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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  October 16, 2015 2:22am-4:01am EDT

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i spent a week in the sahara i spent a decade lost at sea and i was never disappointed cuz everything was meant to be and we -- and we -- belong together at peace at peace we are forever and we (sing it loud) and we belong (shout it to the world) together at peace (you are the future) at peace (and let them know) we are (that you know) forever (forever)
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see a broken man take 'em by the hand and just help them understand uh-nah-ah-cha see a broken man take 'em by the hand and just help them understand uh-nah-ah-cha see a broken man take 'em by the hand and just help them understand uh-nah-ah-cha see a broken man take 'em by the hand and just help them understand uh-nah-ah-cha see a broken man take 'em by the hand and just help them understand uh-nah-ah-cha see a broken man take 'em by the hand and just help them understand uh-nah-ah-cha i have some friends who are the future
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they need this world much more than me [applause] james: ladies and gentlemen, raury! what a performance! "all we need" is available everywhere tomorrow! reggie, take us home! reggie:♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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i was suserprid to hear all of this. it's devastating. >> hollywood's shock over khloe's ex. amar's condition after kidney failure. it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> we're pulling for him. >> rally around him. >> concerns for lamar still in a coma as more kardashians rush to his bedside.
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>> the promising sign and t harsh reality. >> as the man who called 911 from the brothel speaks. >> i need to move him on his side. >> he was drinking and did cocaine. >> plus, inside their tragic love storey. >> what's it like being in this kardashian prey? >> then -- >> my ex-husband was there. >> and are madonna and sean penn back together? john legend with his pregnant wife and why gaga is looking pregnant before her i dos. her fiance speaks >> we've been engaged less than a year. >> also, we're with ex-atlanta housewife after her stroke. >> i do have to have heart surgery soon. >> secrets to her dancing return. >> and taylor swift's new interview. is "bad blood" about katy perry? ♪ bad blood >> now in our 35th season, there is "entertainment tonight." >> thanks for joining us, everybody. kevin frazier is in las veg
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with the latest on lamar odom's fight for his life. and some very troubling news today as well as some hopeful information. i know you turned up a lot of stuff. >> nancy, there were promising signs yesterday but still lamar odom is a long way from out of the woods. he is inside sunrise hospital fighting for his life. his children visited today. they are bedside with their father. meanwhile, hollywood and the sports world are praying for the fallen >> i know he's surrounded now with people that love and care and support him. and i hope he knows that. >> i was surprised to hear all of this. and, you know, it's devastating when you have somebody who is on drugs in your family. there's almost nothing you can do until they decide. you can rescue and rescue and rescue, and then this happens. >> you think about guys who you really are drawn to that you really cheer for. lamar odom is at the top of the list. >> kris jenner, along kim,
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kourtney were outside of the hospital. there were signs that gave him hope. lamar squeezedsomeone's hand and also fluttered his eyes, but those could be involuntary actions. one of the real concerns for doctors are his kidneys. he was given dialysis in they could stop the organs from failing. meanwhile, the kardashians are asking for p kris jenner instagramed this pic's the former laker. rob posted this image with lamar that said, praying nonstop for my brothe kourtney shared this photo and with her son in a photo, an caption, let's dance together soon. and this, please, don't go. >> the sources confirmed to "e.t." that kim has cance baby shower which was scheduled for saturday. it was supposed to be at shelly's house which is where khloe and lamar got married in 2009. and we're learning more about the chaos after lamar's collapse. there are new details about the dramatic 911 call. the first from a woman named misty. >> he's got blood coming out of his nose and white stuff out of
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his mout can't get him to -- wake up. >> is he conscious? >> no. >> the next call was from th man, richard hunter, a spokesman for the love ranch. >> he's kind of breag thinwith his mouth open a little bit. >> i was trying to shake him awake and talk to him. >> he's over on his side. snoring, but breathing regularly and he's made a few sounds. i'm trying to speak to him. i'm hearing a couple of wimpers if that's the right word or something like that. >> they said keep him on his side until the paramedics get there. they got there about ten minutes later. >> "e.t." confirms that lamar spent $75,000 for a vip room at the love ranch and was planning to spend about five days there. he checked in on saturday afternoon. >> many of lamar's friends and some family gathered in emergency room here at sunrise hospital. but they were told by security moving forward that they would be contacted if they would be allowed to see their friend but from now on, no one will be allowed in the hospital.
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>> they're fortunate, khloe feeling overwhelmed with unexpected responsibility with having to make medical decisions for lamar odom. they're still legalry married. if and when it comes to a decision, khloe will be the one doing th >> "e.t." has been in front of the story. >> still scheduled to attend events here in new york monday night. according to sources they haven't cancelled yet. >> i covered lamar from the moment he arrived in a supremely talented basketball player. as i got to know him away from the court i realized he was an even better hubeing. keep this in mind. which khloe and lamar first got together, he was the famous faces in that relationship. of dynamics shifted late other and we'll examine all of that, nancy, a later in our show. >> thanks very much, kevin. and we have some big couples news right starting with this.
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oh, so, cool. maybe just wishful thinking. it would be cool. but are madonna and se penn getting back together? >> he had a front row seat at vancouver gig. she dedicated the song to a special guest. >> i did a show at madison square garden the other night, and my ex-husband was there. >> that's madonna on stage in brooklyn last month. >> and, you know, he had my show 30 years earlier. and he was very upset with me for wearing a costume that was too revealing. after the show, he wrote me a letter, and he said he finally appreciated my art. and that's when i got married. okay? >> rumors of a reunion started back in august, but when we asked madonna's rep about it, he didn't respond. and after rumors that johnny and katie rekindled their romance, after think from husband ryan sweeting, the one-time couple set record straight
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yesterday with these pics -- katie's caption, so sorry to disappoint but no home wreckers or secret flings going on here. just the best of buds. leonard and penny will have to suffic >> you are excited to be parents? is that a yes? >> parents to ben joh legend and chrissy teigen were in beverly hills yesterday morning. we thought she may have given us the due date the night before. >> it was going to be april. now it's february. so it is going to shove it out. i can't travel in april anymore. >> she tweeted back, nothing i do is accidental, darling. we should have known. and lady gaga's m some wedding news last night. >> we've been engaged for less than a year. we've been talking about it whether it's new york, los angeles, destination place. we don't have an exact date yet. >> spoiler alert, gaga got a baby bump. okay, well, that's really just on the set of "american horror story hotel" which can be tough to watch.
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earn. >> what did you think of the bloodbath orgy scene? >> i was sitting next to her father at the premier. the weirdness level kind of went through the roof. >> yeah. >> awkward. well, we know the mastermind behind "american horror story hotel" ryan murphy adores gaga and also gwyneth paltrow. because she guest starred on her show "glee" and this news just in. they're going to start shopping a new tv series called "one hit wonders." i'm sure it will be a hit. >> they had originally planned that project to be a big screen movie. hitting theaters tomorrow, crimson peak," and it was emerald that we talked to at the mipreer. jessica wowed in an elegant emerald green dress. check out the hardware on her fingers. >> what is it called when you put the -- >> knuckle duster. >> k2ku69ers. diamonds and gold. >> how do you know that's called a knuckle duster? >> it's a gangster thing. jessica chastain. >> jessica wore a fuchsia wig for her "w" magazine spread. >> i love the look. >> haven't you always wanted to have magenta hair? >> yeah. >> come on. >> yeah.
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>> it was my eternal sunshine and spotless moment. >> i have to get away from her >> you have nowhere else to go. >> now, the movie is super scary, but kind of sexy, too. getting trapped in a possessive house that won't let go. she had a love scene with tom who gets a little naked. >> how did you prepare your bottom for this role. >> my what? >> your botto >> no special preparation. >> no squats? >> i didn't really expect it to be featured, if i'm honest. my understanding is keep your pants on, you're doing it wrong. >> this opens tomorrow as does jack black's new movie "goosebumps" and "bridge of spies" and i spoke with the ladies in toro fighting for the rights of domestic partners. >> such a passion for you. >> it makes you want to change your life and get over your fears and be who you are and so it's so beyond worth it. >> it just allows people to get
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closer to something and to say, hey, that's just like me. >> it really furthers dissolving all the barriers between us. >> and in the spirit of that, you may have noticed that nancy and i are wearing purple today. you look great in purple. >> thank you, kindly. >> that's because today is spirit day which supports lgbt youth and together we can all put a stop to bullying. >> it needs to stop. coming up, arnold's son and miley's ex goe only we can show you patrick schwarzenegger's transformation for his first major film role. >> there were huge gashes.
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tomorrow, meghan trainor back after vocal chord surgery. ♪ i feel better >>
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celine dion took her sons to
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disneyland to celebrate their fifth birthday. nelson and eddie. i can't believe they're already 5! and who does this 20-month-old belong to, adorable. look at that. bright blue eyes and long lashes. he looks a lot like his momma. megan fox. that is bohdi green, and his dad is megan's ex, brine austin green. >> what a cute little guy there. this is how the celebrities pic for you all grown up, arnold and maria's son patrick is tackling his first movie role. he's having a scary good time doing it. >> patrick is doing it just like dad. 31 years after arnold. >> because i'm so good looking, i didn't have to put extra work on my face to make me look ugly. >> pretty amazing experience to have them work on you for like three, four hours and then you come out with all the huge gashes. >> we're kind of see clearer picture of 22-year-old patrick's past, he models. he stars in music videos and tv
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shows and movies and a student at usc, studying business. so he has that to fall back on. >> my son is a little bit kind of lik that he gets into whole career thing, and he wants to discover it himself. so i have minimum influence in a way. >> for his new role in "scout guide, and to "zombie apocalypse," he's all going walking dead. >> he is the jock, alpha male. >> come on. >> everything goes awry with an attack of zombies >> get ready for this. patrick posted a picture on the set of "scream queen." we can only imagine what ryan murphy has planned for him. >> it's a good experience. >> well, this acting thing is working out for him. he is working on four other movies including a to drama romance called "midnight sun." he's playing bella thorn's love interest, and i think the way that bella is looking at him is how a lot of
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girls look at patrick. >> no doubt. coming up the "dancing" star forced out after her mini stroke. what kim is telling us about rumors her train affected her health. >> and khloe and lamar's breakup. we talked to the insider who helped lamar through this. >> i was told he didn't want his oivirce aed on the sh >> plus, taylor swift's new confessions. who keeps her company at home when calvin is away. >> that's ahead. closed captioning provided by --
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looks like kate and calvin unleashed taylor's sensuale. sid ♪ >> sprawlaled out on a day bed, striking sultry poses and even wearing a sheer top, taylor still manages to keep her good girl image on the cover of "gq magazine." and while she doesn't open up about calvin in the interview, she is asked about loneliness. she says she gets by with a little help from her friends. >> serious? >> taylor tells "gq" i'm around people so much when i go home, i i've got monica, chandler, ros and rachel and phoebe and joey. i don't feel lonely. end quote.
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and from "friends" to friendly, swift swears she will never, ever say who "bad blood" is b once again addressing the song that everyone assumes is about katy perry, taylor tells the magazine, i never said anything that would point a finger in the specific direction of one specific per and i can sleep at night knowing that. ♪ it's so sad to think about the good times ♪ ♪ you and i >> so is that a yes or no? >> not sure. >> katy will be playing that song sunday night. she's performing inside that massive stadium where the dallas cowboys play in arlington, texas. >> meanwhile, former atlanta housewife kim wishing could still perform on "dancing with the stars." instead, she is opening up to us about the mini stroke that knocked her out of the competition. >> i was born with a heart defe calmed a pfo. they refer to it as a hole in your heart. it's a valve that doesn't close. i had a blood clot that was able to cross over to the other side. that's what caused the mini stroke. my doctor said i could have had a heart attack. i mean, it was inevitable at
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some point in my life i probably would have dealt with something like this. >> the 37-year-old mom of six says her heart condition is genetic and not because of the weight trainer. >> theweight trainer has nothing to do with the stroke. it is ludicrous to have anyone say. that i was born with a heart defect. >> she'll be back with the "dancing" finale but hasn't tied on her shoes. >> tone around i haven't discussed what we're going to do for finale night. i requested a song. that i was going to dance to last week i had been on which has really special meaning now. so i'm hoping i'll get that opportunity. >> kim shares everything on her bravo series "don't be tardy" where she and her nfl husband troery beman can't keep their hands off each other. but she's not exactly an expert on the xs and os of the game. >> corey has tried for five years to teach me the game of football. and the only thing i really know is what a sack is, because i know that's really important to
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my husband. what a tackle is. i know what a touchdown s i've always known that. corey tried. he drew the little pictures for me. and i still have a hard time understanding the game. >> that's okay, kim. maybe you'll learn a little bit more watching him on thursday night football on cbs. his undefeated atlanta falcons taking on the new orleans saints in the superdome. >> well, talking sports, everybody remembers that lamar odom was a big basketball star when khloe kardashian fell for over the course of their relationship, her fame got bigger and bigger while only his troubles seemed to grow. tonight's "big picture," khloe and lamar, their tragic love story. >> khloe would tell you in less than 2.2 seconds that she's not -- she's not a basketball wife. >> i am -- i have my own career and everything. >> i know this isn't going to last forever. it's not. >> what isn't going to last forever? >> everything. all of this. nothing good, besides us, lasts fo 30 hey met and married in days. he was the nba star at the
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height of his career. she was on a reality show no one really cared about at t >> it's so entertaining to me when he won the first lakkr to win six championships of the year, that won two championship rings, no one commented ever about the tv show then. this is my first nba finals. >> how did he handle it? >> he's a pro. he is a professional. calm, cool, collected. >> you see, lamar is the one who rasd khloe's star factor getting her and sisters front row seats at games and introducing her to his friends. but lamar had demons, substance abuse and rumors he was high three to four days aa time. khloe stayed hoping love was enough. >> we prayed nightly together. that's how we keep our spirituality. even when he's on the road, we call and say prayers before we go to bed. that's just what we do together to keep us close and connected. >> sadly, love wasn't enough. after four years together in 2014, khloe filed for divorce, which, by the way, still isn't final.
2:48 am
fast forward to the events of this week. lamar's parent overdose happened right at the time when khloe was having a moment. she lost 35 pounds and everyone applauds her for looking amazing. she has a book coming out next month. schae a new eight episode primetime talk show "cocktails with khloe" set for december and she has her mobile app. now all of that is put on hold. >> despite going their separate ways, khloe and lamar still had a bond. she was his go-to whether he was down. >> hey. i'm so, so sorry. laura's beth friend since he was 12 just passed away unexpectedly jamie passed away unexpectedly. i'm really on high alert for lamar because, i mean, anything i think will set him to spiral. that's the last thing i want for him. >> sadly, that call could have had a devastating impact on says crisis manager wendy feldman who counseled lamar back in 2013. >> i was told that lamar did not want his voice aired on the show. is it coincidental that the next week after they aired that conversation this happens?
2:49 am
maybe. maybe not. >> and one has to wonder. now how much that bothered >> you know, i always saw such a great support network in that family when i worked with kris on the talk show. that is a main take away. they stick up for each other the good and bad times. >> love or hate them, they do support each other. in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which tv icon's dream is to one day star on broadway? it is jay leno, betty white, or penny marshal? the answer is coming up next in the "e.t." birthdays y24our /7 destination for
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entertainment news. consideration presented by -- welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's birthdays, which tv icon's dream is to one day star on broadway? >> i grew up in the br
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watched shows all my life. mainly musicals. that was my dream always to have my equity card. >> that is penny marshal who turned 72 today. >> you heard oprah talk about lamar odom. we spoke to oprah at her own premiere series "belief." gayle was there. also common. >> and oprah spent three years putting this show together. it's amazing. it's a journey into faith. but there is one journey she decided not to take and it's to india's religious festival that only happens every 12 years. we'll let oprah tell you why. >> 70 million people are in one place. and they actually -- we talked about me going and 70 million, that's -- i draw the line at 50. >> can't say i blame you. good-bye, everybody. >> bye. not at the
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end of the line. 66 years old. not in the middle either the i am an old man who refused to grow old. when i look over my shoulder to my life, i see one thread, one
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line, pun intended of course, the
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some businesses in an upscale washington, d.c. neighborhood are accused of racial profiling through a mobile app. shop keepers using a messaging service to alert each other and the police about people who are acting suspiciously. but the vast majority of the reports are about black customers. the report from georgetown. >> reporter: in trendy georgetown, store owners will tell you shoplifting is part of the cost of doing business. keisha green works at elite. >> the people that are like a shoplifter they come in all the time. go to the same item. get the feel of the store. >> reporter: in 60 day as loan, police recorded more than 120 theft in the heart of georgetown. to counter crime businesses are using an app, groupme. works look a private chat room. 380 members include merchants,
2:58 am
employees, community leaders and on duty police officers send descriptions and pictures of customers acting suspiciously. recent posts include african-american female, late 20. just stole from lacoste, need some one asap. person walking out, black male. >> we are all pretty alarmed by it. >> reporter: peter murray, reporter for the georgetowner newspaper was unsettled by what he saw. >> a glance at the app you see rashl bias. >> reporter: murray found from march 1 to july 5 of this year, 330 people were identified in messages warning of suspicious or criminal activity. of those, 72% were described as african-americans. >> not only was there this jump to conclusion somebody has committed a crime because they're suspicious or wearing a certain thing or have a certain hair style. but also the people who are texting each other are sort of reveling in this game of following people around and saying they're suspicious.
2:59 am
>> any idea what percentage of those identified as african-american are arrested? >> i would say very small percentage. less than 5%. >> reporter: joe sternly runs georgetown business improvement district which started the neighborhood groupme. he pushes back at the notion it is profiling. >> somebody posts something that is inappropriate, the group, our staff goes out, meets with the person, retrains them, makes sure they're comfortable with the rules and can abide. if they don't. wea we kick them off. >> one or two people have been kicked out of the group for racial profiling. originally, police here endorsed the use of the app. but yesterday when we asked metropolit! metropolitan, pd, would not comment. groupme wouldn't comment either. that's the "cbs overnight news" for this friday. for some of you, the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city.
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senior slam, no social security raise, millions could see medicaid premiums soar. tonight the president delays the pullout from afghanistan. >> it's the right thing to do. >> a key part of america's anti-terror security system crashes creating a travel nightmare. and, at the white house, the sound of warming relations with cuba. >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." the social security administration is telling nearly 65 million retirees they will not be getting a raise next year. because inflation is too low to
3:01 am
trigger one. and the bad news gets worse. unless congress acts, many of the 55 million on medicare could see premiums rise as much as 50%. with higher deductibles as well. here's major garrett. >> reporter: the increase in out of pocket medicare costs would affect doctor visits, surgery, supplies, walkers, wheelchairs. currently the monthly premium is $104. it could rise to $159. eight million could face the costs. a million are federal retirees. jessica clement -- of the national active and retired federal employees association. >> $55 a month makes a big big difference to individuals living on a fixed income. >> reporter: here is the problem. health care costs are rising fast by law 70% of people on medicare are protected from higher premiums if they don't get a social security cost of living raise. that's what is going to happen next year. which leaves only 30% of medicare patients to absorb all the higher health care costs.
3:02 am
that 30% include the wealthy, seniors who recently signed up for medicare and federal employees. congress can reverse the cost increase due to start january 1. something the white house supports. >> there seems to be bipartisan support in congress for preventing this. how you do that if you have to offset the costs, however, could complicate the issue. >> reporter: preventinged medicare premium increases is part of secret budget talks between the white house and congressional republicans, scott. that means seen seniors could be caught in a fit to avoid a government shutdown. >> you would imagine they would figure out how to make a deal in an election year. major garrett at the white house for us. major garrett, thank you. last night a computer system used to keep terror suspects out of the country crashed. turning thousands of passengers into virtual prisoners. here is kris van cleave. >> reporter: the national outage
3:03 am
gridlocked the emirates check-in desk at jfk last night. some flights were delayed. long lines formed as custom check points across the country ground to a virtual halt, stranding thousands. >> the people up there were all cursing. there was people that couldn't walk. it was crazy. crazy. people in the wheelchair were like crying. waiting there for hours. >> reporter: cameron miller got stuck in lines in dallas. they told me the computer system was down. we needed to fill out some forms. old school style. >> reporter: old school is fitting description. for 90 minutes software customs officers used to access lists was offline requiring alternative procedures including manually processing passports and doing passenger interviews. it was described as tedious. sources familiar with the watch list said those needing additional screening would be sent to custom officers by other means, fax or e-mail. >> the question i am left with after last night why isn't there a backup system? >> we get what we invest in.
3:04 am
with respect to government. >> watch list data are maintained by the fbi ron hosko, former assistant director. >> i don't think our security is enhanced when we go from an automated system to a paper system. and we are hand scanning names on a list. >> reporter: customs and border protection said the issue was a software air railroad that prevented information from flowing between systems. it was not malicious. a senior official said any passenger who needed to be checked against a list was fully vetted. >> kris van cleave our transportation specialist, kris, thank you. today, president obama confirmed what we reported right here last night. america's longest war, already 5,122 days old, will continue longer than he wanted. longer than he promised. he is keeping at least 5500 troops in afghanistan through the end of his presidency.
3:05 am
and here is david martin. >> reporter: the taliban takeover of the capital of kunduz last month provided the explanation point. the handwriting was already on the wall for president obama to read. >> afghan forces are still not as string as they need to be. meanwhile the taliban has made gains. particularly in rural areas. and can still launch deadly attacks in cities including kabul. >> reporter: under his new plan. american troops will be based in the capital of kabul, main airfield at bagram and locations in the east and south. one of the locations will allow the cia to continue to conduct drone strikes against terrorist hideouts in pakistan. >> these bases will give us the presence and reach our forces require to achieve their mission. although the u.s. combat mission officially ended with much
3:06 am
fanfare last december. american commandos continue to carry out raids and american war planes continue to conduct air strikes. just last week, u.s. and afghan forces killed an estimated 120 al qaeda fighters in one of the largest assault efforts ever against two training camps. earlier this month an american gunship opened fire on a hospital near kunduz as u.s. green berets were helping afghan troops retake the city. how long the 5500 troops remain in afghanistan will be up to the next president. president obama suggested american troops will be needed until there is a peace treaty with the taliban. scott. >> david martin at the pentagon. thank you. the cost of 14 years of war in afghanistan has been more than 2,200 american lives. and nearly 700 billion dollars. former u.s. speaker of the house, dennis hastert struck a deal with prosecutors. hastert charged with violating banking laws and lying to federal agents about it.
3:07 am
hastert was reportedly paying hush money to a man who claimed that hastert sexually abused him decades before when hastert was a high school wrestling coach. hastert will change his plea to guilty, likely in return for a reduced sentence. "cbs overnight news" will be right back. ♪ america's service members and veterans are strong.
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forged out of bravery, sacrifice, and duty. from all corners of the country, a family for life. ♪ but whether they served in lands far away or communities close to home, some of these men and women may face difficult times or even crisis. but sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all. thankfully, friends, family, and communities are standing by their service members and veterans now more than ever. ♪ we're all in this together. when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis, reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.
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six members of a church have pleaded not guilty to charges of manslaughter and assault. police say two teenage brothers were beaten by their parents, their sister, and other members of the secretive word of life church in upstate new york. one of the brothers died. michelle miller is there. >> reporter: today police were seen serving what they describe as court papers to members of the world of life church. the site of sunday's brutal assault. the victim's parents, deborah and bruce leonard remain in jail on first degree manslaughter charges in the beating death of their 19-year-old son lucas.
3:11 am
devin garimore represents the victim any mother. >> i don't think it was her idea. i think that this is something that she didn't foresee going this far. and i think she lost control of it. >> reporter: four other church members are accused of assaulting lucas' 17-year-old brother christopher after church sunday. the district attorney says the beatings may have lasted more than ten hours. what did happen? >> what we understand there was an issue whether or not they wanted to stay, the oldest brother wanted to stay in the church. there was a confrontation between the two boys and the parents about that. >> reporter: investigators believe church members home school their children inside the former public school compound, bought more than 30 years ago. several of the children were taken away yesterday by child protective services. >> was the assault part of some religious ritual? >> it is not our allegation it was a religious ritual for anything of that nature.
3:12 am
but for purposes of what we are dealing with right now, we are looking at what i would characterize as a form of a gang assault. >> authorities say several former church members are helping in their investigation. and scott, we are told, that the younger brother is conscious, cooperating and is expected to make a full recovery. >> michelle miller, reporting tonight. thank you. tonight a 13-year-old boy is at the center of the never-ending battle between israelis and palestinians. to one side, he is a victim. to the other, a terrorist. jonathan vigliatti is in tel aviv. >> reporter: the 13-year-old lay bleeding badly on a jerusalem street. the palestinian authority said he was killed by israeli soldiers. but then the israelis released this video of the arab boy very much alive recovering in a hospital. israel says that he stabbed two including a jewish teenager and was hit by a car when he fled
3:13 am
the scene. it its the latest in a string of knife attacks against israelis that have spooked the country. palestinians mostly young men, armed with knives appear out of nowhere stabbing as many as they can. targets appear random. which has added to the fear. all of the suspects have been arrested or fatally shot by israeli security forces. like this woman, gunned down at a bus station. now, for the first time since 2000, israeli security forces set up extra check points around the palestinian neighborhoods of east jerusalem. so far, it hasn't done much to reassureany one, like this resident. father of five. >> it is very, very dangerous place. we are, scared all of the time. >> reporter: meantime, both sides buried their dead this week. and another grim procession of death. palestinians are calling for a day of mass protest, following tomorrow's weekly muslim prayers.
3:14 am
scott, the country its bracing itself for what could be a day of more violence. >> in tel aviv, thanks. ken taylor, the former canadian ambassador to iran has died. if you saw the oscar winning film "argo" you know his story. during the hostage crisis in 1979, taylor sheltered six americans and helped them escape with fake passports. for that he was awarded the u.s. congressional gold medal. ken taylor was 81. today a zimbabwean hunter said that he expects to be cleared of charges that he helped an american illegally kill a beloved lion called cecil. the american, walter palmer does not face charges. deborah patta was there as the the hunter came into the cross hairs of the court. >> reporter: hiding behind dark glasses and a cap, hunting guide, theo bronkhearst sat in his car anxiously waiting for court to start.
3:15 am
he insisted he did nothing wrong. he says he had a legal permit. >> i guess i shot a famous lion. >> reporter: cecil was a major attraction at the national park. the government says that he lured cecil off protected park land to a nearby farm where he was shot with a cross bow. >> absolute nonsense. we got the, the animal was on an elephant carcass. it is utter nonsense. we didn't have to lure him. he was there. >> reporter: he says he is being made a scapegoat. most of the $50,000 palmer paid for his hunting license goes to bronchearst. after a small cut to the farmer on whose land cecil was killed. but those days could be over. >> it's destroyed us, eh. it's destroyed the family. my business. >> reporter: it's been tough? >> you know, we employ a lot of people.
3:16 am
and -- they are on halftime now. i guess each family is supporting six, six or more dependents. >> reporter: illegal hunting is prosecuted in zimbabwe, but the researcher, studying cecil was convinced because of the international outrage this time would be different. he believes the american dentist should have been charged. >> i really thought this was going to be an example to other people that have done this before who would do it in the future. so very disappointed we are not going to see justice. >> reporter: he told us if the american dentist isn't facing charge he's shouldn't either. his lawyers did not get a chance to argue the case in court today, scott, as the trial was postponed until next week. >> deborah patta reporting. thank you. a hollywood star puts a affecting many new mothers. employers, let us in on the most absurd excuses for calling in sick.
3:17 am
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actress hayden pantiere has a lot going for her. 26, successful, engaged, last december became a mom. this week she announced she is getting treatment for postpartum depression. hundred of thousand of other women are battling it too. dr. jon lapook has one woman's story. >> lauren saffron was 34 when she gave birth to lily. you looked so happy in the pictures. were you? >> no, i was very much the opposite. i was pretty certain i was not going to be able to handle being a mother. >> reporter: she was suffering postpartum depression. every year about 4 million women give birth. anywhere from 8 to 19% report
3:21 am
having frequent symptoms of depression. that's more than 300,000 women every year. dr. katherine burndoff of new york presbyterian treats women. >> the biggest myth about postpartum depression is it doesn't exist. there are poem that believe it isn't possible to be depressed or upset or struggle around such a miraculous event as having a baby. >> reporter: saffron was treated with therapy and anti-depressants and is a therapist for women facing the same struggle she had. when you look at them now and think back to how you were feeling at the time you were born. what goes through your mind? >> it almost doesn't feel like it was me. you know?
3:22 am
it feels so far away. >> the adjustment to motherhood. this is not easy. and, the idea that we want women to do it effortlessly and smoothly and with a smile on their face is an enormous problem. >> reporter: it is common for women to have sadness, irritability and changes in mood after giving birth. the symptoms usually resolve in two weeks. but if they're severe or persist longer it is important to seek help. it is estimated at least 50% of postpartum depression goes unrecognized. dr. jon lapook. thank you, doc. law makers scrambled when tear gas filled the halls of parliament. that's coming up.
3:23 am
photos released by the kennedy library. are giving us a peek into camelot. john kennedy relaxing on the presidential yacht "honey fitz", and daughter caroline, u.s. ambassador to japan. j.f.k. jr. inherited his dad's love of the sea. and a rare shot of the president enjoying ice cream. and a color photo of his interview with walter cronkite, 12 weeks before the assassination. you think debate gets heated in our congress. kosovo's congress emptied out when lawmakers set off tear gas to protest a deal with serbia. kosovo declared independence
3:24 am
from serbia seven years ago after a verb us war. old grudges die hard. >> careerbuilders out with its annual list of absurd excuses for calling in sick. one woman said she was going to the beach because she needed vitamin d from sun light. a man caught cheating on his wife, had to retrieve his belongings from the dumpster. and one guy said, grandma poisoned him with ham. but his boss thought it was baloney. a half century after the cuban missile crisis, cuban musicians in the white house. next.
3:25 am
3:26 am
3:27 am
we end with the latest sign and sound of improving relations with cuba. today cuban musicians performed at the white house for the first time in 50 years. here is margaret brennan. ♪ >> reporter: the sound of cuban music blasting through the white house was a remarkable moment for guitarist elandes ochoa. and singer omaro puertoando. they never thought they would make it here. what does that mean to you? >> translator: this represents her flag, her culture and her
3:28 am
ideals. >> translator: the trip will be part of his artistic record forever. ♪ >> reporter: for decade the musicians were little known outside cuba. until the 1990s when the buen vista social club album made them a worldwide sensation. ♪ ♪ that inspired an academy award nominated documentary. and soon many band members had found fame in their 70s and 80s. >> i look to sing. >> reporter: they see hope in the thaw between two cold war foes. do you think that relations between the u.s. and cuba are getting better? >> a day will come when everyone will be able to sit down and eat at the same table. that gets a laugh from omara who says her band mate speaks the truth and beautiful word.
3:29 am
♪ their final song was the spanish version of "perhaps, perhaps, perhaps" a song made popular by nat king cole. >> i knew nat king cole? >> you knew him? >> yes, in cuba. we sang with nat king cole and other singers. he sang in cuba "perhaps, perhaps, perhaps." ♪ ♪ perhaps, perhaps -- i can't hear you ♪ >> reporter: and perhaps has never been promising. ♪ perhaps, perhaps ♪ margaret brennan, cbs news, washington. and that's the "overnight news" for this friday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning news and cbs "this morning." from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm scott pelley.
3:30 am
welcome to the "cbs overnight news." a woman charged with beater her son to death inside a church in upstate new york claims she was powerless to stop the attack. the lawyer for deborah leonard said it started as an intervention that soon spiraled out of control. six members of the word of life christian church remain behind bars. the mother and father charged with manslaughter. michelle miller reports from outside the church in chadwiks, new york. >> reporter: people around here say church members mostly kept to themselves, were secretive, and that some even lived inside
3:31 am
this church building. well investigators say the sunday's deadly assault began when the two brothers met with other church members for what was described as a "counseling session." photos taken inside the church the day after the deadly beating offer a rare glimpse inside the guarded building. police say on sunday night, 19-year-old lucas leonard and 17-year-old brother christopher sat down for a spiritual counseling session at the word of life christian church. at some point, the meeting became physical. >> both brothers were continually subjected to physical punishment over the course of several hours. in the hopes each would confess their prior sins and ask for forgiveness. >> reporter: monday, lucas' family drove him to the hospital when they realized he wasn't breathing. he died that afternoon.
3:32 am
investigators later found his younger brother, still inside the church. he was taken to the hospital. police say both brothers suffered blunt force trauma and had injuries to their stomachs, backs, thighs and genitals. during the church. investigators also found several other children who appear to be unharmed. the boys' parents. bruce and deborah leopard are faces charges of first degree manslaughter. four additional people including the victims' sister ear charged with second degree assault. devin garrimore is deborah leonard's attorney. >> apparently part of a church-related discipline being imposed on her two boys. i don't think it was her idea. >> reporter: what were they being disciplined for? >> that i can't say. >> you can't see in. only see lights on. all the windows are all boarded up. >> neighbors say church members tried to recruit them in the past. >> we always joked around and said they were a cult. which now we are believing that they probably were.
3:33 am
>> reporter: litz lived in house next door for ten years. she says congregation members were nice but strange. the men wore long dark cloak and she would hear chanting. >> i don't know itch they were speaking in tongues. i'm not sure. it was not english. not any reconizable language that i could distinguish. >> reporter: the group's secrecy raised eyebrows in the tight-knit community. >> no one was every loud in there. you just couldn't get. it was off limits. in zimbabwe, a postponement in the trial of the man who led the hunt for cecil the lion. he could face ten years in prison for allegedly luring cecil out of a protected park where she was shot with a cross bow. cecil ran away, found the next day and was killed. deborah patta had the story.
3:34 am
>> tourists flock to victoria falls. one man missing today at the magistrate court, walter palmer, the minnesota dentist who shot and killed cecil the lion. all charges have been dropped against him. but the man who led the hunt is still being prosecuted. hiding behind dark glasses and a cap, theo arrived at the court and sat in his car anxiously awaiting for proceedings to begin. turning his head from the camera he told us he had done nothing wrong. he claims he had a legal permit and would be vindicated in court. >> well i guess i shot a famous lion. >> reporter: the famous lion the iconic star attraction up the national park. the rare, black maned cecil. he believes he is the fall guy. >> there are many lions shot every year. as the far as my way, there were five shot this year alone. >> reporter: he broke down as he told us his life had been ruined. >> will it destroyed us, eh.
3:35 am
it destroyed the family. my business. you know, we employ a lot of people. and they are all on halftime now. i guess each families say porting six or more dependents. >> reporter: zimbabwean officials insist it was unlawful. illegal hunting is not often prosecuted. but collared cecil as part of an oxford study. was convinced because of the international outrage surrounding the case it would be different this time. like many here, surprised charges were dropped against palmer. >> i really thought this was going to be an example to other people that have done this before who would do it in the future. so very disappointed we are not going to see justice. >> reporter: he said that the charges were dropped against palmer proves his innocence. he will have to wait longer to have his day in court. his case has been postponed yet again until next week. former pro basketball player and reality tv star, lamar odom remains on life support in a nevada hospital. found unconscious in a brothel
3:36 am
over the weekend. kevin frasier has the latest. >> reporter: according to a source inside the hospital close to the family that i spoke with yesterday, there were small improvements for lamar odom. he squeezed kim kardashian's hand. briefly opened his eyes. understand this he is a long way from being out of the wood and heap is fighting for his life. >> reporter: the first 911 call came in around 3:15 p.m. nevada time, tuesday. from a female employee of the love ranch. where lamar odom had been a guest since saturday. another male caller told operators about drugs he says odom had been taking. >> apparently had cocaine on him.
3:37 am
pretty much, he did this on saturday. >> as far as you know there is no cocaine since saturday. >> that is correct. >> reporter: the caller said odom was taking large amounts of reload, sexual enhancement drug, the fda warns could be dangerous if mixed with certain other medications. the owner of the love ranch. >> they said roll him on his left side. he started throwing up a lot. >> entertainment to night was allowed into the room at the brothel where odom was discovered. >> the police looked through this things. they didn't tell us they found anything. >> reporter: the nye county sheriff confirms a search warpt was executed for a sample of odom's blood. former lacquer teammates. kobe bryant and trevor ariza have visited odom's bedside. family and friend have kept a constant vigil and check on lamar. one thing they're hold. talk to him. he can hear you.
3:38 am
the hopes he will hear a voice recognizable. come out of the coma. his two older children were expected last night. much more information on entertainment tonight. >> "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
3:39 am
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on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. there is new video tonight of perhaps the greatest prison break in modern times. notorious drug kingpin el chapo joaquin g of the -- guzman. escaped in july from a tunnel under his cell. the new video shows guzman turning up the sound on his tv before loud jack hammers heard in the background i was his men chiseling away through the floor of his shower. none of the guard paid any attention. minutes later, guzman was gone. bill whitaker took a look at the escape for "60 minutes." >> gets arrested for the second time. knowing he escaped once before. goes to prison and is able to escape a second time.
3:41 am
that's something like, no other criminal in history you will be able to find. >> reporter: until he retired last year, jim dinkins was head of homeland security investigations. part of the international manhunt for el chapo more than a decade. >> he was literally in a well-fortified, constructed prison, designed to prevent such an escape. >> maximum security prison in mexico. >> designed to penetrate people from coming frumg air or land. they didn't anticipate unrground. >> reporter: that's exactly what he did. almost from the moment he was delivered here to altiplano prison in february, 2014. a construction crew from his cartel began digging a tunnel to free him. the wall here are as much as 3 feet thick. the airspace above is restricted. cell phones, prison officials say they're jammed for miles around. but none of that made a difference. from all most a mile away,
3:42 am
inside this hastily built, cinder block structure in a farmer's field, chapo's men dug down three stories. and then they burrowed 4,921 feet straight toward altiplano. a massive construction project right outside the prison, might have masked the is not of the underground activity. the tunnel went under the prison wall and beneath the plumbing and with pinpoint accuracy, it emerged directly into the shower stall of guzman's ground level cell. >> very difficult to navigate underground. point a to point b with minor deviations if any. and that is an engineering marvel. >> how difficult? >> very, very difficult. when the boss is behind prison. put your best team and foot forward. they did. >> at 8:52, saturday july 11th.
3:43 am
he ducks into a shower cell behind the privacy wall. the only place hidden from security cameras. and then he disappears. he climbed down into the tunnel, and climbed atop ape motorcycle. especially rigged on rail tracks to speed him to freedom. by the time the alarm sounded and a search began, guzman had vanished into the night. when mexican agents located the cinder block structure where the escape tunnel began. the construction crew was also long gone. leaving behind tools. jen rater, oxygen tanks. jig saw and car batteries. >> what was your reaction when you heard el chappo escaped? >> disappointed not shocked. >> chuck rosen becker is head of the u.s. drug enforcement administration. >> he was in a maximum security prison? >> escaped previously in 2001.
3:44 am
it had happened before. we knew, we knew, he had intended to dupe it again. >> you knew he was planning to do it again? >> we knew he and his folks wanted to break him out we had general chatter, a year before he broke out a second time. what they hoped to do. there was nothing in that information we had. about tunnels. >> he is a notorious tunnel manufacturer. >> tunnel king. >> the tunnel king. >> he is responsible for more sophisticated tunnels. any body in the history of drug trafficking in mexico. some what ironic he was able to escape using one of the techniques he perfected over the last decade plus. >> reporter: ironic, but not terribly surprising. during the last manhunt for el chapo, pursuers discovered this. >> the tub.
3:45 am
look at this. >> tunnel entrance in the plumbing. in this case beneath the tub. >> that's amazing. >> reporter: chapo devised smuggling methods. he packed drugs into fake cucumbers and bananas and mixed them with real shipments of produce. the thing he worked hardest on was making sure he could always get away. guzman was the first mexican drug trafficker to hierarch tekts and mining engineers to build elaborate super tunnels. complete with vent lax system. electricity and railways to ferry drugs under the u.s./mexico border. mexican authorities led us to a
3:46 am
tunnel they found unfinished and just short of the border fence in tijuana. this tunnel was discovered just a couple weeks after the great escape. his cartel wasn't just focused on building his escape tunnel. continued building the drug tunnels at the same time. the border between san diego and tijuana is one of the busiest international commercial jones in the world. you've will see ate staetd streams passing north and south. what you can't see is that beneath one four mile stretch of this border it is crisscrossed with dozens of smuggling tunnels. why? because this industrial part of tijuana is across the fence of acres of warehouses in the u.s. drug smugglers, dig down in a building over here. pop up in a warehouse inthe u.s. couple of hundred yard away. this is where el chapo's cartel, honed its tunnelling technique. >> when did el chapo first start digging tunnels here in the area. on record the first tunnel in 2010. >> gentlemen dimigglio., chief of the san diego task forcing, made up of agents from homeland security. border patrol. and dea. the task force was established
3:47 am
to what the government deems a threat to national security. >> down this road, there has been multiple tunnels found in warehouses here. >> how far is this? >> 1,400 feet. >> most tunnels are twice that length. >> what makes the area so appealing to them? >> just the infrastructure on beth side of the border. you know, and, in tijuana. you have all the commercial businesses there. import. export. just the warehouses there doing legitimate business. it is easy to conceal an illegitimate business within the warehouses. like looking for a needle in a hey stack. >> how much does it cost them off to build one of the tunnels? >> estimate the it costs the cartel $1 million to $2 million. if they have one successful push through of narcotics they paid for the tunnel and then some. >> one load gets through. >> one load. not just one kilo.
3:48 am
talking tons of narcotics going through. >> led of marijuana for example could be worth as much as $5 million to $6 million. smugglers use the tunnels to move ware na, because it is too bulky, smelly, easy to protect. to transport over land. >> there you go. >> the team took us down into one of el chapo's closed subterranean passage ways. dug through the clay-like soil toth picks, shovels and power ols. >> you can see bill's full report at "cbs overnight news" will be right back. well, things in the bedroom have always been pretty good.
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phillipe petit, redefined the high wire act in 1974 in the sky above new york city. his death defying stroll between the world trade center towers is dramatized in the new movie the walk. phillipe petit sat down to discuss the day with anthony mason. >> welcome to new york. anything to declare. >> i will hang a high wire between the two towers of the world trade center and walk on it. >> good luck. >> reporter: but that is exactly what felipe petite did on an otherwise ordinary day in 1974. >> there is somebody out there on a tightrope between the towers of the world trade center at the tippy top.
3:52 am
>> reporter: for nearly an hour, quarter mile above manhattan, the 24-year-old frenchman, walked, even danced on a steel cable, strung between the twin towers of the newly constructed world trade center. >> please tell me for a moment you were nervous that morning? >> i am never nervous before a performance. first i cannot afford to be the i always put myself on the wire, departure, with a feeling that is both mental and physical. the feeling of -- >> petite planned the caper more than six years and made a trial walk some years before. sneaking a cable between the spiers of the cathedral of notre dame in paris. but the tower walk was such an audacious feat that even the police who tried to coax him off the wire, were captivated. >> i personally figured i was watching something that somebody would never see again in the world. >> reporter: a consultant on the movie, he helped train joseph gordon leavitt in the art of
3:53 am
wire walking the film's achievement is re-creating through 3-d and cgi an event only captured in still images that day. >> the viewer in the film gets to look at everything around them. were you seeing all of that? >> no, no. and there is a beautiful scene, beautiful treatment of the moment. by the director just as i am step on the wire. the whole world does not exist. only a wire was there in my mind. he managed to show that by having fog invade the screen then we see a wire, walking into infinity, when i step on it, the fog diminishes and we wake up in new york on the wire. in the beginning it was simplistic, block the world and concentrate on the wire.
3:54 am
so this is a lifetime of trying to find what i call the open focus that is completely closed and completely open. >> that's very interesting. you sort of have to be both in a way. >> i have to be both. >> after the tower walk petite continue to perform, above the ground and on it. here, juggling for tips back in 1984. now 66, petite occasionally walks the wire. he is a performer in residence at new york's cathedral of st. john the divine. he holds frequent creativity workshops for kids. >> i want to try to share with you an image, a flash of the in possible. and is a popular motivational speaker. >> improvization is empowering. it welcomes the unknown. >> his legacy will forever be linked to that one bold act. made all the more resonant by the absence of his partners in crime, the twin towers. >> my life, when i look over my shoulder, though i am not at the end of the line. 66 years old.
3:55 am
not in the middle either the i am an old man who refused to grow old. one of my most rewarding experiences as a dietitian
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3:58 am
has been actually quite recently just a year ago when i met donna. because she was so motivated and ready to lose weight and to get healthier.
3:59 am
well since i met sue and listened to her guidance i've lost about 80 pounds and i have been taken off almost all my medications. to me, i mean that's something to shout about. i think for donna the biggest change has been what's happened up here her perspective on food, nutrition, fitness has just changed dramatically. she looks at food differently, she thinks about food differently and the fact that nutrition and exercise, there just a routine part of her life. i just see the future getting better and better and better. because i'm getting healthier and healthier and healthier. it's just been a whole life change and i don't want to ever go back to the old ways.
4:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it's friday, october 16th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." stuck in the mud. hundreds of california drivers are stranded when heavy rain sends water, rocks and mud washing across highways. is joe biden ready to run? one of his top political advisers signals the vice president may be getting ready to enter the race. and start spreading the news. the new york mets finish off the dodgers to advance to the national league championship series for the first time since 2006. good morning from the studio


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