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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  October 1, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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it's gaining strength but where will it land? right now hurricane joaquin is projected to move up to a category 4 storm by friday, winds near 140 miles per hour. will we will getting a direct hit? thank you for joining us.
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i'm mike hydak. meteorologist howard bernstein is tracking joaquin, a moving target. >> hurricane joaquin is going to stay east enough it maybe not give us too many problems but before joaquin we have a nor'easter developing. flood watching have been posted for just about everything except north of i-70 towards hagerstown. 2 to 4 inches or more of additional rain will be possible. some areas had 5 inches the other night. here's a look at first alert doppler. we've had some light showers here but look what's going on. this rain has really picked up here. in prince george's county along the beltway here, central avenue up towards route 50 and parts of ann arundel county
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you've been see seeing this rain this morning. the red is 3 plus close to 4 and then 4 or more potentially. these are some of the areas that had the 4 and 5 inch rain totals. that's why the flood watch is out. as far as today it's going to be kind of dreary, upper 50s and 60s much of the day. i'll be back in a few minutes. joaquin, got the very latest on that for you. >> thank you howard. virginia governor mccolluh declare ed d a state of emergency yesterday in advance of the weekend storm. it's to prevent or alleviate damage and loss, hardship and suffering. it authorizes the governor to provide assistance quickly, make resources available for rescues evacuations. >> the rain we're getting right now only a sign of what is to come. speaking of signs check out this one in case of
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flooding board the trolly elsewhere. you see dealing with the rain and subsequent flooding in old town alexandria an old hat for business leaders. city folks have began planning by clearing out the storm drains. the city will come owners can line their property and store fronts and hopefully keep them safe from flooding. all folks can do right now is wait, watch and hope for the best. folks prepare? how are you prepared for the storm? >> i kind of bunker down. i have a hurricane kit, food provisions power in the garage, a generator. you have to have food, you have to have shelter and you have to have water. you stay home. >> and you can prepare at home by logging on to the ready va app. you can customize an emergency plan, check out your supply list. this is a cool
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feature, i am safe where you can send an i am safe text message to family or friends. as always we got you covered on air, online and on your phone on our new wusa 9 mobile app. in old town delia goncalves. another woman attacked in arlington and police say the suspect is still on the run. police do not believe these crimes are related. nikki burr line has more now. >> arlington police are calling this crime an attempted abduction. a man approached a woman from behind, grabbed her and then tried to pull her into the bushes. >> it happened at about 10:30 on tuesday night in the 1200 block of north quincytr seet. the victim said her attacker was a hispanic man 20 to 30, 5 feet 7 and weighing around 150
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pounds. there was a brief struggle and the man ran off. neighbors chased the man before he got away. >> it's unsettling news for this neighborhood that's right in front of washington lee high school and several bus stops. >> i think it's safe although the attacks make me a little nervous. i get off at the bus stop right here. >> which is exactly what the victim was doing when she was attacked getting off the bus to walk home. >> it's actually quite frightening that this is happening, that people think it's okay to do that. >> especially since this crime is an all too familiar one in arlington over the past few months. since july there's been six attempted abductions where the victim was forced to the ground. five victim have been groped or grabbed in arlington. although these attackers have had several attacks they said they won't live in fear. >> it seems like we have a good neighborhood and good neighbors keeping an eye out on what's
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going on. i will continue to walk probably not late at night, but continue to walk by myself. >> nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> the suspect was wear ing a white t-shirt and black pants. today charles severance is in court for a pretrial hearing. the judge will hear motions on what evidence have been presented. severance is accused in the murders of three al eks and al -- three al exrihanna yeah al exand leah -- alexandria's residents. the state planned to execute charles prito tonight at 9:00. he killed a young couple in 1988 and raped a young women while
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diesie -- while dying. mark albert reports there's serious differences on how the u.s. and russia have differences on trying to achieve the goals of killing isis. >> russia says that bombings are not justice us positions but enemies of president assad. >> this video from one of the mott rat syrian rebel groups showing russian planes over head followed shortly by a large explosion. >> russia says it's in syria at assad's request and they will work with the u.s. to achieve the ultimate goal of defeating isis. >> about to be differences for the details. >> the biggest of those differences seems to be what to do with assad. the u.s. said he's part of the problem and
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needs to go. russia said doing that would make the situation worse. >> they really are focused on isis but they're focused on isis in the sense that if assad falls isis grows. they're trying to protect assad so they're going after all of assad's enemies. >> while the u.s. and russia won't be coordinating efforts in syria military leaders are holding deconflicting talking today. mark albert for cbs news. >> the syria national coalition fighting the assad regime claims 36 civilians died wednesday. it was the second largest powerball jackpot this year, $310 million. find out where that winning ticket was sold coming up next. >> first a suspect is in custody but still no answers behind a wave of deadly bombings in mainland china. >> and don't forget thursday night football tonight on wusa 9. the baltimore ravens travel
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to pittsburgh to take on the steelers. coverage starts at 7:30 kick off at 8:25. >> this is the perfect weekend if you haven't done so already to download the wusa 9 app. you'll be able to track the storms headed our way 24 hours a day, plus get the watches warnings and alert to keep your families
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today! subway. eat fresh. welcome back. could a wave of deadly bombings in china be over? police say they now have a suspect in custody. the latest bombing was in a high-rise and there were no injuries reported that that one but 7 people were killed in another bombing yesterday. police believe the person they have in custody now may be responsible for as many as 17 bombings around mainland china. uss ronald reagan is home now in a part in japan.
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it replaces the uss george washington. the uss george washington was the first powered warship based in japan where atomic weapons are a sensitive issue. recreational marijuana goes up for sale today in oregon. pot sales are even tax free until next year. 23 states permit some sort of medical marijuana but only colorado, washington state and now oregon sell it for recreational use. there's a storm headed our way now and then hurricane joaquin churning in the atlantic. howard. >> even if hurricane joaquin misses us we have a lot of rain coming up. here's a look at hurricane joaquin. it's hitting the bahamas. i'll let you know where joaquin is ready to go. full forecas
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some companies believe when you say no it means yes. wusa 9 said it's still causing problems for consumers. let's talk about what is a negative option? >> it could be called an automatic renewal plan. you purchase something or get a free gift. when you do this you have to give them your personal information, credit card number and so on so they send you that free know it's arriving in your mailbox every month and you're being charged for it. the magazine, the subscription ends you don't say no you don't want to continue it so you're going to automatically get a renewal.
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>> who is guilty of this and what can you do to prevent it? >> a lot of companies use this technique. you have to be vigilant. keep your paperwork. you need to immediately contact your credit card company dispute the charge, get in touch with the company. consumers have found they have a phone number but no one answers. >> much appreciated. we have more on our oneself 9 call for action page. if you want to file a complaint go to and click the call for action link. so u.s. retailers are supposed to have installed the new credit card machines that work with the micro chip credit cards that are issued these days. it's estimated only half of u.s. businesses have these machines. they cost anywhere between $500 and $1,000. it looks like you will be swiping for a while longer. someone in michigan is holding a powerball ticket worth
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more than $310 million. it was sold at a shell station not far from kalamazoo. as big as $310 million sounds this jackpot is the second largest. in february players in north carolina, texas and puerto rico split $564 million. tracking joaquin now. governors up and down the east coast are warning residents to prepare for this hurricane. parts of new jersey and new york already drenched from rain this week. on long beach island they are building protective dunes. this is all what they learned from hurricane sandy. >> we're all very sensitive now post sandy. any time any sort of potential storm is on the horizon everyone is for good reasons vigilant. we asked our residents to stay alert and keep monitoring things. >> any preparations will be a full tank of gas in the car and a warm bed to say. that's for sure. >> i'm out of here.
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you can hear his voice. no matter what way joaquin heads the national weather service predicts as much as 10 inches in new york and new jersey. today is a yellow weather alert day. now here's wusa 9's first alert weather. >> a lot of that rain like the rain we'll get tomorrow that's nothing to do with joaquin. this is ahead of joaquin. parts of the carolinas could get 10 inches. i'm thinking 4 to 6 even. >> it's a one-two punch. >> yeah. joaquin a very powerful hurricane. it may be taking more of an aim towards new england than us. i'll explain right now. we look at the storm and it's an oppressive looking storm. we're now starting to see that eye feature, that little pinhole in the middle. that's about 30 miles wide right there. hurricane force winds only about 30 40 mile from the center and tropical storm force are at 100 150. we may get some tropical
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storm force winds on the coast should the track keep up. there's lots of warnings. the red is all hurricane warnings. bahamas got kinds of 125. it's gotten up to 155. it looks like it gets stronger over night and into tomorrow morning a category 4. these islands are just being pounded by this storm. pictures when we get them i'm sure will show a lot of destruction sadly. storm moves up north and loses intensity wind sheer. it doesn't help a storm to be over cool water. towards monday morning it's passing east of north carolina on the track. it's a hurricane still. it's going to be passing the del marva monday. monday at 8:00 maybe 150 miles east of ocean city. with that track there's still going to be waves and rough sufficient and beach erosion, but keeps the brunt of the winds offshore. the hurricane force winds will stay
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offshore. here we are tuesday morning. this track if it's going to move from west to east my feeling is it would move more east than west. we're still in that cone of uncertainty. i'm feeling less anxious today than yesterday. don't let your guard down yet. if this trend continues sunday and monday may not be too bad. we had a lot of rain this morning light rain and drizzle but moderate rain developed here in the last hour or so from areas over joint base anders creeping north. it's over route 50. it's over towards the bowie area. i wouldn't be surprised if some areas have ponding on the roadways or minor flooding. the rest of us just dealing with this miserable day. it's lifting up to the north northwest. greenbelt watch out for that, laurel it's headed your way as well in the next 30 to 60 minutes. flood watches erupt tomorrow and saturday. 2
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to 4 inches of additional rain will be possible. it's dreary looking outside and i think it will stay that way much of the day with on and off showers. we're at 57 now. we will drop off tonight into the 50s. kind of an ugly looking map with mid to upper 50s. we got a lot of rain coming. we'll have the showers on and off today. it picks up though. today we've already hit the high 61, 63 in that range. only in the mid 50s tomorrow. we could have winds gusting 25, 30, maybe 35 by the bay. it's going to be a tough friday. yellow weather alert there. windy with waves and passing rain and showers 63. towards sunday it depends on joaquin and whatever happens with joaquin. i think it's out of here by monday. monday sunshine returns and it looks a lot better next week as temperatures rise back into the 70s. a lot to worry about until then. we're going to change gears. christy curtis from the animal
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adoption center out of the charlestowne area has brought jo jo. >> he's super friendly. he just loves people. no small children. he gets nervous. >> do you want to go belly up? >> yeah. >> he's a cute dog . he's a little over a year? >> a little over a year. a year and 2 months. he's so friendly. he loves everybody. >> how does a sweet guy a little over a year end up at a shelter? >> well, he came in through a rescue. we're so thankful we got him because he's so friendly. he just does well with everyone. other dogs as long as they're not really big and over bearing to him he does really well with. teenage children will be great. when he's around little kids that move fast he gets nervous. he's wonderful. he was snuggling back on the couch. >> i got to tell you i got a dog from them and i love the
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experience. christy, how can folks contact you? >> come and see us at the shelter. get online at or go to your website. >> and on our app we urge you to download that, and check out the pet section there. we'll be back with more after this. jo jo, we have to get you
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this is just a puppy segment. some call him america's puppy. bunce is a service dog in trainer. tonight at 11:00 after nfl football see how he's developed thousands of followers who track his every move on his own puppy blog. go behind the scenes and see him and the revolution tonight after
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nfl football. breast cancer awareness month starts today. the think pink society will help light up a building on i-street in northwest. it's a symbol of the progress made so far in the fight against breast cancer. >> it's amazing. we're in the capitol and to see everyone to see this pink and to have everyone know that it's the beginning of breast cancer awareness it makes me feel like everyone is aware of this disease and kind of be motivated like i am to find a cure. >> breast cancer is the most common cancer among american women and the second most cause of death behind lung cancer. rain and showers today. heavier rains tomorrow into saturday. flood watches are up. then we watch ka chemo. joaquin. at 12:45 for facebook users we'll do a chat until 1:15. i'll answer your questions about joaquin and
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other weather. >> there's no better time to get this app. thank you for joining us for the
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>> devon: where is she? the woman that they just brought in? >> emma: there's a new patient in 216. >> cane: she jane doe? >> emma: yes. >> devon: that's her! that's my wife! >> paul: no, no, no, no, no. devon, you can't go in there. >> lily: wait, why not? >> devon: oh, god. >> paul: listen, take devon home. there is nothing for him here, okay? please. devon! >> devon: hilary! >> paul: devon! >> dylan: you know, i feel for devon. i mean, this guy refuses to give up hope when there seems to be a little left. and paul's run down what he can but... >> stitch: devon's lucky to have you looking into it. this kind of investigation is right up your alley, man. >> dylan: yeah, i guess. it's frustrating, all these weird angles and loose ends and... i got a question for you.


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