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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 22, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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at 7:00, pope francis is in dc, cheers, chants singing and a lot of waving. the leader of the catholic church has fired up admirers during hess historic visit. thanks for joining us. >> pope francis is resting right now at the vatican embassy preparing for his first full day in dc which will be highlighted by a historic mass at the basilica of the national shrine. >> that is where we find bruce johnson. he joins us live overlooking the setting of tomorrow's canonization mass. >> reporter: good evening. it is an exciting afternoon to say the least. right now we are on the east side of the basilica. at this time tomorrow about 4:00 there will be 15 to 20,000
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people standing back there watching and will being as pope francis says mass in spanish. the canonization mass. they're doing the preps now, very meticulous preps. you are hearing the music, most of it latin music. you are seeing relics being placed on the alter. every little detail, they're going through back there. part of the arrangement to even be sitting here is we can't show you up close what they're doing. they want that to be kept secret until the pope himself is prepared to say this high mass back here. as we said, throughout the city on every roadway beginning at andrews air base, lots of crowds to greet the pope, a lot of anticipation for his arrival. it was not a disappointment to say the least. now the 78 year old upon testify is resting at the
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vatican embassy. andrea is live. >> reporter: bruce, the pope is now settled in for the night, we assume here at the vatican embassy in northwest washington after an extraordinary welcome here a short time ago. [ audio difficulties ] >> we were wondering if he might approach the children. he did not but he turned and walked into the embassy and right at the doorway before he
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stepped in and closed the door behind him, he turned to the children and waved at them again. it was a moment that these kids selected from catholic schools and parishes from across the washington area won't soon forget. just up the road on massachusetts avenue on the northwest side remains hundreds of spectators, people brought their children, their babies, just for the chance to catch a glimpse of pope francis. we assume he is in for the night. they seem to be staying there. they are singing. they are chanting. and again it looks like they may be here throughout the duration. but it is quite an unforgettable moment. bruce, i want to let you in on a secret here. even the press core on this riser outside the vatican embassy was gathered around the
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television monitor watching him land at joint base andrews. that is an exciting event. >> andrea, thanks a lot. the president obama of the united states rarely travels to and rouxes to welcome world leaders but it is a measure of pope francis' unique standings with the president, first lady, and the vice president were there to meet him. the crowd record as the -- roared as the plane slipped into view. pope francis walked carefully down the steps for his first ever visit to the u.s. he will push the world's only remaining super power to do more for the poor, migrants, marginalized. catholic school children from across the dc area gave him a bouquet of white flowers. then perhaps a symbol of his of the capitalism and over consumption the great man climbed not into a limo but
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into a tiny fiat. fans didn't just gather along the route at joint base andrews. peggy fox was at one of the watch parties in the area where catholics were holding special events to watch the pope. >> reporter: here at the franciscan monastery, luminaries are lit in honor of pope francis and father ed flanagan is going around sprinkling holy water and blessing luminaries and everyone here. earlier today, it was all about pope francis. there was an exciting watch party. excitement filled the air at the watch party as soon as the pope's plane came into view. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: when pope francis emerged from the plane and was greeted by president obama and his family, people at the franciscan monastery stood and cheered. >> i have goose bumps! >> reporter: one couple drove
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from florida to be here. >> i am so excited, so lucky to see him here in dc! >> very exciting. we love this pope. i like all the popes. this one here though seems to have a special human touch. i think he has touched a lot of people all over the world. >> he is like a down to earth person, have he simple. >> reporter: today it was about pope francis' arrival. >> i am crying already. i don't know why. i am so excited. it's just how he touches everyone's heart. >> reporter: peggy fox, wusa9. back at the basilica, tomorrow of course is the big day during an outdoor mass. pope francis will canonize a saint for the first time. we are talking about junipero serra. the stage and altar are set for
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the worldwide spotlight. >> it's all very exciting but to see the alter in place, to see all the spaces become a church is very, very exciting. it was worth all the work, worth all the effort. >> you have to have a ticket for tomorrow's mass and we'll bring you that mass and lots more right here live on wusa9. you can go to our website at any time to catch the latest. ladies, back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much, bruce. we will check in with you throughout the newscast. tomorrow is the pope's only full day in dc. he will kick it off with a meeting with president obama at the white house. the parade is after that followed about i a midday prayer with the bishops and shortly after 4:00 is the much anticipated canonization mass at the basilica. we'll all be watching. that mass and of course the parade outside and everybody
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wants to know what is the weather going to be like. we have the papal forecast and whether the clouds will clear out. >> just about perfect. how does that sound? 65 at 9:00 and then we are at 75 at 1:00 with full sun and by 5:00 we are still 77 with full sun. we will come back and see if we can keep that going through the week and into the weekend. >> thank you topper. the parade will likely be your best chance to see pope francis after his meeting with the president. the parade is set to start at 11:00 but you will want to be there of course much earlier. security gates open at 4:00 am and close at 10:00. there are four entry points along 15th and 17th streets. there is a long list of items that you cannot bring to the parade or any of the events this week. here it is.
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large bags, signs, chairs, coolers, glass, thermals, metal containers, selfie sticks, you wills. if you -- umbrellas. if you can think about it, it is probably on that list. check owl this out on the wusa app and on wusa9 and you can watch live here. the vw cheating scandal is bigger than we thought. the number of cars included and what could happen to the auto maker. >> next, a deadly shooting on i- 95. we will explain how it is connected to a former state senator. you are watching wusa9.
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breaking news from metro. right now rail service is suspended on the green and yellow lines between u street and fort cotton due to loss of power. they've got shuttle buses coming or you can use metro bus
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route 70 and 79 as alternates. we don't foe when the problem will be fixed. know that the green and yellow line service is suspended between u street and fort cotton due to loss of power. the son of edd houck shot and killed a man today, took a former girlfriend hostage and then shot and killed himself. he was 36 and had a long history of run ins with police. a spokesman described the end of the 34-mile chase. >> as they approached traffic, it started to slow in the north bound lanes. the suspect's vehicle actually rammed a state trooper's vehicle in front of him and then almost momentarily, there was a gunshot heard from inside the vehicle. >> houck's ex girlfriend was not hurt. the man he killed is 36 year old jeremy gift of fredericksburg. cbs news learned the justice department is launching
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criminal investigation into volkswagen emissions cheating. about 11 million diesel cars around the world were fitted with secret software that helped the cars pass tests they should have failed. volkswagen execs have apologized for adeception and the company could face billions of dollars in fines. tonight the man who raised the price of a life saving drug by 5000% is defending a move that has let's say generated a lot of contempt. deraprim treats bacteria due to a parasite. he raised the price of one bill from $13.50 to 50$7. >> at this price it's a reasonable profit, not excessive. i can see how it looks greedy but there are altruistic properties to it. >> shkreli says he will use the profits to research and better
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development treatment for patients. >> we'll see. a very nice evening. we have gone clear to partly cloudy. the pollen is not so nice. it is moderate for trees, low for grasses because it's dead now, moderate for weeds and high for mold spore. we will talk about and a you can about weather for tomorrow and take you through the weekend with the first alert seven day. >> after break, our pope in dc coverage continues. i will talk about the controversy over
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pope francis is resting up in dc right now. it's been an exciting day for catholics and noncatholics alike. >> bruce johnson joins us live from the basilica of the national shrine which is of course gearing up for tomorrow's big mass. >> reporter: the preps are still going on here and will continue to go on through the night. we have to be out of here just after 11:00 for the secret service sweep and the kind of thing they do for dignitaries. we have talked about the incredible security, unprecedented, going on in washington now to protect this holy man. i keep being taken back by the fact that you've got a guy that's 78 or 79 years old, draws no salary, owns nothing as pope. yet he speaks for and is the
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leader of 1.2 billion catholics throughout the world talking those who practice and those who perhaps don't practice, over 70 million in this country. while there are certainly differences between the church and american catholics, he is still their leader, those who choose to have a leader. whether or not you go to mass every sunday or once in a while, whether you go to confessor not and make use of the sacraments. there are the differences in the country when it comes to contraception and abortion, same-sex marriage and all the other things. the pope is not going to give on that. he is a more compassionate pope. he is a pope that a lot of people, american catholics and not catholics are giving high marks to. as a matter of fact he is given higher marks than the church itself. you find this guy himself incredible. when he steps off the plane, he is an older man, a guy walking with somewhat of a limp. it's a grueling schedule that he has, coming away from four days in cuba where it was
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nonstop events. he is here resting but come tomorrow morning he is back at it again. it's just impressive, not only to see him and just carry out the schedule and these burdens and this mission but the way the people are reacting to them. you heard people say i am not catholic, but he is my pope. they're reciting things he said. who am i to judge? there is a connection. i don't think it is make believe or contrived, or media driven. there is a connection with the pope. >> i think part of that is because of the notion that they say you have the smell of the sheep if you are a shepherd. he doesn't just say this is what you are supposed to do. he is demonstrating it. instead of moving into the vast apartment at the vatican he opened it up to homeless families and doing this in a way that's different than several predecessors. >> we have seen the hypocrisy in the church of the corruption
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with the vatican banks laundering mafia money from the bank, blackmailing homosexual priests in the vatican, he has cleaned a lot out that out in rome. there are have been bishops in the country building mansions with money that dying people have left to the church and in atlanta for example he made the bishops sell the church. he is walking the walk. he is reminding them of why they are where they are and who they're supposed to be serving. >> bruce johnson, live for us right in front of the area where there will be the mass that the include canonization of the spanish missionary junipero serra. thanks. >> a lot, bruce. you probably know that you can watch us streaming, our newscast live with the app. also you can download the app,
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go to the app store and search wusa9 and go to weather. the first thing you will see will be the fast forecast. you want the fast three day, it's in the app 24/7. a live look outside, we are looking at 71, a fantastic evening with winds out of the northeast at eight. tonight, clear to partly cloudy and cool, really quite pleasant. a cool start tomorrow but a warm finish for the pope. just about perfect really. it will still be nice thursday, perhaps a tad warmer, maybe 81 or 82. a few showers are possible friday but at this point i wouldn't cancel the t times yet. at 10:00 we have few clouds. it is pretty darn comfortable. by early morning temperatures in the 50s and in some cases, low 50s. 56 in fairfax, 55 in lees
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leesburg. by lunchtime or 1:00, it's about perfect with the mid 70s. how nice is that with sunshine? there could be a few clouds playing cat and mouse with our friends in southern maryland. for the most part we are looking at a gorgeous day. by 6:00 p.m. we are clear, 76 downtown, 75 in leesburg, 76 in cumberland, frederick. by 8:00 tomorrow night, temperatures fall into the 60s in burbs but around 70 downtown. tonight, clear to partly cloudy and cool, lows 54 to 62, winds out of the northeast at 10. on the day planner we are looking at sunshine across the board and temperatures up to 71 by 11:00 and 75 with full sun by 1:00 p.m. we are still in great shape on thursday. a few clouds will come in late and could end the day with a few clouds but 85% of the day will be beautiful, 81. some showers friday and temperatures will be in the
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upper 70s. for the next seven days we will keep saturday dry for now. nats are in town. some showers are possible sunday, 75 and then warming up monday and tuesday, back in the low 80s olympian with a few showers and mid -- monday with
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before we leave, let's check in one more time with bruce johnson. >> he joins us live from the basilica of the national shrine. >> reporter: back there is the stage. that's the altar where pope francis will be coming out tomorrow at about 4:14 to stay mass, con on eyeing junipero serra making him a saint. he will also be at the white house and there is the joint session before congress. the pope will be here and gone before you know it. people are lining the streets to see him. there is lots of excitement in town and lots of people in town to see all the excitement. >> thanks so much, bruce.
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>> bruce have have a view of it. that will be fantastic. for the rest of us, what are we going to do? >> we are going to have special live coverage tomorrow for the pope's visit. we'll be live from the parade
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>> nice night tonight. >> mariah and her new man's red carpet debut. plus tension behind the scenes. >> and emmy stars on the move. >> th cat'soming up right now. >> on "entertainment to where we found tiraji after praising for compe >> the universe needed to hear that message. >> winners post emmys and did tmmhe eary sts just break up with their men? as this on screen couple gets close backstage. >> they're totally dating. >> also, brian's new man caught texting. >> then, chemo, cancer, no hair. >> two stars, two cancer survivors. joan lunden after 16 rounds of chemo. >> and tv chef sandra lee's double mastectomy. hewow n york's governor helped


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