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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  October 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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garrett is live outside the expo center. what are experts saying? >> reporter: this is his first rally in the commonwealth and supporters have been lining up for hours. this is a cavernous space with room for 5,000 people in this m least that many folks and possibly more in overflow spaces. here's part of the reason why. trump is continuing to dominate his gop opponent in the polls. there's only one recent poll in the commonwealth but in that, trump has about 7 points over his closest challenger, dr. ben carson. many voters driving for hours to see their favorite candidate in person. they like trump is not a politician and that he's willing to speak his mind and no matter the issue or, really, his position on it. >> he's a fearless leader. he loves this country. he's the person that i feel will not just talk the talk. he will walk the walk.
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he will do what he said he's going to do. >> he's a young yankee boy but a tough yankee boy. i am from the south and love the south but i love him. >> reporter: it's about loving the candidate, not necessarily the position or knowing what he's going to talk about. a lot of times, these rallies he hold are an hour-long ramble on immigration, the military, or even his target of the day on the other side of the aisle, or recent poll numbers. we expect all that to come up with a heavy focus on last night's democratic debate. we'll have the full breakdown tonight at 11:00. reporting in rich in order, garrett haake. >> thank you. speaking in washington today, trump's daughter incredibly proud of her dad running for president, adding he's changing the campaigning process in a positive way
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targeting bernie sanders. he released an online ad to portray the vermont senator as too weak to lead. sanders is being credited with a very strong performance. craig boswell has reaction. >> we're gonna win! >> reporter: clinton remains in las vegas to rally democrat after tuesday's presidential debate. >> i'm a progressive, but i'm a progressive that likes to get things done. >> reporter: clinton didn't shy away from attacks, saying bernie sanders has been soft on gun control. >> senator sanders did both five time against the brady bill. >> reporter: sanders deliver the line the night. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your teamn e-mails! >> thank you. me too, me, too! >> reporter: the sanders campaign raised $2 million since the start of the debate. >> bernie sanders had a strong night. i don't think he did as well as secretary clinton but if you're asport of sanders, you walked away feeling good about his performance. >> reporter: doug thornell
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said it didn't slam the door on joe biden but he has to decide soon if he wants to get in the race. >> the mechanic of putting together a campaign takes time and he's running out of time. >> reporter: biden. gave no hints about his plan wednesday. >> i thought they all did well. >> reporter: more than 15 million people tuned in to watch tuesday night's debate. craig boswell, the white house. >> the next debate is november 14 in iowa. you can watch it on wusa 9. also on stage last night were martin the o'malley and jim webb. neither candidate is polling at 1% in the average national poll for president and neither candidate seem to have a breakout moment. so a question we put on the street today is should o'malley and webb consider dropping out of the race? >> i think they should both drop out >> both drop out? >> yeah. webb didn't do such a great job and o'malley did an all right
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job. >> webb looked like he was on an extended flashback from vietnam. o'malley only had one good line and that was talking about the carnival barker of donald trump. >> no they ought to stay in there. they have the right to run and senator webb is a very accomplished man. >> i guess it's up to them. they have the money to stay in. >> they're not polling well in their own states. o'malley said his debate performance shows there are more than two candidates in the democratic race. doesn't sound like he's thinking about quit. no word from the web campaign tonight, but one of webb's best lines last night was to sanders when he said, "bernie, i don't think the revolution is going to come, and i don't think congress is going to pay for a lot of this stuff." israel is deploying troops to cities around the country after a wave of palestinian attack. israeli police shot and killed man who tried to stab them
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outside jerusalem's old city. another attacker was stabbed when he wound an israeli woman outside a bus station. >> the second attack has taken place in jerusalem in the last four hours. >> there have been more than a dozen attack on israeli in the past two weeks and in a televised speech tonight, palestinian president mahmoud abbas said israel's rejection of peace and building of settlement in the west bank is to blame president a final stamp of approval for the controversial nuclear deal with the u.s., imposing limits on iran's program. next change, u.s. and other nationals will lift sanctions against iran. cbs news reports iran sent 1,000 troop into syria. most are to help syrian forces retake the city from rebels. cbs news said the russian military is expected to pitch in with air strikes, artillery
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and rocket launchers to further indicate russia is clearly backing syria's government and that country's civil war. russia maintained its air strikes focused on destroying i.s.i.s. and other terrorists, not rebels. a remarkable display of grief is continuing outside wall door inform charles county, maryland, where a large extended family mourns the death of a 68-year-old great- grand mother and her 6-year-old grandson. bernice washington and xaveon atkins died. ms. washington was the matriarch of a large and loving family. >> she is the foundation for her kids and her grandkids. >> she did the world for everybody. >> oh, he was a lovely kid. he loved playing and he loved his grandmother and his grandmother love him. >> the maryland state fire marshall is investigating the cause of the fire. fourfamily members manage to escape because of smoke detectors. in bethesda tonight, a warning about an evil owl and
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we're giving a hoot because he's in pursuit. the signs are up on the capitol crescent trail warning an owl is swooping down out of the trees and running his clues across scalps of unsuspected joggers. at least three runners have reported being attacked. experts warn the owl is probably most active at dusk and dawn and if you're sporting a ponytail, you may want to tuck it in. >> we're giving a hoot because he's in pursuit. best line ever. >> a little rapping there. coming up, gabby gifford dedelays many women dying from gun violence. baltimore's mayor speaks out about a police sergeant accused of spitting on a man in handcuffs. looking at a little cooler night. here are the forecast lows. we're talking 40s in the suburbs, 45 gaithersburg, 45 bowie, 48 manassas, low 50s downtown. we'll come back. this is a hard bing per of really cold stuff yet to come. we'll tell you when the cold stuff arrives.
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coming up next, csi, medical
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the jury saw evidence in the kirby case. investigators held up bullet and photos of the body. the medical examiner testified kirby was shot in the chest twice and once in the hit. a plumber hired by kirby to work in the house the day he was murder testified he saw a man resembling severance in
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neighborhood at that time. the prosecutor held up a flannel shirt found in severance's car. the plumber said the man wore a shirt like that and said he was 80% certain that was him. a legal victory for virginia's former first lady. a federal appeals court agreed to delay a peel hearing. she doesn't want to proceed until the court rules on her husband, both convicted of lending the prestige of the governor's office for a businessman in exchange for money and fifths. a police sergeant accused of spitting on man in handcuffs may have to resign. the police department quickly suspended sergeant robert meissner. he has been on the police force for 34 years. interim police commissioner kevin davis said the video appears to show the sergeant spitting on a man arrested for
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criminal misconduct. investigations are underway. the family of a sailor aboard a cargo ship that sunk during the hurricane filed a $100 million lawsuit. jordan was among the crew of the "el faro." it the suit alleges the company was negligent in choosing a sail a 41-year-old cargo ship into dangerous weather. coming up, latest timetable for reopening the pike after yesterday's water main break but up next, two discover the world
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[ applause ] former congresswoman gabrielle giffords was in d.c. to speak about gun and domestic violence. her speech was part of a summit to talk about what they feel are solutions to stopping gun violence. >> guns and domestic violence are deadly mix. we don't agree about everything, but we can agree on this. >> one of the many speakers was barbara parker, mother of
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allison parker. >> allison parker and adam ward were with gunned down on live television. you recall this in august. they were doing a live report for wdbj-tv in roanoke, virginia. debra talk to parker. >> reporter: it's been seven weeks since a former disgruntled employee curried out the murder of allison parker and adam ward. they were doing their job, camera man and reporter, on a story, interviewing the head of a chamber of commerce live for their station's mourn show. allison's mom barbara said she's now a member of a club that no one wants to be a member of. >> she was funny. she was beautiful. she was driven. >> reporter: and she was tragically, methodically, and heart wrenchingly gunned down in a way never seen before during a live tv report. this may be the definition of parents' nightmare. >> i want to spare other
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parent from the pain we've endured. it's been terrible. we sprinkled her ash in the nantahala river five days ago and one of her favorite places on earth. so if we can can do something to help, that's what we are here for. >> reporter: the mother of reporter allison parker, barbara parker, told her story to an audience of people keenly interested in stopping gun violence against women. it was a domestic violence summit put together by an organization headed by gabrielle gifford. the very public face of gun violence hugged parker and other women on the panel, women whose stories of losing a love one to gun violence stopped people in their tracks. >> the public nature of the shooting, fact there videos available on the internet to see, has made this despicable act heinous. >> reporter: the message is
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sharing powerful stories may spark movements towards gun law that better protect women. >> we're not the first parents to have lost loved ones to tragedy. we are determined to channel our profound grief into take action that saves lives. >> it's not just someone else's problem. it's all of our problems. >> parker watched the democratic debate last night. >> this is washington, a place where lot of talk goes on and so far very little action on gun control. are they optimistic or just here as part of their own therapy? >> you know, i think that mrs. parker is very optimistic and she doesn't want her daughter to have died in vain. and she's no joke. she is hard work withing, really on it. she's not kidding around with this. we hope something gets done but you and i know. >> we do lot of talking in
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washington. thank you. pro life activists sent unedited videos showing planned parenthood officials discussing use of fetal tissue. planned parenthood accused activist of heavy editing videos. members of congress will view the videos but will not release them to the public for privacy and safety reasons. crews fixed a broken water main but road repairs will last into the evening and through the nights. right now, one lane is getting by in both directions. the 74-year-old pipe burst, sending 250 customers without water. >> always watching, always tracking. wusa 9's first alert weather. d.c.'s most accurate. you know, we're starting to feel a chill in the air. >> i think we're okay.
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>> you think so? >> we wrestle with this every day. in the morning, i think i am too low. in the afternoon, i think i'm too high. we dialed back the temps a little from yesterday and still went for a high today of 70. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. taking a live look outside, it's down a little bit, 65. that's out of the range right now. dew point in the 40s. great. relative humidity in the 40s, great. wind north-northwest at 15 and will subside later tonight. clearing and cooler tonight. bus stop temperatures, 45 to 58. a little on the chilly side. less wind tomorrow and more sunshine. yes, we might only see 68 degrees but with less wind and more sunshine, probably will feel warmer tomorrow. the next front comes on friday. it has limited moisture, much like tuesday's front did, although tuesday's front produced showers south of town. it couldn't produce anything
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organized at all, ushering in cold air. by 10:00 tonight, you can walk sparky. 55 in leesburg, 53 gaithersburg, 54 bowie, 55 in la play that. we have mid-40s, really from gaithersburg and rockville to martins bug to cumberland. 49 fredericksburg. by mid-morning, we're crawling to the 50s so 54 downtown, low 50s in the suburbs. by 1:00, low 60s. sunshine. we're actually in pretty good shape with less wind tomorrow and a perfect day. day planner looks like this, 50s to start, 60 by 11:00, and 63 by 1:00. friday will keep a drop in slight chance of a shower, no worries for high school football, 71. breezy and chilly on saturday, 58. next seven day, only 56 on sunday so the coldest air of the season rolls in frost possible saturday and/or sunday night in the burbs, back to 68 tuesday, back to 70 on
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wednesday. >> okay. i don't want to use the phrase "must win." backs against the wall -- -- i think so. we have seen the improvement. they almost got it last week. they need to try to get -- we need more than one at a time. they call themselves psp -- power, speed, and patience. that's the redskins' run game. lately, three-headed rushing attack has been slowed down. what's their plan going forward as they take on
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>> announcer: now, wusa 9 game on sport with kristen berset,
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brought to you by xfinity. the burgundy and gold said their emphasis is running the football and at first, we saw that on sundays but lately, they seem to have lost that identity. frank hanrahan is at redskins park with more on the lack of the run attack. >> reporter: what's up with the redskins' running attack? they average 170-yard on the ground the first two but there's a two -- 88-yard. morris and jones still looking to share the load in the back field. it is working for the redskins? >> there are certain things that matt jones does better than alfred and certain things alfred does better and better things chris thompson does so we try to mix and match the system to the best personnel we have at that time on the play call. >> you have to stay warm and just prepare for it in practice. coach call you -- ready to rock and roll. he is used to it and in game time, you have to do it. >> we can't abandon it. i don't know how good that will
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be for us as an offense, either. >> reporter: it's not going to be easier this week at the new york jets. redskins offensive lineman trent williams said it's the best front the skins will face all season long. é frank hanrahan, wusa 9 sports. the terrapins are hard at work this week, despite the fact they have a bye week. getting extra time to get adjust to their new head coach. dave owens has more. >> reporter: october 14, the first day maryland football returns to the practice field, post-randy edsall era. while player and coaches try to said it was business as usual, one thing is clear. trying to turn the page after an emotional 72 hours is not >> i mean, as i told them, i feel like crap because i know i played part in this decision made on sunday. not getting job done on the offensive side of the ball and we should. you know, good coach lost his job. >> you know, you have a lot of outside media and everything
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like that and at the end of the day, we have to play football. everybody was just ready and answer anticipate this morning. i couldn't sleep. i was ready to come on the practice field and get things started. >> reporter: already a change to the practice field. piping in more music. also more wins around here would be music to these fans. in college park, dave owens, wusa 9 sports. >> they're focused on finishing strong but next up is next saturday, penn state in baltimore. we'll see how it's coming together. >> do we have michigan state on schedule? >> that will be a fun one. >> thank you for
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>> pelley: death opens the doors of a secretive church. parishioners are charged in the savage beating of two teenagers to force them to confess their sins. also tonight, clinton, sanders and the first democratic debate. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mail. >> thank you. >> pelley: products promoted as health supplements are sending tens of thousands to the emergency room. and they're just delivering the paper, so why are 15,000 people following them? >> this i captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we begin tonight with death in the word of life church. police in upstate new york say two teenagers were brutally beaten, one fatally, by


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