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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  October 12, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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and right now at 7:00, dc police investigating a crash with one of their own after a cruiser hit a man in a crosswalk. >> thanks for joining us. >> that crash hurt a pedestrian and the cop. the latest on how they are doing and what witnesses saw. >> reporter: well, you can see behind me the scene is pretty much clear now. they took the cruiser away from here about an hour ago. the police officer was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. the pedestrian left this scene in critical condition. witness and police say the man was in the crosswalk when he was hit. the light to cross switched over and was flashing red when the man ran into the crosswalk. the police officer tried to avoid the man and that is when
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he crashed into the median. one witness said the police cruiser had his lights and siren on and was following some other car. they were on the scene for hours gathering all sorts of evidence. here is what we heard from police a little while ago. >> the officer made an evasive maneuver to try to avoid the pedestrian and knocked the pedestrian down and the police car went on the median and came to rest there. >> there was a possibility he was responding to back up another officer. we're working through the details as we speak. detectives are on the scene. we're looking at the radio broadcast and video. >> police have not identified the man who was hit here. they told us they were still working to notify his family. reporting live in north west, i'm ellison barber, w u.s.a.
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9. >> reporter: this is where police say that the woman climbed into the wrong car. they say the driver held her at knife point and sexually assaulted her. >> police say there is no evidence the driver actually worked for uber, the mobile phone based ride service. if he had and the woman booked through the app as uber recommends, she would have seen a picture of the driver, the make and model of the car and its license plate. she called have even tracked his location on a map and been able to compare that to the car she climbed into. he is driving a toyota prius. you even have the license plate number. >> i would be suspicious if the license plate doesn't match. the driver's face doesn't match. >> i would caution my daughter to always, always check the license plate. >> uber does check drivers'
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backgrounds and driving records although two sexual assault victims just sued them claiming those background checks are too weak. the company also encourages riders to use a new service called share messmatessed time of arrival which allows you to text friends who can track your trip on a map in real-time. in northwest dc, bruce lesean, w u.s.a. 9. >> the attacker was driving a four-door sedan. they are offering up to $1,000 in this case. new information on an elderly man found dead in the park on the weekend. phipps family is calling for a criminal investigation into the assisted living facility saying his death was a homicide. the 80-year-old was a partly wandering away three weeks ago at a picnic organized by the assisted living. they never imagined he would die alone and lost in a big
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park. >> it is very heartbreaking. we didn't expect that his last days would be spent out there for however long he was out there. we didn't get the chance to give him that final hug. >> and his family didn't let them know about the picking n. they said they are ready to work with police on the investigation. tonight the washington post is pursuing an immediate appeal of a guilty verdict against a correspondent in iran. he has been convicted of spying but does not specify what charges. he was taken into custody last year anniversary later charged with crimes that included espionage. the post denied it and they said it was an outrageous in justice. chief meteorologist is tracking where the showers are headed on first alert doppler. >> where is the silver lining
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if you will. we will not issue a weather alert so that is good. we're talking about lows tonight, that is good foo, not as cold as it has been. 55 in leesburg. fairfax maybe 53. okay. on the future cast, early in the morning clouds rolling in 5:30, 6:00. notice the showers back to the west. they may be to hagerstown, west of i 81. we'll have a dry commute to work. then by 8:00, some clouds roll in. no green problems here. they are in the mountains. a mix of sun and clouds in the morning. by 10:00, again, some clouds. look how mild. 61 there. 63 downtown. despite the clouds. by noon, you can probably take lunch outside. in the upper 60s. 69 in leesburg. we'll show you the future cast it afternoon. there will be a second batch of
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showers and we'll look ahead to the cold days of the season coming up. they were back in school today in umpqua community college. volunteers and comfort dogs were there to offer support to students and the governor said there were a lot of tears and hugs. nine people were killed, nine wounded. the gunman killed himself after being shot and wounded by police. >> we're a day away prompt first democratic debate as they prepare to square off. the new poll out shows the democratic and republican frontrunners are scoring high in an area they prefer not to. the survey shows only 35% of primary voters see hillary clinton as honest and trustworthy. donald trump is two points behind her. the debates tomorrow cnn, 8:30. they will be on the stage. joe biden has yet to decide if he will be a candidate. southwest is getting back
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to normal after fixing the computer flip. they had thousands lining up to catch the flights they missed yesterday. the glitch forced workers to get handwritten tickets and most were written in manually using backup servers. there is no reason to think hackers caused the problems. >> >> what one local lawmaker is doing to fight back against the tickets. how gas prices could impact social security checks next year. this is your geico has sent me to washington d.c. our nation's capital to ask this question: what presidential race is run right here in washington 81 times a year? that's right! the washington nationals geico president's race.
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geico is washington's hometown insurance company and a proud sponsor of the washington nationals.
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patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. d an explosion hurt three firefighters battling this fire near tulsa, oklahoma. crews used tanker trucks because the nearest hydrant was more than a mile away. authorities say several of the burning taj ks contained heating oil and diesel fuel.
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>> we have a new development for the minnesota dentist who killed a well-known lion. government officials in zimbabwe say they will not charge him and he is free to return to the country as a tourist, not as a hunter. he had all the necessary paperwork for the hunt. two people who helped him hunt still face charges though. they are accused of using bait to lure the lion out of the national park so he could be killed. the fill up gas tank while you can because it is going back up. it jumped 10% last week and the u.s. is slowing down production. then there is concern about fighting in syria. experts say they have bottomed out nearly plunging 50% in the last year. >> those lower gas prices mean know social security in skis. it is linked to inflation which is being kept down by the gas. but if checks don't get bigger
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next year, only the third time in 40 years that happened. the redskins dish out life lessons this afternoon to hundreds of local football players. the reality of playing in the pros coming up. you might notice a little change in color over the weekend. where to go to see spectacular color, go across the divide into garrett county and the canadian valley but there is some west of i 81 and some color in the immediate mel tro area. we'll come back and track a cold front for you and see about showers intercom mute. hear from first responders as to what they saw in south carolina. you're watching wusa 9 and your
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and new tonight, virginia delegate says he is working on a bill that would ban certain ticketing near vehicle repair shops the district after several auto shop owners accused of fairfax parking employment officer targeting their customers vehicles for easy tickets. they said it cost them thousands of dollars and lots of customers. >> she rolled through all work would stop, everybody would go get a car in danger of getting a ticket whether it had an
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expired tag or expired inspection sticker inside to try not to ob tape a ticket. my customers' cars. i'm sure they don't appreciate it so i paid a lot of them to retain clientele and not get a bad word for us here. >> there is an internal police investigation accusing an auto shop owner getting in a fight with that officer. the spokesperson said their office got a letter from the property's owner saying they could enforce parking there. south carolina, historic flooding earlier this month. the governor says they are moving away from an emergency mode and into a recovery mode. assessment teams are getting red ty to see how much damage the floods caused. another side of normalcy. it opened after flooding forced it to close, however most of the hard hit capital city columbia is under a boil water advisory. it is the local squad dead
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tated to helping out around the world when there is a crisis. they are back in fairfax after assisting with the deadly floods in south carolina. we asked them for their thoughts on the situation down there. >> probably the devastation, just the flooding conditions, the homes, the total loss, the road structures are still relatively compromised down there and it will take a long time to rebuild those areas. >> whenever it is deployed, the tags, force brings their own food and water so they are not causing a problem with communities. first alert weather. dc's most accurate. how are you doing with that? >> pretty well. in fact i think we're feeling pretty comfortable today. i can't tell you if we did it or not, but a nice number he left of 75 for a high. it was at one point 72. the question was it ever 79? we'll let you know hktonight at
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11:00. it is still mild, 69. humidity is 57%. winds have turned south, southeast at 7. they will pick up west southwest at 10 to 15 with the front. clouds will come in after midnight and before dawn. bus stop temperatures 65 to 64. a sprinkle, nothing heavy. a few showers with the front, but still warm. that is the good news. wednesday good news. seasonable. it will be cooler, yes, highs around 70 but a very nice day. 10:00 tonight, 58 in frederick. 59 there. still 63 downtown. notice generally clear skies. by 6:00 a.m. clouds come back in, a couple showers possible. a little further east. hagerstown, they might be into leesburg, round hill by 6:00 a.m. but, again nothing heavy. we have not issued a yellow weather alert.
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by 9:00 just clouds, showers gone. 59 gaithers berg and by lunchtime, we get a break. sun will come back. temperatures in the low 70s just about everywhere. by 6:00, i kind of do buy this. by 5:00, 6:00, another batch of showers primarily east of i-95. then by 11:30 tomorrow night, temperatures back in the 50s to low 60s but nothing crazy cool behind this from the. there will be behind the next front. increasing cloudiness late. maybe a shower west of town and lows 55 to about 60. by morning, mostly cloudy, breezy, peaks of sun. a couple of showers here and there. 50s and 60s. by afternoon, returning partly sunny, warm, have to keep the chance of an isolated shower in. 74 to 78. average high is around 70. on the dayplanner, 62 by 9:00 65 at 11:00, maybe a
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shower. then 70 by 1:00 with a fair amount of clouds. good news, it is still warm tomorrow. the other good news, even wednesday behind the front, a little cooler. we go from 76 to 70, not bad. it will be breezy on wednesday and cooler on thursday. temperatures go back into the mid-60s for highs. next seven days, friday, the second front. not much in terms of showers again. 66 with a few showers late, not a huge problem for high school football. then 60 saturday. 55 for a high on sunday. only 61 for a high on monday. lots of sunshine, yes, and crisp but i think saturday night and sunday night we may see the first frost of the season. >> got it. four california schools looking for new mascots tonight after the governor signed a bill banning them from using the name redskins. the national congress of american indians says the law is a shining example for the
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rest of the country. that ban goes into effect in 2017. now wusa 9 game on sports with kristin ber set brought by x-finity. week by week we see the burgundy and gold making strides on the field even though their record may not show it. they said this is a better team and there are glimpses of that on sundays. now, it is a matter of closing the deal. while some called for the upset, the redskins didn't stand a chance but instead they held on to 19 points and forced over time. yes there were some questionable calls and that to end the game, but it is also the kind of game that left players encouraged moving forward. >> i think some of the guys that have been here see how we are starting to turn the corner and howdies appointed we were we didn't get a big win yesterday, but moving forward there are a lot of positives. i hate to keep saying that, but there are and i hope to get
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some guys healthy and play another good opponent and go from there. as often as kids dream of playing on that big stage, the reality is less than 2% ever go pro. nfl players themselves are well, a were of this statistic and they are doing their best to remind kids that education comes first. >> if you don't learn how to work hard at your craft, you won't even earn a right to go to college to play ball, let alone be a pro. >> reporter: the honest truth isn't always music to the ears. but for athletes, it presents a message that must be heard. >> the challenge is delivering the message without being discouraged because the conversation, how ca put players in front of them who know how difficult it was. >> you never know what is going to happen. some play one snap in the nfl.
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some plano snaps and you play football up until that time. you have to have a plan. >> education always comes first. >> behind me sit 400 of the more than 1 million students playing high school football in the su. but with the odds of making it to the nfl being less than 1% there are a lot of other lessons that need to be taught. >> go to college, make good grades. >> you went to college and did what? >> just as valuable as the educational process, getting unand going to school every morning. they are here to listen today and take heed to the advice being offered. >> our own mike hydeck was there to talk about the importance of the education and as they say it is no given. even if you make it to the pros or college, you don't know what will happen. we have seen that one, too many times they were relying on their athletic ability and not prepared for the future.
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>> that is good stuff. >> there is no kissing in this wedding photo. the story behind this snapshot next on wusa 9.
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now this is not your typical wedding day photo but it is one that everyone in the family is proud of. a paramedic tending to a car crash moments after her trip down the aisle and still wearing her wedding dress. sarah's father and grandpa were heading from the wedding to the reception. another driver hit them and she headed straight to the scene and her mom captured that picture. >> i love this, because it shows her true character. >> i have to laugh because i know the face i'm giving my mom like really mom, right now you're taking a picture? >> sarah's grandma suffered bumps and bruises but she ordered everyone to go to the reception and that could explain how sarah gets her spirit. >> what attribute, not just to them, but all first responders.
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whatever they are doing, they are there. >> good stuff. >> we'll be back at 11:00. have
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you can come, kanye. >> kanye crashes "american idol"'s auditions. what we witnessed backstag >> plus, jim carrey's emotional weekend as his girlfriend was laid to rest. >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." helping carry her casket, see how jim comforted her grieving family. >> jim did bring his daughter to the service in ire land. >> then exclusive, charlie sheen thrown out of a bar. the surveillance video and why was shila buff arrested again? >> plus, inside amy scr'humes "s&l" avenue party piggybacking her bff. >> and why did kim's husband hit up "idol"? >> also, bindi irwin's dancing rehearsal with a new partner. and vin dieseles tak on the haters and mma champs and actors unfiltered.


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