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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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. good morning. it is tuesday, october 13th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning"." a big day for the democrats, hillary clinton's rivals attack her, she warms up attacking donald trump. "cbs news" investigates contamination of blue bell ice cream. two workers tell us the company ignored unsanitary conditions. playboy looks to the future by turning its back on fully nude photos. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. these other three how hard do they go in attacking bernie sanders and/or hillary clinton?
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>> first. i think they need to show up. >> the democrats square off in las vegas. the press says hillary toclin sn'server was vulnerable. >> this morning they release the report on mh-317 believed to be shot down over ukraine. a burning apartment collapsed in kansas city. >> they did not died if vain. they saved two civilians. a nuclear deal agreed on, a clerical body needs to give a thumbs up. >> a five-run and the royals forced a game five. >> the mets embarrassing los angeles 13-7. new york booing ug utley. a florida womanes arrted after she was live on periscope driving drunk. >> i'm driving drunk. >> the bride andom gro took a detour on the way to their reception. both emts responded to the wreck
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onhe t big>> he gets to the goal line. he's in for the touchdown. the steelers win! >> a bunch of people may have cenotid a brand-new absolutely breath taking male model, needless to say, i crushed it. >> and all that matters -- >> a nashville man is being called a hero after rushing into the home to save a dog moments before the roof collapsed. >> around here docs are family. >> vice president joe biden, will he or won't he? he pulls in with that yellow corvette with the aviators on and says "let's do this. ." >> anybody could join in why not jesse ventura, why not muppets, the reunited cast of "family matters?" . welcome to "cbs this morning."
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charlie rose is on assignment so anthony mace isn't with us. welcome. the democrats for the presidential nomination will meet on stage for the first time. hillary clinton goes into the debate with a clear lead in opinion polls, her challengers will try to convince voters she's not the inevitable nominee. >> for some of them it's their real opportunity to address a real audience. nancy cordes. >> reporter: it will be so interesting, those five by and large have taken a hands off approach to one another until now. it will be more difficult to do until tonight. four of them may not want to do it tonight. hillary clinton looks to reestablish her dominance and focus on the gop. clinton arrived in las vegas and headed straight to the trump international hotel, join agla bor protest outside. >> some people think mr. trump is entertaining but i don't think it's entertaining when somebody insults immigrants
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insults women. >> reporter: just down the block, sheem be joined on stage tonight by vermont senator bernie sanders, former maryland governor martin o'malley former virginia senator jim webb and former rhode island governor lincoln chafee. >> yeah there will be big disagreements. >> reporter: appearing at a satellite event monday sanders called for an idea of ideas. >> let's treat each other civilly. let's treat each other respect flichlt let's not try to demonize each people. >> reporter: in r othes,word let's not emulate the republicans. >> i flfr attack ltd. him on his looks, believe me there is plenty of subject matter right this. >> don't interrupt me. >> reporter: trump argued monday no fireworks make for a bosching debate. >> it's going to be hard to watch. >> martin o'malley? huh? >> governor o'malley who has struggled to break through that is called for more than the six debates that are scheduled. >> this race is just beginning for the democratic party. by the time eight years ago, we
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had had nine debates. >> reporter: nine on the way to a total of more than 20. a spokesman for clinton's 2008 white house bid she she needs to be asked about her recent breaks of the administration on the new asian trade deal and the conflict in syria. >> it's a legitimate evolution. people will understand it. but if you try to be too cute by half, people usually see through it. >> reporter: clinton and the others are also likely to be asked about her unusual e-mail arrangements as secretary of state. the associated press is supporting this morning, norah, that her private home server was hooked up to the internet in ways that made it vulnerable to attack. >> all right nancy, thank you. "face the nation" moderator and political director john dickerson is with us. good morning. >> good morning. nara. >> is this debate to lose? io. yes, she's at the top of the democratic race also because she has the biggest negative story lines that are out there. the reason that matter if you
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look at the debates in the past the candidates who have lost are the ones with a pre-existing story line that was negative. they did something to fall into. that she among all of the candidates, there are those concerns we saw in our poll people worry that she is hon effort and trust worthy if there is a moment that attachs to that existing story line that can be a problem for her. >> john you heard nancy cordes mention the e-mail issue. how likely do you think that will play toon and what do you think hillary clinton can do to finally but that to rest? >> reporter: it will play a role. there is that new information about possible security breaches. it's one of those moments where the answer she is given. she is given many answers on that confession she has been trite, not contrite. she has been attacking republicans for politicizing the issue. where will she be tonight? it will be one of the moment, it may have to deal with the e-mail question but may speak to honest and trust worthy in our most
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recent poll 60% of general election voters didn't think she was honest and trust worthy. that's not a good number for her. >> they keep showing themty podium in case joe biden decides to get in. do you think he will be watching the debate tonight and how that will affect his decision? will that affect his decision whether he gets in or not? >> reporter: it's a surprise say that don't have a hole in the roof for him to possibly repel down. i this i the decision is still based on the rt reporting, but it's in his heart. that's what will matter down the road, if he were to get in the race, that piece is important. clearly, if hillary clinton has a bad night, it would increase calls for joe biden to get in. one. in our polls that showed up there is not a ground swell for joe widep, he's only gone up 6 points since august in the polk. hillary clinton still beats him 30 points among democrats
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nationally. boerne my sanders has done more in the polls this summer than joe biden has. the polling doesn't show they are beating down door for him to run. >> john, we spent the weekend in delaware meeting with advisers. all reports were he was going to make a decision in the next couple days. has that been postponed until the end of the mon in the. >> when you talk to people close to him, they say he takes to the last minute. they're trying to see if there is a pathway for him to run. i don't know what the time line is. you talk to people close to him. some of them have no idea. in fact all of them don't. we have to wait for joe do make up his mind. >> all right. john dickerson, thanks so much. in minutes, investigators in the netherlands will release their final report on the downing of malaysian airlines flight 17 t. findings are likely to implicate russia t. shootdown over eastern ukraine in july 2014, killed everyone on board, charlie d'agata is in london with how russian missile makers are saying they were not involved. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the dutch findings focus on these
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key points what caused the crash the issue of flying over a war zone whether the passengers survived the initial impact and why relatives had to wait so long for news. what it doesn't do is point the finger of blame. what dutch sources say, the report will reveal that a russian-made missile brought mh-17 down. >> that the plane was shot down was never a mystery. it became clear in the days after wreckage and debris rained down over rebel-held eastern ukraine. the doomed boeing triple-7 left amsterdam that morning for what should have been a routine 12-hour flight to kuala lumpur. all 298 people on board were killed t. casualties of a war they had nothing to do with being waged 33,000 feet below. the vast majority were dutch nationals, which is why that country has taken a lead in the investigation. most everybody, except russia blames russia that the missile was fired either by its own
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forces or the separatists it beings. but the russian company that makes the missile believed responsible contend the plane was shot down by a missile launched by ukrainian forces from government-held territory. the dutch findings stop short of naming which side pulled the trigger and it will bring little comfort to these heart broken relatives who may now know the what and the why but are still asking who? the answer to that question will be down to the findings of a separate criminal investigation, also led by the dutch, which won't be complete until the end of this year or maybe the beginning of next. norah. >> all right, charlie, thank you so much. in syria this morning, rebel forces fired two shells at the russian embassy in damascus hundreds were attending a rally thanking russia for supporting syrian president bashar al-assad. it's unclear if anyone else was haurt hurt. wells, were american cargo
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jets dropped 50 tons on sunday intended for pro u.s. rebels in the north. president obama "60 minutes" removing syria's president is a part of the fight against isis. >> what we are learned as long as assad remains in power, it is very difficult to get those folks to focus their attention on isil. >> u.s. military officials in the region say the rebel forces that rereceive the supplies are fighting isis in northern syria. this morning, iran's nuclear deal struck with u.s. and other world powers the agreement still needs to be ratified by iran's 12 member guardian count still of senior clerics in tehran. 161 out of 250 lawmakers voted if favor of the deem. it is designed to reign in iran's nuclear program, in exchange, global powers will lift economic sanction. we're following a new wave of deadly is attacks in israeli this morning. police blame palestinians for
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shootings and stabbings in jerusalem. jonathan vigliotti is in london following in developing story. jonathan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, three israelis were killed and 16 injured in the four separate attacks. it's the most serious wave of incidents in the month-long string of violence in the region. two palestinians stormed a bus and stabbed and shot at people almost simultaneously. there was a stabbing attack at a bus stop in another part of the city. meanwhile, officials reported two separate stabbing attacks this morning, also carried out by palestinians. two israelis were injured. both attackers were apprehended by police. since the jewish new year last month, at least seven israelis and 27 palestinians have been killed in the almost daily violence. it was stormed in part over increasing jewish visits to the al oxa mosque in jerusalem. the violence shows no signs of letting up.
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palestinian groups have declared a quote day of rage across the region. >> thank you jonathan. this morning, there is an investigation into what caused an apartment building firing kansas city that killed two firefighters. two others were hurt t. four firefighters were clearing an area inside a building with a partially collapsed roof when more of it gave way. the two died. they had just rescued two people. no tenants were reportedly hurt here. the last time a kansas city fire fighter died in the line of duty was seven years ago. this morning a battle flag group are facing trial after a georgia grand jury indicted them on terrorism charges. video of a black family hosting a child's birthday party. members of the quote respect the flag drew thousands of viewers when it was posted online. mark strassmann is fe county courthouse, good morning. >> good morning. of the 15 people indicted ten
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are men, five women. they were several of them at least already booked here in douglas county and if convicted, they face up to 15 years behind bars. >> that's a flag. that's a flag. >> reporter: cell phone video shows several mixup videos with the confederate flag. they stopped at a home where they were holding a child's birthday report. police received conflicting arguments. a heated argument began. members of the group respect the flag had weapons, used racial slurs and threatened them. >> we'll see you all again. >> reporter: a number of the group placed the became on the people at the party in a july interview saying they started yelling at the convoy and throwing rocks. douglas county district attorney investigated the incident. >> on friday october 9th of this year, a douglas county grand jury handed down an indictment charging members of the group known as respect the flag.
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>> reporter: friday's indictment charged 15 people with terroristic threats and violating the state's street gang terrorism and preventioning a. according to southern poverty law center a civil rights group, respect the flag was formed over the summer to protest calls to remove the confederate flag from public places around the country. the outcry was sparked by a june massacre in charleston south carolina. nine people were killed in a church basement. a month later, the flack was removed from the grounds of south carolina state capital. >> bye, have a good day! >> reporter: on monday melissa alford, who hosted the party, described the altercation in a statement saying, these people intimidated and threatened us just for being who we are. we reached out to several members who are indicted of the respect the flag group but were unable to reach anyone for comment. anthony. >> mark strassman, thanks, mark. two giants in the beer
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industry have a huge takeover on tap. anheuser-busch inbev, which makes anheuser want to buy! a. mill sa miller. they will be the largest beer sales company. it comes one day ever after the beer merger. dell is buying emc for $67 billion. dozens of merger deals add up to nearly $3.5 trillion. the morning, u.s. mets fans are celebrating a victory. they beat the l.a. dodgers in game three of the playoff series. it was a big old statement. this followed a controversy in game two when a collision knocked the met's shortstop out of the playoffs. our digital network is at city field in new york where the two teams will play again tonight.
7:17 am
people can't wait. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. last night's victory was the first post-season win for the mets in city field history and it couldn't have come at a better time. if game two's loss is all about the dodgers adding insult to injury game three's catch phrase will be revenge never tasted so sweet. sporting a cane and an obvious limp injured mets shortstop rieben tejada emerged to the dugout to a course of eechrs. but the same couldn't be said for the newly crowned villain of new york chase utley. utley broke tejada's leg with there aggressive slide over the weekend and was suspended for it. >> what a collision! that ball is absolutely scorch
7:18 am
ed ed. >> reporter: the mets defeated the dodgers in a 13-7 route. >> that puts them a single win away from the national championship series. over 700 miles away on the north side of chicago, the neighborhood is starving for a world championship, the cubs watched six home runs by six different players. battering their mid-west rivals the st. louis cardinals, to take the series lead. and in eun, the astros were six outs away from advancing when texas governor greg abbott's office got a little too excited about an all texas american league series tweeting congrats to the astros on advancing to the alcs. looking at you, rangers. later in the game the astros collapsed giving up five runs to the loss to the royals tying the games at two apiece. now the mets can close out the series tonight with a win right here at city field but they have to get past three time cy young winner clayton kershaw.
7:19 am
he is one of the best pitchers in the game, norah. >> you stayed up and watched, didn't you? >> i watched until they were 10-3 and thought it was safe to go to bed. i was celebrating. >> those boos cannot be a good feeling. >> no, new york fans do not play. are you right. coming up did an ice cream factory allow its company to become
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>> "playboy's" nude models are covering up. >> why the magazine will leave much more to the imagine after 62 years of lacy pictures. the news is back here on cbs is this morning.
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. you said a year ago the united states of america leads, we're the indispensable nation. mr. putin seems to be challenging that heardship. >> in what way? [ laughter ] >> did you guys see that face? i think he just got obama's stank face. can we see that in slow motion? >> the stank face. i like it. >> anything can look like stank in slow motion. larry will more, that was good. coming up, ice cream melting on the floor, water leaking from the roof, contamination that may have been trucked into some of the explosive allegations this morning in the massive blue bell
7:31 am
ice cream recall. jim axelrod with new reporting in a "cbs news investigation. plus "playboy" unveils a plan to make it more accessible and intimate. why that means it is turning the page on its most famous feature fully nude women, that's ahead. time to show this morning's headlines, coalition airstrikes killed more islamic militants since previously thought since the campaign began last year. 20,000 isis fighters have been killed. the u.s.-led bombing campaign has rattled the militants, but the size of their force remains about the same between 20 and 30,000 fighters. charleston's post on the recovery from historic floods the southbound lanes of i-95 opened yesterday. northbound lanes could reopen as early as this morning. elsewhere, there is a whole lot of damage. the government is promising to rebuild roads and 94 bridges
7:32 am
remained remain closed. the airlines is removing and inspecting devices from its planes. the alaska flight to seattle was diverted to buffalo monday because of the incident. 187 people were on board the plane. there were no injuries. the los angeles times covers the firing of football coach steve sarkisan, it followed a series of erratic behavior. earlier this year he apologized after appearing to be drunk at a pep rally. he was acting strangely at a team meeting sunday and leaving before practice. and the state in columbia south carolina reports on a decision by football coach steve purchasier to retire. he told his south carolina team last night he is retiring immediately. it is not clear why. the team has only two wins if six games this season. spurriers and game cocks all time winningest coach with 86 victories. new information this morning in
7:33 am
a "cbs news" investigation of blue bell ice cream. former workers claim management ignored complaints about dangerous conditions at their factory. the texas facility is linked to a wisteria outbreak that made ten people sick. three people died jim axelrod spoke with those employees. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, blue bell was the number three brand in the nation sold in 23 states. after a wisteria outbreak was linked to the product. the company recalled the production recalling 8 million gallons of ice cream. we met two workers who believe it could have been all avoid. ♪ oh, blue bell the best ice cream in the country cftc. >> reporter: it has a devoted following. when it returned to shelves in after a recall do you wisteria contamination, the supporters rejoiced. >> i think it's a story that needs to be told. >> reporter: terry schultz who
7:34 am
worked at the texas blue bell factory says there is another side to the story. >> a lot of things were overlooked and passed on in favor of volume and expansion. i think that's the part people aren't seeing. >> reporter: schultz worked this floor for seven months leading up to the shutdown. he says the machines there were old and would often malfunction. >> sometimes the machines would go haywire. the product would continually run through the conveyor belt and drop right off onto the floor. >> reporter: schultz says workers would leave the ice cream pooling on the floor, creating an environment where bacteria can flourish. he complained to supervisors, nothing was done. >> the response i got at one point is that all you are going to do is come in here and bitch every everything. >> what do you think his message was? >> it was more important of complaining. >> it was a culture of keep your mouth shut and do the job.
7:35 am
>> it's all about the money. >> five year blue bell veteran operated a feeder in a different part of the plant. one way they saved money is reuseing cardboard packages known as sleeves. >> some of them you know would be in real bad shape. there's nothing for them to use them six, seven months before they got rid of them. >> they were shipped to blue bell centers across the country and returned to the production floor, oftentimes worse for ware. >> they come in off the truck and the humidity in the truck and from it being cold and everything, some of them would be wet when they come in and we'd still have to use them. >> reporter: water is hazardous in dairy production because it can harbor bacteria especially on materials like cardboard that are difficult to sanitize and schultz and bland say water was everywhere. >> on the wall by the three gallon machine.
7:36 am
if would rain real hard and water set on the roof it would just trickle down that wall. the whole place was balled up to the point where you couldn't see anything in the place. it was a really really bad. >> reporter: this is the production line that made the ice cream, later went to five illnesss. remarkably, its wisteria condamnation was discovered not here in texas but in south carolina. >> it was unbelievable actually. >> reporter: megan davis is the microbiology division director at the south carolina department of health. in january, one of her inspectors collected ten products from the break room of a local blue bell distribution center as part of random testing they conduct. >> one of my employees called me and she said you are never going to believe this i think we have a positive. >> reporter: it was wisteria a potentially deadly bacteria. it's uncommon in ice cream, so just to be sure they went back an checked 30 more samples. >> all 30 of the samples that we tested tested positive for
7:37 am
wisteria. >> stunning. >> yeah stunning. a little scary that those products were going to consumers and that because we did random sampling we found it. >> reporter: for davis, the finding really hit home. >> i actually had blue bell products in my freezer for kid's birthday party we handed out along with their cake. >> reporter: that's when you realized, this isn't just in a lab, this is in freezers in people's homes? >> yes. >> reporter: blue bell shut down the line that produced the contaminated ice cream a few weeks after it tested positive for wisteria but in other parts of the plant, production continued for more than two months. >> nothing changed. the last two weeks, that's when they changeds the wash-up procedures and they started retraining some of us. >> isn't that closing the barn door after the horse gets out? >> oh i think all the animals got out by the time they shut
7:38 am
the door. >> blue bell told us pending litigation prevented them from addressing our statement. in a statement they wrote, we are committed to ensuring we are producing a safe product through our enhanced manufacturing procedures including increased focus on san takes and cleaning ongoing evaluation from independent microbiologies voluntary adreams with our state regulators and finally a test and hold procedure. >> that means they cannot distribute any product they produce until the test confirms it is safe that their flagship plant in texas is still closed. >> that's a big old ew after that report. we are dpladz they are talking, employees, why are they talking now? >> neither one of them have a job. they are a part of the 1,400 work force in brenham that was laid off. >> so is the barn door opened or closed now? everybody is out. >> blue bell is busy rounding up animals. >> everybody is out. >> thank you incredible reporting there. and tonight on the cbs
7:39 am
evening news with scott pelley how the findings in south carolina helped investigator learn blue bell made people sick for years. next, playboy gets amakeover. see why the first adult magazine is turning its back on nude photos. if you are heading off to work, set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time. we'll be right back. what if there was another way to look at relapsing multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection. it's a pill for relapsing ms that has the power to cut relapses in half. imagine what you could do with fewer relapses. tecfidera may cause serious side effects such as allergic reactions pml, which is a rare brain infection that usually leads to death or severe disability
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it means you a referral from a pcp. a pcp? a primary care physician. a pos means i need a pcp? (child crying) a referral. (child crying) find a doctor in your network before you book... with zocdoc. a cornerstone of popular culture around the world is getting a new look after more than six decades, playboy will stop publishing images of nude women. instead, it will show intimate and provocative poses. the decision a part of a redesign of a magazine whose subscriber base has been tumbling. when playboy was first published in 1953 featuring marlin monroe, it was left undated
7:44 am
because the magazine's founder hugh hefner was unsure if there would be a second issue. for more than half a century, their countless images of eye catching erot ka and nude centerfolds made playboy the model for adult magazines, dom physical patton is very writer at deadline hollywood. >> if you look at playboy, it's influence upon america and the western notion of certainly sexuality are incredibly profound. here is a magazine that started literally when dwight eisenhower was president. now it's 2015 and it's still published every month and it's still something that people recognize. >> reporter: despite it's success, playboy has suffered from the internet explosion in which pornography is both free and easy to find. the magazine's cirque lakes has dropped. for more than five.5 million in 1985 to 8,000 readers today. playboy's approach will scrap the nudity and increase the raw intimacy. when the magazine removed nudity
7:45 am
from its website last year, web traffic jumped from about 4 million to about 16 million unique users per month. >> people who never even broke open a playboy magazine know who hugh hefner is know what playboy is that lifestyle is. it spoo extospeaks to them of an age of freedom they are looking for. >> reporter: playboy says its history of provocative articles and news making interviews will continue. something the magazine has also featured since its first issue as hefner explained to charlie rose in 2005. >> it was all there, pictures and it meant passion. but you wanted to do that from the beginning find good writers, that was the notion. >> hefner reportedly agreed to the redesign after it was presented to him by playboy's chief content officer cory jones. the first of the new issues will be unveiled in march. >> didn't your grandmother say it's better to leave things to
7:46 am
the imagination? >> my grandmother never said that to me. >> they are still keeping the >> okay. thanks. >> you are welcome. >> she gave me all the playboy reads today, just say zbrg that's because i wouldn't have read them. >> i would have. i think it's a great story. >> i'm the hired help. a woman takes a drunken drive home after allegedly drinking too much. we'll show you how police found her.
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7:49 am
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7:51 am
balloon carrying five passengers made a surprised landing in a virgnia neighborhood. people can be heard praying for those on board as the balloon narrowly misses homes, it comes down safely on sun t. pilot blames unpredictable winds for blowing the balloon right off course. it's like that song wouldn't you want to ride in my beautiful balloon? who wrote that song? oh, i love that song. they're okay. >> journalist bob woodward isn't done and he is here in studio 57 is this morning with memos from a white house insideer that never saw the light of day until now. more on president nixon's ob sexes to henry kissingers dinner partners. that's all ahead on "cbs this morning". >> an attorney for aerosmith sent to donald trump a second cease and desist letter this weekend asking him to stop
7:52 am
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. >> good morning, it is tuesday, october 13th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning," there is more news ahead including author and journalist bob woodward in studio 57. more than 40 years after watergate and the nixon white house aides reveal more secrets. first, here's ra look at today's opener at 8:00. >> they have b ayndge lar taken - a hands-off approach to one another until now. it will be more difficult to do tonight. >> in case joe biden decides to get in. >> i'm surprised they don't have a hole in the roof to repel down. i >>n the netherlands, investigators determined a russian-made missile brought down malaysian airline flight 317. >> 16 injured were injured in the four separate attacks. it's the most serious incidence
8:01 am
of violence in the region. this morning, an apartment fire in kansas city killed two firefighters. if game two's loss is all about the dodgers adding insult to injury graham three will be revenge never tasted so sweet. >> the response i got at one point was, is that all you can do come in here and bitch every afternoon. >> what do you think this message to you was? >> volume was more important than complaining. >> hillary clinton said she would not rule out anybody as her running mate. said one listener i'm back baby. >> i'm gayle ding with norah o'donnell and anthony maesen charlie is on assignth. the democratic presidential candidates are getting ready, hillary clinton shares the stage
8:02 am
with bernie sanders and lincoln webb and they don't need two separate events. they will try to show voters why they are a better choice. >> clinton's first stop in vegas monday was a protest rally in front of the trump hotel. she said her message to donald trump was quote, if you are going to run for president, then you should represent all the people of the united states. sanders told a new hampshire by video link that he wants the debate to focus on issues. trump predicts that viewers will be bored and will turn it off after 15 minutes. this morning a conservation group in zimbabwe says it's exploring other "options action" for bringing american hunter walter palmer to justice. it comes after the african nation abruptly dropped efforts to criminally charge palmer who killed the beloved lion says sill in july and sparked world wide outrage, why palmer could still face legal trouble in the u.s., good morning. >> good morning, zimbabwe wild
8:03 am
life officials say their focus is the hunting quota. they cleared walter palmer but he is barred from hunting quote if their country. the protesters say the ways they feel over the killing of says sill the lion remains raw. >> people continue to be mad about this issue. the fact that palmer is getting off scott free. it's going to make a lot of people angry. >> reporter: according to government officials in zimbabwe, palmer broke no laws when he killed the world famous lion with a bow and arrow and skinned and beheaded him. it turned out palmer came to zimbabwe because all the papers were in order. the country's environment minister told reporters, three months earlier, she had accused him of taking part in an illegal hunt and wanted him to stand trial. >> i understand that already the processes have started and we are looking forward for his extradition. >> reporter: palmer had no comment monday, but he has
8:04 am
always maintained he did everything properly and relied on the expertise of local guides. in september, he told the associated press if i'd have known this lion had a name and was that important to the country or a study, obviously, i wouldn't have taken it. the zimbabwe conservation task force which documented says sill's killing says it was disgusted with authorities for dropping the case. adding we believe there is political interference here the government doesn't care about the wild life. there are less than 20,000 lions left in the wild and conservationists say those big cats could be spared says sill's state if they were protected by the u.s. endangered species act. >> it could prevent lions from being killed by americans and bringing those carcasses back home as trophies. >> the u.s. official and wild life service launched its own investigation into palmer's hunt, it did not respond to a request for comment. palmer was cleared in zimbabwe but they killed says sill, as well as the land owner who
8:05 am
allowed it to take place are being prosecuted. >> gayle. >> thank you. police arrested a 23-year-old womd who live streamed video of herself driving drunk. she was driving home in lakeland, florida and upsed the app periscope do chronicle her drive. you hear her repeatedly say she's drunk and she doesn't know where she is. >> i'm driving drunk. >> crazy officers started getting 911 calls from people watching her stream. police say when an officer tracked her down louising landmarks, she hit a curb she failed a sobriety test. she was charged with dui and has been taken to jail. >> it's disturbing too. >> not only drunk, using a camera videotape. >> endangering herself and everybody else. thank god they got her off the road. it was thought no one could escape from the notorious island prison alcatraz. we will show you new everyday
8:06 am
that suggests prisoners in the '60s
8:07 am
bob woodward is here with stories of richard nixon you haven't seen. you would be surprised to of his hidden vietnam and how he allegedly hurricane u turned the pleas from the kennedy family against them. bob woodward is next on "cbs this morning." [ music playing ] .
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
therefore, i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. vice president ford will be sworn in as president at that hour in this office. >> 41 years after richard nixon became the first u.s. president to resign, we are learning new secrets about his alleged deception and crimes beyond watergate, they're revealed by nixon aide alexander butterfield, disclosing the taping system in the oval office lit the fuse that brought down
8:12 am
the white house. >> he is sharing detailed memos from his white house days with legendary watergate reporter bob woodward. the petty ob sexes from the kennedys to state dinner guest lists to exacting revenge on enemies. david martin talked with butterfield for cbs's sunday morning. >> another document this one in butterfield's handwriting, details nixon's reaction to the meli massacre in which viet namese were slaughtered by american gis. >> here is one quote of what you wrote down get background of all involved all must be exposed. discredit witnesses. >> yeah. discredit. >> that rings a bell. we went to great lengths to discredit people all the time. >> reporter: butterfield wrote one memo about the possible left wing affiliations of the soldier who first blew the whistle on mely another about seymour heirst the reporter that broke
8:13 am
the memo. according to memo hirsch received a $1 pll grant from the fund, which is clearly left wing and anti-administration. another vulnerable spot according to butterfield's notes, is the possible involvement of a lib jew. >> so if the guy was a liberal jew, that was material with which to discredit somebody? >> you're asking me things that are very difficult to explain about a very complicated man. >> bob woodwards block "the last of the president's men," we welcome you back to studio 57 with a really fascinating book. because i think most people think nixon's story had been told. i would imagine even you thought nixon's story had been told when you see these documents. >> i thought it was over and butterfield had 20 boxes of things that we have not seen before and particularly on the management of the vietnam war.
8:14 am
i mean a xander in chief has a kind of unwritten contract with everyone in the military to do his job expecting everyone to do theirs. and you look at particularly one of these memos and you see the president of the united states in his own handwriting said we did all this bombing, three years of bombing while he was president in an accomplished zilch. >> he is telling cbs the bombing was effective. >> yeah. the lies the deception, when i first read that memo frankly, i have listened to as many nixon tapes and read transcripts, i was really shocked that this is the other side of water gate when you strak and connect all the dots you see that he's managing the vietnam war, not to win the war, but because of the popularity of the bombing to win
8:15 am
re-election. >> right. >> if he did. >> in fact as you point out through pentagon records, previous to that zilch memo they dropped 2 million bombs on vietnam and even after that perhaps another million bombs during the election year he was reelected. >> kissinger found when nixon does his most dramatic move and really intensifying bombing, on the secret tapes, kissinger tells nixon, that's the day you won re-election. >> right. >> which is upeting knowing he had to change. >> it is a level of breaking that contract and manipulating the system. it's equivalent to the crimes at water gate. >> you are right, it gives us a deeper more disturbing and baffling portrait of nixon. you said it makes, these documents make nixon seem both larger and smaller at the same
8:16 am
time which to me has always been the paradox of the man for all the great things he did, he was so petty as well. >> and he was criminal. and he would do anything to be reelected. >> that itself the sabotage and spine of water gate and we see it on the most safe cred trust a resident has is that role commander-in-chief and he's also engaged in debt deception and manipulation. >> here's alex butterfield, though, he's talking about the nixon inner circle is like a snake pit and kindergarten. it's like working in a cesspool. can you still do good work in a says pom. the conflict of alex butterfield wallsal interesting. hery vealed the tapes. you pressed him about that. >> yes so you got a complicated portrait oof nixon, but this next year we're going to elect a president again and we need to you no e, this book is about nixon, but it's really a warning
8:17 am
that we better know who these people are and we didn't do enough work on nixon. lots of people think not enough work was done to really tell and explain bill clinton or george w. bush and barack obama and now is the time to really engage in that full buyout grid. so we understand who these people are. because we missed nixon and when you look at this story it kind of is mind numbing that this is the president of the united states. >> there are so many details in this book that speak of alexander butterfield, nixon ordering him to remove photos of president kennedy that were on people's desks. the subject of that memo was -- >> nixon goes bananas. >> what was the subject of the
8:18 am
memo? >> the first one is nixon says this is an infestation and then. >> he was obsessed with kennedy. >> i was skeptical of this until i saw the documents and there it is in the book the document that butterfield wrote nixon saying, there is a sanitization of the staff offices. somehow, it would be like you people around here discovering that there is a walter cronkite picture on the wall and going around and sanitize. >> and the woman and her two candidate pictures. all of a sudden she was under investigation. >> and to be checked with the cia the fbi. >> butterfield talks about actually walking out of the white house with these documents, with i is one of the more extraordinary aspects of this story. but why did he take these documents home with him literally? >> he told david martin, it's a good answer he thought he could take as good care of them as anybody, because this is the time when documents were being
8:19 am
destroyed, left and right, there was the coverup going on and butterfield wanted to write and tried to write a memoir and he shared it with me. >> on his last day, there is no good-bye, no parting of the ways with the president, he takes his books and goes and how he felt disrespected by the president of the united states? >> yes. but then there is this isolation of nixon, this loneliness and we need, i want to know who will be the next president and i think there is a journalistic obligation to find out everything positive everything negative, a full excavation. >> bob woodward, as always what a pleasure? thank you so mump. the last of the president's men goes on sale today. alcatraz was supposed to be escape proof, but new evidence
8:20 am
suggests some prisoners successfully got out of the federal prison. we'll find out how next. and tomorrow jane crawford shows us how the commercial jet industry is reinventing itself. >> it's lard to imagine some of the world's biggest airplanes looking small. but in this building they do. coming up tomorrow on "cbs this morning," we'll show you how boeing takes a plane from start to finish and makes it fly.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> a surprising twistn ithe 1962 alcatraz prison break, one of the most elaborate escapes in history. on monday they aired new information about the 1979 movie "escape from alcatraz" they said the men drowned. new details suggest they were successful in getting away. this photo was allegedly taken by a family friend who claims to have run into two of the escapees in rio de janeiro in the '70s. they had the photo since 1972 and turned it over to the investigators in the case. he said, quote, this is the best actionable lead we've had. >> that's a wild one. golden globe winner ruth wilson is here in studio 57 with a look at season two of the hit drama "the
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
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8:30 am
. >> the price is right. >> he's in for james o'hauloran. >> it's gamd cordin on a new trampoline. a climber. the pa system comes with more. >> thought you never thought you'd see james cordin twerking on tv, he sings, he dances and now male model. he's the one guy anna winter said he's the funniest guys he know, in the words of james cordin "i crushed it." you go. >> we are glad he is close to cbs family.
8:31 am
coming up in this half hour,able tres bruce wilson plays the scandalous rule of allison in the hit drama "the affair." she's in our green room. is the role changing her view of marriage off screen neighborhood, also in studio 57 we mentioned him. there he is. best selling author kneel straus, he knows the real fallout. he opens up how his marriage survived and the lessons for anyone in a relationship. that's ahead. now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines, "for kunis" reports on facebook testing, a new ad format to make shopping from your smartphone easier t. social network will allow users to browse products in their news feeds without leaving the site. facebook will also add a shopping section under favorites. >> usa today reports on actor leonardo dicaprio bringing the volkswagon scandal to the big screen. paramount pictures acquired the movie rights. dicaprio is an environmental
8:32 am
activist. they admit they installed it in millions of cars to evade emissions tests. bloomberg reports on fantasy sports sites having their biggest weekend ever all of this coming after a week filled with allegations of the cheating. that didn't scare customers away. draftkings and fanduel had a record number oftime people in the tournaments, they got more than 7 million entries to their guaranteed prize pools. >> that generated more than $43 million in entry fees. >> wow is right. the new york daily news reports on comedian tracy morgan reaching another comeback milestone after a deadly 2014 crash in new jersey. morgan tweeted about doing standsup at the comedy cellar in new york city last night. this was his first comedy job in 16 months he said he was picking up the pieces, he is to return to "saturday night live" this weekend. "time" reports on ed sheeran
8:33 am
setting a big spotify record. ♪ maybe we found love height where we are. >> his thinking out loud has become the first one ever to reach 500 million on spotify. she is second in strings only behind eminem. spotify says one in four users has a sheeran song in at least one play list. >> i believe that. >> it is a very romantic song. >> i know i love it. >> 500 million. >> i bloo everybody that. >> you know a saying there two sides to every story in the "affair," there are actually four sides, the debut season of the hit show timed golden globe for best television drama and best actress in a tv drama for the lovely co-star ruth wilson. the season's lovers allison and noah deal with the after math of their cheating and livering together. the story is told from each of the very different perspectives. now, fans are seeing the wreckage the couple left behind and they're also seeing the reviews of two more characters.
8:34 am
here's a zmeek preview of next sunday's episode. >> i think we're making a terrible mistake. >> please don't say >> she's right. we're not even divorced yet. neither am i. everything is finds here and now. what happens when we have to leave. when we actually have to face the real world again. >> we'll figure it out. >> what if we can't? >> why are you asking that? >> because it's a possibility, noah. are you really so naive? do you really think things work out for the best? true love conquers all? >> true all, yes. >> she plays the conflicted allison. welcome to studio 57. so i jumped on the fair band wagon this summer. charlie rose was in here talking about it. i thought, let me watch a few episode, i watched the full
8:35 am
season one. i was so conflicted it's almost allison be careful what you wish for. you are ruth. be careful. >> be careful indeed this season definitely plays around with that a lot more. it's about the consequences of this affair and how it affects everyone and their lives and the repercussions filter through to other people as themselves. and she's always i find, she's a character that is constantly looking for happiness, looking for someone to save her from this awful grief she's gone through and escape from that world, noah was the person this season be careful what you wish for, he might be the souls of happiness for you. >> there is so much sneaking around and lying. how well did allison and noah really know each other? >> they don't. another theme of this season is how well do you really know someone? and they don't. they act impulsively and recklessly, now they're dealing with the consequencens and they're committing to this
8:36 am
relationship because they really want to make it work. it has such it's caused such damage in many ways. it's even more important to try and make it work. >> one of the concedes i love about this show as we mentioned, it's now got four points of view. initially, it started with two. what's so interesting, you can have the same story line two different perspectives people view the events that happened in completely different ways. >> it's the idea that all truth is subjective. you are always saying everything you do in your life from your own experience so how you have been brought up will shape how you feel about various events or things that happen to you. so everything is subjective. there is no objective truth. so that's the kind of theme of the whole show itself. >> you are single. i realize you are acting the role of allison. i am curious. does it make you think about marriage? >> yeah. >> in what way? how so? >> every time you do a part you have to dig into why these people do. and the characters.
8:37 am
so of course it makes you question whether you see your marriage as something that is still relevant and whether we've got such high expectations of what marriage should give you. and i think that's where it sometimes fails, that we go into thinking it is going to be all sorts of happy inside and for life and actually you need to work at it. you need to find happiness within yourself first. >> both the women clarkters are strong characters in this story. neither one need the man to survive. which is also a very interesting point of view. >> yeah. in this season, it's interesting. when they both start to realize that slowly. certainly allison. i mean it's the first half of the season you will see she still is trying to make this relationship work and is very dependent on noah. by the end, she's starting to realize that happiness exists in other forms for her, in her work. she has a new child. so you start to see her finding that she is finding herself, they are going through a journey of self discovery. >> you have a british co-star.
8:38 am
why is everyone so better doing the americaning a thanning aing ae american accents than americans doing british accents. >> the first time i saw an interview, oh my zbosh, she's not an american. you both nail it so well. >> we run around the playgrounds. you act out things from big american movies blockbusters. >> you won the golden globe for this. >> i was there when you went. you seemed stunned. >> i was. >> were you? >> what was it like? >> it was amazing. i mean it's you know i completely shocked that we won as the show won then i won and i was it was a brilliant evening. it was fun. i remember watching it. it was amazing. i felt very privileged to be there. >> well, claulgs congratulationongratulations on the show. >> i can't wait to sigh season two. >> who killed scotty?
8:39 am
>> i predict it's cole. i don't know but i predict cole. >> thank you. >> can you watch "the affair "sundays on "showtime." it is a division of cbs. is the game over for the men that taught women? we have a reality check on
8:40 am
8:41 am
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almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. after trying brookside chocolates @pam_cakes_v tweeted: "leave it to me to drop a brookside down my shirt & lose it." you didn't lose it. you saved it for later. brookside. talk about delicious.
8:43 am
it's all a part of a technique i have been studying for picking up women who employ a visual display to make yourself distinctive and memorable. >> oh, yes, like the male peacock with brilliant plumage or the running ba boone with corners. >> or in this case the bar mitzvah boy with pink eye. >> the big bang theory may have learned a few 56 the from neil straus. he talks about churches that manipulate the women they want in his controversial bet seller 80 the game" he had big up artists revealing the secrets of seduction. one technique is niging. it's to actively interest in her, telling her she has lipstick on her teeth or offering her a piece of guam after she speaks. ten years later straus is out with the "the truth" the
8:44 am
uncomfortable truth about relationships, cheating monogamy and how he changed. >> speaking of uncomfortable. >> you have done basically a complete reversal in this book. >> yes and the game as i point out a culture was there, the 20s techniques that already existed. you will not popularize ideas. so it's kind of sad the contribution of the culture is people wearing ridiculous clothes. >>' huph had a clang of heart? >> bigger than that a complete transformation as to who i was and how i felt what was important until now. >> what brought that about? >> i guess sometimes have you to have a real low. for me it was someone i cared about being really in love with this person or so i thought. they are getting caught. you know breaking the heart of someone who loves you. hurting her that much that i started to think, well, maybe i'm just completely wrong about everything. >> you said there comes a time in a man's life he looks around and realizes he makes a mess of
8:45 am
everything. for you, not only did you cheat, you were a cheater cheater pumpkin eater of extraordinary proportions, you cheated with a friend of hers. you say, how could i have done that? because you really did love this woman. >> exactly. i thought i was a good guy. how can a nice guy do this to himself and to somebody snow so that set me off on just all, it's hard to explain, really just trying to figure what was wrong. >> you the did work, though you went to rehab. you were there, you spent five years trying to figure yourself out. trying to uncover your demons trying to be a better person, you said to learn how to be a real good human being. >> yeah. and literally. i went to rehab. i found everything i was wrong with me. thought they were all wrong and went ahead and lived my life in a horrible way until you realized, you know what man, you got to have probably humidity humility you can have to change. >> what is the truth as you title this book about
8:46 am
relationships? written like a bible, by the way, considering the fact you make it look like a bible i think is interesting. >> the game is a black bible. it was a white bible t. book independent to it. so the truth is two things one is the opposite of the game you were saying at the top, the game is manipulate manipulation. secondly what you need in a relationship if you look at the ashley madison scandal, you look at relationships. people are so scared to be honest with their partner because they're scared of what they will do to show their vulnerability. >> you said love is not about finding the right person. it's about becoming the right person. which i think is very powerful. what do you mean by that? >> exactly, everybody is trying to find the right person. they keep finding the same person. >> different paths. >> but they may seem different at first. they end up in the same situation every time because the relationship like as i learned, i would always blame the other person until i looked at it.
8:47 am
it has nothing to do with them or the relationship, it's how i relate to them. >> so how do you feel about the rules changing forward in the game? >> again, because the game was me, i worked in a journalistic ap risc of the culture, so even then, i'd recognize there was a certain ludicrousness to them. but at a much higher degree now. honestly, it's 91 my to say, any type of reg lakes, whether it's bob woodward on earlier, talk object about butterfield, any kind of manipulation is into the good. >> i was with a person who i think was very much like you. >> right. >> and my mom used to say to me a leopard doesn't change its spot a. tiger doesn't change its stripes. do you think it's possible for men to be monogamous do you think wince you make a mistake like that you can course correct? >> yeah. >> you did. do you think most people? >> it's a big question. first you have to put the word in apologizing, saying it will
8:48 am
never help is not enough. >> until it's uncomfortable. don't have a password on your cell phone. >> so basically trust is something you need to earn back. it takes time. you have to realize the person cheated on is hurt literally trauma advertised. it is a traumatic event. they have to heal too. so it's a long healing process for both people. for ingrid and i, we can look back on it and the cheating was on for the betterment to happen to us now we're in a real relationship. she knows everything about me. we worked on the mother issues i project on to her, i mean the fatherhood she projectss on to me, it left us with a real intimate relationship we would not have had otherwise. >> i'm going to have you sign this book to my ex. >> shape up. >> in his next relationship. thank you, neil. it was a pleasure to meet you.
8:49 am
>> and the truth goes on today. the race is on to build the biggest pumpkin in the world. one state is facing a major handicap, that's next here on as the season shifts change is on its way. and with change, comes opportunity. it's up to you to seize it. ♪ ♪ this autumn, find your opportunity at cadillac.
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>> one pumpkin stands alone as the winner of a california championship. this white pumpkin weighed in. that's not enough to break the world records. some contestants win the state's historic drought for supersize entries the largest can be found in rhode island with more than 2,200 pounds. >> wow! >> it has a circumference of 18 feet. as they say, it's not a pumpkin, nor remarks what is it? >> it's a gourd.
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look at the top gadgets you'll need to take with you on your next trip. meaghan mooney is at six flags fright fest as we're on part of our tour of the scariest haunted houses in the dmv. it's tuesday, october 13 and this is "great day washington." good morning. my name is chris leary. i'm markette sheppard. we're the hosts of "great day washington." >> yes, we are. what's going on? >> i'm excited about today's show because ann taylor is here. i used to work at ann taylor in college. he had a great time. d.c. is one of their top markets. all of the congress ladies and high powered lobbyists on k street shop


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