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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  October 21, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: >> good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. someone has set fire to six predominantly black churches. authorities are hoping a reward will help them solve the case. >> we are called today to address what is possibly the most dangerous onslaught that we have experienced in many,
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many years, which is an attack on god's house. >> reporter: with the suspected arsonist still at large, church leaders in and around st. louis urged community members to remain vigilant. >> call the authorities if you see anything that doesn't look right. >> reporter: since october 8th, six churches in predominantly black neighborhoods have been set on fire. the new life missionary baptist church was so badly damaged, it held services outside sunday. authorities don't yet know who sparked the flames or why but believe the crimes are connected. in each case, an accelerant was used to light the churches on fire. the buildings were all unoccupied at the times of the attacks. >> there is an alarming pattern to the fires. we don't want them to get out n >> reporter: the churches are not far from ferguson, missouri, an area still reeling from riots that erupted following the shooting death
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of 18-year-old michael brown by a white police officer. authorities believe whoever is behind the fires may be struggling with stress and trying to send a message. community leaders have their own response. >> this is not over. it's just the beginning. we want the cities to know that the churches, the pastors, the christians are coming together to stand as one. if you burn one, you're burning all of us. >> reporter: adrianna diaz, cbs news, st. louis. >> police are offering a $4,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in those cases. the vatican is up in arms over a report over an italian newspaper that claims pope francis has a small brain tumor. the vatican says it's simply not true. the report claims the brain cancer specialist diagnosed the pope with the lobe on its brain. it says the doctor secretly flew to the vatican to examine
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the pope. the paper says they deliberated a long time before printing the story but confirmed it months ago. the republican party may have a candidate to replace john boehner. if the major caucuses in the house support him and agree to a few conditions, he will run. that means that he'll need the support of hard-line conservatives in the predom caucus, and a larger conservative group called the republican study committee. after all of this pressure, he will consider the job even though many believe it could damage a possible run for president in the near future. a truck driver suffered minor injuries after his truck hit a utility pole and front porch just before 10:00 this morning on hunt road in la plata. no one inside of the home was hurt. police on the scene are still trying to figure out what happened. metro has had its share of problems. unfortunately, those problems have too often led to tragedy.
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tonight in an effort to present more disasters, officials with the emergency preparedness advisory commission will be holding a public meeting. here's more on what we can expect. >> reporter: if you ride metro and have been feeling less than safe recently, there is a way to get those concerns dressed and a lot of your questions answered. what is metro doing to make metro safer, and as a rider, what can i do to help myself and those around me respond in a crisis? >> reporter: those are some of the issues being brought up tonight. the goal is to make sure people know what to do in case of an emergency on metro. >> this is really important for us, especially in light of the incidents that have occurred on the metro. we want to educate people and make them more aware. >> reporter: like when smoke filled the plaza station in january. one person died and dozens of others were hurt or when a
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train derailed in august. while metro works to fix their problems, officials with the office of emergency management and fire department want to make sure you know what to do in case something like that happens again. >> we're going to work. we've got a lot of stuff on our minds. life just crowds in. sometimes we're not just paying attention as much as we should. we need to take safety furiously. >> the meeting is open to the public and starts at 4301 wilson boulevard. >> more information on the meeting can be found on our wusa 9 mobile app. a progress report now on an effort to repa substation outside stadium armory on the metro. a fire in that unit interrupted service on the blue, orange, and silver lines last month. metro says after a full week of testing, the project remains on track to be finished before the year it is up. that is three months earlier than originally estimated. what a horrible way to
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die. a driver burned alive after a fiery crash in takoma park. the car slammed into a tree around midnight near gift avenue and ray drive a few blocks from pineny branch road. after the accident, investigators say speed may have been a factor in the crash. police in reston are investigating a deadly crash involving a driver and pedestrian. it happened on chestnut grove square. investigators are not sure if the woman who was killed was in the crosswalk when she was struck. police so far have not charged the driver. first responders rushed to the cannon building in southeast d.c. after a substance was found in a clear plastic bag. it turns out it was harmless. workers were allowed to stay in the building while investigators checked out what happened. new details are expected to come out about what anne arundel police call a ground breaking discovery.
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it will discuss the indictments in pasadena. police are expected to display the items seized during the raids including drugs, weapons, and money. three high school students are under arrest this afternoon accused of hacking into their school's computer system to change student grades and schedules. the changes affected hundreds of students in suffolk county, new york. the suspects all 17 and seniors. sergeant john best is with suffolk county police. >> we consider this guy to be the ringleader, the actual student who accessed the computers. >> the charges include third degree burglary, computer tampering and identity theft. we first told about you mama's kitchen last week that was robbed five times. new surveillance cameras are getting installed today. deal that gone calfs is in anacostia. >> reporter: work is under way
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for a new surveillance system at mama's kitchen just as the food is cooked with love. so was this effort from the community members who raised more than $4300 in it off, peop were still trying to donate. >> reporter: to the ward 7 business who is paying for installation and the first year of monitoring. >> we were really bothered that, you know, all of the things that have been happening here, so we wanted to jump in and do our part. >> reporter: they were robbed for the fifth time last week. >> that was my second time seeing mama after she's been robbed, and that's a bad feeling. >> reporter: they turned a bad situation around. donations poured in from all over the city and business doubled. the owner who once rubbed elbows with celebrities in new orleans now humbled by the outpouring of love in their new home downtown anacostia. >> we also have to come
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together and help those in our community who need help in the community where the unemployment rate is over 20%. >> reporter: ron says the goal here is to empower other small businesses to do exactly what mama's kitchen is doing, hire local people from this community. they'll have a celebration of sorts to unveil the brand new security system today at 2:00. in downtown anacostia, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> after the activists purchased the security system and flat screen tvs for the customers, they still had $2,000 extra. that will help the business recoup from the loss of the robberies. still ahead, we are expecting a big announcement from vice president biden in the white house rose garden soon. we'll take you there live. also ahead, the family of a man truck and killed wants to know why the driver involved is not facing charges after he shows the whole thing on social media secretaries after the crash. >> find out why migrants
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it appears protesting migrants started this massive blaze at their camp this morning. the country is a gate way to austria. the flames quickly spread to several tents and nearby trees. fortunately, no one was hurt. fire guts 22 apartments in chicago leaving dozens without a place to live. residents say the flames started in the back of the building. investigators are still looking for the cause at this point. no injuries are reported. a highway north of los angeles will be closed for most of the day after a tractor- trailer crash made a huge mess this morning. tons of lettuce and celery tumbled out of the trailer. the truck driver was rushed to
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the hospital. the crash caused a huge backup during the morning commute. coming up next, howard up next with the forecast and also as soon as vice president biden takes the podium, we'll take you there live. howard? >> seeing color now in toward d.c. as far as the allergies, most things are low and no grass pollen to report. back with a good seven-day forecast in
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. >> welcome back. what seems like come be sense seems to be changing when it comes to social media. a teen who was behind the wheel in a deadly pedestrian accident tweeted a picture of the victim
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and a community in jacksonville is in shock. >> my niece calls me and tells me that this guy that killed my son has taken pictures and put it on instagram, twitter, and facebook. who does that? he has to be some type of monster. >> reporter: relatives from out of state relay the message connie's youngest son's dead body was being shared online over and over again along with the words "i just killed a man. r.i. p. ." >> no one deserves that. he went to the store for me to get a loaf of bread. >> reporter: he was hit by the car sunday night before 9:00. >> by the time i get to the hospital, my son is gone. he's dead. >> reporter: hours before the accident, the 19-year-old listed in a crash report as the driver responsible sent out
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this tweet. "i feel like i'm off of nyquil." >> detectives told me there was no alcohol or drugs involved. how would you know if it wasn't tested? >> reporter: "-- breaking news. vice president biden at the podium with a big announcement. >> as my family and i have worked through the grieving process, i said all along, and i said time and again that it may very well be that that process, by the time we get through it, closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president, that it might close. i concluded it has closed. i know from previous experience that there is no timetable for
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this process. the process doesn't respect or much care about filing deadlines or debates and primaries and caucuses. i also know that i could do this if -- i couldn't do this if the family wasn't ready. the good news is, the family has reached that point. as i've said many times, my family has suffered loss, and i hoped there would come a time. i've said this to many other families that sooner rather than later, when you think of your loved ones, it brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes. well, that's where the bidens are today. thank god. bo is our inspiration. unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. while i will not be a candidate
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will not be sigh leapt. i will speak out to influences much as i can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation. this is what i believe. i believe that president obama has led this nation from crisis to recovery, and we're now in the cusp of resurgence. i'm proud to have played a part in that. this party, our nation, will be making a tragic mistake if we walk away or attempt to undo the obama legacy. the american people have worked too hard and come too hard for that. the democrats should not only defend this record and protect this record, they should run on the record. we've got a lot of work to get done over the next 15 months,
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and there's a lot of -- there's a lot that the president will have to get done. let me be clear, we'll be building on a solid foundation. it all starts by giving the middle class a fighting chance. i know the press loves to call me middle class joe. i know in washington that means you are not that sophisticated and not a compliment, but it is about the middle dallas. it isn't just a matter of fairness or economic growth, it's a matter of social stability for this nation. we cannot sustain the current levels of inequality that exist in this country. it is a fundamental them to our democracy, and i really mean
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that because the middle class will never have a fighting chance in this country as long as just several hundred families, the wealthiest families, control the process. it's just that simple. that's going to take opportunity to work. me need to commit. we're fighting for 14 years. we need to commit to 16 years of free public education for all of our children. we all know that 12 years of public education is not enough. as a nation, let's make the same commitment to a college education today that we made to a high school education a hundred years ago. children and child care is the one biggest barrier for working families. we need, as the president proposed, to triple the child care tax credit. that alone would lead to a
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dramatic increase of the number of women needed in the workforce and will raise our economic standards. how do you pay for this? there are many equitable ways to pay for this. we can pay for all of this with one simple step, by limiting the deductions in the tax code to 28% of income. wealthy folks will end up paying a little bit more, but it's my guess, and i moo enthis sincerely, it's my guess they'll be happy to help build a stronger economy and better educated america. i believe we need to lead more by the power of our example as the president has and near i had by the example of our power. we've learned some very hard lessons for more than a decade of large-scale open ended military invasions. we have to accept the fact that we can't solve all of the world's problems. we can't solve many of them
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alone. the argument that we just have to do something when bad people do bad things isn't good enough. it's not a good enough reason for american intervention and to put our sons and daughters' lines on the line -- lives on the line and put them at risk. i believe we have to end the divisive partisan politics that is ripping this country apart. i think we can. it's mean spirited and petty. it's gone on for much too long. i don't believe, like some do, that it's naive to talk to republicans. i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemies. they are opposition, not our enemies. for the sake of the country, we have to work together. as the president said many times, compromise is not a dirty word. look at it this way, folks, how does this country function without consensus some how can we move forward without being
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able to arrive at consensus? four more years of this kind of fist battle may be more than this country can take. we have to change it. we have to change it. i believe we need a moon shot from this country to cure cancer. it's personal. i know we can do this. the president and i have already been working hard on increasing funding and researching development because there are so many breakthroughs just on the horizon in science and medicine. things are just about to happen. we can make them real with an absolute national commitment to end cancer as we know it today. i'm going to spend the next 15 months in this office pushing as hard as i can to accomplish this because i know there are democrats and republicans on the hill who share our passion,
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our passion to silence this deadly disease. if i could be anything, i would have wanted to be the president that ended cancer because it's possible. i also believe we need to keep moving forward in the arc of this nation toward justice, the rights of the lgbt community, equal pay for women and protecting their safety from violence, rooting out institutional racism. at their core, every one of these things, every one of these things is about the same thing. it's about equality. it's about fairness. it's about respect. as my dad used to say, it's about affording every, single person dignity. it's not complicated. every, single one of these issues is about dignity. the ugly forces of hate and
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division, they won't let up, but they do not represent the american people. they do not represent the heart of this country. they represent a fall fraction of the political elite. the next president's going to have to take it on. most of all, i believe there's unlimited possibilities for this country. i don't know how many of the white house staff and personnel have heard me say repeatedly that we are so much better positioned than any country in the world. we are so -- i've been doing this for a long time. when i got elected as a 29- year-old kid, i was called the optimist. i am more optimistic about the possibilities, the incredible possibilities to leap forward than i have been at any time in nye my career. i believe in my core there's no country better positioned to lead the world in the 21st
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century in the united states of america. washington just has to begin to function again. instead of being the problem, it has to become part of the solution again. we have to become one america again. at our core, i've always believed that what sets america apart and every other nation is that we, ordinary americans, believe in possibilities, unlimited possibilities. pockets for a kid growing up in a spanish speaking home or a kid from mayfield in delaware and willow grove in pennsylvania like jill and i. to be able to be anything we wanted to be, to do anything, anything that we want. that's what we were both taught. that's what the president was
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taught. it was real. that's what i grew up believing. you know, it's always been true in this country. if we ever lose that, we've lost something very special. we'll have lost the very soul of this country. when i was growing up, my parents in tough times looked at me and would say to me and my brothers and sister, honey, it's going to be okay. and they meant it. they meant it. it was going to be okay. some of you cover me and i say go back to your old neighborhoods. talk to your contemporaries who aren't as successful as you've been. there are too many people in america today, too many parents who don't believe they can look their kid in the eye and say
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with certainty, honey it's going to be okay. that will be the true measure of our success, and we'll not have met it until every parent out there can look at their kid in tough times and say, honey, it's going to be okay, and mean it. that's our responsibility. i believe it's totally within our power. the nation has done it before in difficult times. i've had the very great fortune and privilege of being in public service most of my adult life, since i've been 25 years old. through personal triumphs and tragedies, my entire family, my son bo, my son hunter, my daughter ashley, and jill, our whole family, and this sounds corny, but we found purpose in public life. we found puose in public life. so we intend, the whole family, not just me, we intend to spent
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the next 15 months doing what we've always cared about, what my family has always longside te president and members of congress and our future nominee. i am absolutely certain we are fully capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. we can do this. and when we do, america won't just win the future, we will own the finish line. thank you for all being so gracious to jill and me, for the last six or eight months and for my whole career for that matter. but i'm telling you, we can do so much more. and i'm looking forward to continuing to work with this man to get it done. thank you. >> thank you all very much. >> so headline of the hour, vice president joe biden


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