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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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we got coverage of the pope's first visit to dc. >> tomorrow morning the pope will get back into his little gray fiat. he will head over to the white house and meet with president obama. he will meet with thousands during a parade. and a lot of memories will be made. a lot of memories today, a lot of people probably will never forget where they were on this occasion. noah has more on where the hope is sleeping inside of the vatican. >> that's right, the pope arrived around 5:00 this afternoon. >> reporter: and he arrived to unprecedented security and do what we can imagine was unprecedented excitement. it was as if the heavens parted
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and branches came down, his plane landed before 4:00 today and he was greeted by the first family and president obama and a few thousand others. >> it's exciting, he's the best of all popes. >> reporter: many people jumped into their suvs and pope francis hopped into a fiat. writing in style, some people said you've got to love this man. the fiat brand is blessed. and bruce summed it up the best. >> a great man, a popular man in a small car. >> reporter: off he went to the vatican embassy where he will spend the next two nights, and along the way, doing what he does best, touching people. even with a simple wave. >> you could feel my excitement, i felt like a little girl. [ cheering & applause ] >> reporter: not since the beatles
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sent for it on the american soil have foreign citizens been treated with such excitement. - - greeted with such excitement. outside of the embassy they were cheering and screaming for his arrival. [ cheering & applause ] [ crowd noise ] another simple wave was all it took. >> it's a message, you have to feel it. i was not the only one. >> reporter: she brought her whole family. >> these are my neighbors, my wife is here, everybody is here. >> reporter: they waited for hours just to get a glimpse. >> what was it like? >> it's something that you have no words for. >> this is so important, you care about it. it doesn't matter if you are catholic. >> reporter: a religious man who seems to transcend religion.
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>> he's awesome, he's our pope, not just the catholic pope. >> reporter: we can only expect the excitement to continue to grow over the next few days as he will be more visible all over the district. >> thank you very much for that. wednesday will be his busiest day in dc with an intent - - with the itinerary taken down from the white house to here at the basilica. we have been watching his movements today from st. john paul. >> reporter: bruce, this seminary named for another popular pope, it will be pope francis final stop tomorrow. and before they get here, the thousands who have come to see him will have plenty of chances. ken and karen will get up as early as necessary tomorrow for their daughters to see the pope. >> at 4:00 in the morning. >> reporter: thankfully, it
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begins at 9:15, where he arrives at the white house to address a crowd of 20,000 faithful. and he will meet with president obama to discuss something that we do not yet know the subject of. >> i cannot anticipate what the pope will say. otherwise, there is no surprise. there is no interest. please listen and you will see the problems he will address. >> i would not expect a robust political discussion. i believe it's an opportunity for them to talk about the values they have in common. >> reporter: following the sitdown cap pope francis will go to another - - oval, going to the parade, his largest open event in dc, and the most private trip leads up the most public. an outdoor canonization mass at
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the zilkha of the shrine of immaculate conception. they expect 20,000 people to show up with tickets required. the dieter family has no tickets, they just hope they can catch a glimpse of the so- called peoples pope. >> we are really excited, this is once in a lifetime, it's pretty neat. >> reporter: cautionary notes, if you do not have tickets, your best bet tomorrow is either on the lips or at home on tv. if you are trying to avoid the pope and the traffic that comes with him, avoid all of the official dc downtown areas in the morning and all of northeast and the afternoon and evening. >> garrett, thank you. in the basilica tomorrow, it's a great day. pope francis will canonize for the first time on us style divorce soil. 25,000 people are coming to
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witness the event. and the archbishop says that the stage and alter are set for the worldwide spotlight. >> it is all exciting to see the altar in place and all of these spaces become a church, it's very exciting. it is worth all the work and all of the effort. >> reporter: the pope is doing a lot to bring young people back to the church, including to smiling a lot. and if you have plans to check out the events, don't pack much tonight, there's a long list of items you cannot take to the parade or any of the events this weekend here is that list, large bags, chairs, coolers, glass, metal containers, sophie sticks and umbrellas, basically just bring yourself and take in the moment. danica back to you. >> thank you so much, and of course a lot of people are going to be watching the skies,
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so if you could bring an umbrella, would you need one? let's look at how the weather is shaping up for tomorrow's event. >> you can keep the sun off, but not the rain, it's going to be spectacular and i think we got a glimpse of what's going to come. temperatures to cool the are cool, 75 degrees at 1:00, and by 5:00, 77 degrees, and the outdoor mass is after 4:00. and we will come back and talk about the prospect of making it through the week without any more showers. more than 100 women marched from a detention center to see the pope and draw attention to his message of respect for immigrants. when they finally finish the 100-mile walk, allison barber was there and she has the story.
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to >> - - took most of the people you see behind me walked across multiple state lines to get here when the pope arrived. these women have spent seven days on their feet walking from pennsylvania to the heart of dc. [ singing ] >> reporter: 100 miles to draw attention to the plight of migrants. >> our families are seeking dignity and to heal and to be together like everyone else. >> reporter: a message they believe has caught the view of hope francis. >> there is not enough leadership advocating for immigrants. >> reporter: the topic of immigration reform is contentious, a major issue in our presidential election and while most agree that system is flawed, there are different ideas on how to fix it. >> they are passing a bill to d verify it. >> reporter: they are with the
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domestic workers alignment of the alliance, but the women says it's not about politics or before the women say it's not about optics or protest. today they sang in english and in spanish. in the middle of it all, amy quelled - - kelly, quietly walking, every step that her parents have not lived with her. >> i have not lived with them since my teenage years. >> reporter: her parents had to go back to fiji because and overstay visa. >> they were stuck in fiji and my mom had an expired visa. they moved to canada to support us from there. >> reporter: she flew across the country to be a part of the walk and when she finished, she was overwhelmed. >> it was amazing. i'm so happy to be here. >> organizers from the group
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said that the walk was comprised of women because they are disproportionately impacted by immigration and deportation. a watch party gather today in washington dc. folks cheered as the popes plane touched down and it was emotional for many who jumped to their feet when the pope emerged from the plane. >> i am so excited. i am so lucky to see him. he is here in dc. it's very exciting, we love the pope, i like all of the popes, but this one seems to have a special human touch. >> reporter: some of the folks told us that they did not - - could not help but break into tears. we will go to bruce johnson later on for more on that. and some of you took to social media to share your
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memories and emotions today. you can see this picture in the background, she says her girl is still beaming, pope in dc. and mr. martin had a lot of great pictures. check them out. you can imagine how they feel tonight, and fun caption from kim, imagining that the president told the pope it shouldn't be that bad, join the conversation right now on our website. tomorrow, the pope is set to canonize the first hispanic saint, but there is some crowded controversy. some are saying there are too many sins in the founding fathers passed. more and go - - more anger tonight, a power outage
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>> the record is clear. they believed corporate punishment was indispensable. >> it will do a darn thing to me or the rest of my life or anything. >> reporter: in july, pope francis apologized to native
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americans for great sins committed in the name of god, but has not directly addressed the controversy. during the mass, the pope is expected to highlight the importance of hispanics in the catholic church and make immigration a major topic of his visit. native american advocates are planning protests here and in california. that will do it for us in the basilica. by the way, this is the largest catholic church in the western hemisphere and secret services coming here for the sweep. as we - - as we have said throughout the day, this is the largest contingency of security that we have seen during any recent visits to the state of washington. no specific threats, but they would rather be safe than sorry. they are coming through in 15 minutes to make the suite and we will be out of here by then. we are going to say good night and we will see you for
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continuous coverage of this historic event - - event. >> thank you so much, we will see you again tomorrow. and we will have coverage throughout the day. if you cannot get to the event, we will also be airing live on our application and our website. a developing story tonight, restoring full service to the green and yellow lines after hundreds of passengers were taken off of the metro train that stopped in a tunnel near the pit worth the station. passengers were on the train for more than one hour things to a power outage. >> walking through it was bizarre. we had to go through boxes of trash. >> services are just now being restored on the green and yellow lines. while service was out, they
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brought in shuttle buses. let's get you caught up on the presidential campaign, starting with republican ben carson out of ohio where he talked about obama care being forced onto the american people. >> instead of taking into consideration what the people have and what they want, here the government comes along and says this is what we are doing, we don't care what you think, we will cram it down your throat and if you don't like it, that is too bad. >> he says individuals should have health savings - - accounts from the day they are born to the day they are down - - died - - to the day have died. - - and take a look as donald trump takes a seat on stephen colbert's couch. you've got to wonder who is going to land the punches tonight? he can hold his own. and we want to talk about the
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weather. we've got good news for tomorrow. >> and it was nice today, pretty nice today. the sun came out and it looked pretty nice. and we have the fast forecasts, click on weather and you got the three day whenever you want. >> and we have that three degreed guarantee. >> yes, we will show you that now. and we are doing well, 75 degrees, i golly, it was 75 degrees. how about that? we are going to go 79 degrees for tomorrow and speaking of which, the equinox begins at 4:21, so we will get out the explanation. it means that the sun's rays are over the equator and that creates equal day and night in both hemispheres. and our friends in the's far south have slipped into a
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spring. that's in the southern hemisphere. looking outside, it's comfortable, 67 degrees, wind out of northeast at nine, and do point is in the 50s. pleasant for the pope, temperatures in the upper 70s, still nice on thursday, a be a little warmer around 81 degrees. showers are possible on friday. and we will see some showers possible over the weekend. we do not see a washout, but we will let you know which day looks better. at 6:00 in the morning tomorrow, a few clouds, the future cast is all over with that northeast flow. the bulk of the morning is going to be sunny. at 4 degrees in the morning, a pretty cool start. by 9:00, 61 degrees in general. full sun across the board. the day planner looks like this, 65 degrees by 9:00 and
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70s with full sun by 1:00. we are in good shape on thursday, clouds throughout the day, but mostly sunny most of the day, and no yellow alerts just yet. again, saturday is dry, showers are possible into sunday, monday is little bit warmer with a little bit of low 80s on monday and tuesday. talking sports with diane, and talking the pope, she's not the only one going to new york after this. >> the pope is going to the big apple and to new york. and washington and new york teams are playing this week as well. the washington nationals [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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the battle of the beltway got over tonight. last year, the orioles and gnats were on their way to the playoffs. and there are 12 games left in the season and anything to happen. but you can take it one game at
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a time. top of the second, orioles draw first blood. the pitcher took a few minutes to drive in the run and the base hit. defense up the net. look at this. it's a clean slate. next inning, all to mortgage the running back. chris davis beats it, and gets to the corner to get that ball. he's hustling, he beats the relay flow. orioles take the opener for no one. >> we've just got to win. if we can win, that's what we've got to do. it doesn't matter. we've got to win. were here to win games and if we can do that, we can be in contention. the mystics were in the big apple hoping to advance to the eastern conference.
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but the liberty team of trails was able to score 22 points in games one and two. this was closer than in sunday's game, with a triple to make it a one-point game in the fourth. sugar rodgers with another strong one off the ends for liberty new york, winning 79- 74, taking the series two games to one. keeping with our new york theme, the burgundy and gold had their tomorrow for the thursday night game against the giants, it will put washington against new york. these teams met in week four last year. on thursday night football. four interceptions mac game, this one is different. and the g-man are struggling. and the cowboys are undefeated. the division is ripe for the taking. >> every one is big.
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that's all for us tonight, thank you for joining us. have a good night.
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