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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  October 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> to assess the situation on the ground, figure out what is working and what is not working and make adjustments necessary. >> reporter: making it up to the next president to address the situation. the mission is still counterterrorism and training afghan forces. in a written statement they say that they welcome that change, but that the troops, they will only be adequate to conduct either the counterterrorism or the train advisement issues, certainly not both. >> reporter: they would have that on families and individuals. they're tough and brave and they will get that job done. >> reporter: they will be stationed at the key bases, telling cbs news that it will be about $15 billion. $5 billion more than previousliest mated. and mean while new developments
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tonight back on october 3. learning that the u.s. special operations and their analysts, they knew the facility was a hospital, but suspected it was being used to coordinate the taliban activity. the group denies any activity at that hospital. killing 10 patients and 12 workers. rewarded that metal of honor at the white house ceremony next month. their army captain, they will be recognized for his actions in afghanistan. where he attended high school. hey andrea. >> hey jan. he graduated from walter johnson and the university of maryland. a track and cross country star earning the military's highest honors. >> reporter: when a suicide bomber approached the captain, his brigade commander and the
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coalition forces that he was assigned to protect, that he never thought about himself. >> i've got to get in that way. i have to get him away from the boss, from everybody. >> reporter: he shoved that enemy with every ounce of force that he could mustard. he was laying on the ground and i'm looking at him. >> reporter: the former track and cross country star was gravely injured, competing at the walter johnson high school and then at university of maryland college park. >> i felt like someone was just burning my leg. i had a blow torch and they were burning my leg. >> reporter: it's not about him or the dozens of lives he would save. he says it pays tribute to the four men who died. >> it is about true heros who sacrificed everything for their country. that would represent them. >> captain spent nearly three years recovering from his
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injuries at walter reed. >> we defeated an enemy that day and sent a message that no matter how bad you want to hurt us that we are always going to keep standing up and bring it back. >> reporter: the captain was medically retired from the army in july, now a civilian employee at the department of defense. >> thanks so much. and the captain will be the 10th living recipient to be rewarded a metal of honor in afghanistan. they are scheduled to take place on november 12. and another republican lawmaker has come forward to say that the house committee investigating benghazi is largely targeting hillary clinton. richard hannah of new york told a new york radio station that a big part is designed to go after people and the individual, hillary clinton. she is not on the benghazi committee though, scheduled to testify before that panel one week from today. >> it's been almost 27 years
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since that bombing, but tonight that u.s. and scottish investigators have identified two new suspects. both working on plans to go to libya to question them. panam flight blown up back in 1988. while flying from london to new york. another found guilty in the bombing now serving a life sentence. the secretary of state condemning their attacks against israelis, saying that the u.s. backs their right to defend itself. awe a news conference tonight, the prime minister would reject their accusation of excessive force and in response to a number of stabbings and also accused them of citing that violence, showing video that would appear to encourage their palestinians to stab israelis. they will be deployed to help police maintain order. he is there. >> the violence has created violence across the country, urging all israeli citizens to
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carry their weapons. >> and this jewish man has armed himself with a pistol and a bullet proof vest. the extra security is vital. >> when somebody would take a knife to do it, what are you suppose to do? >> reporter: and in that west bank the city of bethleham continued to clash today. he's opened a meeting with the boss. secretary kerry plans to visit the middle east next week. a udc student treated as a possible robbery suspect stopped and forced to the ground by dc police is now getting legal back up. jason goolsby an 18-year-old freshman had held the door open at a citizens bank on pennsylvania avenue for a white family with a small child. that same family is believed to have called 911 to report that they left that bank, but fear if they had withdrawn money from the atm that they would have been robbed. at a press conference today at
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their law school, goolsby said that he was at the the bank to withdraw his own money. he says that he ran from police because he was afraid. police suddenly stopped him and his friend a few blocks from the bank. >> i believe if he, michael, and his other friend a minor, so i won't mention his name were white at the atm machine that this would not have happened. >> i just feared for my life, like i thought i was going to die. >> tell him why. >> because he had his hand on his gun. >> the dc man mural bowser issued a statement saying that they are investigating a review of the unfortunate incidents to ensure that all proceeds were followed. additionally mr. goolsby and mr. brown and his friend could file a complaint, resulting in an independent review. jason goolsby attorney says that his client suffered physical and psychological injuries in that encounter with dc police. baltimore police arrested at least 16 people for trespassing following an overnight sit-in at city hall.
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they showed up last night as the city council committee voted to approve that permanent appointment of the interim police commissioner kevin davis. they're calling for be changes in police tactics, including no use of military-style equipment and using riot gear only as a last resort. eight student and two adults arrested. the protest was in response to a video that surfaced online yesterday, showing pawtucket police slamming a teenager at the high school. the demonstration did start out peacefully, but it turned chaotic when someone pulled a fire alarm at the school. and also ahead the republican front runner could be missing from the party's next presidential debate. >> a pretty nice evening. check out future cast. we'll take you way in to the future at 7:00, 41 in gaithersburg and frederick and
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damascus. next saturday morning we'll come back. that's not even a cold morning. we'll tell you which one and how cold it will be. but coming up next, jurors in the charles severance trial would hear the screams for be help, the
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a gripping 911 call after nancy dunning was murdered 12 years ago. he stared straight ahead while chris dunning recalled the day
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he and his father jim dunning found nancy dunning dead. saying that his father was overcome with emotions that he almost fell over and had to kneel as he said that his wife was killed. that they will question how the sheriff you, his wife had been murdered and used a statement to point to him as a possible suspect as he died three years ago, never charged with his wife's death. the former house speaker would intend to plead guilty in a federal hush money case. that his attorney told the judge that he expects to have a written plea agreement by monday. and he is charged with breaking the banking laws to pay $3.5 million to an individual. who has not been named and then lying to the fbi about it. but the payments were reportedly made to conceal their claims of sexual misconduct when he was a teacher and a wrestling coach decades ago. the parole board in south africa would rule that he could move to house arrest some time next week. and the double amputee olympic track star serving nearly a
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year of a five-year sentence. convicted of manslaughter for shooting and killing his girlfriend two years ago. >> the u.s. airways flight would take off tomorrow. flight 1939 named for the airlines founded years, scheduled to depart tomorrow morning from and with stops in charlotte, phoenix, san francisco. when the air bus a321 will be flying under the american airlines name. and the conversion is one of the final steps in the merger of the two airlines, which was announced back in 2013. coming up, the power of music sends a political message of the cuban-based bands, prepared to play at the white house for the first time. but up next the top republican preside
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turning to campaign 2016 some reports that donald trump might sit out the next presidential debate. they are set to host that debate in boulder, colorado. but according to politico, they are not happy with the structure of the debate. no sets of the time and zero time for opening and closing statements. they say that they are still
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working out the details. a rally in san antonio as they will not be silenced when it comes to the gun violence. they said that she has been told by some to quit talking about this. that she has not mentioned anyone by name. but during eir debate, that the fellow candidate said that all the shouting in the world will not keep them out of the hands of the people that should not have them. the next time you head to the dmv you won't be allowed to carry a gun from openly carrying the firearms. and for alison parker standing next to him. >> no more excuses, no more politics. no more senseless and preventable deaths, while they would play their games. >> we are not having any
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problems with them in virginia if you have heard of anybody, being mowed down it. and all the stuff, just politics. >> reporter: they also created that high-level task force. to ensure the business of selling firearms. >> hey mark the first time that they would perform there in half a century. today the group made history. for the first time in more than five decades, they performed at the white house. >> were you surprised? >> reporter: we were happy to be invited tonight to represent our cultural in this place, in a special place. >> reporter: over the summer, they would restore their ties. and their performance, it is viewed as a further signs
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between the enemies. >> it is cautious and symbolic. >> reporter: the significance is not lost on an original group member. but that they already broke through that embargo when introducing their music to americans 20 years ago. >> i do believe that they will unify their countries. i'm very sure of that. it's a good-bye over the new beginning. >> and they also delivered the remarks at the reception, celebrating the last day. the ambassador to the u.s. has also attended.
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gorgeous fall day, just spectacular. >> it started out cold. >> a little chilly this morning, but just wait because they will go from chilly to cold in the morning. we'll take a live look outside. it is 65 right now. that is very comfortable. southwesterly until that cold front will go through tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk about the fall color. pretty much near the drive as you go across the divide in to the county. some in the immediate metro area and to the south and the east. the last week of october or the first week of november downtown right around the 6th or 7th of
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november. next cold front on friday and chilly, 44 to 58. probably have a sweatshirt on or something to keep you warm with just a few showers possible. take your shades and leave your umbrellas at home. dry, but getting chilly with them late tomorrow to fall on the 40s easily before they are over. then by 6:00 a.m. we're back in the 40s. even 48. so everybody, they are in the 40s tomorrow morning. the clouds lingering to the south of us. that'll be about it in terms of the front. 1:00 we're back to the mid-60s, that's pretty good. then still 64 downtown. 62 in leesburg and manassas. our one more mild day will be tomorrow before that big cold air will roll in. by 8:00 on saturday morning,
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for 42 in gaithersburg. 41 in olney and 44 in leesburg. that's not even the cold one on sunday morning. the coldest night for the best chance for frost. on the di planner, 62 by 11:00 and 65 by 1:00 a nice day. breezy and chilly. almost cold at 55 for the high. mid-70s on wednesday and thursday of this week. >> thank you, topper. >> we will be talking about their injuries. >> yes, the hamstring and those guys were tricky, no doubt about that. a good thing they don't play tonight that they might not have any bodies available. yeah, he wants to be in on sunday. but what do they have to say? that is who we would
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a healthy pro football player this time of the year. good luck finding one. he doesn't exist when describing your favorite player as it is better to ask how hurt is he because they are all hurt in some form of fashion. but a big problem here, gang. their o-line is really hurting the undation of washington's offense. a little gimpy trent williams neck. take your pick.
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shoulder, finger, neck, oh my. neither man would practice today as their injuries were explained to a problem in that run game. more on how they are suppose to protect kurt cousins, right? he'll have his hands full with them on sunday. >> and to play him in the league in an actual game. but i would think that he would rank right up there with anybody if not the best. we will be a great challenge. and he certainly earned the respect that we give him. yes, he does. they want to unleash this guy. desean jackson, but he still has a little niche his giddy up as he was on the practice field. but according to coach gruden, "he went through a couple of drills and had a ttlile issue, so he's up in the air still." wow, game on sunday to get you ready for your football day at 11:30 a.m. preview washington's jets. then the bengals and the bills at 1:00. ravens at san francisco at
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4:25. it starts right here 11:30 on wusa9. with the interview process f it tells you anything the nats a-- if it tells you anything, the nats are appearing towards bud black talking to the curly ws after dusty baker interviewed yesterday. both have lengthy resumes. black managed the padres for nine seasons and pitched for the royals. a darn good pitcher. moving on, maryland fans are not crazy about their football team. but they are sure going bananas for hoops. terps pre-season ranked number three for a good reason for that guy one of the best players in the country. and of course the recruits. that the general is happy about the club. >> really like my team. i really like my guys. the thing that i like about them the most is that with all the expectations, they really just worked harder because of it. >> and all right finally topper this is for you a big golf guy the portuguese masters.
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and the birdie put on the par missing it leading him with that less than a foot. and boy have you ever seen that? boy, it stands for boomerang kicking right back out at you. >> oh. that never happens to you. >> no. i did much worse than that. [ laughter ] not even close. that was pretty unusual. >> the seven day? >> real quickly nice tomorrow. our last mild day for a while. and then only 60 on saturday. frost possible on saturday night. frost is likely on sunday night. not downtown, but in the burbs warming up next week. >> we will be in it for a cold weekend. >> yes. >> that is wusa9 news at 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. >> we'll be back for your
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>> pelley: senior slam. no social security raise, but millions could see their medicare premiums soar. also tonight, the president delays the pull-out from afghanistan. >> it's the right thing to do. >> pelley: a key part of america's anti-terror security system crashes, creating a travel nightmare. and at the white house, the sound of warming relations with cuba. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today the social security administration told nearly 65 million retirees they will not be getting a raise next year because inflation is too low to trigger one. the bad news gets worse: unless


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