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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  October 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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it's up to you to seize it. ♪ this autumn, find your opportunity at cadillac. the 2015 cadillac ats. get this low-mileage lease from around $269 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. ♪ breaking news we're following in prince georges county. firefighters working to save a burning home. this is happening in the 6800 block of third street and riverdale. a two-story home we're talking about. the majority of the flames have been put out. the fire got so intense all the firefighters were ordered out of the house. each and every one of them was accounted for after that evacuation. so far, to reports of any injuries. police investigate two shootings in southeast just
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minutes apart. two victims tonight clinging to life at this hour. thank you for joining us. >> right now police still trying to figure out if those two shootings are connected. for those close to one of the survivors, the answer to that question doesn't matter. there's something else bothering them tonight. investigators continue to work this case. >> reporter: these two shooting scenes are so close together you could walk to each in less than 5 minutes. they happened less than 6 minutes apart. >> i'm in disbelief. >> reporter: sources in the police department say a man was shot two times right outside of his home. at 6:27, another call came in for a shooting on southern avenue and 23rd street southeast. traps it police and d.c. police were at the scene.
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even though this metro bus was on scene, whatever occurred here didn't happen on it. the man who was shot was lying near the bus. both men were taken to the hospital alert and breathing. police aren't saying if they're related. the family of the 25-year-old shot on 24th street, that's the last thing on their mind. >> he was shot in his stomach and in the back. a stomach wound is not a good wound. >> reporter: his nephew was lying in the street bleeding for 20 minutes while they waited for an ambulance to show up. >> that's time that he could be at the hospital. >> reporter: robinson says within minutes of calling 911, four fire trucks were at the scene along with countless police officers. he says the ambulance was a lot slower. now he wants to know why. >> where are the ambulances? is it because of southeast?
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we want some answers. somebody needs to tell us. >> reporter: according to robinson, his nephew was still in surgery around 9:00 p.m. tonight. the victims in both these shootings were both taken to medstar hospital. >> a lot of questions remain. thank you. we should note that we have reached out to d.c. fire and ems to get their reaction to the uncle's questions. so far we haven't heard back from them. a spokesperson from the mayor's office will review the 911 call and the ems response. a montgomery county murder, prosecutors say they don't know yet if the murder of a 21-year- old transgender woman will be handled as a hate crime. we take a >> reporter: the crime must
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have been motivated by the victim's sexual or yentation. that's one of several possible factors being determined in this case. you might be surprised by who is not calling for hate crime charges. >> the nature of this crime here in montgomery county, i think it's unprecedented. >> reporter: gunned down in a gathersburg alley thursday night. she was shot in the head and groin. lablonde is charged in her murder. >> he faces the largest possible sentence already for having participated in a crime. if other charges are appropriate, they'll be brought. >> reporter: other charges could include a hate crime, which the family says would be appropriate. they had known each other for years and that a friendship between each two that had been publicly exposed could be a possible motive in her killing. >> why did this murder occur? as of right now, these are people that knew each other for
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years that had a relationship themselves. >> charging a person with a hate crime will not stop the murders of trans-women of color. >> reporter: hate crime laws disproportionately impact some of the communities they aim to protect. >> when we look at hate crimes and how they manifest in communities of color, communities that do not have access to resources. continuing to disenfranchise communities that do not have access to resources with more punitive laws like hate crime legislation does not empower the community. >> reporter: hunter says murder is murder, but adds murders to her community are disproportionately solved. >> we feel as if their cases won't be solved. >> reporter: prosecutors plan to solve this one, whatever the motivation, by following the facts. >> we are dictated by facts, logic, and what the law requires us to do. >> prosecutors will spend the next month further
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investigating to determine a motive. >> the suspect is currently being held on that murder charge without bond. his preliminary hearing scheduled for november 16th. police have arrested a man for killing a teenager this morning at a home they shared in oxen hills. behind bars tonight, 48-year- old shawn crawford. police say he is the live-in boyfriend of the girl's mother. mason died at the hospital. the 18-year-old is recovering. crawford is charged with first degree murder and attempted murder. police have filed several charges against a laurel man whose arrest on saturday went viral on cell phone video posted to the web. the man allegedly assaulted three different police officers
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different incidents. the police officer punches young while on the ground and in handcuffs. police later released dash cam video of young who was a passenger in a car they pulled over. they say he later assaulted a third officer while being transferred to a prisoner processing area, and that officer was taken to the hospital. young faces charges of assault, resisting arrest, escaping from a police cruiser, and other counts. a lot of people talking about the chilly weather this weekend. >> a lot of people bundling up. it was a shock to the system. fortunately, it looks like it's only temporary. i went to the bus stop this morning wearing every piece of clothing i have. >> and then some. >> hopefully not having to do that tomorrow morning. >> i don't think so. the best news about tomorrow morning, we don't see much frost.
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at 6:00, 39 in gathersburg. upper 20s this morning. 44 at national at 6:00 a.m. by 8:00 a.m., everybody pretty much upper 30s, low 40s. by 10:00 we're back in the low 50s. once we get through the morning hours, tuesday will be a fantastic day with very little wind. by noon, you could probably take lunch outside. 62 in frederick. 61 in buoy. a terrific tuesday coming our way. by 3:00 p.m., we're in the upper 60s. even cumberland at 70. we'll come back. we're tracking yet another cold front for thursday, and we'll have your three-degree guarantee. >> thank you. for a developing story. >> multiple law enforcement sources telling cbs news that the personal e-mails of cia
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director john brennen and homeland security have, in fact, been hacked. now we're getting a look at the tweets from the anonymous hacker that's been out there bragging about the breech. >> reporter: late in the day, the person tweeting under the handle of cwa followed through on threats to release sensitive information. you know we don't lie. what you have all been waiting for, sorry for the delay. an attachment with the names, social security numbers, and phone numbers of about 20 people said to be affiliated with the head of the cia. the unidentified hacker who claims to be a high school student says the information came from the private e-mail account of cia director john brennen. whoever it is also claims to have hacked into the private e- mail account of homeland security secretary jay johnson. the hacker appeared to be taunting the officials and others in government. we are not doing this for
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personal satisfaction. we are doing this because innocent people in palestine are being killed daily and anyone know who we should target next? in a statement tonight, the cia would only say it has referred the matter to the appropriate authorities. authorities say this is a criminal investigation and they are still trying to locate the suspect. turning to campaign 2016 now, and new poll numbers are out for the democrats running for president. >> they put hillary clinton at 48%. bernie sanders at 21%. vice president joe biden at 17%. a long-time advisor of biden says the vice president says he feels he has earned the right to make a decision on his own time line. >> jim webb is far behind in the polls. the former virginia senator is considering a run as an independent. he does have a press conference scheduled for tomorrow.
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>> according to, a coalition of latino groups and the liberal website are calling for nbc to drop republican presidential candidate donald trump from hosting saturday night live. >> trump and ben carson have both officially asked for secret service protection. the agency says homeland security secretary jay johnson will consult congress before a decision is made. out to lowering the voting age in d.c. down to 16. the group is called capped. the community alliance for peaceful streeted. the group says by lowering the voting age, more young people would take an active interest in good government. tonight a huge sticker that
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someone placed over a mural of bill cosby has been taken down. the mural is on the side of ben's chili bowl. it was papered over with the image of north korean laider kim jung un. he called it an upgrade. cosby has admitted to giving drugs to some women but denied raping anyone. how a mistake in a ring cost a boxer a fight but may have saved his life. someone had my dad's car when i was in it. >> that's right. that young carjacking survivor talks about what happened when someone stole his father's car. how he found his way home. that's still ahead. you remember this kid? you'll see what happened tonigh t ind.c. when he got to
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a rising star in the world of boxing is fighting for his life. >> he suffered a pretty serious brain injury during a bout saturday afternoon at the eagle bank arena in fairfax. we report from the hospital on the bizarre mistake he made during the fight that may have saved his life. >> reporter: the family remained at his bedside since saturday afternoon's bout. the boxer remained in a coma but may not have even left the arena alive if not for an embarrassing mistake made by his cornerman. he thought he had a good idea of what to expect from the favorite in saturday afternoon's bout. >> he had a lot of power. he came into this recent fight with three straight knockouts.
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>> reporter: wong and a few thousand boxing fans witnessed an ugly fight, the referee penalizing cologne from a low blow. >> 13 knockouts on his record. >> reporter: at the end of the 9th round, one such punch knocked him down, then the bell rang and an ugly fight turned truly bizarre. cologne's team began unlacing his gloves. by the time they realized their mistake, the referee had disqualified cologne for taking too long. >> it's a first. it's one of the most bizarre sports moments i've seen. >> reporter: he left from the ring under his own power but in the locker room was overcome by dizziness and vomiting. emts rushed him to the hospital for emergency surgery. his brain was bleeding.
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the once powerful athlete remains in a coma. breathing on his own power, moving his left hand, he is alive and may not be if his father and brother had not committed the gaffe that ended the fight. >> how can you make this mistake? this is the worst corner you could have. in the end, it might end up saving his life. i don't know if you call that divine intervention or what. >> reporter: the family has asked for privacy and prayers for the young fighter struggling to get up off the mat one more time. >> we have a link in this story on our new wusa 9 app. if you haven't downloaded it yet, it is free. a 5-year-old missouri boy who was in the backseat when a
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man stole his father's car is safe and his parents grateful he wasn't harmed. here's little nole white. >> someone had my dad's car when i was in it. he said i'll take you home, and then he lied. >> that's not cool. it happened friday night. he left noah in the car while he went into his parents' house to pick up another child. police found the stolen car yesterday. they are still looking for the thief. tonight president obama hosted an evening of star gazing at the white house. >> and the clock kid, 14-year- old mohammed of children was among the children invited. he brought a homemade clock to school last month. that worried school officials enough to call police.
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president obama tweeted about it. tonight the president encouraged all kids to like science. >> some of you might be on your way to mars. america can do anything. we just gotta keep on encouraging every new generation to explore and create and discover. >> and after the president spoke, the crowd was invited to visit some star-gazing stations set out on the south lawn. they had a perfect night for star gazing. >> low pollution, clear, crisp, and no clouds. pretty good deal. you want to talk about the three-degree guarantee? a lot of pressure on us here. we went for 58 today, which seemed reasonable. our average high is about 69.
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we went to 56. we made it. a little closer than we thought, actually. tomorrow we're going to go 68. i think it will be much milder tomorrow. still 48 downtown. dew points coming up a little bit. winds out of the south, southwest at 10. south, southwest winds through thursday to keep temperatures up. a jacket is still a good idea tomorrow morning because bus stop temperates are 34-38. i don't think you'll have to scrape your windshields tomorrow. warmer still on wednesday. picture perfect, beautiful, gorgeous, just a great day. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning maybe a little lower than what we're showing you. maybe 36 in frederick. 36 also in ollie. 44 downtown. by 9:00 a.m., everybody goes back into the 40s. you need a light jacket or sweatshirt in the morning. by 1:00 p.m., think lunch
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outside. even 64 in hagerstown. 66 in leesburg pretty nice. by 6:00 p.m., it is in the low to mid-60s. hardly a cloud in the sky. by this time tomorrow night, we're still hovering around 50. actually a pretty good day and just a fantastic night tomorrow night. tonight clear skies, not as cold. still, it will get your attention. by morning, mostly sunny with a cold start. temperatures rebound quickly tomorrow and by afternoon, mostly sunny and milder. just horrific. high temperatures 65-70. winds out of the southwest at 10. 55 by 11 and 63 with sunshine by 1:00. wednesday i think even better. warmer, low 70s, maybe a shower on thursday. clouds come in with a front,
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75, not a huge deal at this point. next seven days, a little bit cooler on friday. we're looking at low 70s on saturday. okay for the burgundy and gold. 66, maybe a no matter how fast
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reading the inactive list before the redskins game but injuries aside, washington took a step backward. it might be acceptable to push the panic button. two straight losses, a quarterback that's thrown eight interceptions and a run game that's pretty much disappeared. the tampa bay buccaneers coming to town, another struggling team. this sunday has become a must- win for washington. >> they're all important games, but this is big. you know, we're getting backed into a corner right now. everybody's taking their shots at us right now.
11:26 pm
we can either come out swinging or take it. i hope we all come out swinging. >> thanks to the injuries, redskins will miss running back matt joans. over the last couple of weeks, washington's round attack has disappeared. they gained just 34 yards rushing in new york. >> we gotta stick with it. we gotta stick with the plan. before the season started, that was going to be a heavy, major emphasis on a strong running game. that has not been the case the last couple of weeks. we have to get back to where we want to get and that's running the football and getting better at it. >> baseball now, the toronto blue jays. their power lineup has scored three runs through the first two games. maybe a return home will give them the spark that they need. kansas city royals, blue jays at the rogers center. the chilly night air really
11:27 pm
helped the blue jays. first homers to center for a three-run shot. toronto up 6-2. a few batters later now 7-2. josh donald sop adds two more. it's his third homer this season. the blue jays win 11-8. finally tonight, this is at a great soccer match. this player obviously injured. they just throw him down on the stretcher, try to get him off the field quickly, but the stretcher having some issues. wanted to get a little closer, a little face plant. the player's like, what are you doing to me? they get him off the field and just drop him. >> did they grab those two guys out of the stand? >> there's
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take us out. really fantastic tomorrow. upper 60s, low 70s wednesday. mid-70s thursday. a little cooler friday and okay for the weekend. >> we're coming back. >> october can't stay cold too long. >> you didn't do that for me, did you? >> steven colbert is ♪
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