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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  October 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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throughout the evening. reporting live, garrett hague wusa9. >> thank you. we now know that the 14- year-old died while trying to protect his mother yesterday. keyshaun mason and his brother were both victims in a domestic dispute that turned fatal for the potomac high school freshman. police plan to arraign the mother's boyfriend. stephanie ramirez spoke to the victim's mother who shed more light on the relationship and what happened. it had to be very difficult for her to talk about this. >> reporter: adam, actually she broke down emotionally. she did speak out speaking about the argument just to say that she wanted to help the suspects. >> reporter: i don't wish what i'm going through for any mom. it is very sad in this condition, but i trust god in all situations that he'll bring me and my family through. >> reporter: laquisha jenkins is family. and shed light on the domestic
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dispute that claimed the life for some 14-year-old keyshaun mason. mason died in the hands of her live-in boyfriend 48-year-old sean crawford. when asked about their relationship, jenkins would only say he's a friend. >> you never think about helping someone that will end up. >> reporter: and on sunday night, they just escalated on monday morning, charging duets, saying that crawford armed himself with a kitchen knife and barricaded himself. jenkins inside that master bedroom. >> and he was a hero. and they forced their way in to the master bedroom, attempted to ask crawford to leave. that's when a charging document says that the suspect stabbed jen kin's older brother in the shoulder. 14-year-old mason in the chest. describing the high school freshman. >> and they love playing football, that was his dream. he wanted to make it to the
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nfl. he didn't get a chance to shine. >> reporter: loved ones said that they were protected in knowing what they would do for her and their outpouring of support. >> i didn't know that they were that popular to feel proud of her son. >> reporter: and jenkins tells us that she was in police questioning when keyshaun mason died at the hospital. the older son, he has been released from the hospital, in the care of the relative. between the high school stephanie ramirez wusa9 news. >> stephanie, thank you. family members tell us that it is being planned for keyshaun mason on friday. crawford being held on no bond due in court tomorrow. at this hour dc police are reviewing surveillance tips for clues to another murder as the man was shot this afternoon in that suv on sherman avenue northwest. police found a ford explorer with several bullet holes in it pulled from the vehicle, but doctors were unable to save him. still waiting to learn the victim's name, who is now that 125th person killed this year
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in the district. to virginia now where neighbors are mourning the death of the man and a woman in their 60s after that fast moving fire. >> trying to determine what sparked it all in a rural part of the county. bruce leshan is live at that home tonight. saying that there is a message here for all of us. so what is it bruce? >> reporter: the message, lesli is that you have very little time to get out. the deputy fire chief use today have maybe ten minutes to get out. but says that all the plastic and foam that we would have in our homes now, that they burned so quickly that you are lucky to get two minutes to get out alive. >> i couldn't see nothing, but the flame and smoke. and all in the garage with nothing, but smoke. >> by the time she woke up across the street and had her grandson call 911. that they were shooting in to
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the sky. and there were booms going on from the direction of their neighbor's garage. and she is still distraught. >> they were so nice. >> the nearest fire station is seven minutes away and the firefighters were on scene in nine minutes. they found a woman still alive in the hallway outside their bedroom. but she died on the way to the hospital. until they knocked down the blaze, they found that man dead in their living room. >> reporter: investigators subject that they started near the garage, which suffered the most extensive damage. nor released the name of the man who neighbors say was a truck driver. >> i couldn't tell you what
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happened, why did they stop? and i would say maybe i don't know if they would run in that place, i don't know. >> it was cold. >> yes, it was. >> investigators say that there is nothing suspicious about this fire at this point, but there will be some issues in the background of the male victim that the neighbors are talking about. we'll let you know their details once we check those out. live in spotsylvania, bruce leshan wusa9. >> an important reminder on how to get out alive as they say that they were able to find three detectors. and that they might have critical condition. >> reporter: the campaign 2016 tonight and jim webb has pulled out from the democratic primary.
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it happened today the former virginia senator was trailing bawdry in their polls and their fundraisers. telling them at the national press club that they did not see the democratic race to leave them open at the independent campaign for president. >> and poll after poll, that it is those americans, that it will be neither republican nor democrat. overwhelmingly that they do not like their extremes. to which both parties, that quite frankly. >> and webb was averaging about 1% in the polls, raising about $700,000. and our bruce leshan was there at their press conference with more on how that webb independent run could impact the general election. we'll see bruce with jan jeffcoat on wusa9 news at 6:00. the murder weapons have never been found. in the trial of charles severance. peggy fox joins us now live in
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fairfax with more on today. >> reporter: well, you know that there is no direct evidence to put them at the crime scene with a lot of circumstantial evidence. today the jury may have seen the most important piece, the protective order serving against dunning. his name was on it, the husband of the first victim. as charles severance sat quietly, prosecutors tried to connect the ammunition and guns that he bought ruthanne lodato. his girlfriend bought two north american arms, .22 caliber minirevolvers, which are missing. but they show what one looks like and how to load it. the forensic firearm expert examined the bullets and the fragments, finding the same type of ammunition used in all
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three murders. 22 long rifled plain lead hollow point, where they said that it could have been fired from those north americans, mini revolver and their girlfriend that they said that they have only seen that they used it once in their criminal defenses during their 34 year career. in the three cases discussed today he said. another forensic scientist who worked on the case also found the ammunition used unique. i don't personally recall seeing it ever. the forensic expert also testified about the casings found in their parents house. and that they were .22 long rifle ammunition, but not fired by the same gun. his girlfriend testified that she had never fired the guns she bought. now the prosecution says that severance killed out of revenge for losing custody of his child. and today they are wrapping up their case with some of
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severance's own writings. the sample is this as he said that violence wins andassassinates because it's in the best interest of the child and the best interest of the child that it is a statement and a phrase that is often used in court proceedings and used in his custody hearing. reporting live in fairfax, peggy fox wusa9. >> thank you. the severance defense team is scheduled to begin its case tomorrow morning. investigators are out with the cause of the fire that killed two people in waldorf. the 6-year-old atkins and his beloved great grandmother bernice washington died last week. they determined that the flames were ignited by the overloaded extension core. >> the uva student that was roughed up outside the charlottesville bar is suing the alcoholic beverage control. video of the arrest shows that they were pinned to the sidewalk by the aviation agent as they lead to a review of the poll sis, procedures, and
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training. johnson was exonerated of any wrong doing. a civil suit filed today would ask for $3 million in damages. a construction worker is being treated for injuries that he got when he fell down the elevator shaft and that happened this morning in the 900 block. and that you know that it will be in the scene for the injuries. >> the hacker that breached that account of two of the nation's top security officials, they say that they would plan to target the pentagon next. and sources confirm that the personal e-mail accounts of the cia director john brennan and homeland security johnson were compromised. in and out hackers who claimed to be a teenager tell the new york post that he is a high school student critical of their u.s. foreign policy and the supporter of palestine. an indiana university student accused of assaulting a muslim woman that had been drinking at that time. let me go back here and say
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that he was drinking at that time and he was off his medicine. 19-year-old bickford is facing multiple felony charges including intimidation, strangulation, and battery. a woman outside the bloomington cafe said that they were yelling obscenities and racial slurs before he forced her head down and tried to remove her head scarf. the woman's husband and the bystander came to her defense. the fbi said that they are investigating and that he could face their hate crime charges. we are just getting started here on wusa9 news at 5:00. new details are emerging in their triangle in maryland that ended with two people dead as we are learning new information about everyone involved. joe biden tells his clout as he waves the presidential run. all right, pretty much picture perfect out here right now, just chilly tonight that the heat will probably not kick off. 43 college park and 44 in rockville for the low and 43 in fairfax. 52 downtown. we'll come back and talk about just how warm it's going to get
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later on in the week and how cool it's going to get with the next cold front. new video that is quite the hoot. just not if you're a jogger, the aggressive owl. targeting joggers out at the popular
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caught on tape, that aggressive owl that has been targeting bikers and runners, there he is. numerous people reported that bird struck him from behind. and the officials for montgomery park says that the owl is likely a juvenile and it may just be trying to, you know, mark its territory. we still don't know if vice president joe biden is going to come swooping in as a part of their presidential campaign. his run for the white house and his consideration of the extension deep in to overtime. thus far offering no clues
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about his plans. but that he has taken a number of their shots at the front runner hillary clinton. reporting live from the white house. >> reporter: vice president joe biden is not officially running for president, but that you might not know it, after spending tuesday morning, testing himself as the world leader. and president obama's right hand man. >> we've had two great secretary of states. but when i go, they know that i am speaking for the president. >> biden also drew distinctions, taking a swipe where they are the biggest enemy. >> i still have a lot of republican and friends, that i don't think that it will be the republican party. and with 38% saying that he should not. cbs news, the white house.
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that ted cruz and jeb bush say that they don't like that guy. >> and that they will be teaming up with trump including a rally that they hosted to oppose that nuclear deal with iran. it is something that we could all agree on though, the rise in temperatures. it is agreeable. that it will be more agreeable. if it is possible. we are talking about a perfect day tomorrow. so tomorrow, it will kind of be like living in san diego, except for a chilly start
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tomorrow. we'll start with their 3 degree guarantee, we'll still have a little bit. with 58 yesterday. we thought that it would be 68 today. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. where i think that we will be 36 out of the last 37 days where the pressure is certainly on. a live look outside at the michael and son weather cam a. good sign. dew points in the 40s. still relatively dry air mass, despite the winds out of the south at 7. just a chilly night, a very nice night. they will highlight the microclimate and near martinsburg, pasting the peak once you go towards the divide. that we'll keep the windows closed, no doubt. bus stop temperature 51 to 48. probably a sweatshirt for the kids, probably end up carrying it at home. wednesday, picture perfect.
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wonderful. and thursday, still nice and even warmer. cold front will go through thursday, removing a chance for the couple of showers in the mountains. i don't see any in the immediate metro area to play golf again. 10:00 tonight, still fairly mild as you walk that dog. 54 in leesburg and downtown and gaithersburg and bowie. now by 6:00 a.m. we'll be in the 40s and no 30s at this time. upper 40s downtown in manassas and 43 as far south as gaithersburg and as far south as la plata. by 9:00 we're creeping in to the lower 60s. notice hardly any clouds anywhere. then by 1:00, it is something spectacular. the humidity is not much wind, pretty sweet day. by tomorrow evening, we are still 69 downtown. and 56 in leesburg. temps won't fall all that fast. still 57 in gaithersburg and leesburg and still 60 at 9:30
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tomorrow night. 56 in bowie and frederick. and a chilly start, yes, they will warm up to 55 by lunchtime. briefly northwest at 10 and southwest for the afternoon. mostly sunny and warmer with the highs at 70 to 75. we're in pretty good shape. oakland 76 and 72 in cumberland. 75 in culpeper at about 74 in fairfax. 68 by the water in annapolis, no small craft advisories required. so 48 at 7:00. but 63 by 11:00 and almost 70 by 1:00. the next three days, still nice on thursday with a few clouds, yes, cooler on friday in the
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upper 60s, perfect for high school football. saturday looks great for the terps, i think it will be after the burgundy and gold finish their game with the leftover showers on tuesday as well. it is transition time the washington post. >> spelling out the name of the iconic newspaper where they were removed from the front of the headquarters at 15th street where the sign will be reassembled on the company's new location on k street. and the 15th street building has been home to the post since 1950. >> the texas teen arrested with the clock that was mistaken for a bomb said that they are glad that it happened as the 14-year- old mohammed was on capitol hill where they said that people should be judged by their hearts, not the color of their skin. the congressman of california is calling for an investigation in to their detention and arrest and that they got to meet with president obama exploring space and more last
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night. >> so right now lawmakers are debating a measure that would limit tieing your dogs. limited to a one hour 24-hour period as they will be fined $500,000 for the first defense. the second defense could cost you $1,000 and land in jail. >> one of the largest fast food chains, to help you the new job for the new one. caught on camera, being rescued from their car trapped in high waters. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate and i sponsored this ad. republican hal parrish claims he improved transportation.
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but the truth is he was nowhere to be found. ralitelly. parrish holds a seat on the northern virginia transportation authority but 34 times he failed to show up for meetings. parrish skipped more meetings than any other member. and hal parrish refused to support the bi-partisan transportation bill. why would we want to get stuck with republican hal parrish in richmond?
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incredible pictures out of phoenix as crews rescue the woman stuck in high water as the driver actually had to climb in to the backseat while waiting for help to arrive. first responders waded through the water with stability beforehanding her to a vet and walking her to safety. let's talk consumer news tonight. subway as they would plan to switch to meat raised without antibiotics over the next year, all coming just before advocacy
5:25 pm
groups would deliver petitions, calling for the change. the sandwich chain, they will offer their free chicken, which starts in march followed by turkey some time next year. and apple is banning more than 250 apps from their store. that they could access their personal e-mail and device i.d. number, which will violate their security guidelines. they say that they are working closely with developers to make sure that they are safe for customers. and it is open season to select or even change your health insurance plan, but that you need to be mindful if you don't have health coverage, that the federal penalties you face will more than double next year and the fines for 2015 is $325. but next year that you could pay a penalty of up to $395. or 2.29%. >> and the election program and
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that they will pay their cost of the shipping for the items once they get them. and that it will be sold that you'll receive the target gift card. the natural solution in frederick, maryland. >> reporter: right now they say that people could only grow pot in industrial zones, looking to change that as they would say that marijuana is a crop and growing it on farms would make better sense. they heard for arguments before and against. new guidelines on when you should get mammograms from the american cancer society. >> and it turns out that you may be breaking the law, not even realizing that the school bus with flashing lights where you keep going. we learned some strange new details about the people involved in that deadly love triangle in maryland.
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narrator: puerto rico's economy is in a death spiral. to make matters worse, washington has plans to cut another $3 billion from the island's healthcare budget. puerto ricans pay the same medicare taxes, t bureceive less than half the funding of mainland states leaving the system on life support. more cuts will push the economy to the edge of disaster and put every puerto rican's care in jeopardy. washington needs to act now to save healthcare for the three and a half million us citizens of puerto rico.
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as a couple, they made this for a living in the water front committee. >> the other is a victim and it is a sensational sex triangle. we want to tell you everything that we know about the background of everyone involved. including two teenagers involved with murder. scott broom live to sort through the individuals in this case for us, scott? >> reporter: there are a lot of
5:30 pm
players, the 18-year-old boy adopted in to a loving family that appeared to turn his back on that family. here in churchton they once raised snakes for a living. >> reporter: anthony jay anastasia lived here from the defunk business called snakes r us. more than a decade ago. a live-in sex triangle with the family's five children is at the root of the murder. the alleged live-in sex partner jacqueline riggs of michigan. she did childcare work according to a gofundme page. she had a soft and gentle nature and a loving daughter. how she gravitated to the anastasis remains a property,
5:31 pm
but the anastasis owned a house. anthony anastasi jr. was a remodeling contractor. and maria anastasi has roots in maryland, doing in-home care for seniors. the couple's five children ages 7-17 were living in this home where the murders happened. ann marie is now charged in the killing of her husband and riggs. the daughter and her boyfriend gabriel struss are also charged. struss had a troubled childhood adopted by the annapolis family that lives in this stable middle-class family, but he did not graduate high school and moved out of his adoptive home. struss is the alleged trigger man and a part of a murder conspiracy with mrs. anastasi and her daughter according to court records. so a lot of personalities involved. family members of these people and friends and navy base are
5:32 pm
remaining completely tight lipped about all of it. one thing is for certain. the detectives are still working on this case. the whereabouts of the 380 caliber handgun and the knife used in the murders. >> they have their work cut out for them for sure. thank you. the children now in the custody of the grandparent. and so do you always stop for school buses? picking up kids on river road in bethesda was taken 7:00 a.m. on a recent morning. virtually all the vehicles heading to the opposite direction, failed to stop for the bus against the law against the law. vehicles in both directions have to stop unless the bus is on the opposite side of a highway that is divided by a barrier or median strip. this school bus had a camera on
5:33 pm
board. those drivers will be getting a big fat citation. >> yeah, they will not forget about it next time. keeping students safe in schools, it is districts across the country, now panic buttons in all the schools. if there is a problem, you can hit that button to alert their central office and 911 at the same time. child abuse and assault charges against their county police officers, essentially dropped, but they continue to investigate the corporal as they say that he attacked his son and ex-wife back in august. or suspended without pay. voters in canada elected the country's liberal parties. in as prime minister. and ten years as their conservative roles lead by steven harper. and it will be their prime minister twice. in 1968.
5:34 pm
that it will be hosted by them in 1972. saying that i would like to toast to the future prime minister. hopefully that it will be better than the next. his family says that the former basketball star and was found unconscious in a broth seen taking herbal viagra and drinking alcohol prior to that. the deaths of five people in arizona are being investigated as a murder suicide. police say that the 27-year-old drove his suv in to a lake in phoenix. his estrange wife and three kids were inside that car and a friend of the family said that baxter was in the process of
5:35 pm
filing divorce papers, claiming that her husband was angry. and that they upgraded their guidelines for when they should get their mammograms. joe wagner takes a look at those new recommendations. >> reporter: sherry forest had her first mammogram at age 35, after she felt that lump in her breast. luckily it was a false alarm. >> i have gone every year since. >> reporter: they are now recommending that women at average risk would have yearly mammograms, not 40. and the study author, they said that the benefits far outweighed the harm. >> they are less common and still a risk for the falsepositives. we thought that needed to be the informed healthcare provide: >> reporter: starting at 55 the american cancer society would recommend screenings every two years. that is closer to the preventive task force guidelines.
5:36 pm
and it will be starting at age 50 where some doctors say that they are confusing and only taken to account breast cancer deaths, not the quality of life for survivors. and their hospital would recommend all women that start yearly mammograms at age 40. and the early 40s would develop the very aggressive breast cancer and it spreads rapidly. >> reporter: she has had a few false positives in her early mammograms. >> reporter: it's scary when you're waiting to find out results. >> reporter: but she would rather have their screening than cancer. joe wagner cbs news, new york. >> now the new guidelines of american cancer society comes up with also get rid of the annual clinical breast exam by a doctor. trending now, new information on that no haitians job postings. a little kid caught in the act, still not admitting to anything. and in this video that has gone
5:37 pm
viral. and the surge of the star wars fans, they are taking down their ticketing sites across the country, topper? all right, adam, it is just spectacular that it will be warmer today, well it is. let's take a look at the temperatures. that we will be 11 degrees higher right now and than what were at 11:00 yesterday. the warmer air is on the way as we will talk about that and also tracking a cold front for them later on in
5:38 pm
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tt2watx#@n4 p bt@qj4@ tt2watx#@n4 p "a@qz8$ tt2watx#@n4 p bm@qq3( tt4watx#@n4 r dztq 4/, tt4watx#@n4 r entq d+l tt4watx#@n4 r gzt& ],4 tt4watx#@n4 r hnt& m"x tt4watx#@n4 r iztq 'k
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tt4watx#@n4 r jntq 5;@ @n4 r lzt& let's take a trip to tonight's pending story. more on a story that we first told you about yesterday, that stipulated no haitians. >> the penny saver in rockland county, new york where the company responsible in the interim healthcare, they didn't want to talk on camera, but they said that it will be totally unacceptable. making sure that it doesn't happen again. and it is still not clear at all who wrote that. and you're probably right. if star wars fans weren't excited today, they probably are now. forced to show you what is well enough. >> those stories about what happened.
5:41 pm
>> it's true. all of it. >> well, it has been viewed 10 million times since it was posted to youtube and that is only by five people living in their basements. they went on sale last night after the new trailers debut. popular ticket selling sites crashed as the fans would try to purchase tickets, others sat in line. and to try to get their passes to the much anticipated films. >> my mom waited in line in hollywood. and that may the force be with you. it will be a tradition for the families. >> the star wars would hit theaters in two months. >> never too early to get your tickets, you know, trending tonight. the canadian airlines,
5:42 pm
introducing their frozen planes, out with them to fly from orlando across the network, leaving all of us to just say to let it go. >> yeah, we should, as they will want to fly not that there is anything wrong with it. >> and to tell my daughter that it is where elsa is from. she bought it for now. >> yes. >> finally a little boy who is blatantly blind about his colossal calories, their consumption. >> and hey jack, did you eat a cupcake? >> no, i was at home. >> you sure you didn't eat a cupcake? >> no. >> no. definitely not. >> and not like in the last couple of minutes, no cupcakes. >> no. >> okay. >> i feel like that was you
5:43 pm
yesterday. did you eat those four cookies? no. are you sure? because you would climb everywhere. >> technically he may not have eaten it, just smooshing it in to his face. >> more than half a million views from the video since posted just a few days ago where it is so convincing. >> no way. >> it's the time of the year where the maryland basketball fans have been waiting for. that's right. it is time to fear the turtle. we speak to both the men and women's team about their championship aspirations. and right after the break, why the man known as the blade runner is out of prison less than a year after being
5:44 pm
i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate and i sponsored this ad. republican hal parrish claims he improved transportation. but the truth is he was nowhere to be found. literally. parrish holds a seat on the northern virginia transportation authority but 34 times he failed to show up for meetings. parrish skipped more meetings than any other member. and hal parrish refused to support the bi-partisan transportation bill. why would we want to get stuck with republican hal parrish in richmond? parents help their children discover the world animals, seen those before but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids discover the world with their mouths detergent is harmful if swallowed
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paraolympic champion is now out of prison after serving a five-year manslaughter sentence for killing his girlfriend. authorities whisking him out of jail as they report. >> there was no sign of oscar pus tortuous. but they came outside to speak to the media.
5:47 pm
>> it was an emotional roller coaster. where he would shoot his girlfriend four times behind the locked bathroom door, saying that he thought she was an intruder. >> i did not find that dreamer. >> reporter: they would accept this finding them guilty of manslaughter, not murder. sentencing him to five years behind bars. there was nothing for pistorius, even filmed playing football on one occasion where he will leave his uncle's luxury mansion to report daily to the police station. >> he'll be under house arrest. which is a form of detention where the movement will be monitored. >> and saying that you need to be behind bars, not enough of the punishment. but he faces another hurdle. they want it for murder and he could find himself back in jail before the end of the year.
5:48 pm
cbs news, victoria, south africa. nearly six months after the freddie gray riots in baltimore, there are new signs of hope that the western part of the city is starting to return to normal. >> it's about time that the rite aid, one of the largest pharmacies, reiterated for today, more than 175 doses of their drugs were stolen. and at that time that they would claim that they would increase their violence on their city streets. >> and that is what it looks like that they were closing and that's how bad they were. >> reporter: they have been trying to catch all of those involved in the pharmacy eluding that the epic center of the riot is also being rebuilt. >> we now know the cause of the death for the pony found dead on the island as they said that they died as a result of the broken neck after the limb fell on the pony and the remains of the pony that they would face was found on the ground of the
5:49 pm
volunteer fire department last week. it is an issue that a lot of people are paying close attention to. and how to fix i-66. tonight anotat to do with that cramped highway outside that beltway as they would begin at 7:00 at vdot northern district on the alliance drive in fairfax. all right, just a beautiful day and a beautiful evening. temperatures still at 56. relative humidity very comfortable. winds are light out of the south at 7. a perfect evening for the jog or walk around the neighborhood. chilly tonight. i don't think that the heat will be required. but in the morning, bus stop temperatures at 41 to 58. yes, you'll need some kind of a sweatshirt and so are the kids. you'll end up carrying it at home, i understand that. wednesday picture perfect. just wonderful. thursday is still nice, even a tad bit warmer. 10:00 tonight still in the 50s.
5:50 pm
52 in gaithersburg to advance it now in the morning hours, just 40. even downtown in the 40s in bowie and 44 in leesburg. looking at 43 in fredericksburg. by 9:00 a.m. crawling back to the 50s for most spots. still 48 in manassas and martinsburg, but not bad. and then by lunchtime, i would take lunch outside. 69, 70, maybe even 72 in leesburg with full sun and light wind that they will feel fantastic tomorrow. by 6:00 p.m., still very close to 70 downtown. look at this in hagerstown and 58 in cumberland and 57 in romney with a pretty warm day. then by 10:00 p.m., temps in the 50s. 59 downtown and 54 in olney. for tonight looking to clear to partly cloudy skis. chilly with light winds. on the day planner, temperatures will go back to the low 50s by 9:00. we're back in the 60s by 11:00,
5:51 pm
and it is almost 70 by 1:00 p.m. still warm on thursday as we kept that cloud and the drop off, okay? 75. and that the front will move through dry in the wake of the front a little bit cooler on friday, 57. and that it will be a couple of showers, probably after the game. 72. better chances remaining on monday with the leftover showers on tuesday. and college basketball season, it is just a few weeks away as the anticipation is pretty high. >> as it always is and it should be. kristen berset with more on how to get ready and how fired up people need to be, i'm sure. >> and it will be adamant.
5:52 pm
and that they would exceed expectations for them last season and the first in the big ten conference. and it will be a big pre-ten pre-season game and some highly touted new players at diamond jones and duke transfer. now, the folks, they are saying that this is one of the most talented teams in their recent years. that they will be on board with that sentiment. >> and then the only pressure that i feel is trying to get the most out of the team, that will be day-to-day. >> this year we'll have a target to our backs, just because it may be the most
5:53 pm
talented team. coming off the back-to-back finals and the undefeated season in the big ten, picked to win the conference yet again this season. their program is consistently good. and first they won that championship back in 2006. and lately they have gotten so close year after year. that they hope that it will be the one to break for the wall. >> that is what it has always been about. that yeah we want to take that final step and that we did it in '06 ten years ago with the anniversary this year, but i'm confident that we are right there knocking on the door. >> that we'll be motivated to get things rolling for them to work very hard and that we're not going to put it to work. >> reporter: and again that it will be two of the most talented teams that we have seen here in their college park in quite some time that fans are anxious to get this season started that it will be a fun
5:54 pm
ride. in college park, with the terps, i'm kristen berset, wusa9. hoping that it will be this guy right here just ahead at 6:00. one democratic presidential candidate, there they are dropping out of the race, while they would drop them as they might finally be ready to run. and also at 6:00, will paul ryan run? the house republicans are set to meet behind closed doors about who will replace john boehner as speaker. but up next the fashion designer, they would promise that his clothes, they will stand the test of
5:55 pm
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reporting live from london. >> great. >> reporter: the 24-year-old british entrepreneur is showing up something new for their fashion industry. >> that they could tell that it was a labor of love for me. >> reporter: the so-called t- shirt and sweatshirts will be a labor of love and that the name suggests that it will be a long- term commitment. that they would promise their thread that will sell for $40 to $60 will survive their decade of wear and tear to replace them. >> and that they would say that it will be great and you'll fix it. >> with pleasure as well. >> reporter: that it will be their personal revolution against what they would call poorly made and fast fashion. >> it will be the high
5:58 pm
retailers, making clothing. not only to fall apart, but to say that they will wear out after just a year or two. >> reporter: and that they would include the pants, all carefully handmade. the celebrities like ben stellar and daniel craig are buying in to long jeffty. >> it is the 30-year-old shirt to weave a lot of memory in to this magic and those memories to stay with you. >> and that it will be fashion and their maker that it could be in one day and out the other. that they would promise even as they do not survive 30 years that their guarantee will. >> i'm a man of my word. >> reporter: for cbs news, london. >> but he did not tell us that price. >> yeah. >> the most crucial part. >> i wonder about that 30-year guarantee with the majority of their business online. >> reporter: and of course when you would offer that guarantee, the word gets around. >> yes. right now at 6:00, the first casualty of the
5:59 pm
democratic primary. he quits that race for president. and they block both major parties. being out of touch for the people. >> reporter: breaking news where the body of the woman is found inside a home where they will be all too familiar with. >> and we could soon find out if they will answer the call to become the next speaker of the house. good evening and thank you for joining us, i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. former senator will bow down to the democratic primary, but they will leave that door open for their independent run. the moderate democrat. trailing badly in their polls and in their campaign dollars. >> some people say that i'm a republican. that they became a democrat. and that i would sound like the republican and a room full of democrats. >> reporter: that they said they will be ending their democratic bid to become president, not because that they could not raise their money to climb the polls. and it will be because other candidates for the two major parties have sold out and catered to the far left.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: that they are greeting the democratic primary, but they say that they are not yet ready to announce that independent bid for president. using it the coming weeks to talk to possible supporters. their efforts for their president, that they have failed back badly in the past. >> hillary clinton. >> reporter: and that they would hold up. p+÷y


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