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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 23, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, september 23rd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." the pope begins his historic tour of the united states and, this morning, francis brings his message of mercy to washington. >> a> were on the south lawn of the white house, where thousands will gather to hear the pope's first address. you'll see live coverage of his remarks, the president's welcome, and the papal parade. plus, remembering yogi berra. the legendary career and memorable quotes of the yankees hall of fame catcher we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.
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>> pope francis begins his first trip to the united states. >> if i were driving from andrews air force base up here in traffic, it would be an hour but for the pope, of course, they have cleared the roads. president obama will officially welcome him at the white house this morning. according to bloomberg news, federal investigators recovered e-mails thought to be deleted from clo from clinton's server. >> should we just declare bankruptcy? >> when you get to up 34 trillion number, it's like greece. >> i don't like feta cheese. >> board of directors will meet today to discuss the volkswagen scandal and could determine the fate of the ceo. >> former new york yankees catcher yogi berra has died. >> hacking attacks from china
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are approaching epidemic levels. a squirrel digging out a shake from the trash from shake shack. a mom and dad decided to giheve tir son a quick birthday inebriation. >> look. look here. >> you're terrible at this! >> and all that matters. >> chris christie has given the order to the head of the new jersey national guarod te los weight. >> if you're not familiar with chris christie, he looks like this. >> on "cbs this morning." >> they are talking about the fiat the pope is being driven around in. >> he's in the back seat of a fiat. excuse me, your holiness, your uber x is here! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota p let's go places. . welcome to "cbs this morning." this is a historic day for a
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city that is full of history. pope francis is in washington on his first-ever visit to the united states. >> his day began with a welcoming ceremony at the white house. norah o'donnell is there to begin our live coverage. norah, good morning. it is an exciting morning. >> reporter: it is. i'm on the south lawn of the white house. they are expecting between 15,000 and 20,000 people all on the president's lawn to hear the pope speak here. and pope francis already got a very special welcome from the president at joint base andrews outside of washington when he arrived yesterday for his five-day u.s. visit. now after this morning's ceremony here at the white house, we are going to see the pope ride in his popemobile through the streets of the capitol and we have our correspondents spread all over washington. jan crawford is along the parade route just south of the white house, jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. you can almost feel the excitement here. people have come from across the
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country just to be here. they started lining up yesterday afternoon. many of them camped out overnight just to try to get a good spot along the parade route and by the time it starts, this crowd is expected to grow by tens of thousands. there were cheers as pope francis stepped off the plane and taking off his hat in the windy weather. in a rare honor president obama and his family were there to greet him, along with biden's and a thousand on-lookers chanting welcome to the usa. >> welcome to the usa. >> reporter: the holy father met privately with the president before leaving the airport in a modest fiat, all smiles, through the open windows. he was greeted by more crowds and children when he arrived at this ceremony, his home for the next two days. the more formal red carpet will be rolled out this morning. at 9:00 a.m., president obama will welcome the holy father to the white house south lawn where
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more than 15,000 invited guests will hear the alterna argentina-important pontiff deliver his first address in the united states. at 11:00, the pope hopes in his popemobile for a short parade and tens of thousands hoping to catch a glimpse. a half hour later, the pope will lead u.s. prayer with bishops at cathedral and head to the shrine, the largest roman catholic church in north america. the pope will deliver mass before a crowd of as many as 30,000, and elevate a franciscan mosque, the firs on u.s. soil. the papal festives will continue tonight. not on the bill, the hope,
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himself, the 78-year-old pope will be back at the vatican embassy. >> reporter: jan, thank you so much. it is really exciting here at the white house with these tens of thousands of people. it's going to be a rare occasion that actually that the president meets with the pope in the oval office parade. now after the pope's white house visit and parade, he is going to meet with about 300 american bishops and in the afternoon francis will celebrate mass. a massive security presence will follow him at every stop and jeff pegues is outside where the pope is staying during his visit to washington. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: norah, good morning. the crowds are here waiting for the pope to emerge and waiting for him to come underneath the vatican flag on his way to the white house. security is tight here but we expect it to ramp up as his motorcade leaves. that is why the homeland security department has given it a special designation and puts
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it on par with a super bowl or a presidential inauguration. the secret service is under true test and will be the parade in d.c. later this morning. it's scheduled to happen after the pope's visit to the white house and where we will see the popemobile for the first time. it will travel along a parade route between the ellipse and a portion of the national mall. a couple of hundred thousands people are expected to line the parade route. as you know, the pope is known for his unpredictable when it comes to dealing with crowds. he likes to mingle with the crowds and secret service says it is prepared for that and we have been told numerous times over the last several days that there is no known credible threat to the pope during his visit to the u.s. >> reporter: that is good to hear. jeff, thank you so much. we should note that security operation will move into high gear when the pope leaves for the white house shortly. he will have a private meeting with president obama in the oval office after this morning's ceremony and major garrett is on the north lawn of the white
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house with why these world leaders may have a lot in common. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. pope francis arrives to find at least, in part, by his humility also an instrument of change within the church and an international celebrity and a kind of pope in the past certainly haven't been. president obama knows a thing or two about change and celebrity and it's actually these topics that the two have discussed in private, the burdens of dealing with celebrity and change. but the two world leaders share something else. the president and pope francis met tuesday at an air base synonymous with american prestige and power. far away from the poor corners of buenos aires or the south side where abram first organized in chicago. one unlikely thread? the catholic church. >> abram got bun of his first paychecks when the roman catholic church when he was an organizer in chicago.
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both the pope and the president understand community organizing since they have that in common. >> reporter: pope francis has shifted vatican emphasis from policing and social issues to caring for the poor on the planet and a issue the president has embraced and found to applaud. >> i touch on his call to relieve suffering and to show mercy and compassion to the most vulnerable. as pope francis made clear in his incycle cal this morning, taking a stand against climate change is a moral obligation. >> reporter: >> all presidents have liked to quote the pope and say they are on the pope's side. so president obama is in a long political tradition, and he happens to have a pope in francis who agrees with him on some central issues. >> reporter: the white house is weary of charges of politicizing
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the pope's visit and know that is unavoidable so the president will not be shy about embracing the pope on which issues they agree and inequality and immigration and climate change. >> repoter: we will see some of that embrace later today. we will bring you a cbs news special report on the pope's visit to the white house at 8:45 eastern and 7:45 central. now back to studio 57 in new york. this morning, vice president joe biden poses a new threat to hillary clinton in the democratic race even though he is still considering whether to run. democrats in a new bloomberg poll give clinton an edge with 33% of the vote but the vice president got a strong boost, a quarter of democrats favor him. senator bernie sanders is at 24%. the fbi reportedly recovered personal and work-related e-mails from hillary clinton's private e-mail server and they were thought to have been deleted. clinton's use of the serve
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irwhile secretary of state has been under scrutiny since march when a house committee tried to determine whether she turned over all of her work-related e-mails. nancy cordes is in washington, d.c. with this story. >> reporter: clinton's lawyer told that committee months ago that there was no point in handing over her server because it was, quote, blank. but the federal investigators who have the server now, have reportedly discovered it isn't blank after all. >> thank you. >> reporter: the fbi has been able to make clinton's once deleted e-mails reappear. a new report by bloomberg says investigators examining clinton's private server are in the process of sorting messages sent during her time as secretary of state. next, they will determine which e-mails were official state department business and, if any, were classified. clinton's spokesman told cbs news last night, we have kroopt cooperated to date and will continue to do so. >> she is campaigning to be the first woman president of the united states! >> reporter: the state department revealed tuesday that it first reached out to clinton
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aides last summer when the agency was, quote, in the pr process of responding to the congressional document requests and it said it had relatively few e-mails records to the former secretary of state. on "face the nation" last sunday, clinton replied that request was routine. >> when we asked if the state department had e-mails, i said i will go through them again and we provided all of them and more than 90% were already in the system. >> reporter: the e-mail news came as clinton revealed her long-awaited stance on the keysto keystone exxonmob keystone pipeline. >> i think we look at the pipeline as a distraction from the important work we have to do to combat climate change and, unfortunately, from my perspective, one that interferes with our ability to move forward
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to deal with all of the other issues. therefore, i oppose is. >> reporter: back on the e-mails. intelligence officials have long argued that sensitive state department material, whether classified or not, should not have been sitting on clinton's home server. the fbi's probe into her e-mail server is expected to take, charlie, several more months. yogi berra was one of baseball's greatest. this morning, the league and fans are remembering the life of the hall of fame catcher. he died tuesday at the age of 90. berra was a legendary yankee known for his accomplishments on the field but he had a charming humor that captivated fans for jen races. >> i said it's not over until it's over. >> reporter: yogi berra has a quick qwit and even quicker bat. his spin on the english language, combined with his brilliant play on the field that endeared him to fans and even
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presidents. >> we may be lost but we are making good time. >> when you come to a fork in the road, take it. >> a high drive! that's trouble! it's an even up ball game. >> reporter: berra played the game big, despite standing only 5'8" tall. he was an integral part of some of the greatest yankees team ever assembled, playing alongside joe dimaggio and mickey mantle. berra had as many worlts rind s rings as he did fingers. >> strike three! a no-hitter! >> reporter: t iconic leap into pitcher don larsen's arms after larssen pitched a perfect game in the 1956 world series. his exuberance burned into the american memory. there is so many yogiisms here. >> reporter: in 1998, i spoke foth the hall of fame catcher r my pbs program. >> it's deja vu all over again. >> that is when maris and mantle hit the home runs back-to-back. >> reporter: it was hard to have a conversation with anyone.
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there were too many people talking. 90% of the game is like that. >> right. >> reporter: you finish them. i'll tell the first half. you can observe a lot of -- >> by watching. you don't have to be a manager either. you do it by playing. >> reporter: the future ain't. >> what it used to be. >> reporter: it ain't over until it's over. after meeting the pope you were roman catholic or are roman catholic and you said who says he tries to go to mass once a week. berra reported that the pope said, hello, yogi! and you replied? hole, pope! overnight, the yankees remembered berra saying we are deeply saddened by the loss of a legend and an american hero! >> boy, charlie youwere cracking up. it was interesting watching you both crack up. everyone who said they knew him said he was a gentleman and a class act. >> he would have a museum and i would visit him there.
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an extraordinary sense of a baseball hero who became an american hero. >> what an extraordinary life. supervisory board of volkswagen is reportedly meeting today to discuss a massive cheat scandal own pollution tests. members are hearing directly from the vw chief executive and they want to know what he knew and when he knew it. the american auto giant faces a class action lawsuit seeking more than $1 billion in damages. the company recently admitted that 11 million diesel cars contained devices to cheat emissions tests in the united states and other countries. the board could vote on the ceo's future with the company. this morning, a public backlash has forced a change in a life saving prescription drug. last month, turing pharmaceuticals raised daraprim from $13.50 to $750.
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he did not say what the new price would be but he agreed to bring it down. >> everybody is waiting to hear what the figure is. china's president continues his first official trip to the united states. xi jinping told the seattle audience last night his country wants to help fight cyber crime. he says china is a victim of the hacking and tomorrow he heads to the white house and he could face tough questions when the talks turn to data breaches. norah spoke with a key player in the administration strategy about that. norah? >> reporter: that's right. imagine that. the president is meeting with the pope here today and then he is meeting with the chinese president xi jinping tomorrow. one cabinet member is sure to keep a close eye on the talks between president obama and the president of china is the treasure secretary jack rew. why? because among his responsibilities are imposing sanctions when the u.s. voices displeasure with another country. we talked to secretary lew and we asked him about china and
7:18 am
cyber attacks against u.s. companies. president xi just spoke with weijia jiang now here's a look at what's going on outside your window. and said the following. is that a true statement? >> look. our senses is that there has been the theft of trade secrets emanating from china. we have said that in many different ways. and taken some actions to demonstrate that that is what we believe. but our view is that american businesses need to know that their trade secrets there and intellectual property isn't going to be stolen and we are serious about taking action. >> reporter: the united states has accused china of theft of commercial secrets. why wouldn't you impose sanctions? you have that power. >> the sanctions would have to be imposed on individuals or organizations where you can make the direct link to the actions that have been taken. so i'm not going to get ahead of where the process is. we take it very, very seriously. it's like a law enforcement
7:19 am
function. it's an enforcement function and the people who work on it build very detailed records. >> reporter: imagine that diplomatic dance and more of my conversation with secretary lew including questions about the chinese economy and changes on our currency here at home. that will all be later in the broadcast. now pope francis is in the united states with a message for americans. ahead, a closer look at what the announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by e-trade.
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opportunity is everywhere. guns, and nunchucks. ahead we will show you the unusual items confiscated at airports and what some see as a security failure. the news is back here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portofion s "cb mthisorning" sponsored by febreze. like i sweat money.
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♪ our coverage of the pope in america continues. we will go back to the white house. tomorrow, why former students who attended trump university are now suing donald trump saying classes that promised to teach the secrets of real estate were a scam. >> was $30,000 sacrifice for
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you. >> it was. it was a big sacrifice
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is lots of excitement in washington, d.c. tens of thousands of people are gathering, hoping to get a glimpse of pope francis. they started getting up very early this morning and get a good seat, but they say when you're in the presence of a pope, there is no such thing as a bad seat. norah o'donnell is at the white house where the president will welcome the pope for the very elaborate arrival ceremony. norah, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning. that's right. the crowds are already starting to gather. they have been here early this morning. it will just get bigger. coming up in this half hour, we are going to look at the message the pope will deliver in his first mass in the united states. we will also speak with father thomas rosica, a spokesman for the vatican and speak with him
7:31 am
the political undertones of the pope that is sparking some controversy. >> reporter: thank you. what is in your carry-on luggage? you might be surprised what some people try to sneak on a plane. we will show you the challenges of confiscating these very unusual items. first, some of morning's headlines. the european plan to distribute migrants among member states. more than 500,000 arrived in europe this war fleeing from the civil war. the plan is to distribute 120,000 asylum seekers across the european unions and here are the following that reject the plan. sam feron is one of two americans freed this weekend after months of captivity in yemen. last night, he arrived at detroit metropolitan airport where he was met by his family and friends. he was held hostage by yemen rebels. "the washington post" says the man in charge of building a
7:32 am
fight against isis is resigning. retired marine general john allen coordinated a coalition of 62 nations to ballots the militants. "the post" says he was frustrated by the pentagon reluctance to provide more help. bloomberg reports on the nfl getting permission to use drones to shoot documentaries and tv segments. the first major sports league to receive such permission from the faa. nfl films still will not be allowed to use the drones on gameday. teams like the giants and the cowboys have used them for practice, but that is not allowed either without federal permission. the "los angeles times" reports on a new effort to stem the city's surge in homelessness. lawmakers want to declare a state of emergency, up to $100 million to subsidize housing and keep winter shelters open two months longer.
7:33 am
26,000 people are homeless in los angeles and up 12% in two years. we continue our coverage of pope francis in america with norah at the white house. norah? >> reporter: thank you, gayle. pope francis will celebrate his first mass in the united states and that is at the ba sill cba of the national nine. chip reid is here to show us what to expect this afternoon. chip, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. you know, around here, most people simply call it the shrine and it is a beautiful building. let me step aside here so you can take a look for yourself. it is the largest roman catholic church in america and as you can see in front of the shrine, there are rows and rows and rows of chairs. in fact, they are expecting about 25,000 people here this afternoon to see and hear the pope celebrate mass and he'll be doing this one in his native language, spanish. a high point of the mass will be
7:34 am
when he elevates one person to sainthood who was a missionary in what is now california in the 1700s. by the way, if you think this is big, this is tiny compared to what is going to happen this weekend in philadelphia when he celebrates a mass that is expected to attract between 1 million and 2 million people. norah? >> reporter: chip, thank you so much. let's go back now to charlie. the spanish missionaries rise to st. hood reflects the important rols of spanish speaking catholics in this country who make up 34% of catholics in the united states and more than 16 million of them were born here. another 14 million are immigrants. thomts rosica is at the basilica of the national shrine of the national conception in washington. father, good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: tell us what you think the pope hopes to accomplish with his visit to the white house and his visit to congress.
7:35 am
>> pope francis has come to the united states as a pastor. he has come to strengthen his brothers, first of all, to the bishops of this country but come to visit to the people of this vast land as a shepherd, as a pastor. of course, with every message he brings us, the message is rooted in the gospel. he is going to speak, most certainly, of the two documents that have really marked his pontiff to this moment. that is the gospel of joy what we call like the playbook or the lexicon which come his ideas and pastoral thrust and also refer to one that was released in june that speaks about the care of our common home. ecology but not just ecology of nature, ecology of the human person. in each of the places, he is going to visit, there will be echoes of those themes and he'll play close attention to those
7:36 am
hosting him. here at the basilica behind me, this beautiful church and the wonderful altar they have set up, he is going to proclaim first cannonization of a father, a missionary from the 17th century who brought the gospel to this country and who did much good against so many odds, including physical health and suffering in the times in which he was living, and to raise up a saint in the model, especially hispanic saint for this country, where this country is highly significant because of the large numbers of hispanic people that make up our country. >> as you know, there is some small controversy about that because he they say he converted natives and somehow that did something to distinguish their culture. >> you have to be careful when we judge a past event or a person who lives several hundred years ago to our own lenses. cannonization and bu eautificatn
7:37 am
do not blame someone without mistakes or errors but they are declarations of holiness. and it's an invitation to all of us to become holy as these people were holy. >> why is it important? >> i think we should be very careful in terms of the judgments we are passing on him. there were difficulties, there were challenges, but he did immense good in bringing the gospel to these shores. >> why is it important to have this cannonization in the united states? >> it's very important, because most of the time, cannonizations are done in rome at the vatican and now that the bishop of rome has come to us and to proclaim this person as a saint, not just a novelty, but it's the fact that he is bringing this to us so we can celebrate him and not everybody can go to rome for a cannonization. many more can experience it here in washington. the fact it's taking place here in the capital of this country, there is a statue of him in the
7:38 am
capital rotunda. his memory lives among many people here and many hispanic people and especially among the fran siscans who live here. let me bring in norah o'donnell. >> reporter: hi, father. i know this morning we are going to hear pope francis give some remarks and they are going to be in english. is it difficult to him to speak in english? what will we hear? >> he speaks with an accent, like anyone from a foreign country might speak with an accent. i know he has practiced english and i think we will be pleasantly surprised with the progress he has made and he's had several opportunities over the past year to practice or test out that english when he was in the philippines and in asia and several other times. the brief he will give is a brief talk at the white house.
7:39 am
i think he'll be very happy when he see the crowd and the welcome given to him. remember, at 78 years old, to enter the united states as he did yesterday, there must be some sense of wonderment and awe at the welcome reserved for him and the welcome he is going to experience today on the south lawn of the white house and also in the oval office with the president. >> that is just the beginning of the welcome he is going to receive here. thank you very much, father thomas rosica. good to see you. we are getting a close look at the unusual items that don't fly with the tsa. kris van cleave is in washington. >> from nunchucks to who doesn't want to leave home without their cleaver? the unusual things people try to bring through an airport security checkpoint. we will show them to you coming up on "cbs this morning.." >> if you're heading off to work, leave your cleaver at home. set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time you'd like. we will the right back. >> pope francis' plane touched
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the crowds are gathering in washington to see pope francis when he drives by in the popemobile. federal officials are showing off some surprising dangers hideing in carry-on baggage. the tsa on track to set a record number of guns it has confa sqat confiscated across the u.s. this past year. >> reporter: most of us know you can only bring small liquids in the u.s. airports and most of us take our shoes off but you'd be surprised what some people thought they could bring past security. it took just two days to fill this table full of prohibited
7:45 am
items passengers tried to bring through tsa checkpoints at dulles airport outside of washington, d.c. ninja throwing guns and nunchucks among the items. this clearly could be a weapon. >> it is baffling. >> reporter: scott johnson is the federal security director at delless. >> i'll ask a passenger directly to the face, do you have anything prohibit in the bag? they will say no. we open up the bag and they have guns and nunchucks in there and i laugh because you think you can bring these on. >> reporter: women's purses like these have been stacking up and the clasp referable brass knuckles which means it won't fly as a carry-on and neither about a fake hand grenade. some of the biggest head-scratchers end up on the tsa instagram feed with more than 336,000 followers it's an attempt to get the word out what
7:46 am
about not to bring. the no serious, of course, firearms. officers stopped 1,900 nationwide and 18 at dulles alone. >> we actually caught a 357 magnum out here at the checkpoint. yesterday, we caught 63 rounds of ammunition in the bag. >> reporter: but despite those successes, there remains concern about what is not being caught after details of an inspector general report leaked that officers at tsa checkpoints failed 67 of 70 tests allowing undercover agents to repeatedly bring potential weapons through checkpoints. douglas kidd is with the national aociation of airline passengers, a group critical of the tsa. >> what i think their biggest failure is not looking at the whole picture of airport security, because if anything is going to be a real danger to us, it's not going to come through the checkpoint, it's going to come around the checkpoint. >> reporter: bringing a firearm or concealing a knife or weapon
7:47 am
can prompt criminal charges and significant fines. one other item left at checkpoints that adds up. last year, nearly 700,000 dollars in loose change was left at airports and the tsa gets to keep that to spend on security. >> i would say that is money well spent after that report. what do you say, charlie, when someone forgets their cleaver? i thought i left it in the kitchen? >> yes! what were you going to do with that cleaver? >> what were you going to do? thank you, chris. steven colbert said he forget to pick up pope francis from the airport. he is one late night comic chiming in on
7:48 am
announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. ♪ now at chili's, try the delicious lunch double burger.
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7:52 am
i need your prayers. we are excited to see you too! >> pope francis will fly on americanairlines while traveling between washington, new york, and philadelphia and no, sir as i would assume, virgin! >> that was good. >> that was good. >> very good. jokes almost write themselves. we will take you back to washington where, in the next hour, the pope will head to the white house. live coverage on "cbs this morning." ther skin. my skin is really silky smooth. dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower. i love yoplait greek 100 whips. the texture's quite nice.
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♪ it is wednesday, september 12th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including pope francis in washington. we will have a preview of his day and bring you his speech at the white house live. but, first, here is a look at today's "eye ope aner"t 8:00. they are expecting between 15,000 and 20,000 people all on the president's lawn to hear the pope speak. >> you can almost feel the excitement here. people have come from across the country just to be here. ex security is tight here but we pect that itl wil ramp up as his motorcade leaves. this is a complex security event. >> they are expecting about 25,000 people here this afternoon. if you think this is big,hi ts
8:01 am
is tiny compared to what is going to happen this weekend in philadelphia. >> clinton's lawyers told that committee no point in handing over her serve brseecau it was, quote, blank. but the federal investigators have reportedly discovered it isn't blank after all. this museum, i would go out and visit yogi berra there. a baseball hero who became an american hero. >> it was a testy moment for a man running for president. >> i don't think so. >> you never know what they are coming but here you had a bigot you could slap down. >> you don't know that. he asked a question. you don't know that. >> donald trump has never been one to interrupt. >> maybe it works for hillary clinton. >> listen. >> it doesn't work for hillary clinton. >> when he asked florida to have casino gambling, we said no. >> wrong! i'm charlie rose with dail
8:02 am
ki gayle king. norah o'donnell is at the white house where the pope will begin his first full day in the united states. crowds have been building since early this morning and huge excitement in washington for the pope's visit. >> there sure is. a rare honor. president obama and his family greeted francis at joint base andrews yesterday. >> welcome. >> vice president biden and his wife were there as well, along with hundreds of cheering people. the people has a packed schedule today, starting with this morning's ceremony on the white house north lawn. >> reporter: you know how rare that occasion it? we saw the president yesterday. he doesn't do that for other foreign dignitaries. they only do it for the pope. the pope is here to the president's house on the south lawn which is the president's front yard. the president will formally welcome the pope to the united states and he will give a speech. there is so much excitement
8:03 am
around me. everybody is here since early this morning around 4:00 a.m. lining the streets here in washington. everybody wants to hear the pope give his first address to the u.s. we are talking between 15,000 to on 20,000 people right here on the south lawn. now after his remarks in english here with the president, he is going to jump in his popemobile and he is going to travel through downtown washington. that's where tens of thousands more people are expected, hoping to catch a glimpse of the people's pope. now we have correspondents all around washington waiting for the pope's appearance and his visit. let's go, first, to major garrett who salso here at the white house where the president and francis will meet in the oval office. >> reporter: no secret the two have forged a working relationship on big global issues like income and equality and climate change, immigration and cuba. when the two met at the vatican they discussed something else.
8:04 am
top officials told me they discussed the burdens of celebrity, the difficulty of institutional change and the weight of outside expectations. president obama told the pope that he learned during his presidency that people can burn with hope and enthusiasm, but can quickly turn either disappointed or indifferent. he told the pope he hoped that would not happen to him. the pope told the president the papacy has its share of politics internal and external and own kind of celebrity before you he told the president he leans on his humility and returns as often as we to the poor to keep himself grounded. it was this quiet insight from pope francis tt touched president obama deeply and part of his emotional bond with his very different kind of pontiff. >> reporter: we will hear the president speak about that today before the pope speaks. we should also note that aaa has warned d.c. drivers that today's traffic would be gridlock. jan crawford is south of the white house where i know huge crowds are already waiting for
8:05 am
francis and his popemobile. jan, how is it going there. >> reporter: you can see the excitement and people gathered here since late yesterday afternoon as the anticipation starts to build. this right here is the parade where the pope is going to be coming after he meets with the president. after he meets with the president, he is going to hop in this popemobile and cruise down $17 street and hit constitution and ride by the national mall and drive back to the white house. it is the only event here in washington people can attend without a ticket. like i said they started lining up overnight and coming across the country. i talked to people who came from albuquerque, orlando, washington state. the roads around here are closed and so are dozens of others in the city and making matters worse, if you believe this, there is a major league baseball game here between the nats and orioles and a concert downtown by ed sheeran.
8:06 am
>> reporter: it is busy here in washington. jan, thank you so much. we will bring you a cbs news special report on the pope's visit to the white house at 8:45 a.m. eastern and 7:45 central. the fbi is sorting through more e-mails from hillary clinton that were thought to be gone forever. bloomberg reports it is unclear how many deleted e-mails the fbi recovered. clinton servers were reportedly wiped after aides shifted through them. >> on sunday's "face the nation" hillary clinton repeated her decision to turn over thousands of work-related e-mails were in response to a routine records request. but on tuesday, the state department described it dirnl. it says in the process of responding to congressional requests regarding benghazi, state department officials recognized that it had access to relatively few e-mail records from former secretary clinton. the state department also said that it contacted clinton at least three months before the agency asked three of her
8:07 am
predecessors to provide e-mails as well. clinton said all i know is that they sent the same letter to everybody. that is my understanding. that news is overshadowing her announcement she opposes the keystone exxonmobil pipeline. also talked about getting international partners involved. it was a challenge the president faced at climate negotiations in denmark a few years ago. the president said copenhagen was a disorganized mess. i literally had to rescue the entire enterprise by crashing a meeting and strong-arming them into come up with at least a document that could build some consensus going into the future. >> that doesn't sound pleasant. >> that wasn't the way it was. it was this way. >> that's right. grammy winner don henley here in studio 57. after more than 40 years with the eagles, he is giving fans a
8:08 am
new sound. ahead, how hi news album is also a homecoming of sorts. right body on the beach ♪ ♪ feel it in the air
8:09 am
a big week here at the white house from the pope to the chinese president. ahead, what treasury secretary jack lew told us about china's financial crisis. plus, will women play a larger role on american money than expected? we have got that next right here on "cbs this morning." ♪ that is what you are that golden star ♪ let's go! ♪ join for free at and lose ten pounds on us when you sign up before october 26th.
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♪ >> reporter: here at the white house this morning, there is not much time after the pope leaves town. chinese president xi jinping will here tomorrow and friday after a visit to seattle on tuesday and a major topic is china's economy. the world is closely watching its performance. on tuesday, we talked with treasury secretary jack lew and we asked him about u.s. confidence in china. what is your biggest concern about the chinese economy? >> china's economy is going through a long and what will be a hard transition from a heavily industrial export driven
8:14 am
community to something more of a community driven economy. they have to open up their markets to competition and they have to led the exchange rate go up and down when market forces determine. >> reporter: but they are not doing that. >> i think if you look at over the last several years, they have moved in the right direction. what we saw in the last several weeks was kind of a question of whether or not they are changing direction. they have restated their intent to have market forces play a stronger role. they have agreed to refrain from competitive devaluation and ultimate it has to be proven from the policy steps taken, not just the commitments at the meeting. >> reporter: the 10 dollar bill. you said there is a woman on the 10 dollar bill? >> what i said is we are going to put a woman on our currency. we are looking at the 10 dollar bill which is the next bill we are going to be issuing and we have spent the summer listening to the american people and i
8:15 am
have to say i'm pleased how many people we have heard from. >> reporter: when does that decision get made? >> a decision ultimately i'm going to have to pull these pieces together and make. but by the end of the year. >> reporter: by the end of the year. . are you saying it might go just beyond the 10 dollar bill? there may also be a woman on the 5 dollar bill and other bills? >> what i'm saying as we look at the series of bills that will come out with new security features, our fundamental responsibility is to make sure our money is safe, that it can't be counterfeited easily. the reason we picked the 10 dollar bill is the next bill that requires updating but, you know, we have multiple bills that are going on to be redesigned and one of the things that has come out of this conversation -- >> reporter: there are women across the world cheering! just as you said that. >> one of the things that has come out of this conversation is very few people know what is on the back of any of our bills. >> reporter: so you're going to but pem on the back after bill? >> i'm saying we are going to tell the story of american
8:16 am
democracy as we unveil the new series of bills and women will be a prominent part of that. >> reporter: so, guys, that is kind of a big deal, right? they are not only looking at the front of the 10 dollar bill and other currency but the back whether they could put images on the back. i think it's exciting when we hear that decision in the next couple of months. >> i like how you say will we be on the 5 dollar bill too? he raiseded a very good point. i have no idea what is on the back of the 10. i have to look. what is it? >> exactly. thanks, guys. >> i think it's interesting to decide what you want to put on your currency. one of the things of being president. >> thank you, norah. a former buddhist monk is changing the way millions think about meditation by using your phone. andy puddicombe is his name and he's in our green room sitting next to, hello, don henley! we see you there! they are in a deep conversation but they are in the green room
8:17 am
together. >> maybe they are in meditation? the world's most scuffle people and companies are making room for his message. you are watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back. ♪ chosen one southern draw a world of sea city royal ♪ did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in. the uncertainties i don't wantof hep c.with or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's... pill, once a day
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a popular app has guide meditation and 3 million have already downloaded the app and makes centuries old mindfulness as easy as the swipe of a smartphone. >> close the eyes. just allowing the brain to return to its natural rhythm. in and out, through the nose. you just feel that weight of the body just pressing down against you. >> andy puddicombe is the cofounder and voice you here. he is a former abusbuddhist mon. he joins us at the table. you have great graphics and it's very animated and simple. was that a big decision? >> it was.
8:22 am
it was a reflection of rich and my cofounder. we wanted to make it available and more accessible. so often meditation is seen as mystical and even threatening. >> and daunting. >> and daunting. how could i possibly sit there and quiet my mind? the mind is so busy so it's an exciting challenge how could we make it more accessible to people. >> listening to your app can do that? >> we are so reliably informed by people who use it. i was genuinely surprised. when i met with rich, let's try this online. i didn't know what the interpret was. i missed out in mondastery. i started learning meditation when i was 10 or 11 at the time. i learned from my mom at home. >> going through a bad divorce? >> yeah, they were going through a divorce and mom was pretty stressed and looking for a way to relax. so -- >> no, no, go ahead, i'm
8:23 am
listening. >> in my late teens, i was involved in an accident, a drunk driver crashed into a group of us and killed a couple of friends and injured a lot of people. it left me with a lot of questions and a mind that was very restless and very easily overwhelmed. for me, the answer to that was to go away and become a buddhist amo monk. >> you know people can do that through meditation? >> absolutely. i realized a monk, you don't need to go off to the him lalay and shave your head. >> these are like ten-minute sessions? >> exactly. >> how often do you expect people will use it during the day and when? >> more often than not, we know people get using it, they are using it about ten minutes a day and normally in the morning. >> one time a day? >> one time a day. there are reminders throughout the day to come back to that
8:24 am
quietness of mind and those are little minute breaks throughout the day. >> how does meditation do that? >> so meditation, most people think meditation is about calming and quieting the mind and that is more of, i say more of a by-product of meditation. meditation is about clarity and calm comes as a result of that. it's really sort of by focusing the mind on one thing. normally, we are distracted with all of the business of mind. we are able sense the mind and focus it and we feel more calm and more clear as a result of this. >> it's turned out to be a business for you? >> it has. i think of it as a mission and nothing i set out with commercial intent. commercial kind of success has come along with it and that is wonderful because it allows us to be able to fulfill our mission. >> good to have you here. >> thank you so much for having me in. thank you. >> very nice to meet you. >> thank you. in about 20 minutes, the white house welcomes ceremony for the pope will begin. we will bring you all of the
8:25 am
we're only a few minutes away from our start of team coverage of the pope's full day in the district. that starts at 8:30. the pope plans to meet with president obama at the white house in about a half hour. from there the pope is scheduled to have his parade. at 11:30 he'll visit st. matthews cathedral for a canonization mass is scheduled. let's get to larry miller to help you around the road closures and detours. >> we're going to see additional road closures and delays as we wait for the pope to travel from the vatican embassy to the white house. right now want to let you know with the right lane blocked on the westbound side of i-66.
8:26 am
causing delays in that area. add some additional time. let's get a check of the weather with allyson rae. >> the weather is just cooperating so well. we're going to see a lot of sunshine today. 63 degrees. the humidity is low. anyone going out to enjoy the parade will be very comfortable. it will be warm. highs today near 80 and same goes for tomorrow. little bit cooler with showers over the weekend.
8:27 am
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