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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  October 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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it is a story you'll see only on 9. a man dies in a jail cell in our area, now his daughter wants answers. hello, i'm debra alfarone. for the second time in less than two months, a detainee has died inside the arlington county detention facility. 53-year-old edward strong was found unconscious in the cell this morning and only on 9 tonight, andrea mccarren spoke
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with strong's distraught daughter. >> no one should have to endure that. >> reporter: edward strong was locked up roughly 124 hours before -- 12 hours before his body was found inside a jail cell at the arlington county detention facility. >> he is a person. he is somebody that was cared about and this is a -- he has grandchildren. he has -- you know, a daughter. he got a brother. >> reporter: arlington county authorities say strong was jailed in connection with a trespassing conviction. they say he had a history of medical problems. so he was placed in a medical cell near a nursing station. >> all they could say to me was that my father was intoxicated. he was going through alcohol withdrawals. so only thing that they can say was like my -- my dad died from alcohol withdrawals. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies and nurses attempted to revive strong before fire department rescue units brought him to the virginia hospital center.
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there, he was pronounced dead. the medical examiner's office will conduct an autopsy. strong's death is under investigation by the arlington county police. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> and this is the second death at the county's detention facility this year. the first occurred august 22nd when a 48-year-old inmate was a history of medical issues was discovered unconscious in his cell and later died. well, a trench collapse in howard county left one person trapped that collapse happened around 7:30 tonight in the 6400 block of barching place in columbia. workers reportedly digging a water line just before the collapse. fire and rescue crews say that a man was buried up to his chest in the trench that was nearly 11 feet deep. he was able to help rescue workers free him we're told he's expected to be okay. well, thousands of people gathered on the national mall today for the 20th anniversary of the million man march. called justice or elf including the families of trayvon martin,
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michael brown, and sandra bland. stephanie ramirez says the strong -- black lives matter movement strongly influenced which rally. >> reporter: thousands of african-americans sat shoulder to shoulder at this year's justice or else rally. >> all lives matter and particularly black lives because every time i turn on the television, another black life has been lost somewhere. >> these are constant black men with a white man's language and a white man's name. >> reporter: nation of islam leader louis farrakhan spoke about the history of slavery in the united states and the disenfranchisement of african- americans now. >> enough has happened. we have to continue to fight. >> reporter: for newcomers listening to him speak about respect, how women and men should treat one another. >> i think that's something that a lot of people in my generation could benefit from. >> different people spoke throughout the day but the nation of islam's leader minister louis farrakhan spoke for more than two hours.
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>> reporter: and his speech was not without controversy, far can criticizing everyone from president obama to the pope and his recent canonization mass of junipero serra. >> that's like us taking the grand wizard of the ku klux klan and bewhereattying him -- beatifying him. >> louis farrakhan's followers? he is a black man. he speaks his mind. he says what he feels like and we have donald trump. >> i think the focus should be more so on education. spirituality. >> whether you agree with him or not. hazel willis says it's louis farrakhan that brought this many people together. >> we are afraid to see that when it comes to our own people. say something folks! on the national mall, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> there's a reason. chain chin brings -- surae chinn brings us the personal stories on the people who came
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and why. >> it means everything, peace and unity in our community. >> reporter: three generations of the family came to the justice or else rally to commemorate 20 years after the historic million man march. >> clean up black men and the world will respect and honor you. >> reporter: wendy would have had a different perspective if her late husband who attended the million man march were here today. she understands the significance of being in this place. >> it means the world to me. that's the reason -- one of the reasons i'm here. yes. to stand up for what he believed in. he believed in unity too. so i'm here to do the same. >> reporter: mildred would like to pass along a similar message to the next generation. >> i brought my grandson. because i'm hopeful some day that he can grow up to help society. >> i want to see america strive to be a better country. >> reporter: some people in the crowd were here 20 years ago.
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and they say they're still fighting the same battles. >> the struggle still goes on. >> reporter: he was one of the hundreds of thousands of people two decades ago who were filled with hope for a better future. he says a lot hasn't been realized. but years after the million man march but he hasn't given up hope. >> we come here 20 years ago and it all sounded so good. but what we had to do was take it back home to our communities and put it to work. talk to our children. told them to get an education. that's what was so important. some people went home and forgot all about that. well, hopefully this time they won't forget. >> reporter: on the national mall, surae chinn, wusa9. >> now one big difference between the past march and today's is the digital aspect. this march boasted live webcast and the hashtag #millionmanmarch became a trending topic on social media
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for much of the day. people another the march had some good weather but keep it going tomorrow? let's go outside to first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. it's chilly out there? >> it sure is i wish i had a coat. been out here for a few minutes and tonight is going to be the coldest night of the season so far. a few clouds well to the south but with clear skies, dry air, light winds and temperatures are dropping. and they're dropping quickly. already down in the mid 40s in spots like damascus at 44 and dulles is 45 and even waldorf at 45 and bowie 44. some spots in the upper 30s by tomorrow morning. closer the 50 by the bay. so tomorrow, we start in the 40s and 50s. by midday, we're in the mid- to upper 60s and we're going to top out upper 60s to low 70s which is a few degrees warmer than today. so really looks like a beautiful saturday. we will see some warmer temperatures for monday. so if you have that day off for the holiday, you win. and then it's going to get i think even cooler for the second half of the coming week and details on the seven day in
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a few minutes. debra? the death toll nearing 100 after two suspected suicide bombers set off explosions just before a peace rally was scheduled to begin in turkey today. wendy gillette reports that 245 people were also hurt in the attack. >> reporter: terror interrupted a traditional turkish dance in anchor are saturday. hundreds ran in fear after two bombs went off almost simultaneously. about 50 meters apart. many were still holding flags to be used in a peace rally that was about to start. more flags were left behind next to the carnage and outside the capital city's main train station. [ sirens ] ambulances rushed to help the more than 300 victims who were hurt or killed in the bombings. pro kurdish activists and opposition supporters were taking part in the rally organized by the country's public workers union and other groups. it was scheduled just a few weeks before turkey's general election on november 1st.
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the event was planned to call for greater democracy and an end to the violence between cur dish rebels and the -- kurdish rebels and the country's security forces, no one has taken responsibility for the attack. [ speaking foreign language ] but turkey's prime minister says kurdish rebels or islamic state militants may be behind the bombings. he called for a three day official mourning period for the victims. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> this was one of the threadliest a -- deadliest attacks in turkey history. today is world mental health day. in the united kingdom prince william and kate also known as if duke and duchess of cambridge visited a college in northwest london to meet with young people suffering from mental illness. the royal couple heard stories from former patients who now volunteer to help others battling with depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. >> in the past i've experienced depression and anxiety. i've tried to take my life a
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few times. in the year of 2012. it was like quite a difficult time for me. >> the challenge has been finding a safe environment and finding a place where i can feel comfortable enough to reach out and talk to someone. >> the royal couple also joined students for a workshop to educate young people about emotional health. the visit today was the couple's first joint effort to help raise awareness of mental illness. still ahead tonight on wusa9, how tom hanks is making it a very special homecoming for some lucky students. >> and she was sex trafficked right off the streets of southeast d.c.. tonight, she shares her story of survival to a packed house at the kennedy center. >> and just what they don't want in south carolina this weekend. we
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a campaign volunteer for a democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley is arrested on felony child pornography charges. michael sea teagarden is being
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held without bail. he was arrested thursday and according to the "richmond times-dispatch," teagarden was o'malley's virginia campaign chairman. tonight the o'malley campaign says it has severed all tied with teagarden. imagine being sex trafficked off the streets of d.c.. now, imagine 16 years later, a play that you wrote about that tragic experience and your fight to survive opens at the kennedy center. well, tonight was opening night for stacey jewel lewis, sex trafficking survivor, advocate and playwright. her play debuted at the performing arts center and she shared her story with us here at wusa9, she believes the purpose behind being where she is today is to show others they can make it out and move forward and have a destiny. after a four day reprieve. south carolina bracing for more rain this weekend. forecasters say the latest rain will likely be an inch or less but it comes as the state is trying to recover from a week
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of devastating floods. last weekend more than a foot of rain fell across the state. those floods being blamed for at least 17 deaths. >> i hope that folks take away that the danger is far from over. and that they will continue to heed what they're being told. >> i would have to use my life savings to rebuild our house. you know, i don't know if we'll ever be able to get back what we lost. but we are alive and we thank god for that. >> in columbia, south carolina, highway 41 remains closed under 16 feet of water. throughout the state, at least 17 dams failed or were breached. . take them a long time to recover from that. i mean, even that stretch of 95 between 20 and 26? it look -- 16 bridges that needed to be shored up before
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they can open it. >> i can't imagine. my heart goes out to the people what they are dealing with. so many people. we are not dealing with that here. >> some incredible weather and the we're going to have even better weather tomorrow. and monday. and i know some folks have a long weekend. with the holiday. so -- >> three day weekend. but you know it's another number with three in it. >> three degree guarantee. and that has been on a roll and i think that's an understatement. let's hear it. >> forecast high for today was 67. we hit? 66. >> nice going. in you're scheming score -- if you're keeping score at home, that's 27-28. >> i'm actually keeping score. >> i knew you would. that's why i made the comment. off by one. hey tomorrow's forecast temperature, 72. 55 right now in town. 43 in winchester and martinsburg. 45 waldorf. so it is certainly a chilly evening and the coldest we've seen so far this season. beautiful skies this afternoon. clear tonight. 55. calm winds. dew points in thes and in to be
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-- 40s and in town we can't get much cooler than this but some of the dew points actually in the upper 30s. some areas will be in the upper 30s this morning with -- tomorrow morning that is with radiational cooling. so a very chilly night tonight. then i want to mention a couple of spots in the 30s. gorgeous sunday and monday. my goodness, it going to be some fine weather around here after the chilly start tomorrow. we're up in the low 70s and i think mid- to upper 70s for monday and tuesday but on tuesday, there's a chance for a shower. front is coming through not a lot of moisture to work with. so i don't think we'll have too much activity but that's the next chance of a shower and then we're going to cool down especially the second half of next week. friday is another front and behind that saturday, we may not get out of the 50s next saturday. some signs are pointing to that. talked about south carolina the rain you can still see the rain in eastern north carolina and south carolina. but other than that, lots of high clouds streaming in from the northwest. but with high pressure building
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in from erie, pennsylvania, that's helping to just squash the wind and allow for a very chilly night. that high as it moves east, that's why we're going to have this nice little warmup but until then, really nice really quiet. if you're one of the folks who likes the sleep with the windows open. it may be too chilly for that. but i think you can turn it off monday and tuesday and probably tomorrow afternoon. so real quiet sunday morning. futurecast shows nothing around here. so sunny skies. light winds. it will turn south-southwest at 5 a beautiful sunday afternoon. and may believe you're headed up to m and t for the football game or down to d.c. for taste of d.c.. whatever your pleasure tomorrow afternoon, weather will cooperate. then on monday, more of the same except there's going to be a few degrees warmer. we'll start out sunny and we'll be sunny midday. sunny in the afternoon. perhaps a few clouds here and there especially southern maryland and the northern neck. and then there's this little front coming in on tuesday with a chance of a shower, you know monday night into tuesday. other than that, rain chances
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are going to stay low. you know, our temperatures tonight, they're not going to stay high. they're going to be low. upper 30s to upper 40s and mainly clear skies and chilly with light winds as we head into your sunday morning, 40s and 50s. clear calm and cool. maybe you're doing a road race tomorrow morning? well, the winds will be like that's good. but a little crisp to start. highs from the upper 60s low 70s just gorgeous out there. the tee day forecast looks -- three day forecast looks even warmer. tuesday a stray shower and we'll still be in the upper 70s i think by before the cooler air moves in on wednesday. 70ish. thursday and friday, break out the lightweight jackets. and then on saturday, saturday, upper 50s potentially. so yes, it's mid-october. and we're starting to feel this season. >> in the 30s at night? we go up to 78? >> dry air heats up quickly. and it won't be in the 30s you know sunday night. it will be a little warmer tomorrow night. >> all right. well thank you very much howard i appreciate that.
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i have a story for you. tom hanks, making headlines again. just last week, the actor showed his good side by tweeting about a college student's id he found in central park. now he's reached out to students at a fresno, california high school that showed tom hanks' movies as the theme for this year's homecoming. >> hey! if it isn't the entire class of kitland high school. hey everybody. >> really feel that he put all of his energy and all of his soul into that video to really show the kids that he's grateful of -- of what they started here. >> i thought it was going to be really short. but it was really long. >> i cried -- when tom hanks sent you a personal video on set of the new movie. >> i mean hanks send us a video. he sent a seven minute video after a student contacted him. he's a busy guy and he politely declined. but he september that -- september that video from -- sent that video and also the
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autographed typewriter to display in the school's trophy case. pretty cool. cool. >> i didn't think typewriters still existed. >> well they do and the tom hanks finds it that means it's a thing. >> i get a similar response when i send out videos? >> whoa! >> there you go. boy, maryland football -- maryland football today? >> i think our producer mark is flipping out. >> we were watching maryland football to see what kind of body language we would get from its players and coach today. not sure what edsall did with his body but his mouth was working overtime especially in the postgame interview. fire brand randy man
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all right, at this hour, randy edsall is still the coach of the maryland terrapins. despite reports claiming change might be coming. now i spoke somewhere three former players today. and they all say edsall has alienated players from past teams and isn't motivating his current squad. not what you want to hear. all right, let's get to the game.
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at ohio state today. there's edsall. thursday reports saying he might be fired after today's ohio state game. speaking of fire? perry hill's ready, aim, fire! 52 yards to d.j. moore. maryland up 7-0. hills had ha big day. buckeyes starting the flex though. car dell jones, his nickname 12 gauge. and there's his shotgun. 21 straight for ohio state. right before the half though, look at that movie the hills have eyes? those -- that hylist right there -- hills right there has legs. 75 yards to the 3 and he punched it in. 25-14 at halftime. second half though. elliot and ohio state pulling away. they win 49-28. now afterwards a reporter asking the embattled edsall why he was shaking hands with all his players pre-game. as if that was his way of saying good-bye. here's randy's response -- >> you would notice i do that every single game. every single game. out of the respect that i have
11:25 pm
for these kids and what they go through. every single game. [ applause ] >> i love the way he just got up and dropped the mic. >> yeah. >> virginia, pitt. mike london is on hot seat too. while virginia is really struggling. there's wide open and then there's that. scott orndorf. 37 yards 7-0 panthers. more pitt. peterman to boyd, virginia falls to 1-4 and lose today 26- 19. all right, my alma mater navy baby. taking on notre dame. first possession of the game, sail navy down the field. gull lee makes it 7-0 and i smell upset. unfortunately, no. i smell gas. notre dame -- speaking of gas? cj prosite putting on the gas.
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21 carries, 129 yards. notre dame 41-24. great game west virginia oklahoma state. this is quarterback skylar howard right here. but this is oklahoma state's jw walsh. finds blake jarwin for a four yard touchdown and 23-9 oklahoma state but here come the mountaineers. howard says it's cheaper to keep her. ties the game at 26. forces overtime. here comes oklahoma state now. in the ot. their quarterback, oh, push it. push it good. 33-26. oklahoma state up. west virginia one last chance. this is howard sprinting to the outside. fires for the end zone, tipped and can't come up with the catch. west virginia -- a close loss 33-26. all right from pig skins to pucks, what is this love fest surrounding the cavs these days? not just by the local media seat. national media has them as a top ten stanley cup favorite. all right we'll see. let's get to it. pre-game. guy put -- did you know they
11:27 pm
wear shoulder pads in hockey? getting the sticks ready. here's oovi. great teamwork and wilson to orpik. book it. four goals in the first period by these teams, two apiece. watch this play right here, alex ovechkin, is he sweet or what? more where that came from. he's going to score here actually they credit it to marcus joe hanson. caps win 5 puff 3. >> the atmosphere of the first game, you are just excited and a little nervous and of course sometimes it's -- you know, you have to -- more tempo. >> look at that move. that guy is amazing. >> filthy. >> the first game. he's sick and felony. >> he was great. >> they looked good tonight. >> 80 to go. caps one down. >> we'll be here. if you like today, howard says if you like today, howard says tomorrow may be we live in a pick choose, choose, choose.
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okay. >> yeah -- >> we are going to have a much nicer even day tomorrow. it was nicer today but open better. >> the breeze won't be there and we start in the 30s in spots and 72 tomorrow and really nice monday. tuesday, shower and if it's sun comes up early it might not be warm and look how much cooler by next weekend. >> to go for a run tomorrow gentlemen? >> i am. >> a chilly one. >> thank you for watching and stay warm and tune in tomorrow morning for wusa9 news at 7:00 sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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