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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  October 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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commemorating the 20th anniversary of the million man march but tonight, an onlineline police newsletter only available to capitol police employees getting attention, warning officers of possible violence during the rally. some said it's inflammatory and police expect a peaceful event. allison barber has the story. >> everybody beaming, high- fiving each other, respect, my brother. >> paul butler was in his 20s when he went to his first million man march. >> the idea was for african- american men to come together to demonstrate to each other that we love and supported each other. and that's the feeling that you left with, senseover community. >> reporter: some of what organizers seem to inn aim for with saturday's march. >> we're going back. this time, we go for justice. >> reporter: it's led by lewis farrakhan and nation of islam but most of the attention is on
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the capitol police because of the newsletter. whoever wrote it calls farrakhan an opportunist and race baiter, whose rhetoric will lead to fireworks between the people attending the march and officers working it. >> the last million man march, 1 million african-american men, not one arrest, not one fight. the letter seems to anticipate a problem based on stereotypes about african-american men. >> reporter: the police's labor union agrees. in an e-mail sent to wusa, chairman said many officers found the memo offensive and comments like the one in the letter contribute to antipolice attitudes. a spokesperson for u.s. capitol police said the letter was rescinded because it was never approved in the first place. in a statement provided to wusa, the spokesperson said this document does not reflect the viewpoint or values of the u.s. states capitol police, nor was it intended to provide instruction or guidance to our employees. guys, that statement goes on to
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say that the department has launched an internal investigation to ensure this type of incident never happens again. source in the capitol police department tell me this newsletter actually came out back in september. they said that is when the chief rescinded it. reporting live, ellison barber, wusa 9. >> others believe this letter was intend to keep the numbers of participants down at this march. the fight isn't over for the police union, telling wusa 9 they want to see one person fire and want the police chief to go well. a 15-year-old boy is under arrest after making threats on a school bus. the massive search began for the boy after official were told about the gun. culpeper high, middle school and another school were all on lockdown for several hours today. the boy was found in a pickup truck nearby and his weapon which turned out to be a pellet gun, was foundsome someone else's home. the sheriff says the boy was
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also seen with a weapon on the school bus yesterday but nobody said anything at that time. doctors without borders and the international committee of the red cross call for an independent investigation into that deadly attack on a medical facility in afghanistan. u.s. airstrike killed 22 people, including medical staff and children. tina daniels reports from new york. >> reporter: today, president obama apologized to the head of doctor without borders for the u.s. air strike that destroyed a medical compound in afghanistan. >> the president assured the doctor the department of defense investigation currently underway would provide a transparent, thorough, and objective accounting of the facts. >> the organization's top director in the u.s. is calling for an independent investigation. >> even war has rules. >> reporter: the medical charity said it's suffered its biggest loss of life last saturday. 22 civilians were killed when an ac-130 gun ship like this one unleashed its arsenal for
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an hour in kunduz. doctor without borders said it informed both parties of its hospital's location, just three days before it was destroyed. >> our patients burned in their beds. our doctors, nurse and other staff were killed as they worked. >> reporter: the red cross is also calling for an independent and impartial investigation by the 76-member international humanitarian fact-finding commission. doctors without borders said it only takes one of the 76 countries to activate the commission. they are calling on president obama to agree. >> this was not just an attack on our hospital. it was an attack on the geneva convention. >> reporter: while testifying on capitol hill yesterday, the general said all the personnel in afghanistan will be retrained on the rule of engagement with firepower. hena daniels for cbs news, new york. >> president obama phoned the afghan president to express condolences to loss of life. the u.s. condemn the attack but said it will wait until the
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u.s., nato, and afghan investigations are completed before deciding whether to support an independent probe. president obama and vice president biden will meet with secretary of state kerry at the white house to talk about what to do next after syria. russian jets and warships unleashed more airstrikes on syria today. and while syrian troops reportedly launched a ground offensive to defeat rebel fight that oppose, president assad's regime, moscow is targeting militants. the u.s. said russia continues to bomb locations i.s.i.s. doesn't control. kurdish fighters in iraq tested positive for mustard gas. a spokesperson said the exposure took place during battles with i.s.i.s. in northern iraq and that traces of the toxic gas turned up in blood and soil samples. back in august, a senior u.s. military officer said traces of mustard gas were found on i.s.i.s. mortars. the faa says it's working on new technology that could warn air traffic controllers if a drone is flying too close to
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u.s. airports. >> we recognize the technology associate with unmanned aircraft is continuing to evolve. this is also true for the many technologies that could further advance the safety and capables of these aircraft. >> the faa deputy administrator told the house transportation subcommittee that the technology detects radio signals from drone that could pose a risk to planes. arlington coun police arrested a man they believed attacked three different women walk alone at night over the last few months. >> but they are still looking for suspects in six other similar attacks. police have charged 19-year-old melvin perez bonnie ya and with counts of attempted adduction with attempt to defile. he was held with no bond and tried to drag a woman into the bush but are waiting for results. >> we're work other cases around the clock and won't be
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satisfied until all the cases are solved. >> bonilla confess to multiple sexual assault attempts. they grabbed him getting off a bus in front of the courthouse early this morning. we have learned the man attacked by two pit bulls still hospitalize in critical condition. he underwent surgery once with more to come. the family said amputation has not been ruled out. the family identified the victim as 32-year-old mario stewart, telling us stewart was in the area, meeting with a friend. police report said the dogs were chasing neighbors down congress street southeast before the attack. the only person who stepped in to help stewart has gotten the chance to digest the severity of the situation after jumping in yesterday. >> i kind of went in, in a spirit of faith, but to reflect on the agility and strength of those dogs and frenzy that i ran in to without a second thought, i'm really just blessed that it could have turned out any way. >> neighborhood hero, john brooks, tells us he helped
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stewart make a tourniquet and elevate badly-injured legs in an attempt to stop the bleeding while trying to keep an eye on those pit bulls. both dogs have been euthanized. coming up, the dost guard suspends the search for crew members of a sunken cargo ship. kansas cancels classes for the rest of the week after what it calls an escalating threat. well, we stepped outside with another gorgeous evening. now, the lows tonight will be cool, not chilly. if you're out late, maybe a light jacket. 52 gaithersburg overnight, 53 manassas bung 53 in bowie. we'll talk about our weather alert and what it means for your friday night plans. crews scrammable to prepare for a possible round of
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a staff assistant in the d.c. mayor's office of religious affairs facing drug charges tonight. court documents, police raided the home of 51-year-old lorenzo saunders tuesday morning and found 120-grams of suspected cocaine, 10 grams of crack cocaine, and $2,000 cash. saunders pleaded not guilty to charges today. people who live near the south carolina coast are bracing for more flooding this evening. crews moved tons of rocks into place to protect a beaver dam in columbia. it's one of several that could sail when more rivers crest. at least 11 dames have been preached and workers are using
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sandbags to repair a breach in the canal threatening the water supply for some 375,000 people. at least 19 people in south carolina, north carolina have died from those storms. coast guard is calling off the search for crew members of a cargo ship that sank during hurricane joaquin. relatives were told of the decision this afternoon. the captain of the qel faro" planned to steer around the hurricane, but the 790-foot cargo ship had unexplained engine failure. jury selection underway in the trial of a massachusetts teenager accused of raping and killing his math teacher. >> philip chism is tried as an adult at the death of colleen ritzer. her body was found in woods near the school and her throat had been slashed. a 92-year-old church went up in flames on chicago's south side and took three hours to
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put out the fire at shrine of christ the king church this morning. part of the roof came down, but firefighters were able to save the steeple. no one was injured, and investigators think this may be accidental. they're trying to figure out whether it was related to some work being done in the church. coming up, the oregon college shooting prompts presidential candidates to point out gun violence differences on the campaign trail. but up next, new details on what happened just before the shooter killed discover the world
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authorities say the gunman at this oregon community college was shot and wounded by two plain-clothes officers before he killed himself inside a classroom. the district attorney says the two detectives who were first on the scene spotted 26-year- old christopher harper in the doorway of the building at umpqua community college. he fired at the officers. they apparently returned fire. nine people were killed in the rampage. the threat of violence has prompted eastern kentucky university to cancel classes for the rest of the week. graffiti found on a campus bathroom on monday read "kill all by 10/8/15." and school officials say the threat has since escalated on social media but said there is no evidence of imminent danger. it was a busy day on the
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campaign trail. gun violence, poll numbers, and emotional new ad dominate the attention of the presidential candidate in both parties. >> the oregon cool shooting sparked a rift between republican presidential candidates on the campaign trail. it began when dr. ben carson suggested victims could have rushed the gunman. >> the idea is overwhelm him so not everybody gets killed. >> i just don't think that's the road to go down in terms of questioning people who have lost their live because you have no idea what you would do. >> reporter: donald trump tweeted highspots of carson, saying the krill criticism sun fair. jeb bush sidestepped the question and shared his thought on gun control. >> i don't think say taking the rights away from 9.99% of law- abiding citizen would have changed the outcome of those results. >> reporter: carson called for every teacherrer to have a gun in his or her classroom. in iowa on wednesday, hillary clinton says more guns not the
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answer. >> the idea that -- you need more guns to stop people who are committing mass shootings is not only illogical but offensive. >> reporter: a new quinnipiac poll showing clinton taking a strong lead over sanders in three key states -- florida, ohio, and pennsylvania. but there remains one unknown. vice president joe biden. >> i found my redemption. >> reporter: a draft biden group released an emotional television ad in support of his potential candidacy. democratic candidates debate for the first time next tuesday. vice president joe biden is not expected to attend, even if he decides to declare his candidacy before the debate. the chairman of the house committee investigating benghazi attack said kevin mccarthy screwed up. in an interview with fox news, mccarthy suggested the investigation helped drive down democratic presidential candidate hillary rodham clinton's poll numbers. he said he could have chosen
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his words better. >> benghazi is not political. it was created for one purpose and one purpose only, to find the truth on behalf of the families of the four dead americans. period. >> there's not one american who, in the course of their lifetime, wouldn't rather have the opportunity to say words over again. >> he's being challenged, but mccarthy is stiled the leading candidate to be the next house speaker. clinton will testify before the committee later this month. >> announcer: always watching, always trackin . wusa 9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. how's your mad these days? >> math these days? >> pretty good. it got warm enough. will it get too warm? >> this is what i go through every day. >> the pressure. >> you have a lot riding on this, don't you? >> 78 is where we went and won't be a question if we were
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too high. the question is if we would be too low. we'll let you know what the numbers are at 11:00 tonight. live look outside and also on our app. you can get the three degree guarantee on the app by search for "wusa 9." you can download for free. 79 and really comfortable, wind northwest at 8, humidity is pretty good. not too cool tonight, not too warm. bus stop temperature -- 52 to 64 and, again, that's 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. so a little chilly to start. and then a terrific thursday. grab your sunglasses. that's the number one thing you will need. yellow weather alert on friday afternoon. so friday morning's commute is okay. friday evening's commute -- even pick up in the afternoon for the bus stop. the kids, around 3:00, showers and storm around. and then showers will continue into friday night and high school football. at least this friday will be maybe wet and warm as opposed to last friday which was miserable with cold and rainy conditions. at 10:00 tonight, we're 66
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downtown but 59 in frederick and 60 in bowie and 61 fairfax. by 6:00 a.m., 59 manassas. 59 downtown. by 9:00, pretty comfortable, really, partly cloudy, still some 50s, maybe 58 in gaithersburg, 58 or 59 out towards wheaton. pretty comfortable. and by 1:00, we're in the low 70s. you can certainly take lunch outside, just about perfect. i'm still not buying these showers. we'll keep you posted at 7:00 and 11:00 when i'll have new information in. by 5:30, lots of sunshine, low 70, maybe 73 frederick, warm in cumberland. we'll take you into friday afternoon now. look at this. a line of showers and thunderstorms pushing through. you see the orange in the yellow? that indicates the heavier activity and will track showers and storms friday afternoon into the evening commute. thus the yellow weather alert. 62 at 9:00, up to 72 with sunshine by 1:00. friday -- there's your yellow weather alert. despite the clouds and showers,
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81 for a high, cooler on saturday, morning clouds and shower, only 68. next seven days. ♪ gorgeous, mid-70s. nice for the ravens game. upper 70s monday. cold front will move through monday night and will be sleeping, no worries. cooler on tuesday and wednesday. >> okay. let's forget last week. we have a real test. they have a test and a matter of keeping it going. you know from what they were able to do on sunday, they got to keep going in atlanta. an undefeated team is playing out of their mind. the burgundy and fold face their toughest point when they traveler to hotlanta. the team talked about the challenges
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>> announcer: now, wusa 9 game on sport with kristen berset, brought to you by xfinity. we start with some quick injury news. good news. desean jackson return to practice but his status for sunday's game is in the air so is we'll see how he develops this week. the burgundy and gold have the chance to change their perception when they take on the falcons in atlanta. frank hanrahan has more. >> reporter: it's hard to believe the redskins under jay gruden have just one road victory. they will try again this sunday against the atlanta falcons, a team undefeated and so very tough playing in that dome. >> you know, we beat st. louis and laid an egg against the giants so it's sometimes equally as important to coach your team after a win than after a loss. after a loss, everybody is eager to get on the field, ticked off, and want to compete again. after a win, sometimes we think we're good. >> i think it's everybody's job to stay focused. you shouldn't have to babysit
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anybody in this league. everybody knows the task at hand. we prepare for 16 games and you shouldn't have to beg for guys focus. i don't think we have to. >> i think we're beating ourselves, pretty much. we have to go in environments and, you know, limit our penalties. don't have no penalty, no turnovers. you know, we, we could win. >> reporter: it sound easier said than done when talking to some players at the park. the number one thing they got to do to get this road victory is focus. we'll see how it shakes out sunday at 1:00 down in atlanta. at redskins park, frank hanrahan, wusa 9 sports. >> thank you, frank. could the burgundy and fold head across the pond? they're one of the teams considered to play a game in london next season. the decision could come as early as next month. sign me up for that trip, please. the terrapins has had more struggling in the quarterback
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situation and put the coach on the hot seat. the terps lost the last two tapes by a combined score of 73- 6. this week, they face the defending national champs. the coach was asked about his job security and if it becomes a distraction. >> my job is to make them better on the field, make them bet in the classroom, and make them better as people. and that's the total focus we have we have. as we do that collectively, other thing will take care of themselves. that's the only thing i concern myself with. i don't concern myself with anything else. >> we knew into the big 10 would be tough for them. >> yeah. >> this year has brought -- >> 73-6 and asking about his job security? [ la
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>> pelley: it's their last hope. can sandbags do what dams could not-- hold back the deluge in the carolinas? also tonight, russia launches missilemissiles and send in grod troops against u.s.-supported syrian rebels. gun violence becoming the hot issue in the presidential campaign. >> and the idea that you need more guns to stop people who are committing mass shootings is not only illogical but offensive. >> pelley: and high above the earth, a singing star. ♪ this is major tom to ground control ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, two more bodies were founded in the carolinas, bringing the death toll from the


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