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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the man videotaping said the suspect did not have any sunglasses on him. >> he left, came back with a power of sunglasses. the officer who appear -- pair of sunglasses. the officer who appeared with the individual took a picture with the sunglasses. the officer who came with the sunglasses left. >> reporter: so was it the racial component that led you to start videotaping? >> yes. of course. >> reporter: police charged the suspect with larceny and assaulting an officer. to be charged with assaulting an officer i think that you would have to assault an officer and you didn't see that? >> no, nothing from beginning to end nothing. the guy simply turned around after he saw the officer pulled a taser. the guy was -- by the time he got tased the guy was already with his hands on the hood. >> reporter: could the guy have spat at the officer? >> no. >> reporter: maybe thrown a punch you couldn't have seen? >> no. >> reporter: kicked him? >> no. >> reporter: you saw no assault? >> no assault.
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>> reporter: now as far as the sunglasses go, the uncle of the man who was tased says that it was all a misunderstanding about those sunglasses and you can see elton, if that is his name, get up after the video and police have put out the suspect declines any sort of treatment. now the man who took the video says an officer from the internal affairs department had interviewed him about what he saw and that the officer took a copy or asked for a copy of his videotape. again we are still waiting for some information from the fairfax county police department. i'm peggy fox reporting live. back to you. >> thanks, peggy. in an unrelated recall the tasing of an inmate who then died at the fairfax county jail spark several demonstrations. there was an internal investigation which led to no charges. breaking news now, a major development in the d.c. fire department, the fire chief gregory dean will ask the d.c. council to allow him to move
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forward with a plan to hire an outside private ambulance company. now under the pilot one year arrangement the d.c. fire department would still respond to all 911 calls, but the private company would handle patients that are in stable condition or ones not in need of advanced care. >> either use of a third--- by the use of a third-party provider it will allow us an opportunity to get to those issues. the third-party provider is not the answer, just helping us get to those core issues so can deliver an even better brand to the residents. >> if approved, this would be new for d.c., but dean adopted a similar private ambulance policy while he was fire chief in seattle, washington. more breaking news, sky9 over the scene at sugarloaf mountain frederick county, maryland, where a rescue operation is underway. emergency responders and medics are trying to reach someone hurt in a fall. we'll bring you more information on this story when
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it becomes available. you could call it the exclamation point on its ugly season for the washington nationals. the team's suspended closer jonathan papelbon for four games without pay for this dugout fight with bryce harper. that means he is done for the 2015 season. nats gm mike rizzo called papelbon's actions unacceptable. this all happened one day after the team was eliminated from the playoffs. andrea mccarren is live outside nats park in southeast with some reaction to the fight. wow, andrea. >> reporter: wow indeed, lesli. whether deserving or not, as you know, professional athletes are role models for a lot of kids and that's one reason why reaction to that dugout brawl has been so strong. >> i just wanted to know why, why did they do that? >> reporter: he's only 11, but j.p. king summed it up well. >> yeah. i was disappointed in them. >> reporter: papelbon's attack on harper made an impression on
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many young baseball fans. >> i don't think it's good. >> reporter: why? >> because they both could have got hurt and been out for the rest of the season. >> see papelbon saying run the ball out. bryce is saying you got to be kidding me. >> it was hard to try to explain to him what happened and i hated to have to do that. >> reporter: steven cladski was at sunday's game with his 11-year-old grandson who collects the players' baseball cards, memorizes their stats and wants to grow up to be just like them. >> i think they are role models and they should act as if they are. >> reporter: many nats fans agree. >> if i would have done that at work, i wouldn't have a job tomorrow. >> they make a lot of money. a lot of kids look up to those guys, so they should remember that. >> they need to get fined or talked to or something, you know, or do some jail time. >> it's getting ugly, folks. >> i wouldn't want my son to see it. i think athletes in general, football players, basketball players, do lots of things i wouldn't want my child to do.
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>> reporter: john pitts just wants them to play the game. as for papelbon's four game suspension without pay, we have not met a single nats fan who doesn't believe he deserves that. reporting live from nats park andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> all right, andrea. when asked about the brawl, bryce harper only said i'm just worried about the next six games of the year. fame bone said he was -- papelbon said he was frustrated about not being in the playoffs and that he and harper have a brotherly relationship. we'll talk about this some more at 5:50 in sports. a 22-year-old germantown man is facing first degree murder after police say he intentionally hit and killed another young man, william dean mcdaniel, with his car and then drove away on friday. mola lenghi was in court today at the bond hearing and spoke with emotional family members. mola? >> reporter: that's right, bruce. it was emotional for both families really, the victims as well as the suspect. a judge ruled today in court
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that ryan salanti will be held without bond awaiting trial. he is facing life in prison. a business transaction that turned into an argument that led to a deadly hit and run at this maryland intersection left two families in tears monday. can you just tell us about him? >> no. >> reporter: authorities say after an argument with mcdaniel ryan salandi drove away but circled back around running mcdaniel down in his car. salandi left the scene and went to germantown where he lives with his mother. she called police and told them her son was involved in a hit and run. when you first heard about the charges, what was your reaction? >> obviously shocked. >> reporter: prosecutors say there's no way saland i didn't know that he hit someone as there was blood and dna on his car. while bliss say he wednesdayed to the murder during questioning -- police say he confessed to the murder during
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questioning, the defense wanted to know why police held him until 4 a.m. before getting that confession. >> i have no comment. i haven't received any real information about the case, so i have no comment. >> reporter: salandi's attorney maintains his innocence. >> all around great guy. he's known to the community as a christian rapper, pursuing a career in music and most of everything that he's done has been incredibly positive throughout his life. >> reporter: ryan salandi's defense attorney was quick to point out today this is his client's first alleged criminal offense. he has no criminal record. live in rockville i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> salandi's next court appearance will be in three weeks. we begin the week with some good rain possibilities at least for the next few days. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt joins us now and
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tomorrow is a yellow weather alert day? >> yeah. we had to for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, not so much for the morning. in fact, here's futurecast. we're going to advance this all the way till 4 p.m. tomorrow, showers pretty much across the board, temperatures still warm despite clouds and showers tomorrow, another day probably toward 80 downtown, upper 70s in the burbs. reds and yellows and oranges by 6:00 which means heavy activity. by 6 p.m. we're still 78 downtown, big storms in hagerstown, martinsburg, romney and cumberland. by 8:00 more showers and storms beginning to fire between culpeper and manassas, so kind of a stormy night tomorrow. we actually kind of do need some rainfall even though it may be on the severe side. by 10:00 big time look at the red leesburg, frederick, martinsburg and hagerstown, temps around 70, but that's big time showers and thunderstorms. we'll come back, talk about the possibility of needing another yellow weather alert on wednesday. we'll tell you why. >> top, thank you. investigators are searching for the cause of a fire that
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killed two people in anne arundel county. the blaze broke out in a house in severna park around 1:45 this morning. firefighters arrived there and found intense flames in the back of the house. during the 30 minutes it took to gain control firefighters made the grim discovery. >> in the process of doing search and rescue in extinguishment of the fire they located two victims in a front bedroom of the residence who they removed to the exterior. on examination they were pronounced deceased on the jean. >> the fire department says the victims -- scene. >> the fire department says the victims are a 41-year-old woman and her 11-year-old son. montgomery county officials met today to talk about police body cameras and the impact of pending local law and state law. they were told there were many technical issues with the body worn policy. a statewide policy is due out january 1st. more changes in metro and
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it's not good news. you may have noticed some of the changes already. blue, orange and silver lines are now stopping every eight minutes instead of six and starting tuesday only the blue line will stop at the stadium armory metro station during weekday rush hour. orange and silver lines will keep on going. this stems from last week's transformer fire that knocked out power to a substation that serves stadium armory. metro is reducing the number of trains going through that station as well as the speeds. >> whether it's the escalators not working or the unusual failures or sometimes you go on a metro line and it decides hey, we're not taking the next stop till the last minute, it's just par for the course here. >> eight more cars will run until service is back to normal. they are offering shuttle buses to get to holiday weekend stops, the work expected to be fin -- orange line stops, the work expected to be finished in
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march. donald trump said he would eliminate taxes for millions of americans with modest incomes, lower the tax rate on all businesses to 15% and impose an immediate tax on overseas earnings of u.s. corporations. >> we're lowering taxes very substantially. we're simplifying and we're getting rid of deductions that are actually obsolete. >> trump says single people making less than $25,000 a year and married couples making less than 50 will pay no taxes. the ranking house member on the committee in charge of taxes says trump's plan has little chance of passing in congress. god weems over the sexual abuse -- weeps over the sexual abuse scandal in the catholic church were the flights from the pontiff before his flight back to rome. pope francis says bishops who covered up the abuse will be held accountable. old also described his reception in washington as -- he also described his reception in washington as warm but a bit
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more formal in new york. >> we got warm, that's good. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. a lot woman claims she was beaten badly by police for a crime she didn't even commit, that story coming up at 5:30. >> plus is there life on mars? a major announcement makes that thought a bit more likely. >> plus topper is back with more on tomorrow's yellow weather alert and the rest of the workweek's forecast. >> right after the break a man accused of opening fire on buildings, bruce leshan reports up next.
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smells like spaghetti with johnsonville italian sausage. my favorite. bad news. the johnsonville factory burned down brian. it's terrible. well if you can't serve tasty sausage why are we even a family? i may as well move out. well, if that's what yo... you're right. i'll stay. and tomorrow we're going to help johnsonville rebuild that factory. i'll take dinner in my room with chocolate milk. make pasta tastier with johnsonville italian sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. a whole lot of relief right now in herndon and leesburg and fairfax county where police believe they caught the guy for shooting up more than
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potentially half a dozen buildings. they're holding the suspect without bond tonight. our bruce leshan is live in herndon, virginia, where the suspect is accused of shooting into a bank, bruce? >> reporter: yeah, bruce, it is the td bank here in the eldon street marketplace and you can see they still have plywood up on the windows here. police are investigating malakarnae in at least seven different shootings near the toll road in july and this month. they've already charged him in four shootings. he lives in herndon. his motives remain a mystery. the shootings were all overnight. no one was hit, but in at least one case there were security guards inside the building who could have been wounded. a lot of people came back to work in the morning in those buildings and found bullet holes in their windows and you could just imagine how scary that could be. >> it's definitely pretty
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disturbing. i just moved to this community about a year ago. i thought it would be a pretty safe neighborhood. it still feels pretty safe, but to have a guy go around shooting at buildings, that definitely jarred me. i did see this on the news the other day. i couldn't believe it was in this area. i see my grocery store nearby and it looks really awkward i got to say. >> reporter: it was not just the shootings. police say the guy also shut down the elevators in an office building on corporate park drive and attacked a security camera. now that gave them the key clue that led them to malakarnae, a lot of folks relieved believing police busted the shooter before anyone got hurt, but again why anyone would shoot up banks and buildings in the middle of the night still a mystery. live in herndon bruce leshan, wusa9. >> police are still trying to figure out if the suspect shot up a credit building in leesburg and two other buildings in herndon. a major discovery on mars that sucks there could be life
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there. >> pass -- suggests there could be life there. >> fascinating. nasa scientists announced today that they found evidence that salty water flows on the red planet during its summer months and this could help scientists determine whether there is life on mars. >> we haven't been able to answer the question does life exist beyond earth? but following the water is a critical element of that. we now have i think great opportunities to be in the right locations on mars to thoroughly investigate that. >> nasa says more exploration is needed to discover the exact source of the water. several years ago the space agency determined mars had frozen water at its poles. >> that's incredible. >> it's awesome. >> saltwater, summer, there must be a beach nearby, got to be. >> i just retweeted the whole link to the nasa thing. it's actually a very interesting bit of information. we have a bit of
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information, been a quiet tropical season. we're tracking something off the coast we'll get to in a second. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, it's 8 2 , dew point up there now 65, pretty humid for late september, winds east, southeast at 7. tropical storm joaquin is forecast for the next 24 to 36 hours. the trek is toward the southeast coast and along the coast as a cold front rolls through and essentially become part of the cold front wednesday and thursday and by saturday it's going to be off the coast of ocean city off the delmarva. right now i would not recommend going to the beach this weekend. the question is how much moisture is going to be thrown back into the immediate metro area saturday for the terps guy. in the meantime here's our radar first alert done her the last hour, just a couple -- just a couple showers across the bay back into anne arundel, couple showers north of baltimore and easton and that's about it,
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just an isolated shower possible tonight. take a walk after dinner, no worries and very mild. bus stop temperatures 64 to 74, almost like summer and dry i think for the most part in the morning. however, yellow alert tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night for showers and storms, critical showers 3 p.m. to about midnight. some could be heavy and a few of those actually become severe tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. by 10:00 tonight temps around 70, pretty mild, 73 downtown, 68 in gaithersburg, 69 in bowie, 70 in leesburg. by morning there will be a few spotty showers but for the most part a dry commute, upper 60s to around 70. by 9:00 we're still looking at a lot of clouds, a couple sprinkles, nothing heavy in the morning, still 70. despite the clouds and showers tomorrow 79 by 1:00, 76 in gaithersburg, rockville and olney, 76 in leesburg, 77 in
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manassas. watch what happens. showers and storms begin to develop from the south and move northward. of? these could be heavy. 6 p.m. showers south of town, up toward hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester. you're seeing reds there, not a big thing. by 9:30 thunderstorms west of town pearl is iville, round hill anding a -- percyville, round hill and hagerstown. some of them are going to be heavy and a few could be severe tomorrow. day planner, no shortage of clouds, temperatures in the low 70s, probably not below 60 tonight. 76 at 11:00 and perhaps a thunderstorm by 1:00, better chance later more south of town. we'll monitor wednesday for a yellow alert as well. the cold front goes through wednesday but won't cool us off until thursday. we hold in the 60s thursday,
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kind of a raw day thursday. let's talk about the rest of the week and weekend, morning showers friday, decent afternoon, then more showers saturday depending on where that front goes and what's left of joaquin and nice on sunday and monday for the burgundy and gold, temps around 70. >> all right, topper. president barack obama and russian leader vladimir putin are having their first face to face meeting in more than a year. >> but they aren't seeing eye to eye on a number of issues including the ukraine and syria. speaking at the u.n. today the president said the president of syria has to go, but putin has been ramping up assad. two world leaders with clashing views. turns out the dmv is a great place for teachers, impressive results from a new study come up. >> plus a new cashless way to pay for your next meal or shngoppi
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the trading week on wall street starts off sharply lower over concerns about the health of china's economy. the dow tumbled 312 points. the nasdaq fell 142 points. the district's a.g. says it will join 28 states in a joint consumer protection
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investigation into volkswagen. the german automaker is in the center of an emissions cheating scandal that involves nearly 11 million volkswagen and audi german newspapers report volkswagen's top executive knew about those air emission secret software eight years ago. the vehicles in question involve the 2009 through 2015 model years. samsung launches its new mobile payment system today. samsung pay will compete with apple pay and android pay. this system will work at about 90% of retailers which it claims gives it a significant advantage over the competition. pope francis was hailed as a rock star while he was here in the u.s. and now the pontiff plans to release his own rock album on itunes i mean because he hasn't done enough already. his wake-up recordings will include tracks ranging from pop to rap to latin. of course, there's got to be some latin in there. the music will be merged with some of the holy father's
5:26 pm
speeches. the pope's album is set for release on november 27th. when does the man sleep? some of the proceeds will go to help refugees. we've got some encouraging news for our local educators, parents and students. >> that's right. a new list put out by wallet hub lists virginia as the second best state in the country for teachers. maryland comes in 10th. d.c. ranks 26th. massachusetts tops the list. among the criteria, average starting and median salaries, student to teacher ratio and commute time. a baby with an inoperable brain tumor, what her parents are saying after a special blessing by pope francis. >> plus the fbi investigates a series of convenience store robberies that could be connected in northern virginia. >> right after the break a local woman claims she was roughed up by police and has the video to prove it. we'll go there live next.
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a local woman says she was severely beaten by police and falsely charged with a crime. >> she's threatening legal action after the july incident in bladensburg. that's where we find hank silverberg with more. hank? >> reporter: that's right. this started july 12th, a sunday night at a local restaurant. a group of women got in a fight. it ended with a 29-year-old mother of three getting badly beaten by police with some of it caught on video. this woman was at a restaurant
5:30 pm
on kenilworth avenue with her sister july 12th when the fight broke out. she said four women were beating up her sister. she went to help her sibling. restaurant security stepped in and escorted her outside where the real trouble began. uribe was landed over to an off- duty moonlighting police officer. it's hard to see in this grainy surveillance video, but she was beaten she said with fists and thrown to the ground. translator: he grabbed my arms very forcefully, pulled my arm back. i simply told him i want to know what's going on with my sister. that i want to know how my sister is doing. >> reporter: the police report says uribe used foul language, spit and started swinging her arms at callaway and resisted arrest, but she says that's not the case. it was clear there was a language barrier during the exchange. with one of her lawyers interpreting she tells us she had no idea why she was singled
5:31 pm
out. >> he beat me on my face -- translator: he beat me on my face. i raised my arm to try to defend myself from him hitting my face. after that i lost consciousness. >> reporter: these are pictures of her at the hospital where she had to stay for three days after the arrest. when she left the hospital, police filed assault and resisting arrest charges against her. attorneys have filed notice of their attempt to sue bladensburg police. she wants callaway fired. now we can tell you we talked to the bladensburg police about this. they tell us they are doing an internal investigation. officer callaway is still on the job, still on patrol. in bladensburg hank silverberg, wusa9. >> the state's attorney's office in prince george's county says it will wait for the police investigation to be completed before deciding on any criminal charges. a local youth hockey coach
5:32 pm
pleaded guilty to several charges related to child pornography. it was in fairfax county court where timothy bodenheimer pleaded guilty to possession, distribution and computer solicitation charges. the investigation started back in december when parents reported that someone was approaching their children online. all the kids played hockey for local middle schools or youth teams. bodenheimer is behind bars in fairfax. he'll be sentenced in december. sentencing today for the woman who helped two killers escape a new york prison, joyce mitchell wept and apologized. she was ordered to spend up to seven years behind bars. the 61-year-old mitchell admits that she provided the tools that richard matt and david sweat used to break out of the clinton correctional facility back in june. they were on the run for almost three weeks until matt was shot and killed by a border agent. sweat was shot and wounded by a state trooper a couple days later. a fifth person has now died as a result thereafter duck boat crash in seattle,
5:33 pm
washington. federal investigators say the amphibious vehicle that swerved into the path of a bus last week does not have an axle repair that was recommended two years ago. witnesses describe seeing the duck boat's left front tire locking up just before the crash. all of the company's boats are being kept off the streets pending a state inspection of those vehicles. the pope is back in rome, but the after glow of his visit is still shining on millions who saw him during his trip here in washington and to philly and new york. >> tonight a philly couple says they have renewed hope after pope francis kissed their baby who has an inoperable brain tumor. >> reporter: it's one of those moments that's hard not to watch over and over again, 1- year-old jianna masciantonio was quickly hoisted in the air and kissed by pope francis on the head on his way to independence hall. >> i held her over the fence as far as i could and that's when
5:34 pm
the swiss guard or secret service, whoever was guarding the pope came up and grabbed her. the pope kissed her and blessed her. >> reporter: smack dab on the back of the head. that's where little jianna has a rare inoperable brain tumor. her blood cells attack her brain stem and surgery is not an option. >> the doctor basically came in and said go home. you have days to weeks, maybe months with your daughter. >> and he said that there would be no way she would see already 1st birthday. >> reporter: jianna grace masciantonio turned a year old on september 17th. she was named for st. jianna, a modern day saint in it's who died in 1962. st. jianna was on stage with pope francis and if you ask her parents, her future is a bright one thanks to the pope, the fbi and a little help from upstairs. >> i fell to my knees and i cried. and i thank the lord. for helping us get through this
5:35 pm
and for giving her this blessing. >> reporter: a blessing and a kiss they'll always remember. >> a family friend who works for the fbi told them where to stand along the parade route and there was a good chance that the pontiff would bless their baby. the fbi is now on the hunt for two crooks who robbed three 7-eleven convenience stores in dale city between august 18th and september tent. they hit up those stores on -- 10th. they hit up those stores. take a look at these surveillance pictures. in each robbery one of the stickup men had what cops are calling a long gun. a knife was also used and the fbi is offering a $5,000 reward for information that gets to those guys. trending now, one of the world's most popular rappers coming to the kennedy center for a very special show. >> also a woman tired of people asking when she's having kids makes a viral social media
5:36 pm
post. >> and the picture george zimmerman retweeted that has a lot of people talking tonight. >> very nice right now across the metro area, in fact, more like august, the pollen okay for trees, grass and weeds in the low rake, moderate for mold spore -- range, moderate for mold spores. you can find this on and, of course, on our app. go to the app store, search for wusa9 and do
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taking a look at today's trending stories george zimmerman is back in the news tonight. >> the former neighborhood watch leader from florida allegedly retweeted a picture showing trayvon martin's dead body. we decided not to show you the photo, but this is zimmerman twitter account. the picture includes a caption that reads z man is a one man army. the photo was used in the trial where the jury acquitted zimmerman in the shooting death of the unarmed teen. twitter has since removed that picture. are you one of those young women tired of people asking when are you going to have children? >> don't worry. after you have one and don't have another, they ask the same question. so when are you going to have another one? not. an ann arbor, michigan, woman is getting worldwide attention
5:40 pm
for her facebook post on the matter. with a random ultrasound picture emily bingham wrote just a friendly psa that people's reproductive and procreate pro -- and procreative plans are none of your business. this video came to us from dubai. this phenomenon occurs when there's a full moon in combination with a lunar eclipse. the last time we saw a blood moon was in 1982 and we won't see another one until 1933. ♪[ music ] ♪ that is kendrick lamar and rolling stone calls him the
5:41 pm
most talented rammer of his generation and on august 20th -- rapper of his generation and on august 20th he will perform his album to tempt a butterfly. tickets start at $35 go on sale tomorrow for kennedy center members. everybody else can get their tickets starting on wednesday. tonight is comedian trevor noah's first evening as host of the daily show. we'll see how he does as he airs on the jon stewart satire thrown. kevin hart will be his guest. >> please welcome michelle obama. >> and our first lady will be a guest on the late show tonight with stephen colbert. that was a clip from this evening's taping of the show. you can see it right here on wusa9 and cbs after the 11:00 news. >> you know that's going to be a funny interview.
5:42 pm
>> absolutely. she's great. the day after the nationals playoff hopes go up in flames there was a little heat in the dugout, team management speaks out about that fight just ahead. >> plus forget about finding the right charging cord for your smart phone, how you can some of my competitors plan to reduce the use of antibiotics over the next few years. but what are you having for dinner tonight? try perdue® simply smart® and harvestland®. two trusted perdue brands of chicken raised with no antibiotics ever.
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apple fans around the world scooped up the new iphone in record numbers this weekend. this was the scene in georgetown early friday morning. since they apple has sold nearly 13 million of the 6s and 6s plus models. that tops last year's sales. whether you've got an apple or android it seems like our phones constantly need to be charged. now a major furnituremaker is creating tables that will juice up your gadgets and experts believe this could be the start of a huge wireless charging trend. >> reporter: kelly donovan came to ikea to look at this end table and see how it works with her smart phone. >> i thought i'd give it a try to see if it was worth it or if it was going to work with my phone. >> reporter: the table is part of a new line of furniture that
5:46 pm
has phone charging pads built in which plug into an outlet. just lay your phone on top of the plus sign and the battery starts charging. how quickly does the phone charge? >> about as quickly as a standard charger will but no cords. so you don't have to worry about things to plug in. >> reporter: ikea says shoppers can buy a stand alone charger and install it in their own desk or table. >> people are really excited about the product. >> reporter: ikea's furniture joins a range of other wireless chargers on the mark, but there is a downside. some phones -- market, but is in a downside. some phones including the iphone do not have wieters charging capability built in. customers have to buy a second a -- wireless charging capability built in. customers have to buy a second adapter case, but that will likely change soon. >> i think this is the beginning of a trend and wireless charging will start to become everywhere that we are, in the home, in the office, maybe even coffee shops and
5:47 pm
airport lounges, places like that. >> reporter: kelly's lg phone worked with the ikea chargers and she's planning to take one home. free ride for some commuters tomorrow. to celebrate its 30th anniversary the fairfax connector will allow all passengers to hop on board at no cost. it's all part of the fairfax rethink your commute initiative urging residents to take advantage of the county's transportation options. young burn victims get a hand with healing thanks to some firefighters with big hearts. this is the international burn camp on a trip to see the washington monument. usually burn survivors face a lifetime of surgery and treatment for their injuries. while the camp counselors offer the children peer support, the fun and activities help them feel like normal children again. >> i just wanted to come. there's kids that have the same experience as me. >> it's pretty fun, making new friends, first time in d.c. in
5:48 pm
forever. >> an estimated 2,500 children attend some 50 regional burn camps every year. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> pretty nice evening outside, a little toasty, in fact, let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still 82. we went 80 for a high for the 3- degree guarantee. we'll let you know how we did at 11:00. it's going to be close. 65 is the dew point, so it's almost humid, winds east, southeast at 7. radar over the past hour, first alert doppler, a couple showers in the bay and they're pretty much gone. you want to walk this evening, you can. essentially a few isolated showers tonight. bus stop temperatures pretty mild as well, 64 to 74, like 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. or 9:30 across the metro. yellow weather alert tuesday afternoon and also night. evening will be rough.
5:49 pm
we think the heaviest storms will be 3 p.m. to midnight. the morning commute will be fine, evening commute may be a different story. 68 gaithersburg and in frederick tomorrow, 67 in damascus, 68 also in bowie, 70 in leesburg, 69 in manassas. then by early in the morning 6:00 it could be a couple sprinkles here and there, temperatures still 60s in the burbs and 70 downtown and by 9:00 70 in leesburg, bowie and also at andrews and la plata. some showers start to begin to develop and build from the south moving northward throughout the afternoon, evening and tomorrow night. some will be heavy, some severe. we'll show you the futurecast and stop it at 6:00. you see all the red and orange up near hagerstown and martinsburg indicating heavy activity and south of us across la plata into prince william county, they'll develop and
5:50 pm
move northward. by 10:00 tomorrow night we'll be rocking and rolling here frederick up to hagerstown, winchester, martinsburg, heavy thunderstorms possible and temps still around 70 tomorrow night despite the clouds in the evening. so could be a little rough tomorrow afternoon and evening. 72 at 9:00, just cloudy, 76 at 11:00 on the day planner and perhaps a couple showers by lunchtime, better chance between 3:00 and midnight. we'll monitor wednesday for more showers and storms, 77. the cold front goes through wednesday. cool air lags through thursday, cooler on thursday, only 68. friday maybe some morning showers, 68 and more showers on saturday, terps in town, homecoming. it could be a wet day especially as we showed you earlier if that tropical depression 11 gets involved and nice for sunday unless the tropical depression gets involved, 70 for the burgundy and gold and 70 with sunshine on monday.
5:51 pm
now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> it's the talk of the town, the fight heard around the country so to speak. even if you're not a baseball fan, this video is compelling. in the bottom of the 8th in sunday's game bryce harper pops out, doesn't run it out. you see him and jonathan papelbon having words and all of a sudden papelbon lunges at bryce harper, grabs him by the neck. teammates and coaches split them up. he's been suspended for four games, that plus his three game suspension already for hitting manny machado. he's done for the season. here's matt williams today on yesterday's incident. >> it's been a very difficult 24 hours for the organization
5:52 pm
and incidents like that in the dugout is not the way we want to play our games. so that being said we have other games to play the remainder of this season and we have to come toke as a team and move past that. >> so -- together as a team and move past that. >> so everywhere you go people are talking about the skirmish in the dugout including out at redskins park. frank shanahan has their talk on the -- frank hanrahan has their talk on the drama. >> that was pretty weird to see, the mvp getting choked out. those kind of things happen, i'm sure, especially in baseball. especially when you're around the guys for six is no, although became bone was only a -- papelbon was only acquired a couple months ago. those things happen. hopefully there's no lingering effect from that for them. >> reporter: even as the redskins were preparing for the philadelphia eagles this sunday there was talk in their room about what happened in the nationals dugout. >> you never want to fight your
5:53 pm
own teammates, especially during the game. you know, at before it happens, that kind of stuff, but during the game you want to be as close as a team, you know, as possible. >> but you know, that makes you a better team. i'm sure they left it right there. sometimes it happens. it's the nature of what it goes to. >> reporter: this nats tussle brought back memories of one of the more memorable fights among teammates in d.c. history, seven davis and michael westbrook of the redskins in 1997? no in fighting yet here at redskins park as they want to fight against the philadelphia eagles on sunday, another nfc east battle, both teams at one and two. inside the red zone in redskins farc frank hanrahan, wusa9 sports -- park, frank hanrahan, wusa9 sports. >> the new york post is always good for a headline, but this one has chokers on it. who thought this would be the nationals at the end of this season? >> papelbon, he's out of here.
5:54 pm
he's not going to play next year. >> you think so? he's got that $11 million left and next year left, but this may have been the nail. >> you see the photographer going what do i do with the camera? do i aim it this way or that way? >> and he's the mvp, though, also. you cannot do that. could have been seriously injured. just ahead at 6:00 donald trump says tax cuts for everybody, well, not really everybody, but we'll have reaction to the republican presidential candidate's tax plan. >> also ahead the crisis in syria tops the agenda of president obama's first face to face meeting with his russian counterpart in nearly a year. >> but up next the new test that can identify early stage
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
in tonight's health alert a new study shows a gene test can help many women with early stage breast cancer skip chemotherapy. >> dr. marshall explains how. >> reporter: ann lieu weiss popolou was -- louise popolou was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer five years ago. doctors suggested she have a gene activity test to help assess the risk of whether her cancer would come back. now a new study shows the test accurately identifies many women with early stage cancer who can safely skip chemotherapy. >> even though they did not get chemotherapy, this large group of women did very well.
5:58 pm
the recurrence risk was less than 2% for five years of followup. >> reporter: the study published in the new england journal of medicine involves more than 10,000 women with the most common type of breast cancer, early stage, hormone driven and no lymph nodes involved. >> cancers that have a very low score like the patients described in this report have tumors that are very sensitive to hormone therapy and in whom we don't think chemotherapy does very much. >> reporter: based on the results of her test, doctors told ann louise she could avoid chemotherapy. it was a huge relief. >> my risk for recurrence without chemotherapy was relatively low and so why burden myself and my body? >> reporter: ann louise says she is feeling great and five years later the cancer hasn't come back. dr. marshall, cbs news, boston. >> tests typically cost about $4,000 many insurance companies do cover it. right now at 6:00 donald
5:59 pm
trump says he has a plan where the middle class could pay little or no taxes, but others say the numbers simply don't add up. >> meeting face to face but not seeing eye to eye, president obama and putin speak to the united nations general assembly and then to each other about the crisis in syria. >> and saying it worked in seattle, d.c.'s new fire chief is asking to hire private ambulances to help respond to 911 calls. good evening, everybody. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm lesli foster. he revealed parts of his tax plan last night on 60 minutes and today he unveiled the whole thing. republican presidential front runner donald trump said he would reduce or even eliminate taxes for middle class families. >> reporter: donald trump would simplify the tax code and cut taxes for everyone. >> we're lowering taxes very bstantially, simplifying and getting rid of deductions that
6:00 pm
are actually obsolete. >> reporter: single people making less than $25,000 a year and married couples making less than 50 under trump's plan would pay no taxes. the top individual tax rate would cut off at 20 five%. trump said he'd cut -- 25%. trump said he'd court the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15 -- cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%. the proposal is already getting reaction from sandra levin, the ranking member of the house ways and means committee. >> i think i would look at it and then i would throw it in the basket. >> reporter: to tax advocate grover norquist. >> if you have strong growth, then without raising taxes you can afford more things. if there were 12 million more americans not paying taxes today, the government would have more money. >> reporter: to people on the


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