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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  October 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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stunned. >> we are all in shock. the room is in total silence. >> he would have gotten probably 90% of the vote of republicans. >> speaker john boehner that has thrown support behind mccarthy was surprised. john boehner will stay on until a new speaker is elected. the comments with the benghazi committee to hillary clinton numbers helped to lead to his decision. >> that wasn't helpful. i could have said it better. >> mccarthy's decision ends the race but no clear front runner. there are two that remain in the race. >> our conference will have to do a lot of soul searching. >> mccarthy's endorsement will be closely watched. he is expected to stay on as house majority leader.
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>> and the white house asked congress to act to raise the debt ceiling. president obama is nominating channing phillips to be the new u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. legal observers say that phillips will be asking prosecutors if they have a case against him and bring it. if not wrap it up which is now in its 5th year. >> d c is the national's capital. >> channing phillips is counsel to loretta lynx and a former prosecute. phillips will start after the probe of the vincent campaign in mayor. >> if you participated with jeb thomas, i urge you to come
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forward now. >> other staff have taken plea agreements. vincent gray helped to illegally spend $600,000 of thomas money to help get gray elected as mayor. gray has rejected any wrongdoing. >> what am i going to plead to? >> it has been five years that the federal prosecutor and then his replacement acting u.s. attorney vincent cohen have not brought a case against gray. was defeated by marion bowser. >> channing phillips is dedicating a new housing project in the sean neighborhood on behalf of his late father. the late channing phillips was a minster, a social activist and the dc delegation placed
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phillips name for president. channing phillips will be acting attorney on the 19th. channing phillips is a graduate of wilson senior high school in the district and went to the university of virginia and howard university law school. our nice fall days are about to come top end. we have more on the weather alert. todd. >> we are okay in the morning. the morning walk to the bus stop is fine but we will go to 7:30 friday morning. temperatures in the 60s and sunshine and by 3:00, 80s by then and then showers beginning to form back in the mountains. and unlike yesterday's front it is stronger. this will praline, a solid line of showers and storms. this is now six p.m. tomorrow. you see the red around here
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wouldn't get hung up on the exact location but between four and eight p.m. big storms are possible. that means rush hour will be a mess and yes, high school football will be a mess because unlike last front cold rain there will be lightning and winds and that's the main threat, lightning and damaging winds and by 8:00 exiting southern maryland. we will come back and tell you what the front will do. we have an updated in burr tonsville maryland, the death of a 22-year-old man in edgewood park is for now a death investigation and not a homicide. investigators went to the park this afternoon after callers said they heard gunshots and they found the man dead in the park, right now they can't confirm if he was shot. alexandria police say the second homicide was not a random act but they don't have anybody in custody. >> someone shot and killed 37- year-old leon williams off of route 1 before midnight last night. taken to the hospital and died. the city's first homicide
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happened a few blocks away on north fayette street in july. the mayor says alexandria is safe and confident that police will close these two cases. >> our city, we will not tolerate these types of activities and again, unfortunate and unexceptional but feel confident that the police will get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible. >> the police say they do not believe at this time the two homicides in alexandria are connected. a key witness took the stand in a murder trial of ruth ann ladadda, she said she heard a boom and a scream and ran into the killer that then shot her. today she identified severance in court as that killer. severance was also charged with murdering ron kirby and nancy dunn, the prosecutor is using
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surveillance and eyewitnesses and video. leaders of a mosque met with officials to discuss a security plan and concerned about the global rally for humanity. they believe it is anti american but the moslems say that is not true. >> we are part of the community. i don't know what they are talking about. >> well some neighbors have discussed a possible counter protest to support the mosque. f.b.i. director james comby says intelligence are saying a shift in the types of people that isis is trying to recruit on social media. >> it seems to be drifting
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younger with more girls. by girls, i mean women under the age of 18. comby says the homeland security committee that the government has learned how to better screen refugees that they don't pose a terror risk. last month the white house says it would increase worldwide my grants it takes in over the next two years and includin those from syria. >> ash carter says russian air strikes in syria are a strategic mistake that will serve to inflame and prolong the country's civil war. instead of engaging in a political transition in syria which is need in this long suffering country, russia has chosen to double down. on their longstanding relationship. committing military hardware capabilities and personnel. carter commented on
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afghanistan. during a news conference at the nato meetings in belgium and says the pentagon would remain through 2015 and the u.s. would discuss how it would continue. in the meantime making the case for more u.s. forces to stay in afghanistan after the end of next year. general campbell told the armed services committee says the current plan to reduce the trips to 1,000 will limit counterterrorism operations in afghanistan. the young man that stopped a terror attack has been stabbed and in the hospital. the surveillance video comes from a shop in sacramento, california where the stabbing took place this morning. airmen first class vincent stone got into a fight outside a bar temperature they say alcohol likely played a role. stone is in serious condition and expected to recover. coming up, police investigate the death of a woman near a tot lot in print
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george county. maryland's head football coach could be fired sooner rather than later. a woman says she was given a rough ride in a baltimore police
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000. a judge unbaltimore scheduled a hearing next week in the fred gray case. six police officers charged with his death. judge williams will hear
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arguments tuesday and wednesday to address motions filed in all six cases, the judge did not specify which motions will be discussed. the officers of being tried separately. the first trial now scheduled to begin november 30th. baltimore has greed to pay $95,000 to a woman that says she was given a rough ride in a police van. >> but the city solicitor says the 2012 rough ride is not the reason why it is paying up. he says it is because christine's dress got ripped and the police officer should have had a female officer cover her up. >> instead the male officer didn't do a good job and not adept with sun dresses apparently and that added to the problem considerably and the young lady was mortified to the exposure to 110 people. the city solicitor says he is not aware of any other formal complaints with prisoners in transport vans since the city made changes to
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its seat belts after freddy grays death. and coastal residents are urged to leave their homes after the threat of more
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another alarming incident in a prince george's park. >> a death of a young woman in a drug overdose in the community domestic violence. scott broom is there with the details. >> reporter: well, this park system has suffered this year unexplained spike in serious incidents and now it has struck the community center where the overdose death has shaken the safety of the kids here. >> when stufflike that happens it is shocking to see. >> a popular tot lot at the recreation center and a death investigation is unfolding nearby. the apparent injury -- overdose. one young woman from airendale did not survive. >> we come here a lot and this is not that type of area. >> it is not like that.
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it is just a pleasant park with just kids. >> maryland's national park police in prince george's has dealt with an unusual number of alarming incidents and they include at least six shooting incidents that have claimed three lives. and now this apparent overdose. despite security measures like this camera at hill crest heights and other parks. people using parks more often than in the past to both of the air grievances and to abuse drugs. a particular concern is the mixing by some abusers of a drug called phentenol with heroin that make the heroin extremely potent and extremely deadly. heroin deaths in maryland up 25% this year. scott broom, wusa9. police and fire identify 29- year-old christine sabo as the
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woman that died. the governor of south carolina is urging residents to clear out. governor nicky haley says the flooding will start in 12 hours. she says the standing water could last nearly two weeks. the coast guard is looking for the data recorder from the cargo ship that sank in the bermuda triangle. the data recorder contains information about el faro's speed and position before it sank. the coast guard suspended search for survivors last night. 33 people were on board. a volkswagen executive testified and threw engineers under the vw bus. >> he said that officials knew nothing about the software that allowed diesel cars to cheat on
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tests. he blamed the problem on developers in germany. three exployees have been suspended and it could take years to fix all of the half vehicles affected in the united states. always watching and tracking first alert weather, dc's most accurate. so topper, i am looking forward to the celestial tweet. >> will you be up. >> i will be now because i have a baby. >> we are looking at high clouds but i think we will see through the high clouds this little tweet. tweet us out but here it is again. everything is coming together. 6:30 tomorrow morning. venus and the moon and mars and jupiter. you can see them without telescopes. a live look outside. and it is very nice right now. we are looking at temperatures in the 70s and really nothing many clouds yet.
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they will come in late tonight. relative humidity 69%. we will be dry and milder and in fact low 60s for lows in the downtown area and bus stop temperatures 62 and dry dropping the kids off and maybe not picking them up. yellow weather alert tomorrow from 4 to 8:00 p.m. and the main threats damaging winds and hail. so 10:00 tonight 62 and just a few clouds rolling through. by clouds, they roll out and we will have a little sun where you need your sunglasses and your umbrella that is counter intuitive but that's two halves of the day. 58 in gaithersburg and if this holds true you will be able to see the tree. by 9:00 the showers in the west so we are okay for a while. the temperatures in the 60s. by 1:76 downtown and 77 in ma
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nay es and you can probably eat lunch outside. 6:00, big time showers roll in and notice the red and orange, that's heavy activity and that's why we are concerned about the storms right in the heart of the rush hour. on the day planner, 66 at 9:00 and 76 at 1:00 and still on the dry side. now, saturday, cooler and returning partly cloudy, a good day. upper 60s and mid-70s on sunday. you can watch the ravens game on channel 9. upper 70s monday and showers monday night and cooler tuesday and wednesday and still nice and most of the showers when we are sleeping and nice on thursday. warm and high temperatures near 80s. we know the nats made a coaching change. >> 22 and 33. randy edsall record in four plus seasons. 11 games under five hundred. not good. if you what you read there are buzzards waiting on a carcass.
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will randy edsall be on the menu after the battle
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school is saying next. now, wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. boy, imagine trying to prepare a game plan while trying to ensure your team and your staff and potential recruits i'll be around. i will tell you when rumors starts swirling about your job security it is not good. coaches love to tell reporters
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they are insulated from outside noise and randy edsall better have good ear plugs. a report says that randy edsall might be, this might be his final walk on the sidelines when they take on ohio state in columbus ohio. we reached out to a lot of sources and we got a lot of no commentary from them. now, edsall has never won more than 7 games at college park and 11 games under five hundred as well. now, here is what the school had to say to it all. randy edsall was the football coach and getting ready to play ohio state on saturday. what does that sounds like? >> not good. you might think this disarray would discourage recruits from maryland but the top commit says he is coming to college park. randall says he loves himself
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some college park. >> meeting the coaches and professors and having trouble with the university and if they were to fire him i would still be content with the university. curt cousins security blank ket jordan reed looking through concussion protocol. and not the kind of news if you want to stop atlanta and this guy right here, julio jones, we need to check his chrome ma so manies to see if he is human. best receiver in football. 6'4", 225 pounds and when he is covered, he is open. still. leads in receptions and yards and jay gruden experiencing many a sleepless night to stop jones and company. atlanta has a special one in julio and roddy can play and hanker son is doing some good
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things and they are impressive group and julio is a different being. a different human being. >> football sunday begins at 11:30 with game on sunday right here on wusa9, preview washington, atlanta and ravens and browns at one and at 4: 25, patriots and cowboys, a big day of profastball on wusa9. run the ball and keep the high octane on the sidelines. thanks so much for watching. the cbs evening news is next. we'll be back at 7. for your only local news then. bye. some of my competitors
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>> pelley: chaos in the house. the speaker-in-waiting drops out. >> for us to unite, we probably need a fresh face. >> pelley: also tonight, a v.w. executive takes the oath and then pleads ignorance. >> to my best knowledge today the corporation in no board meeting or supervisory report meeting has authorized this. >> pelley: an american hero is stabbed and seriously wounded. and a belly laugh in the button capital. >> reporter: is this a decent button? >> that's polyester. >> reporter: is that bad? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: he left them speechless. house majority leader kevin mccarthy stunned his republican colleagues today by dropping out of the race


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