutting down for the vice president, president, and the pope's motorcade. check the traffic maps if you plan on heading through dc. it's really going to impact a lot of people here. >> stephanie, thanks a lot. i want to bring in father gonzalez, pastor of st. gabriel's church. he has been a priest for nine years. you are very active with the inner faith organization. tell me what you are thinking and what you have seen thus far of the pope from the time he landed to the time he went into
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the vatican embassy. what are your thoughts with the presentation? >> just recently it was interesting that one lady that was there interviewed, she said something that's very much part of the whole signature and projection of pope francis, the unity that he is bringing. probably about a year ago, i mentioned that there is a power that's being brought together through the martyrdom of all christians in the middle east. this translates into a unity among interfaith groups working together to produce peace. the words she said speaks to the desire for peace in the world. every night we tune into television and we see nothing but war. so there is a wonderful desire in the human heart today. the human heart, and i would say, bruce, creation is screaming out for peace.
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here is a man that comes basically unifying people to work together for peace in the world. i think that's a very powerful message that he wants to bring. >> physically, how did he look? we are talking about a man who is 78 or 79 years old. he's got an incredible job, leader of 1.2 billion people, 23 million twitter followers. he has been on a plane from cuba, nonstop for four days. he will have the same itinerary here. that seems an awful lot to put on a fairly old man. >> that's right.
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[ audio difficulties ] the sun has returned in time for the pope. let's talk about jtomorrow's weather for the outdoor mass. it will be spectacular. at 9:00, 66 but at 1:00, 76 and at 5:00 sunshine and 78, just about perfect. we'll come back and talk about whether or not we stay dry for the rest of the week and look ahead to the weekend. >> we'll tell you about
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controversy surrounding tomorrow's canonization. >> right after the break, the son of a former virginia state senator is dead after a bizarre shooting that shut down part of i-95.
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-- murdered a man today, took his estranged girlfriend hostage and shot himself on i- 95 after leading police on a high speed chase. >> scott broom will tell us more. >> reporter: the son of a prominent virginia politician had a confrontation at this motel with another man and his ex girlfriend. the 36 year old shot -- son of a senator, took his own life as
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state troopers and sheriffs deputies boxed his suv in. he shot and killed another man at 8:15 in the morning and then took hostage his estranged girlfriend who was in the motel room. >> another deputy that was responding saw that vehicle. the weapon was pointed at the deputy. he noticed it was a while male driver and a white female passenger in the vehicle. we started a pursuit. >> reporter: gellar described the end of the chase. >> as they approached traffic, it started to slow and the suspect's vehicle actually rammed a state trooper's vehicle that was in front of him and almost momentarily there was a gunshot heard from inside the vehicle. the female passenger the sheriff mentioned was in the front seat. she was not harmed. >> north traffic on the east coast's busiest highway was at a stand still for four hours. at the motel the sheriff said dispatchers heard gun shots on the 911 call. friends of the havic tim were
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stunned. >> i am in shock. i am upset because it's right next door to me. >> reporter: his troubled past includes arrest for burglary, grand larceny, drug offenses. the man shot and killed is identified as 36 year old jeremy gift of fredericksburg. the former senator once told reporters his son suffered from mental illness. during pope francis' visit he will canonize spanish missionary. >> this is not without controversy. nearly 250 years ago arrived in san diego and founded catholic missions a i cross california. he introduced agriculture and literacy to native americans. but some say many were kept against their will, beaten by spanish soldiers and thousands died of diseases.
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>> we have no records that they actually beat indians but the record was clear that he believed corporal punishment is indispensable. >> pope francis apologized to native americans for what he called grave sins committed in the name of god but he is not directly addressed the controversy. controversy or not, there are a lot of people excited to see pope francis. >> reporter: absolutely. while in cuba pope francis called catholicism the foundation of cuban identity and called for revolution of tenderness as the people of the country rediscover their heritage. streams of people traveled to catch the pope delivering his final mass in cuba which he dedicated to our lady of charity, the country's patron saint. there is an enormous security detail surrounding the pontiff's visit to washington, new york, and then philadelphia. thousands of federal, state, local law enforcement officers are assigned to watch over francis as well as a million to
5:21 pm
one. security plaers studied every attempt on a pope's life in the last 40 years we are told. >> we wanted to remind everybody on the details in all three cities about the way these have happened in the past and different ways they have been put together. >> reporter: authorities say the greatest concern is an attack by a lone wolf. >> bruce, thanks so much. of course the weather cooperated nicely today. thank you. it's amazing because there was a little bit rain before the pope landed. then it cleared up. >> it's going to be spectacular tomorrow and stay spectacular through thursday. let's take a live look outside. it's mostly sunny. it's 74 right now and very comfortable with dew points in the 50s. relative humidity is 57%. that's pretty comfortable for this time of year and for this part of the world actually.
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we are looking at headlines. decreasing cloudiness, pleasant. it looks like temperatures will be in the 50s and 60s, cool start and warm finish for the pope tomorrow. it will still be nice on thursday. yes clouds will end the day and then a few showers may end the week friday but it does not appear to be a wash out. here is the futurecast. at 10:00, a few clouds, 59 in frederick and 60 in buoy and mitchell ville. by early at 6:00 am, we have mostly sunny skies, 52 in frederick. that's a pretty cool start. 56 in manassas. by 8:30 or 9:00 we are back in the low 60s downtown and upper 50s in the suburbs. there will be a few waves of clouds from time to time into southern maryland. by 1:00 we are back to 76
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downtown, 73 in places like manassas, 75 in frederick. by 6:00 p.m., gorgeous, mid 70s with sunshine across the board. by 8:00 tomorrow night we will fall again a little bit, a little chillier tomorrow night. low 50s i think in the burbs by tomorrow night. by 8:00, 65, 67 in leesburg and manassas, 56 in rock ville, buoy. tonight becoming partly cloudy and cool, 56 to 62, winds northeast at 10. it shouldn't be a problem tomorrow becoming mostly sunny and comfortable, winds northeast at 10. by afternoon, mostly sunny and beautiful with high temperatures near 80, not humid. the winds continue northeasterly at 10. on the day planner it looks like this, 61 to start. these are downtown temps. we will have 71 by 11:00 and 76
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with sunshine by 1:00. we'll probably be just shy of 80 tomorrow. we will say 79. 81 thursday, still nice, a few clouds by evening. on friday, some showers but not a wash out. temperatures go back to the upper 70s which is about average. the next seven days, some showers are possible on sunday with 75, showers possible on monday with 82 and showers possible on tuesday as well. the temperatures start
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smaller field so voters can focus on fewer candidates challenging trump. support for the billionaire is softening and he is sounding less confident than before. >> i don't think panic is a word i would use. i would like to stay on top. if i don't make it, that's okay. i will go back to having a good time and building a business. >> we will hear more from the donald when he joins stephen colbert on the late show tonight. we are coming back with more coverage of the pope's arrival here
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at 5:30, the excitement is in the air as pope francis arrives in washington, dc. thanks for joining us. >> bruce johnson is anchoring our coverage from the basilica of the national shrine. >> how is it going? it's pretty exciting out here. they will have the special mass
5:32 pm
here tomorrow. right now there is a lot of media and people passing on the campus of catholic university and going to the basilica. let's send things to peggy fox where there is a watch party going on. >> reporter: absolutely. it was very exciting today, bruce, at the franciscan monastery. a few hundred people came, some from as far as chicago and florida came to see the pope's arrival. when he arrived in the united states, the atmosphere was just electric. excitement filled the air at the watch party as soon as the pope's plane came into view. when pope francis emerged from the plane and was greeted by president obama and his family, people at the franciscan monastery stood and cheered. >> very excited! goose bumps. >> one couple drove from
5:33 pm
florida to be here. >> i am so excited, so lucky to see him here in dc. >> it's very exciting. we love this pope. i like all the popes. this one here though seems to have a special human touch. i think he has touched a lot of people all over the world. >> reporter: pope francis will be canonized the 18th century priest who established missions across california. >> it's a relic and what this is is a little piece of bone fragment. >> reporter: at the monastery there is an exhibit about the priest and a first class relic of the man the church considers a great eve anchoring evangelizer. today it was all about pope francis' arrival on u.s. soil. >> i am crying already. i don't know why. i am so excited. it's just how he touches everybody's heart. >> reporter: really that's how
5:34 pm
everyone felt here. they felt very moved to see the pope even though they couldn't see him in person, just the fact that he is on united states soil was a touching thing to them. if you have never been to the franciscan monastery, you are missing out. this is one beautiful place. it is just absolutely gorgeous. at 6:00 tonight they're going to be lighting the luminaries. they have brought them out. they bring them out sometimes for christmas celebrations. now they're going to be lighting them tonight in celebration of pope francis. peggy fox reporting live, bruce, back to you. >> thanks. vendor across dc are hoping to cash in on the visit. we spotted a pope in dc t-shirt at a merchandise stand. the other thing on the people's minds are are we ready for the chaos surrounding the pope's arrival. >> this is a big city. they're not going to have problems. new york on the other hand is going to be absolute mayhem.
5:35 pm
all the diplomats there, the people in new york are going berserk. >> there are papal flags all over the city welcoming the pontiff to the nation's capital. we have with us father gonzalez, a pastor in northwest washington. i have to ask you about the canonization of this saint. there is controversy here. your take on this? why this saint by this pope? >> i don't know why the now of it but the controversy is basically taking something of the life i think out of context. when the church canonizes somebody, it talks about or declares that this person has had heroic virtue. it doesn't say that the person is perfect. >> doesn't say they were never
5:36 pm
a sinner. >> exactly. they had heroic virtue. if you look at the data and the facts, you can't deny that. this man was an exceptional preacher and an exceptional teacher. he could have chosen to have a nice affluent even prestigious role in the church or career as a professor but he decided to leave everything. when i say leave everything, i am talking about your mother, your father, your whole family and going to the new world which was basically like going to the moon. oh by the way, you might be martyred. >> that's good stuff. thanks. back to you guys. >> all right, bruce. father gonzalez, thank you so much. joining us no you to talk more about pope francis is director
5:37 pm
of the initiative on catholic commercial thought and public life at georgetown university. he must have had divine intervention because he is going see the pope at the white house. he is going to the mass. he is going to be there with congress when he is addressing them. what did you do? >> i won the lottery, the papal lottery. it's going to be great. we'll see the president and the pope as he comes to our country for the first time. then we'll pray with him and then for the first time ever, we will have a pope addressing congress. i am old enough to remember when john kennedy was running for president and people said he shouldn't be elected because he would take advice from the pope. >> now everybody wants advice from the pope. >> the only thing they agree on is they need advice from the pope. >> what's your take on this papacy so far? >> he is an outsider. he is an outsider in some ways to the church, jesuit from latin america. he is certainly an outsider to
5:38 pm
washington. when he landed at andrews that was the first time he set foot in our country. he brings a different way of looking at the world. he literally looks at the church, the world, government from the bottom up and how it affects the weak and the vulnerable. >> you almost suggest that this pope's first trip is really about speaking service to power, to remind people in power of their obligation to remember their fellow man. what does he have to say do you think to really reach folks at the white house and at the mass, the people governed there, and then of course to congress? >> well i think he will speak to their consciouses and their hearts. maybe the most powerful thing he will say is not the words he uses but the journey he makes from capitol hill, the most powerful people in the country, to have lunch with homeless and hungry people in the nation's
5:39 pm
capital, people with no power and no money. he has poll numbers that our political leaders would give anything for. my advice is they ought to watch and they ought to listen. then they ought to follow his example. >> how willing do you think americans are going to be to listening to him? >> one of the things we are going to have to do is listen to a lot of spanish. this is somebody who has trouble with english. as somebody terrible at spanish, i can relate to that. i think underneath the words and the accent, they're going to see authenticity. they're going to see someone who has powerful words but his humble ways are even more powerful than anything he says. from the very beginning, he talked about the poor. he talked about peace. he talked about creation. that's why he called himself francis. >> it sounds like there are lessons in leadership for everyone regardless if you are a religious leader, politician, business leader, or you run
5:40 pm
your own home. everybody can learn something from this pope. we will be talking more with you. thank you for being here for now. coming up, many of you are taking to social media to share pictures and thoughts about the pope's arrival. >> i bet there are great photos circulating of people who got a quick shot of the pope. twitter is making it easier to show all this. we will take a look at that in a moment. plus we will introduce you to the carpenter who created the custom chair the holy fa
5:41 pm
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5:43 pm
social media is all about the pope. >> here with more on what people are saying is our web producer. joanie, what are you hearing. >> #popeindc. hundreds of tweets keep coming in. the most tweeted about thing is the pope's fiat. sandra says the sight of one of the world's biggest religions puts on smile on my face. fi a. t responded #blessed. >> a lot of people are talking about the weather how the sun
5:44 pm
came out just when the pope landed. here is a cute one. half of dc might be closed but we are still poping. on snap chat there is a pope in dc filter. if you are going to add to the snap chat you can see they see me rolling with the little pope in the pope mobile. we will be continuing to put tweets on the bottom of your screen. the hashtag is pope in dc. tweet to join us. >> thank you. twitter is helping you show some love for the pope. >> we have been seeing really interesting things. there was somebody talking about if he had his own reality show thing call it poprah. >> really good stuff out there. if you send out a tweet with any of the hashtags, the site will automatically add a papal image. those include pope francis in front of the u.s. flag, u.s. capitol, statue of liberty, and
5:45 pm
the liberty bell. on his way out of washington washington? kushner explains in tonight's inside pitch. >> of course we are back with more coverage of the pope's arrival here in
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pretty much right on cue the sun came out. it's going to be nice tomorrow, even a little better. mostly sunny, pleasure antsly warm, a high of 79. cool to start. we get into thursday, still nice, warmer at 81. a few clouds will come in late in the day. on friday, not a wash out but some showers are possible, high temperatures in the upper 70s. the next seven days, we will take the showers out of saturday with 77, showers saturday, the game will be fine tonight as well. today 140 female veterans arrived in dc via honor flight. >> they transport vets to dc to
5:49 pm
visit the memorial that honor their service. this is the first time all the veterans in the group were women. we spoke with one of them. she said her visit to arlington national cemetery was something she'll never forget. >> i got to participate in the wreath laying ceremony. i will die one happy person. this is the highlight of my entire life. >> how cute is she? the group gathered at the women and military service memorial in arlington. robert mcdonald praised the older vets for blazing a trail for her women who later joined the military. amazing. i am back live at the basilica, immaculate conception, pope francis arrives in dc. we will have the special canonization mass here tomorrow. right now all the preps are going on. you hear the music in the
5:50 pm
background. there is lots of media here, media from all over the world because the pope is in washington at least. when the pope delivers mass in washington, he will be doing it from a custom made chair at the alter carpenter david cahoon built especially for him. he is a deacon at his church in maryland. >> it is an honor and an opportunity for me to give back the talent god has given me. >> the pontiff wanted the chair to be simple and sustainable. cahoon built a new alter for the service, meticulously hand painted to match the marble inside. the alter will remain there after papal mass and become a permanent piece of history. dc is just the first leg of the pope's three city tour in the u.s. the faithful are coming from around the world to see the pontiff in those cities. congregations from some 150 countries are gathering for the world meeting of families this
5:51 pm
weekend in philadelphia. some came a long way and took several flights to get there. >> about 27 hours. we went through south africa, land in heathrow and then to philly airport. >> more than 18,000 people have signed up to attend the world family conference in philadelphia. organizers say the event blends prayer, religious instruction and faith themed lectures. the conference is billed as the largest gathering of catholic families. we will have much more coming up at 6:00. wusa9 game on sports. >> we turn our attention to sports and nationals specifically drew score with their set up man has had ups and downs. despite one year left his career with the nationals might be over. we learn more in tonight's
5:52 pm
inside pitch. >> it's quite possible that he has thrown his last inning for washington nationals. it came on september 9 against new york mets. that night he gave up a home run for the second straight game and after that loss he broke his thumb shoving his locker closed. >> i went to shut my locker and caught the metal on the side there. obviously not in a good spot. it's frustrating. it's one of those things in the heat of the moment. >> he apologized to the manager for the incident. he was hurting his team when he was on the mound. he was not the same pitcher since the nationals traded. when he is not the only player to blame for the disappointing season the two home runs he gave up won't be forgotten. >> i think all around for everyone it's been a frustrating year. i think we have had ups and downs. we have had some parts of the
5:53 pm
team quit and other times other parts not. it's been a frustrating month. that's where i am at. >> i am told desperately wants a trade out of washington and the demotion caused friction between he and the front office. >> he will stay with the team until the end of the season. after that, i would expect a change of scenery. >> a lot of people say it's in his head, his psyche since they brought papal bon on that maybe he couldn't pitch as well and couldn't get on board. who knows? what we do know is everybody is pope crazy right now. football fans know it's a short work week. the team has to be ready for the giants. in a half hour we will hear from quarterback kirk cousins on their 0-2 opponent. >> thanks. our live comprehensive coverage of the pope's visit continues. >> the trial gets underway for the
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
it was back to court for the former democratic committee chairman charged in two separate child sex abuse cases. last year the virginia supreme court overturned gardner's conviction of molesting two girls at his daughter's slumber party. >> that case could be retried in november but today the trial started for the new charges against him. these are charges that allege that he molested his then 12 year old niece back in 2009.
5:57 pm
wusa9 contributor recaps what happened in court. >> it's important to remember that the two cases are separate. the judge will likely not allow the jury to hear anything about that so called slumber party case. this case of course involves gardner's now 18 year old niece who reportedly told a therapist according to prosecutors that her uncle michael tabard inner molested her twice on thanksgiving weekend in 2009. let's go over key moments. prosecutors established michael gardner's family and niece's family were close and that the accuser has no reputation as an attention seeker. then prosecutors called two witnesses. first the accuser who reported the sex abuse allegations to police and then they called the accuser's mother to the stand. on the defense side, attorneys told jurors in opening statements they would use an alibi defense for gardner. later when questioning the accuser's mother they asked several do you recall questions. do you recall if you had
5:58 pm
snacks, do you remember being in the parking lot? they were trying to paint this picture of whether she is someone who can remember specific details about a family event five years ago. as for michael gardner he is held under no bond. did appear in court wearing civilian clothing seemingly showing not much emotion all day long. it is unclear whether he will testify in his own defense. >> the jury is made up of eight men and six women. two of the jurors are alternates and the judge says the trial could last up to two weeks. right now at 6:00, he's here. pope francis is in dc to begin his six day, three city visit, of the united states for the very first time. a short time ago the pontiff arrived at the vatican embassy to the cheers of hundreds of children and spectators. it's been an amazing day in
5:59 pm
washington. thank you for joining us. i am lesli foster. >> bruce is anchoring live from the basilica of the national shrine immaculate conception with more. >> the energy is just electric. thousands have come out to greet pope francis from the moment he touched down at joint force andrews to his motorcade at the vatican embassy. andrea joins us live from the embassy where the pope got a lovely welcoming from followers before checking in. >> reporter: what a welcome it was, bruce. what a thrilling few moments just over an hour ago as pope francis came with his motorcade up massachusetts avenue across the street from the naval observatory and pulled in right behind me at the vatican embassy in washington. on hand to welcome the pope, dozens of school children from
6:00 pm
across the dc area. they were singing and chanting and waving vatican flags, waving flags from argentina, chanting, "feel it, feel it, the pope is here, feel it" all in spanish. then the pope exited the vehicle, walked up the steps of the vatican embassy and turned and waved to the children. there was a bit of disappointment that he did not come out and shake the hands of the children. but still there was no disappointment here. at this hour, there are still hundreds of people just up massachusetts avenue who are waiting still to watch this incredible spectacle of security, the largest security operation in u.s. history. many of them brought their childrentheibabies, just for a glimpse of


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