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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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some folks got four inches of rain with the last event. by #:30 on saturday, heavier rain and by 6:00 a.m. on friday a miserable drive to work really. and then throughout the day just gets worse on friday. it's just going to be a raw day. look at the reds and the oranges and the yellows that's heavy rain out through most of the metro area at 5:30 trying to get home on a friday and get the weekend started going to be slow going. by 1:00 a.m. on saturday still rain across most of the metro area. now joaquin, hurricane warning throughout most of the bahamas. category 1 probably become hack category 2 before it begins to turn off to the north. and head up to the north and then after that, if it heads to much different direction, this is now headed the latest, this is official national hurricane center forecast, right into the bay. so that is almost a worse case scenario. the only one worse than that would be westward of that. we'll come back and talk more about the time frame of joaquin and more about the yellow alerts on thursday and friday and possibly saturday and sunday. all right top. loudoun county officials are
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warning residents about this severe weather on the way. >> that's right. the leesburg area was hard hit by overnight storms. and some spent the day cleaning up. wusa9 reporter vanessa herring is in leesburg right now with details. vanessa? er. >> reporter: we saw a few creeks that were still swollen and homeowners needs to be prepared now for another round of severe weather. wet weather turned dangerous tuesday night and loudoun county officials say they're bracing for more severe storms. >> we're thinking that, we're looking at the staffing models and up staffing certain things. and ensuring that if roads start to close, that we can still provide adequate emergency response. >> reporter: most of the heavy rain was in and north of leesburg. several creeks swelled and climbed out of their banks. the storm left part of hamilton station road partially collapsed and it's not likely the bridge will be open to traffic anytime soon. first responders say drivers need to be careful over the next couple of days. >> we often say you know don't
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drown turn around. they are not only putting themselves at risk but they're putting us at risk because it's very dangerous for us to go out into the watters to rest you the folks. >> reporter: this is proof. a homeowner in leesburg told me the door was knocked off its hinges when watt herb rushed in -- water rushed in. this farmer spent the morning cleaning after a creek on his property overflowed. >> it gives you the idea of the force and how much water is in this moves and you can see it is really kind of -- it just came up and moved. >> reporter: he says his home on loyalty road near lucketts was also damaged. >> i don't know the extent of it yet but there's a whole lot of water down there. >> pay attention to the rainwater and pay attention to any areas in the home that may flood. if they do certainly they want to take care of them but be careful. >> reporter: this homeowner is already trying to figure out how to prevent more flooding. >> we got a kind of figure out how the water got there in the first place and regrade or figure out what to do with it. seems like each storm here is getting worse and worse. >> reporter: loudoun county officials tell me that no one was seriously hurt during last night's storms.
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reporting live from leesburg, vanessa herring, wusa9. >> vanessa thanks for that. over in frederick, maryland, the department of public works spent the day checking the city's drainage system after last night's heavy rain flooded multiple businesses in the downtown area. flood waters turned a record shop called vinyl acres upside down and the frederick's ymca has been forced to close for two to five business days as health officials now monitor the air quality there. people have been cleaning up since last night and early this morning. >> it's been a frederick for decades and you know the store's very popular and i thinit's as much a loss to the community as it is to bob and to me. >> i've been working for the y for 30 years and nowhere else in my career have i had to live through any kind of devastation or kind of natural disaster of this magnitude. >> the town's ymya ceo says the program serves about 90 children every day. take a look at the heavy
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damage down in laurel, maryland. the national weather service is investigating whether the town was hit by a tornado last night. fierce winds sheared off sections of roofs and dropped several trees on to cars, the wind wasn't the only issue. rain came down in buckets and the mayor says laurel got more than three inches of rain in one hour. to track severe weather while it's happening check our live radar on our new wusa9 app. russian yea gave the u.s. and its partners a one hour heads-up before it began dropping bombs on syria. but questions remain about who the russians were targeting. craig boswell reports from the white house. >> reporter: russian jets could be seen in the skies over syria -- dropping bombs for the first time. russia laid out its case for the air strikes at the u. n. wednesday morning. >> we're trying to get exclusively to operation of the russian air force to carry out strikes against isil positions in syria. >> reporter: but russian jets
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hit targets near holmes, syria an area not currently controlled by isis. >> we must not and will not be confused in our fight against isil with support for assad. >> reporter: the white house is concerned russia will use the air strikes 234 syria to not only fight isis, but to prop up bashar al-assad who the u.s. considers a dictator. >> russia will not succeed in imposing a military solution on syria. any more than the united states was successful in iraq a decade ago. >> reporter: on the senate floor wednesday morning, senator john mccain says assad is the reason isis is as strong as it is and he blamed president obama for keeping assad in office. >> the president has said for years, for years, that assad must go. but he has done nothing that has brought us any closer to achieving that outcome. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin says the forces are in syria at president assad's request. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> and russian president putin
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sat down with cbs news for an interview with "60 minutes." the u.s. disputes that claim. tomorrow, the house is set to vote on a bill that would block the iran nuclear deal until that country pays billions of dollars in damages to victims of iranian sponsored terrorism. the bill was written by  pennsylvania republican patrick my han and has -- me han and has more than 100 cosponsors. the white house opposes the measure. we're just hours to spare, congress is sending a bill to president barack obama that would avert a government shutdown at midnight. the bill would fund the government through december 11th. the senate passed the measure earlier today. the house green lighted the bill late this afternoon. lawmakers now have ten weeks to work out a long-term budget or risk facing another possible government shutdown during the holidays. house republicans will elect a new speaker next
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thursday. current house speaker john boehner announced his resignation on friday amid from, from conservatives. the -- pressure from party conservatives. meanwhile, mccarthy is being criticized for crediting the house benghazi investigation with hurting hillary clinton's presidential poll numbers. democrats say mccarthy's comments -- those comments from mccarthy show the committee was never interested in a bipartisan investigation. and that it is shameful of the republicans to use the deadly 2012 attack on the u.s. compound in benghazi for political gain. tracking metro right now. the ntsb is recommending that the federal government take a much greater oversight of metro's rail system. that's because of all the safety problems metro has had. oversight would switch from the federal transit administration administration which has more rail inspectors and other rail experts on its staff. federal workers having sex while on the job.
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punching in for a crazy amount of overtime. and possibly making off with thousands of dollars worth of police equipment. the house oversight committee says it has reason to to believe all of this is taking place as the national institute of standards and technology in gaithersburg, maryland. the committee says the alleged misconduct has come to its attention during its investigation of an explosion inside a lab at the institute back in july. the former federal police officer is pleaded guilty to causing that explosion. while trying to make meth in that lab. lawmakers avoided the institute to -- have ordered the institute to turn over documents related to the to the new questions. secret service workers improperly accessed an old job application of the congressman who was investigating scandals in the agency. and the assistant director of apparently suggested officials leak embarrassing information as retaliation against representative jason chafffitz.
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they could be criminal violations under the u.s. privacy act. coming up, a former maryland lawmaker is sentenced to jail for drinking while on probation. >> also ahead, a sheriff under fire for a deadly shooting involving a volunteer deputy. makes a decision about his future with a little help from a grand jury. >> but up next, the latest on the search for a hit and run driver who mowed down a u.s. marine trying to help a
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a look out tonight for the driver who who killed a u.s. marine near camp david. corporal williamerer roll was heading back -- for roll was heading back to camp david when he pulled over the help a stranded motorist and last night's heavy rape. he was next to tar -- rain. he was next to the car when another driver slammed into him and his truck, the guy never came back to check on that injured marine. and then took off. >> i would say he definitely knew that he hit something. >> it would have made a loud noise. >> as well as if it didn't throw him off course at all. >> two witnesses saw the truck that hit corporal ferrell but they were so busy trying to save the young marine's life they are having trouble with the description. they think it was a heavy duty pickup hauling a car carrier. a suspect is charged with murder for the deadly shooting of a south carolina police officer.
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>> 3 #-year-old greg alia was among the officers responding to a suspicious person at the richland mall area near columbia. after a quick chase through the mall the officer confronted the person. there was a struggle and the officer was shot. the police chief says the suspect was armed with a gun and a knife. officer alia was a seven year veteran of the department and he and his wife recently had a baby. the lawyer for an oklahoma sheriff says his client plans to resign. a grand jury indicted tulsa county sheriff stanley glance on two misdemeanors in connection with a deadly shooting of an unarmed man by a volunteer deputy. the volunteer deputy robert bates has pleaded not guilty to second degree manslaughter in the shooting death of eric harris. coming up, a possible last- minute reprieve for a convicted serial killer on virginia's death row. >> but up next, the mother of a murdered virginia college student has a moment with the discover the world
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this friday, a fairfax judge will sentence accused killer jesse matthew for a 2005 rape in which that woman survived. matthew is accused of killing college students hannah graham
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and morgan harrington in charlottesville. >> today peggy fox tells us he waived his right to a speedily trial. >> reporter: a moment today that you don't normally see in murder cases. when the mother of a victim walked up and reached out to the mother of the accused. >> i went up to her and said i realizes this difficult for your family. my condolences and i shook her hand. >> reporter: she smiled. >> he did. >> reporter: today's hearing in charlottesville dealt with motions in graham's and harrington's murders. >> there are many people from many disturbing difficult backgrounds that have not gone on to become rapists and murderers. >> reporter: jill harrington, the mother of morgan, reacting to a letter of a former girlfriend of jesse matthew who asked a judge for mercy during his sentencing this friday for raping a woman in fairfax. >> our girls did not fly to heaven on a pink cloud. they also were pleading for
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mercy. they were crying and screaming and bleeding and they didn't receive mercy. i think that should factor into the judge's sentencing. >> reporter: the graham case is set for next july. harrington's case is set for next october. the harrington trial was first scheduled for october 17th. when the courtroom realized that that was the day she was abducted back in 2009, the date was changed to the next week. in charlottesville, peggy fox, wusa9. >> and matthew faces a possible life sentence on friday if he's convicted of hannah graham's murder he could be sentenced to death. tonight the man charged with killing the lyon sisters is behind bars in bedford, virginia and tomorrow, he will make his first court appearance in the case. lloyd welch is accused of killing 12-year-old sheila lyon and her 10-year-old sister katherine back in 1975. the girls disappeared during a shopping trip to wheaton plaza and their bodies have never been found. welch was transferred to virginia yesterday from a prison in delaware where he's
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been serving time for unrelated sex crimes. the federal judge has ordered the state of virginia not to execute convicted killer alfredo prieto. pending a hearing into the legal drugs that would be used. the hearing is set for 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. the state had been planning to execute prieto at 9:00 tomorrow night. his lawyers are challenging the state's handling of the lethal drugs, prieto was convicted of killing a young couple in fairfax back in 1988. as well as a 15-year-old girl in california. a former maryland lawmaker was sentenced today to six months in jail for violating probation on a drunken boating case. former anne arundel county delegate don dwyer admitted to drinking six beers one night back in may -- one night back in may. he had been ordered to abstain from drinking alcohol after his guilty plea in connection with the august 2013 boat crash that injured some eight people.
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it will be a rough week and then there's joaquin. >> yeah. could it if a one-two punch? it's possible. i think the first punch is coming thursday night and friday. we didn't escape that. let's talk about the newest track from joaquin now. a lot of information on this. you can go to our website and get the same stuff on our app as well. but suffice to say, this is the past track of joaquin. these are the hurricane warnings and red, hurricane watches and tropical storm watches in yellow. right now it's a category 1 and gusting to about 105 miles per hour winds. it does become a category 2. this is now 2:00 in the morning and will be hammering the bahamas. the good news is the highest winds will be off the bahamas. so that's i guess some good news, but still some heavy rain a possible for them. and then each of these lines, represent a different computer model and this is the where it thinks -- one model thinks it'sgoing to go here and one model thinks here. the thicker red line is the official forecast from the national hurricane center. so they have changed this in the last couple of hours. i mean it was offshore and now
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it is running up the mouth of the bay. that would not be good for us but look at the -- you know, there's not exactly convergence here you know. some have it actually offshore. and some have it coming in as far south of myrtle beach. we'll watch this carefully. the time frame isn't going to change for us, it's a sunday and monday event. live look outside with our michael & son weather cam. it's 72 and dew point is falling and winds increasing north northeast at 18. and too bad it's not january. a great snowstorm would be heading our way. instead a cold october rain. song's cold november rain but it's close. cooler tonight just a few hours and bus stop temperatures 55 to 60. flooding possible thursday into friday. oh and by the way we could see winds 30, 35 miles per hour friday afternoon as well. that could cause some problems. joaquin, time frame sunday into monday. so here's the futurecast. noon tomorrow, some rain. tomorrow night, tomorrow evening some rain. and then by 10:00, some heavier rain. just to the south of us. and by 6:00 on friday, watch this rain just kind of migrate
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northward heavy rain and by tomorrow evening, we're looking at a lot of rain. two to four inches of rain before all is said and done and you factor in the rain we had earlier and the winds? we could see some power outages so good time to download our app now while you have power. 59 at 9:00 and 61 at 11:00. and some showers possible by 1:00 and we're still only around 62. rain heavy at times on friday 60. again, another yellow alert day and mild air with more rain and showers on saturday. 74. that could be another yellow alert day as well. sunday depends on joaquin. talk about that. and then more showers on
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due to injury, the burgundy and gold are preparing for the philadelphia eagles in a big nfc east tcmah-up. frank hanrahan has more on that from redskins park. >> all right kristin a lot of cousins' success depends on the offensive line and a change this week ahead of the philadelphia eagles' game. with lavale out for the year because of injury. it will be long or won joe fighting it out for the start for the oak game. >> we don't have any problems with spencer long in the lineup. that's for sure, we feel very good about him playing. he's done a good job? proved his total game. >> try to approach it the same way no matter what, just prepare hike you're going to play and i did that in the off- season. and tried to keep that same mentality even though i was a backup because you never know when something like that happens you have to be ready to go. >> i believe he's going to play the position at a high level.
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he has the talent to be you know an compensational lineman and in this league. >> sometimes you take the offensive linemen for granted and inside the locker room today they talked about communication is key for young guys up front to get the job done. at redskins park, frank hanrahan, wusa9 sports. now that offense has allowed only four sacks on cousins through tee games. not too bad. all eyes on the weather and we reached out to the nfl regarding any plans for sunday's game. league senior vp of communications told us they are monitoring the weather staying in touch with both teams and we'll see how that developpings. of course the weather also going to drastically affect the maryland and michigan game this weekend in college park. but for now, it's business as usual. quarterback rogue getting the start again despite throwing four interceptions last week. here's his take on what he learned from that performance. >> you know, when things weren't going well, you know, last week i feel like i had to you know force the ball in there and make the throws. but you know sometimes i'm able to make, but not -- you know
6:27 pm
smart decisions. so i'm learning and trying to get better every week and just going to work on that. >> the washington wizards had a new baltimore pride jersey to honor their history. they resembled the uniforms worn by the baltimore bullets. what do you think bruce? >> i like that. >> do you like them top? they look like soccer jerseys to me. >> i agree. >> don't they look like soccer jerseys? >> what collars is that? >> it's the red white and blue. but wear them for like six games this yearment they're getting mix -- year. they're getting mixed reviewed on. that it's very bright. >> were those here or in baltimore? >> wear them here. six times a year. but it's -- you know, an homage to their heritage. but -- >> okay. >> they're interesting. >> interesting wusa9. >> fashion consulting work too on the side. that
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>> pelley: heavy rain and flooding hit the east coast. ed it could be just the beginning. hurricane joaquin is on the way. also tonight, the world just got more dangerous with u.s. and russian warplanes in the same skies on opposite sides. refinery disasters, the one that happened and the bigger one that almost did. and a way of life is coming to an end for the gladesmen. >> my grandfather used to take me out here when i was a kid. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: have a look at the rain in maine. cars up to their gas caps, a storm system is whipping up scenes just like this all the way from florida to new england.


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