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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  October 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news out of vermont. that's where an amtrak train heading to washington has derailed. it happened in northfield south of the capitol of montp he
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lier. we don't know how serious the injuries are. we will stay on top. story and you can look for uptes through the day on the wusa9 news app. now to the latest on the high water in prince frederick maryland in calvert county. sky 9 was over the scene this morning where some residents of a trailerpark are staying put despite being surrounded by floodwaters. people were evacuated last night. it took rescuers two hours to get more than a dozen people to safety out of the halloween park. there were no injuries. flooding is going to be exacerbated by high tides? >> yes. so a lot of water got piled up. where we have had the high tides they have been running above average. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s right now. so much more comfortable.
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richmond 56. there is more cloudiness down there. we are looking at showers down in north carolina. south andeers of town a few more clouds. as far as the flooding, coastal flood warnings and coastal flood advisories. the advisories in green. in st. mary's county they have been underwater too. waves two to three feet. tides running two feet above normal. closer to home western calvert where prince frederick is and arundle tides two feet above normal. minor flooding at times of high tides. this goes until tomorrow morning. but pretty good news on the weather front overall. more on that coming up. >> thank you, howard. south carolina is under a state of emergency following days of relentless rain. the one in a thousand years flooding is so bad in the state capitol of columbia rescue crews can't keep up. nearly 30,000 people are without power across the state. don champion has more. >> reporter: you could not mistake the look of relief on this mother's face.
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she is and her 15-month-old baby were rescued from fast moving floodwaters by the coast guard near charleston, south carolina, sunday. in much of the area anywhere from 14 to 24 inches of rain fell over the weekend. some roads were no match for all of that water. >> we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in a thousand years. that's how big this is. >> yeah, they made a mistake. there he goes. >> reporter: even though drivers were urged to stay off roads, some people ventured out. the man behind the wheel of this pickup eventually had to be rescued when his truck got wash away. it was one of hundreds of water rescues in the state over the weekend. in columbia, the capitol of south carolina, a dam break flooded major thoroughfares. at least five storm-related deaths have been reported in the state. this morning a flash flood watch remains in effect in many areas because even more rain is in
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the forecast today. don champion, cbs news. >> there was so much water in parts of the state, officials closed a 75-mile stretch of i- 95 sunday. there are now nine fatalities connected to the south carolina flooding. right now 80 members of virginia task force one are an hour away from south carolina. they got the call to move out and help around nine last night. how the team deployed in just six hours. >> reporter: when fema called these men and women answered. they are the elite machines of virginia task force one search and rescue team, mobilizing for the mission to flood ravaged south carolina in six hours. >> that's not a lot of time. >> reporter: in fact, most of the team members came straight from their fairfax county firehouses and never made it home. >> they didn't get the opportunity to say good-bye. we will take care of their family members. >> reporter: they bring all they need from food, water, clothes, some life-saving equipment. search crews bring everything
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they need with them, including this high-tech piece of equipment. a search camera. and this device extends out 15 feet. >> we can drill holes in concrete to look in those structures to see if we can find victims. >> reporter: medical specialist eddie thorson returned from nepal where he rescued a boy trapped in earthquake debris. >> it's a lot of work finding the victims, especially in the midst of the rubble and locating them, depending how their injuries are. it's a great feeling to get somebody out of a disaster like that. >> reporter: answering the call to help our neighbors in need. >> the 80 member team is bringing 19 vehicles, eight boats and four search dogs on the mission. that's expected to last ten days. virginia task force one is one of 28 teams around the country that respond to domestic disasters. one of two which do so internationally. you can stay ahead of whatever mother nature brings our way. download our new app and click
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on the weather tab. well, we have some breaking news in the world of sports regarding the washington nationals. the team has just fired coach matt williams and his coaching staff. the move isn't much of a surprise. the team was the y heavfavorite to win the world series this year but they failed to make the playoffs. and several decisions williams made during the year may have sealed the fate. a complete 180 from last year when williams won the manager of the year honors. we are expecting to hear more from them this afternoon and we will have the latest on a possible replacement for williams and more reaction on our news app as well as the latest developments during this evening's newscast. officials at medstar hospital are discussing an incident where a patient died after an altercation with two security guards. debra, what did you learn today? >> reporter: andrea, most of the questions were about how did it take so long too find out,
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first, what happened here tuesday. they say that a male patient left this hospital without being officially discharged tuesday afternoon. the hospital, they won't say anything about the patient, including his condition, why he was being treated, nor his identity. they do say, however, he was not being treated in police custody. that patient was actually on his way back to the hospital center escorted by his nurse and a member of the national rehab security team. that's when they say two armed security officers employed by the hospital center joined the three and then there was some kind of tragic interaction which left this patient with a critical injury. what this injury was, they are not saying at this point. they will say that those two armed security officers, their weapons were not used. they also say that they treated the patient at the er. the hospital says they called the metropolitan police department tuesday evening and they asked that they take the lead in the investigation. now, those two officers, they are placed on administrative leave and they are actually on paid administrative leave. back to the question of this
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happened on tuesday. that patient died on thursday. why did it take so long? listen to this. >> we notified the metropolitan police department. in addition to that, we let other agencies such as the department of health and the joint commission be aware. local leaders such as the mayor and our council men were aware. and most importantly we related the information to our entire staff, medical, nursing, and other leaders, as well as the staff through the organization. we did not release it to the public and the press because the family, as we talked to them, made it very clear to us that their desire was to keep this private. so that's why we didn't let you know. >> reporter: an autopsy is being performed. again, those two security officers on paid administrative leave. now, there is surveillance video apparently of this and the hospital says they did provide that to mpd. whether we get a look at that, that remains to be seen. we will be on the story the rest of the day and have more
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on wusa9 news at 5 and on our app. live at medstar, debra alfarone. jury selection is underway in the trial of an accused serial killer in virginia. he is accused of killing three prominent alexandria residents over a ten year period. prosecutors say he was seeking revenge for what he perceived as the city as ruling class after losing a child custody case. he entered a not guilty plea. police are investigating a homicide in hillcrest heights. officers were called to the intersection of 23rd parkway and 23rd place around 3 this morning. a man was found suffering from trauma to the body. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. if you have any information that could help you are asked to call prince georges county police. faculty members, many still
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grieving are heading back to umpqua community college in oregon today just days after a mass shooting. they will be able to retrieve their personal belongings and grief counselors will be on hand. classes won't start for students for another week. nine people were shot and killed at the college. the gun man killed himself as police closed in on him. the motive for the killings still a mystery. and college students around philadelphia are being advised to be on alert today. that's because of what the fbi calls a non-specific threat of violence against the university in the area. the threat was posted on social media. students at temple, drexel, and the university of pennsylvania and other area colleges were told about it by administrators and university police. well, it took three plus years of work and failure to make yesterday's final drive at fedex field possible. that according to kirk cousins, who marched the skins 90 yards down the field. down four points to the eagles. cousins showed poise.
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acted like he had been there before. fired to pierre garcon. talk about a catch. garcon gets stood up by a defender. manages to hold on. redskins hold on. as a result, despite blowing a 13po int lead, the final 23-20. >> keep working and stay together. you know, we have high expectations. but it's a process. we will just keep going one day at time, one week at a time, one game at a time. >> they head to atlanta to face the 4-0 falcons. still ahead on 9 news at noon, the first monday in october means a new session for the u.s. supreme court. we will tell you about a decision on a notorious case out of charlottesville. plus, a capital concern. we will tell you about the latest developments in the battle to be the next
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back to business. the first monday of october, which means the supreme court justices return to the bench today. in one of their first decisions they refused to hear an appeal from a former university of virginia lacrosse player convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend. the justices let stand a lower court ruling that upheld the conviction of george huguely in the beating death of yeardley love. they had an on again, off again relationship. huguely's lawyers argued he was denied the right to a fair trial after an attorney became too sick to appear in court but the trial was allowed to proceed anyway. could hillary clinton play a role in the battle brewing on capitol hill for speaker of the house. the latest developments. >> reporter: three days approximate from now the house gop is set to vote by secret ballot on a new speaker of the house. house majority leader kevin mccarthy was seen as the odds
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on favorite. he was endorsed by boehner last week before his comments about benghazi. in those comments he indicated the special committee was organized to go after hillary clinton. criticism was swift. now jason chaffetz shares the house oversight and government reform committee. during an interview over the weekend he claimed he was bridging the divide between the republican party. now, following thursday's vote, we will see a full vote in the house later this pont. >> speaker boehner gives up his seat in congress at the end of this month. howard. sunny out here. really enjoying a beautiful change to our weather. we still have allergens out there. everything else is low. improving weather picture for much of the week. i will tell you about it in
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in family health, improving healthy outcomes for newborns. breastfeeding offers benefits, but many health facilities don't have an environment that supports breastfeeding. michael j. hopper is here from the pediatric associates of alexandria is here. doctor, thank you for joining us. first, we want to congratulate the hospital on receiving a baby friely designation. what does that mean? >> well, baby friendly is a noble program sponsored through the world health organization
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that recognizes hospitals and institutions that have gone through a multistep process to try to encourage and promote breastfeeding? what are the benefits of breastfeeding? >> for babies, there is a whole host of health benefits. as pediatricians, we tend to see them less often in that first year of life for coughs and colds and ear infections. the benefits to immunity are helpful in addition to benefits for growth and brain development. and also good nutrition and long-term improvements in healthy weight. >> doctor, what kind of environment do you create at anova alexandria that makes it breastfeeding comfortable. >> it was a culture change mostly on the part of the nursing. the nurses did the biggest efforts to move this forward. and it really was trying to make it comfortable for moms to -- that want to breastfeed their babies to have the support that they need. so i see moms in my office all
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the time that before the birth, that want to breastfeed, but then prior to this initiative at al a secret andrea hospital 30% of moms were going home breastfeeding, where now it's 80 to 90%. >> and one other thing i like as far as your baby friendly environment is the skin-to-skin contact, which even a long time ago when my kids were babies was something new. it's now a part of bringing up babies? >> yes. a great way to keep their heart rate up and -- as part of the resuscitation process when the baby comes out. it helps with the bonding of mom and dad in the first couple of days. >> doctor, thank you very much. again congratulations on being named baby friendly hospital. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. howard bernstein is here. you noticed he is doing something he hasn't done in a long time. squinting. >> it's bright out there. >> i need your sunglasses. >> happy birthday. >> thank you very much.
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>> weather-wise, we are wearing the weather well. except for the coastal flooding. beautiful this afternoon. i know william down in hunting town says not sunny there. still cloudy. you know, southern maryland dealing with clouds. be patient, be patient. the sun will work its way towards you. i think towards the end of the day and certainly if you don't get it today, you will have it more than likely tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, and parts of friday. mid-to-upper 60s this afternoon. north-northeasterly wins 10 miles an hour or less. tonight generally clear, cool, crisp. 58 by 10:00. tomorrow morning mid 40s to low 50s. right now 61 in washington. we have that 62 with more clouds in cambridge. in the mid-to-upper 50s in the shenandoah valley and western maryland and west virginia. a really fine looking temperature map and a fine looking day on our michael &
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son weather camera. officially 61. dewpoint 49. the humidity is still at 64%. the air is drier. so what we've got going on, some develop flooding. coastal flood advisories and warnings around d.c., arlington and alexandria and southern maryland. some of the waves are running two to three feet and some of the tidal anomalies two feet above normal. that's a problem through tuesday morning. generally nice weather through thursday with some cool nights, mild days. looking at highs in the low he low 70s tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday. friday, though, we will have a front coming. we do go the some showers, maybe even a thunderstorm possible friday afternoon, friday evening. might even impact friday night football. that's a long ways off. in the short term there is some of those clouds in southern maryland, the northern neck with the rain down in north carolina. thankfulfully, this band of heavy rain wrapping around this
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upper level low that is shifted north from south carolina to north carolina. some parts of south carolina talking more than two feet of rain. historic flooding charleston, columbia. it's a mess down there. that is joaquin pulling away. so futurecast nice and quiet. it's going to stay that way. notice how the clouds thin out late afternoon in southern maryland and sort of pull away tonight for the most part. hanging out on the coast towards norfolk. tomorrow is a nicer day. today and wednesday might be nicest of the week. 67 today. 52 tonight with the 40s in the suburbs. tomorrow, wednesday, just a couple of real sweet days moving our way with highs in the mid 70s. thursday a touch cooler. low 70s. a threat for showers on friday. then the weekend looks like going to the -- ravens home this weekend. looking good with the highs in the
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all right. pretty interesting video from alaska. two moose in a battle to be top dog. a man had front row seats as the animals went antler to antler. it's breeding season. the two duke it out from one side of the street to the other before eventually going their separate ways leaving the female at the altar. is that what happened? >> they can't talk it out. this is a favorite of ours. a small dog turned into a giant hero in california. the french bulldog named jewels sprang into action when two bears jumped the fence. a home security camera caught the action. one lunged at one of them.
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the dog's owner gave jewels a bath and treat and kisses for heroism. we are always on wow. this place is spectacular.
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>> victor: did you just say adam is alive? is this some kind of joke or what? >> jack: where did you hear this? >> phyllis: i was just as skeptical as you two, especially considering my source, ian ward. >> jack: you've been in contact with that man? >> victor: oh. well, that explains it. if you were in contact with ian ward, then he is playing head games with you. >> phyllis: do you think i would take anything from that man at face value? i looked in to it. adam is alive. >> victor: how'd you verify this? >> phyllis: ian told me things only adam could know. they've been in this together from the very beginning. >> victor: that just means that ian ward did good research. >> phyllis: victor... >> victor: you don't think i'd know if my son were alive? >> phyllis: not if he changed his name...and his face.


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