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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 15, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, october 15th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." frustration and chaos at airports across the country. the terror watch list computer system shut down. what caused the glitch. president obama changes course in afghanistan. the new plan will delay the homecoming of thousands of troops. and steven spielberg shows us how to direct tom hanks. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. a nationwide computer glitch. >> they should have had a backup
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system. the program that cross matches passengers names with terror watch list was down about 90 minutes. >> the worst violence in israeli since last year's war with hamas. >> eight israelis have been killed with 31 palestinians. in texas a fast moving wildfire only 10% contained and destroyed nine homes and 150 threatened. >> donald trump has set his sights on bernie sanders. >> this maniac is giving away away. il cal him a socialist/communist because that is what he is. >> walmart causing uprolln o wall street. stock plunges to the lowest level since 1998. >> lost 20 million dollars in market cash. >> lambar odom remains on life support. authorities investigate whether cocaine may have been lvinvoed. a dash cam running when a truck lost control in southern california. the truck flew off the road and the driver critical hurt.
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>> all that. >> kansas city royals move on with a matchup with the blue jays. >> russell martin hit the bat. the run scores and thean fs went crazy. it didn't matter because jose bautista just launched one towards montreal. >> the 50th anniversary of the nationalor f a therts and humidity. ♪ my girl my girl." >> on "cbs this morning." >> it has to be brief, because i want to make sure jim webb has a chance to talk. >> i've had a long history with working with the situation of african-americans. >> like a school of fish or a gaggle of geese? you know? it's a situation of african-americans. it makes sense. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. ♪
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welcome to "cbs this morning." investigators are trying to find out why a computer system meant to keep terrorists out of the united states failed. the glitch forced thousands of international travelers to wait in line last night for hours. customs and border protection inspectors had to check no fly lists by hand. >> the outage affecteded major airports across the country. the system is back online this morning. kris van cleave is at washington's dulles airport, one of the affected airports. >> reporter: the lines today, nothing like the lines that greeted international flyers last night. homeland security system is supposed to check the name of passengers entering or leaving the u.s. against names of potential ties to terror and it should work in seconds. that was not the case last night. the system airline and customs officers used to check your name against a list of suspected terrorists went down wednesday night. department of homeland security
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officials blamed the problem with a router for causing the 90-minute outage resulting in long lines at some of the nation's major airports including miami, charlotte, and dallas. >> they told me that the computer system was down and that we needed to fill out forms old-school style so i filled out the form and everything was all set after that. it was quick and easy. >> reporter: at new york's jfk airport. >> they should have had a better system, like another backup or something. there was people that couldn't walk. it was crazy, crazy. people in wheelchair that were like crying and waiting there for hours. >> reporter: at boston's logan airport. >> they said there was a nationwide computer glitch and we all had to wait. >> reporter: those long lines led to paper work. >> they finally just you know, let everything fill out a form and get through. >> reporter: the outage comes days after a computer glitch delayed hundreds of southwest airlines flights. this summer united airlines had to ground all flights for a time when a router issue left the airline struggling to send flight plans to pilots.
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customs and border protection officials said last night the agency experienced a temporary outage with its processing systems and officers processed international travelers using alternative procedures. sources tell "cbs this morning," alternative procedures meant a tedious process of manually checking traveler names against a secure flight watch list. the system came back online around 9:30 last night. dhs says there are no signs that this failure had anything to do with a malicious attack. this morning, president obama will announce a major shift in his plans for troops in afghanistan. the president has decided to slow the pace of the drawdown of u.s. forces. thousands more than initially plan will now remain stationed in afghanistan. margaret brennan is at the white house with the reasons behind the president's decision. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the recent explosion of violence in afghanistan has led president obama to reverse his decision to
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bring nearly all u.s. troops home by the time he leaves office. this was a tough call for the president who had declared the american war in afghanistan to be over. now, he'll slow the drawdown from the current level of 10,000 troops to about 5,500 by the end of 2016. his original plan was keep a thousand troops stationed in kabul. u.s. military advisers warned a more robust presence is needed to combat a resurgence taliban, as well as threats from isis and al qaeda. last month the taliban overran a major afghan city for the first time since 2001. senior administration officials say u.s. forces will now be stationed at four key bases at a cost of around $15 billion and more than a billion the original plan. sources say the president is concerned he wants to give his successor more flexibility to fight terrorism. >> margaret thanks. israeli is taking new action
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this morning to battle increasingin increasing violence from palestinians. hundreds of israeli troops are deployed across the country and attacks targeting troops and civilians continue. eight israeli and 31 palestinians have been killed in the recent violence. johnathan vigliotti is in jerusalem with the growing tension. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the increased presence of the military here on the streets is truly adding to the paranoia. we saw a group of young israeli men, civilians openly carrying assault rifles inself defense. a short while ago, i spoke with a palestinian father of five who says he is worried about the safety of his children concerned if they go out of their house, they could be targeted mistaken for terrorists. the scene of a young dead palestinian man surrounded by israeli forces is the latest one in this latest surge of violence and he was shot dead yesterday
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at the entrance of the old city after he allegedly tried to knife an israeli security guard. another tacker at a bus station was shot and killed by police after stabbing israeli wohnñfman. knife attacks are a hallmark of the recent unrest. this security video released by assault on commuters during the central city city. civilians are having demonstr in violence as th the palestinians who have died. this man was killed during clashes with israeli security forces. and no sooner had his bethlehem finished, fighting erupted on the streets once again. those we spoke with say the anger and fear is palpable. >> very, very dangerous. we are scared. all the time. >> reporter: in his first address since the violence began, palestinian presi mahmoud abbas caused for resistance but vowed to continue the national struggle.
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calling for peaceful resistance the first time we should mention that he has spoken out on this violence since it erupted three weeks ago. but we should mention not everybody is listening. in fact, earlier this morning, three palestinian men were arrested. israeli police suspected them of about to launch another attack. norah? >> johnathan vigliotti in jerusalem, thank you. another republican congressman says the house committee investigating the deadly 2012 benghazi attack wants to hurt hillary clinton's presidential chances. representative richard hanna of new york told a radio interviewer he believes the probe is politically motivated. >> i think that there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people. an individual hillary clinton. you know, i think there is also a lot of it that is important that needed to get to the bottom of this, but this has been the longest investigation longer than watergate. >> house majority leader kevin mccarthy suggested last month
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the investigation was meant, in part, to sink clinton's poll nu clinton's inquiry, quote, has zero credibility left but the former secretary of state will testify to the committee next week. this morning, the clinton campaign is telling vice president joe biden to make up his mind about running for president. clinton and senator bernie sanders are reaping the rewards from tuesday night's debate. many democrats are asking if there is still even an opening for joe biden. nancy cordes is in des moines iowa, where the first in the nation caucuses are three and a half months away now. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the clinton campaign is subtly but upping the pressure on vice president biden to announce his intentions. they feel this field has been in limbo long enough. >> did we have a good debate last night? we will win nevada for the democrats to keep a democrat in the white house! >> reporter: an energized hillary clinton stayed in nevada wednesday after a debate
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performance that gave her campaign a badly needed shot of confidence. the campaign chair issues this challenge to biden. >> i think the time has come for a decision. >> i'm feel really lucky in las vegas. >> reporter: clinton, herself, took a more hands-off approach. >> i think he needs to decide what is best for him and his family. >> reporter: biden has to consider sanders sudden surge in funding and he raised more than 2.5 million in 24 hours and more than republican rand paul raised in three months. we asked skarnedsanders if he would like to see another candidate in the race. >> joe biden is a good friend of mine. some people say who he comes in the was it does me good and others say it doesn't. i don't know the answer to that. >> reporter: anyone looking for biden himself didn't find them in this brief assessment of the debate. >> i was proud of them. i thought they all did well. >> reporter: hit on supporters in the draft biden movement insist clinton's debate
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performance only made it more clear why biden needs to run. >> there really isn't a pier for her on the stage and i think having the vice president on the stage, it gives democrats a good alternative. it would give us our primary a boost. >> reporter: if biden does get in the race he'll attend the second democratic debate here in des moines on november 14th. check out another signed that sander is feeling good after his performance on tuesday night. here he is busting out the dance moves with ellen at a taping in california yesterday. the show is slated to air this afternoon. >> thanks nancy. something i thought i would never see, bernie sanders and ellen. >> right, dancing. he is also now political target for billionaire donald trump, the republican front-runner hit the vermont senator hard in wednesday's rally in richmond virginia. trump says sanders is pushing clinton to the left. >> i watched hillary last night.
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we are going to give this and that and a poor woman to give everything away because this maniac standing on her right is giving everything away so she is following. that is what is happening! this socialist/communist, okay? nobody wants to say it. >> cbs news contributor frank luntz is with us. good morning. >> it's always unnecessary. donald trump finds the line and then crosses it and then jumps a mile beyond it. and it's part of the reason why kevin mccarthy went through what he did why you see so much anger, so much frustrati it's happening on both sides of the political focus groups that i'm doing, it is tough to make it through the three hours, because people are just so mad. you know what? trump is talking to them. he really is relating to them. he is leading in iowa new hampshire, south carolina, and nevada, we found in our work the first four states. my advice to viewers, stop looking at the national polls and follow those first four states because, charlie, nobody
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has ever won those first states and not won the nomination and trump is ahead in all four. >> one more question about trump. is this a new strategy for him to attack democrats? is he going to focus more on democrats now than he is on republicans? >> ts hard to tellit is hard to tell. we have never seen a republican attack republicans the way he has and in that clip he left hillary clinton alone but it doesn't bother other republicans. when we have shown those clips to focus groups of him ripping into on the gop candidates they laugh and want to see more. it's entertainment for them. >> he seems to use social media, frank, very effectively. how much of a difference does that make that you can get the good and bad and oh, so ugly out so quickly for him. >> i haven't talked about this before but we have been looking at content of social media and for the first time conservative social media is more negative more vicious and more personal in the attacks than left wing social media and trump is provoking it and stoking it. all you have to do is look at
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what happened after the democratic debate when clinton and sanders people were actually complimenting each other. then look at the republican social media and it is vicious. every day, every hour they are coming after each other. we have never seen that before. >> how has trump complicated jeb bush and marco rubio and other republicans candidates attempt to gain momentum? >> we have heard they don't get the air time because of all the things trump is saying. he is so telegenic you want to focus on him but deeper than that because trump support is deeper than that. the more that we inform people about where trump stands, they don't break from him. bernie sanders has the weakest support of any candidate that ean bernie sanders. ben carson. trump, over 80% of trump voters say they are going to stay with him no matter what they learn and that makes it hard for rubio and bush to get traction. >> frank luntz, thank you so much. >> pleasure. a fast moving wildfire near austin, texas, has destroyed nine homes and is threatening more than 100 others.
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firefighters are battling the 4200 acre hidden pine fire from the ground and the air, but this morning, it's only 15% contained. this morning former nba star lamar odom is reportedly showing small signs of improvement in the hospital. but there is new information today that odom may have used cocaine in the days before he was found unconscious at a nevada brotherl. kevin frazier is outside sunrise hospital center in las vegas where lamar odom is recovering. kevin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. you know according to a source inside the hospital that is close to the family that i spoke with yesterday, there were small improvements for lamar odom. he squeezed kim kardashian's hand and he briefly opened up his eyes but understand this. he is a long way from being out of the woods and he is fighting for his life. the first 911 call came around 3:15 nevada time tuesday from a female employee of
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ranch where lamar odom had been a guest since saturday. another male caller told operators about drugs he says odom had been tag. >> he apparently had some cocaine on him that has -- he finished -- he did this on saturday. >> as far as you know, there is no cocaine since saturday? >> that is correct. >> reporter: the caller also said odom was taking large amounts of reload a sexually enhancement drug that the fda warns could be dangerous if mixed with certain other medications. >> the owner of the love ranch. >> they said roll him on his left side and he started throwing up a lot. >> reporter: "entertainment tonight" was allowed into the brothdiscovered. >> the police lookd they didn't find anything. >> reporter: the sheriff denied search
7:18 am
wauted. trevor ariza a teammatesdidside. >> reporter: they have been check on lamar but the one thing they are told is talk to him, he can hear you. that is the hope he will hear a recognizable and ofcoma. his two older children were expected here last night and we will have much more information on "entertainment tonight." thanks, kevin. in baseball this morning, toronto blue jays have a shot at their first pennant in 22 years. they laemtedeliminated the texas rangers last night with a little controversy. blue jays fans protested a umpire's call in the seventh inning. they flu litter on the field. moments later the trontsjose bautista came back with a three-run home run. it's a moment a young fan will never forget. ♪
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the boy was dressed just like bautista's beard and all! he swung in watched the series home run in pure joy! toronto plays kansas city in the american league championship series and it starts tomorrow night! >> i love how grown men can remember details so vividly about sports. it's moments like that. i get it now. >> so adorable. a aid w
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by american express open. proud supporter of small businesses on their journey to growth. two teenagers are a church. bun died and how their parents face manslaughter charges. >> ahead a look inside the church that one neighbor calls a cult. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning."
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the first democratic debate took place last night and it featured everybody's favorite ratings rather an old man loudly complaining about e-mail.
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>> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> notes to self. never lose my frisbee in that old man's backyard! >> you nourknow your headline says this. >> that's a different take on what actually happened. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour the man who led the hunt of cecil, the lion says he has done nothing wrong. hunt organizer bronkford appears in court today and he says why he expects to be cleared of all charges. >> 19-year-old reveal the secrets of a church. police say the boy was tortured inside the building. ahead why investigators accuse his parents and sister of playing a role in his tragic death. "the baltimore sun" reports on the overnight arrest of protesters who occupied city hall. at least 12 were taken into
7:31 am
custody during a sit-in. they don't want the city's interim police commissioner to permanently get the job. protesters demanded better policing in the wake of freddie gray case. "the boston globe" reports on the dangers of unregulated dietary supplements. a new study finds 23,000 emergency room visits in the year could be traced to those supplements. the age group no affected 20 to 34-year-olds. weight loss and energy products cause the most problems. "wall street journal" reports on the justice department and fbi investigating daily fantasy sports. authorities want to know if it's a form of gambling that violates federal law. fbi agents have been contacting customers of draftkings a fantasy football company based in boston. new york's state attorney general has opened a similar inquiry. "usa today" reports that walmart's top ten shareholders lost nearly $15 billion after the biggest one-day drop in the
7:32 am
retailer's stock in 17 years. shares closed around $60 yesterday. they plummeted 10% after walmart presented a disappointing outlook on growth and profit. the plunge cost all of walmart's stockholders more than $21 billion in lost wealth. business insider reports netflix blames its slowing growth in the u.s. on transition to new debit and credit cards with chips. netflix added 880,000 u.s. members, lower than the 1.1 million. expected. they say the switch in credit cards to keep their service active. police in central new york say two brothers were viciously beaten inside a church. one of the teenagers later died. six members of the word of life christian church are in jail this morning. the victims's parents face the
7:33 am
most serious charges. michelle miller is outside of the church in chadswick, new york, 60 miles east of syracuse. >> reporter: good morning. people around here say that church members mostly kept to themselves, were secretive, and that some even lived inside this church building. investigators say the sunday's deadly assault began when the two brothers met with other church members for what was described as a, quote, counseling session. photos taken inside the church the day after the deadly beating offer a rare glimpse inside the guarded building. police say on sunday night, 19-year-old lucas leonard and his 17-year-old brother christopher, sat down for a spiritual counseling session at the word of life christian church. at some point, the meeting became physical. >> both brothers were continually subjected to physical punishment over the course of several hours. in the hopes that each would
7:34 am
confess their prior sins and ask for forgiveness. >> reporter: on monday lucas' family drove him to the hospital when they realized he wasn't breathing. he died that afternoon. investigators later found his young brother still inside the church. he was taken to the hospital. police say both brothers suffered blunt force trauma and had injuries to their stomachs, backs, thighs and genitals. during the search investigators also found several other children who appeared to be unharmed. >> we know that there was -- >> reporter: the boys' parents, bruce and deborah leonard, are facing charges of first-degree manslaughter and four artificial people, including the victims' sisters is charged with second-degree assault. define garrimore is deborah leonard's attorney. >> apparently this was related to some church-related discipline that was being imposed on her two boys. i don't think it was her idea. >> reporter: what were they
7:35 am
being disciplined for? >> that, i can't say. >> you can't see in. only see lights on and all of the windows are boarded up. >> reporter: neighbors like tara litz say church members tried to recruit them in the past. >> we always joked around and said they were a cult and now we are believing they probably were. >> reporter: litz lived in the house next door for ten years. she said congregation members were nice but strange and the men wore long dark cloksaks and chanting. >> it was not any recognizable language that i could distinguish. >> reporter: the group's secretory raised eyebrows in the tight-knit community. >> no one was ever allowed in there. you couldn't get in there. it was off limits. >> reporter: now both parents are in jail on a hundred thousand dollars bail and all six of those accused will be in court tomorrow for a hearing. charlie. >> michelle, thanks. this morning, the man behind the hunt for cecil, the lion
7:36 am
appeared before a our cameras tracked down theo bronkhorse before he entered a zimbabwe court. he says the investigation surrounding the death of cecil has ruined him. debora patta is here with more. >> reporter: tourists flocked here unaware that not far from here a set of drama was set to play out. one man missing walter palmer who shot and killed cecil, the lion. all charges have been dropped against him. but the man who led the hunt is still being prosecuted. hiding behind dark glasses, theo bronkhorst sat in his pickup waiting for the proceedings to begin. turning his head away from the camera he told us he done nothing wrong and claimed he had a legal permit and he will be
7:37 am
vindicated in court. >> i guess i had a famous line. >> reporter: the famous line was the star attraction of the park. cecil. he believes he is the fallguy. >> many lions shot and killed every year. >> reporter: he broke down as he told us his life had been ruined. >> well, it's destroyed us hey. it's destroyed the family my business. you know we -- we employee a lot of people and they will have -- time now. i guess each family is supporting six or more dependents. >> reporter: zimbabwe officials insist the shooting of cecil was unlawful. legally hunting is rarely prosecuted in zimbabwe. but a study was done and they were convinced the outrage
7:38 am
surrounding this case it would be different this time. like many zimbabweans here surprised charges were dropped against palmer. >> really thought that this was going to be an example to other people that have done this before, who would do it in the future and so very disappointed we are not going to see justice. >> reporter: bronkhorst says the charges were dropped against palmer proves his own innocence but he has to wait a little longer to have his day in court. his case is being postponed, yet again, until early next week. >> it shows another side to the story there. >> it does. >> give you something to think about. thank you, again, debora. are some businesses keeping races a secret? jeff pegues is in washington. >> why a mobile phone app in washington, d.c. is generating a lot of controversy coming up on "cbs this morning."
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♪ i always feel like somebody is watching me ♪ take a look at a water spout that formed near miami. it dissipated before causing any trouble. >> looks like it could have caused damage but it's all good there. some businesses in an upscale washington, d.c. neighborhood are accused this morning of racial profiling through a mobile app. shopkeepers are using a private messaging service to alert each other and the police about people who are acting suspiciously. the vast majority of those reports are about black customers. jeff pegues is in georgetown with more. >> reporter: good morning. some apps on mobile phones are part of the wave of the future when it comes to fighting crime, but one app in particular is being criticized for the type of information it's generating. last year, businesses here in
7:44 am
georgetown started to use the app to spot potential suspicious activity, but it hasn't gone entirely as planned. in trendy georgetown store owners will$o tell you shoplifting is part of the cost of doing business. green works at the sports zone elite. >> the type of people is more like a shoplifter they come here all the time and go to the same item and get the feel of the store. >> reporter: the last year alone police recorded 120 thefts in the heart of georgetown and to countercrime, businesses are using an app called groupme that workkes li a chat room and communities and employees and on-duty police officers send pictures of customers suspiciously. recent posts including african-american female late 20 just stole from lacoste and need someone asap. person walking out, black male. >> we are all pretty alarmed by
7:45 am
it. >> reporter: peter murray a reporter for the georgetown newspaper was unsettled what he saw. >> just a glance at the app you see racial bias immediately. >> reporter: murray found from march 1st to july 5th of this year 330 people were identified as suspicious activity. of those, 72% were described as african-american. >> not only was there this jump to a conclusion that somebody has committed a cream because they are suspicious or because they are wearing a certain thing or they have a certain hairstyle, but also the people who are texting each other are sort of reveling in this game of following people around and say whog is suspicious. >> reporter: any idea of what percentage of those identified as african-american are arrested? >> i would say very small percentage. maybe less than 5%. >> reporter: joe sternly runs the georgetown business improvement district which started the neighborhood. he pushes back at the notion that it's profiling. >> somebody posts something that is inappropriate, the group
7:46 am
actually, our staff goes out and meets with the person and retrains them and make sure that they are comfortable with the rules and can abide by them. if they don't we kick them off. >> reporter: he says one or two people have already been kicked out of the group for racial profiling. originally, police here endorsed the use of the app but yesterday when we asked metropolitan p.d. would not comment for this story. groupme wouldn't comment either. >> jeff thanks. the only good thing is that there is a bunch of people on that group and people are raising flags the way it's being used, some of the stereotypes that are being used. >> i don't think i'm in favor. >> exactly. >> i've heard that white people sho shoplift too. just saying. >> yes, they do and other colored people too. >> yes. >> i'm not a fan, norah. tom hanks and steven spielberg were neighbors long before working together. did you know that?
7:47 am
ahead, the hollywood masters tell us why it took so long for them to pair up. plus a father's surprise announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota, let's go places! ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ you really got a hold on me ♪ >> a father in maine helped deliver a dream wedding. he surprised his daughter heather by stepping out of his wheelchair, wow, to walk her down the aisle. he is a leukemia survivor and has had trouble walking. they initially thought he would not be able to part but ralph had other plans. wow. >> he has been going to physical therapy since february. >> to do this. >> to do this. he wanted to give her the wedding present she wanted. >> courage. when we come back danny meyer will join us. his plan to get rid of tipping.
7:52 am
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♪ it is thursday, october 15th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including a restaurant group that will stop taking tips! first on cbs, ceo danny meyer says he is taking the
8:00 am
your world in 90 seconds. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> the smystee cam back on line. they say there are no signs that this failure had anything to do with a mixerus attack. theen rect explosion of violence in afghanistan has led president obama to reverse his decision. threnue miente m were arrested. israeli police suspected them of about to launch another attack. the clinton campaign is subtly, but unmistakably upping the pressure on vice president joe biden to make his intentions. >> donned trump jumps the line and crosses a thousand miles beyond it. >> bergdahl who was a traitor, a treason. you got shot. >> a wildfire is threatening hundreds of homes. >> lamar odom is a long way from being out of the woods and he is
8:01 am
fighting for his life. businesses here in georgetown started to use the app to spot potential suspicious activity. the people who are texting ingeach other of reveling in this game of following people around and saying who is suspicious. >> bernie sanders is feeling good after his performance on tuesday night. here he is busting out the dance moves with ellen. >> something i thought i would never see, bernie sanders and ellen. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. investigators are trying to figure out how a computer glitch sidelined a system that checks the terrorist no-fly list. it caused big delays for passengers across the country. officers had to check passengers' name against the watch list by hand. the outrage last night affected major cities from coast-to-coast. >> it left thousands of people stranded and confused and frustrated almost two hours. the lines got longer and longer
8:02 am
until the system came back up. customs and border protection officials say there is no sign that the outage was malicious. hillary clinton's debate performance is putting must pressure this morning on vice president joe biden. clinton's campaign chairman said it's time for biden to decide on a presidential campaign. clinton says the vice president need to consider what is best for him and his family. biden said he thought all of the candidates performed well tuesday night and left it at that. bernie sanders said he raised 2.5 million since the debate and got the attention of donald trump who, last night, called sanders a, society, socialist/communist and a maniac. danny meyer plans to take tipping off the menu and gratuities are going away at 13 of his new york restaurants. starting at the modern in late november you will never find a tip line our check and there will be no need to live additional cash at the table.
8:03 am
the coat check, or the bar. we are pleased to welcome danny meyer back to studio 57. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> you call this hospitality included. why are you doing this? >> you know what? i love the hospitality business as much as anyone on earth. what i don't love is a situation in which over the 30-year career that i've had, a disparity between what somebody can make in the dining room with a tipping system and what somebody can make in the kitchen has widen by about 200%. >> a lot more being made by the waiters than the cooks? >> yes. i love the fact the waiters make good money. the waiters at our restaurant when we eliminate tipping will make as much or more in 75% of the cases than they are making right now. when you have a tip, i don't think the general public fully understands where that tip can go and where it's not allowed to go. so, for example, when you leave a deep at any restaurant not only is the way or the generally sharing it with all other
8:04 am
servers but not allowed to share it with the people in the kitchen. >> why are they not allowed? >> because how laws are written across the country. >> have to do with taxes? >> having nothing to do with tacks. it's -- taxes. gratuities are only shared with the people who faced you during the meal. that means on a really really busy saturday night when everybody is high-fiving themselves because they did such a great job of taking care of you, the cooks are sweating a little bit more while the waiters are counting a bit more cash. >> the person i want to be happy is the cook! >> you are so right about that! danny said people say if it's too good to be true does it mean we are going to pay in other ways that now the prices of the food are going to go up? >> well, the price of your meal is exactly what it is. so, for example, when you agreed many, many years ago it's worth paying more for organic vegetables or locally grown vegetables or animals who were
8:05 am
raised responsibly, that got put into the menu prices. right now it's put into the menu prices not what do we pay the cooks and florpists and tabletops and what we pay our servers as well and that is our responsibility to do it. at the end of the day when you get your credit card bill a month later, that line when you come to one of our restaurants should look about as exactly it should of when you struggled in the dark to put on the tip. it's true the menu price will look higher to you by about 21%, but the total at the bottom will be the same. the benefit is that we will get a chance because we don't have to worry about who cannot get tips, to make it an questionable playing field for everyone. >> and people who don't give good tips. >> that is one of the most demoralizing things in the world if someone tips a waiter for a slow service and it may not have been the waiter's fault at all. >> this is on the front page of almost every paper in the country because it revolutionize
8:06 am
eating with if other restaurants follow your lead.can you only guarantee it's only a 20% increase in the menu price, or could you go as high as 35%, as some analysts are suggesting? >> west we are going to start it at 21% and try to make it work as best we can. i think it's really important, norah, tond that january 1st of next year, minimum wage is going to be going up everywhere. as soon as minute wage goes up not just our restaurants, but every restaurant is going to have to raise their prices. that doesn't require you to eliminate tipping. but we looked at that moment in time and we said if we are going to have to raise our prices any way, why don't we use this opportunity to make the restaurant business a much more sustainable place? i got to add one more thing. we are facing across the whole country, the biggest single labor shortage in talented cooking skills that we have ever seen, and part of the reason is that if you're a young kid and you want to go to cooking school with big, big bills how do you tell your parents what i really want to do is go work for $11,
8:07 am
$10 an hour and live in a big city like new york? for the very sustainability for the business we think this is important. >> really interesting. >> it is. >> thank you, restaurant legend. you earned that well. >> thank you, queen gayle! >> thanks a lot, danny. ahead, our conversation with tom hanks and steven spielberg what it's like to work together. steven how does one say to tom hanks, that was good but could do you that over? a little more energy! >> that's what i say. >> exactly what i says! >> i guess my mantra is similar. saying that was great, that was brilliant!
8:08 am
the atlanta falcons are flying high but can they soar over the saints? tracy wilson is standing by at the mercedes-benz superdome in new orleans with a preview of "thursday night football."
8:09 am
plus, will the patriots look for revenge sunday over deflategate. that is going to be a big game on sunday. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪ selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra can be a sign of existing joint damage that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage.
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our next mission could be anything. so we prepare for everything. ♪ ♪
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♪ tom hanks and steven spielberg join forces for the
8:13 am
fourth time as actor and director. their new movie "bridges spies" opens nationwide tomorrow. the oscar winners spoke with us here in new york about their winning partnership and friendship in hollywood. so how does this work this particular collaboration? do you call him and say, tom, i have something for you, or you say, tom, guess, what steven? we got to do. >> no, no. i called tom and said i got wind of a story that a young playwrightm fro new england had brought to dream works. >> something important was come up. >> we have a soviet spy. >> reporter: that became "bridge of spies." a cold war drama based on true events in steep and intrigued in espionage. >> we call it constitution and we agree to the rules and that is what makes our americans. >> reporter: tom hanks plays james donovan, a lawyer signed to defend an accused soviet spy named rudolph engle. later, donovan is called on to
8:14 am
negotiate a prisoner swap able for american pilot gary power who had been shoot down and held by soviet union. >> the spy swap was all news to me. i called tom on the phone, you know and said -- because you knew? >> i want you to read this. >> you said there is nobody you could envision playing the part of jim donovan other than you, tom hanks? over to you. you get the call. >> i pulled on u trumpetout a trumpet and blew it really loud and tore up newspaper and
8:15 am
8:16 am
driving past of the front of my house and i'm standing there playing catch with the kid and he rolled the window down i'd like to talk but i got to get the kids to school and he would be on his way. >> we had been neighbors and friends for such a long time before this -- we started professional working together. >> steven how does one say to tom hanks, oh, that qa good but could you do that over? a little more energy a little more energy next time. >> exactly what he says! >> i guess my mantra is very similar. that was great, that was brilliant! once more. once more. >> yeah. he comes up and will say things like this. do something different. >> yeah. >> okay. >> what kind of direction is that? do something different. >> it works. i remember seeing a long time ago the making of an "indiana jones" movie, the one harrison is on the tank and all of that kind of stuff. it shows this. they are setting up a shot. i remember harrison ford said he was doing something with his hand. he said, steven how about this
8:17 am
in the foreground? do you like this? i love it keep it in! i'm like you get to say that on a steven spielberg set? >> who knew? it's weird. people can make all of the assumptions but the fact of the matter is a movie is like a living, breathing thing and keeps evolving. we don't do this cement the dry and make the movie. i don't like to cement the dry until they yank the film out of my hands and puts it into movie theaters because it's always changing and evolving. >> reporter: the 40th anniversary of "jaws." >> oh, it is? >> is it really? >> '75, it came out. >> reporter: 40th anniversary. steven, you should know that. >> i should but i don't pay attention tohose things. i guess i will on the 50th anniversary. >> but 40 is big in a movie when people hear that music, they know what that is. ♪
8:18 am
so you were told that, you know listen. you'll never get to make another movie that has that kind of commercial success, you should stop now. is that true? >> well, what they said in the middle of "jaws" you'll never make another movie because it was so everbudgeted and overschedule. >> do you remember what the budget was supposed to be? >> $3.2 million and it went to $10 or $11 and in 1974 that is a big overage. i was still in shock we even fred the movie. it didn't sink in for a couple of years what "jaws" had become in the country. the only experience i remember having where i thought we were a popular movie, i was standing in a long line in the summertime at 31 flavors trying to get ice cream and the only time it impacted me people were seeing the movie, they were talking about "jaws" in line on the way to guess their ice cream cones and when i realized it. >> the piedmont theater in piedmont, california, i saw it the day before the fourth of july. the reason i remember it was the
8:19 am
day before the fourth of july the july 3rd, 1975 is because murray hamilton who played the mayor, told chief brodie he said, you can't close the beaches! tomorrow is the fourth of july! >> for christ's sake tomorrow is the fourth of july! >> i said guys, tomorrow was the fourth of july! it was a big, big moment for all of us. remember? that was the first -- that was the first movie i stood in line for. >> hanks is now starred in four spielberg films. he says they are special opportunities for him still. he loves to share that experience with his fellow actors. >> because i had done this before, the other guys in the movie came up and said what can we expect? i said the best thing that could happen on a set is where steven disappears, you don't know where he is, and then you see him out of the corner of your eye someone on the periphery of the set with a finder up to his eye. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> it means he is looking for something that is going to be solid gold! and you hope you're in it somewhere! >> that is so great.
8:20 am
it's really great, great, great. i shared a desk with peter b, xly who wrote "jaws." he took a percentage of the movie and sent somebody out there to pick up the check personally and bring it back. >> that is so great. >> you feel the chemistry, the admiration and love and respect between the two of them and is good to do. the movie opens on thursday. we will show you what happens when a curious black bear snuck into a high school with staff inside. you're watching "cbs this morning." or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems or other medical conditions.
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8:24 am
perhaps not what you expect to see roaming the halls of a high school. a black bear snuck into a high school in boseman, montana, yesterday. a staff sergeant herded the bear out and nobody was hurt. >> herd a bear out. >> ahead,
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ i got fire under my feet ♪ ♪ and i feel it under my feet ♪ >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour an nfl star puts his hometown ahead of a big ole payday. new orleans saints cornerback keenan lewis is offering golden inspiration you could say for a new generation of athletes. also tracy wolfson is at the mercedes-benz dome in new orleans.
8:30 am
she will have a preview of "thursday night football." plus the first time nolfist novelist who won a 2 million dollar vans meet the author behind "city on fire." his book is set in an era some would rather forget. that is ahead. "the san francisco chronicle" reports on the arrival today of the self-driving tuesday la and something ilan musk discussed on "cbs this morning" last year. >> you hint it's something else? >> something else is autopilot. it will change lanes for me now. and then brake. i'm not touching anything. >> tesla's new autopilot system is capable of steering cars at freeway speed, changing lanes, and using brakes to avoid a collision. the "los angeles times" reports on the resignation of a prominent astronomer at uc berkeley. the school found he investigated
8:31 am
sexual harassment policy for years but let off with only a warning. rapper jay-z.'s copyright tile, he toot stand yesterday in los angeles. he says elbow he had permission to use "elements of an egyptian song." ♪ >> defense lawyers are expected to begin their case today. "the new york times" reports pro tennis player beshard is suing after a fall at the united states open. her suit is against the united states tennis association and the national tennis center. she says she slipped on a cleaning solution left on the floor and had an injury that forced had toreer to withdraw from the tournament. caroline westlake was a cat
8:32 am
expert at the zoo and attacked another employee who was a monkey handler and a fight over the llama keeper. a judge ordered her for pay more than 1 1,200 dollars and serve community service. i think that is a funny story. welcome back. we missed charlie. he was gone for three days. >> we did. welcome back. funny a mir cat expert. i thought of the social media thing. she was an expert in the mir cat? >> and strange things happening at the zoo. week six of the nfl season kicks off tonight right here on cbs. the 1-4 new orleans saints hope to pull off an upset against the undefeated atlanta falcons. the falcons this year are one of
8:33 am
six perfect teams. tracy wolfson, "the nfl on cbs" lead game reporter is on the field at the mercedes-benz superdome superdome in new orleans. good morning! what do you think we will see tonight? >> you mentioned the zoo. i think this place will be a zoo tonight. a rivalry game between the two nfc south teams. you mentioned it. new orleans is struggling and trying to find their way. the atlanta falcons is undefeated. one of the surprise teams right now in the nfl. it should be interesting. i think it's going to take a lot to stop this nfc south atlanta falcons power offense that they have. julio jones just clicking on all cylinders and devante freeman and matt ryan. the defense the saints has been struggling. the question going is how will julio jones be? he is dealing with a hamstring injury. i am told he count tonight and expected to play. >> what did drew brees?
8:34 am
having a tough time this season and one of the nicest guys in the nfl. what do you think about him? they say he is 36 and some say that is a little old in the nfl. are his best days behind him? >> tom brady is older. >> i don't think it's old in the nfl. we have seen several players around that age perform at a high level. it is interesting. you mentioned it. he is struggling definitely mightily this year. he is not surrounded by the parts that he used to have. they lost jimmy graham and drew brees dealing with a shoulder injury a few weeks ago. i was told he is 100% bunt you never really know. they need a win but i think his future is definitely questionable with the new orleans saints. >> tom brady is 38 and playing pretty well for 38. >> that's right. >> or pretty. 28, he is playing well. >> is there an advantage for the saints playing at their hometown in the superdome? >> you know, there is but they haven't been as dominate at home as they have been in the past. this atlanta team is a different
8:35 am
team run by dan quinn, taking over this year. he just provides this mentality of toughness, play fast play competitive, never give up. they won four of their five games in the fourth quarter. they have had to come from behind to win. so this is a completely different atlanta team that i did not think will be in awe of this stadium which, by the way, they have played in here before. >> let's talk about sunday's game, tracy. some are calling it deflategate with the patriots and the colts. what is your take on that? >> reporter: you know what? i look at it as it's in the past. that is just a media thing and everybody is just talking about it. once they kick off, it is just another game to me. yeah, of course, tom brady, he will certainly be playing with a little extra chip on his shoulder, but he does. we saw it last week in dallas with the greg hardy situation. he definitely went out there a little bit more amped. so i expect a little bit more s& hype from this, a little bit more hype from tom brady, but once they kick off, it's the
8:36 am
colts trying to win a fooling and get their season back on track and new england trying to remain undefeated. >> yes. tracy wolfson, great to see you there and we will be watching tonight. thank you so much. >> you got it guys. >> we are counting down to "thursday night football" with the new orleans saints and atlanta falcons. coverage begins at 7:30 eastern right here on cbs. we stay in the big easy a couple of more mints with our high school honor roll series and celebrating super bowl number 50. saints cornerback keenan lewis played for the steelers in super bowl xlv. the new orleans native brought home a special golden foote football to his alma mater. nfl films is capturing the journey and james brown, who hosts "the nfl today" on cbs takes us to landry walker high school. >> get everybody up over here. >> reporter: for saints cornerback keenan lewis, new orleans is more than a city he plays in. it's home and giverg back to his
8:37 am
hometown is never far from his mind. >> keenan wants to say a few words to you all. >> fortunately, i was one of those guys to have an opportunity to play in a super bowl so it's an honor to give back and i always like to give back to my community so i would like to present this ball to coach. >> keenan has been the inspiration for us to continue to show that each and every one #á of you all inspire to be and make it out like he did, so we want to give him another hand. >> reporter: growing up in the shadow of the superdome, lewis always hoped an nfl stadium would one day be his workplace. >> it was tough growing up, you know, in this community. you always hear about everything taking place. you don't get too many stories that guys had opportunity to make it to the national football league, so that was a dream i always had, i always wanted to accomplish. >> reporter: with just his mom at home keenan looked to his
8:38 am
football coach for guidance. >> coach power stepped in and played that father figure role and that was tremendously important. east monterrey court where i grew up at playing out here with the other guys and gave me the opportunity to play. >> we gave you opportunity. you just had to wait your turn. you had to wait your turn. >> i had to find my way. >> reporter: after being drafted by pittsburgh, lewis found his way to the super bowl. later, he turned down more money from the steelers to sign with his hometown saints. >> it wasn't about the money. it was about me coming back and showing the youth that dreams do come true and take into consideration to me accomplishing the thing that they dream of maybe it will make them play even harder. you stop me? drive through that ball. colin get a little pass and in the nfl, one run, touchdown. >> he's a motivator. when i see him, i think to myself, he did it he was in the
8:39 am
same position also the same school as me and he made it out. so i really think i think i can make it out also. >> you don't go no power. as soon as he runs to you and dodge, he's done. as soon as they come back around, boom. >> i want to be like him one day. one day, i want to play in the nfl and be successful and come back and give back to my people as well. >> 1-2-3! >> 1-2-3. >> win! >> that's why you set your goals. you try to reach your goals by, you know, looking at that football and say i want to do the same thing that keenan did. >> dreams do come true no matter what the situation you face, you know, you can accomplish your dreams. >> i love these stories. what i like is when all of them when the players go back to look on the kid' eyes when they are looking at him saying he did it, maybe i can. >> yeah. because they view them as such heroes, right? >> keenan lewis, got a new fan. >> a new fan, indeed. a big city, a big book and one author's dream that put him on top.
8:40 am
up next the child of the south who launched a bidding w
8:41 am
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8:43 am
as the season shifts change is on its way. and with change, comes opportunity. it's up to you to seize it. ♪ ♪ this autumn, find your opportunity at cadillac. the 2015 cadillac ats. get this low-mileage lease from around $269 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. ♪ ♪ ♪ it was the people who bore the brunt of the blackout struggling through a night and most of the day without lights elevators, subways or air-conditioners. steve young reports on how they handled it. >> new york in july of 1977 faced a blackout that lasted more than a day.
8:44 am
cbs news cameras captured that summer's looting and arson and chaos. that era inspired a first-time novelist, "city on fire" this season's most talked about new book. new yorkers of the '70s lived with constant unseize. the big apple nearly went bankrupt and the son of sam terrorized millions. jeff glor spoke to the author of "city on fire" about a novel that sparked a bidding war wayne a huge advance. >> there is a moment, you know on the turnpike and you look out the window and you see for the first time in that trip the skyline. ♪ >> and it had always seemed to be saying to me, you're here, you made it. you're home. >> reporter: you thought this is it? this is where i'm meant to be? >> this is where all of the people who aren't meant to be anywhere else, you know? are meant to be. >> reporter: the spark of an idea that would become the biggest and boldest novel of his generation came to garth hobarth
8:45 am
in 2003. >> i got off the bus and had white heat in my brain. >> reporter: 12 years after this north carolina native made a fateful trip into manhattan, "city on fire" hit shelves at 944 pages. hallberg wrote it longhand. >> even though it seemed unpublishable to me. >> reporter: i knew it would be somewhere between 875 and 970 pages long. those kinds of -- i shouldn't see those kinds of books being published. >> reporter: why did you do it? >> because it had to be done. it was a joy. it was a joy to do. >> reporter: diana miller is his editor. >> it was a warm and to have the smarts and emotional side together seamlessly is a great combination. >> reporter: city on fire is set
8:46 am
in the new york of the 1970s, focusing on the heirs to a great fortune and the messy lives and city they along amongst. >> out again. >> i knew it! >> reporter: including the blackout of 1977. >> it was a miserable muggy wednesday night. >> part of the sense of possession that i felt in the 45-second space where the entire book came to me was that somehow i had been dreaming about or communicating with this time period for years. i had been driving around. >> reporter: you wanted to live in that time period? >> i didn't -- it wasn't a choice. i mean, i'm driving around the back road in north carolina, you know feeling like nobody gets it. ♪ >> and listening to ps atti smith. >> you didn't live through this era but people who did live through this era in the '70s in new york, seem to think that you nailed what the city was. >> they did such a good job leaving a set of traces
8:47 am
photographs, albums books. this was the go-to desk. >> reporter: hallberg is 36 years old and spent much of his time researching the novel inside new york's main library and four years thinking about "city on fire" five years writing it and another couple of years watching a bidding war develop over who would publish it. in the end knopf won for a reported $2 million. do you think about the money part of it? >> as little as i can. >> reporter: why? >> that's not a youthful set of thoughts to have in mind when i sit down at the desk to work on the next thing. >> reporter: because it's transactional? >> because it's transactional, and good art isn't. >> reporter: but the rights to "city on fire" have been sold for a movie producer and means the book will likely be on the big screen. >> as the blocks piled up between him and the grief counselor's officer. >> reporter: hallberg just left
8:48 am
for an 18-city book tour won't say what else the future holds. for now, he is letting readers linger over the past. for "cbs this morning," jeff glor, new york. >> i'm into it. i want to see it. >> i do too. >> the description that he felt white heat on his brain. he knew that there was something he had to do. >> yeah. >> go ahead. >> the book critic for "the new york times" says kids eager to escape the platitude of suburbia. >> gayle reads so fast and be done with it in two days. >> it may take me three. our seth doane got a lesson working with officials in north korea. at this very minute he is taking your questions on our facebook page. >> how about my questions? >> huh?
8:49 am
>> i've asked my questions of seth. >> did you. >> what is it?
8:50 am
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-- i don't think we're even going to approach the


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