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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  October 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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showers and a cooler air mass in place as most temperatures have dipped into the 50s. the flow with the showers is south to north, northeast. north carolina is quiet now. while i think we'll have some showers here this morning, i think there will be lulls but other times other showers are going to pop. not the wettest day i have but certainly not a pretty day with clouds and everything lifting off as i told you to the north, northeast. we've seen showers here, fredricksburg toward port royal, colonial beach, dahlgren trying to lift into charles county and spotty ones around the immediate metro. temperatures not nice. they're down in the 50s now. we're only looking at highs in the low 60s today. tomorrow looks worse with 50s and potentially heavy rain and i'm tracking joaquin. pore on that coming up in just a couple of minutes. larry miller? we have one issue right now affecting traffic. that's out in largo. again the outer loop of the beltway at ritchie marlboro road with the right lane blocked. just check tdz the camera in that -- checked the camera in
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that area. no delays but it is wet so take it easy out there. other than the issue that we were talking about in largo, the majority of the beltway still doing really well with no other issues out in virginia or the top side of the beltway. want to let you know 395, 295 also free and clear of any issues but you will see volume in areas like oxon hill. so just be mindful of that. your next traffic update coming up in ten minutes. we'll take you along i-95 and 66. over to you. governor terry mcauliffe has already declared a state of emergency. >> he's mobilizing all resources to prepare not only for joaquin but what he calls a major statewide rain event today and tomorrow. so with that let's bring in mike hydeck no more on what's being done to prepare for all of this. >> reporter: there's plenty being done. state of emergency does a few things. it provides, one, a very public warning that a serious storm is on the way. it also gets resources ready ahead of time. it allows state agencies to bypass time consuming paperwork and procedures and gets
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assistance to local governments and residents of the commonwealth more quickly. it's also a mechanism to activate the virginia national guard. guard. it provides liability coverage for volunteers and private entities who assist the state in response efforts as well. in new england, they are getting a short break right now from the rain but they already had in excess of five inches of rain in the last day or so, places like rhode island, massachusetts, maine. mallsive street flooding there all within the last 24 hours. this is before joaquin heads their way. meteorologists say the tides are as nomeically high there -- as nom ceam -- as free mom -- astro momically high there. fail gaters be ware. there's a possibility the redskins game against the eagles may have to be rescheduled this sunday. as of right now the 1:00 p.m. kickoff is a go for fedex field but an n.f.l. spokesman says right now we are
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monitoring the weather and staying in touch with both teams. it all of course depends on the track of would keen. as we continue to -- joaquin. as we continue to track joaquin as it travels east, here's howard with the latest on where and when. joaquin is hammering parts of the central bahamas. it has been strengthening and is looking much more impressive. you can see the counterclockwise rotation, darker colors. the tolder cloud tops, strong thunderstorms are wrapping around the center. winds 120 gusting to 150. looks like it's going to get stronger as we get into tonight and friday morning. potentially up to a category four storm with winds 140 miles an hour. they're going to get hammered here with the wind. the storm surge, the flooding. it's going to be bad. this is a tropical storm warm, mmn the rest of the northern bahamas have hurricane warnings. even though the storm will pull away, the wind storm is wide enough. after that it goes to the north. then the when our cane center, the official track last night
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if you were with topper was over the bay. this morning it's east ever delmarva here. on monday and monday night passing east of cape may late monday night early tuesday morning. this track is much better for us but i've got to tell you, the computer models go from landfall in north carolina all the way up to long island, even nova scotia. i'll show you that when i come back with big weather at 6:15. we have to watch the storm regardless between tonight, tomorrow, into saturday. we could see anywhere from 1 to 4 inches of rain across the immediate metro, parts of southeastern virginia. they could have 6 or 8 inches of rain. you could always get updates on joaquin at any time by going to the wusa9 app. i'll be back with more in just a few minutes. over to you. >> reporter: happening today, he's accused of killing three people in alexandria over course of a decade. today charles severance could make his last court appearance before his trial is set to beginning on monday. severance will be in court for a motions hearing where a up come of things will be
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discussed. one, jury instructions, and, two, what evidence will be permitted in court next week. severance is charged with the murders of three different people over the course of ten years, nancy dunning, ruthanne lodato and ron kirby. the last time severance was in court, you heard from a psychologist who testified about severance's history of bizarre behavior. the defense says his behavior and writings are because he suffers from schizophrenia and his illness is behind the paranoia and glorification of murder which is found in thousands of pages of writing from his personal collection of letters. the defense also claims severance' illness -- [indiscernible] -- after an alexandria detective left a business card at his home. what did the judge say last time that will not be allowed in the trial that again is set to start on monday? i'll tell you coming up at 6:30. live in fairfax county, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. rise and shine. there will be no government shutdown, at least for now.
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president obama signed a stopgap spending bill just hours after a bitterly divided congress approved a measure. the bill will keep the federal government open until december 11. there's no assurance there won't be another shutdown after that. a new month means new laws as andrea pointed out a couple of minutes ago. the state of maryland is upping the penalties for drunk driving for one. if your blood alcohol conextent .08 or higher they will -- content is .08 or higher, they'll suspend your license for six months. new information this morning on d.c.'s plan to build a soccer stadium in the city for d.c. united. mayor bowser says she cut a deal that she hopes and promises in fact will bring jobs and development to buzzard point by filing for eminent domain to take over the land. the property in question is just about a mile south of nats
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park. and the stadium is proposed to be built on mainly unused industrial land by akridge. akridge is a d.c.-based real estate firm. the firm and the city are trying to come to a settlement but the september 30 deadline passed with no agreement on the table. so the deal now heads to court. district leaders have already approved spending $140 million to buy the land. another $40 million goes to tax breaks. the soccer team will spend about $150 million to build the 20,000-seat stadium itself. but this is just the beginning. the fight is now heading through the court system. coming up i will tell you why the court battle will likely cost the city much more in the long run. we're live outside the wilson building in downtown d.c.,
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delia goncalves, wusa9. congress is preparing to force a vote on another bill, this one to block the iran nuclear deal. >> ensuring medical care for 70,000 9/11 first responders is allowed to expire
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that will drift into prince george's county as well. around the northern neck we have a little bit of rain. janet reed picked up 1.2 since yesterday. not much showing up in the immediate metro but we do have spotty drizzle. visibilities not as bad as yesterday. we have low clouds with the drizzle but nothing terrible so i don't think fog will be much of an issue. but reduced vice abilities you can see on the cam -- visibilities you can see on the camera. larry miller, give me the good news this morning. i showed up to work. always good news there. camden line commuters, train 841 is running 25 minutes late. vre is running on schedule. here's a look at the beltway there at ritchie marlboro road. that's exit 13. you can see the earlier accident is cleared so no issues there. eastbound on i-66 expect some volume as you approach areas like fairfax and the capital beltway. traveling southbound on i-270 toward the capital beltway in bethesda, expect some volume.
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a deadly shooting in our region ends with the alleged suspect being hospitalized. >> plus, how those beloved baggage fees are now being carried on from airlines to rail
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coming up, we have a special hello. we'd like to say good morning to penelope from landover, maryland. she watches us every morning and she absolutely loves howard bernstein. >> believe it or not, not just my wife. >> we appreciate your viewership. joaquin may not be a direct hit on us. let me show you what's happening with joaquin. a dangerous hurricane, category 3 hurricane in the bahamas. it's been strengthening ever since yesterday. you can see this impressive satellite imagery. earlier we showed you the track going through the bahamas and then over toward areas east of delmarva monday morning as a category one hurricane. here's the problem with forecasting. computer models in the short term generally north. what happens as we go in time.
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saturday afternoon some are moving north, northeast. sunday morning, look how many are saying off shore headed to new york or long island or up toward nova scotia. so the spread is great. the uncertainty is still very high with this storm. i want you to keep that in mind. the track is going to change sometime today and tomorrow. it will be a few more days till we know exactly where going. our day planner not looking too good. some drizzle, some showers on and off. we'll get into some lulls i think but at other times it's just going to be a little light sour activity. highs not moving much. only the low 60s. the winds have picked up out of the north, northeast 10 to 15. they'll pick up more friday. we've fallen into the 50s with a few 60s well to the south and east. 40s in the mountains. it's not going to be a pretty day today. low 60s. we'll have showers on and off. so a yellow alert day. breezy and cool. tonight low 50s. tomorrow temperatures barely move, mid-50s. winds could gust to 30 with rain which will be heavy at times.
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it's going to be an ugly day. windy with waves of rain and passing showers saturday. again in the 60s. sunday and monday just depend on joaquin but certainly looking much better here by tuesday and wednesday. i know some folks already missing the sunshine. speaking of sunshine, we'll give you some. here's larry miller. oh, howard, getting those brownie points, buddy. camden line commuters, want to let you know train 841, 25 minutes late this morning. vre trains running on schedule. no issues this morning from collington road making your way to n street northeast a21- minute commute. southbound on i-270 just looked at the camera there, we have volume. from middle brook road to the capital beltway, a 13-minute commute. eastbound on i-66 starting to seity fair share of volume as well. starting to pick up primarily in centreville. traveling northbound on 95 on the virginia side from gordon boulevard up to i-395 now a 10- minute commute. let's give you a live look and show you how things are shaping up on i-270.
6:18 am
we told you volume is certainly becoming an issue there and it is at least from this view on montrose road making your way toward the capital beltway. it starts to pick up in bethesda. to your morning commute. here's a live look to show you how things are shaping up in prince george's county. volume starting to pick up on 214 as you make your way into town. again wet roads certainly an issue for the morning commute. drop the speed. increase the distance it you and the driver in front of you. we'll send it over to you. at 6:18 here's what's in the news right now. an important vote on a bill that would block the iran nuclear deal heads to the house floor. the bill says the deal wouldn't go into effect until iran pays billions of dollars in damages to victims of iranian sponsored terrorism. the white house opposes this bill saying it would undermine national security interests. russia says its air strikes on syria have destroyed eight positions belonging to the islamic state group. u.s. defense secretary ash carter says the russians appear
6:19 am
to have targeted areas that did not include isis groups. there is concern they have launched air strikes to help syrian president assad, an ally of russia. secret assured under fire again this morning -- secret service under fire again this morning in a scheme against a congressman investigating them. >> reporter: as head of the house oversight committee, congressman jay zahn chaffetz -- jason chaffetz has investigated misconduct by the secret service including an incident in march when agents allegedly drove drunk on white house grounds. a department of homeland security inspector general reports in retaliation some at the secret service sought to embarrass chaffetz by accessing his 2003 application to be an agent. his file was protected by the privacy act but according to the report, assistant director ed lowery wrote in an e-mail some information he might find
6:20 am
embarrassing needs to get out. days later it was leaked to the need yacht the report says at least -- media. the report says at least 45 members of the secret service viewed the application. >> i don't trust them. >> reporter: chaffetz says the disclosure reflects deeper problems at the agency. >> if they're doing this to me, who knows what else they're doing. it really is scary. >> reporter: the assistant director who sent the e-mail says he was just venting and did not want the information leaked. the director of the secret service crow clancy apologized to chaffetz and said that he will take appropriate disciplinary actions. cbs news, washington. meanwhile a law providing medical monitoring and treatment for 9/11 first responders has expired. those first responders will still be able to get their health care for now, but federal officials who administer the program say it could face challenges by february and it will have to start shutting down by next
6:21 am
summer. a possible suspect in a is recovering at a hospital in prince george's county this morning. two men were found suffering from gunshot wounds a little before 8:00 last night on central avenue in capitol heights. the men died at the scene. a third man was rushed to the hospital. police say that man is being considered a possible suspect. they don't believe this was a random act. police are searching for a driver who struck and killed a u.s. marine in frederick county, maryland. corporal william ferrell was driving on u.s. 15 when he pulled over to help a stranded driver. he was standing next to his car when another driver slammed into him. witnesses believe it was a heavy duty pickup hauling a car carrier. a hearing will be held this afternoon to discuss the planned execution of a virginia inmate. the state had been planning to put alfredo prieto to death at 9:00 tonight but his lawyers are challenging the state's handling of the lethal drugs. he killed a young couple in fairfax in 1998 and raped the woman as she was dying.
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effective today, passengers boarding amtrak trains will be subject to an excess baggage fee. riders are now going to be charged $20 if they exceed the limit for either carry-on or personal items. customers are allowed to bring two personal items weighing up to 25 pounds and two carry-on bags weighing no more than 50 pounds. the fee applies to each item above those limits. also today marks the first day of breast cancer awareness month. you may have seen this sight last night. this building on i street northwest lit up in pink to recognize the fight organized by the think pink society of georgetown visitation. they say the lights are a symbol of the progress made so far in fighting breast cancer and a reminder of the work that still needs to be done. trying to get metro in line. their new recommendations for stricter federal oversight of the rail system. >> plus, a devious way hackers tried to let themselves into hillary clinton's e-mail server. that story is coming up. >> reporter: the man accused of killing three people in alexandria over the course of a
6:23 am
decade will be in court today but his trial isn't set to start until monday. i'll tell you what we can expect to happen today coming up. the plan to build a new soccer stadium in the city now heads to court but it could end up costing d.c. far more in the long run. i'll tell you how much more coming up at 6:30. it's not heavy but we have a definite mist and drizzle fawing in northwest d.c. some of you are seeing that. some light showers as well moving southwest to northeast. it is going to ab-- to abmuch cooler day -- be a much cooler day only in the low 60s with on and off showers. >> volume starting to pick up throughout the metro but luckily we don't have any major incidents or accidents slowing commuters down. you want to stay with us. we'll keep you updated on the
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the controversy dogging hillary clinton's presidential campaign continues to grow with the state department's latest release of e-mails from her private server. >> drip, drip, drip she describes this saga. turns out other governments were trying to hack their way into clinton's private server we've now learned. >> reporter: the latest batch of e-mails from 2010 and 2011 show russia-linked hackers tried five times to pry into hillary clinton's e-mail account. they did so by sending e-mails disguised as speeding tickets with attachments that would have allowed hackers into her network. she never replied to the e- mails or opened the attachments. ov er the weekend clinton tried yet again to quell the controversy. >> it is like a drip, drip, drip. what i have tried to do in explaining this is to provide more transparency and more information than anybody that i'm aware of who's ever served
6:28 am
in the government. >> reporter: the state department says at least three e-mails sent to clinton should have been classified, two of them surrounding iran nuclear talks. another notable exchange highlights concerns about outdated technology in her department, something a top vitzor creped had led -- advisor creped had led high ranking officials to use e-mail accounts to get their work done. recent polls show clinton's lead over vermont bernie sanders has dwindzed -- dwindled over the controversy with vice president joe biden quickly gaining more support. she has also raised only about $2 billion more than sanders. don champion, cbs news. residents after chinatown complex are fighting to keep their affordable housing option. the section 8 housing at museum square apartments converted to market rate at midnight last night. the owners plan to demolish the building and build luxury
6:29 am
condos. the government will provide vouchers to help residents afford housing elsewhere. major repairs to a launch pad on wallops highland has been completed. -- island has been completed. a rocket bound for the international space station last october exploded on lift- off. there was about $15 million worth of damage to the eastern shore launch pad. up next at 6:30, hurricane joaquin is still intensifying as it churns in the atlantic ocean. >> a category 3 storm right now but it could become a category 4 later today as its track edges closer to the east coast. on that night good thursday morning to you. we appreciate you starting with us. i'm nick giovanni. happy october. i'm andrea roane. larry miller has your timesaver traffic. we begin with first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. today's forecast also includes a nor'easter on our door. >> that's right. looks like the wind and rain
6:30 am
will pick up tonight and tomorrow. i think tomorrow will be a real miserable day. today compared to yesterday you might not like t. we're a lot -- like it. we're a lot cooler, mostly 50s. light showers drifting to the north, northeast. spotty drizzle that's not being picked up on first alert doppler because it's too light. east of fredricksburg, colonial beach, dahlgren, southern prince george's, the area of light rain expanding, especially there, east of 301 and northern s.a.t. -- st. mary's county. you'll need jackets and rain gear. 60 on the bay and annapolis. only the low 60s this afternoon. not going to rain all day but the threat for on and off showers will be with us all day. larry miller, i'm hoping we get a lot better news than yesterday which was not nice at all. compared to yesterday we're doing a lot better but we certainly have our issues this morning. we do have one accident southbound i-270 between montrose road and the spur. for a look if our maryland cam, we're not seeing the accident
6:31 am
in the camera but as you get closer to the capital beltway and the spur, you do see the volume starting to pick up which is an indication the accident is there and having an impact on traffic. you can mitigate a lot of that by adding a few extra minutes to your commute. i think ten minutes will do you just fine. want to give you a live look and show you how things are shaping up on 95 toward the 14th street bridge. expect volume but nothing to slow you down other than wet roads. so take it easy out there. your next traffic update coming up in ten minutes. we'll send it over to you. we are just a few days away from the beginning of a very high profile trial. that of charles severance, the man accused of killing three people over the course of a decade in alexandria. all three of those people were alexandria residents. the first victim nancy dunning in 2003. then ron kirby and ruthanne lodato. severance' trial starts on monday but today will be a final motions hearing. a couple of things will be discussed. one, jury instructions and what evidence will be allowed and presented in court. we learned the last time he was
6:32 am
in court that a judge will allow evidence of severance' bizarre behavior and what the defense calls paranoia and illness. the judge also decided that the defense will be allowed to show evidence that shows severance is not the killer of the first victim. that's what the defense says, nancy dunning. the defense plans to say dunning's husband who was the sheriff in alexandria actually killed her. he has since passed away. the judge denied, however, the request for a third-party guilt motion. he will be arraigned in court which means severance will be forced to speak. we'll be in the courtroom and let you know what happens. to stay up to date on what happens today and also everything that we've covered in the past and all of these victims' cases, you can download our wusa9 mobile app. that's the late nest fairfax county, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. the man charged with murder in the lyon sisters case is scheduled for a court hearing in bedford, virginia this
6:33 am
morning. lloyd welch is accused of killing 12-year-old sheila lyon and her 10-year-old sister catherine in 1975. the girls disappeared during a shopping trip to wheaton plaza. this is welch's first court appearance in the case. new this morning, we are just a few hours away from the long awaited trial of don blankenship, the former ceo of massey energy is facing charges related to that explosion at the upper big branch mine in west virginia. april 5, on 2010 that explosion trapped and killed 29 miners. it remains one of the worst mining disasters in 40 years. an investigation by the mine safety he t administration found -- health administration found the explosion was a direct result of blankenship's s. he's facing three change charges. they -- criminal charges. they include violating mine safety standards. blankenship isn't the only one facing potential prison time
6:34 am
either. former -- four former massey employees are either in prison or facing charges. >> reporter: d.c.'s mayor muriel bowser says a deal they have cut for a soccer stadium is a win-win for residents of the district and soccer fans. the city filing for eminent domain to take over the land at buzzard point. the property is about a mile from nats park right now. that's where the stadium is proposed to be built. right now it's mainly unused industrial land owned by akridge, a d.c.-based commercial real estate firm. now the firm and the city were trying to come up with some kind of settlement but the september 30 deadline passed. no agreement was on the table. so that deal now goes to court. the firm thinks the land is worth $15 million more than the city offered. so while d.c. hopes to buy the
6:35 am
property for $140 million, after this court fight, the city could wind up spending double that cost just to settle the deal. the land owners are on board. they want to build a soccer stadium on their land. they just disagree about the dollars. we'll follow this fight and have much more, an update on our wusa9 mobile app. we're live outside the wilson building in downtown d.c., delia goncalves, wusa9. the term government may soon have greater authority over metro. the national transportation safety board is recommending the federal government take on much greater oversight of the rail system. that's because of all the metro's recent safety problems. now to montgomery county where the fight over early voting sites continues this morning. at issue is whether or not to restore two heavily used early voting sites. councilmember nancy far var row -- narvarro has a press
6:36 am
conference scheduled. meanwhile it's past the immunization deadline for students in prince george's county schools. still some 2400 students have not been vaccinated. they could be turned away from school today as a result. parents had until the close of business yesterday to show proof of the shots. our time is 6:36. speaking of kids, we'll take a look at which cars best protect young drivers coming up. >> a group of beer buddies gets creative with their bottles of choice. we'll explain. >> we have a lot of mist in northwest d.c. watching some light showers, bonified showers expanding across parts of prince george's, coming out of charles county. kind of a soggy, cool day coming up. more on that and heavy rain for friday. i'll tell you about that as well in a few minutes. >> traveling southbound on i- 270, you could see an accident causing some delays on that stretch of the interstate as it approaches the capital beltway. you can see it there on the right hand side of your screen.
6:37 am
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we have drizzle. we have some light showers and much cooler air has moved in. here's first alert doppler, by the way. all the activity is drifting off toward the north, northeast. as you look over toward charles, prince george's county, see the light rain has expanded even into northern calvert. temps have dropped in the 50s to around 60. they'll only get to the low 60s this afternoon. heavy rain and a flood watch in effect for friday. more on that coming up in a few minutes along with would keen. here's larry -- with joaquin. here's larry. the wet roads have caused a few accidents but no major issues to slow you down. you will see a different a headache on i-270 because of a crash on the southbound side between montrose road and the spur. from our maryland cam, we can see the volume starting to pick up primarily closer to the spur. it's on the right-hand side of your screen. add about ten minutes to your commute time. should be good to go as you past the crash site. a live look right now shows you how things are shaping up on i- 66 just west of lee highway. no issues as you travel inbound toward the capital beltway making your way into rosslyn
6:41 am
over the key bridge into georgetown. we'll have your drive times around the metro aft seven-day forecast. we'll -- after the seven-day forecast. we'll send it over to you. saying farewell to the boys of summer. how you'll remember the 2015 nats team. >> one article said the choke. you can take that more ways than one. >> plus, a ♪ ♪ all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle. this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car.
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the insurance institute for highway safety released its report on the safers -- safest cars for teenagers. >> bigger might be better when buying their first car. don champion reports. >> reporter: tony and his 17- year-old son are on the hunt for a used car. kevin will start driving next year and will need his own wheels. >> it's not worth paying a lot of money for a teenager. they don't have much experience. >> reporter: he plans to spend about $5,000 while he's looking for something affordable he
6:45 am
also wants something safe. when it comes to used cars for teens, the latest report from the insurance institute for highway safety found bigger and heavier vehicles are the safest. vehicles like the volvo s80, ford taurus and suvs like the ford flex made the recommended list. parents should look for used cars that free tur electronic stability control systems which help drivers maintain control on curves and slippery roads. the report also warned parents to avoid buying cars that have high horsepower which may tempt teens. vehicles on the institute's recommended list cost under $20,000. don champion, cbs news, new york york. folks, you know, like my fellow millennials, and i believe i am a millennial because i'm less than a thousand years old... >> less is more.
6:46 am
we're like heroin. >> have you tried heroin? it's hard to stop with just one, my friend. >> no heroin user has said i've had enough. >> we are also a disciplined he roinuser. half an hour week of writing-- -- the democrats have their first debate on october 13. i for one cannot wait to meet the candidates and also whoever these three guys are down here. [ laughter] >> last night another reminder that jon stewart is the bill parcells of late night tv with all the proteges. >> the third person we figured out who the two, martin o'malley and jim webb and the third person, lincoln chafee, the governor of rhode island because we don't know from the face who he was either. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> charlie rose joins us live from new york with that preview. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, nick and andrea. ahead millions prepare for major flooding and strong
6:47 am
winds. we're tracking hurricane joaquin as it gains strength today. plus, this. did russia target c.i.a.-backed rebels in syria? we'll talk with the former c.i.a. director morell and the weight lost company accused of threatening customers who posted bad reviews. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. back to you. >> thank you, charlie. have a good morning. howard bernstein also tracking joaquin. how about a nor'easter to start things off. >> looks like tomorrow is going to be a rough day around here with rain and wind. a flood watch is up from 8:00 tomorrow till 8:00 p.m. saturday but i do want to start with would keen. it's getting stronger -- joaquin. it's been getting stronger and stronger since yesterday. all we see the action there and that dark purple area, one of the strong bands feeding around the center because you can almost make out an eye right now, right there. that band, that's san salvador island. those poor folks are getting hammered. this is a storm with wins 120 miles per hour at the center.
6:48 am
gusts to 150 moving slowly west, southwest at 5. so these central bahama islands today are going to get hammered. the storm will likely strengthen to a category 4 storm with winds 140. we're talking gusts 160, 170 before it pulls away. hurricane warnings extend toward the northern bahamas. it will weaken as it moves north through the cooler water. the latest track that came out at 5:00 has it east of us, close, but i'm looking at more and more model data that is suggesting that perhaps it will end up more here which would be the best case scenario. just get her away from the u.s. and we'll be in much better shape. today not that pretty of a day. we have on and off showers, some drizzle, temps in the low 60s for highs. stiff north, northeast wind will gust toward 20. temperatures are down into the 50s to a few low 60s well to our south and east. that flood watch covers most folks. if you're in frederick toward winchester, you're not in t. baltimore is not -- in it.
6:49 am
baltimore is not in it. between 2 to 4 imps of -- inches of rain between friday and saturday. yellow alert days are up across the board of the showers at times today. today may be the better of the next three days, 63. tomorrow mid-50s. rain heavy at times. winds tomorrow, tomorrow night, saturday could gust 30 to 35. the sunday and monday some showers around sunday but that depends on joaquin and better next week. larry miller, happy thursday or not? two lanes blocked on connecticut avenue impacting traffic. this is southbound between east- west highway and bradley lane. should still be able to get by on the left. just make sure you use some caution as you approach the crash site. i don't think it's going to last for too much longer. meantime camden line commuters, wouldn't to let you know 841 still running 25 minutes late. vre is on schedule. inbound on 50 we're doing really well.
6:50 am
no accidents to slow you down. from mlk highway to fenway street, a 22-minute commute. southbound on i-270 remember we still have the crash on montrose but shady grove road to the capital beltway a 13- minute commute. you can consider 355 as an alternate but also understand, too, that sees its own fair share of volume especially as we get closer to 7:00. over to you. everyone knows the classic songs from the lion king. many people enjoy a cold brew. >> a group of guys wondered what happens when you mix the two. common question, right? let's see what they discovered with tommy mcfly. good morning. >> i think the whole idea started after a few brews. good morning, guys. they call themselves the bottle boys and they have a version of "the lion king"'s "i just can't wait to be king." check it out. ♪
6:51 am
♪ >> no word on who drank the contents of the boltses before they got the instruments together but the group also does lady gaga. they do taylor swift. it's worth a google today if you want to waste some time at the office for sure. >> i would say those bottles were definitely empty. >> okay. >> very good. tommy, thank you. >> you got it. >> maybe taylor swift will invite them on the stage. >> it's a neat sound. it 16:51. -- it is 6:51. a new soccer stadium is coming to northwest d.c. >> why is leaves some neighbors looking for a new hope. we're back after this. what will the 2015 national season be remembered for? will it be the colossal slop of a team that hovered around .500
6:52 am
after being picked to win the world series? the incident where jonathan papelbon choked brings harper leading to a storm of national criticisms for both players, the team's manager and general manager as well? or will we forget the disappointment like most have with the expectations back in '13 when the team also missed the playoffs? right now everything is fresh, top of mind and painful for nats fans to wow. this place is spectacular. thank you . we worked with a designer from havertys for a complete refresh. you must be happy to get out of that tiny house? yeah you know when we realized how great the furniture could be we knew we wanted more space. how much more space? we went from a hundred square feet to... three thousand! (whispers) three thousand! we still have the original structure. she uses it as a yoga studio. it's more like a tool shed. refresh your space during our harvest
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sale at havertys. plus, enjoy thirty-six month no-interest financing havertys. discover something you.
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing?
6:55 am
especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. i'm nikki burdine in fairfax county. happening today motions for charles severance, a man accused of killing three people decade in alexandria. a judge will determine what evidence will be allowed in court and what instructions will be given to the jury when his trial begins on monday. he's accused of killing ruthanne low dat dough, nancy done -- lodato, nancy dunning and ron kirby. the fight to bring a new
6:56 am
soccer stadium to d.c. for d.c. united now heads to court. the city has officially filed for eminent domain to take over the land at buzzard point about a mile from nats park. the land owners and the city could not agree on just how much money that land is worth. the city wants to pay $140 million. land owners wanted $15 million more. but now this fight may end up costing the city far more in the long run. back you to. a damp day today with drizzle and showers, 63. miserable tomorrow. rainy and windy, 56. more rain over the weekend and joaquin pay just stay off shore. >> hey now. >> volume starting to pick up on the bw parkway southbound as you approach the 11th street bridge. account for that with extra time. i suggest you get out the door earlier rather than later because it's going to shape up to be an interesting day so to speak. cbs this morning is next. you can stay on top
6:57 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, october 1st, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." hurricane joaquin gains strength overnight. new details on the path that could target millions of amers.ican the u.s. says who is bombing in syria is like pouring gasoline on the fire. russia target cia backed rebels. >> a weight loss company sues its own customers for posting bad reviews we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> as we head toward the weekend, a chance for a strike ofin makg landfall anywhere from north carolina up to new jersey. >> joaquin takes aim at the


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