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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  September 24, 2015 2:07am-4:01am EDT

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start looking for her. >> dr. phil: did she tell you she was leaving? >> no. however -- >> dr. phil: did you tell the police she told you she was leaving? >> not so much i'm leaving but i can't take this anymore. she told me over and over, this is too much for me. >> dr. phil: we're going to take a break here. next we're going to meet ed's daughter that she was in the house the night she went missing. we'll hear her account of what was happening days and hours before carie vanished. we'll be right back. [applause] >> leading up to the night that carie disappeared, she would drink anything she could get her hands on. she was presiden't in a right s mind. she
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>> i don't feel like my mom was depressed nor had she ever been diagnosed with depression. >> at one point, carie lost it. i had to take her to the hospital. when the doctor asked her who the president was, she said ronald reagan. >> she was in liver failure. she wasn't losing her mind. the doctor said if we had not brought her in, she was would have died in the next 24 hours.
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ed was going to let her die. >> dr. phil: shelbie and her stepfather said carie vanished and went off the grid nearly nine months ago. now ed describes his wife, carie, as a drunk that suffered a mental break down and tried to commit suicide in the weeks before she disappeared. ed's daughter lauren was living with ed and carie in december when carie got dressed, walked out the door without car keys, phone, wallet or coat in the 34-degree weather with a howling north wind. >> leading up to the night that carie disappeared, she was sleeping a lot, wasn't getting up ando mving around. she would drink anything she could get her hands on. she wasn't in the right state of mind and walked around the house completely nude. it was strange behavior. nobody had seen her acting this way. the night she was missing, i was in my bedroom. the door shut. my dad was in his room watching
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tv. my dad called me and said, see if you can get the charger from carie. so i went in the den. looked like she was there. it was just a blanket. >> dr. phil: now, ed's sister, laurie, said she visited ed in rehab eight days before carie went missing. she said carie told her that she was planning on leaving ed because caring for ed was too much to handle. >> after the stroke, ed was in hospital for six weeks. carie was by his side constantly. however once he went to rehab, we couldn't reach carie. so i called the rehab facility. not only had she not visited, she hader nev beenig sned in to the facility by any family member. i immediately booked a flight to memphis. when i walked in the door and saw my brother, he could not sit
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up, he could not stand up, he could not feed himself. but his first question to me was, where's carie? the very next day, i made sure that carie came with me. over the next couple days, i started to get texts from carie saying she wanted out, she couldn't take it anymore. she was going to leave. i was so worried about my brother being in her care. but ed was adamant about going home. after ed was released from rehab, i received a call from ed. carie had hit him in the head several times. my worst nightmares had come true. >> dr. phil: really curious because i think what laurie is describing, what lauren is describing, what ed is describing to me from a
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professional standpoint sounds like someone that was in an acute state of mental illness, that they were in a breakdown. and if you're suffering from mental illness and you're pouring alcohol on top of that, it really exacerbates your problem-solving ability, skills. creates problems there. and gets in the way of your coping skills at the same time, which leads to what commonly is referred to as a meltdown or a breakdown. that's kind of what you guys seemed to be describing. is that a fair characterization of what you were see something. >> yes. very unusual behavior of my sister-in-law. i had never seen her act this way. >> dr. phil: were you in contact with her, talking to her on a
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daily basis? >> i was not talking to her on a daily basis. >> dr. phil: how was her when she last talked to her? >> she was fine. she was cooking. saying who all was coming over for thanksgiving. >> dr. phil: did your mother have problems with alcohol or drugs? >> she did. with alcohol. >> dr. phil: and you say "problems." was she a binge drinker, a daily drinker? >> she would binge. there were times she would go months without drinking. there were times she would drink a few days. >> dr. phil: is it possible that the pressure got to her and -- >> i don't believe -- >> dr. phil: and she was medicating herself with alcohol and got into a really drunken stooper, got into a binge during this period of time? >> i don't believe so. >> dr. phil: why would that not be a possibility? >> i mean, she could have been drinking, but i don't think it would have led to her
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disappearance. >> dr. phil: and why would you rule that out? >> she would have had to have sobered up some time. >> dr. phil: so you've not known her to go on a nine month binge. >> she's never -- she's always stayed in contact with everyone. >> dr. phil: help me understand something. you were saying that you were paralyzed. that's not adding up for me. i need you to help me underdstan that. >> announcer: friday on an all-new "dr. phil." is mom delusional? >> dr. phil: people say you stole an ambulance. >> that's the legend in the fire department. >> no, sir. took the ambulance down to the beach. >> dr. phil: so you borrowed the amncbulae.
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>> dr. phil: do you think it odd that she's totally off the grid? >> no. >> dr. phil: for nine months, you don't find that odd? >> i think she does not want to be found. and the reason for this is that the people that have interacted with her since she was gone, the last time when she was seen by -- >> all of your friends. nobody else. nobody has contacted -- >> dr. phil: they were not my friends. >> you said earlier that they were your friends or colleagues. >> dr. phil: i don't know her at all. i don't know anybody here till now. but for someone in electronic age to go totally off the grid for anybody months strikes me as really odd. she left behind a debit card with money on it. she --
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>> that was not left behind. it was -- she had taken it with her and in fact, i had -- >> there's not been -- whether she left it behind or not and you say she left it behind, you say she didn't. but the money has not been accessed. >> correct. >> dr. phil: not one dime has been taken out of that account in nine months. if you have an alcoholic on a binge or doing drugs and they have cash available, trust me, the first thing they do is run through cash. that's the first thing they do. if that woman is out there -- [applause] if that woman is out there and has access to cash and is not accessing it, there's a reason. help me understand something. i'm just a little confused. you can help me with this. you were saying that you were paralyzed at the time that they had to get you up with a harness and all of that type thing.
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that's just -- that's not adding up for me. and i need you to help me. will you help me understand that? >> absolutely. >> dr. phil: you put a post-up. you put this up january 1, 2015. and you said on october 18th, i suffered a stroke. my right side was paralyzed. i was -- i spent three weeks add baptist east. then you said after a few weeks, i was discharged. i couldn't wait to see my loving wife. my paralysis was gone. but i couldn't walk. i required a lot of care. it became apparent to me that carie had changed. she had some kind of mental
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breakdown. our last night together, which you described a minute ago, she climbed into my hospital bed with me, and we embraced. she kept telling me she was really scared. i realized she had written me off when i entered the rehab facility. i said, don't be scared. i'm going to be all right. that assurance didn't phase her. in hindsight, i realized she was scared for me. she was scared for herself. there's no opportunity for closure. >> when i said there that my paralysis was gone, what i meant by that is that i had retained -- i had gotten feeling back in -- on my right side. but i still couldn't really use it. >> dr. phil: but i also know
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that in the discharge notes it said that gross motor skills were intact and had returned. i also know that one week after her disappearance you were able to type. because on december 7th, five days after her disappearance, you typed "kudos and much respect to my alma mater, ohio state football team and their third string quarterback for their stunning 59-0 defeat of wisconsin to clinch the big ten championship." you're mentally ill wife is gone missing in the cold of night. you're paralyzed, shaking uncontrollable post-stroke hands, but you're typing up hooray for the buckeyes.
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>> we have a lot of fun here in the studio audience. >> dr. phil: if you're going to be in the los angeles area, go to and click on "be in the audience". >> or you can call 323-461-phil. that's 323-461-7445. >> dr. phil: your mentally ill wife has gone missing in the
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cold of night. you're paralyzed with shaking uncontrollable post stroke hands. but you're typing up hooray for the buckeyes five days after. so there's -- there's just inconsistent -- >> i didn't really have difficulty on my phone because it wasn't any gross movements. but. >> so you had fine motor movement? >> yeah, to an extent. for example, i -- >> dr. phil: i'm not saying it means you did something ugly to your wife. >> i understand. >> dr. phil: i'm trying to understand things so i can reason this out. i'm trying to find this woman. >> i can text very well. i can't even hold a pen and write. even now. it's just -- that's just my
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abilities. if i try to write something, it's totally illegible but i can find my way around a keyboard. >> dr. phil: does it strike ya'll at all odd that in anybody months this is totally off the grid? >> it strikes us really odd. >> dr. phil: i just asked them and they said no. >> what is difficult is during the time that i was at the rehab and engaged carie, i insisted that she go see ed because she hadn't been at the rehab at all. and so on the 21st of november, i picked her up at her homemade her go to rehab. it was very interesting moment when i walked into the house because the thing she wanted me to do immediately was to take
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her to the store to get cigarettes because she hadn't had a cigarette in two days and she was shaking. she was shaking. so i did that. not only did i take her, i had to pay for them. then she got her stuff together and i took her to rehab. >> dr. phil: are you talking about that because you don't want me to talk to him about this? >> no. [applause] what i wanted to tell you about -- absolutely not. [applause] most of red robin's sides are bottomless. which means they don't stop serving them until you wave the white napkin. red robin. yummm this story had k30 minutes left... ...until kim realized that stouffer's mac and cheese is made with real aged cheddar. so, what about jessica? ...what about her? stouffer's. made for you to love™.
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>> dr. phil: ready to get real? grow to for advice on relationships, parenting, finances and more. plus, weigh-in on your favorite episodes and find support in the "dr. phil" community. when you sign up for the community, you'll automatically be subscribed to "the dr. phil show" newsletter. log on to today. >> dr. phil: we have run out of time today. there's so much more to get to. we still haven't talked about ed's daughter, lauren, who was living in the house the night carie vanished. i have a lot of questions for her. you'll find out what lauren said during her field taping interview that i found very odd and incredibly telling. here's a preview of tomorrow's
2:34 am
show. >> announcer: tomorrow on an all-new "dr. phil." her stepdad's given her lead. >> dr. phil: telling her about sightings all over town. >> announcer: that go nowhere. >> dr. phil: dead end, dead end. another dead end. >> ed said my mom was spotted here. >> dr. phil: they have surveillance cameras? if my wife was missing, i'd be camped out over there until they freeze-framed that woman walking in that door. >> didn't occur to me to do that. >> announcer: maybe now -- >> dr. p whil:hy did you want to take her off stage at the break? >> i didn't want to take her off. >> announcer: there will be answers. >> dr. phil: how did you know she was missing? you used the word "missing" and "we're going to be blamed." i wondered if you'd answer my question. >> announcer: that's tomorrow. >> dr. phil: we'll also hear from courtney who is one of the missing woman's closest friends and the one person carie turned to after her worst fights with ed. tune in tomorrow to find out if
2:35 am
we solve the mystery and to see if ed's daughter, lauren, handles being in the hot seat and why shelbie claims ed is sending her on wild goose chases with claims of sightings of her mother. if you have any information that could lead authorities to carie, contact memphis police at 901-545-2677. thanks, everyone. we'll see you next time. [applause]
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victoria beckham's stumbling party exit. what happened? plus celebs making the pilgrimage to d.c. to see the pope. >> that's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> pope, there it is! >> the networks are all stepping up. >> inside the media madness for a fiat-riding pope francis today. why the stars are fired up? >> plus -- >> are newly single "voice" coaches gwen and blake dating?
2:38 am
as beckham props up his wife. did she party too much? >> then e leavgaa lecy for your children. >> inside frank gifford's will. who will his reported $10 milliortn foune? >>my vocal cord was cut open. >> donny osmond's first interview after throat surgery. can he still sing? >> i thought my career is over with. >> you say it. it's not something i like to be called. >> tonight's "blackish" premiere kes on a racial slur as we get new season s from the set of "scandal." >> how steamy is it going to get? >> prettyam stey. what? did i say that? >> now, this is "entertainment tonight." are blake shelton and good wen stephanie dating? donny osmond on his throat surgery. we have so many stars coming your way. >> ah, but the biggest star in he country right now touched down yesterday and touched off papal passion. let's start tonight with our pope culture report. >> i think what we're seeing is the wor cld'suriosity about pope being reflected in the news
2:39 am
media coverage. >> i'm happy to be a guest in this country. >> pope francis arrived in america today. >> pope, there it is! pope, there it is! >> the pope is here until saturday. he's visiting washington, d.c., new york and pennsylvania. not even going to bother coming to l.a. he said it's a lost cause. >> the trip to washington, d.c., has actually been very educational for the you know, since he's only ever read about purgatory. >> from late night to the front pages to the morning shows. >> we've got our correspondents spread out all over washington. >> pope francis is everywhere, and hollywood loves it. eva longoria and roma dow posts pics outside the white house. maria shriver posed with her children. kirstie alley tweeted, i love pope francis, and kerry washington wrote pope fran might be my celebrity crush. >> we're seeing so many celebrities expressing excitement about the pope being here. maybe here's why. think about the pope and what he
2:40 am
does. he's a story teller. he's telling the greatest story of our time, how each of us can be better people. >> it is math class wednesday, so we'll take your questions. >> >> he's tracking the pontiff's every move on sirius/xm, the busted halo show. >> what i heard people say is under pope francis people of all various levels of society from celebrities down to someone who is not known at all feel more confident and more comfortable talking about their faith, their catholic faith. they seem to be more proud to be a catholic >> luke russert tweeted this pic of nuns tailgating. covering the pontiff isn't cheap. it reportedly cost journalists $25,000 to reserve an anchor booth for the pope's visit to philly. >> it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to put on coverage of this magnitude. >> there's the fiat. >> but this is truly a once in a lifetime moment. this pope, his first visit to the united states ever. so it is worth the cost. >> let's get to more news. and there are blake shelton and gwen stefani romance rumors.
2:41 am
floating around out there in the universe. it's an interesting idea. let's break down why they could be a couple. the on-air flirtatiousness is constant especially during monday's premiere of "the voice." >> blake, you look supercute in that. ♪ if it's real then i don't want to know ♪ >> another thing, during interviews, blake and gwen are usually kept separate, which is typical when couples are promoting the same show or film& as for blake's divorce from miranda, he said today that is amicable. >> our whole thing waman, you know, we're just going to be cool about this. it is what it is. we're buddies. >> and here's why we think blake and gwen aren't a couple. from new york, "e.t." senior news editor says that, despite the rumors, there has been absolutely no confirmation. >> not one reputable outlet is actually saying they are dating. and their publicists are strongly denying it.
2:42 am
>> here's why we hope they're not dating. their couples name, just pick your poison. either blengw or ake. >> victoria beckham took a little tumble. her steady hubby keeping her upright. was she a little tipsy or was it the stilettos? can't say for sure, but she's an expert with those shoes. >> victoria beckham loves her sky-high stiletto that's what she's knnwn for. this w even wore them when she was nine months pregnant. it appears that frank giff favored kathie lee and their kids in his will leaving a lesser amount to his three kids by previous marriage in court docs obtained by "e.t." of the estate. the older kids inherit 2 million. >> we don't know why he did this. frank probably left more money to his two younger kids who are just starting their lives out rather than their other children in their 50s and 60s.
2:43 am
let's be honest, leaving money to your ex-wife is rare. >> let's get to some tv news. michelle turner is here. and ncis was the easy winner last night with more than 17.5 million viewers. but the debut of the muppets is making a lot of noise. aad not just because miss piggy is loud. >> no, not at the show is actually getting attacked for its humor being too racy. racy, the muppets? yeah, that's wha saying. they killed the debut of "scream queens." >> and more controversy on the way tonight on abc's "blackish." only you were on the set. >> this episode centers around the use of the n-word. but they simply call it "the word." this will be an episode people are talking about tomorrow. >> you're not stopping my son from saying the word >> you people are trying to eliminate a word from my son's vocabulary because you think it's ugly. >> is it not? >> from you, it would be. >> i'm not going to lie. i use i'm not proud of my use of it. >> personally, i do not use it. i wouldn't know how to use it.
2:44 am
>> young people of every color and every ethnicity are using it as a term of endearment. >> yes, but what happens when you have a 10-year-old actor on the s the controversial word performing kanye's "golddigger" at a talent show. ♪ now i ain't saying you're a golddigger ♪ ♪ but she ain't messing with no broke ♪ >> do you worry about when this airs what people are going to say? >> no. it's just a word. it's only powerful if you give it power. paula deen said it and catches a little flak, but then in turn gets $100 million in funding. quentin tarantino says it more times than i can count in "django" and wins an oscar for it! >> the word is used ten times in 22 minutes. >> man, that's exactly what the white man wants. he either wants nobody to say it because he can't or everybody to say it because he wants to. >> i can tell you about a phone call i got from some anonymous people. and when i confronted them, you
2:45 am
know, one of the guys said, you know, well, just remember you're always a dirty [ bleep ]. >> did you guys talk to the kids about this? >> you know, they get the scripts. they read them. their parents get it. they read through it first and all that. but day one of filming, kenny came down and just made an announcement to the crew. this is what the show's going to be about. by no means are we suggesting or condoning the use of this word. and if it is offensive to anyone, we apologize to you right now. >> we didn't do it for controversy. we did it because we really wanted to tell a good story. >> we don't necessarily answer the question of saying th the way it should be or this is what you should be doing or no one should. we kind of look at it and allow everybody to have their own dialogue about this >> make no mistake about it, the episode is really funny. now, they originally planned not to bleep the word for shock value, but they screened it for a mixed audience and they realize it kind of came of offensive than just shocking and
2:46 am
played better actually, kevin, bleeped. >> he's really scared about this episode. >> he's nervous. he said the word makes him nervous. this is the most polarizing and galvanizing word, in his opinion, in american history. he doesn't know what's going to happen. >> it will be interes "blackish" is just one of several shows returning tonight. there's a lot to digest. here's what to watch. ♪ and crazy for crying >> dude looks like a country crooner on"nashville," but can steven tyler rock all those lines? >> i get nervous. n'i cat remember my name. i have to have teleprompters out for "dream on" when girls are lifting up their shirts at rock concerts. ♪ >> hello. bucket list. duet with steven tyler, check. >> now, let's get to "empire's" epic return. >> for whatever reason, i still love you. >> so lucius is in jail for murder and he's trying to win over his ex-wife cookie.
2:47 am
>> how is cookie going to keep this crazy dysfunctional family together? >> with a whole lot of love. lucius and cookie can love each other one minute and hate e other the next but let something go wrong with one of the boys and they forget all their differences. >> get ready for the goldbergs "risky business" t ♪ we learn the secrets of the tom cruise slide on set. a little salt. >> the tighty whities are a little uncomfortable. not going to lie. >> the tighty whities are risky business. >> indeed they are. before tot'nighs "big brother" finale anurd "sr"vivomi preere, host jeff probst and j culiehen are right here. did you know that initially julie turned down the "big brother" gig? >> why didn't you want it? >> that's ahead. closed captioning provided by --
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doesn't matter how ordinary you think you are.
2:50 am
the new season of "survivor" premieres tonight on cbs followed by "big brother." hosts julie chen and jeff probst join us and i take them back 15 years to when both their shows made their debut. >> the guests nominate two of
2:51 am
their own to leave the house. then it's up to you the audience. >> hard to imagine that just four hours ago this group met for first time in a small fishing village on the coast of borneo. >> the first time ever on your show. >> th awesome. >> "big brother" and "surv i look and go, wow, that was a long time ago. "survivor" was an immediate hit but both "big brother" and julie were attacked by critics. >> they love to hate "big brother" in the first season. they really did. there's still a fair share of people out there who love to hate the chen-bot, and i embrace that. >> julie did have one fan, cbs president and ceo leslie moonves. >> i was like the first official marriage to come out of "big brother." i probably never would have been on my husband's radar. >> jeff wasn't a sure thing to host "survivor." >> my husband said, look, it came down to phil keoghan or jeff probst. and he was like jeff p >> oh, thank god.
2:52 am
i was sweating for a min >> mark burnett and les m changed my entire life. >> "big brother" cha julie's life, too, but it almost didn't happen. >> i tried to turn it d and i was told by the president of cbs news that if i didn't take this job, it could be seen as -- this is a quote -- insubordination. >> why didn't you want it? >> because he told me if i took this job, i probably would never be allowed on "60 minutes." >> that was your dream -- >> that was my life-long dream. lesley said, we need someone, in his words, to class it up a bit. because "big brother" is a little bit -- you know. >> they wanted someone credible. >> and that's only because i think i was like third or fourth on the list. other people turned it down. >> do you still give him grief about it? >> yes. you could have been married to meredith vieira if she said yes. >> this season on "survivor" is a second chance for contestants who didn't win but had a huge presence.
2:53 am
it should be crazy from "jump street." up next, it's sexy time with kerry washington as she spills salacious "scandals" secrets about her tv lover. >> i'm a little distracted nibbling somebody's ear. can we cut this? it's getting embarrassing. >> no. >> then donny osmond's first words about the throat surgery that threatened to end his singing career. >> i went t forhe high note and it didn't come out. >> that's ahead.
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yeah. let's start an international incident. >> oh, just so good when they're bad. that is a first look at the return of "scandal" tomorrow night.
2:57 am
cameron madison, you lucky man you, got the only behind the scenes look. looks like things get quite steamy. >> that's what all the fans are hoping for, right, olivia and fitz getting it on again. i wanted to findout. so i went right to the place where i could uncover some of the bedroom secrets. let's go to the obvious. we're standing right here in fitz's bedroom. >> my goodness. >> the promos for this season, the tagline is together at last. >> that promo seems to leak the fact that there's some hanky-panky happening at last, but it's "scandal," so there's no guarantee what that means or how long it will last. >> okay. that answer has me thinking promo could just be another dream sequence. but ifli ovia and fitz really are back together, i've got one word -- yes! >> i mean, it's tricky, you know. if olivia is doing what she's doing in the promo, what the heck is happening over at opa?
2:58 am
>> she's a little distracted. >> a little distracted, nibbling somebody's ear. what? did i say that? >> olivia getting a little distracted. >> and maybe other oh, my god, can we cut? this is getting really embarrassing. >> no. are you kidding me? this is gold for me. yep. these two have done it just about everywhere. as a little gift, we broke down our in the oval, in the shower, in the electrical closet, in their dream home, in the kitchen and, of course, there's the hotel. i worked on soaps for many years and did i don't know how many thousand love scenes in the day. i had my way to prepare. >> what did you do? guys do push-ups all the time. >> i am so embarrassed. i never told anybody that. bu >> do push-ups before the love scenes because they want when they reach up to your hair, they want their muscles bulging. >> by the way, it doesn't make much difference. >> if it makes you feel more
2:59 am
confident, then so be it. tony goldwyn does none of that. tony goldwyn sits in a corner and eats ice cream and doughnuts and still looks like he worked out seven hours. that. >> i'm just being honest. >> three things that we need to have a perfect season premiere of "scand >> you need popcorn. >> popcorn. >> you needwine. >> wine. >> you need -- i'm going to give you five. batteries in your remote control. >> yes. >> because you don't want to miss anything. you want to be able to pause. >> you don't want to have to get up. >> you want your social media open, twitter open. you should have something white, white tissues maybe. >> white tissues? >> you might need that. >> oh. >> so basically they're going to make us cry. >> kerry wouldn't tell me that. i tried, but she wouldn't tell me. >> anything can happen on shonda rhimes show. >> and donny osmond. this is scary what he went through. >> absolutely.
3:00 am
his voice is his bread and butter, right? here's the back story on this. donny had to have throat surgery when doctors found a bleeding lesion on his vocal cords. his ability to ever sing again was at stake. he talked to me for the first time about undergoing this risky operation. ♪ get ready get read >> when was the first time you said, something's not right here? >> i was singing one of the medleys in the show and i went for the high note and it didn't come out. and the next night couldn't hit it. it just got worse and worse and worse. finally mid-june i had to cancel three i just couldn't -- i could barely even talk. >> the voice that made him an american icon was slipping away. surgery was the only answer. >> when somebody takes a scalpel to your vocal cord and you think, okay, please be careful. this was serious. >> i'm sure you were petrified. >> it's my livelihoo it's who i am.
3:01 am
it defines who i'm a singer. and when that goes away, you basically strip me of my identity. >> this is the polyp that endangered his voice. after surgery, it's gone. >> well, i just started talking about ten days ago. after the opera he ordered me no sound, not even a whisper for three weeks. after three weeks he put this camera down my throat and i sing for the first time. put it on my facebook account. and within minutes millions of people watched it. so i called up my wife and started talking to her. she said, you sound 20 years younger. ♪ they can feel it all over >> now recovered, don marie's show is coming back to the flamingo las vegas hotel and casino. we were there as he rehearsed a new portion of their act. thankfully, we will hear him sin >> it's a gradual process. [ humming ]
3:02 am
>> donny can do just about anything. he and wife debby are unveiling the donny osmond home collection of furnishings. >> a major launch. we'll have our furniture all over the country. we've come out with two lines. we come out with city and country. there's two different lines that you can choose from. >> confession, i am so excited about this because donny actually offered to help decorate one of my rooms in my ne i'm taking him up on it because i'm moving into my new place this weekend and i'm a mess. completely overwhelmed. no idea wheo re tstart. >> can i just show everyo the world this pic that donny tweeted out of the two of you. and they call it puppy >> he's my boo. >> for real. i was like, look at these two together. >> in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which musician told us he would most likely be a truck driver if not a rock star, bruce springsteen, jon bon jovi or rick springfield? ues they're dealing with
3:03 am
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3:05 am
welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which musician told us that he'd likely be a truck driver if he weren't a rock star. >> probably taking long drives. that probably would have been a good long distance driver or something. >> the boss, bruce springsteen, turns the 66 today. >> jessica alba is sharing her beauty secrets with us. >> you want to giet rpped like the stars? we'll show you how these trainers make it happen. >> bye, everybody. that's going to be can i go to the sleepover? lucy, i want you to promise me something if there's any drinking i want you to say, no thanks not my thing. mom i promise you your real friends won't care, deal? i promise mom
3:06 am
they really do hear you did you pack your toothbrush? for tips on how to start the talk visit a public service message from the substance abuse and mental health services administration >> nashville. >> pittsburgh. >> mexico.
3:07 am
>> reporter: many, waiting for hours. >> you came in late last night and you camped out? >> right here. >> midnight. >> reporter: for all the security and pageantry, it was a day when francis touched the people. 17-year-old christian waited in line hoping to share his family's christmas card with a picture of his older brother, andrew. he passed away five months ago. pope francis gave his blessing. making his way through the crowd, the pope's focus was the children, even the youngest connected with the 78-year-old. and if given a chance, had to take a selfie. your finger got in the way? or in the case of 11-year-old walter, a shaky video on his cell phone he can't wait to share with friends. >> i'm going to tell them that i saw the pope, and they should have been here. >> reporter: the thing that really character
3:08 am
3:09 am
3:10 am
the holy father made another statement about immigrants right here simply by celebrating his first mass in the united states in spanish. here's chip reid. >> reporter: pope francis couldn't resist the opportunity of another joyous open air ride
3:11 am
in the popemobile as a crowd of 25,000 welcomed him to washington's basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. as he walked through the basilica, the faithful who filled the aisles strained to see or even touch him. ♪ >> reporter: before he made his way where he prayed in private. then on the steps of the largest catholic church in north america at a temporary outdoor altar, he celebrated mass in spanish, his native language. unlike earlier speeches, he avoided controversial issues like immigration and religious freedom and focussed on what it means to be a catholic. go out to tell the good news, fearlessly, he said, without prejudice, superiority, and con
3:12 am
desengs. >> reporter: the crowd was full of young people. many saying they've never felt so good about being catholic and praised the pope for his nonjudgmental style. a highlight of the more than two hour ceremony was the elevation of junipero serra to saint hood. he was a mission teary in california. it's the first cannonization mass on u.s. soil. he quoted serra's motto. keep moving forward. for him, the pope said this was the way to continue experiencing the joy of the gospel. not only did the pope speak in sp spanish, but junipero serra, the new saint is from spain, and the large part of the audience was spanish. this was a big day for hispanics in the catholic church.
3:13 am
>> thank you for much. that cannonization of junipero serra is controversial, and cart carter evans found out why. >> reporter: junipero serra was honored, but protesters denounced him. people look at this building right here, and they see history. what do you see? >> i see pain for my ancestors and a change in our entire world. >> reporter: for corinna gould, this is sacred ground. thousands of her ancestors are buried here in unmarked graves. for her, serra left a brutal legacy in his drive to baptize indians. >> once you were baptized and you became catholic i don't recollect you lost your freedom. you become the property of the chunk. >> serra doesn't see that. he sees indians as naked and hungry, hungering for food and
3:14 am
for salvation in christ. >> reporter: steven hackel says serra is seen as a founding father. his presence is everywhere. >> i think the pope is trying to open up an understanding of our american origin. it's catholic priests throughout the continent. >> father serra was european. he was white. he was not hispanic. and gould believes the church is ignoring an ugly chapter in california history. >> the mission system he brought created destruction in our culture. >> reporter: serra is the first spanish speaking saint from the u.s. the pope waived the usual rule requiring two miracles for saint hood and accepted just one. >> carter evans, thanks. our coverage of pope francis's visit continues tomorrow morning
3:15 am
with the first papal address ever to a joint meeting of the house and the senate. volkswagen's chief pays the price for cheating. the ceo who raised drug prices 5,000% has been making enemies for years. and the pope makes a virtue of social media. the cbs overnight news will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
3:16 am
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3:18 am
the ceo of volkswagen resigned today. he admitted that volkswagen perpetrated an ingenius fraud, rigging 11 million diesel cars to recognize when their emissions were being tested and automatically cheat on the test. vw stock has lost a third of its value, $28 billion, since monday. we're still waiting to hear from another ceo on the promise he
3:19 am
made last night to roll back the price of a drug that is used by aids and cancer patients. he raised the price from $13.50 a pill to $750. don dahler has been looking into it. >> reporter: the moment he announced a 5,000% increase in the price of dare prime, the internet exploded. he was called a disgusting specimen of humanity. >> i don't think there's been a lot of backlash. i think that the backlash is from people who don't understand health care very well, and hopefully i'll educate how the system works. >> shkreli's bio says he has a bachelor from baruch college. he learned about health care as a hedge fund manager. >> you see how that looks? you came from the world of hedge fund, going into pharmaceuticals. why not if not to make lots of
3:20 am
mone money? >> it will be win win. >> reporter: his first drug company kicked him out and filed suit in august for $65 million. he's alleged to have used his control over retrophin who enrich himself and buy back investors in his hedge funds who lost millions in a bad investment. an earlier lawsuit brought by a former employee accusedd shkrel of a harassing his family. and a facebook post to his 16-year-old son, saying i want you to know about your dad. he betrayed me. he stole $3 million from me. >> that lawsuit was settled. the current lawsuit with retrophin alleges shkreli spent
3:21 am
more time moving large amounts of money than he did developing effective medications. >> don dahler with the story tonight. don, thank you. baseball has lost one of its greats, but it ain't over for his famous quotes. that's next.
3:22 am
baseball hall-of-famer yogi berra died last night. perhaps it's fitting it happened during a papal visit. he famously met joun the 23rd and flegreeted him with hello, pope. >> berra is the first batter up. >> reporter: he was 5'8" with a body one magazine said only an anthropologist could love.
3:23 am
>> he got it. >> reporter: he was behind the plate in 1956 when don larson pitched the only perfect game in world series history. >> yogi berra runs out. >> reporter: an all-star 15 consecutive seasons. he played on 10 championship teams and later managed cross town rivals the new york mets where in the midst of a slump he famously said. >> it's not over until it's over. >> he led the mets to the world series. presidents quoted him. >> when you come to a fork in the road, take it. >> we may be lost but we're making good time. >> it gets dark early out here. >> reporter: yogi said he was never trying to be funny. >> i don't know i say them.
3:24 am
i don't know. >> it led to a second career in tv commercials for beer. >> it's got a third less calories than i probably thought it didn't even have. >> reporter: insurance. >> and they give you cash, which is just as good as money. >> who is this guy? >> at his hall of fame induction, he thanked baseball. >> it's given me more than i could have hoped for. >> and he always thanked his wife, who died last year. behind every good man is a good woman, yogi berra also said. behind me usually was an umpire. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. >> asked once if he'd had an audience with pope john, berra replied nope, but i met with him. pope francis is meeting millions online and we'll have that story, next. colorectal cancer
3:25 am
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3:27 am
finally tonight, pope francis is the leader of an ancient church, but he's learned to use the most modern communication to spread the word. he's among the most retweeted leaders in the world, and he calls the internet a gift from god. from the moment the pope left the vatican embassy this
3:28 am
morning, his every step was captured by a smart phone. the elusive papal selfie was the real prize. this is what you saw on this girl's facebook page. the teenager from lithuania got one of the first selfies, posting, i feel absolutely blessed. this boy was all smiles on instagram, and this girl got the pope's back, literally. this man nearly bent over backwards to get a shot. at the white house welcoming ceremony, people far from center stage and those close enough to use both pope and president as a backdrop wanted to prove that they were there. even celebrities posted from the white house lawn. actress eva longoria wrote a yearing year ago i asked my sister who do you most want to meet in the world, her answer, the pope. and here we are.
3:29 am
>> you could almost watch the parade from a network of cell phones. those who were too much away made the best of it posting with toys, a painting or a pet dog. when else could you see a group of none tailgating. everyone wanted to be a part of the moment. one boy posted his crayon written letter. pope francis, we pray for you. we believe. that's the cbs overnight news for this thursday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back with us a little later for the morning news, and cbs this morning. from the catholic university of america in washington d.c., i'm scott pelley.
3:30 am
>> this is the cbs overnight news. >> welcome to the overnight news. pope francis continues his historic pill grammage to the united states, and he has a lot on his schedule. this morning francis becomes the first pope to address a joint meeting of the u.s. congress. he's got several stops around the capital planned before boarding a plane for new york and evening prayers at st. patrick's cathedral. here's some of our coverage. >> reporter: tens of thousands gathered along constitution avenue to catch a glimpse of francis, the people's pope who stopped along the way to embrace small children and bask in the glow of his first american
3:31 am
audience. he began his day greeting school kids gathers outside of his sleeping quarters. taking time for handshakes and hugs. then his holiness in all his humility drove in a small fiat 500 to an elaborate white house ceremony. he was welcomed by the president, mrs. obama, and 11,000 ticketed guests. >> i should explain that our backyard is not typically this crowded. in your humility, we see a living example of jesus's teaching. a leader whose moral authority comes not just through words but also through deeds. >> reporter: the holy father drew upon that moral authority to address issues more political than pastoral like immigration and climate change. >> as the son of an immigrant
3:32 am
family, i'm happy to be a guest in this country, which was lastly build by such families. i find it enchurchiouraging tha you're proposing an initiative for reducing air pollution. >> reporter: it was then onto a cathedral for a mass in spanish with 280 bishops. and for the first time in his visit, he spoke about one of catholicism's darkest chapters, the sexual abuse of children by clergy. he never addressed the victims directly but vowed to ensure that much crimes will never be repeated. >> reporter: sophie cruz
3:33 am
squeezed through security barriers. a child of illegal immigrants, she's put a new face on the debate over immigration reform. she traveled to washington from los angeles with her father. >> what did you do? >> i ran to the pope. >> what did you give him? >> the letter and a shirt like this. >> reporter: in her letter, she asks francis to help all immigrant children. the secret service held sophie back but when the pope saw her, he waved her over, and blessed her. it reminded us of a moment last year when another girl from los angeles greeted the pope in st. peters square in rome. she traveled there to help her father, marr yo. >> my dad was going to be deported. and millions of children are also suffering in my same
3:34 am
situation, and he blessed me and told me he was going to talk with the president. >> not long after, her father was released, and his case is now under review. jersey was in washington today, hoping for another meeting with the pope. >> i'm passionate because of bhapd to my dad. i also want to make a difference in the world. i won't stop fighting until immigration reform happens. >> reporter: and jan crawford has been speaking to many folks who have spent hours today waiting for just a few seconds that they will remember the rest of their lives. >> reporter: for the thousands who line the streets just hoping for a glimpse, it was a moment. >> it was awesome. my heart is still beating from seeing the pope. >> reporter: they came from everywhere. >> puerto rico. >> memphis, tennessee. >> nashville.
3:35 am
>> pittsburgh. mexico. >> reporter: many waiting for hours. >> you came in late last night, and camped out in. >> right here. midnight. >> reporter: milton leon and his family got in line for a spot in the front. >> i saw him very well. i was yelling francesco. >> reporter: his wife cried. >> my whole body was shaking, and my heart was just going up. >> reporter: for all the security and pageantry, it was a day when fran tis toucis touche people. this 17-year-old waited in line hoping to share his family's christmas card with a picture of his older brother, andrew who passed away five months ago. >> he gave almost a fatherly look that he really cared about each and every individual. it was the best moment of my life. >> reporter: making his way
3:36 am
through the crowd, his focus was the children, even the youngest connected with the 78-year-old. and if given a chance, had to take a selfie. >> your finger got in the way. >> reporter: or in the case of 11-year-old walter cunningham, a shaky video on a cell phone he can't wait to share with friend. >> i'm going to tell them that i saw the pope and they should have been here. >> reporter: junipero serra was honored. but 430 miles north, protesters denounced him. people look at this building and see history. what do you see? >> i see pain for my ancestors and a change in our entire world. >> reporter: for corinna gould, this is sacred ground. thousands of her ancestors are buried here in unmarked graves. for her, serra left a brutal legacy in his drive to boaptize
3:37 am
indians. >> once you were baptized and you became catholic, you lost your freedom altogether. you become the property of the church. >> serra sees indians as naked, as hungry, as hungering, literally for food and for salvation in christ. >> reporter: this history professor says for many hispanics in california, serra is seen as a founding father. >> i think what the pope is trying to do is open up an understanding of our american origin. it wasn't just anglo-american assistants but catholic priests throughout the continent. >> he was white. he was not hispanic. >> reporter: gould believes the church is ignoring an ugly part of the system. >> it created destruction of who we were as a people and our culture. >> cbs overnight news will be
3:38 am
right back. ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. covergdraw attention way to perfect point liner smudge with sponge-tip to create a smokin' kitten eye lash blast mascara adds an instant blast of volume add a pow to your brow!
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>> david gilmore sold more than 200 million records as a guitarist for pink floyd. he kept the floyd alive for 30 years but now insists the band is done. he has a new solo album out and a tour planned for next year, and he sat down with anthony mason for cbs this morning. ♪ >> reporter: an his own and with pink floyd, david gilmore has been making music for more than five decades. in the process of a birth and a performance of a song, what's the most thrilling part of it for you? >> when you realize that you have a little germ of an idea
3:41 am
that is -- has, i suppose, i can only say as a little taste of magic. there are lots of exciting bits. the first time you hear one of your tracks on the radio. >>. >> reporter: this still thrills you. >> you have this idea there are millions of people listening to it at the same time as you, and that little, strange telepathy of feeling that you're sharing something live with all those people. ♪ >> reporter: with his first solo album in nine years, gilmorgilm music is over the air waves again. how does it work when you start writing? >> mostly, i record a track, a song, without words. >> reporter: gilmore, he lives in an english seaside town, then
3:42 am
shares his music with his wife. she has written most of his liarics for 20 years. >> i walk for miles with it on repeat on headphones. the more i walk and listen, things start emerging, and the music is suggestive. david speaks with the my guitar. >> reporter: they have eight children between them and first connected through mutual friends. >> they sat us together at a dinner party on more than one occasion. >> for about two years. >> reporter: trying to make something catch? >> didn't catch. >> took a while. >> reporter: what finally did catch? >> he needed someone to write the words? >> reporter: he first asked her to write for pink floyd's album, the division bell. she wanted to do it anonymously. >> reporter: you didn't want your name on it? >> no. >> didn't you know? >> reporter: you didn't want to
3:43 am
be a target? i didn't want to be a target. big shoes to fill. roger waters. ♪ >> reporter: but she filled them. in the title of the new album, she took inspiration from milton's paradise lost. what did you think when you heard it? >> terrific. when she finally told me what it was all about. >> reporter: another song, a boat lies waiting, emerges as a tribute to pink floyd keyboardist, rick wright to died in 2008. >> we miss rick as a friend and person, and it was at that point you realized exactly what you lost in terms of music, 50 years of reading each other's musical minds. >> you develop a sort of telepathy. >> yeah. i do miss that. >> gilmore was 2 1 when he was asked to join pink floyd because
3:44 am
the band's lead song writer what had experimented with drugs was exhibited increasingly erratic behavior. >> reporter: you'd been friends for a while. >> yeah. >> reporter: that must have been hard to watch. >> it's very hard to watch someone deteriorate like that. it was a funny guy. we had hitchhiked around the south of france and stayed in camp sites and basked on the sea front and been arrested for our troubles, and so we'd spent a lot of times. friend from about 14. >> reporter: how did you feel as that was going on? >> it felt tragic that someone was -- because it felt permanent. it felt that what was happening to him was a rapid detier youruation of his mental mfacu y
3:45 am
faculti faculties. >> there was a long period of time when i was playing his parts and singing his words. i don't know how long it took for me to find my own sort of voice. >> reporter: did you know when you found it? >> i can remember a moment when i suddenly started liking my own voice. that was weird. you know that thing when you hear your voice. >> reporter: gilmore went onto become one of rock's most acclaimed guitarist ranked 14 of the all time greatest list. but after the success with dark side of the moon and the wall, gilmore and roger waters battled for control of the band. >> how did you get around it? >> you pretend they're not there. we certainly don't face up to
3:46 am
them in an adult way, if that's what you mean. >> reporter: waters quit pink floyd in 1985. a bitter legal battle followed, and he wouldn't play in the group again until 28 years later. gilmore and waters have since reunited at charity concerts. >> you played together a couple years ago. are you guys okay? >> it's a funny old thing. you know, it's now ten years ago that we did live eight, and that was good to be on a more or less friendly basis again after years and years of difficult times. the charity gig we did, we sat up half the noise laughing and drinking. that was good. there's not -- we don't talk to each other very much. >> you don't? >> no. ♪
3:47 am
>> reporter: as gilmore heads out on a new solar tour, he insists pink floyd's 2014 album, the endless river, is their last. you're finished with pink floyd? >> yeah. i have been for a long time. it's impossible to go back and do that without rick, and there would be no great joy in it. it ran its course in a wonderful way, and -- i don't miss it. >> reporter: you don't? >> no. >> reporter: not one minute. >>
3:48 am
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it gives us chills in places we've never gotten chills before. yeah, it makes us feel like... dare to feel more with new k-y love. >> new york city subway system is most extebsive in the world
3:51 am
but in some parts of town it's still difficult to get around. the people who live on the east side of manhattan have been waiting for a subway line. their dream is finally close to becoming a reality. >> reporter: it's no longer just a pipeline. ten stories under ground, nearly two miles of track have been layed. platforms build and three stations taking place. the work is about 85% complete. >> the next 15% are probably the toughest. we're talking about integrating a brand new line with something that goes back 100 years. >> reporter: michael oversees the project for the mta authority. for many new yorkers it feels like this has been going on for 100 years. >> i have been told i am at least 86 years behind. >> reporter: cbs this morning
3:52 am
hired a drone company to survey the progress. what's the biggest challenge? >> the obstacles. >> reporter: the second avenue subway was proposed in the 1920s but funding was derailed by the great depression and world war ii, the 70s financial crisis, and the cost of maintaining the world east largest subway system. the subway line became a punch line. >> when they finish the subway, there value will quadruple. railro >> reporter: phase one is on track, but the original plan called for a subway that is 8 and a half miles long finished by 2020. a former mta planning manager doubts more stations will open during his lifetime. >> the whole thing when it's
3:53 am
done, they'll need another $6 billion for the next phase, and they don't have the money. >> reporter: phase two? >> we don't have the funds. >> reporter: where will the funds come from? >> at this point, we are actually working with the state. >> reporter: you think the state is still committed to finishing this project? >> i believe so, yes. >> reporter: the cash strapped mta has a $14 billion hole in its capital program, but phase one isn't to blame, unlike other huge public works like boston's big dig, this one is expected to come in under budget. right now the east side of manhattan, home to about 650,000 people, more than the entire population of nashville, has just one subway line. >> it carries more people than boston and chicago and san francisco combined. it's so crowded that when people try to get on the train, they
3:54 am
crash into the people getting off the train. >> reporter: do you ever think about the fact that what you're building to going to serve people for maybe over 100 years? >> actually, the answer is yes. i will be able to leave behind new york a little better place knowing that my grand kids will be able to use this thing. it's a great feeling. >> the cbs overnight news will be right back.
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