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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  September 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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america, his first visit to washington, d.c. i'll be joined all morning long by my coanchor mike hydeck live on the ellipse. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. good to see you this morning. this place is packed. it may be 6:00 in the morning but there are hundreds of people streaming in through one of the the tightest security details in all of history all to be a part of history with pope francis this morning. it's expected to be an action- packed day. again we want to remind you you can get the entire schedule, the dos and don'ts on the wusa9 app. it's going to be a spectacular experience as evidenced by people traveling around the world to be here to be a part of it. it's going to be terrific. >> we are also joined by nick giovanni and debra alfarone. they're in the wusa9 studio. good morning to you both. how about this day, huh? >> we're holding down the fort in studio covering all the local headlines outside of the pope's visit. it has been absolutely fascinating seeing the stark contrast in the two live shots.
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we've been watching the peace, tranquility over at the shrine. >> and everything going on with mike hydeck. we have team coverage everywhere. this is exciting. we've got you covered from all angles. fantastic stuff. can't wait to hear more from andrea and mike out there. it is going to be perfect. you saw andrea pull out the scarf. it is a little chilly out there this morning. dry air will do that. cool mornings but warm afternoons. we're starting off with 63 degrees in the district. if you're outside of the district, it's cool. we have upper 40s on the map. 48 for martinsburg. 50 for frederick and 57 for leesburg. here's your planner for today. 75 degrees by 1:00. we'll be near 80 degrees this afternoon. that is warm but the humidity is low. here's larry miller. good morning. good morning, allyson rae. of course good morning to you at home. your time 6:01. we know a lot of people are going to be taking metro for the festivities later on this afternoon. we already have a delay on the green line to branch avenue because of a train malfunction at green belt. hopefully that will resolve
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itself shortly. around the capital beltway we're still issue and problem free. the white house and massachusetts avenue, we have road closures as well as parking restrictions because of the papal visit. we're expecting increased volume around these areas but want to let you know you can maneuver that by taking areas like rock creek parkway, even part of independence avenue will work for you this morning. talking about the people that are flooding into town, here's a live look right now from our trafficland cam to show you some of the folks that are getting ready for the papal visit today. again, this is 15th street here at constitution avenue northwest. folks are certainly excited. the energy certainly palpable. want to take a look at our maryland camera and show you how things are shaping up around the capital beltway. no major issues. we're surprisingly doing really well. light volume for the most part on the inner and outer loop. looks like a little bit after slowdown but this is just typical for the 6:00 hour. your next traffic update coming up in about 10 minutes. we'll send it over to you. welcome back to the basilica of the national shrine
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of the immaculate conception. i'm andrea roane. cheerful crowds, excited crowds greeted pope francis at joint base andrews yesterday. today tens of thousands are expected to line d.c. streets all in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the pontiff. today is packed with events beginning with a welcome ceremony at the white house. that meeting with president obama is scheduled to begin around 9:15. from there the pope is scheduled to have his parade around the ellipse at 11:00 a.m. as you heard from mike hydeck a little while ago, they're -- there are already scores of people there waiting to see the pope. at 11:30 he plans to visit st. matthew's cathedral for a midday prayer event. then the mass of canonization of junipero serra is scheduled for 4:15 here at the national shrine. as i said it's looking more and more like an altar in a church. it looks so beautiful this morning. i'm so glad we can bring this shot to you right now so you can see what will be happening
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later on. the canonization of junipero serra is causing a storm of controversy. the franciscan monk arrived in what is now san diego nearly 2350 years ago and founded -- 250 years ago and founded nine catholic missions but he has been criticized for using coercive force and corporal punishment on native americans. some within the native american community say he was a part of an effort to strip native people of their culture. university of california history professor steven hackle has written about the issue. >> we have no record that junipero serra actually beat i indians but the record is clear that he believed that corporal punishment was indispensable. >> some elders from the naturive american nations in california say the past should be forgiven. in july pope francis apologized to native americans for grave since committed in the name of god but he is not direct -- he
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has not directly addressed the controversy rounding serra. during today's mass there will be native americans taking part in the service. pope francis will declare serra a saint this afternoon and it's expected to be the highlight -- one of the highlights as he highlights the importance of hispanics to the catholic church and makes immigration one of the major top ins of his u.s. visit. -- issues of his u.s. visit. native american advocates are planning protests outside the papal mass and also in california. joining me now with more on the people who are just trying to catch a sighting of the pope from the ellipse is mike hydeck. what can we expect during the pope's parade today? >> reporter: a packed house. people are already lined up, andrea. if you look at the barricades, the parade is hours away, four, five hours away and they're already up next to the the fence. it will be a long morning just to get a glimpse of the pontiff who they believe has changed
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the tone of the catholic church. many people traveling across the united states around the world just to be here. it will be a busy morning. the pope is going to leave and head over to the white house just before 9:00. he will have his meeting with the president for a little while. he's expected to start his parade in the pope mobile somewhere around 11:00. that's idea gates here at 10:00 a.m. are going to close and people are going to be locked in to make sure the pope is safe. the pope will leave the white house in the pope mobile and head down 17th street, take it all the way to constitution. take a left and go all the way back up 15th street and then return to the white house. it is going to be a very packed event but a once-in-a-lifetime event for many people. if you are heading down here and would like to get here before the gates close at 10:00 a.m., there's a long list of things you cannot bring. included in that list aerosols, animals other than service animals, bags, and signs exceeding 8 inches by 6 inches
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by 4 inches. do not bring balloons, your own chairs, coolers, of course drones. we understand the controversy here in d.c. about drones lately, anything glass, thermal, metal containers, selfie sticks. you want to get the pope selfie, don't do it with a selfie stick. and umbrellas which should not be a problem today. it's supposed to be absolutely gorgeous if you've heard allyson's forecast. let's toss it over to my colleague delia goncalves. delia? we're expecting the pope to step out of the door here at the vatican embassy at 8:1515 this morning -- 8:15 this morning for a very busy day ahead. hopefully he did get a good night's sleep inside the embassy. he's known to be an early riser so maybe he slept in this morning. he will be greeted by a good crowd. i'm looking at 50 or so folks who are waiting by the security check point, some as early as 4:00 a.m. i'm told they're pushed back a little further than they were yesterday across the street on massachusetts avenue but there are some lucky kids who will be right up front and center.
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you see that little area cordoned off next to the entrance. this is the lawn of the embassy. 250 students throughout the archdiocese and their parents and guardians and chaperones will be here to greet the pope just as they were yesterday. let's take a look at some video when the pope arrived yesterday evening to a crowd of fans and parishioners who were cheering and applauding and taking pictures and singing. it was really an exciting time for all of those kids and the adults who were here as well. so certainly they will return and i'm told by the spokesperson here with the archdiocese that they were able to get each and every school within the diocese roapted here. -- represented here. back to you. >> we have so many people trying to see the pope and trying to get to work. so we know the visit is likely to tie up the metro system in knots. scott broom is live at the fort totten station where buses will be brought in to deal with all
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the crowds. good morning, scott. >> reporter: well, buses later today. right now, though, we've got a train problem at the greenbelt station. unclear whether or not that's going to impact the -- that line or the entire system right now. a lot of challenges for metro after an accident last night on the green-yellow line with a train jammed because of no power. people had to be evacuated in the tunnel. that's up and operating. monday a smoke situation at the armory. so let's hope that wednesday is a better day for metro because of all that has to happen. i'm at the fort totten station. you just mentioned that they are setting up bus bridges because of the challenges of getting all of these people potentially your guest told us a short while ago, 30,000 people to the basilica for later this afternoon. that means the brookland catholic university station is going to be overwhelmed. so metro's solution to that is to use this station, fort totten which is one up the line and rhode island avenue which is one station down the line and set up buses that will also bring people to the basilica
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because it may be so crowded they're not going to be able to get all those people through the catholic university station. so metro is trying to beef itself up. huge security presence today. mike was talking about selfie sticks, coolers, chairs, all of that applies to metro as well. police are here. they're on guard and the number one advice for metro today is when you get on the system, buy your smart card early so you don't get jammed up at the machines trying to get back from these events later in the day. reporting live at fort totten, scoot broom, wusa9. andrea, back to you. >> it will be a challenging day, scott, but one that will be rewarding for so many people who are just dying to see pope francis. they love him and they want to share that love with him as he shares the joy of the gospel with all of us. we'll have more on pope francis' visit to washington, d.c. right after this. allyson? >> i had put on the jacket owe oh i had to put on the jacket. it is a little chilly. if you do head out to see the parade, layers are key because
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it will be very warm this afternoon. today near 79 degrees. low humidity, sunshine and tomorrow more of this great weather. near 81. high pressure is in control. i'll let you know about changes
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welcome back. it 16:13. we are -- it 16:13 he -- it is 6:13. we're off to a great start. 50 for win chester. 48 for martinsburg. d.c. you're at 63 degrees. it is cool but if you are headed outside to see the parade, you do want to dress in layers. it's going to be warm today. near # 0 degrees. -- near 80 degrees. high pressure is in control. the humidity will allow for
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another cool night tonight. i'll talk about rain showers in the forecast but here is larry miller. thank you. metro riders, we have a delay on the green line. you can expect delays toward branch avenue at this point. metro riders telling us that they're seeing a lot of volume, a lot of congestion. here's a live tweet who chimed in on at least some of the volume they're seeing. that's from oscar. said trains already packed. glad i got on at the first station. we'll have another update in about ten minutes. over to you. pope francis is our top story this morning but there are several headlines to cover. >> absolutely. among the top stories, the passing of a baseball legend. wusa9 is back after this. some of my competitors
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♪ hello and welcome back to our expanded coverage of pope francis' visit here to washington, d.c. it's a beautiful morning at the shrine but a chilly one, allyson. how are you feeling down at the ellipse? >> reporter: i'll tell you what, andre yarks maybe you're in a courtyard where you're standing. this is -- andrea, maybe you're in a courtyard where you're
6:18 am
standing. this is a perfect breeze. allyson has more. people will be comfortable in shorts later on today than this morning. here it is, your current temperatures. it's cool for sure. we're into the 50s. like mike said, there will be a nice breeze allowing that cool weather to stick around. 57 for leesburg. at least the dry air i should say. high pressure is in place for today and tomorrow, the two days that the pope is here. it's great weather. lots of sunshine. changes are going to come by friday into the weekend. we need some showers and it does rifs over the weekend. its -- arrive over the weekend. it's not going to be a washout. by tomorrow still looking at a lot of sunshine. a few clouds off to the south. friday we'll notice some changes. friday we're still dry for much of everybody. cloudy skies roll on in. a couple of showers possible but mainly just to the south.
6:19 am
this will move on up for the weekend. some showers saturday night and into sunday. 81 for tomorrow after being near 80 today. and by the time we get into the weekend, cooler with showers. over to you. here we go. your time right now 6:19. looks like security sweeps on the tracks causing delays for vre. trains 322, 300, 302 now delayed because of security sweeps from crystal city to d.c. vre not giving specific information in terms of how long the delays will ask but it's been something we've been anticipating for some time. if you can get out the door earlier rather than later, we suggest you do. metro also having delays on the green line to branch avenue. we expect this to wrap up shortly but we'll give you the all clear as soon as we get it. in terms of traffic, we're doing really well with no incidents or accidents to slow you down if you're heading out the door. i-66 as you approach the capital beltway in fairfax, a little slow. no issues over the key bridge
6:20 am
into georgetown. again if you're going to be traveling along in the district, you might want to consider rock creek parkway as a great way to get around town. that is going to keep you out of the papal traffic and hopefully get you to your destination on time. i want to give you a live look of downtown. at 15th street at constitution avenue, folks are getting ready for events that will be taking place later on today. we'll send it over to you. in the news right now, the baseball world lost a legend overnight in yogi berra. the museum made the announcement overnight that the former catcher and manager ever the new york yankees passed away at age of 90. he was a three-time mvp and played a role in ten championship teams in the 1940's, '50s and '60s for the yankees. he became even more popular after his playing career starring in commercials like this one. >> you don't just start serving miller light. nobody comes here anymore.
6:21 am
it's too crowded. >> according to the announcement, berra died of natural causes. he was 90 years old. some 46 million americans could be without food stamp payments if the government shuts down in october. the agriculture department says benefits would be suspended early next month unless congress passes legislation to keep the government returning. officials say there's not enough money in reserve to make the payment. let's send it right on over to andrea roane live at the basilica. andrea? i'm live at the basilica but we're on the campus of the catholic university of america which is really hosting all of us here. joining me is frank, the vice president for catholic university, for university relations and also the chief of staff of the office of president. frank, good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> this is your third papal visit. when was the first? >> 1979 when john paul ii came. then you and i met something like this in 2008 when pope benedict was here. >> for the first one john paul ii, you were just a volunteer.
6:22 am
things changed a lot when pope benedict came to town. >> it did. our football team was the security for the pope. it wasn't like today. in 2000 # we had a lot of -- 2008 we had looft security as well and the -- lot of security as well and the pope came by the basilica twice. so we filled the mall withstanding people but it wasn't nearly the operation that this is now and the security has heightened. >> even the media for pope benedict was far less than what we have right now. >> that's right. we had 24 spots for the media along the area where we are right now for pope benedict and they were all taken and everybody was happy to have them. we're on a rise their will hold 10 press positions of -- 130 press positions. it's incredible. there are 900 credentialed to come here today. >> i didn't get a chance to say hello to you because you're so busy. you really have been hands on. this has been months and months of planning by you and your staff. >> it started the 19th of january for most of us because that's when the pope on his plane from the philippines said
6:23 am
i'm going to canonize junipero serra. many of us have been here for the two popes. my heart said hurray. my said oh, no, do we have to do this again but it's a labor of love and it's coming together beautifully. >> was it any easier even though it was more extensive, more people because you did have a blueprint? >> i thought it would be. when i first met with the security secret service people, i said here's how we did it with benedict. we'll do the same thing. at the end of the day they said okay, frank, we have to do it differently because we'll have a much bigger crowd and it will be a whole different ballgame. we have great partners with secret service and the city has been fantastic working with us. >> a labor of love and such an important honor for catholic university, students and staff. talk about that. >> it's the national university. there are lots of catholic universities as you know. most of them are related to either a diocese or order of priests like the jesuits. catholic university is owned by
6:24 am
the aboutsship. -- other thanked by the bishops. -- owned by the bishops. we do report directly to the bishops. we're their university and we have three degree programs that give civil and holy degrees, canon law and philosophy studies. we'll probably have next says of 3800 students who will be here today and to get the ticket, it was a tough thing for them. >> i bet it was. congratulations, frank. all the hard work is paying off. as you can see over our shoulder, the beautiful altar that is making this parking lot look like the church it will be when pope francis says mass
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in case you missed it, damage control by senior executives of volkswagen. they're expected to call an emergency meeting to discuss the emissions scandal. the automaker announced 11
6:28 am
million of its diesel vehicles worldwide contain software that can evade emission controls. bill cosby is in the market for a criminal defense lawyer. it comes as prosecutors revisit a sexual assault complaint against him from 15 years ago. the complaint involved an employee of temple university. cosby is a former board member of that university. pope francis weaves its way through d.c., philly and new york and china's president is waiting his turn. he is in seattle. he has a busy day meeting with multiple top executives of big companies and the white house will welcome the president on friday. president obama has declared one northern california wildfire a major disaster. that means victims of that wildfire will be able to apply for federal help. it comped 118 square miles and destroyed over 1,000 homes and killed at least three people.
6:29 am
good morning. welcome to wusa9. it's 6:00 a.m. thank you for joining us for our special coverage of the pope francis visit to washington, d.c. i'm be joined all morning long by my co- anchor mike hydeck live on the ellipse near the white house. mike? >> reporter: good morning, andrea. what an amazing scene so far. people have been lined up since early this morning waiting in advance of getting through the security check point but look at how many people that have made it here as far as the eye can see down 15th street. we're at the corner of 15th and constitution as people pack the ellipse for their one and only chance to see pope fran since this morning without a ticket. everywhere else in the d.c. area to see the pope you need a ticket. not here. that's why it's so amazingly
6:30 am
packed. it will be a traffic day and we'll continue our coverage throughout the afternoon. >> you're right. we do need a ticket here at the shrine but look at this beautiful altar how beautifully it's lit. we know it's a local man who constructed the altar and the chair that is sustainable and simple which is what the pope wanted. ten hours away from that mass. let's find out what else is happening in the world. we're also joined by nick giovanni and debra alfarone at the wusa9 studio. good morning to you both. >> we are holding down the fort but it's fascinating to see the stage set with the altar in place wyatt now knowing history will be made every step along the way. >> we'll have team coverage of every by of history that is made. first we'll start with allyson rae over at our weather center talking about what a great day we have for everything. of course larry will have traffic. >> look at that sunrise. >> when you start off with a sunrise like this, it's just going to be a spectacular day. so gorgeous weather all across today and tomorrow. 63 degrees out there right now.
6:31 am
the air is dry making it very cool in the morning. hopefully everyone is dressed in layers because it is going to be rather warm this afternoon. 40s for martinsburg. high pressure is here today and tomorrow. enjoy it. no weather problems. lots of sunshine. it's the weekend that we'll see some changes. here's your planner. by noon 73. we'll top out near 79 degrees. larry miller, over to you. thank you. want to let you know we do have an accident or at least a report of a possible accident on the outer loop of the beltway between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard. and from our maryland camera, we are starting to see at least delays in that area. we understand police are currently looking for the crash site. they haven't been able to find it yet. if we take our maryland camera, we'll be able to see at least delays that give some indication, some possible indication that the accident may be close by. still trying to find exactly where that might be located. right now we want to send it over to mike hydeck at the ellipse where they're getting ready for the papal parade that is getting ready to take place
6:32 am
later on today. mike? >> reporter: thank you, larry. the pope has a busy schedule today starting at just before 9:00. he's going to leave where he's staying this morning and head over to the the white house and just after 9:00 he will have a meeting with president obama. and that will also include families being introduced to the pope and relatives and guests at the white house. after that the pope will have a meeting on the south lawn of the white house where 15,000 people are expected to be in attendance. later in the morning, 11:30, a midday prayer with u.s. bishops at st. matthew's cathedral and 12:45 the pope arrives back at the vatican embassy for a break. later in the afternoon, 3:00 p.m., he departs once again and the pope mobile will take him over to the basilica national shrine of the immaculate conception. that is where the canonization mass of junipero serra will take place at the basilica
6:33 am
today. his schedule is much more voluminous than that. you can find a lot of those details left on the app. now, when the pope leaves the white house to go on the pope mobile where all of these people are hoping to get a vantage point of the pope today, they'll leave and go down 17th street. follow that all the way down to constitution avenue and then take a left on 15th and head back to the white house. i want to toss it over to my colleague andrea roane where she continues our coverage from the basilica. thank you. at all of the venues where people hope to get a glimpse of the pope, get there early. leave things behind that you don't need. a reminder about some of the items that you must leave at home today if you're planning to see the pope. they include aerosols, animals other than service animals, bags and signs exceeding 8 inches by 6 inches by 4 inches. balloon, chairs, coolers,
6:34 am
drones, no drones. glass, thermal or metal containers. you've got to leave the selfie sticks behind and you have to leave the umbrellas and the good thing about it, you won't even need the umbrellas. let's go to delia goncalves. she is at the vatican embassy where the pope will be leaving there at about 8:45 to make his way down to the white house. delia? >> reporter: absolutely. and a good crowd of folks are already gathered across massachusetts avenue to try to catch a glimpse of pope francis when he steps out at 8:55 this morning for a very long day ahead. hopefully as we mentioned before he did get to sleep in. he is known to be an early riser so hopefully some good rest inside the vatican embassy. he will be greeted by area schoolchildren just like he was yesterday. let's take a look at some of that video when the holy father arrived from andrews yesterday and his -- in his italian made fiat. the children from elementary to high school age sang, chanted, cheered and of course they had
6:35 am
their cell phones to snap pictures when the pope arrived at his home away from hope. but it's not just the kids who were excited. and so let's go back live here to the vatican embassy. i want to show you this pen here. it's a very large cordoned off area directly in front of the vatican embassy. this is on the lawn. that is where some lucky children will be, 250 students from the diocese, all 96 schools represented in all of the programs around the area hoping to catch a glimpse of the pope. back to you, andrea. >> thank you, deal ya. the pope's visit -- delia. >> the pope's visit is expected to push metro to its limits today and tomorrow. this comes on the heels of a serious incident late last night. scott broom is live at the fort totten station with a preview. scott, how are things looking right now? >> reporter: i'm sorry to report this morning that there are already two problems on the
6:36 am
metro system. the blue line has some delays going on right now because of a malfunction at king street. delays stretching all the way out to largo and also the green line having some delays along it between greenbelt and branch avenue because of a train malfunction at greenbelt. so that's two train malfunctions now this morning as metro tries to get up and running with full rush hour service all day long. i'm at fort totten right now which is one of the areas where they are going to set up a bridge today with buses to try to stop the jam of people going into the brookland catholic university station. they'll use buses here at fort totten and also down at rhode island avenue to try to intercept people on the trains and get them toward the basilica so that everybody doesn't try to pass through that one station. so metro is trying to flex with it. already some train problems this morning. metro recovering from a train problem last night on the green- yellow line where power went out and there was a train that
6:37 am
had to be evacuated. they're up and running today. so i just want to let you know there's a take television out -- petition that we reported on yesterday. people are asking the pope to bless metro to keep it working today. reporting live at the fort totten station, back to you. >> reporter: i'm mike hydeck live here on the ellipse. blessed is what people feel to be able to get through the gates. they've been streaming through for two hours now. take a look down 15th street as far as the eye can see people bellied up to the barricade and that's not all, folks. check out constitution as you head down this way. both sides of the street as far as the eye can see. this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many people, some of them traveling around the world to be here. we're going to continue our coverage of pope francis and his tour of washington, d.c. today. you can get the schedule of all the details on the wusa9 app. weather wise, a stunning day ahead. allyson, take it away. that's right.
6:38 am
it's absolutely perfect. it is a little cool. i had to wear my jack celt but it's going to -- jacket but it's going to be warm this afternoon. 63 degrees by 9:00. by 1:00 we'll already be in the mid-70s. lots of sunshine. we already see clear skies right now. near 80. it will be warm. we'll get you the details of changes for the weekend 130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce.
6:39 am
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we're off to a gorgeous start. let's take a look at temperatures. layers, layers. it's cool this morning but very warm this afternoon. 48 for martinsburg, the cool spot on the map. 63 for d.c. look at the gorgeous sunrise this morning, just in time for the pope's visit today. 78 degrees by 4:00. we'll top out at 79. it will be warm but with low humidity it's comfortable and cooler again tonight. larry, let's send it over to you. we have an accident reported on route 4 westbound at suitland parkway with backups. commuters will need to add additional time to your commute time to account for that. we've been telling you about the papal road closures and many in place along areas of massachusetts avenue as well as constitution avenue and parts of michigan avenue as well. here's a live look at 15th street at constitution avenue. this is close to where mike hydeck is stationed this morning so you're looking live at the people that are
6:42 am
congregating there getting ready for the festivities that will take place later on this afternoon. metro an option. earlier issues have resolved on the blue line. still delays on the green line. account for that with additional time. muay with us. ch more news, weather and traffic and more papal coverage coming up after the break. have i gotten smaller or this app gotten bigger? of course it has. we have everything you need to know, road closures, what you can bring, schedule of events and you can watch the mass live. we'll stream all the coverage. hey, redskins going up to new york, a huge game. we've got you covered there as well. pope, thanks -- hope, thanks for your comment. she loves our app. she says it has tons of features that make it worth it. download it. tell us what you think.
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good morning. i'm andrea roane. later today pope francis will celebrate his first mass live in d.c. >> reporter: i'm mike hydeck live on the ellipse. you can see the crush of people all the way down 15th street. the same is true on both sides of constitution avenue and weather wise, we're expecting a beautiful day. it's absolutely gorgeous down here. a little bit brisk as we start but allyson, we can expect maybe some sunscreen in the offing. that's right. sunglasses and sunscreen. good news. we don't even have to worry about not being able to bring the umbrella for today. it's going to be gorgeous out there. perfect weather. the humidity is nice and low. that's been a key here. take a look at gorgeous sunrise that mike just mentioned from our michael & son camera. pretty nice out there. high pressure is doing its job
6:47 am
for today. and tomorrow. 63 degrees out there. that dew point interest the 50s. we like -- into the 50s. we like that. it will stay that way for tonight and tomorrow. winds are going to stay out of the north, northeast. a little bit of a breeze from time to time but that will feel pretty refreshing for this afternoon. into the 50s for white oak, laurel and bowie. bowie you're at 56 degrees. look at lovettsville into the upper 40s. we will see very similar temperatures to tomorrow. if you're traveling along the 81 corridor in the shenandoah valley, you have low visibility. dense fog out there so keep that in mind. high pressure is in place for today and tomorrow. it's the weekend where things get a little unsettled. rain chances look to arrive saturday night and into sunday. here's your forecast. 79 today. 81 for tomorrow. 77 for friday. and cooler over the weekend as we track the chance for rain and clouds will linger for saturday and sunday. here's larry miller. good morning. good morning. of course good morning to you at home. your time 6:47. really the only big headache we have right now on route 4
6:48 am
westbound suitland parkway with backups to do youerhouse -- to dowerhouse road. good news for riders on vre. the security sweep is now done but we still have delays at this point. train 322 running 24 minutes late. train 300 running 18 minutes late as well. we also had issues with metro. blue line had delays. that's resolved. green line still maintaining its delays to branch avenue. you can account for that by adding additional time for your morning commute. want to take our maryland cam and show how things are shaping up on i-270. traveling from frederick to the capital betway, no major issues. all lanes are open. this traffic is a lot lighter than what we would normally see on a wednesday. certainly enjoy it. looks like folks are staying home and working from home which is the best advice we can give you at this point. we'll send it over to you. more papal coverage to come. plus, you're free to swing the happy birthday song. >> i was singing it anyway. the question donald trump would
6:49 am
not answer in a late night interview. with all the charter about the quarterback controversy, let's not overlook the skins defense. they allowed ten points in the loss to miami. only ten in the win against st. louis and another huge test for the redskins defense. eli manning and the giants in thursday night's game which you can catch right here on wusa9. oh, yeah, the giants have o'dell beckham with the one-arm catches as well. we'll see if the redskins dee fens [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. i'm andrea roane. this is a very important day for the papal's schedule and for all the faithful. it's one where i'm looking forward to the pope's homily during the mass this evening. i have the privilege of being able to attend. we don't know what he's going to say in the homily but i think the pope's quote from jesus gives us an idea. he says you do not hear words
6:53 am
of scorn or condemnation. only words of love and mercy. i know that's what we're going to hear from pope francis. mike? >> reporter: a lot of the things we keep hearing are that he has changed the tone ever the catholic -- of the catholic church the way he speaks. it's going to be interesting. a lot of people including senator tim kaine believes this is going to be a pastoral visit and not much in the way of politics but the pope has a way to weave in some quotes that work out very well to talk about his particular stance on certain things. when nature is used solely as a source of profit and gain, this has consequences for society. that's his comment of course about the environment and global warming. it will be interesting to see what comes out of his meeting with president obama today at the white house and of course the rock star welcome he's expected to get from the hundreds of thousands of people lining the parade route. andrea, we are all looking forward to this and of course we're going to have the details. if you're headed down here, the gates close at 10:00 a.m. remember, use the app that can get you around d.c. very
6:54 am
easily. >> absolutely. the app is definitely where it's at today. nick? thank you both. now in the news right now, new york yankees hall of famer going by berra has -- yogi berra was died. he was a three-time american league mvp and got the call to coopers town way back in 1972. berra was 90 years old. republican presidential front runner donald trump ducking questions about the president's birth and religion. in an appearance on the late show with stephen colbert tuesday night, trump refused to discuss the controversy ignited after he refused to condemn an anti-muslim questioner at an event. on the democratic side hillary clinton finally declared tuesday she's against the keystone xl pipeline. get the singing voices ready. a federal judge in california has ruled the happy birthday song belongs to everyone. for years warner music has been
6:55 am
collecting royalties on the song. yesterday the judge ruled the music company never had a valid copyright claim. we'll sing happy birthday forever and ever like we always have. here's your seven-day forecast. you couldn't ask for better weather for today and tomorrow for the pope's visit. we're looking at 79 degrees this afternoon. it is cool out there but it won't be cool for long with dry air you cool off fast. then you warm up fast. we are going to see temperatures get pretty nice for this afternoon. no rain in sight today. you might see some clouds farther south but that's about it. for thursday 81 degrees. and we will see a lot of sunshine once again. high pressure is still there. as we go through friday, cloudy skies and things will start to change. we're tracking an area of rain that could push on through late saturday night into sunday but i've got to tell you, saturday and sunday it's still very uncertain so we'll be watching the forecast closely, especially with the nats in town all weekend long -- all
6:56 am
week rather and by next week we'll warm right back up but the good news is no weather to worry about for today and tomorrow but traffic is something we're going to worry about. larry, over to you. >> don't worry, i've got you covered, guys. we'll be fine. we have to talk about the michigan avenue closure between our ving street and 10th street northeast. of course closed for the papal visit today. we also have been talking about closures on mass avenue. of course this is near the vatican embassy. the northbound side near -- i think that's waterside. near waterside drive. you should be able to see that from our traffic cam. waterside drive will remain closed throughout the visit. the southbound side still open. you may be able to maneuver that waip. for those of you who norm -- that way. for those of you who normally take the northbound side, there are detours in place but you shouldn't have problems getting to your destination. folks this is light traffic. we would normally never see anything like this at 7:00 in
6:57 am
the morning on a wednesday. so enjoy if you're going to be heading out or at least have to. again metro still the best option for commuters this morning that will be heading into town. >> thank you, sir. >> you got it. cbs this morning is next with a look at how the pope's visit will create gridlock travel and concerns in three major cities this week. >> norah o'donnell is in town and we have our even team coverage of the pope's visit to the white house. we invite you to join us. keep a look ♪
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, september 23rd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." the pope begins his historic tour of the united states and, this morning, francis brings his message of mercy to washington. >> a> were on the south lawn of the white house, where thousands will gather to hear the pope's first address. you'll see live coverage of his remarks, the president's welcome, and the papal parade. plus, remembering yogi berra. the legendary career and memorable quotes of the yankees hall of fame catcher we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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