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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  October 2, 2015 2:22am-4:01am EDT

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when was the last time you felt... free. it's time to uncover that feeling again.
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with the compassion and strength of a name... most accepted by top doctors and specialists. and the power of a card... that opens doors in all fifty states. giving you the freedom to love to dream to dance like no one is watching. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. >> tomorrow, the coup is on for tomorrow. tomorrow is the big day. you want to know the plan. the workers starts to arrive at 7:00 a.m. so i must be on the while at 6:00 a.m. you're not listening to me. why is nobody listening to me? >> we've gone over the plan 20 times already. >> here comes number 21. >> what are we doing? >> i think what we're doing is cool but i do not want to go to jail. the man is obviously crazy.
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so what, are we just here to watch him die, huh [applause] ♪ james: that was a clip from "the walk" which is in imax theaters now and opens everywhere on october the 9th. ben, congratulations on the film. ben: thanks, james. james: enjoyed it. it's the story of phillip petite that walked on the wire between the two world trade certains -- ben: in 1974. yeah, yea yeah. james:t must have been fun. >> those building look so much to me and to show this story of an inspiring tale of this person who did the impossible. he walked between two building on the tiniest wire. roger who did "back to the future" and "roger rabbit," he was the director and he was pretty amazing. james: you are very hands-on
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within your company honest and that you had -- answer customer service. jessica: i listen in and we train our customer service. when we started we didn't have that money, we had like 10. now i'm listening in. we have four to seven touch point where is our customers every day and a lot of them call in and they tell us what they want -- jessica: -- james: you have a dedicated line that will pitch ideas to the company. we thought we might call your pitch line and pitch some ideas and see how they go down with -- jessica: customer service. it's not really a pitch line. ben: do you have an older phone we could use or that one's fine? do you have one that's like? james: this is one of the most modern things in cbs television
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city just so you know. jessica: excuse a -- ben: of course, of course. [dialing] ben: this is very exciting. how do you hold this part up? jessica: i wonder who's going to answer. ben: what if it was you. >> thank you for calling honest beauty, this is hannah. how's it going? james: thanks. how are you? >> very well. james: i'm wondering could you speak to jessica alba. i do not believe she's available at the moment. james: well, i'm with my friend ben. ben: is it hannah? >> my name is hannah. ben: now that you know i'm here you can connect us to jessica alba. >> is she expecting your call. james: i don't know if she's expecting it. but this is some stuff that she'll want to hear.
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can we tell you about some ideas that we've been working on. ben: this is fantastic. james: the first idea that we've got which we really think is a no-brainer really is alba zelzer. ben: very smart, james. james: so if you've got an upset tummy and we've got a picture of jessica alba on the front. we've got a phrase saying it's jessica alba. ben: how does that sound? >> interesting. james: what about this? the world's first reusable organic condoms? >> that is quite the idea. ben: think about it because i'm assuming everybody's like me, they turn it inside out and use
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it again. so i feel like now is like a good time for people to know it's like a good time. jessica: no. james: organic cotton condoms. ben: two, three. james: and reusable. how do you feel when you're percolating that idea. ben: you can be honest. >> the organic and the cotton sounds great. the reusable part maybe not -- ben: sounds even better. james: are you going to branch into men's products? >> even chulely, yes, of course. we want to make sure that we're reaching out to everyone. james: the next one is the ass stash. you know when you're a bit sweaty and that sweatt's got to travel somewhere, right? it's a mustache above your ass. ben: and by the way, again, if
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someone has a tramp stamp of googly eyes they can shuffle around. it always looks like they're thinking about something. i need you to think about it before you say no. >> i'm definitely taking all of these down. ben: could you read back the first one if you really are writing them down? just because i want to make sure that jessica gets it because i'm a huge alba-maniac. what was the first one, hannah? >> the first one -- let me look at my list here. the mustache one. ben: hannah, that was number three! hannah, and i don't want to yell, but these are real things that mean something to us. if you could just say the first one. >> i am happy to tell you that all of our calls are recorded. we can just send this call over to jessica. ben: fantastic. if you can give me her e-mail, i
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will e-mail them along. >> this is my last call of the day -- james: it's not the last. it's the best call of the day. well, do you know what, hannah, as this is your last call of the day, let me tell you you are -- i think we can be an an incredible employee. i'm james corden. i'm with ben schwartz and we are with jessica alba right now. jessica: hi, hannah. we didn't even get to the froot loop tampons. ladies and gentlemen, hannah on the phone! thank you so much! ben: thank you, hannah! james: a huge thank you to jessica alba and ben schwartz. what(z incredible guests. stick around. we have a performance from grace! stick around! ♪ ♪ she cried more, more, more, more, more, more ♪ billy, qualified bank of america customers get 25% or more bonus rewards
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and the next great idea could be yours. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] james: here tonight performing "you don't own me" from her latest e.p., ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the lovely grace and g-eazy! [cheers and applause]
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you don't own me you don't own me woah let's go but i'm gerald and i can always have just what i want she's that baddest i would love to flaunt take her shopping you know yves saint laurent but nope nope she ain't with it though all because she got her own dough boss bossed if you don't know she could never ever be a broke you don't own me i'm not just one of your many toys you don't own me don't say i can't go with other boys and don't tell me what to do and don't tell me what to say please when i go out with you don't put me on display you don't own me don't try to change me in any way
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you don't own me don't tie me down cause i'd never stay and don't tell me what to do and don't tell me what to say please when i go out with you don't put me on display really though honestly i get bored of basic she's the baddest straight up vicious texting her and asking her if shes alone and if she'd sent some pictures she said no what well -- she said come over and see it for yourself never asking for your help independent woman she ain't for the shelf + no she's the one smoke with her till the -- stayin' up until we see the sun the baddest ever i swear she do it better than i've ever seen it done never borrow she ain't ever loan that's when she told me she ain't never ever ever ever gonna be owned
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i don't tell you what to say i don't tell you what to do so just let me be myself that's all i ask of you i'm young and i love to be young i'm free and i love to be free to live my life the way i want to say and do whatever i please you don't own me is that so na na nayou don't own me ♪ james: oh! ladies and gentlemen, grace and g-eazy! that was fantastic! what a voice! beautiful drums!
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her e.p. "memo" is available everywhere now! stick around. we'll be right back!
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♪ james: thank you so much for watching! next week john stamos julianne moore, nina dobrev, jamie lee curtis, nathan lane and sharon osbourne, and music from r. city and the maccabees.
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reggie, take us home. [cheers and applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.visit] james: thank you so much for coming, guys! i appreciate it! i'll see you soon! thank you! we'll see you next week! mwah! ♪ ♪ pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato before pumpkin season is over.
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like the new pumpkin macchiato dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. tom hanks tr son breaks his silence, his shocking drug profession. >> plus did sand zamor bull lock adopt a new child. coming up on entertainment
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tonight. what he's now saying about growing up in tom's shadow and where we found his dad as he went public. are these the last photos with his girlfriend? the autopsy and her secret scientology path. >> and we get a wedding exclusive. >> good wife getting her sexy back. >> julianna on her new on set romance. >> now, in ourth season, this is entertainme tonight. >> hello and thanks so much for joining us. nancy o'dell is off. with happy news.
2:45 am
it seems li sandra bull lock has added to herfamily. >> our senior news editor in new york has been working sources to bring you the latest on this report that little louis has a littlesis. >> a new child for sand zamora, here's what we know. >> tohe surce tells she's been at home with the toddler for a couple of monow. we reached out but we were unable to get them comment. the reports of sand zamora wanting to adopt for a second time was a few months ago. she was spotted with the toddler and the story grew we just saw sand zamora three weeks louis came in her life in january 2010. she broke the news to the world with this magazine cover. told kevin she objected when people referred to louis as adopted.
2:46 am
i say please don't that. he's my son. i would give up my life him. i have. it's i think times are changing. i know there's a lot of ignorance a time to catch up. you can't get mad at tha you hatove live by example. look at the love i have. i wish for y you can have that lovetoo. >> sand zamora loves being a mother. back in april when people magazin her about a possible second child she said i always said have a house full of kids but at this time the only kids in my house other than louis are the ones that their parents wa them back. i'm prepared is getting a sibling this week. >> we'll bring you on this story tomorrow. >> so happy for you. let's turn to the confession from tom hanks. he posted 11 instagram messages about hiss struggle with adiction. this summer people were buzzing about the possibility w heas
2:47 am
missing. now he's telling the world w really went down. >> i just want to say i know my name has been in the media about me going missing. >> or getting kidnapped or something. i've been in a rehab. a couple months ago i was selling coke, doing coke until i couldn't even snort it up my nose anymore because it was so clogged. i even smoked crack. if i can change, you can change. there is a solution. >> what i see in the videos is more than hopeful. he's positive. he's, you know, he's engaged. but it's too much too much too soon. >> hln's dr. drew says chet is not out of the woods yet. >> i'm just really grateful for god. >> people commonly this is not an uncommon thing, they have a pink cloud. they're so relieved to be getting help and feeling better they feel this is it. i'm great. there is going to be fantastic. tough. it's tough to stay sober. >> no comment today from tom. the oscar winner is in new york right now shooting his new movie "sully."
2:48 am
cling eastwood is directing. hanks, of course, players the hero pilot. back in march chet and his dad fared father-son bonding sitting next to each other at a hockey match. he referenced the challenges of growing up in a famous family. >> it's been a long journey discovering who i am. a lot of pressures that with being the son of my dad and finding where i fit in. >> i have no doubt that tom hanks was a good dad but he was a public figure and it could have psychological impact on his son do. not blame the parent. >> you know another thing is, you in front of the apparent suicide of jim carrie's
2:49 am
gerl friend. >> we're getting answers and a clearer picture of their relationship. we start with a new photo whe they were still a couple. this is jim and catherine looking a little serious while at an art gallery. this was two weeks before her apparent suicide. and in striking contrast is this video of her dancing. just posted by friend showing the beautiful soul and joy she was. meanwhile, in front of jim's los angeles house flowers were delivered yesterday. no word on a memorial. there aree rports jim is paying for her funeral services and her family is now in at her house, the l.a. coroner confirmed to us that there were several pieces of paper, notes, and envelopes found, one of which was addressed to jim. and then there's this, she may have been a practicing scientologist up until she died according to a report by tony ortega who is writing about scientology for 20 years.
2:50 am
>> her friends tell me that kat first got involved with scientology four or five years ago through a friend of beck's, a musician. she started her scientology courses before she started dating jim. i asked was jim carrey aware that she was involved in scientology? and my sources said, yes, he >> i'm a buddhist. i'm a muslim. i'm a christian. >> for his part, he express add you wide interest in spirituality. >> i got into scientology for a while, and that's how i got this nice glazed look in my eye. >> and we did reach out to the church of scientology for comment. they did not respond by our deadline, guys. >> all right. let's move on to happier news.
2:51 am
what do you know about what's goingen on inside those rehearsals? >> they love my lee at snl. it's the third time they asked her to host the show and miley loves taking over our city. here's miley heading home stopping to take picks with fans and giving up nothing less than her wardrobe. >> what i'm wearing. >> so no pants. >> our source on set says we should be prepared for a crazy .how it's miley cirrus. we have no idea what she's going to do. she spends several hours a day on set practicing. she's great funny tot cast and crew. she was even spotted backstage teaching jones how to get more instagram likes.
2:52 am
>> also in nyc, courtney kardashian's ex-husband stepped out with a mystery blonde for a wild party night. >> we caught him leaving a club with this mystery blonde girl number one knows who she s they were really partying at one oaks and they went to two house parties together and ended up at the solo house where they were seen meeting together at 6:00 a.m. she accompanied scott back to his hotel. -pprobably the sixth girl we've seen him with. but scott is waste nothing time. >> let's get into someone who is definitely not speaking to scott right now, kim kardashian. we got her baby boy tentative birth plans. >> our sources close to kim confirmed that she is already scheduled her c section for morning of christmas day. she already has an appointment booked. i mean talk about the ultimate gi >> pamela anderson shared a kiss
2:53 am
with her ex,mytom .lee we stilln' cat get use to ireland baldwin as a brunette. up next, tori spelling subjected to a lie detector test. her 90210 sex secrets revealed. >> did you lose your virginity to one of the cast members? >> brian? to one of the cast members? >> brian? >> was that anyone what can i make for you? how about one of our delicious reuben sandwiches? loaded with your choice of tender corned beef or oven roasted turkey breast. we top'em with sauerkraut and swiss cheese, drizzle on our thousand island dressing
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here is your egg mcmuffin. ♪ ♪ i'll see you at home. the egg mcmuffin. made with an egg cracked fresh in our kitchens and real butter. only at mcdonald's. i'm lovin it. >> tomorrow, exclusive.
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>> tomorrow, an "e.t." exclusive edw scenes from the unauthoriz 90210 movie. >> the makeouts, the fights, an dirty doherty. >> tomorrow. >> and there are juicy "90210" secrets getting released. tori spelling did a polygraph test and she went straight for the teenage love life. >> did you have sexual re with any of your co-stars on "beverly hills 90210?" >> yes? >> lie detector. that answer istrue. >> what donna the virgin on the show? was there sex behind thescene? >> i was a young girl. it was brian austin green. >> was there anyone else from the original car that you had sex with? >> yes not going to tell you who it is.
2:57 am
wasn't derri was it? jason priestly? >> poker face. >> i will wait all night. >> no. >> i don't think it w -- that leaves luke perry andjason. >> some in our e.t. vault we found luke kissing tori's h sharing a moment with jason. but we have to wait for tori spelling's celebrity lie detector to find out who was her secret on set lover. >> did you answer all the questions regarding 90210 truthfully? >> yes. tori also gets hit with this chquestion. did she really have over 10 plastic surgeries? tune in for the ans i can't believe it. it's kind of bananas. >> yeah, it is. joe talks to us exclusively
2:58 am
about his wedding to sophia and his emotional day a a children's hospital. >> do you feel uplifted watching kids. >> then we're talking to julian julianne about her girl crush. >> her eyes are so stu >> okay, she's at it next. >> closed captioning provided by. hey, i'm here on the red carpet
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what can i make for you? how about one of our reuben sandwiches? choose from tender corned beef or oven roasted turkey breast, topped with sauerkraut, melty swiss cheese and thousand island dressing. enjoy one while they're here!
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subway. eat fresh.
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joe loves two things, sophia vergara and the pittsburgh steelers. so would he miss a game to tie the knot? let me tell you, this happened at my own wedding with the basketball playoffs. it was a close one. that is just one of the i do details we got joe to give up. >> i called ownership. i said listen, i need a week off to get married. they were happy to comply. >> we think he's kidd but turns out joe and sophia's wedding date sunday november 22nd is clear. the steelers don't play that weekend. >> there will be some members of the steelers organization at my wedding. i would say that. so i'll sneak maybe a former player or two in. there. >> the steelers host the ravens tonight on thursday night football on cbs. joe will be at his hometown game with some pals. sophia can't make it. and she told ellen she roots for a different team. >> it's the new york giants.
3:02 am
>> what is the name? >> the new york giants. >> the yiants? >> joe is trying to convert her with steelers swag. >> i bought her some spanis terrible towels. she has sweatshirts and stuff that have started making t out of the closet i'm happy to report. >> joe bleeds steelers black and gold and has a true heart of gold. he invited us along when he visited some kids at pittsburgh's children's hospital. >> i'm joe. >> yeah. >> it means the world to o me t let people know that this is still my home and to be able to use whatever sort of success that i have in los angeles and the entertainment industry to bring awareness to my favorite children which is pittsburgh's children's hospital. >> and you probably didn't know that this was joe totally unrecognizable from this early role. >> i played against spiderman. >> you can't walk out of here
3:03 am
feeling sad. you feel just lifted because you're watching kids play and have fun. >> wow. joe is so committed to helping these kids. you know what? he is going to serve as an honorary chair for the children's anniversary gala tomorrow night. >> all right, speaking of anniversaries, tomorrow on "e.t." we revisit one of the most infamous murder trials of the 20th century. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> the o.j. verdict 20 years later. "e.t." was in court for judgment day. >> praying for justice. >> now, our new interviews with the key players. >> it was utan oourages verdict. >> the jury, they loved o.j. >> pretty much shook my belief in the system. >> tomorrow on "e.t.." >> this weekend is the season seven premier of "the good wife." and cameron masterson was first on the set to hang out with the new cast mmmber vanessa william. >> this is an amazing cast. there is a lot of excitement on this set. a lot of it centers around julianna's character. last season she was suffering from so much pent up sexual energy. well, alicia is letting loose. >> "good wife" getting her sexy back. >> she needs it.
3:04 am
you have jeffrey d. morgan around, i won't be stupid. you should jump at that chance. >> when that guy came on screen and, you know, i was watching it going, wow. it's on. like immediately. >> immediately. >> you can feel the chemistry. >> take a chance. might be fun. >> let me think about it. >> the thought of these two hooking up, we're all in for. that and i'm lobbying the writers for a few elevator love scenes circa season two. >> he's so good and yummy. >> i meet her in a job interview and i would describe it as sparky. i think that's a little sparky. yeah. i think we're trying to play down the sparky. but it's there. so what are you going to do? >> for the first time in my life, i don't have to answer to anyone. >> there's a lot of changes in store for julianna and company. she's got a new gig and a brand new co-star in vanessa williams. >> you'll be the character that will kind of finally tame you. >> we'll see. >> sounds like it you're going to try.
3:05 am
i love it. >> i made a terrible fool of myself. we had a huge hilarious dinner scene last week. and it was her first scene with me and you just -- she is so -- her eyes are so stunning. and i just -- i couldn't remember my lines. i'm so sorry. >> i'm lost in your eyes. >> completely. >> going into season seven this is normally whether other shows would start folding it in. but not "the good fans are in for a shake-up. and how cool is it to know some of that you came out and hillary is clearly a fan of the show? >> oh, yes. >> she wants to note schedule and when is "good wife" on? come on. that's neat. >> i introduced her at an event once. she said she was a fan of the show you know, i thought she had to say. that but then when i read in the e-mail -- >> she didn't think anyone would see the e-mails. >> yeah. >> lead actress on a hit show, producer on show. mother, wife, how do you find the balance in your life? >> you just can't be everything
3:06 am
to everyone all the time. and you have to accep that the day i'll die i'll never regret spending time with my kids. >> as i say this i'm feeling guilty. "e.t." kept from you leaving early to go see your family right now. >> it's fine. he's at school. >> all right. >> i literally stopped her as she was leaving the building getting in her car to see her family. thank you for taking the time. that's all sunday on cbs. last night we were busy live tweeting the premier of the new cbs drama "code black." the cast is fantastic and so much fun. 8 1/2 million viewers tuned into the premier much easily winning the time slot. congratulations to those guys. >> gritty, gritty show. also returning this sunday is madam secretary. we were on the set while the executive producer morgan freeman directed the premier episode. >> this is an awesome you don't have to do anything in terms of directing. with them, you just go and watch. >> another one to add to my dvr. here we go. ladies, get trod have some shoe envy. dr. phil's wife robin mcgraw is
3:07 am
taking us inside her massive closet. and by massive, it's the size of a room. >> in our birthdays, which star of the "hangover" once worked in new york as a hotel bus boy? is it ed helm, bradley cooper or zach galifianakis?
3:08 am
3:09 am
here is your egg mcmuffin. ♪ ♪ i'll see you at home. the egg mcmuffin. made with an egg cracked fresh
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in our kitchens and real butter. only at mcdonald's. i'm lovin it. >> hearing the sound of birthday today, julie andrews is 80. and which star from the "hangover" once worked in new york as a hotel bus boy? you called this one, zach galif happy birthday, zach. >> dr. phil and his wife robin are giving you the chance to be the first fan ever to join them
3:11 am
for their famous walkoff at the end of his show. >> it only takes a $10 donation to enter the contest. this benefits robin's when georgia smile foundation helping to reduce domestic violence. >> and robin gave us a l what walking in her shoes is really like when she took us inside her closet. >> let me just say, the whole house is incredible. anyway, enjoy. we'll see you tomorrow. >> i am married to dr. phil. i'm going to admit not even he can cure me of this wea >> i've donated, right, pup? but you should donate. >> that signature walkoff. i've been doing that eeery with philip to support him. so why not use that to support the foundation? >> did sandra bullock adopt again?
3:12 am
what can i make for you? how about one of our delicious reuben sandwiches? loaded with your choice of tender corned beef or oven roasted turkey breast. we top'em with sauerkraut and swiss cheese, drizzle on our thousand island dressing and toast'em to perfection on your choice of freshly baked bread. don't miss the corned beef reuben and the turkey reuben. both won't be here long, so try one today! subway. eat fresh. jon, what's being done in this
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country about mental illness and mental health? >> scott, we know when it comes to mental illness, early intervention works. it just works. but the big problem in the u.s. and elsewhere is access to care. too often a pediatrician or a school, or family identifies some body at risk. then it is months and months before they can get to a child psychologist, adolescence psychologist. there is a pilot program, at children's national medical center in d.c., it started in may, what they do -- they're training pediatricians training the schools, to evaluate the kids, via telemedicine or the phone. it turns out, only 10% of the time do the kids then need to be seen face to face by the psychiatrist. what this does its remove the bottleneck and children have been evaluated much more quickly. there are a total of 17 such programs in the united states right now. relatively small pilot programs. the idea here is early intervention. increase access to care, maybe treating them earlier will make a big difference. >> dr. jon lapook, jon, thank you very much.
3:14 am
>> in another major story we are following tonight, hurricane joaquin, strengthened to a category 4. with wind of 130 miles an hour. it is moving slowly through the bahamas where some of the less populated island are getting hammered. 10 to 15 inches of rain expected. waves are running up to 10 feet above normal. so far, no injuries reported. late today, there was a major change in the direction of the hurricane. let's bring in lonnie quinn, chief weathercaster at new york station wcbs, lonnie, what's new? >> a lot of changes from when we are talk ing about this yesterday. 5:00 at the national hurricane center. still a cat 4 hurricane. this is a big storm. 130 mile per hour wind. all about where the storm is going. as of yesterday. starting to see a trend now pushing it further and further to the east. this is yesterday. thought for sure, going to north carolina maybe virginia. as of today, look at this, this morning. the cone huge from south carolina to massachusetts.
3:15 am
we didn't know exactly where it was going. the models were not in consensus. now we push it further to the east. now cat 2 sunday. some where off the outer banks. not even the outer banks in the cone for landfall. then you get to sometime monday, even possibly into tuesday. here it is offshore of our area, skinny red line. not making landfall. the cone of concern include the northeast. you cannot let your guard down just yet. scott. >> lonnie, if the hurricane does not make landfall, what are the effects likely going to be any way. >> you will feel the hurricane, a huge water plume. you will pick up a lot of rain. places saturated already. talking virginia, talking north carolina, they could end up picking, potentially associate the with the storm, double digit rainfall amounts. flooding, and coastal erosion is a problem. >> lonnie quinn, wcbs. thank you, lonnie. as lonnie said, much of the east coast can't handle any more rain. spartanburg, south carolina was swamped overnight. one woman drowned in her car. several other drivers had to be rescued.
3:16 am
cars at a dealership were tossed around before the floodwaters receded. >> it has now been 1,506 days since president obama first said that bashar al-assad's days were numbered. as syria's dictator. tonight, assad is still in charge. even after unleashing a civil war that has killed a quarter million of his own people. now, russia's air force is raining bombs on rebels that were trained by the united states. here's holly williams. >> reporter: russian war planes pounded syria again today. targeting groups linked to al qaeda, but also hitting moderate syrian rebels who were supported by the u.s. this video apares to show the aftermath of an air strike in a
3:17 am
3:18 am
3:19 am
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a big dig is getting under way in poland in search of a mystery train filled with treasures. buried at the end of world war ii. elizabeth palmer is following this. >> reporter: 1945, a train pulls in. and soldiers load it up with chests of nazi gold.
3:22 am
it is a myth so powerful here in southwest poland that history buffs staged a re-enactment recently. in reality, amateur treasure hunters andre richter and piotr koper believe they found a mysterious nazi train. it lies they say 25 feet underground here by the rain railway line on the outskirts of walbrzych. >> is the axis of the train like this under the road? >> yep. >> reporter: they think once the nazis parked the train in the trench in the bank. they covered the whole thing up with earth and removed all traces of the track. the nazis did occupy this part of poland during world war ii and had to retreat in a hurry as the soviet army advanced in 1945. it is possible the germans wanted to hide something from
3:23 am
the russians. you lay it down on the ground and move it. richter and koper's ground penetrating radar machine produced an image that does look like train cars with a cargo not of gold but of tanks. the pole, government has gone ahead and had the site cleared. now the army is checking for nazi boobytraps. then what? no one nose. though richter and koper are hoping it's not a bust but a bonanza. >> how much money do you hope to make? >> $5 million to $8 million as our finder's fee. >> reporter: that's probably a long shot. yet some money is already flowing into the region from tourists who would love to see a nazi train, but for now, will happily settle for the myth. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, walbrzch, poland. >> an update on the oregon shooting when we come back.
3:24 am
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subway. eat fresh. the search continues tonight for a possible motive in the deadly shootings in roseburg, oregon. a 20-year-old gunman opened fire on the campus of umpqua community college. the state attorney general says at least 13 were killed. 20 wounded. police officers rushed to the scene. the gunman was shot dead during the firefighting. late today a visibly angry president obama renewed his call for tougher gun laws noting that the u.s. is the only country that sees these kinds of shootings. and though he said many gun owners support tougher laws, the prospects of that seem slim despite what happened today in oregon. jim axelrod recalls what we have seen before. >> reporter: for those wanting to see some form of federal gun control legislation passed it
3:28 am
was the shooting they thought would finally get it done. >> i was in the gym. i heard a loud, i heard seven loud booms. >> reporter: december 14th 20,12, newtown, sandy hook elementary, 20 first graders and six educators shot by a gunman armed with a bushmaster semiautomatic rifle and a glock semiautomatic pistol. newtown families want to washington to push for a stricter gun control measures. jillian soto lost her sister vicky a 27-year-old teacher who hid some first grade students in a closet during the shooting and died saving them. >> i will continue to fight until everything is done. because if it is not in connecticut it is going to be some where else. >> reporter: nicole hockley's son dillon was a first grader killed that day. >> every night i beg for him to come to me in my dreams so i can see him again. >> reporter: outside the chambers stood survivors of the victims, hoping their grief would sway the vote. inside, congress said no.
3:29 am
since then, we have seen 142 shootings on school properties in the united states an average of one a week bill sherlock lost his wife mary, school psychologist at sandy hook. he looked at the shooting in oregon and grief and despair came rushing back. >> these kids got up this morning went to school and they're never coming home. >> reporter: tonight americans are wondering what may come out of the massacre, shock, horror, sadness, sure. but chances are if recent history is any guide you won't see change on that list. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. and that's the "cbs overnight news" for this friday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back with us a little later. for the morning news. and "cbs this morning." from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm scott pelley.
3:30 am
>> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the "cbs overnight news." i'm jim axelrod. the town of roseburg, oregon in shock this morning after a gunman went on a killing spree at the local community college. cbs's ben tracy begins our coverage. >> active shooter at ucc. >> reporter: the first call came in at 10:38 this morning, an active shooter on the campus of this southern oregon community college. >> somebody is outside one of the doors shooting through the door. there is a female in the computer lab. we do have one female that has been shot at this time. >> reporter: students say the gunfire lasted at least a minute as officers arrived on scene. >> he is in the classroom on the, going to be the southeast
3:31 am
side. >> reporter: and then silence. >> the suspect is down. we have got multiple gunshot wound. we are going to need multiple ambulances on scene. >> we have upward of 20 victims. >> douglas county sheriff, john handling. >> the shooter threat was neutralized officers continued to sweep the campus looking for other threats. >> reporter: with the 20-year-old male suspect now dead, officers searched students' backpacks for weapons and used dogs to check cars in the parking lot. lacy gregory was 100 yards away when the gunfire started. >> all i saw was my friend alex, he apparently ran up from the smoke shack past the shooting that was happening into the library to let us know what was
3:32 am
going on was real and it was indeed people were getting shot. and i saw people running from the english hall across the courtyard towards every direction. it was, it was crazy. >> reporter: authorities believe shots were fired both inside snyder hall and the nearby science building on the campus of more than 100 acres. students inside the school tweeted as the shooting happened. one saying, students are running everywhere. holy god. and then scariest thing i have ever experienced. students were evacuated on school buss to a local fairground where they were reunited with their loved ones. >> the former president of this community college says the college only has one security officer on duty at a time and that person is not armed. scott, in oregon, students with the proper permits are allowed to carry firearms on the campuses of public colleges and universities. as moscow continues its air raids in syria, u.s. and russian military officials began talks on thursday on ways to avoid their forces firing on each other. russian foreign minister insists moscow is only targeting isis military positions.
3:33 am
but the areas under siege are mostly occupied by rebels trained and funded by the cia. now they're asking for anti-aircraft missiles to defend themselves. holly williams is in turkey near the syrian border. >> reporter: russian war planes pounded syria again today. targeting groups linked to al qaeda, but also hitting moderate syrian rebels who were supported by the u.s. this video appears to show the aftermath of an air strike in a province on american backed opposition fighters. syria's deadly civil war is now even more dangerous with both the u.s. and russia launching air strikes but supporting different sides. russia joined the war claiming it would target isis. yet many of the strikes today hit an area over 30 miles from isis control. colonel abdul jabbar al-akaidi is a rebel commander in the u.s.
3:34 am
backed opposition and told us russia could easily strike isis if it wanted too but its real intention is to defend the syrian regime. >> translator: they can destroy our cities he told us. in the end we will send them home in coffins. >> reporter: they are defiant word. the rebels underequipped and vulnerable to russian attack. yet, colonel al-akaidi told us he has given up hoping for help from the u.s. >> translator: i don't think president obama is sincere, he told us. the americans let us down. and i don't trust them. >> reporter: u.s. and russian officials spoke today in an effort to reduce the risk of an accidental collision in syrian airspace. but, scott, the bigger problem is that russian air strikes on
3:35 am
u.s.-backed rebels have made the syrian civil war more complicated and even deadlier. why has russia's military thrown its power behind bashar al-assad? charlie rose posed that question directly to russian president vladamir putin for "60 minutes." >> you have said a strong centralized government is in the dna of russia. you know? and you have a huge fear, as you suggest anarchy in syria and in other places of no strong government. that's the fear that vladamir putin has. >> well, i am not saying there is no strong government in the country. i'm saying if there is no government at all then there will be anarchy and a vacuum. and this vacuum and anarchy will rapidly transform into terrorism. well take iraq for example. there was a well-known figure,
3:36 am
saddam hussein, whether he was good or bad, probably forgotten that. at some stage the u.s. was cooperating actively with saddam when he was fighting iran. you helped him with arms. diplomatic support was accorded. political cover was provided et cetera. then for some reason, you had a falling out and the u.s. decided to eliminate saddam. but by eliminating saddam hussein, the u.s. eliminated the iraqi government and thousand of people from the former baath party. servicemen, sunni elite of the state were thr streets. nobody thought about them. now they're filling the ranks of isil. that's what we are fighting against. we are not against some countries showing its leadership some where.
3:37 am
we are against thoughtless actions that result in such negative situations that are hard to correct. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
3:38 am
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he is known for such hit songs as ain't no sunshine, lean on me. lovely day. bill withers shot to the top of the charts in the '70s and then disappeared. he was inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame in april and is being celebrated to night at carnegie hall. withers sat down with anthony mason for "cbs this morning." ♪ ain't no sunshine when she's gone ♪ >> reporter: in 1970, bill withers was in his early 30s working as an aircraft mechanic when he wrote this song. ♪ and this house just ain't no home any time she goes away ♪ >> let me tell you how lucky i
3:41 am
was. that was the b side of the first record. >> "ain't no sunshine." >> the one they put on the b side of your first record that's a throwaway. the disc jockeys turned it over. and life has never been the same since. ♪ ain't no sunshine >> reporter: "ain't no sunshine" hit number three on the charts. withers follow-up record "lean on me" went to number one. over the next decade he had a string of hits. ♪ all you want to do is >> reporter: in 1985, withers recorded his last album.
3:42 am
he put down his guitar, quit his career, and has not sung in public for 25 years. there aren't many artists as successful as you were who just walked away. >> there is more fuss made over me now than it was then. and in fact, when i play carnegie hall the big question was could i play a place that big? i was playing clubs. when i was current nobody was making that big a fuss over me. >> you had a handful of pretty big hit record. >> over time. over time. i remember like songs like lovely day which has kind of become part of the landscape. when that was current i was getting hassled by the record company for not making any hits. now, i get offers all the time to go play. >> reporter: what do you say? >> "judge judy" is on tonight. i can't talk to you right now. ♪ we all need somebody
3:43 am
>> reporter: the 77-year-old songwriter made a rare appearance earlier this year to be inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. ♪ you'll understand >> reporter: he will be honored at carnegie hall on october 1. it is a tribute to you. >> yes. >> how do you feel about that? >> it is a like a preobituary. >> wither's 1973 album, "live at carnegie hall" will be re-created by artists in a concert that will benefit the stuttering association for the young. >> we have to be more civil than most people that well will encounter. >> reporter: withers, once a stutterer himself talked to kids about how to cope in the 2009 documentary "still bill." >> for a time there i was a small asthmatic kid who stuttered which accounts for my closeness with my grandmother. because the only person thought that i was going to be strong
3:44 am
was my grandmother. she was, billy is going to grow. wither whose honored his grandmother in the song, grandma's hands, didn't fully conquer his stutter until he began performing in his 30s. >> i figured out that my stutter was a fear of the perception of the listener. >> uh-huh. >> so i started having fun, trying to lower my opinion of other people and raise my opinion of myself. >> reporter: did that work? >> yeah, i would do tricks like picture everybody naked. you know, just dumb stuff. but, evidently it worked. you see how smooth i am now, i mean, you know, that's, this is pretty good talking we are doing here? >> reporter: before you picked uh the guitar and started writing songs you really had not spent much time at all playing music? >> no, but if you are musical you are born that way. you can get into false humility and stuff. but you don't try this if you don't think you can do it. >> reporter: uh-huh. >> so if you have some success
3:45 am
it is not a total surprise. ♪ and i know >> reporter: when he began recording in 1971, withers still kept his day job as a mechanic at webber aircraft in california. >> the was funny because my first album cover picture was actually taken on my lunch break. because i didn't want to take time off. so i am standing in the door with my actual lunch box. and, so, guys are in the back, yelling, hey, hollywood. >> reporter: but the singer who cam from slab fork, west virginia, felt increasingly manipulated by the music industry. >> actually erased an album. >> reporter: you erased an album? >> yeah. >> reporter: why? >> i didn't get paid. i spent nine years in the military, where there was a decent chance you might die for
3:46 am
$85 a month. you get of in the hundreds of thousand and you could really get hostile there, you know what i mean? >> uh-huh. >> it's affront to you, an affront to your manhood for somebody to say i didn't pay you, so what? really? >> reporter: 30 years ago, withers walked away. and despite all of the tributes he has no urge to stage a come? back. >> if i was going to write anything longer than 4 minutes that didn't have to rhyme every other line i would write about my old friend fear. and all of the disguises that it wears. >> reporter: in terms of this, the possibility that you might tour or perform again, what would you be afraid snuff. >> see, people would entice you out there. if you weren't right they would be talking about you look a dog. all of your friend, those journalists would be saying why did he ever come out here? i heard people make last albums. and they sounded like death. >> you didn't want to do that? >> no, man. bill withers sr. would wake up
3:47 am
and say, why did you do that? >> there are so many musicians i know. i talked to a lot whuft couldn't possibly stop. >> i think maybe that's why my songs were just a wee bit different. ♪ just call on me brother when you need a hand ♪ >> whatever i am, i'm satisfied that i was at least valid. i wanted to write some songs that were reasonably profound. and i think i did that. ♪ we all need somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ lean on me this is lime-a-way.
3:48 am
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for many disabled people stepping out the door can be a huge challenge much less going for a run when you are blind. now, one especially trained service dog is helping his owner stay in shape as his four legged runningmate. barry peterson has the story. >> reporter: it is natural that a man would want to care for his canine companion. for centuries dogs have been man any best friend. >> clinger, a real snuggly cuddly dog. >> reporter: it is a german
3:51 am
shepherd named clinger in charge of caring for richard hunter. richard is blind. and clinger is his guide dog. the only one in america trained specifically to read a blind runner. >> steady. >> what clinger does when he runs with me is no different than his regular guide dog work. he is just moving at a slightly faster pace. he has a lot of drive. he likes to work. he could be highly focused. >> sound look you, maybe? >> i think clinger has a lot more drive than i do. >> reporter: richard started losing his sight in his 20s when he was a marine corps second lieutenant. now 4 years old he is almost completely blind. >> did he get it? >> reporter: despite that loss, richard started competing in triathlons with the help of human guide. then one day during a bicycle training ride, richard and his guide collided with a car. he went through the windshield, his neck broken. >> that was a big wake-up call for me and my family. three months later he was back running races. and nine months after the accident. he ran the boston marathon. >> to the bridge. go ahead. >> reporter: there he spotted
3:52 am
thomas pannock whose school trains guide dogs for the blind and there was an off hand remark. richard shouted out i am really curious. have you ever trained a guide dog to run? i said, i dent know. it hasn't been done. >> reporter: two trainers had to devise a new training program. and the key was finding the right dog. enter clinger. >> he took every challenge we threw at hip. accepted it. exceeded it. and gave us ability to ask for more. >> reporter: over six months they taught clinger to navigate curves and obstacles at a faster base and thus think faster. then he was ready to meet richard. >> as rewarding as training clinger was, being able to work with clinger and richard together, and watch the relationship develop with the two of them, was a truly inspirational and amazing time
3:53 am
for me that i will never forget. >> reporter: the partnership started with more training at a new york park. and goes on today at their california home. clinger can run six miles at a time. he memorizes each step of their path. always watching and warning of obstacles. and creating a new kind of independence for richard. you don't need to call a friend. you don't need to have somebody come over. you guys, you buddies can just go for a run? >> it gives me a lot of freedom. with clinger in my house. now we have the flexibility that once he learns my routes, that well are going to be able to leave the house whenever we want to. and it is just him and i. >> there we go, good boy. >> if richard can open his diner the morning. be able to got out there and have the freedom he is safe. that to me is the definition of success. >> reporter: that means others may someday share what richard and clinger now have.
3:54 am
>> if this program is successful, it is going to create the foundation for other people to follow in my footsteps. >> two athletes, answering the call of the open road. >> good boy. >> reporter: for cbs this morning, barry peterson in fulsom, california. >> we expect president obama to speak at the white house momentarily. >> take us behind the scenes then, what is our government doing to stop such an attack? >> investors are bracing for more turmoil on wall street. >> announcer: cbs "this morning" more real news.
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captioning funded by cbs it's friday, october 2nd, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." a campus mourns. at least ten people are dead when a gunman goes on a rampage at an oregon community college. the attack renewing calls from the white house to take on gun violence. tracking joaquin. the hurricane moves up through the atlantic and appears it could stay away from the shore, but the east coast still braces for record rain. millions of cell phone users at risk of identity theft. hackers steal the personal information of t-mobile customers. inflight injuries. passengers are taken to th


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