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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  October 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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there was a.380 spent casing located at the scene. what was next to his head was a 45-caliber handgun that could not have fired the .38 that killed him. >> reporter: soon discovered, the text messages between anastasi and her 13-year-old daughter and her boyfriend made it clear that everyone was in on the murders. >> he's never done nothing i know:he was manipulated into doing it. >> he hung out with that girl a couple times. he's a teenager. he did what kids do. >> reporter: ann anastasi was denied bail and gabriel straus is in jail and gets a hearing on monday, and the daughter is
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in juvenile detention. anastasi is the mother to 5 kids. the mother and girlfriend, now dead. >> all right. thank you. on metro, debris on a light fixture caused smoke to fill the foggy bottom metro station, a seem it is minor incident but firefighters say it was another wake-up call because power was restored to the third rail before they were ready. >> reporter: lesli, to be clear, there were no firefighters on the track bed and no one was injured. but firefighters say this is the kind of minor incident that could turn deadly. you could hear the surprise in the firefighteracy voice when they heard the third rail was reenergized. this snapshot of the smoke from
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the tracks at the foggy bottom metro. >> a light and maybe sparks coming from where the firemen were down on the tracks. >> reporter: d.c. fire quickly got the situation under control. but the work wasn't done. communication between the metro operations control center and firefighters on the ground got a little muddy. >> just to confirm. you are confirming all equipment and personnel are off the track at this time. >> reporter: firefighters still needed to clean off debris. the reenergizing of the third rail takes crews by surprise. >> third rail power has been restored. train movement on track 2. >> shock. you know, my jaw hits the floor. and yet another breakdown in communications, and given the right circumstances, that could seriously injure or kill firefighters on that track bed. >> reporter: you can see fire and metro discussing the situation on the platform and
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then take it outside. >> metro personnel down here is advising that we got the call from occ and power was restored. i would like to you find out who authorized putting third rail back up and allowing train movement to go back on track 2 without our approval. >> this is unacceptable, and it will lead to somebody getting hurt here. i can't believe that after everything we've been through that we are still hearing the horror stories on a day-to-day basis. >> reporter: metro said they are investigating further and only after our repeated inquiries if there is a problem, they'll fix it. >> surre, thank you. riders were delayed for about 25 empty this is morning, and firefighters do use a detection device that goes on the third rail to alert them that the power is back on. but the union said it should never come to that. a disturbing story out of
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frederick county, maryland where a man is accused of sexually exemployeding a toddler. police say 33-year-old william steinhouse took pictures of a 2- year-old, 2, and shared them online. the users exchanged hundreds of messages discussing the best way that he could sexually abuse the toddler. he is in custody and faces 35 years in prison. >> ugh. thank you. all lanes of traffic are moving again on the woodrow wilson bridge but that was not the case earlier this afternoon when the inner lanes were closed because of a suspicious package. the fire department gave the all-clear about an hour ago and determined that the package did not present a threat. we are in for a chilly weekend. topper shutt joins us now, and top, what about high school
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football? >> the good news is this is perfect for high school football, cool conscious across the board, and 8:00, getting chilly, temperatures in the 50s, but until then, we're in the 60s. we have a freeze watch in the northern half and western half of loudoun county, temperatures, 25 to true. 3 2 . if you have sensitive plants, it will kill them, and this is saturday night and not even the coldest night. it will be colder on sunday. i can see the freeze watch in fairfax and so you -- southern montgomery counties on sunday night. tonight is not the cold night, chilly but not cold. taking the kids to the soccer
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league tomorrow? dress for the 40s and it will stay breezy all day. >> thank you, topper. the jury in the charles severance murder trial watched video from an alexandria target store that have prosecutors say shows him following one of his victims before killing her. peggy fox was in the the courtroom, and peggy, how convincing was the video? >> reporter: it's pretty clear that the woman we see is nancing dunning in the hour before she was killed in 2003. she had gone target shopping, and it's clear that there is a man that appears to be following her that resembles charles severance, but that video is 12 years old and not crystal clear. charles severance's appearance now with his gray balding head, long hair, and scruffy beard is dramatically different from the late 1990s and early 2000 when he had short dark hair.
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that picture of him was compared to the much- anticipated target surveillance video that shows a woman who assembles nancy dunning until the foreground leaving the target store on december 5 at 10:30 a.m. behind her, a man who looks like severance. the enhanced photos are compared to recent photos. her son testified that she went to target shopping before she went missing. the medical examiner found three gunshot wounds, cause of death? multiple gunshot wounds and there was soot, a sign that the gun barrel end was close when it was fired.
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one bullet pierced dunning's brain and the other, her lungs, but none would have caused the death immediately making a disturbing point for the dunning family, that she was alive for minutes, struggling to breathe until she died. also on the stand, the general manager of the arms manufacturer, north american arms out of provo, utah. the company that sold the two 22-caliber revolvers to severance's girlfriend. he was not able to own guns after being privately convicted. a trooper pulled severance over and found three guns in the car, one concealed by
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severance's hat in his groin. peggy fox, wusa 9. >> thank you, peggy. so d.c. police are looking for clues in connection with a deadly stabbing in northwest. >> this was 1:00 this morning on k street near mt. vernon square. one person was killed and one shot in the leg. a man is still trying to process the loss of his grandson. >> i lost three sons and one grandson, two in the streets and one that died in the operating table. >> police say there is often activity in the neighborhood late at night, and at this point, they did not release any information on a suspect. a final farewell for collin brough. a funeral service was held today for the 20-year-old killed in a shooting in arizona last week. he grew up in annapolis.
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an 18-year-old classmate is held on murder charms. a suspect charged with helping coordinate the attack on benghazi that killed 4 americans including the ambassador was in court today. there were no rulings made today. prosecutors are expected to decide whether to seek the death penalty by next spring. we are just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. new information in last night's murder behind a gaithersburg's laundromat. >> and this used to be a scaffolding. what happened to cause this
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collapse. >> and will he or won'tly? joe biden, is he running for president?
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>> at least six people are treated for injuries they received in a giant scaffolding collapse at a luxury houston apartment building that's under construction. the workers are expected to be okay. witnesses say the collapse was caused by a car that collapsed into the scaffolding. a massive clean up effort underway to open several major highways in southern california after this mess, mudslides stranding hundreds of cars and trapping drivers. thursday's storms triggered
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flash floods about 75 miles north of downtown los angeles. chris martinez is at the scene in mojave, california. >> reporter: crews are scrambling to clear mud from interstate 5 north of los angeles. a portion of the highway typically congested with traffic is nearly report. geologists are expecting the area to make sure the interstate is safe. a violent storm triggered flash flood thursday that transformed busy streets into a river of mud. >> yeah, we're stuck. >> reporter: firefighters rescued dozens trapped in their cars and homes. >> i've been out here for 24 years now, and i've never seen how much water in 24 years. you can't tell how fast it's moving. >> reporter: on state road 58 near the mojave desert, crews are using bulldozers to dig cars and trucks out of the mud.
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the flooding backed up traffic for miles. trayvon was forced to sleep in his car. >> used my gps and thought i would get through. here i am. >> reporter: while interstate 5 and other highways are expected to re-open, the area is bracing for another flash flood watch. chris martinez, cbs news. >> the national weather service said that a flash flood watch will be in effect friday afternoon and early evening for the mountains and deserts near l.a. there is a pizza restaurant in downtown anacostia that's been robbed five times recently. >> the owner doesn't have money for security cameras and plexi glass but that will change. a gofundme change has raised double what was taken from her business. we have the powerful story of loss and recovers on wusa 9news
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w usa 9 -- recovery on wusa 9 news at 6:00. we have to unpack the leggings and parkas, scarves, all that good stuff. >> soccer tomorrow? >> yeah. >> okay. just saying right now, dress in the 40s. it will be breezy all day. >> we'll be on the sidelines and it will feel like 30. >> and you always get cold when you watch. when you are playing, it's fine. but watching? >> cold, cold. >> let's start with the 3- degree guarantee. i was so nervous. i went 70. how did we do? we'll talk tonight at 11:00. a live look outside, nice, and comfortable. 65, not quite 70. a look at the dew point. we talked about this, in the 30s and remember they were in the low 40s yesterday?
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now in the 30s and 36% humidity, a dry air mass and a good hair day tomorrow and sunday, and some of the dew points will get lower than that. the headlines, perfect for high school football, dress for the 40s on saturday. and frost possible north and west tomorrow night. i think frost is likely or a breeze is likely north and west sunday night, and sunday night is the cold night. the growing season's ended. here is the freeze watch that covers the western half of loudoun county, and a sliver of howard county and frederick, hagerstown, and martinsburg. the sensitive plants will be can a -- kaput. the watch is for tomorrow night not tonight. 32 in gaithersburg, and 38 downtown. the first time we hit the 30s so far downtown this season and 35 in fredericksburg. bring the plants in tonight if
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you want them to survive. bring them in tonight. by morning, 7:00, only in the low to mid-40s, again, not the cold night, chilly no doubt but we'll advance the futurecast to 10:00. 50 in ma manassas. the soccer games in the morning, dress for the 30s and the rest of the day, dress for the 40s. at 1:00, drawling into the mid- 50s, maybe 56 downtown and 54 in bowie. there will be a couple of showers, hagueers down, winchester, and coupler with -- cumberland. our friends across the divide, a rain or show shower possible. sunday morning, dropping in the
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30s already. for tonight, clear skies, breezy and colder and no frost or freeze, 38 up to 48 and tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, breezy and cold and 38 to 55. the winds with us all day, northwest at 10 to 15 and in the afternoon sunny and breezy and chilly, and highs, 56 to 60. on the day planner, downtown temp, mind you, 49 at 9:00 and 54 at 11:00 and 56 at 1:00 p.m., okay. on sunday, the season will be cold, 57, and frost likely and a freeze likely north and west and cool on monday, 60, and the next 7 day, good news. gorgeous on wednesday and 74 and 72 on thursday and back in the upper 60s on friday. if you have a tee time tomorrow, you will not have a frost delay. if you have a tee time on sunday, you will have a frost
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delay. >>thank you, top. democrats are waiting to hear if vice president joe biden will decided to run for president. the vice president has been reportedly consulting with advisors who worked with him on past campaigns. the top two presidential candidates threaten to boycott the next debate unless cnbc restricts the time to two hours. cnbc did announce today it will be three hours. >> i am all for three hours. i am sorry they don't have the endurance to go the distance. >> the latest poll numbers indicated this is a 2-man race with trump and carson more than doubling the support for all the other candidates. unrest in israel is a hot button issue as crews shot and killed a palestinian disguised as a news cameraman after he
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stabbed a soldier. the soldier survived that attack. the hamas militant group called for a day of rage following friday prayers, and israeli guards are on heightened alert, worried that are protesters could turn violent. maryland d coulbe the next state to put the kibosh on confederate license plates. >> and some mcdonald's owners want all-day breakfast menus tossed in th
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for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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in tonight's consumer alert, customers are loving mcdonald's all day breakfast but some owners, not so much. a survey found that some think the plan is working but many complain that the items are slowing them down and hurting business but the 24-hour businessmen you is a hit with customers. >> that's my favorite part. i'm happy. >> the mcdonald's corporation defends their decision and they expect sales to increase slightly because of the breakfast menu. it's a popular snack, and i
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have a ton of it at home but the makers of go go children's apple sauce are recalling some pouches because they contain mold, the same kind that can grow on fruit and the snack packs have the best before dates of june 30th, 2016 and july 16, 2016. the mold doesn't pose any known health risks. but you probably don't want to see it. no other gogo squeez products are impacted. yahoo says bye-bye to passwords and is rolling out a new feature. you just link your tablet or smart phone to the app to get access. the site recognizes your personal e-mail and sends you a personal push notification to let you know that you can log on. it's one of the highlights of the holiday season in washington, the lighting of the national christmas tree. >> the lottery is opening to score one of the coveted free tickets to the event.
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people looking to attend the december 3 ceremoniy with log onto the lottery is open until next monday morning at 10:00 a.m. e-mails will be sent to the winners beginning november 5. how good does it feel to be an american? these brand new citizens will tell you. >> and possibly encouraging new developments for basketball and reality show star lamar odom. >> and new information on the woman killed
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police in montgomery county continue to investigate a murder that left a 21-year-old transgender woman dead. >> police say she was shot in the head and killed in between the montgomery village plaza and montgomery village crossing shopping centers in gaithersburg. >> reporter: adam, still no arrests in the murder right here by the dumpsters in the back alley that separate the two shopping centers where the 21-year-old was gunned down, slot in the head yesterday. and this evening, the balloons and makeshift memorial stand to remember her. by friday afternoon, the montgomery village plaza and crossing were back to normal with moms walking kids, and the
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boys kick soccer balls but only the balloons left. >> at night, we will get people. you have people getting jumped. you have people get robbed. >> reporter: this time, witnesses say it seems to begin as a fight with a group of men arguing in the alley before the shooting. this man was outside. >> on the front patio and heard gunshots. it sounded like it was in the mall parking lot. >> reporter: other witnesses say they heard the same gunshots and saw several men running through the alley. >> i hear gunshots all the time but out here? no. i moved here to get away from that. >> reporter: investigators don't think it was random and some say the fact that zell ziona was transjendzer --
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transgender may have had a part in the case. police are asking for the public's help. but a lot of folks don't want to get involved with the suspects still at large. live in montgomery c ounty, wusa 9. >> mola, thank you, a reward of $10,000 is offered for any information to lead to an arrest. police have found human remains in wood bridge while out on a separate investigation. the victim has been identified as 19-year-old guillermo leyva. police are trying to figure out who killed him and why. confederate license plates in maryland could be a thing of the past. the decision allows the attorney general to lift the
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order. it goes into effect next month. he's not a candidate but a new poll finds that elijah cummings would be the clear frontrunner to take over for barbara mccull ski. espn is reporting that lamar odom is conscious and breathing on his own in a nevada hospital. he was brought there on tuesday after a 3-day binge at a brothel. his and godmother thank the public for their support. zimbabwe is the site of another controversial animal kill. this time, it was a giant
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elephant. photos are emerging on social media and drawing anger of conservationists. a german hunter reportedly paid $60,000 for the permit to hunt the animal. officials there came under scrutiny when they refused to prosecutor american dentist walter palmer for killing beloved lion cecil. a special day at president lincoln's cottage in northwest. >> new citizens, and here they are talking about what being an american means to them. >> it's a good thing. >> being an american is very meaningful for me. i have the rights. >> for me, it's always been like a dream, the u.s. army and it's pretty special. >> nu
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it's believed that lincoln wrote the emancipation proclamation at the cottage. the president and his family lived in the cog at during the civil war. a reporter looking for a big time payday after video was taken of her during a peephole in a hotel room. >> and someone tried to immortalize the infames new york city pizza rack. >> and shifting into high gear with no hands required. topper? >> i think that's a new app, the rat delivers the pizza. no. we're looking at a nice evening, and it will get cold, not so much tonight but tomorrow and sunday. we're looking at the 30s on sunday morning, a freeze watch north and west, and 36 as far south as fredericksburg. we will come back and talk about a colder night
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topping tonight's trending stories -- that's a lot. >> yeah, it is. >> nfl sideline reporter erin andrews looking for a big time payday after a stalker filmed
5:38 pm
her through a peephole. >> andrews is suing marriott and other defendants for $75 million. probably didn't hear this part. a hotel worker told the stalker, michael david barrett, that andrews was staying there and an employee gave him a room right next to hers. barrett was named in the suit and sentenced to 30 months in prison. >> that's a problem. remember pizza rat? who could forget the image of the tailed one dragging the slice of pizza down the stairs in new york city? >> no. >> according to the new york daily news, a pizza rat costume has popped up. >> i will have to look up that.
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he is barely 23 years old, and bryce harper now has a full head of gray hair. this is ridiculous. >> you know. some people like this. this is harper. he has joined a growing number of young folks. >> wait until you're older and you don't have a choice. >> i was going to say i have some up here. some are choosing to dye their hair gray and post on instagram. a reporter with an automotive blog test drives a tesla on auto pilot. >> people are loving this. it's titled creepy and wonderful. check it out. >> oh, my gosh. the car knows where the person ahead of me is in the lane. i can see it here on the dash. not touching it at all. oh, whoa. no. there it goes. oh, my gosh. it's changing lanes on its own.
5:40 pm
oh, my gosh. it's changing lanes on its own. this is wild. >> i couldn't do it. >> he looked really nervous. >> i couldn't do it. i would be that person. >> there are more than two million views on this. and final on today's friday trending segment, the most popular cat video. is that it's called -- >> meow? >> meow. >> meow. [laughter] through and today's winner of the man withing in with -- with nothing better to do. >> i am so easily entertained. that was 8 hours wasted that this guy said she could
5:41 pm
probably make. almost $2.5 million views since he was post aid couple of days ago. okay. but that was funny. so wilson high school's crew program s turn30. more on the only public high school team the district. >> and after the break, some air travelers are not too pleased with the merger of two of the country's
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a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest wi-fi available when you need it the most. get out of the past. get fios.
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in less than 24 hours, american and u.s. airways will complete the final step of their merger. but some air travelers fear there could be a bumper ride ahead. >> reporter: one last hurdle remains before u.s. airways and american truly become one airline, merging their reservation system. >> it's like doing a simultaneous heart and brain transplant. >> reporter: it stores vital information like pricing, schedules, the number of available seats and baggage data. the challenge of combining them is all u.s. airways
5:45 pm
reservations have to become american reservations. >> if it goes wrong, passengers are going to be angry. american airlines does not want to have angry passengers. >> reporter: which is why american began planning months ago, merging frequent flyer programs with extra staff on saturday for the main event. >> that's the hope that they'll do this weekend so by monday, they'll be ready. >> reporter: american airlines will have a command center that will be running to deal with any problems. if you're flying this weekend, plan ahead and printout your reservation and bring it with you and check in before you get to the airport, print your boarding pass or use your mobile app. cbs news, reagan national airport, virginia. nevada officials have ruled that the daily fantasy sports are indeed gambling and not a game of skill. so that means websites like fan
5:46 pm
duel and draft kings must obtain a license to operate. this after insider information to win a $350,000 payday came to light. the companies announced they would cease operations in nevada for now. what started out as a halloween prank turned out to be more serious. >> the body of a murdered woman was found dangling from a fence in chillicothe, ohio. >> do something. young kids should have to see that? no, none. and now we have to pretend it was something else. >> a bloody rock found at a crime scene may have been the murder weapon. police have a suspect under arrest. a wildfire in central texas has torched 34 homes and
5:47 pm
hundreds more are threatened. firefighters called in a d.c. 10 air tanker to get the upper hand on the hidden pines fire. the plane is able to drop 12,000 gallons of retardant at one time. 400 people in the area have been warned to evacuate. so we are getting to our whenever but you are going to talk to something adam knows quite a bit about. >> live video from phoenix. so there it is. it's a dust storm. >> a big cloud of cloudness? [laughter] >> yep. i don't know. you can tell me if i'm wrong or write but if i was in a car, i would hit circulate. [laughter] >> this is a huge outflow boundary from the southeast and the weather systems move into town and funnel the air down. it kicks up the desert dust and to see it in person is like a
5:48 pm
slow-motion wave that just swallows everything in its path, and then behind it, you'll get wind and a little bit of rain, the little rain that you get in the desert that usually covers half the town. it can cover everything, so cover your mouth and eyes. >> you get a notice? >> oh, your iphone will blaring. >> you turn off your ac, too? you don't want that in your house. >> generally, that wasn't a tip but it will get in the house, and that's one of the thing you have to deal with, dust on everything. car washes are popular the next day. [laughter] >> all right. a live look outside. a different story here. a spectacular picture, perfect? i don't know. our weathercam, 65 and dew points in the 30s, a dry air mass. the relative humidity 36% and winds north northwest at 10. we showed you the pictures of if the el nino does what it
5:49 pm
should do this winter, it will really help the situation in california t. it will be a wet and cool winter for them. we will see what happens. let's talk about the fall color. if you get north of frederick and out towards winchester, it's a good color, and i think this is a great week to do the skyline drive routine, near peak, and past peak across the divide. headlines, perfect for high school football. 50 to 60 and dress for the 40s tomorrow. it will be breezy all day, 50s for highs, and with the wind, dress for the 40s. frost and freeze possible north and west saturday night and foft and freeze likely on sunday night. on facebook a minute ago, someone said does this mean it's the end of rag weed? yes, by monday, the end of rag weed. notice--this is interesting. you can see this area with no watches or warnings around
5:50 pm
oakland and timberline? their growing season ended a on -- a long time ago. temperatures, 32 by sunday morning over saturday night. 34 in leesburg, and 32 in frederick, and i think some of the numbers are high. even so, sunday night colder than saturday night. at 9:30 tonight , 40s and low 50s and breezy. 41 in gaithersburg, and 40 in damascus. 10:00, hovering around 50 with a stiff northwest wind. at 1:00, 56 downtown and 54 in frederick and 51 in hagerstown. yes, a couple of green blobs and showers possible. and yes, you are seeing blue and magenta, 39 in oakland and
5:51 pm
a rain or snow shower possible by tomorrow evening. look at this, this is almost the peak heating of the day, 50 in gaithersburg, peak heating. sunday night will be cold sunday night into monday morning and the day planner, 49 at 9:00, and 54 at 100, and 56 at 1:00. sunday, cold, frost or freeze north and west. 60 on monday and still cool but we're going in the right direction. the next 7 days, upper 60s on tuesday and gorgeous on wednesday. low 70s on thursday, and a cloud here on thursday night and a weak cold front that drops temps on friday back into the upper 60s, you notice no drops of rain on the 7 day. time for the high school profile and we are setting aside football to pay homage to
5:52 pm
another sport. a tip of the cat to the rowers of the woodrow wilson crew. >> reporter: after after school sunset special, the backdrop of a sport requiring focus, patience. >> focus in. >> reporter: -- and a lot of repetition. >> make sure to back that blade in, rotate the rigor. >> it's just one stroke over and over and over. so you have to to be thoughtful and work on that one thing for four years. i met some of my best friends on the team. knowing that they'll be there at 5:15 in the morning is what gets me out of bed. >> reporter: this group is proudly celebrating 30 years of wilson crew. >> we are the only in d.c. to exist and the first rowing program. >> my loved it for her entire high school years.
5:53 pm
he --she told me just to go see what it was like, and i thought it was cool and fell in love with it. >> reporter: the woodrow wilson crew team has ridden on the potomac for 3 decades now. but it does have advantages. >> it's crazy down here. every day, helicopters, airplanes, 10 other high schools. there is a lot going on, and it helps to prepare the kids. >> reporter: the wilson tigers maintain a long-standing rogue tradition this year. and the boats should only get more full. >> i see a general pickup in enthusiasm when the olympics come around to have that opportunity in d.c. there are not a lot of cities that have that. it's neat to have that opportunity report grace olson, wu circumstance a 9 sports. >> good for the rowers. headed to a regatta this sunday in boston. good for them. d.c. is -- they've got sports in some things and not in
5:54 pm
others, but they are leading the way. >> and on the way next at 6:00? coming up at 6:00, angry news and it's not good. just ahead at 6:00, first a bombing and then a stabbing. tensions continue to flare between israelies and palestinians. >> and neighbors coming to the rescue of a local mom and pop pizza shop robbed five times. >> up next, the new
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liposuction is the gold standard to get rid of stubborn fat around the highs and hips. >> but there is a new non- invasive laser option that melts the fat away. >> reporter: jessie is trying out the latest device to get rid of extra flab. >> this is the first laser that would be used to melt fat. >> reporter: it was recently fda approved. it uses a special applicator that zaps fat without burning the skin. >> this is an area with a cold place that allows the laser energy to come through here and shootout and go into the fatty layer. >> reporter: a single treatment can remove 30% of the fat in the treated area. >> we need no anesthesia, no
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down time. people go right back to work. people feel tender for a week or so you about -- but it's like a workout. >> reporter: the before and after photos hoe it can treat any area where there is a fat pocket. >> the heating is just a tad but the cooling feels good. >> reporter: the whole process takes 25 minutes. dr.max gomez. >> the treatment is not clean and costs $1200 to $1500 for another area. >> and it tightens the skin after the fat is removed. right now at 6:00, taken protests turn violate in what hamas declared as a day of rage. a shock surprise for firefighters responding to smoke in the foggy bottom metro station. thank you for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm bruce johnson.
5:59 pm
a discussion on how to ease the israel-palestinian tension. a spokes person for john kerry reiterated the condemnation of the attacks. in bethlehem, protesters clashed again. >> reporter: israel protesters fired tear gases in bethlehem. troops are making a show of force in a region on edge after a string of stabbing attacks. about 20 canisters of gas were thrown and it's working. >> we feel we are living in a war. it's not the way to live. >> reporter: a man disguised as
6:00 pm
a newspaper man stabbed a soldier. the man was shot and killed, and the soldier will recover. israeli police barred men under 40 from praying this morning so there was prayer mass in the streets instead. there was speculation that israeli officials wanted to limit access to palestinians. >> how could you -- how could you attack an area like this? it means so much. >> reporter: leaders on both sides say they are trying to calm tensions in the region. but so far, it's not working. cbs news, bethlehem. >> in the past month, 8 israelis have been stabbed, and at least 33 palestinians have died. the u.s. ambassador to the united nationses said that iran's missile test was


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