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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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wusa9 presents pope francis in america, washington d.c. >> right now at 5:00 good-bye d.c., hello, new york. pope francis wrap upped up his trip in the nation's capital and is behind -- wrapped up his trip in the nation's capital and is minutes from landing in new york. good evening. i'm lesli foster. look who is here. welcome back. >> thank you. it was an amazing three days.
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our coverage begins with garrett haake at joint base appear crews where the pope took -- andrews where the pope took off a short time ago. >> reporter: for 1,500 people who came to see him, they hope the memories will last much longer. two separate groups lined either side of the tarmac with the same goal, to share a moment with the father who had touched so many in two days in washington d.c. on one side catholic school children 400 or more strong pressing themselves against a fence cheering and singing and hoping that the holy father would come and bless them as he had with other children throughout his trip. on the other military families holding cell phones and small children high above their heads hoping for their moment with
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the holy father, but it was not to be. instead both sides had to watch as pope francis rolled up in his fiat and boarded shepherd 1. now the 777 aircraft flying next to new york city. no rest for the wicked here at joint base andrews. the chinese premier will land here in moments, just the next dignitary to come through, but there's little doubt he will touch far fewer people than pope francis who left such a mark in his first visit to our city. >> this is a live shot from new york city where the pontiff is due to arrive any moment. we'll have updates from new york step throughout the newscast including a live report in a few minutes.
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pope francis took his time leaving the vatican earlier today blessing dozens of children children. at one point it appeared his entourage was ready to leave, but francis made one more trip back to kiss and hug the children. >> in prince george's county there was a quick view of the motorcade as it made its way to joint base andrews. the faithful cheered, waved signs on silver hill road. >> we knew this would be a memorable moment, pope francis waving to the crowd from the speaker's balcony at the u.s. capitol. he told everyone below he's grateful for everyone's presence and the children were
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the most important people there. people hung on the pontiff's every word. >> as debra alfarone explains at points during the first ever papal address to congress, house speaker john boehner appeared to be holding back his emotions. >> mr. speaker, the pope of the holy sea! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: as expected, pope francis touched on several hot button issues. he asked to do better for our nation's immigrants about. >> when the stranger in our midst appears to us, we must not repeat the sins and the errors of the past. >> reporter: he alluded to abortion. >> also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development. >> reporter: he covered the
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death penalty. >> this conviction has led me from the beginning of my ministry to advocate on different levels the globe abolition of the death penalty. >> reporter: and to no one's surprise called for steps towards saving the environment. >> i'm convinced that we can make a difference, i'm sure. [ applause ] >> and i have no doubt that the united states and in congress have an important role to play. >> reporter: it was the first time a pope has bridged the church/state divide. >> god bless america. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: pope francis spoke of so much more.
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he referenced that march to selma 5th years ago. he talked about -- 50 years ago. he talked about four americans, abraham lincoln, martin luther king, dorothy day and thomas murtin. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> of course, the first two need no more introduction. born in 1897, dorothy day founded the catholic worker movement and advocated for the poor. murtin was a monk and the washington post calls him one of the most influential catholic writers of the 20th century. pope francis has probably never seen so many cell phones all of his life. youngsters were rewarded when his holiness came over to greet them. >> can i kiss your ring? thank you. >> i love that line, can i kiss
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your ring? thank you. pope francis greeting catholic school students this morning outside the vatican embassy on massachusetts avenue. it was selfie city for another group of youngsters on embassy row recording video of their encounter with pope francis. the students from avalon high school in maryland talked about their exciting experience afterwards. >> i got really just one photo and it was me desperately trying to reach over the crowd like hey, selfie and that was about as best i, could but i got a picture of my face and the pope's face. that's a selfie, right? >> you see the live shot of the pontiff arriving in new york, very short flight. >> first he lands at jfk and then takes a chopper to a heliport into the wall street area of new york city and then from there the motorcade to st.
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pat's church where he will speak to so much people assembled there. >> he's going to be 79 in december and it's not like he's going to new york to rest up and start in the morning. >> that's right. tomorrow he's got the u.n. he's having an interfaith religious gathering. he's going to a harlem school and he'll close out the day giving mass at madison square garden, so no rest for the weary. >> he's already had a full day here. any one of those events would have been enough for most of us. >> look at all these people that assembled. this pope aspires joy and hope and legions of people turning outs wherever he goes. -- turning out wherever he goes. >> you know new york does everything much bigger. >> they do big. >> this will be millions of people probably in the streets.
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i'm concerned about security. what do they do there? >> it's going to be interesting. they were talking about erecting huge barriers around central park so that they could control the environment there, but as you know, new york can be jammed in a new york minute. so you add the pope and all of the anticipated people there for a number of events plus a huge concert there and it is going to put a strain on their resources. >> i was talking to some of the security, law enforcement here to see if perhaps some of them are going on to new york. none going to new york, but some of the people here protecting the pontiff are going to philadelphia. these guys are highly skilled and trained. they will be following him. new york does have some of the best scooter in the world. >> sure does and it's a good thing because the faithful are getting very quited in new york city as pope francis is about
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to happened. >> reporter kenneth craig joins us now from new york. what's the scene from where you are? >> reporter: pure excitement. hundreds, if not thousands of people have lined fifth avenue here just to get a glimpse of the pope, to see him, possibly say something, maybe the once in a lifetime chance to touch him. about 30 blocks around st. patrick's cathedral are closed with massive amounts of security for tonight's event. right behind me you can see about 500 lucky people who were invited to line the cathedral steps. half of them are local schoolchildren from four local catholic schools. the others are workers who spent the last three years being part of a $177 million restoration to bring this cathedral back to the way it looked when it was built about 150 years ago. >> how does it feel there?
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he new york is a different -- new york is a difference animal. now are york yorkers adjusting to what's going to occur there? >> i imagine like d.c. but on a much larger scale. when you shut down entire blocks and avenues in new york city, there is a lot of disruption, but thousands of new york city police officers and the secret service have been planning for this event and things seem to be going. >> thely and all the people out here line -- going smoothly and all the people out here lining the streets are pretty quited for the event. >> it's an incredible tourist place. tell us about st. patrick's. why is the pontiff coming there? >> reporter: well, it's really considered america's parish. this is the headquarters of the archdiocese here in new york and it's been around for 150
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years. it's a beautiful cathedral inside and out but fell into disrepair over the years until they began renovation about three years ago, a $177 million renovation. it is stunning. millions of people come here every year. >> st. pat's draws popes from years in the past. >> reporter: about five popes i leave have made a visit here on trips to new york, the most recent john paul and benedict visited here when they made their trips to new york city. >> get ready. it's going to be an interesting day and a half in new york. >> we're sending the holy father your way. we took good care of him here. you take good care of him there. >> all good things are headed
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your way. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. it's going to be cool in the morning. ifs and 60s when you wake -- 50s and 60s when you wake up in the morning. we will come back, tell you what a nor'easter means to our weekend forecast. >> a guilty plea tonight in a child sexual assault case that ripped a family and city of falls church apart. tonight we talk to michael gardner's victims. >> a utility worker called a hero tonight for evacuating townhomes before a natural gas explosion in maryland. >> some 8th graders tell us what it's like to meet pope francis as we head into break. >> it was like amazing. i was so stunned. >> i got to shake his hand. >> we shook his hand. it was awesome.
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>> i shook his hand and kissed his ring. >> i saw the pope.
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there you have it, the 777 arriving in new york at jfk airport touching down as you view these pictures. from here he'll take a chopper to the wall street district and a caravan to st. patrick's cathedral for service this evening, but pope francis now in new york with more on his incredible itinerary here in the u.s. >> i don't know how he does it. he must be strengthened by his faith and by god for sure because he has a grueling schedule going forward. >> incredible individual. back here now it's 20 years in prison starting right now
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for the former fall church democratic committee chair michael gardner. he pleaded guilty to five counts in two separate child sexual abuse cases, a story we broke first on twitter and it's a case involving his then 12- year-old niece in 2009 and a separate case involving three girls at his daughter's sleepover in 2011. >> that's right. we had the only tv reporter in the courtroom when it happened today. megan, was it expected, these events? >> reporter: no, not at all at least not according to prosecutors. they say they were very surprised. this started out as day three of trial testimony in one case, that case involving gardner's then 12-year-old niece in 2009, but it ended with a resolution in two cases and a resolution for four families. >> pretty great. >> we're quite ecstatic. >> reporter: happy passionate emotions from two girls who
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wanted you to hear their words. >> there will be times where it seems like it's never going to end and you're just too scared and embarrassed, but it makes you stronger coming forward and it's amazing to have justice. >> it's sad in in nation that if you're -- in this nation that if you're powerful and politically connected that it's not easy to bring accountability. >> reporter: this family and two others didn't expect to face gardner again so soon. the virginia supreme court had to overturn their case set for retrial in november, but that changed. >> i think the trial was just going fairly well and he got discouraged that he would be convicted in this case and then convicted in the slumber party case and the attorneys approached us about trying to do a globe resolution. >> reporter: that resolutions guilty one count object penetration, guilty four counts aggravated sexual battery, but the prosecution says the other resolution isn't on paper.
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it's both a victory and a take- away lesson for child victims. >> it's never too late to speak up and that it pays off sometimes. it paid off certainly in in case and you will be believed -- in this case and you will be believed. >> reporter: as for gardner's family and friends, deputies escorted them out of the courtroom before anybody else so they wouldn't face questions. his attorneys did not stop for a statement, but i reached out to their office again. >> megan, thanks. the judge approves the recommended sentences and gardner still start serving 20 years in prison immediately. he will have tuareg term as a sex offend -- to regularrer it as a sections offender -- register as a sex offender and will not be allowed to have contact with minors after he's
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released. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 78, dry air mass, a really great night for baseball, not as cool but comfortable. clouds come in after midnight. bus stop temperatures 55 to 68, a little cool. then friday mainly dry, showers primarily south and west. high school football games will be played and a better chance of showers saturday. 10:00 tonight 60s, 69 downtown. by morning you see the clouds roll northward, not too many green blobs. temps in the mid-50s to start and upper. ifs and by 8:30, 9:00 right around -- upper 50s and by 8:30, 9:00 right around 60.
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by 1:00 a lot of clouds. if you're downtown, you can take lunch outside. it will be very comfortable fredericksburg south and eventually toward luray and harrisonburg is probably where your best chance of showers will be. by 6:00 temperatures low to mid- 70s and all the green blobs south and west. we get into the nighttime hours tomorrow night high school football games will be played, cool, 60s during the games but mainly dry. day planner, looks like death and construction, but it's just -- destruction, but it's just a lot of clouds. we'll keep showers and drizzle on saturday, better chance on saturday probably 73 and again sunday 72. there's an equal chance of this staying to our south and having cloudy days. next seven days monday we go better back to 80 with showers possible. last game with the nats in
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town, 82 tuesday, 80 wednesday, better chance for showers, perhaps a thunderstorm, cooler thursday as a cold front rolls through wednesday night. we'll be back right after this.
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the pope is arriving in similar fashion now in new york as at joint base andrews. it's windy. he took the hat off. >> he's got handlers, people constantly whispering in his ear, impressive, something to watch. >> we're sort of old pros at this now. we know the cardinals greet the pope and then the pope moves on to whatever he's going to be traveling in. will he be in the papal fiat in new york? they shall see. >> they -- we shall see. >> they can't top our entourage. the catholic church in new york is huge, not just in terms of
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numbers or the liberal politics of new york but the dollars that are raised in new york and throughout this country for the catholic church. american catholic church is very important to the vatican. >> he's going to the historic st. patrick's cathedral which had been in disrepair for a very long time but has recently undergone a multi-million dollar renovation. he'll be performing the service this evening in a brand-new cathedral. >> there he is again with the children. bring me the children. >> he talked a lot about children in the church. it is appropriate that he would do this very thing. >> the pontiff is looking at where the church is going, not just where it's been. you look at africa, south
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america, the children here. you get them young, instill them with values and teachings and children very impressionable. these kinds of things will stay with them. >> and they give to the phone as much always he give -- pope as much as he gives to them. >> i'm really curious. i love hearing noncatholics and people that don't really understand the catholic faith and don't believe a lot of what the catholic church teaches. i really like hearing why they are pulled to the pope. >> what we've heard is that this pope has a message that resonates beyond whether they are members of the catholic faith or not. his message of hope, mercy,
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peace, togetherness and this responsibility we all have to care for one another and the planet that we inhibit. >> it's almost take what you need from this man. >> that's right. discard the rest. keep the good. use it in the way that you need to. >> i wanted to ask father gonzales did he change any minds, any converts up on capitol hill today? >> i think he said it was hard to know, but he got the sense that they at least listened, that they were at least open to a dialogue. the truth will be in what happens going forward. >> my guess is going to be probably didn't change a lot of thinking in terms of how people vote, their ideology, that sort of thing. >> they cling to their ideology and the pope knows that. he knows very well the kind of environment thief walked into and stressed today -- that he
5:27 pm
walked into and stressed today the need to work together and regardless of whether you have the same ideology. >> i think we can all agree we needed to hear that message. >> absolutely. he was the person to bring that message because clearly people have again saying it, but maybe he was the one to say it and maybe they will hear it. >> sure hopefully.
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more now on the pope's visit to d.c. as he has already landed now in new york. >> there have been so many special moments during the pontiff's trip today was no exception. >> people lined up outside the vatican embassy in the morning and evening. bruce, you spoke to many of them before the pontiff headed off to the capitol and returned. a maryland teacher was among them and got an unexpected blessing. she's nine months pregnant with her third child and after pope francis shook her hand he blessed her unborn daughter. >> what a blessing. i just thanked him for all does
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he and his service and he's just an amazing man. i'm so overwhelmed with joy. >> mrs. rikoski teaches at academy of the holy cross. at least one republican congressman boycotted the pope's congressional speech calling him a leftist. >> as bruce leshan reports it's hard to put pope francis in our right or left political boxes. >> reporter: are you fired up? pope francis has a message with good things for both left and right in america. they came by the tens of thousands just as the sun rose behind the capitol, among them an 8-year-old boy from philadelphia who wrote pope francis asking him to rehire his religion instructor at a catholic school. she got fired. >> reporter: why? >> because she's married to a woman. >> reporter: how do you feel
5:32 pm
about that? >> sad. >> reporter: how is it possible that he doesn't recognize your love and yet you still love him? >> we still love the church. i think he does love us and i think he really would love us if he met with us. >> reporter: pope francis has not changed church doctrine on same sex marriage, but janet schultz hears a change in emphasis. >> his message is who am i to judge? >> reporter: the pope did challenge congress to heal the open wounds of a globe torn by greed, hatred and environmental destruction. >> climate change is real. it's really happening. >> reporter: melinda peter, an alaskan native north of the arctic circle celebrated pope francis' campaign against globe warming. >> we love this pope. >> reporter: we heard that love over and over. >> he's amazing. he is absolutely a special, special man. >> reporter: really touched your heart. >> absolutely. >> i thought that it was really
5:33 pm
cool. it's like he's just one of us. >> reporter: mercy, reason, respect, perhaps pope francis' message will bring left and right here just a little bit closer together. that really would be a miracle. at the u.s. capitol bruce leshan, wusa9. >> good stuff, bruce. one couple flew out from kansas to see the pope, said while they disagree on the risk of climate change, they still love him and bask in the love he seems to radiate to his parishioners. one of the most meaningful pope events today was his meeting with hundreds of people at catholic charities where he really feels at home with the people that serves 120,000 people in need every year. >> our peggy fox was there doing the close-up encounter with his holiness. >> reporter: an exciting day here at catholic charities where pope francis made lasting memories for hundreds of people. pope francis wasted no time doing exactly what he came here
5:34 pm
toed, meeting the people -- here to do, meeting the people, but first always thinking of others. he gave the crowd the green light to eat the lunch they'd been staring at for an hour waiting for him. >> enjoy your meal. >> i've been waiting for this really all my life. >> reporter: although no one wanted to eat now. they jumped up at their chance to meet, touch and selfie with the pope. >> my kids said mommy doesn't know how to do a selfie and i was going to get this one right. >> reporter: i think you did. >> it was like energy of light going right through my body. i don't know how to explain it. >> reporter: the crowd of 300 plus was mostly clients of catholic charity's housing programs which include homeless shelters and shelters from domestic violence. >> i hope by him coming that we'll take the message and what he has brought to us and we
5:35 pm
have use this for our advantage and move forward as a city. >> reporter: in the middle of the rock star mob treatment pope francis kissed a baby, 5- month-old rebecca thrower, surprising and thrilling her mom. what are you going to tell rebecca? >> i'm going to tell her all about it, she got blessed when she was a baby. >> reporter: for many here with enormous struggles this was a shiny moment but with acceptance, hope and love. the pope spent about 15 minutes in the crowd as he inched toward his fiat. he had a huge smile and he seemed to want to touch everyone who wanted to touch him. in northwest washington, peggy fox, wusa9. turning now to campaign 2016, several presidential candidates took time out from the campaign trail today to attend pope francis avenue address to a joint session of congress. they heard the -- pope francis' address to a joint session of
5:36 pm
congress. they heard the message. >> i just happen to disagree with the pope on this one. i respect the pope and i luke the pope very much. i will -- like the pope very much. i will say we have a country with tremendous problems. we have to seal up our borders and do something about illegal immigration. >> the latest republican surveys still favor donald trump. three new polls out today have him leading the field. the president of china is here in washington. xi jinping arrived and is scheduled to have an informal dinner with president obama. this meeting comes around growing tensions as the white house accuses china of cyber espionage and the chinese claim the u.s. is interfering in its affairs. president obama continues
5:37 pm
his meetings with world leaders on monday. he'll speak with russian president putin on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly, the first meeting in nearly a year between these two leaders. they disagree on much, particularly syria and ukraine and it's really strained the relationsship between the u.s. and russia. coming up straight ahead pope francis continues to be a hot topic on social media. >> the bakery in new york serves up some holy treats for the pontiff's visit. >> we did not get a break on the pollen today. trees and grasses are now moderate. weeds are back in the low range, mold spores off the charts in the high range. this is always available on our app. go to the app store and search for wusa9. we'll come back and talk about the unsettled weekend. it was amazing. i felt
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another phone inspired pope inspired sweet tweet. >> pope francis cookies. it all begins with a popular
5:41 pm
photo of the pontiff trimmed and sized and put on the cookie. there are some including the baker who couldn't bring themselves to eat the whole thing. >> you don't eat his face either. >> not at all. i have a whole bunch of heads in the freezer at home, yes. >> that's hilarious of the papal cookies sell for $2.95 each. so you eat 1 and get another one that you just let rot, i guess. the bakery hopes to sell about 20,000 before pope francis goes home. could you eat the face? you wouldn't eat the face? >> why would you put the face? just put the papal emblem. i don't eat the face. >> you're just punch drunk at this point. >> probably. pope francis continues to be a hot topic on social media. >> web producer joanie v. joins us now. what are you seeing? >> pope francis was trending all week, dark. we'll look --
5:42 pm
all week. we'll look at some samples right now. let's see if we can get some winning selfies. that's the pope and a little boy, pretty much the ultimate shot, but if people couldn't get the ultimate selfie with the pope, a pop-up would do just fine. nuns tailgating was the talk of social media as well. this morning people were sharing some sunset shots outside the capitol. even the bishops were in taking their photos as well. the #popeindc. we'll let that go away as he is in new york. we'll continue to share those on the bottom of our screens. >> i'm going to have my friends call the friends at the bakeries and send you some cookies. >> what's in them? >> sugar and probably butter. straight ahead a little
5:43 pm
girl abducted in woodbridge. >> new developments for the high school football coach who directed his players to actually hit the referee. >> and some tips. >> right after the break a utility worker is
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a stunning survivor story revealed today in the wake of a catastrophic gas explosion at columbia maryland townhouse developed last night. the survivors are saying a baltimore gas and electric worker was injured, but that person saved at least 10 lives. scott broom is in columbia following up on a miraculous story. >> reporter: 10 people last night gathered in this home for yom kippur dinner and on the other side in a house is that doesn't exist anymore a ticking time bomb. >> a huge explosion sounded like dynamite going off and then it burst into flames. >> reporter: that's survivor luke kaiser one of 10 dinner guests gathered at this house last night who smelled gas that seemed to be coming from the house next-door where no one was home. they called baltimore gas and
5:47 pm
electric company. the worker immediately detected gas next-door and ordered the 10 out. the hostest was just crossing the threshold when -- hostess was just crossing the threshold when the house next-door blew. >> we are thankful we aren't hurt and we thank the bge guys because had he not evacuated us, we probably would have still been in the house. >> reporter: the resulting explosion and fire seriously injured the bge worker. dozens of homes in the development suffered damage ranging from locked doors blown open and broken windows. in all six were condemned. >> the windows blew in. >> we got about 5 feet from the door, keys in my hand and the thing blew. i have a solid steel door that was locked and it blew that door wide open. >> we're just thankful, really thankful that there was no loss of life. >> reporter: so a close call for those 10 credit and all
5:48 pm
credit to the bge worker who raised the alarm released from the hospital. witnesses say it's possible the gas meter next to the house that exploded may have been bumped by a vehicle and that's what caused the leak. officials are looking into it. in columbia, scott broom, wusa9. right now in prince william county police need your help finding a man who tried to abduct a little girl around 3:30 yesterday afternoon near bevanwood drive and elkwood lane in woodbridge. the 13-year-old tells police a man in a two door light blue pickup truck with lumber in the back stopped to ask for directions. then the guy allegedly got out of the truck and tried to grab her. the girl got away. the suspect is described as a white male in his 50s, 5' 10, about 160 pounds with a long white beard, shaggy hair and a mole on his left cheek. if you've got any information, please call prince william county police. the texas high school football coach accused of ordering his players to hit a
5:49 pm
ref has resigned. this troubling video caused concern around the country. mark breed was scheduled to testify in frontal of texas' governing bold but not now. breed said he gave the order after the ref used racial slurs and missed a call. >> always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> another gorgeous evening, temperatures about average, 78, dew point low 50s, humidity 39%, good hair day. winds are still gusting to 21. some clouds tonight but comfortable. bus stop temperatures 55 to 68, about 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. friday dry, mostly cloudy, showers south and west, fredericksburg south and culpeper south and west. better chance of showers in the immediate metro area saturday. i'm not even sold on that at this point. the high school football games,
5:50 pm
no problems tomorrow night and your soccer games, no problem on saturday morning. 10:00 tonight generally clear, low 60s to upper 60s downtown. watch the clouds steadily march northward, just cloud cover, no real green blobs anywhere, a couple showers south of fredericksburg by 6 a.m. early in morning 50s and might need your sunglasses, by 9:00 low 60s and clouds thickening south and west of us. [ audio difficulties ]
5:51 pm
cooler but nice next thursday. these are live pictures in new york. bruce, you've seen that vehicle carting around d.c. a few times. >> it's a fiat. >> is it the same papal fiat from d.c. or did they fly in a new one? in might be the chopper with pope francis on board. >> either that or a pilot who is in a lot of trouble getting that close to the pope's vehicle. >> it's that's the case, it's about to be wheeled down.
5:52 pm
this heli pad is near wall street and from here the pope will hop into the papal fiat, get into a motorcade formation and the grand man in the small car will head over to st. patrick's cathedral. >> where a lot of people who are lucky enough, i think about 500 of them, will attend a prayer service tonight with the pope. >> big day for new york where there's a vespers ceremony and the pope will have a small meeting with staffers before he shuts his eyes tonight and wakes up bright and early tomorrow to start it all over again. he will address the u.n. he'll go to ground zero. he'll have a multi-faith
5:53 pm
gathering. he'll stop at a school in harlem to meet with some kids and finally after all of that he will go to madison square garden. looks like the delegation is coming off the chopper now. we'll try to go back as soon as there's something else to bring you. >> you know what i'm thinking? who is the pope pulling for tonight? what a night in new york, the pope arriving and a big thursday night showdown, so busy time in the new york area. thursday night means football, washington/new york, a big divisional showdown that could have huge implications. now the division is wide open and both teams have plenty to prove in week three, the gmen
5:54 pm
looking to avoid an 0-3 start while washington wanting to show last week wasn't a fluke and kirk cousins is the guy to lead them to a second straight victory. week four last year cousins threw four interceptions in the thursday night loss to the g- men. how. has he learned from -- how much has he learned from that? we'll see tonight. >> i'm anxious to watch him against the giants thursday night just to see if i see this frog with my own eyes -- progress with my own eyes, but on tv and watching film i see a different quarterback than in the past, much more sure of himself, playing with more confidence and stronger. so his personality is starting to come out. that's a good thing for the washington team. >> coming up i'll have reports from new york about the game. to some baseball, bryce harper is having a special season. will it be enough to make him the first mvp in nationals
5:55 pm
hiory? holden kushner gives us his take in tonight's inside pitch. >> reporter: bryce harper must win the national league mvp. he's put up numbers in rival joe dimaggio and albert pujols. leads in batting average, most runs and getting on base 47%. almost every other time he's in the box he's on base. harper is in the midst of a historically great season statistically. his 2015 season is among the best by nun his age. when he hit his 40th -- anyone his age. where they hit his 40th home run this year, he was one of a small number. he did talk about his accomplishments. >> i'm pretty proud of myself to be able to have the games, have the walks, have the ability to stay in games and do things i can to help this team
5:56 pm
win. >> reporter: the fans want yoenis cespedes, but he was recently bad for lack of effort. harper literally kept his team above .500 by may, something first baseman clint robinson won't forget. >> the conversation for league mvp, he's definitely our team mvp. when he goes, we go. >> reporter: a veteran baseball writer is voting hammer for -- harper for mvp. he will probably be in the overwhelming majority. >> those numbers you just heard, his season at 22 years old, he's definitely in that conversation. >> how much weight does the nats record play, the fact they've underachieved? will that hurt him?
5:57 pm
>> i don't think so. like holden said, he kept this team afloat for a while, so kind of balance each other out. coming up at 6:00 more coverage of pope francis' final day in d.c. and reaction from local lawmakers to his historic speech to congress. >> an exclusive behind the scenes look inside the fbi's command center during the pope's stay.
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we're back now and there have been several chopper that landed at the wall street heliport. we assume one of these was carrying the pontiff who has landed in new york for a very ambitious day of events. >> he's got a long day. right now at 6:00, though, pope francis just arrived in new york after wrapping up a historic 48 hours here in d.c. >> that's right. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle react to the first ever speech by a pope to a joint session of congress. >> and an exclusive look behind the scenes of the law enforcement agencies in charge of keeping the pope safe while he was here in d.c., a mammoth task, but they managed to do it. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. pope francis is in new york this evening after staying some 48 hours in d.c., large


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