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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  October 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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for five of the six officers charged in the freddie gray case work to suppress their clients' statements. the family of a missing 80- year-old man are still searching for answers in the case of their loved one. we're just a few hours away now from the first democratic presidential debate. we've got a preview. good morning. i'm andrea roane. i'm nick giovanni. welcome into the rush hour edition of 9news this tuesday. >> we get you started with larry millioner who has your timesaver traffic and we begin with allyson rae who has the forecast. we're going to see an okay day. mid-70s and a little bit of sunshine this afternoon. we're going to start off with some clouds and a few light showers. the showers are going to be very spotty. we do have some showers moving through cumberland right now through hagerstown down 81 through winchester and front royal that will be your best chance for some of these showers. they'll continue to break apart as they come closer to our area. we're warmer this morning into the 50s. near 60 for the district. we're headed mid-70s. enjoy it while it lasts.
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larry, over to you. still looks like sky -- looks like sky 9 is in place. we have an accident blocking two lanes of southbound i-270 at 124. sky 9 is over the scene to show us not only the accident -- again, this is a tractor- trailer that lost his trailer. we can see e therwe'rele dealing with growing delays that will impact commuters traveling from frederick making your way toward the capital beltway. 355 is an alternate. i suggest you hop on it based on these delays at this point. we'll continue to track this and we'll have an update for you and show you how things are shaping up in virginia in roughly ten minutes. over to you. today prosecutors and defense attorneys in the freddie gray case return to a baltimore courtroom for a pretrial hearing. >> at issue the statements five of the officers gave during the internal police investigation. delia goncalves is here to explain why the defense doesn't want the statements allowed at trial. >> reporter: you know the miranda rights. you have a right to remain silent. they say these statements
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violate the rights of the officers to remain silent. police made statements in fear of losing their jobs but prosecutors say what was said is extremely vital to this case. for instance, officer porter told investigators he warned two other officers that freed di gray needed -- freddie gray needed help. they denied knowing that. he was shackled but not belted in the police van which is against baltimore police policy. he was unresponsive at the end of that 45-minute drive and then he died of a severe spinal cord injury a week later. they will all be tried separately and could take the witness stand against each other. nick, andrea, i'm told if the judge throws out these statements, it could theoretically change the whole future of the case. i'll have much more on that coming up at 6:30. >> delia, thank you. a man who was hit by a police cruiser in downtown washington is listed in serious condition. the crash at connecticut and l
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yesterday afternoon left witnesses stunned. they say the police suv was flying down the road with sirens on and swerved to try to miss the pedestrian but the man described as eldiserly was -- elderly was struck. >> i saw on the screen the little while guy wasn't crossing. he definitely shouldn't have crossed. i saw the man run out in front of me. i also saw a black sedan being followed by an officer in an suv. >> a witness says the man was in the crosswalk at the time of the accident but she says the don't cross sign was flashing. now to fairfax county where police are still looking to learn the name of a man who set himself on fire. they say a man went to a sunoco on centreville road in herndon where he filled the container with gas. then went behind the station and set himself on fire. witnesses ran over and put out the flames and the:chopper flew the man to washington hospital center burn unit but doctors were not able to save him. >> reporter: a family in prince george's county is devastated after learning their loved one
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who had been missing for the past three weeks was found dead here in watkins park over the weekend. now that family is asking for a full criminal investigation into what happened. 80-year-old lubin phipps was found dead here in this park over the weekend. fiption was living at woodmore -- phipps was living at woodmore house, an assisted living facility. staff took phipps and other residents here to watkins park for a picnic but at some point he disappeared. he had dementia. they never imagined his life would end up this way. >> it's very heartbreaking. we didn't expect that his last days would be spent out there for however long he was out there. we didn't get that chance to give him that final hug. >> reporter: our crews went to woodmore house to try and get a statement. they would not speak to us on camera. however, they did hand us a written statement that simply said they plan to work with authorities during this investigation. police say they are looking
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into this matter. in prince george's county, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. drug deaths now outnumber highway fatalities in virginia according to state records. they show that 728 virginians died from heroin and opiate use compared to 700 people who died on the state's roads. the state has launched a series of initiatives to help recovering addicts and dekindize -- decriminalizing behaviors that could save lives. a s.w.a.t. team raided lorenzo sanders apartment last week and found cocaine and heroin. sanders works in the d.c. government's religious affairs division. all five democratic presidential candidates will take the stage tonight in las vegas in their first prime time debate. hillary clinton will square off against four democratic rivals including former governor martin o'malley. her top rival senator bernie
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sanders will try to attract voters beyond his grass roots base. >> if elected president, the united states of america will not have more people in jail than any other country on >> analysts also expect o'mally to spend his -- o'malley attacking clinton's record. the other candidates jim webb and former rhode island governor lincoln chaffy. a sixth podium will be on standby for vice. joe biden should he make a last- minute decision to enter the race. you have only until 5:00 p.m. to register to vote if you live in virginia. that's the deadline for residents who want to vote in the november 3 general election. you can register to vote in person at your local voter registration office or you can go online to update your voter information. monday night football carried on a theme from the weekend of games that came down to the final seconds. ten out of 14 games in fact decided by a touchdown or less. that was the story in san
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diego. steelers knocking on the door. down 3 with 5 seconds to go. they wind up in the wildcat formation. levian bell takes the direct snap. a gutsy call takes off. the steelers end up surviving committing to the run with 5 seconds left. there was no turning back. >> it's been an incredible weekend. wow. it's been good, though. maybe. 6:07. froms mourn the loss of two of their breathreason -- breath reason during an overnight -- brethren during an overnight fire. >> we're looking at an okay day. back to the mid-70s. a lot of us will stay dry. the line on our first alert doppler is already beginning to break up. detail ahead. >> we issued a travel alert for travelers on i-270. watch out for to lanes closed as a result of a tractor- trailer that lost his trailer. this is at 124.
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you my want to consider hopping on 355, at least partway as you make your way into town. we'll talk about that and have your traffic around other parts of the metro coming ♪
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back. 10 minutes after 6:00. we're off to a good start. just a few light showers off to the west in the maryland panhandle and through west virginia. those will have a hard time making their way past 81. but if you are along 81, you could see a few light showers this morning, spotty showers will be the trend. in fact most areas will be pretty dry throughout the day. clouds to start through the midday and as we head through the afternoon, increasing sunshine after the front comes on through.
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we'll see mid-70s. it's a warm day, a nice day. breezy at times, especially as the front comes on through this evening. but big changes behind this front. it's not so much of a rain maker as a temperature dropper. we'll get to those details coming up in a little bit. larry, over to you. allyson, what's funny? i'm trying to figure out. all right, let go to traffic. two lanes blocked on the southbound side of i-270 at 124. again a trailer lost his trailer causing delays. here's a live look from sky 9. the backup at this point about a mile and a half if not more. could potentially get worse as we get more people getting on i- 270. for commuters out in -- coming from frederick toward the capital beltway, you will need to be mindful of this. once you get south of 124, you can hop back on i-270 and continue on with the rest of
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your trip. this ride will certainly be frustrating as you can see traffic at a crawl on i-270. we'll have your first look at metro and how things are shaping up on the rails coming up in about ten minutes. for now we'll send it over to you. one of the winningest football coaches in the sec is -- scc is walking away. >> two-thirds of the world's beer is about to be manufactured by one company. who is the true king of beer
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coining some faces today. i like it. not a rain maker but a temperature dropper. this front that's coming on through, it's bringing a few spotty showers but really no big deal. we didn't issue the yellow weather alert because they're more of a nuisance than an impact. the temperature will drop off. it will not be a sudden or drastic stage. slow and steady. by the time the weekend roms around, you'll wake up and go oh, its roadway really cold -- oh, it's really cold out. temperatures rights now where we are into the 50s. near 60 for d.c. -- right now where we are into the 50s.
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near 60 for d.c. here's first alert doppler. we do have a couple of showers out there. they'll be pretty fast moving through the morning, now through cumberland, the maryland panhandle. this will head on over for areas north of 66. areas west of 95 you have the chance for a very quick moving light shower this morning. it's not going to be long lasting by any means. taking a wider view, you can see how this front or the line of showers, rather, is just breaking apart as it does so of the more areas will be drier than wet through the afternoon. temperatures are warmer than they have been because of swerm winds. 54 -- southwesterly winds. 54 for gaithersburg. 61 for d.c. here are the showers at 8:30 for frederick down through clarksburg, gaithersburg, leesburg. maybe a spotty shower east of 59 this afternoon or evening. winds will be a little breezy as the front pushes on through. clearing skies. winds turn and it is going to be very cool in the coming days. slow and steady drop off.
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76 for today. 70 for tomorrow. 65 for thursday. 66 for friday. another cool front. there come the 50s for the weekend. larry miller, over to you. commuters traveling from frederick toward the capital beltway will need to watch out for to lanes blocked on the southbound side of i-270 at 124. looks like they're making progress on getting that accident cleaned up but it's still going to be a bit of a headache. want to give you a live look from sky 9 and show you how things are shaping up. looks like they're trying to get that trailer situated and get this mess cleaned up. just be mindful of this. add additional time to your commute time. consider 355 as an alternate. back to the maps. doing well with no issues on marc or vre so good news there. traveling southbound on the bw parkway from powder mill road making your way to 36th street northeast, you're looking at now an 18-minute commute with volume starting to pick up as you get into n toward -- into the -- into -- in toward the
6:18 am
capital beltway. over to you. 6:17. firefighters in kansas city, missouri are mourning the loss of two of their own. they were killed while battling a massive apartment fire last night. as don champion reports, they died saving lives. >> reporter: part of the deadly collapse was caught on tape. and a view from the air showed the aftermath. two kansas city, missouri firefighters were killed when part of this building collapsed monday night. the city's fire chief struggled while addressing the media moments later. >> it's difficult when you live with somebody for 24 hours a day and you're laughing and joking one minute and then something like this happens in the line of duty. >> reporter: two other firefighters were injured in the collapse. here someone could be seen being wheeled away from the scene. firefighters were called to the building that also housed apartments around 7:30 local time. thick smoke and flames rose from the scene for hours.
6:19 am
the fire he chief says its firefighters did not die in vain. >> they saved to civilians carrying them out of the second floor on ladders before the wall collapsed. >> reporter: the firefighters who died have not been identified. don champion, cbs news. >> the condition of the two injured firefighters still unknown this morning. the south carolina floods have left around 250 people stranded on one island for over a week. but stepping up to the plate, a 15-year-old boy named hunter. he's become the lifeline for his community. he's been using his family boat to shuttle people back and forth for days, even taking some to church. >> oh, my gosh, hunter. hunter is an angel. i look at it as him being david in the bible. this water being goliath. >> one doctor is also coming to the rescue of patients. dr. green took a boat to make house calls carrying donated
6:20 am
medication and medical equipment. mission accomplished. virginia's task force one is now back home after a trip to save lives in south carolina. the team based in fairfax county spent a week searching homes, roads and bridges to rescue people trapped by high water. task force one deployed 80 team members, four search dogs and eight rescue boat. former new england patriot aaron hernandez is due back in court today. in the latest case he's accused of shooting two men he met at a boston nightclub in 2012. prosecutors are requesting access to physical evidence involving a third party. it's unclear what kind of evidence. hernandez has pleaded not guilty in this case. he's currently serving a life sentence convicted in another case earlier this year. coach steve spurrier is hanging up the headset. he's retiring effective immediately. he goes out as the winningest coach in the history of two programs, florida and south carolina. he won a heisman trophy as a
6:21 am
gator and brought the fun and gun offense to the scc so quite the legacy he leaves but his gamecocks have lost eight of the last nine conference games so that ends on a rough note. two of the world's most popular beer companies could soon form the biggest company. anheuser-busch and bev which owns budweiser and corona is offering to buy miller which makes miller light and coors. the deal is worth $108 billion. the two companies have greed to the terms in principal. miller has rejected three previous offers [ inaudible ] the suspensions come after the n.f.l. complained about the use of copyrighted video highlights. the n.f.l. says it asked twitter to disable links to more than a dozen pirated game videos. lethe ague says it didn't ask that any twitter accounts be disabled. one virginia college is the
6:22 am
recipient after federal grant to help train military veterans as truck and bus drivers. tide water community college has received nearly $200,000 from the transportation department. the college says a recent report found the u.s. will experience a shortage of nearly 50,000 truck drivers by the end of the year. meanwhile unlimited vacation anyone? apply to linkedin. the company will start offering what it calls disrespect father time off to work -- discretionary time off to workers starting november 1. they say it's a way to lure top talent in a competitive tech world. you just got to get used to a lot of e-mails. they didn't say that part. the pentagon denies a report it supplied kurdish rebels with weapons. >> reporter: an elderly man found dead in a park in prince george's county. now his family wants answers. i'm nikki burdine with that story coming up. >> reporter: you have the right to remain silent but you say can and will be used against new a court of law.
6:23 am
should the balance the more police officers charged with freddie gray's death be held to that same standard? i have the story coming up. >> a warmer start this morning and a warm day. we're headed to the mid-70s. just a few showers here or there. a lot of people will stay dry. i'll track those showers and what's behind this front all coming up. >> a frustrating commute on i- 270 but things around the metro actually shaping up fairly well. we'll get you around some of the trouble spots. plus, we'll show you how things every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds.
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in case you missed it conflicting reports on u.s. involvement in syria. at issue is whether weapons provided by the united states are being used by rebels to attack civilians. >> kurdish forces are attacking residents they believe are supporting the islamic state. the united states this past weekend confirmed an air drop of ammunition to these forces. the goal was to.rebels with ammunition to fight isis. iran's parliament has voted in favor of a nuclear deal struck with world powers. the bill allows iran to withdraw from the agreement if world powers do not lift sanctions. the measure still needs to be ratified by iran's 12-member guardian council and the council could send the bill back to parliament to reconsider. a guilty plea is expected today from a former head of the
6:27 am
chicago public school system involved in a corruption case. prosecutors say barbara bird bennett used her power to steer more than $23 million in no bid contracts to education firms in exchange for millions in bribes. her attorney says she'll plead guilty as part of a plea deal. a noticeable new chapter in the history of "playboy" magazine. it's turning the page. >> indeed, the iconic magazine eliminating fully nude pictures in its print edition. rachel kim has details and reaction to this decision. >> reporter: the magazine built on the success of sex is going a little more modest according to "the new york times" beginning next march. the print edition of playboy will continue to showcase women in sexy poses but no longer be fully nude. >> nice that they are taking a step back.
6:28 am
>> reporter: a top editor at the magazine says these days nudity is free and only a click away so they're changing with the times. they want to attract millennials, people between the ages of 18 and 30 something with indepth interviews, investigative journalism, fiction and visual art. the millennials we spoke with says modernizing their image will be good for playboy. >> you're at your friend's house and their dad had it in the basement. >> people want something more tasteful to read that has insight into how women think. >> reporter: rachel kim, cbs news. >> playboy says it will still feature a playmate of the month but pictures will be pg-13. still no word whether the magazine will feature a center fold. you know we all read playboy for the articles, not the
6:29 am
pictures. >> cue the music. up next on 9news, lawyers for five ever the six officers charged in the freddie gray case work to suppress their clients' statements. the family of a missing # 0- year-old man is still searching for answers in the case of their beloved one. 6:30 this tuesday morning. thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm nick giovanni. i'm andrea roane. larry miller has your timesaver traffic. we start with first alert meteorologist allyson rae who has another good looking forecast for us. >> not too bad at all. we're running the risk after shower here or there. not too bad a day at all. mid-70s. arm woulder start this morning. a couple of -- a warmer start this morning. a couple of showers through the maryland panhandle. these will track down through martinsburg, win chetioner, leesburg, -- winchester, leesburg, clarksburg. all you' -- you'll all see some quick passing showers. we're headed for the mid-70s. during the afternoon we'll see more sunshine as the front gets
6:30 am
out of here. it's behind the front that will make a bigger impact and a few spotty showers. details on that coming up. good morning. happy tuesday to you at home. metro riders, everything is running on schedule. no issues on the trains. blue line trains will be stopping at stadium-armory. buses also running on schedule as well. we're keeping a close eye on the accident blocking two lanes of the southbound side of i-270 at 124. sky 9 is over the scene to show us the situation. looks like we don't have that picture but we still have the delays anyway about a mile, mile and a half at this point. 355 is an alternate. if you can stomach the delays once you get past it you will be good to go toward the capital beltway in bethesda. in prince george's county, no issues on 50, the bw parkway or 95. as you travel southbound on the bw parkway coming from laurel making your way into town, you will see some slight volume once you get insides the beltway. you get -- inside the beltway. you get past that and you will be good to go. over the wilson bridge, looks like some heavy volume both on
6:31 am
the inner and outer loop. no incidents and/or accidents to slow you down. coming up in ten minutes, we'll take you down to i-95 as well as i-66 in virginia. for now we'll send it over to you. >> reporter: the case against the baltimore officers charged in freddie gray's death back in court today. a judge will decide if their statements made to investigators will be allowed. five of the six officers charged talked to those investigators. officer porter said he warned two of the other officers that freddie gray requested medical attention though he felt gray was faking. they deny knowing the 25-year- old needed help. gray died of a spinal cord injury a week later. at issue and the court will decide if the officers knew they were answering the questions as witnesses or as suspects. defense attorneys say the statements violate the officers' rights to remain silent and was given in fear of losing their jobs but legal experts say this is a critical day because if the judge
6:32 am
decides to throw out these statements the whole case could be in jeopardy because there are no other witness dpos exactly -- witnesses to exactly what happened inside the police van and that 45-minute drive when freddie gray was unresponsive at the end. the hearing is scheduled for 9:30. it resumes wednesday. you can stay on top of all the court drama on our wusa9 mobile app. delia goncalves, wusa9. new this morning, the dutch safety board releases its final report on malaysia airlines flight mh17. it's believed to have been shot down over ukraine killing everyone on board, 298 people to be exact. it was flying from am ter zap when it broke apart. preliminary fierchedzings say the jet was hit by, quite, high energy objects from outside the aircraft. the report is expected to focus on three things, what caused the plane to disintegrate in mid air why it was flying over what in effect was a war zone
6:33 am
and what happened in the final minutes of that flight. the report won't address who is to blame. that will be left to a separate dutch criminal investigation. at the time the flight went down fighting between pro- russia separatists and ukrainian groups was heated. >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine in prince george's county. tragedy for one family here in this park after their loved one was found dead here over the weekend. now that family says they want his death investigation to become a homicide investigation. 80 yearldz lubin -- 80-year-old lubin phipps' body had been found in the park. he had been missing for the past three weeks. he had been living in an assisted living facility called woodmore. the staff took phipps and other residents to the park for a picnic. phipps has dementia. at some point during the picnic
6:34 am
he excused himself to go to the bathroom but never came back. the family's attorney talked to us about this ongoing investigation. >> when we speak of someone who has died by causes other than natural, we call that a homicide. and as a homicide, we're fully expecting that our county prosecutor the honorable angela alsobrook who is our state's attorney will be undertaking an appropriate investigation of these circumstances. how did this happen? >> reporter: a heartbreaking sty indeed for this family. my colleague scoot broom went to the woodmore house to try and get a statement from them. they wouldn't talk to him on camera. they did bring him a written statement. in that all they said essentially they will be working with authorities during the investigation. police say they are looking into this caprince george's cou i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. 15 confederate advocates of
6:35 am
the flag are facing terrorism charges following a confrontation with a black family in georgia over the summer. witnesses say the group shouted racial slurs and threatened the family during a child's birthday party. two of the flag supporters also stand accused of battery in connection to another incident at a gas station. to the diamond. tonight is game four of the nlds between the mets and dodgers. game three last night, the mets knocked off the dodgers 13-7 to move within a win of the championship series. dodgers second baseman chase utley didn't take the field following his controversial slide that took out ruben tejada over the weekend. he faces a two-game suspension. the mets fans want add piece of him call -- wanted a piece of him calling him out last night. governor greg abbott congratulated houston for advancing in the 7th evening against kansas city yesterday. the astros didn't advance. they blew a 6-2 lead moments after the tweet went out.
6:36 am
six outs from the alcs astros gave up seven unanswered runs for the royals. ck takes this one 9-6. this series going to five games and the governor being blamed for jinxing the team. >> wow. >> sorry about that, huh? days after being recognized by the international olympic committee, this group of athletes says thank you about no thanks. >> we have more on the confusing turn of events coming up in the mcfly report. >> it's a little breezy out here but temperatures are comfortable. we're into the 50s and 60s. we'll see clouds today and a few light showers especially for areas to the west and north. i'm track those for you coming up. we're headed to the mid-70s. more sunshine through the afternoon. big changes headed our way. >> sky 9 right now over an accident on the southbound side of georgia avenue and forest glen where we have a backup there at this point. we're going to give you an update on that situation. plus, how to get around it and an update on that tractor-
6:37 am
trailer that lost its trailer on the southbound side of 270
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why fios? ultimately, that's why. right now, get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month, guaranteed for two years. plus get $300 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. welcome back. it's pretty comfortable out there. a little breezy, though. a front is bringing some showers getting closer and closer to 81. hagerstown down through front
6:40 am
royal including leesburg, frederick, clarksburg, germantown you'll see a few light showers by about mid- morning 8:00 to 9:00. temperatures into the 50s. 54 for gaithersburg. 61 for d.c. southern maryland you're into the 50s as well. we are headed to the mid-70s. it will still be a warm day with a few showers here or there. afternoon sunshine, especially for areas off to the west. this is our last real warm day for a while. we'll take a look at how low the temperature goes in the coming days, especially the weekend before you make your plans check the forecast. i'll have it for you coming up. here's larry miller with traffic. good morning. good morning. of course good morning to you at home traveling northbound on 95 on the virginia side. no major issues. just the typical ride and grind we like to say around here. here's a live look at i-95 at the prince william parkway. the volume on the the right hand side of your screen, that's the northbound side. it's starting to pretty he pretty hef -- it's starting to get pretty heavy as you approach the beltway. accokeek, oxon hill, even parts
6:41 am
of camp springs, no issues for you on route 4, route 5, 301. here's a live look at route 5. you can see how traffic is shaping up there. on the eastbound side of i-66 no major troubles but volume as you part to approach the capital beltway with slight delays starting mainly in manassas at this point. coming up after the seven-day forecast, we'll break down your drive times around the metro. plus, we will have a look at how things are shaping up on metro. we'll send it over to you. 40e years ago skateboard -- 40 years ago skateboarders were fighting to get respect as athletes. >> now they have that respect but the question is do they want it anymore? what some have to say. you're watching 9news, the home of super bowl 50. ♪
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. vice president biden, will he or won't he? will air force to start flying this way, flying westward toward las vegas on tuesday night a dramatic landing at the airport? the speeding motorcade over to the hotel, biden with the aviator glasses put on.
6:46 am
>> this would be fascinating. it would be fascinating political television and it's a great new strategy for cable news, describing things more compelling than what you're watching now. cnn, it could get interesting. >> pretty detailed description of what could happen. >> sounded like it's a stretch. >> one thing we ow, there will be an take podium waiting just in case. 8:30 tonight. we'll be covering it. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> norah o'donnell is in new york live with a preview. good morning. >> hey, good morning you to, nick and andrea. we're in las vegas just like everybody else to cover hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they're going head to head in tonight's first democratic primary debate. plus, more from the cbs news investigation into blue bell ice cream. we'll dig into allegations that the company put profits above safety. and we'll talk with bob
6:47 am
woodward about a newly revealed chapter in the nixon presidency. the secret white house memos that haven't seen the light of day till now. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you guys right at 7:00. have a great day. >> you too, norah. >> very intriguing. allyson rae back with us. i believe it's time for a credibility check at 6:47. 3-degree guarantee on point. 29 of 30 days bull's eye last night. >> we're doing pretty well. we're doing great. join topper tonight at 11:00. we'll see if another 3-degree guarantee can go into the books. we're looking warm today. actually a warmer start this morning than we've seen the past couple of mornings by about 10 degrees n. is because we have southwesterly winds all ahead of a cold front headed our way for today. this is the last real warm day. then it's just going to slowly, slowly, slowly cool off a little bit. here are some of the showers way off to the west through the maryland panhandle. so areas that are going to see these light showers, hagerstown
6:48 am
down through front royal along 81, as you travel over to frederick, 270, leesburg, germantown, clarksburg, you'll see a couple of showers as well. areas south of 66 your chances are pretty slim. we're starting off okay on the michael & son camera. clouds increase but then fade away again. all in all spotty showers. not too bad of a day. it will be warm. 61 degrees. here's where we are right now. 55 degrees for leesburg. 54 for gaithersburg. 61 for d.c. we're head to the mid-70s. here are some of the showers pushing on for areas off to the north and west of the district. notice how dry it is farther south. very spotty, very light. as we go through the afternoon, a few more of the last lingering showers as the actual front gets on through. staying warm but then the cool air will just work its way in and we'll start to see the temperature drop. once again on friday, we have a second front headed our way this week. more cool air and not so much of a rain producer either. 76 today. 70 for tomorrow. a little breezy at times for
6:49 am
today and tonight and tomorrow. 66 for friday. and then the weekend if you're making your plans, it will be sunny and dry and beautiful. you just need a jacket. it's only going to be in the 50s. over to you. >> roadway roadway, as always -- allyson rae, as always, thank you. marc train riders everything is on schedule. vre also running on schedule. traveling southbound from fort meade road to east capitol street northeast, a 23-minute commute. again, just watch out for some minor delays i should say as you make your way in towards the capital beltway. southbound i-270 we still have that issue where we have maybe one lane blocked at this point at last check. this is on the southbound side of i-270 from west diamond avenue down toward the capital beltway, now an 11-minute commute. that issue is still not resolved. still seeing delays in that area. again 355 really will be your best bet once you get south of that -- of 124 and hop back on to the southbound side of i- 270.
6:50 am
you should certainly be good to go. eastbound on i-66 from sully road to l street northwest a 32- minute commute. northbound on 95 on the virginia side from prince william parkway up to i-395 a 12-minute commute. want to take our trafficland cam and show you how things are shaping up along the beltway at 201. traffic starting to pick up on both the inner and outer loop but no incidents or accidents to slow you down. we'll send it over to you. it is 6:50. you think it wouldn't be any athlete's dream to stand atop the limb quick proceed -- olympic podium with thousands of streaming fans. >> not the case for thousands of skateboarders. tommy mcfly explains in the 94.7 fresh fm studios. >> good morning. last month the international olympic committee released six new sports they were going to include potentially in the 2020 games. one of them was scaid boarding which -- skateboarding which you would think would abhuge deal for skateboarders around the world. over 5,000 of them not so
6:51 am
pleased. they started this online petition and they're trying to get to 10,000 signatures asking the olympics to please leave skateboarding alone. they feel it would ruin the freedom of expression that was there from skateboarding past. the folks promoting the sport of squash worldwide are salty about the whole thing because squash was not included in one of those half dozen. in the 94.7 fresh fm studios, i'm tommy mcfly. back to you. 6:51. today is the last day to register for the november election in virginia. >> how halloween is coming to the district a little
6:52 am
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the end of the week to see the doctor.until because of... rabies. i was, i was, in the, i was saving some children from a coyote and it bit me. well, what would you have me do just let the children die. don't, hey don't tell me how rabies works. i know, i'm sorry, i'm sorry i'm just scared because i'm, i've never foamed at the mouth before. hello. miss.
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find and book a doctor when you need one with zocdoc. we are following breaking news out of reston, virginia at this hour. a town house fire is happening in the 12000 block of purple sage court. this is a live picture. >> sky 9 is over the scene. we do have a crew on the way to bring you more information. we're working to gather as much as we can. not sure if there is anyone trapped inside but there are reports there may be people inside. a crew is on the way. we'll keep you updated as soon as we get any new information. >> you can follow it on our mobile app. >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine. a family in prince george's county is devastated after
6:55 am
their loved one was found dead at watkins park over the weekend. 80-year-old lubin phipps' body was discovered over the weekend after he'd been missing for about three weeks. phipps had been living in an assisted living facility called woodmore house. that -- the staff there brought him and other members of that facility out here for a picnic. but at some point phipps wandered off and he hadn't been seen since till his body was discovered over the weekend. now phipps' family says they want a full criminal investigation. police say they are looking into it and woodmore house has released a statement saying they plan to cooperate with police. back to you. a sphaffer in the -- staffer in the bowser administration is due in court today on cocaine charges. a s.w.a.t. team showed up at lorenzo sanders' apartment last week and they found cocaine, some inside his toilet along with heroin. he works in the religious affairs division. his son was also arrested on drug charges in temple hills. today is the voter registration deadline for virginia residents planning to vote in the november 3 general
6:56 am
election. you can register to vote in person at your local registration office by 5:00 this evening or go online to update your voter information. halloween begins friday in the district. congressional cemetery hosts the first of its four soul strolls. the cemetery's residents include 16 former senators, 68 former members of the house and two vice presidents. the hour-long tour, at the leave every 20 minutes from 6:00 until 9:00. beer, wine and hot cider is also going to be served up. allyson? >> hot cider is going to sound very good this weekend. 76 today. we'll see a couple of showers push on through. areas north and northwest of the district have a better chance of seeing those showers this morning. and then east of 95 pretty spotty this afternoon. mid-70s and a little bit of sunshine here or there with some clouds mixed in. tomorrow 70. then temperatures continue to fall right through that chilly weekend. larry? on the outer loop of the beptway right now we have two -- beltway right now we have two lanes blocked between
6:57 am
annapolis road and bw parkway. going to cause problems for commuters in that area. here's a live look over the wilson bridge. volume starting to pick up throughout much of the metro. take it easy because we've seen a few accidents this morning. cbs thorg is next. former -- this morning is next. former workers at a blue bell ice cream plant say managers ignored complaints about unsanitary conditions at the facility. south carolina finally begins the recovery process after the historic flooding. remember to get our wusa9 app. you can check our weather and traffic updates all throughout the day.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
. good morning. it is tuesday, october 13th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a big day for the democrats, hillary clinton's rivals attack her, she warms up attacking donald trump. "cbs news" investigates contamination of blue bell ice cream. two workers tell us the company ignored unsanitary conditions. playboy looks to the future by turning its back on fully nude photos. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. these other three, how hard do they go in attacking bernie sanders and/or hillary


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