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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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potentially armed suspect. dale city and woodbridge students were held indoors because their schools were placed on lockdown. it started after a shooting on wrangler lane in woodbridge. the lockdown has been lifted. stephanie ramirez is live at the scene. is there still an active investigation going on? >> reporter: still active investigation. the man hunt was called off earlier this afternoon. the suspects are still on the loose, that's why they are calling this a very active investigation. the shooting happened in the apartment buildings right over my shoulder here, the dale forest apartments. this was not a fatality, but this is a very family oriented neighborhood, schools in the area, a lot of people unnerved, especially the children. >> my teachers didn't tell me, but my friends did that people were shooting real guns like they were shooting in one of these neighborhoods, so they put us in lockdown. >> reporter: that's why this 6th grader monty thompson texted his dad who came to pick
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him up. >> felt kind of scared, but it happens sometimes. >> reporter: godwin was one of at least seven schools placed on a precautionary secure the building status today after shots were fired around 10:45 this morning on the 14300 block of wrangler lane in woodbridge, virginia. how many shots? >> i heard about three or four. >> reporter: prince william county police spokesperson says it started with an altercation inside an apartment building where it appears this man was assaulted. then the suspect went outside and shot a man in the abdomen police say. both victims are expected to be okay. police say two suspect fled on foot, police searching with a k- 9. >> so far the track has taken us away from the property here. so the immediate area here should be safe. >> reporter: this woman got a text alert warning of the lockdown and dug into find it was actually a shooting that happened right next to her home. >> it's a little scary you get messages from the school saying that they're on lockdown. you don't know what's going on. i glad that they take the steps
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to lock down the steps and keep the children safe. i think they're doing their job. >> reporter: thompson's father. >> it's very frustrating. i shouldn't have to walk in the rain, i don't mind doing it, that's my son, but i shouldn't have to walk in the rain to get my son because he's afraid to be in school. >> reporter: a lot of concern for safety this afternoon and evening actually. the suspects description, two african american males, 1 tall, one short. police do believe the two suspects and two victims had some sort of relationship, that they knew each other. that's why they aren't overly concerned for the public as the investigation continues at this point in time. in woodbridge stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. murder suspect jesse matthew faces sentencing friday for sexually assaulting a woman in fairfax county in 2005. he faces up to life in prison. his mother and former girl friend have written letters to the judge. the former gill friend said matthew was repeatedly raped as
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a child and no doubt the ordeal played a key role in his later behavior. matthew's mother begged the judge to be merciful. matthew awaits trials for the murders of college student hannah graham and morgan harrington. fairfax county police are investigating a virginia man convicted of some bizarre sex crimes in maryland four years ago. michael edwards pleaded not guilty in 2011 -- pleaded guilty in 2011 to squirting his own bodily fluids on two women shopping in gaithersburg. andrea mccarren is live with a new development in this case. andrea. >> reporter: lesli, investigators are looking at edwards as a possible suspect here in a case that is similar to the crimes he committed in montgomery county. michael edwards may have moved from maryland to virginia, but he remains on the radar of law enforcement. in august and earlier this month fairfax county police arrested him for taking lewd photos of women shopping in two
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different reston safeway stores. >> we are aware of what happened in montgomery county with this subject and he was arrested under the suspicion of upskirting here in fairfax county which is videotaping unbeknownst to a person under their personal garments. >> reporter: after the august incident edwards allegedly followed the woman and exposed himself and now court records reveal a new report that may be linked to edwards. 708th a woman walking -- on september 8th a woman walking from this centreville commuter lot found something on her back and turned to see a machine who appeared to be fondle -- a man who appeared to be fondling himself. she called police who later confirmed she'd been hit with bodily fluid. >> if you see something suspicious, something that doesn't seem right with a person, a car, call it in. if it doesn't feel right to a woman's intuition or a guy's gut feeling, just let us know about it. >> reporter: a montgomery
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county judge gave edwards three years of probation for the maryland bodily fluid attacks before his virginia arrest. he'd been working as a personal trainer at a local gym. an employee said he was extremely popular and very professional with his clients. edwards will be back in court in october in connection with those two safeway incidents. reporting live from centreville, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> andrea, thank you. police believe there may be more victims. if you know anything you need to report to police, call their nonemergency number, 703, 691- 2131. right now a herndon man is behind bars accused of trying to abduct a young girl. police arrested jose guadalupe santa maria today. the young lady tells police she was waiting for a school bus in july when santa maria approached her, offered her money to come to his house. when she refused, he tried to snatch her.
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the girl got away. santa maria is held in fairfax county without bond. d.c.'s ambulance problems go back at least a decade and tonight the mayor muriel bowser announces what she hopes will be a temporary solution at least, private ambulances for less serious calls. bruce leshan reports the move could save lives. >> reporter: twice this month alone d.c. firefighters have had to rush desperately sick young children to the hospital in a fire truck because all the ambulances were tied up. >> it makes no sense that babies have to die because the ambulance cannot get to it in time. >> reporter: 5-month-old tyqwan sumter did not make it. surae chinn talked to relatives earlier this month. >> that's the way they treat us like a number. you all don't need no ambulance. ride in a fire truck. >> reporter: d.c.'s new fire chief thinks he has a solution. deploy city medics to every 911 call for help. firefighters would transport
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people with life threatening emergencies, but a private ambulance under contract with the city would take people with less serious problems. >> the department still is the first responder. they're still evaluating the patient making the determination for the appropriate care for the patient. >> reporter: d.c. has been struggling with a skyrocketing number of medic calls. we saw six medic units just sitting at washington hospital center waiting for workers to process their patients. on an average day d.c.'s 49 ambulances waste 117 hours waiting at hospitals. >> our personnel are literally running on those ambulances 23 out of 24 hours a day. so the people have no time for basic rest, lunch, other things that they need, much less training. >> reporter: the mayor says this is an emergency. within months she hopes to hire a private ambulance company to
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help out, but at this point she says she has no idea how much it's going to cost. in d.c. bruce leshan, wusa9. >> fire chief dean used private ambulances when he was chief in seattle. maintaining those d.c. ambulances and training the medics have also been huge problems for d.c. the city is hoping the private ambulances will free up time for both maintenance and training. trials of the officers accused in the death of freddie gray will begin on november 30th. today a baltimore judge set dates for the six officers who will be separately tried. william porter will be the first officer to face trial. he's charged with manslaughter for failing to provide or request medical care for gray and not securing him safely in that van. the other trials are set for early next year. a new plan to bring collaboration and mutual respect to the fairfax county police force launches one day after an officer was cleared of using excessive force.
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virginia attorney general mark herring announced his new plan to promote what he calls safe impartial 21st century policing to the commonwealth. herring says last year's unrest in ferguson, missouri, over the death of michael brown has forced departments around the country to make changes. >> we saw confrontations between law enforcement and the community that is causing a reassessment in all the communities around the country and so i wanted to find out what was going on here in virginia. >> the plan calls for new training at all virginia police academies on bias awareness, building trust, dealing with people who live with mental illness and how to deescalate situations. on capitol hill today the head of planned apparenthood was in the hot seat. republicans on the house oversight committee grilled the ceo on everything from her $500,000 salary to those undercover videos shot by anti-
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abortion rights activists. the activists say planned parenthood sells fettles tissue to researchers for profit. -- fetal tissue to researchers for profit. >> the outrageous claims are offensive and categorically untrue. >> the people behind those undercover videos did not testify. many republicans are working to cut off federal funding to planned parenthood. the nonprofit organization receives about $450 million in federal funds each year. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. >> no shots, no school. students in prince george's county have until tomorrow to get vaccinated. we'll have the information you need for your kid and reaction from parents at 5:30. >> plus topper is back with more on the heavy rain and storms coming our way. >> new gop power rankings, a surprising shakeup in the top five republican presidential
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check this out. a busted fire hydrant turns into this geyser of water just shooting up from the ground. that was los angeles earlier today. crews were eventually able to get it under control. actor jim carrey is said to be heartbroken over the apparent suicide of his on again off again girl friend. friends of 30-year-old catriona white found her dead in a home in los angeles overnight. investigators believe she overdosed on some pills. an autopsy will determine the official cause of death. tmz reports white left a suicide note addressed to karrey. president barack obama and cuban president raul castro met this morning on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. how the pope's visit in cuba
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and the u.s. played a major role in the fostering of the relationship of the two countries. >> reporter: this was their first official summit, although both men have talked since last december about breaking down trade and travel barriers. their meeting comes days after each met with pope francis. the vatican played a key role in thawing the relationship between the two countries. in just the past two month each reopened embassies that had been closed half a century, but the trade embargo remains. president obama brought it up to the general assembly here when he spoke monday. >> i'm confident that our congress will inevitably lift an embargo that should not be in place anymore. >> reporter: castro said he not only wants the trade embargo lifted, but he also calls for the return of land currently home to the controversial military base at guantanamo bay. the u.s. says that's not on the table. >> the u.n. couldn't vote on a cue -- could vote on a cuban resolution next month that demands the trade embargo be lifted.
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the u.s. for the very first time in 23 years may not oppose it. that would put the obama administration on the side of world leaders but against the congress which has refused to lift that embargo. new information about a car company that's been under the watchful eye of safety regulates. fiat chrysler underreported problems with its vehicles. automakers have to submit early warning information that helps the government spot trends and catch problems before they put you in harm's way. earlier this year nhtsa fined honda $70 million for failing to do that. it's not clear yet what actions fiat chrysler will face. today is a yellow weather alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> that umbrella, don't leave home without it. >> yeah. we had this dry september and it was going to become maybe the fifth dryest september, not so much anymore. we're looking at some big time rains tonight and we're not
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done tomorrow and kind of a wet start to october as well. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, just showers and light rain, 78, still pretty darn warm. look at the dew point, kind of unusual in late septembers in the low 70s, kind of a tropical air mass capable of producing heavy downpours which is capable of producing flash flooding. first alert doppler over the last hour. the yellows, reds and oranges is your heavy rainfall. that's essentially what we're looking at here, not so much hail or damaging winds, just heavy rainfall beginning to move northward encompassing much of fairfax county, loudoun county, prince william county. heavy rain old town to fairfax. if you're going out i-66 or 50, it's going to be a slow go. even though we still have light rain it's still wet, silver spring east, up 95 toward laurel still wet even though the heavy stuff isn't there just yet, but heavy rain in
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tysons around 123 and around d.c. south and now beginning to move into district heights and into portions of prince george's county. all this is moving off to the north and the east. this is the heavy activity we're tracking now. it's already raining in montgomery mall, but the heavy activity on our storm tracker gets in about 5:29. aspen hill about 5:51 and heavy to severe storms until midnight, main threat flash flooding, okay? bus stop temperatures tomorrow mild, 64 to 74. you might not even need an umbrella tomorrow even though a cold front is moving through. we have less of a chance of showers and storms tomorrow, but that said yellow weather alert looks likely now for thursday and friday. flooding, check your sump pump, gurlets and downspouts. you know what -- gutters and downspouts. you know what i saw today checking my gutters and downspouts? my air conditioner is dead, big
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plume of smoke. 8:00 tonight on futurecast, look at the deal red and magenta, heavy -- deep red and magenta, heavy rainfall rates about 2 to 3 inches per hour, leesburg to manassas to culpeper big time rain. this moves through by 10:00 into fairfax county, now into fredericksburg down i-night if you've and 11:30 it's still across -- i-95 and 11:30 it's still across montgomery county. even though we're not technically under the flash flood watch, flash flood is still possible in the immediate metro. by 6 a.m. some leftover showers but not a lot going on tomorrow. some showers are possible as the cold front rolls through, but i think we'll have a lull tomorrow before we get cranking against thursday and friday. day planner, 74 at 9:00, 75 at 11:00, 77 at 1:00, still warm tomorrow. kind. counterintuitive because the cold front rolls through
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tomorrow. thursday yellow weather alert, 65, rain and showers, only 64 on friday with possibly heavy rain and showers. next seven days i know, the weekend looks bad. right now showers and rain on saturday for the terps and for howard university homecoming, not good. got some showers in the morning for the burgundy and gold. it could clear out before the game, leftover shower monday, back to 72 with sunshine next tuesday. campaign 2016 now and a shakeup in this week's gop power rankings. every week usa today asks 30 political experts who they think is the strongest candidate in the republican field. carly fiorina retains the top spot after her strong debate performance two weeks ago. marco rubio knocked donald trump from second place. trump falls to three, ben carson four and jeb bushel at no. 5. a funeral today for -- jeb bush at no. 5. a funeral today for beloved yogi berra. friends gathered at a private
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ceremony in new jersey where the legendary baseball player and coach raised his family. derek jeter, hallsteinbrenner. yogi berra was 90 years old. latino leaders were invited to share their stories in montgomery county. >> when i look out here in this auditorium, what i see are extraordinary leaders, extraordinary faces. each and every one of you is making an amazing contribution to our community. >> that's right. according to the u.s. census montgomery county has the largest percentage of hispanics in all of the state of maryland at nearly 18% and 10% of montgomery county's businesses are owned by hispanics.
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stocks were mixed by the close of wall street. the dow was up 37 points by the closing bell, but the nasdaq fell 26 points. amazon is rolling out its uberlike delivery service today called amazon flex. part-time drivers are paid 18 to $25 an hour to drop off packages ordered with amazon's prime now. the program is getting a test run in seattle and will be offered soon in other u.s. cities. federal state of regulators are investigating bmw for failing to recall more than 30,000 mini cooper cars. certain 2014 and 2015 models did not meet the government's side impact crash standard. bmw agreed to recall one of the models and add padding to another model, but nhtsa says the automaker never completed the work. they are regulations in place for decades, but starting october 1st amtrak will enforce them. these are the baggage limits. so if you exceed the two standard carry-on limit, you'll be charged $20 extra per bag
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and luggage that weighs more than 150 pounds will also be hit with the extra charge. customers will still be able to take two small personal items on board with them. to celebrate national coffee day keurig introduced the keurig cold. no, it's not a coffee brewer. it's a machine that allows you to make a single serve of soda. i would call it pop. at home. keurig green mountain teamed up with companies like coca-cola to fizz up the coke, sprite, dr. pepper and other flavored seltzer drinks. the $300 machine is slightly bigger than a crock pot. it has a bigger pod that costs about an extra dollar per drink. really cute new video from bei bei, the giants panda cub. panda-- giant panda cub. did you hear that? that was bei bei sneezing. the panda cub weighs all of 4
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pounds. zookeepers were able to weigh him after his mom left her den to grab a bite to eat. the mama bear is leaving the den and even sleeping outside her enclosure more often as long as bei bei seems to be okay with that. straight ahead more on metro changes that could impact your ride. >> plus a local brewery wins a prestigious award or two. >> right after the break it's crunch time for thousands of students to get their shots. woman: my mom and i have the same hands. same eyes. same laugh. and since she's had moderate alzheimer's disease, i've discovered we have the same fighting spirit, too. that's why i asked her doctor about new once-a-day namzaric™. vo: new namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease
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the most common side effects associated with namzaric are headache, diarrhea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and bruising. woman: mom and i share a lot of moments. and we're making the most of each one. vo: ask your doctor if new namzaric is right for your loved one.
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let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, got some rain, some showers and we're looking at some heavy rain, in fact, flash flood the main threat tonight. here's first alert doppler the last hour. we're talking big time rains now moving through, d.c. headed up 95 and 270. we've seen heavy rain to the west of us along i-81. there are some flash flood warnings in effect for places
5:30 pm
like rappahannock county already. just getting out of the west side of 270 and we are looking at a flash flood watch in effect until noon tomorrow, includes hagerstown, winchester, luray, not to say we can't see flooding in the immediate metro area and these areas in blue are actually already flash flood warnings. remember download our app. you can track these with it and get the severe weather notifications as well. go to the app store and search for wusa9. in prince george's county today time is running out to get your public school students' immunizations up to date. tomorrow is the deadline and thousands of students still need those shots. wusa9 reporter vanessa herring spoke with school officials and joins us live from prince george's county board of education. vanessa, what's the word? >> reporter: the majority of kids in violation are in pre-k kindergarten and 7th grade. the district spokesperson told me they're trying to figure out why so many students are in
5:31 pm
jeopardy of missing classroom time. thousands of parents scrambling to get their immunizations up to date before tomorrow's deadline. 129,000 students won't be attending class if they don't get the shots in 28 schools. >> when we look at our population, we want to say it is not a health crisis. we know that it is less than 2% of our population that needs those immunizations, but it's still very important they do. so. >> reporter: to compare montgomery county only has nine kid not up to date on vaccinations -- kids not up to date on vaccinations. it's not clear why the number is much higher in prince george's county. >> we'll go back and look at our processing top to bottom -- process top to bottom to make sure we do not get back in this situation which is not ideal. >> reporter: that could include evaluating the chief of health services hired in december of 2013. before coming to pgspc she ran the anne arundel health department and was fired at the request of the secretary of the maryland department of health
5:32 pm
and mental hygiene for undisclosed reasons. >> it's a confidential personnel matter. >> reporter: the county is holding immunization clinics to help prevent kids from missing school. >> anyone can come in or call to make an appointment to be vaccinated regardless of their ability to pay. >> reporter: immunizations must be up to date by the close of business wednesday. and the clinic in cheverly on hospital drive is open tomorrow from 8:00 to 4:30. you can make an appointment by calling 301-583-3300. vanessa herring, wusa9. >> thanks for that. a county official tells wusa9 parents whose children's immunizations are up to date do not have to worry about their children getting sick. children without the properly shots are the ones at risk. they call it rush hour, but starting today if you use metro stadium armory station, it's going to be a slow ride the
5:33 pm
next few months. orange and silver line trains will bypass the stadium armory metro station during the weekday rush the only blue lines will stop at the station during peak times. trains are slowing down traveling through the area which could add to the delays. it's all because of last week's transformer fire outside of stadium armory which could take six months to repair. one person is dead after a rash of shootings in the district. that brings the homicide total for the city to 119 for the year. 21-year-old earnest bay jr. was shot and killed in southeast last night. his killer is still out there. six others including a d.c. police officer suffered gunshot wounds in separate incidents overnight. they are all expected to survive. you may have heard california's four year drought has the entire state in a water crisis, but no area has been harder hit than the state's central valley where the wells have actually run dry. danielle nottingham reports tonight residents there struggling to stay in their
5:34 pm
homes. >> reporter: myra marquez checks the gauge on this 2,500- gallon water tank before she touches a faucet. >> they fill it every monday. >> reporter: so you have to ration 2,000 for the next five, six days. >> exactly. you know, it's hard. >> reporter: it's become the way of life here in okeyville which has about 90 residents. homes like marquezs are stacked with bottles of drinking water and trucks haul in more funded by the state's emergency drought relief program. >> without this we can't wash clothes, take a shower. we can't do anything without it. >> reporter: in tulare county nearly 1,700 household wells are dry, more than all other counties combined. gilbert arredondo ran this pipes 3 blocks to tap into a neighbor's well when his dried up last year. >> i've never seen this happen before, especially in california because they would
5:35 pm
find a way to drill down and help us out. >> reporter: arredondo says drilling a new well would cost $30,000, so he may be forced to leave his home of 30 years. >> i got no choice to move because we need water. >> this is where we grew up. how are we just going to leave it and leave everything behind, you know? >> reporter: the people who live here know these tanks are only a temporary solution. they're pushing the government to build a community well. danielle nottingham, cbs news, okeyville, california. >> $38 million from california's emergency drought relief program is used to pay for drinking water and filling all those water tanks, but only homeowners can lacey water tanks. other residents are -- lease water tanks. other residents are forced to rig hoses to their neighbor's homes for water sources. >> pretty bleak there. john wall dishing a big assist to area homeless children. >> a lot of people on facebook love to hear about this young
5:36 pm
man. yesterday waldo natured 400,000- dollar to bright beginnings -- $400,000 to bright beginnings -- yesterday wall donated $400,000 to bright beginnings. they will name a classroom after wall. so he is excelling both on the court and off. >> and an example to the other athletes. still ahead a wusa9 call for action about a scam targeting college students. >> plus a hoax that's a supposed threat to your privacy. >> plus michael jackson's daughter paris all grown up, new pictures of the some of my competitors plan to reduce the use of antibiotics over the next few years. but what are you having for dinner tonight? try perdue® simply smart and harvestland®. two trusted perdue brands of chicken raised with
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no antibiotics ever.
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trending now if you spend any time on facebook in the last 24 hours, chances are you have seen this. >> that's right. thousands of people posting a supposed privacy warning claiming that facebook will only keep your status private if you pay 5.99. webb producer joanie v. joins us now. what have you learned about this hoax? >> bruce, there are actually a few versions of this hoax circulating today. some say you have to pay. others say you need to clear the rights to your photos. the truth is fa own your photos, but when you
5:40 pm
agree to facebook's terms, you give them permission to share things that you post. facebook even says there may be water on mars, but don't believe everything you read on the internet. >> that's great advice. we know this is not the first time it's happened. somehow people just proliferate it. >> the most recent hoax was in january this year and there was another one in 2012. maybe this time we can all learn something and be prepared for next time. the bottom line is when it comes to privacy settings on facebook, posting a status on your profile really doesn't mean anything and it probably never will. >> absolutely. you post it. it's no longer yours. it's out there. >> there's some very entertaining postings now about privacy, pretty funny. new pictures of michael jackson's daughter paris are getting a lot of attention on social media tonight. >> so let's start out with a picture from the 2010 grammy awards, but now here are the
5:41 pm
latest instagram photos and my, paris, you have changed. she seems quite happy there. that's another shot of her there. >> how old is she now? >> she's 17 years old and looking like a teenager. >> very much so. also spiking tonight the trendy clothing store h and m hires its first muslim model wearing a hijab. her name is mariah adresi. she's 23 and a pakistani and she claims women with hijabs are often ignored when it comes to fashion. so she appears in an ad that encourages people to recycle clothes, also in the video, an elderly man in drag and a boxer with a prosthetic leg. today is national coffee day. are you a frequent connisseur of coffee? >> only in the morning. looking for a quick pick me up to get you through the evening, here are places to score some
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free java. dunkin' donuts, one free medium cup. at pete's coffee and tea you can get a small cup with the purchase of certain items. wa-wa, like 7-eleven, they will hook you up with a cup whatever size you want. check out the full list on our wusa9 news app. should he stay or should he go? today's inside pitch is all about the pitcher who took a swing at the franchise. >> plus one dad, one bride, two dads and a viral photograph, now a wedding
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♪ when was the last time you felt... free. it's time to uncover that feeling again. with the compassion and strength of a name... most accepted by top doctors and specialists. and the power of a card... that opens doors in all fifty states. giving you the freedom to love to dream to dance like no one is watching. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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right now at 5:45 the execution of convicted serial killer alfredo prieto is set for thursday. he was convicted in fairfax county in 2008 in a cold case from 1988 after a dna hit. he was found guilty of murdering two local college students, rachel waver and warren fulton. he shot them both and raped the young woman. >> some people don't deserve to live and serial rapists and serial killers are among that class of people. >> coming up at 6:00 peggy fox has reaction from family members and the efforts to stop his execution.
5:46 pm
we got a wusa9 call for action head up alert about a phone scam targeting college students. the scammers call up students and claim to be from the agency of the government and tell students they're delinquent on student loans and they'll be arrested if they don't immediately send them a money gram. don't do it. the fbi says it would never call anyone to request money. for brides who have two dads in their life there is one problem that bubbles up as the wedding day approaches. >> how one family dealt with two dads is now being recognized all over the world really. we have the report from our sister station in cleveland. >> reporter: planning for joy can come with pain when you're stepfather to the bride. >> crossed my mind every time we went and tried on tuxs, everything wedding related. like man, i'm putting on a tux to sit in the crowd. >> reporter: her biological dad went up to the wedding photographer. >> for me to thank him for all
5:47 pm
them years wouldn't justify and obviously the pictures showed the moment. >> reporter: todd sendroski was tuxed up as the music was cued up and then he felt a tug at his arm. >> he came out to me, reached out, grabbed my hand and he said hey, you've worked for this as hard as i have. he said you deserve this as much as i do. you're going to help us walk our daughter down the aisle. at that point i had no clue what was going on. >> there's no better way to thank somebody than to assist me walking our daughter down the aisle. >> i started crying myself and i had to stop and say wait, i better get it before i lose it. >> i got weak in the knees and everything. i couldn't have had anything better in my life. that was the most important thing in my life. >> reporter: but merging two families wasn't always well received. for 14 years tough patches emerged. >> it hasn't always been peaches and cream by any stretch of the imagination. >> reporter: but never in that same imagination could they foresee their story going
5:48 pm
viral, photos seen over 15 million times in 24 hours. >> because a lot of people can relate to our situation. >> reporter: a wedding march that proves happily ever after isn't always limited to the bride and groom. >> wow. >> there you have it. the blueprint for merging two families. >> they're showing the way. nearly 30 million people have looked at those photos of the two dads walking the bride down the aisle. >> it's been shared more than 300,000 time. high honors for a local beermaker, alexandria's port city brewing company was named small brewer of the year at the great american beer fest this past weekend in denver. the brewer also won silver medals for his porter and monumental ipa varieties and a bronze for optimal width. the founder said the optimal wit is the best seller. >> it's a belgian style wheat beer with dried spanish orange
5:49 pm
peel, coriander and grains of paradise. it's a traditional belgian recipe that we brew here and use local ingredients brewed with virginian grown wheat. >> he sells 14,000 barrels a year. 80% of that is distributed here in the d.c. metro area. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> rain and showers across pretty much the entire metro area. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still 78, dew points in the low 70s, a real tropical air mass which is one of the problems. it's capable of producing some heavy downpours. here is the radar, first alert doppler over the last hour, plenty of reds and oranges covering the metro area working its way into prince george's county and montgomery county on the east side of 270. heaviest rain over 2 inches west of culpeper near rappahannock and page county where the flood warnings have
5:50 pm
already occurred. closer to home still about an inch in the last hour and a half in our western suburbs. here's a look now where things are, rockville, germantown, heavy rain going up 270 and out 97 and also connecticut avenue and heavy rain headed toward bowie and route 50 to annapolis. so it's going to be a slow go. apparently traffic is not real good now. be patient. heavy to severe storms until about midnight. the main threat is flash flooding. bus stop temperatures 64 to 74. i think we may have a break in the activity. a couple showers are possible tomorrow morning but nothing widespread. you could maybe leave the umbrella at home. yellow weather alert is likely thursday and friday for more rain, heavy at times, too, friday. check your sump pump. clear your gutters and downspouts. never cross a flooded street by car or foot. lights should be on when the windshield wipers are on. futurecast leesburg to manassas to fredericksburg, look at all the red. that's heavy rain at 8:30 tonight right through the metro
5:51 pm
area. at 10:00 through fairfax county, loudoun county, back into prince william county down toward fredericksburg and by 11:30 we still have heavy rain into montgomery county, howard county and frederick county and finally by about 1:00 everything moves out. by 6 a.m. we're left with just a couple showers but nothing heavy and pretty mild, temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70 in the morning. the roads may still be wet. i don't think you'll have to battle any big time showers. day planner 75 at 11:00, 77 at 1 p.m. yellow weather alert on thursday, rain, 65, more rain on friday 64. this could change, but we've got more rain on saturday for the terps and bison and we've got morning showers on sunday. we might clear out on time for kickoff with the burgundy and gold and really nice monday and tuesday with highs in the low 70s. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> over the past two days the
5:52 pm
washington baseball team has rivaled the football team when it comes to controversy. holden kushner was at national park to tell you all about it in tonight's inside pitch. >> reporter: the incident between jonathan papelbon and bryce harper sunday came to a head right here in this dugout. papelbon will not be around the team for the rest of the season. the next question is will papelbon be invited back to play for this team in 2016 or is he on his way out? general manager mike rizzo will have the final call. while he says he'll evaluate the situation after the season because papelbon is an important member of the team. >> papelbon fit in nicely in the clubhouse and bullpen. i think it's an isolated incident. i think that jonathan will learn from it and i think that he'll react differently the next time. >> reporter: as far as bryce harper goes, i'm told that his representatives are not happy
5:53 pm
that their client was made unavailable for yet's game. they feel jonathan papelbon is -- yesterday's game. they feel jonathan papelbon is the only one at fault. >> i'd like to talk to him in person when it's possible. i just want to worry about the next six games because i think we got a lot to play for the next six games. >> reporter: harper and papelbon still need to put this incident behind them, something that hasn't happened yet. we'll find out in the coming months if the nationals suspended closer will return to play with harper and the nationals in 2016. for wusa9 sports i'm holden kushner. >> thanks so much, holden. harper is back in the lineup tonight opening the series in atlanta. >> fans made clear they're siding with hammer. they don't understand yes was punished. >> right -- why he was punished. >> right. but there's a lot of veterans siding with papelbon showing a youngster the way to behave or i don't know.
5:54 pm
>> i'm siding with the fans on this one. >> i'm siding with the ones who say both of them. it should not have happened. coming up at 6:00 the head of planned parent hood grilled by lawmakers in her first appearance on capitol hill since some controversial videos surfaced. >> also at 6:00 nsa whistleblower edward snowden joins twitter by just following one account. we'll show you his first tweet. we'll show you his first tweet. >> but up my favorite. bad news. the johnsonville factory burned down brian. it's terrible. well if you can't serve tasty sausage why are we even a family? i may as well move out.
5:55 pm
well, if that's what yo... you're right. i'll stay. and tomorrow we're going to help johnsonville rebuild that factory. i'll take dinner in my room, with chocolate milk. make pasta tastier with johnsonville italian sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
two months ago trevor noah was a little known comedian from south africa. >> now he's taken over as host of the daily show. we have highlights of his debut. >> reporter: the daily show relaunched its franchise monday night with a fresh set and a fresh face. >> why didn't they get an american to host and again comedy central tried and those people also declined. so once more a job americans rejected is now being done by an immigrant. >> reporter: it was a familiar recipe with many of the same ingredients. >> seeing as this is my first show, we wanted to start it off with something a little light, so here we go, syria. >> reporter: but the final product felt a bit different. >> oh, why leave now? i just got here. i got a fancy suit and a new set and i learned how to pronounce your name.
5:58 pm
boehner. >> reporter: confident and polished, new host trevor noah picked up where the show left off roasting politicians and lampooning current events. >> you mean this? but up there? great news for nasa, depressing news for california. don't worry, california. they'll find water on you, too, someday. >> reporter: former host jon stewart and his piercing political satire left impossibly big shoes to fill, but monday night it was clear the 31-year-old wasn't attempting to step into them. >> thank you, jon. [ applause ] >> thank you for believing in me. i'm not quite sure what you saw in me, but i'll work hard every day to find it and i'll make you not look like the crazy old dude who left an inheritance to some random kid from africa. >> that's pretty good. >> some really big shoes to fill, but that was a great
5:59 pm
line. reviews are mixed of the debut of the daily show. some called him comfortable and confident. others say he has room to grow and lacks edginess. right now at 6:00 heavy rain is moving into our area tonight and even more could be on the way in the coming days. >> also the head of planned parenthood defends her organization against republican lawmakers who wants to strip the women's health group of federal funding. >> unless the supreme court steps in virginia is set to execute its first inmate in nearly three years this week. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm bruce johnson. it's going to be wet and stormy this evening across our area and flooding is also a possibility. chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking first alert doppler. topper? >> yeah. we need this bruce, but it's coming a little too fast, a little too much right now. looking at radar over the past hour. you see all the reds, yellows and oranges moving essentially due south to due north.
6:00 pm
heavy rain now moving into our western suburbs, also through hagerstown and hancock and martinsburg. you folks are under a flash flood watch along i-81 down into winchester. leesburg heavy rain out route 7 and 50 and montgomery county around poolesville, potomac, germantown and darnestown, a slow ride up 270 this hour with some heavy downpours. we're looking at a flash flood watch to the west of us. parts of these counties that are filled in with blue, that's actually a warning. that means flooding is occurring right now, not to say we couldn't see flooding east of this, but right now the flash flood watch continues right along i-81 where 2 to 4 inches of rain is possible. we'll come back, talk about the potential for more yellow weather alerts later in the week. lawmakers pressing for a government shutdown over federal funding of planned apparenthood are now focusing


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