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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 5, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning, it is monday october 5th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." torrential rain trig.ers seen on ce in a thousand years. the deluge of rescues in south carolina. a cargo ship with dozens on board vanishes in the bermuda triangle. patrick kennedy is in studio 57. his famous family is fuming over what he talked about on minutes." we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> we have notn see thi lsevel of rain in the low country in a thousand years. that's how big this is.
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>> devastating flooding slams the southeast. >> south carolina is hardest hit. a state of emergency has been declared. >> if you grab anything when you walk out the door? >> grab nothing but who thought of grabbing pizza out of the refrigerator and my dog? >> thousands of debris in the bermuda area of a cargo ship. >> a social media based threat. specific school name. >> families gathering for a prayer service. >> at an oregon college. >> we will not be defined by violence! and we will not be defined by evil! >> ben carson and carly fiorina are not too far behind donald trump trump. >> if you have no longer an interest in donald trump. >> jason chaffetz says he will ch allenge kevin mccarthy to become house speaker. >> you don't give him automatic promotion to existing leadership
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team. that doesn't signal team. >> a teenager is attacked by a shark and bitten on the hand and underwent surgery at a hospital. >> a dog in california scared out two bears that entered her yard. >> she turned into a wolverine. >> all that. >> on the run and c.j. spiller goes all the way to end the game! >> what a way for drew brees to come up with touchdown pass number 400! >> and all that matters. >> i think he definitely had a problem with alcohol. i >> still, right now have trouble talking about this. >> on "cbs this morning." >> all anything wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one is like "ugh. you're always losers "? announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off.
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vinita nair is with us. millions in the southeast are dealing with some of the worst flooding in the area's history. torrential rain forced hundreds from flooding in south carolina. >> south carolina's governor says a downpour like this happens only once in a thousand years. several cities have already broken rainfall records for october. mt. pleasant south carolina, received two feet of rain in the last few days. david begnaud is in columbia the state capital. >> reporter: i'm standing in a sinkhole and behind me is a tax business that was destroyed when a wall of water rushed through it. there are scenes like this all over the city of columbia. as calls for help came in yesterday, the water was rising almost at the same time. more than 200 people were rescued here in the city. around town right now people who have water have been told they need to boil it and those who don't, have been told they may be without it for three or
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four days. it's a disaster here. >> oh, my god! the truck is sinking! the truck is sinking! >> reporter: the devastating flooding hitting south carolina has hit catastrophic levels and five people killed in the state and officials are worried that number will rise. several days of relentless rainfall have left roads so saturated, on sunday, many of them gave way. >> we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in a thousand years. that's how big this is. >> reporter: crews rescued hundreds of people from fast moving floodwaters. >> yes. they just made a mistake. >> reporter: the driver of this pickup truck tried to drive through a flooded street but his car was quickly overtaken. a man swam in to try to rescue him but moments later, he too was trapped in the high water. both men were rescued by emergency crews in a scene that is playing out across this state. this is gil's creek. the water here rah risen, we are
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told, at least ten feet and there is concern of another dam failure right up the road. we have learned at least five dams have failed in lexington county and prompting them to have water rescue. 8,000 national guard on standby. the coast guard rescued this woman and her child after they were strand inside a home in charleston. >> this is an incident we have never had before because it's water and it's slow moving and it's sitting and we can't just take the water out. >> reporter: we were there at ronald austin retrieved medicine from the flooded home of his 84-year-old father. a neighbor with a kayak helped austin make the potentially life saving trip. >> it's a god's send right there, to be able to give you a ride. you know that was just almost like an answer to a prayer. >> reporter: the city of columbia has gotten more than 18 inches of rain in nearly 24 hours.
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that is almost a third of what they will get all year. you hear the sirens behind me. rescue crews already out and about and a majority of them are waiting for sunrise. when that happens we are told they are going in search and rescue mode going door-to-door just to check on people. >> unbelievable signs of devastation. david, thank you. hurricane joaquin is going out to the east coast but slammed bermuda on sunday. lonnie quinn of wcbs is track the storms. >> look look. so much to talk about. get to the numbers in south carolina. numbers i've never seen numbers like this before. yes, more rain in the forecast today and another bad situation. this swath of yellow is 130 miles long and a foot or more of rain. charleston 16.2 inchs and mt. pleasant over two feet and 22.2. dalzell 21.66.
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you can gl west and greer had 6.3. this is joaquin offshore. this is connected a bit to joaquin. unfortunately, there is going to be more rain today. it looks like possibly 3 to 5 inches so not the devastating totals but putting it on top after devastating situation. joaquin currently category one hurricane and stays out to sea and north of bermuda and no longer a threat to anyone. charleston set a record not for a four-day total but for the month. they got more rain in that event. an air search resumed for an american cargo ship that van a cbs news camera was aboard a cargo search plane yesterday. searchers found a massive debris field. it is unclear if it came from the nearly 800-foot el faro that was sailing from jacksonville to san juan through the bermuda triangle. 33 crew members were on board, including 28 americans.
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mark strassmann is in jacksonville where family members are waiting for word. mark good morning. >> reporter: good morning. last time anyone heard from the crew of the ship was leaning the an angle and taking on water and stuck in the middle of a monster hurricane. well, it turns out what got them into the jam was terrible timing for engine trouble. out in the atlantic coast guard search and rescue crews have located a debris field that stretches 225 square miles. searchers have recovered cargo, life vests, styrofoam and wood an and oil sheen but still no sign of the missing ship its life boats or its crew of 33. >> when we rolled occupy that debris field we were very optimistic and we were searching very thoroughly and in the hope that we would find the survivors. >> reporter: on saturday the coast guard recovered one of the ship's life rings, while flying over an area inside the bermuda triangle.
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>> the captain establishes his plan. he had been observing this weather system for many days prior to this voyage. >> reporter: the 790-foot vessel packed with containers set out last tuesday for san walk from jacksonville, florida. from that point, joaquin was a tropical storm but its intensity grew quickly and on thursday in the morning the ship radioed a rescue from the eye of the hurricane. >> he said the main vessel was disabled. >> i just praying to god they bring them all home. >> reporter: family members cling to hope their loved ones are still alive and out there somewhere opinion danielle randolph is an el faro crew member and e-mailed her mother last week. >> there is a hurricane out here and we are heading straight into it. category three. last we checked, winds are super bad and -- love to everyone.
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>> reporter: relatives of the crew have been gathering at a local union hall in jacksonville. they have come for updates of the search as well as to give each other comfort. >> tough story, mark. thank you so much. oregon's umpqua community college reopens not for classes but grief counseling. investigators are still investigating a mass shooting where a gunman killed nine people. as they search for answers, relatives mourn the victims. kim dietz was killed taking a class on the same campus where her daughter shannon is studying theater. >> tomorrow when you wake up and we should just get ready to go to school like always. and she won't have to wake me up early. and i'll, no, i want to sleep in.
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but we will get up we will get breakfast and go but i have to tell myself now, that's not going to happen. >> a local whose daughter survived the shooting preached on sunday that the community is saying, we will not be defined by violence. >> presidential candidate hillary clinton will unveil new gun control proposals this morning in the wake of the oregon college rampage. her plan includes expanding background checks and holding dealers and manufacturers accountable for crimes committed with the guns they sold. a new poll this morning shows the democratic presidential race is tightenin important states. nbc news/"wall street journal" and marist survey shows hillary clinton leading in iowa but in new hampshire, bernie sanders is ahead by nine points. both candidates lose votes if vice president joe biden is in the race. biden has 22% support in iowa
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and 18% in new hampshire. the vice president will tell us soon whether he is in or out. julianna goldman, good morning. >> reporter: seven people familiar with his deliberations say he is nearing a decision and it could come as soon as within the next week to ten days. two of them say he is leaning toward entering the presidential race. but over the weekend, biden gave no hints on calls for him to run, delivering the keynote at the human rights campaign dinner. the vice president made no mention of his own political future saturday >> a number of you have said tome over the last three or four years, thank you very much. no, didn't say that. >> reporter: but sounded like a presidential candidate speaking at a dinner for the largest gay rights group in the u.s. and reminding him he was ahead of the president on same-sex marriage and prompted the white house to support it. >> some of you credited me with
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taking a political risk or thought i was doing something special but, folks, i was just answering in a straightforward, direct way what i've known my whole life. >> it is great to be back with the other hrc. >> reporter: earlier, hillary clinton gave a rousing speech to the group of prominent activists and donors but neither she nor biden mentioned one another but steted instead, took aim at the gop field. >> most of them are still running for president, i think. >> ben carson says that marriage equality is what caused the fall of the roman empire. >> reporter: clinton declined the keynote address to appear on sanel. >> -- "saturday night live." >> you are easy to talk to. >> oh, thanks. that is the first time i've ever heard that. >> reporter: her "snl" appearance comes as she struggles to appear aweuthentic which in part created the opening for the vice president.
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>> we are watching hillary's campaign come a bit unwound. >> reporter: earlier bill bartman told her campaign he was raising money for a super pac supporting biden. >> i did receive a phone call. the conversation was that i was going to be taken off the christmas card list. >> reporter: behind the scenes clinton's campaign is trying to lock in the support of donors who may be inclined to jump to biden. some have told us that as soon as the clinton campaign heard they met with biden, they immediately were contacted by aides and clinton herself. we are told if it's a go biden will probably skip the next democratic debate next week. >> what is the most important thing in his deliberation? >> family. family is the top consideration right now. everyone who we are speaking to says that if he decides it is not a go it will be because different members of his family are still in different stages of grieving the loss of beau biden. >> thank you julianna. on the republican side the new poll shows donald trump's numbers are slipping. the front-runner has lost seven points in new hampshire since
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september. trump is still ahead in spite of the drop. he has 21% support. carly fiorina is second with 16%. trump also holds a five-point advantage in iowa and his nearest rival is ben carson with 19%. in afghanistan investigators are still not vur why a hospital in the city of kunduz was bombed. doctors without borders blames the u.s.-led military for the air strikes. 22 people were killed. the chief calls it unexcusable and possibly even criminal. mark phillips is tracking this story from london. >> reporter: good morning. the damage done to the hospital was catastrophic. the damage done to the reputation of the u.s. air campaign in support of the government in kabul, is in pr terms, catastrophic as well. the question is no longer whether the msf hospital in kunduz was hit by air strikes and almost certainly u.s. air strikes. the question is how and why.
7:16 am
doctors without borders which has run the hospital says both the government in kabul and the united states knew where it was and that the air raid continued even after they raised the alarm that the facility was being hit. the afghan government line taliban fighters were inside and shooting from the hospital. msf's uk director vickie hawkins says is a line. >> the comments coming from the afghan government are outrageous and they are just as defying the destruction of a fully functioning hospital. >> reporter: u.s. secretary of defense ash carter has promised an investigation. >> that we be full transparent about our investigation and, also that we hold accountable if there is someone to be accountable, anybody responsible for doing something they shouldn't have done. >> reporter: but that is not good enough for msf. >> we would like an independent investigation, and only then
7:17 am
will we be in a position to make decisions about the future. >> reporter: the most credible current theory is that u.s. special forces advising afghan forces who were then retaking kunduz from the taliban called in the air strike after taking fire from the area around the hospital. but this is an issue that goes beyond afghanistan. it comes at a time when the u.s. has been accusing russia of imprecise targeting in syria and that makes this attack even more difficult to explain and to justify. >> mark thank you. reports from syria this morning say isis destroyed another ancient ruin in the city of palmera. the arch was nearly 2,000 years old and one of the city's best-known land makers. in spain new york the secretary of defense accused russia of escalating the syrian civil war. holly phillips good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the government here in turkey says a russian war plane,
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operating our syria, violated turkish air space, prompting it to scramble f-16 fighter jets. that news comes as russia continues its air strikes in syria. the russian defense ministry released this cockpit video which it claims shows its fighter jet hitting isis positions in syria, including a command center a training camp and an ammunition depot. but many of the locations that russia said it hit are in areas where there is no isis presence. the u.s. and its coalition partners say what russia is really doing in syria is propping up the syrian regime by launching strikes on those who oppose the government. the syrian president bashar al assad makes no distinction between the moderate position and isis describing all of them's terrorists.
7:19 am
in his first interest since moscow began launching air strikes he says the campaign take to succeed or the entire region faces destruction. but the u.s. says peace in syria can only be achieved if assad leaves office. the four-year long syrian civil war has now claimed more than 225,000 lives. many of them killed by the regime's i amndiscriminate bombings. president assad claimed in that interview that u.s. air strikes in syria have been counterproductive and have actually helped spread terrorism. >> holly williams in foirkturkey, thank you. a dentist is gunned down in her parking garage and new how the search has
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♪ they say it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog and that certainly applies to jules. the 20-pound french bulldog showed no fear when these bears wandered into her front yard. one of the bears was estimated to weigh 100 pounds but they all ended up turning tail. jules owner says she is tougher than he ever thought. >> extra bark is what it's all about. >> i love two angles. we can watch the whole tape. >> thank goodness for security cameras. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour patrick kennedy is right here in studio 57 making some people uncomfortable this morning, starting with his own family. we will explain why because we are going to look at the former congressman's personal battles and the secrets he revealed about his parents' hidden
7:31 am
struggles and why he hopes this may change things. plus new developments in the shooting death of a dallas dentist. police make another arrest but say the woman who hatched the plot is still on the loose. how a smartphone may play a role in the murder. that's is ahead. "wall street journal" reports on record atm feeses. a new survey says the average for using an atm is not tied to a customer's bank rose to $42.52. the higher fees are blamed in part, on banks facing pressure to reduce other fees like overdraft charges. "the washington post" looks at the new supreme court term starting this morning. the court faces a string of political cases during an election year. some of the issues ahead is it legal to use r to encourage diversity? how far must government go to accommodate religious liberty and how far must a government go to restrict abortion right.
7:32 am
ben bernanke thinks more should have gone to jail after the 2008 recession. he said people not companies, were responsible for illegal actions. he said if regulators hadn't propped up the financial system, a good chances we have gone into a 10930 style depression. "the new york times" says the vatican dismissed a priest after he revealed he is gay. in an interview, the monsignor said he has a vatican partner. they say that is irresponsible and it came before a meeting with the bishops. the "new york post" reports on the mysterious death after doctor and mother found in a new york city doorway. one was found dead in an apartment building in manhattan chelsea neighborhood. it is unclear how she ended up at the building. right now, they are thinking the marks around her neck were from something previous. maybe not related to any of this. >> what a mystery, indeed.
7:33 am
the kennedy family does not usually want to talk about its secrets in public but this morning, senator ted kennedy's youngest son is revealing them. former rhode island congressman patrick kennedy writes of his own mental illness and addictions and looks at his parents and problems with alcohol and depression. he believes his father suffered from post-traumatic stress after two of his brothers were assassinated. he spoke with lesley stahl for last night's "60 minutes." >> because you said nobody talked about this you were like zombies. you used that word zombies. >> we were living in a limbo land where all of this chaos, this emotional turmoil was happening, and we were expected just to live through it. >> reporter: this is the first time a kennedy has been this open about the family's secret
7:34 am
these particular secrets. are you worried about how the family is going to react? >> i know how some of them are going to react because i've already got. >> reporter: have they seen the book? >> yeah, i showed them the book. >> reporter: they are not pleased? >> no. >> reporter: they are angry? >> they are angry. >> patrick kennedy's new memoir is "a common struggle." welcome to studio 57. >> thanks charlie. >> some say an act of courage for you to do this and you understood some people in the family prefer these things not be said. where were you motivated to say this? >> well, we are at a point in time in american history where we are finally coming out of the shadows for those of you suffering from mental illness and addiction and it's absolutely crucial to change public policy. look at the tragedies in umpqua. look at all of the other tragedies, all of them are a result of a failed mental health system. why is that allowed to continue? because we are all silent about these issues. how many people could have said that that shooter needed to get treatment or stay in treatment?
7:35 am
nobody. because no one talks about these issues, charlie. how many of the other shooters should have been brought into treatment and made to stay in treatment? because they had a severe mental illness. no one said a word charlie. there are consequences. we have 41,000 overdoses a year. we have nearly 42,000 suicides a year. this is a public health epidemic, and i'm telling my story. it's just a small story, in light of what most families face and that is you know someone in your family is suffering from alcohol addiction. you don't say a word. you know they have had psychosis but that is their personal issue. that is why i told this story so that others could tell their story. >> the irony is that your father was suffering and had made health care his primarylegislative
7:36 am
goal and yet did not seek treatment. >> charlie, he came from a different generation, no offense. it was just not spoken of in his generation and it's tough for my generation to even break the silence, but we have to because i want to make sure for my children, and i'm having another child in about, you know, a couple of weeks. that they don't have to grow up with this fear that someone can talk to them if they have an issue. >> i applaud you for talking about this so let's talk about your own family's scenario. you write in the book your dad ted kennedy was probably an alcoholic. you confronted him and what did he do? >> well, he didn't want to talk about it. that's the common struggle. all of us want to talk about this with our families. our families don't want to talk about it. that is universal, norah. there is few exceptions but mine was not an exception. we were part of the rule. >> your father took you to chappaquiddick where he crashed a car and a young woman died in that car. when he took you there, was he even able to admit then what had happened? >> it was upon an anniversary and he really didn't want to
7:37 am
talk about it but he knew he had to say something. and what he said was very little. and that was the message i got is that we shouldn't talk about it. >> i want to talk about this. you talk about so openly and honestly in this book sort of the shame and the silence surrounding this. you open the book with 2006 the episode you're in your mustang convertible and you crash it on capitol hill. he had no idea you were so out of it. >> no. i was out of it on so many levels. >> you were on -- >> i had been to rehab five months before for opiad addiction andself medicated with other drug and alcohol after that. i thought i was okay. that is the delusion of this illness. >> you say -- you woke up in the morning and you were worried you might have killed someone. after you realized it was just a car crash, your father called you and you write in the book your father said i saw a picture of the car and i don't know where ythey are making such a big deal of this. it looked to me like it was july a little fender bender.
7:38 am
>> it was a physically seeking a little fender bender but it didn't speak to the larger truth. the matter was i was in crisis and i needed to deal with it in a way that wasn't sufficient to my earlier treatment. >> so when you came out publicly and admitted everything, i mean that day that next day admitted you're dixs your father didn't want to talk to you, right? he was angry at you? >> yeah. he didn't feel good about me talking about my issues because it reflected poorly on everyone else. >> it's not you and your father. what i found interesting you bring your mother into this conversation. there is an episode you talk about where she is so high in a terry cloth robe and dignitaries are walking in and out of the house. what is the hardest revelation from this book their family has had to dealt with and what has hurt them the most? >> i think all of had is hurtful because it's the shame we don't want to discuss. that is the bottom line. so what i talk about is what we all know, but we don't say anything about. and so when you do say something about it, it ends up being hurtful.
7:39 am
and i don't know what is more hurtful, because there is hurt in keeping this secret. it eats away at you. it will kill you if you don't talk about it. in fact, we say therapy is about speaking about the things that are post-traumatic stress. if you don't talk about it you're in trouble. and my dad was in trouble because he was never given an opportunity to talk about the brutal murder of his two brothers. it's shocking to think that no one went up to him and said ted, you suffered in incomprehensible pain. if we went through what he went through today, he would have had a battery of mental health officials say, ted, listen. no one would have held it against him. in fact, they would have celebrated it. but he came from a different time. >> right. >> and he paid the price for it. >> we thank you so much for your candid answers, congressman kennedy. thank you. we will hear more of your story in our next hour. a common struggle goes on sale today.
7:40 am
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♪ a woman is wanted this morning in the killing of a texas dentist. dr. kendra hatcher was gunned down last monday. the man accused of pulling the trigger was arrested over the weekend. omar villa franco is outside the dallas police department and he talked with a friend of the victim. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so far, dallas police have arrested two people in connection with a murder of kendra hatcher. the person who may have planned it all is still on the loose. that woman the ex-girlfriend of the man the dentist was dating at the time of her death. one month after 35-year-old kendra hatcher was executed in the parking garage of her luxury
7:45 am
dallas apartment, authorities say they know who orchestrated the hit. >> she is a fugitive. wanted at this point for capital murder. >> reporter: according to an arrest warrant 33-year-old brenda delgado hired love to kill the pediatric dentist and love is being held on 2.5 million dollars bail after being charged with capital murder on friday. >> mr. love rahwas released and found in possession with the weapon believe to have killed dr. hatcher. >> have a shooting and looking for a black jeep cherokee swroo hatcher was gunned down on september 2nd as she parked her car. elene velazquez spoke up a friendship. >> she was happy with her life her practice. everything was good >> reporter: two days after the murder authorities arrested 23-year-old krirs tall cortez who told police delgado paid her
7:46 am
500 dollars to drive the get-away vehicle. delgado dated hatcher's boyfriend two years before the relationship ended this year. did it ever come up about him's his possible ex. >> no. nothing ever came up and why it was such a surprise. a shock to everybody that this happened. >> reporter: authorities are now on the hunt for delgado who faces charges of capital murder. >> i won't discuss or speculate as to where she might be or -- all i will suggest to her specifically is that she turn herself in as quickly as possible. >> reporter: detectives first questioned delgado right after the shooting. they got her name from the owner of that jeep who saw his vehicle on tv and contacted detectives. he told police that he lent the vehicle to delgado. she told police that she lent the vehicle to cortez. >> omar thank you very much. a trick play at a college football game brought many to tears. we will show you the surprise on
7:47 am
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♪ this family was watching a video of a military dad on the big screen at saturday's florida gators football game. a few seconds later, chief warrant officer kristopher dinkins revealed his surprise. back from his fifth tour of duty in afghanistan and reunited with business family in front of 90,000 people on the swamp. the tears flowed from on the field and in the stands. >> look. . the son doesn't want to let him go! glad he is home safe! he is a true gator! >> they got to watch them win after that. >> i know. that's right. >> coming up mars is finding plenty of life at the box office. ahead a reality check on matt damon's new movie "the martian."
7:52 am
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it is monday, october 5th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including historic and deadly flooding in south carolina. >> i've never seen anything like this. there is going to be more rain today. it looks like possibly 3 to 5 inches. >> last time anyone heard from the crew the ship was listing and taking in water and stuck in a monster hurricane. >> they search for answers, relatives mourn the victims. >> it's too late. >> several people familiar with his delibeonratiys sa he is nearing a decision and it could come as soon as within the next week to ten days. the damage done to the
8:01 am
hospital was catastrophic and the damage done to the re tiputaon of the u.s. air campaign is, in pr terms, catastrophic as well. when you came out publicly and admitted your addiction, your father didn't want to talk to you, right? he was angry at you? >> yeah, well, he didn't feel good about me talking about my issues because it reflected poorly on everyone else. the secret service is demonstrating why we started to investigate them and their is a nan begans. >> jason chaffetz -- essentially behaving like a hostile -- you only had us because we won't let you stick with us. ♪ >> i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell and vinita nair. gayle is off. there is no relief yet this morning for millions dealing with an enormous amount of flooding in the southeast. south carolina's governor says this amount of rain comes around
8:02 am
once in a thousand years. several cities have already broken rainfall records for october. one town received more than two feet of rain. floodwaters have killed seven people in the carolinas. david begnaud is in columbia where about a foot of rain has fallen. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when we were here about 12 hours ago, there was a football field size of water from one end to the other where the water was about four to five feet deep. the water has started to recede but the road is starting to give way. take a look behind me. that is a car. that is the wheels of a vehicle that has flipped into this ver. the water started to rise because one of the dams failed this building the roof started to collapse and a sinkhole has formed. now we are in a safe area but there are disaster zones all over the city that look just like this. the relentless rain that has fallen over the last 24 hours has led to what the governor has
8:03 am
called a true catastrophe in town. the flooding has destroyed roads and trapped people in their cars and homes. five dams have breached in lexington and richmond count at the water may not be safe to drink even if they have water. a man in his pickup truck tried to drive through flooded streets and another man tried to rescue him and also swept away and they were among the people rescued on sunday of 200 people. 600 guardsmen are a duty right now and another 8,000 have been told they need to standby. here is what is happening as the sun is starting to rise back out here in columbia. search and rescue teams are out and about looking for people who may need help and they are going door-to-door. as the water is starting to recede, the calls for help are still coming in. about that water i told you? the governor here says people may not have it for four to five days. >> david, thank you. let's bring in lonnie quinn,
8:04 am
chief weather caster at w cbs. good morning. >> we heard from david that still the possibility for rain in south carolina. here is south carolina. current radar picture rain is in the picture. whatever falls today is falling on impressive numbers. you heard that big two-foot range. mt. pleasant 24.23. . what you may not realize the bulk of the entire state of south carolina picked up a foot or more of rain and it looks like there is more out there for today. nothing as large as what i just showed you but possibly some areas seeing 3 inches or more. that is going to make the problem that much worse. winds will dry out and winds have all stopped altogether. the computer models will show us as we get through this day going into tomorrow the flood watches and warnings still in effect but by tuesday looks like 72 degrees with a partly sunny sky. >> thank you lonnie. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will lay out new gun proposals today in new hampshire. her new rules would require high volume gun dealers, the kind you sell at gun shows. to follow the same rules that apply to gun stores.
8:05 am
clinton also wants to close a loophole that allows gun sales to be completed even if background checks are still under way. republican front-runner donald trump was asked on sunday about begun control in the oregon college shooting. >> well, the gun laws have nothing to do with this. this isn't guns. this is about really mental illness and i feel very strongly about it. again, politically correct, oh, we are going to stop the problem, there will be no problem, et cetera, et cetera. you're always going to have difficulties no matter how tight you run it. >> vice president joe biden also brought up gun control in a speech at a human rights campaign. >> there is a decided minority of stopping the passage of rational proposals everything from the size -- limiting the size of a magazine to background checks. the president and i were told not to speak of this because we can't get it passed. that we shouldn't talk about things that won't pass in this congress.
8:06 am
but i will continue to speak until it is passed! >> vice president is keeping quiet about his presidential plans but sources tell cbs news that biden could make a presidential announcement within the next seven to ten days. family considerations remain one of biden's main concerns. some donors who have recently met with the vice president told cbs news they get the impression he is going to run. a biden spokesperson had no comment. a 2-year-old ohio girl missing since friday night is found this morning. a volunteer found peterson last night about a half a mile from her home in youngston. the little girl was hoirngungry and wet but okay. >> he find her. she has flies all over her but she is okay. you're okay, sweetheart. i swear you're going to be okay. >> is that her i hear? >> she is just crying. >> i just got goose bumps.
8:07 am
>> me too. i couldn't give up on this kid. thank god. >> her two other older brothers were staying with her great grandparents and they noticed she was missing friday evening. the search lasted all week. the little girl was taken to the hospital to be checked out. >> i got goose bumps on that too. >> thank goodness she is okay. "the martian" had a huge opening weekend. neil de grasse tyson
8:08 am
emmy winner claire danes tells us about her empowering role on homeland. >> i love that she is such a protagonist and has to drive the action forward and it's very unusual to have that chance as a woman. most fiction out there, i mean, most projects it's really not the woman who --
8:09 am
>> and, therefore, this is really wonderful. >> right. >> right? >> right. >> that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:10 am
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♪ don't believe me just watch ♪ >> three years worth of food here. on a planet where nothing grows. luckily luckily, i'm the botanist. >> matt damon stars in "the martian." an astronaut stranded on mars as the crew is hit by a sandstorm. weekend ticket sales reached at least $55 million but is the drama realistic about scientist? neil de grasse tyson, welcome become. >> thanks. >> this movie gets the science right? >> it gets enough of the science right so that where it doesn't
8:14 am
get it right, you give them some space to do so that they can help tell their whole story. >> it's fine that they got it right? >> a couple of things you might not have noticed. it was subtle but they were sinking deep and occasions where matt damon, the lead character, he drops things to the ground and it actually falls to the ground more slowly because gravity on mars is only 40% to edge of that. they could just ignored and i might have given it to them. they are filming in a studio somewhere and it would be hard to have that and would have given it to them if they couldn't but they figured out how to film that. a couple of other things. for example, matt damon is lifting these heavy, heavy tanks. he is physically fit in the movie and they make sure you know that with a couple of -- there is always an abshot right? >> don't knock the abshot. >> you have to put in the abshot. i'm okay with that but he is lifting these heavy things and you might think it's he is
8:15 am
physically fit but if it's 80-pound tank it weighs 280 in mars. i applaud that effort. a duststorm kicks up and it terrorizes their spaceship but thrse ma's atmosphere is less than 1% of our atmosphere. it picks up light dust and that is why they exaggerated the impact of a duststorm on mars. give that to them. we know mars has duststorms and it picks up many tornadoes that were showed persistently throughout the film. i'm a fan of mark twain. first, get your facts straight and then distort them at your leisure. >> no one pretended they were you and now they pretend it's you.
8:16 am
what struck you, aside from that sandstorm as something they really got wrong? >> no what they got on wrong, they did their homework on other things to get right to have earned -- i don't think of it as wrong. i think of it let's be loosey-goosey here so the story could be told in a more fun and intriguing way. for example, they have the jet propulsion labs in pasadena california, share control over a man's mission along with houston. no, that doesn't happen. they are purely purely space probes at jpl but it enabled two nasa centers to have this conversation. you have these sort of it's a geek culture. you have the mathematician and the engineer all trying to solve problems. one of my favorite aspects of the film was that science is its own character, in a sense, in this film because of the drama, the suspense the emotions the
8:17 am
pride, envy all of the normal characteristics we think of human dynamics all happen through the lens of science. >> last week's nasa announced there was flowing water on mars. same time this movie is coming out. the significance of that? >> we have always known there was water on the surface through the dry meandering river beds and river dry delt deltas and flood planes. where is the water today? is it underground? is it frozen? if it's anyplace liquid it's useful to know because nasa has a branch of what they call nirsu. if you know there is water on the destination planet you don't have to bring any with you and that greatly improves your -- or reduces the launch -- >> does it increase the likelihood there is some kind of life there? >> that is clearly the next question everyone is asking.
8:18 am
one of nasa's mantra is following the water. it follows us to the search for life. if you got liquid wauredter oozing out the side of a crater wall of mars you want to go digging in there. >> if there is life what does that mean? life one of the great secrets that biologists don't share with you behind closed doors is that in spite of this diversity in life in the world we have dna in common so in fact we are a sample of one. can you really understand your subject if you're dealing with a sample of one? that is why the beginning of every biology book, what is life? is it this? does it require sun life or just energy or require liquid water or jaw liquid? you can't answer those kinds of deep questions until you have another example of life. so if we found life on mars it would completely transform biology and even as an astro physicist i consider the search for life in the universe to be one of the greatest and highest
8:19 am
goals in all branches of science. >> thank you for spending your birthday with us. >> happy birthday! >> my system was cleared the whole day and you have to call! >> what a way to start the day! >> that's right. thank you. >> thank you so much. hillary clinton goes behind the bar trading jokes with her "saturday night live" alter ego. you don't want to miss it. that's next on "cbs this morning." ♪ you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow!
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♪ we know campaign 2016 is in full force when the first presidential candidate shows up on "saturday night live." hillary clinton appeared in a full sketch this weekend with indicate mckinnon who plays hillary clinton on "snl." they had fun playing the gop front-runner and his wife. >> okay, because i hear your numbers are down a little this week. >> mexicoans are stealing our children. >> tell us your plan for the economy. >> i get in there and taxes go down and everybody gets a job. salaries go way up. we build a wall. it's huge! over in china, they are going to say, now, that's a wall!
8:24 am
>> all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that is like "ugh, you're all losers"? i'm just an ordinary citizen who believes the keystone pipeline will destroy our environment. >> i agree wituh yo there. it did take me a long time to decide that, but i am against it. >> it really is great how long you've supported gay marriage. >> yeah. i could of supported it sooner. >> well, you did it pretty soon. >> could have been sooner. >> fair point. >> it's fun to see that you snow fun to see politicians making fun of themselves. about time for that. >> they did it very well. >> they did. coming up, with we will talk more about patrick kennedy about
8:25 am
8:26 am
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour more from former congressman patrick kennedy. he's in our toyota green room and we will talk about his family's reaction about the secrets he revealed with the struggles with addiction. >> claire danes takes us inside the new season of "homeland." can she find peace for nonstop excitement? >> a former teenager injured by a shark and bitten in the left hand while surfing in new smyrna beach on sunday. the boy was able to punch away the shark. he is the second one bitten by a shark there in two weeks. bradley tillden admitted his bag disappeared on a trip to washington last week. alaska air guarantees to deliver your luggage 20 minutes of reaching the gate. if it's not there you get 2,500
8:31 am
reward miles or a 25 dollar credit toward a future flight. tillden did not say whether he took either one. >> put a tracer on your bag at a minimum. "the new york times" says the daughter of president obama is narrowing down colleges. obama said he told malia not to stress too much about getting into one particular college. >> his other piece advice was keep your grades up until you get in and after that just make sure you pass. >> my guess is she won't have too much trouble getting into some of those schools. former congressman patrick kennedy is with us again. senator ted kennedy's youngest child has a new memoir digging deep into his long history of mental health and addiction. it is a story most of his family members did not want him to
8:32 am
tell. >> i am an addict and israeli always be an addict. i'm an addict in recovery. i count my days. it's one day at a time. >> reporter: is it hard? >> yes. >> reporter: every day? >> oh, yeah. some somedays more than others but today is a good day. >> reporter: welcome, patrick kennedy. >> thanks. >> i want to technology this conversation. your brother ted kennedy has come out saying he is heartbroken you have chosen to write what inaccurate and unfair portrayal of family. what is your reaction to his statement? >> so i told this story about my life, which i can't separate from my family's life because it's important that we -- all of us break the silence and the shame surrounding these issues. now i don't pretend it's going to be easy. as and you've seen it definitely provokes a reaction and that is what most people are fearful of when they speak out,
8:33 am
is they are worried about breaking the family code, they are worried about being disloyal, and nobody wants to be that. i think my portrayal of my father is very loving. i talk about an ark and, frankly, talking about his challenges does not take away from the fact that he was the greatest united states senator in modern history. it's not the lifetime of this country. as testified by all of the senate colleagues senate democrats. the notion that i'm somehow at all challenging his place in history is just so far-fetched but i can understand personally it can be difficult to hear these things. it was difficult for me to write these things norah, you know? >> irreparable damage or something that can be cured by time, splitting the family? >> no. i think that time -- i'm expecting, as i said my wife and i are expecting a fourth child in december. i think time moves on. i think there is too many other things that we really feel good
8:34 am
about our relationship over and i think, like my dad -- you know, my dad, first,aking out when i did the mental health parody and bill. when he came over as we were passing the bill he came over to the house floor and tapped me on the leg and he said "patrick, keep going and you're doing something important. >> this is after he talked to me quote/unquote, about family issues that i shents have been talking about. yet, at the end, he helped me pass this mental health parody and mental health addiction act. >> lots of americans watched your dad living with brain cancer knowing he was going to guy and wonderful pictures sitting on the porch with his dog next to him. did he talk at that time knowing that the end was not that far away about regrets, about choices, about dreams? >> well, he shared something really personal to me and that is what he said to me patrick, i hope you don't feel like you have to run for office.
8:35 am
-- to be okay. i mean that is -- charlie, not -- when it's okay for you not to run for office and still be okay? >> a lot of members of the family chosen not to run. >> that's true. >> or pulled away from politics. but about his own life, i mean here was this man considered by many to be the greatest united states senator, thought about the presidency had chappaquiddick. had lived with the agony of his brother's death. >> that's right. >> did he talk about that? >> no. he talked about how great it would be to have us go out for a sail and to be around when one of the priests would come over and say mass to be at dinnertime. he said to me at the convention could you come and stay with me for a while? >> wow. >> after. i knew that i had would be cutting in my time in congress. he said i would just like to
8:36 am
have you around. that meant more to me than anything else. he shared with me in my life because i never imagined that he would actually kind of -- not only physically need to lean on me because he was, obviously, being affected by his willness but that emotionally he could say i need you around me and that really moved me charlie. i didn't have a family at that point in my life and i knew how important to my dad having his children, his wife his best friends around him at the end of his life made all of the difference in the world. all of the laws in the world did not keep him company. knowing all of the celebrities in the world did not fill his soul. at the end of his days it was having his family and friends around him that made all of the difference. >> you wrote this book with stephen freed. not just to break a family secret or code but you write it because there are legislative issues at stake. sflan how hard explain how harder it is to get the care you want. >> charges for mental illnesses,
8:37 am
as compared to other mental illnesses, what we need to do is make sure how we monitor insurance companies limit care through utilization management. that is the secret disguise of how do we keep people from getting the treatment they need. when they still do that they know they can do that because we are not going to stand up to the insurance companies because we feel so ashamed to have these illness to begin with. that's what we need to go after. the administration needs to call on the insurance companies to disclose how they do utilization management in the practice of medicine. it's required by federal law but she hasn't done it yet. and we are going to continue to knock at her door and say she must do it if she is to implement the federal mental health parody and acquisition act. >> how do you want the conversation about addiction to change? >> it's about treating the whole
8:38 am
person. body, mind. so far as the body is concerned, we are ignoring what we know for treatment that will give people a chance to get the mental health care and, ultimately the spiritual conditioning to stay in long-term sobriety. but when health care refuses to reimburse adequate stays for eating disorders and all other kinds of addictions substance abuse and alcoholism we are doing a disservice to ourselves because we are all paying for this. suicide rate is twice the homicide rate in this country. we are asleep in this country. we have to break the silence. >> thanks patrick. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, claire danes tells charlie why her complicated homeland character is so much like herself. plus the unusual way the
8:39 am
we love, love chocolaty, creamy with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate.
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8:42 am
they are throwing their weight around. hostage taking. it's kind of scary. >> let me guess. [ inaudible ]. >> honestly, no. it was a big adventure. but i was different then. >> that is a sneak peek at the
8:43 am
next episode of "homeland." season five this morning is off and running on showtime a division of cbs. claire danes plays carrie mathson. we spoke with emmy winning actress did the show's longevity and her role in its success. so, "home land" season five is back. >> yeah. we are old! we get around for a while. i can't, like, believe how many years in we are but it still feels very electric and vital. >> reporter: so where is carrie now? >> carrie is actually happy. amazingly. >> i'd like to you meet my head of security, carrie. >> she is in the private sector and she is working for benevolent billionaire, philanthropist and she has a lovely boyfriend. >> who is a lawyer? >> who is lawyer in the same
8:44 am
firm and they are living together and she is very connected to her baby. yeah, there is about, you know, five minutes of domestic bliss. >> reporter: what do you love about her as a character? >> she's just so incredibly dynamic. she is so many things. >> reporter: vulnerable? smart? >> vulnerable smart, assertive. >> reporter: promiscuous? >> promiscuous, brave. kinds of a super hero. >> reporter: sure. she seems to be smarter than everybody else. >> she is always right! it's very enjoyable to say that! it's so very far from the truth in my own reality. so incredibly intuitive and has these amazing insights and she can connect faster than anyone else. the green pen is what i want. >> and blue is what is available. >> green! green is necessary. it doesn't make sense if it isn't green and it's really not an unreasonable request.
8:45 am
i thinker condition is really relevant to her general character and the show at large. >> you're out of line. it's my home. >> i'm going to ask you with or without your approval. >> take your boxes because you will need them when you clean out your desk. >> reporter: what does it bring beyond the character to you? you've talked about how great it is the past -- >> yeah. well, he is such a powerful performer, mandsy. >> you're suggesting planet intelligence? >> when we did the first reading of the pilot, obviously, we were all very new to each other and as soon as we started our first scene, it was just clear that there was this relationship there already that we just kind of walked into! it's so fun, because, obviously, carrie is a fast talker. you know, she is the kind of very high frequency and she is the opposite of that. >> here is what is interesting.
8:46 am
one of your doctors said when you were 13 it was so scary for them. >> it's sort of like when you're letting me drive your car, i loved it! that is very nice to hear. >> reporter: you don't know what it is about you that makes somebody scary? >> no. >> reporter: it was a commanding presence even then. >> it's funny because, yes i was a kid actor but i never thought of myself as that. >> reporter: he thought yourself as a regular kid? >> i was an actor who happened to be a kid. >> reporter: oh, i see! not a kid who happened to be an actor? >> exactly. >> reporter: and in your heart and soul everything about you was an actor. >> yeah. >> reporter: how does this being where you are, get better as an actress, other than simply doing it? >> i think there is -- i mean, there is no other on way to get better than to do it. >> reporter: at your level? >> yes. it's really important to experiment with different genres. different styles. are you happy? >> yeah.
8:47 am
>> different mediums. >> move or i'll do it! i swear i'll shoot you! it's essential that you work ons that are layered and dynamic and can take you places. >> reporter: what is the relationship between carrie and claire? >> the differences are more obvious than similarities. we both love our work it sounds ridiculous but, you know, we both have this gift of being equally attracted to our respective lines of work although a lot of role playing involved with those. a lot of travel. >> reporter: that's right. >> and i think i have a kind of linear focus in general. i can be quite driven and i can be very hard on myself. >> reporter: really? >> and i think she also does things too. >> what do you want? >> your help in getting food and
8:48 am
medical supplies to people in the camp. i love that she is such a protagonist and has to drive the action forward. it's very unusual to have that chance as a woman. and most fiction out there, most projects, you know, it's really not the woman who -- >> reporter: and, therefore, this is really wonderful? >> right. >> reporter: right? >> right. it is. it is. i cannot believe my luck. i cannot believe my luck that i have this much room to play. >> wow! what a great interview. she is terrific. >> she is. god, i love her. >> i never would have thought about her character in that way but so true she really does drive everything. >> right. the character does and so does she. she drives her life. people were intimidated by her when she was a 13-year-old actress. she was that confident. >> all right. new season of "homeland." i still got to catch up from last night. oscars a man with win the prize. that is next in scruff on "cbs
8:49 am
this morning."
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it is the 150th anniversary of alice in wonderland. and we have an amazing
9:00 am
performance. >> and our very own traffic anchor larry miller performs all in the name of charity. it's monday october 5th. and this is great day washington. a great day for the washington redskins football team. i was watching with a bunch of friends of mine. what i thought was a boring game, and it was, it was in the beginning. it was boring. but boy, the last part of that game. you got your money's worth.


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