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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  October 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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thank you for joining us for the news at noon. president obama has declared america's war in afghanistan over and drew up plans for an almost complete with draw from the country. after months of reviewing the situation the president has now decided to change those plans.
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craig boswell is at the white house. >> president obama has changed his mind about bringing nearly all of the u.s. troops home from afghanistan by the time he leaves office. >> while america's combat mission in afghanistan may be over our commitment to afghanistan and its people endures. >> the new plan has u.s. reducing troop level from 10,000 to 5,500 by the end of 2016. under the old plan america have just kept 1,000 troops. >> the security situation is still very fragile and in some places there's risk of deterioration. >> u.s. military officials came to the white house and recommended the new plan to the president because of the taliban. >> there is growing concern from u.s. commanders that isis
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will gain new recruits. they said the forces will be stationed at four bases at a cost of $15 billion $5 billion more than estimated. the u.s. will continue to focus counterterrorism as well as the training of afghanistan forces. >> craig boswell cbs news. >> sources say president obama wants to give his successor more flexibility in how to deal with terrorism in afghanistan once he leaves office. earlier today virginia governor terry mcauliffe signed an executive order to ban the open carry law in some businesses. the order establishes a state-wide tip line to promote guns and ordered the state police to trace every gun involved in a crime. he's been an out spoken advocates for tighter gun measures but have failed to get them passed through the general assembly.
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dennis hastert is going to plead guilty in a hush money case. it will avoid a trial and keep secrets quiet. it's alleged it was over a wrong doing during hastert's time as a high school teacher. about 16 demonstrators in baltimore were arrested early this morning during a protest at city hall. it all started when the council was about to vote on kevin davis as becoming the new police commissioner. protesters occupied city hall angry that the council would not let davis respond to their questions. they started chanting, stop the vote. still the committee approved davis and said he looks forward to getting the city back on track. >> is this discouraging for you at all? >> not at all.where the city is right now. if we're going to get to the other side of it we have to go through all these moments. >> even after the vote 35 people stayed in city hall for hours refusing to leave. this morning things took a different
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turn a war of words between protesters and police outside city hall. davis still has to be approved by the full council. he's the interim commissioner since anthony batts was fired months ago. these problems all stemmed from 6 months after the death of freddie gray sparking protests from around the city. changes may be in store for fairfax county police. the police review commission has released dozens of recommendations including an independent police auditor diversity training and new policies when it com it was created after the 2013 shooting death of john gear in springfield. a fairfax police officer is facing charges for shooting the unarmed man. hundreds of israeli security forces are on guard across the country and jews are on edge after a waive of knife attacks. >> israeli police have set up new check points between
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palestinian and jewish neighborhoods. they're stopping searching and sizing up anyone who looks suspicious after more than a dozen stabbing attacks this month that have targeted israelis. >> we are scared all the time. >> he said he's keeping his children off the streets. >> on wednesday police shot and killed a palestinian after he tried to knife an israeli security guard. later at a jerusalem bus station they took out another attacker who stabbed a 70-year-old woman. >> engineer let me's -- jury -- jerusalem's mayor
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said if you are armed to arm yourself. >> both sides are holding funerals for those who have died in the violence. no sooner had this burial in bethlehem finished when fighting erupted on the streets once again. >> this new cycle of violence started a month ago. international air travelers are expecting to get back on track today after a computer glitch caused long lines at the biggest airports including dulles and reagan national. a computer that checks passenger names against a terror watch list went down for about 90 minutes. >> they told me that the computer system was down and we needed to fill out some forms old school style. i filled out the form and everything was all set after that. it was quick and easy. >> airports in miami and charlotte were else effected. the systems came back online about 9:30 p.m. customs said there was no indication that the
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service disruption was malicious. still ahead what drove a man to go into a deadly rampage with a hammer. coming up next, why police may never know. >> government facts and figures that could help explain why thousands of people are rushed to the hospital every year for using dietary supplements. >> an nfc style show down at the super bowl, the saints and falcons line up tonight. the falcons are trying to stay undefeated the saints are trying to save their
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welcome back. a meeting came to a halt after opposition leaders used tear gas to disrupt
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it. the opposition is angry about a european union sponsored deal with sirvia. they will not allow them to hold a session until demands are met. a small town in canada is in mourning after an attack. one man was killed, 10 others injured, two people in critical condition. a man walked into an office and attacked people with a hammer. suzanne james is the chief of bridge river bend. >> i think they're shocked. everyone is still in shack -- in shock. we're a large family here these people worked together for years. >> the attacker was restrained and then later died. an independent investigation is underway now. kentucky's governor is being ordered to answer a crucial question about marriage licenses issued by county clerk kim davis. to know if those licenses are
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valid. davis opposes same-sex marriage for religious reasons. she went to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples defiant of a federal court order. she changed the and now they say they were issued under the authority of a federal judge. still ahead i hope you pulled out your sweater. >> this weekend may feature the end of the growing season for some of us. better news as far as the algae update. yesterday the weeds were high, the mold was high. today everything is low. we'll be back with your weekend forecast, talking about cooler air and it's petline thursday. we'll see you
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here at humana we value sticking with things. when something works people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with.
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is an extended warranty a good deal? maybe, maybe not? explain. >> okay. it depends on what you're buying and how big it is and what kind of repair record it has. most appliances, for example, they generally have under a 10% repair record. in other words most of them don't ever break down. computers i think have the highest repair record. if you're buying something that's big such as a huge tv set with all kinds of built in audio and whatnot you may want to get an extended warranty to make sure that you can get service to come to your house. >> and you have to do your home work. >> do your due diligence. normally warranties are not that expensive. keep in mind 1/3 of the people who have them use them.
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>> great information as always. we have much more on our just 9 -- on our wusa 9 action page. topping today's health alert, if you have a high stress job you may be at a greater risk of stroke. high stress jobs were defined as high demand with little control over work such as waitresses or nursing aides. they had a 22% higher risk of stroke. a new blood test could have a huge impact on how doctors treat cancer. british scientists developed a test to pair cancer patients with the most suitable therapy and then monitor the disease to see if the treatment is working. there's new research that says taking vitamin d or cal line up cal
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line up -- cal let me after pollops are removed does not mean you will not get more. americans spend $15 billion on dietary supplements in other years. in many cases though they are actually harmful. >> 3 years ago christopher herrera took green tea extract to lose weight. >> after i started taking the one i started taking two a day. >> at only 15 christopher ended up in the hospital with liver problems after family members noticed his eyes were yellow. >> having to hear the doctor tell me every day that christopher that he had a 50% chance of dying was hurtful. >> herrera's case is extreme but the cdc said dietary
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supplements are responsible for 23,000 emergency room visits each year and 2,000 hospitalizations. young adults make up a quarter of those visits with the majority having bad reaction to weight less and energy supplements. >> heart pain, increased heart beat. >> another 20% of emergency room young children who got into supplements for adults. >> herrera said if he ever tries to lose weight again it won't be with supplements. >> i will play basketball and run every day. >> experts say it's important to consult a doctor before taking any supplement. >> companies do not have to prove dietary supplements work or are safe. the fda can remove a supplement if it's found to be
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unsafe. thousands of stock eye salmon died this summer because of warmer waters in the idaho rivers. the fish are struggling to survive in water that's too warm because of extreme heat and the drought there. a team has been working to repop pew late ulat -- repoppulate the species for years now. >> you start getting over 72 degrees you start losing fish. we had temperatures above 74 degrees at times. >> now idaho officials say they have pumped cold water from the reservoirs into area rivers with hoping of cooling the water and saving more fish. >> a tough summer out west but also in idaho and a lot of areas dealing with drought conditions
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there. el nino might change that. better chances of having a wetter winter. >> in drought-stricken california that would be a great sign. >> maybe not enough but a lot of moisture headed their way likely. we have a nice day going on here. >> so far so good but a little chilly but it's the middle of october. you might go to the pumpkin patch and enjoy it. sunny skies. temperatures will make a run enter the upper 60s. that 69 may be a little optimistic but still pretty nice. we've had a few gusts over 20 miles per hour but generally a nice afternoon. this evening mainly clear back in the mid 50s by 10:00 low 50s tomorrow morning with maybe some 40s. everybody above 60 now but still 59 in cumberland, hagerstown and gaithersburg, 65
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pax river and 63 up in baltimore. officially we've got sunshine out there a good looking day. the leaves are starting to change here in the metro. we have some color more north and west. there's that gust at 21. the air is still dry and the humidity at 46%. in the weather headlines mild weather today and friday. highs between 65 and 70. tomorrow may be a touch warmer than today. a front is coming through tomorrow. a few clouds but not a lot of moisture to work with. this front is coming through dry. look at those highs osama -- only in the 50s. i'm thinking 30s or over night. we will have our first frost or freeze warnings saturday night and sunday night. nationally got some showers going on here in chicago through the great lakes. some showers an upper level low, bringing some rain into parts of california. our next
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big weather maker is coming up here from central and southern canada. a big pool of cold air is moving off to the southeast. this will bring us that weekend chill. after that the 60s and 70s next week. in the short term it's mild and nice. we've got some sunny skies there. that will be the case for the afternoon. the evening hours clear. tomorrow morning that front will be approaching garrett county towards 6:00 a.m. it will be past pittsburgh. behind it a northwestern wind. still relatively mild in the afternoon before the chill moves in. with the cooler air maybe some lake effect rain or snow showers here into saturday the further north you go in pennsylvania and parts of new york state. it's going to be that chilly with this air mass. you see saturday not a bad day but just a cool breezy one. if you're going to be in pennsylvania watch out for a few showers across the keystone state. for us today 69, maybe 66 but pretty comfortable out there. low 50s in town tonight.
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70 tomorrow, still mild but breezy at times when that front comes through. a couple of clouds here and there. chilly and breezy saturday, 58. see that low saturday night 39, that's in town. colder on sunday with highs in the mid 50s. still cool monday. tuesday and wednesday turn nice ag highs climbing back into the 60s and low 70s. it's petline thursday. this is lauren from the washington humane society. he likes to play. >> he was found as a stray on the streets of dc and has been with us for quite a while. however, we do not have time limits so he gets one on one time with volunteers. he participates in our saturday morning activities where we go running. he's looking for his forever home. >> why do you think he's been with us for a couple of months? >> you know, i think that this
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brendle coloring makes him fall through the cracks. i don't think people notice him as much. >> [no audio] >> go to the wusa 9 app and check out the petline section. we've got more coming up right after this.
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we're cracking down on medicare fraud.
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the health care law gives us powerful tools to fight it. to investigate it prosecute it and stop criminals our senior medicare patrol volunteers are teaching seniors across the country to stop, spot and report fraud you can help guard your medicare card don't give out your card number over the phone call to report any suspected fraud we're cracking down on medicare fraud let's make medicare stronger for all of us
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look at this, there is an unusual new tourist attraction in west virginia. these are parking meters. they have become a big draw in downtown wheeling. they've been painted all the way from top to bottom. it's part of the central market meter mural project. >> i love it. it's an up and coming artsy place now. it was just a wonderful project and i'd like to see all of them be painted. it was awesome. >> now the judge 's will grade the art and award a cash prize. best in show will win $250, four other awards will get merit awards with a $100 prize. >> a lot nicer. >> a different spin . >> you got it. that will do it for the news at noon. we'll be back on tv at 5:00. grab a sweater. hope you have a great day, everybody.
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>> neil: hilary, not too much longer, okay?
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you keep hanging in there. we're gonna get you the help that you need. i promise you. >> gwen: neil. >> neil: hey. >> gwen: it wasn't easy, but i tracked down a private number for dr. neville. >> neil: okay. >> gwen: say the word and i'll make the call. >> neil: gwen, you listen to me, okay? you give me that number, and then i want you to walk out that door and don't look back. >> gwen: i'm here with you now because we're gonna be together in the future. i'm not leaving you, neil. so, just get used to it. >> neil: come here. [ smooches ] okay. let's do this. make the call.
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