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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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overcome. >> don't respect filing deadline or caucuses. >> reporter: biden said he will be a large figure in the race for the white house >> while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. >> reporter: he took a shot at hillary clinton who said the republicans were her greatest enemy. >> i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemies. they are opposition. they're not our enemy. four more year of this pitch battle may be more than this country can take. >> reporter: clinton called the vice president a good friend and great man. she could have the most to gain from bind's decision. the latest national poll shows her lead over bernie sanders jumps to a 25 point mar general when bind is taken out of the mix. in a statement, bernie sanders thanked the vice president for a lifetime of public service. back to you. >> the vice president is taking a lot at hillary clinton and thought he would make a
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better nominee than hillary. can we think he would be part of the campaign? >> reporter: today sounded like a campaign speech. he laid out themes. i spoke to bind's campaign manager. biden will not be a shrinking violet. he plans to be involved in governance and politics going forward to sake that and run with that. he's going to be heard. >> sound like joe biden will continue to be joe biden. thank you for that. late this afternoon, fellow democrat and presidential candidate bernie sanders said he understands what a difficult decision this must be for joe biden and respects his choice not to run. . some people are disappointed. >> it would add variety to the race. >> i just heard that. >> reporter: what did you think? >> honestly, i feel like it's not surprising. >> i don't know who to vote
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for now. >> reporter: you really like 2 guy. >> i thought he was great. i think he is great. >> yeah, but some people suggested biden spent so much time wrestling with the decision that they felt pretty unlikely he would decide to run. democrats, meantime, released testimony of a top clinton aide. the 307 page transcript reveals testimony by sheryl middle mills. they claim there is no evidence that showed clinton or other officials ordered the military to stand down during the 2012 attacks. republicans may finally have their man to be the next speaker of the house, meantime. congressman paul ryan says he will run but has some demands that must be met first. house republican members arrived this morning for a closed-door meeting to try to hammer out who's going to be their next speaker of the house. >> i don't see who else it
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could be. if it's not paul ryan, it could be a disaster. >> reporter: paul ryan changed his mind and will run for the position but only if everyone agrees. >> we, as a conference should unify now and not after divisive speaker election. >> reporter: hard-line conservatives may not yet be on board. the house freedom caucus, who helped push john boehner into retirement, has to decide if it will support ryan. >> his list of demand may be impossible for the congress to reach. he clearly doesn't want to do the job, and wants to be drafted. here's a list of demand. i want a speaker that serves the membership, not the other way around. >> reporter: the freedom caucus members gained power by showing an unwillingness to compromise but ryan said the republicans need to do more than just block legislation. >> we need to move from an opposition party to a proposition party. >> reporter: the outgoing speaker and some democrats are signing off on ryan. >> he appears to be one of the people over here that would be reasonable. >> we know paul ryan.
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right? he's a very good member. he works hard. he's very bright. and he has a good relationship with all the rings of the party. >> reporter: ryan said if he doesn't get support from house republicans by friday, he will back out of the race. >> house republicans will vote in private for a new speaker one week from today. the entire house will vote a day later on october 29. fbi director james comey said federal law enforcement seeing far fewer americans trying to travel to syria to join i.s.i.s. >> we're seeing fewer people attempt to travel to join isil in syria. we have seen six in the last three and a half months. we were seeing nine a month in all the months before that. i don't know what to make of that. one possibility is we're not seeing it the way we were before, they're still going. another possibility is all of our efforts to lock people up and punish them for going is making a difference.
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>> comey testified in front of the house homeland security committee. dozens of people have been arrested on charges related to supporting i.s.i.s. wikileaks posted document from the personal e-mail accounts of cia director john brennan. the documents include a security clearance application containing personal information. the website does not diovolening how it got documents but may have come from that anonymous hack who claims he broke into brennan's account. the fbi investigating that. israel's prime minister is being criticized for invoking the hole cast to illustrate claims palestinian leaders are inciting violence against israeli. he said it was a palestinian religious leader who convinced adolph hitler to kill european jews. >> hitler didn't want to exterminate the jews at the time. he wanted to expel the jewses and the leader said, "if you expel them, they'll all come
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here." "what should i do with them," he ask? he said, "burn them." >> his for the kalians said it was always hitler's plan to kill the jews. abbas accused netanyahu of using holocaust to harm palestinians. assad thanked putin for russian airstrikes supporting government troops in syria's civil war. the u.s. said russia's military intervention will likely make the violence worse. secretary of state john kerry and russia's foreign minister will meet to discuss the crisis. we're following breaking news out of prince georges county. police made an arrest in the death of a woman found in the upper marlboro residence. they have not released the suspect's name. our partners at the washington posted post amanda jones was on the phone when the call ended with screams. the body was discovered by
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police check her residence. a suspect has been identified in the shooting of a police officer. they believer 30-year-old high thai roane howard killed officer holder. holder was shot in the head tuesday evening as he responded to calls of shots fire and a bicycle stolen at gunpoint. holder and his partner chased the suspects, who opened fire. the suspect is a career criminal and is in custody but has not been charged. police in albuquerque are searching for the man who opened fire in a road rage incident that killed a 4-year- old girl. police said the killer pulled up alongside and just opened fire. the young girl was hit in the head and died instantly. the child's heartbroken father told police it was a case of road rage. well, package delivery giant ups has reached a $4.2 million settlement for overcharging customers in d.c., new york, chicago, and 17 states including virginia. a former ups employee said workers inaccurately recorded
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delivery time and took other steps to prevent customer from claiming refund for late deliveries. local businesses robbed five times get an extra set of protection thanks to the community it serves. also ahead, a town in fairfax county changes its name in honor of "back to the future" day. we have a cold front rolling through tomorrow but will clear friday morning. here's why that's important because at 6:20 a.m., look east. kind of a little treat. you have venus, jupiter, and mars clumped together and mercury if you look low above the horizon. kind of a treat for us. you don't need a telescope or binoculars. we'll talk about what the cold front means for the weekend. but first, a doctor cited in a
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the latest on the european migrant crisis. slovenia is asking for a second border opening. to date, some 1,000 tired of waiting to cross rush into austria. lines have been stretchedded so thin since my grants are crossing in after hungary closed its borders. the vatican is strongly denies a report the pope has a small brain tumor. an italian newspaper said a brain cancer specialist was secretly flown to the vatican
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several months ago and determined a small, dark spot in francis' brain could be treated without surgery. but tonight, that doctor denies ever examining the pope. he said the reports are completely false. the newspaper, though, standing by its story. president obama announced new steps to combat what he calls an epidemic of drug abuseé involving heroin and prescription medication. at an anti-drug meeting in charleston, west virginia, the president outlined plan that include easier access to treatment and better training for health care professionals to handle drug abusers. marijuana use has doubled over the last decade as attitudes changed. government surveys show almost 10% of adults use the drug or more than 22 million people. most is recreational use, legal in four states. coming up, a community responds to a pizza shop owner robbed at gunpoint five times. but up next, charles
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and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. the defense began presenting evidence in the charles severance murder trial today. both parents took the stand. his mom said she is certain the man seen on the video at the target store is not her son.
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his father discussed the strength stress in his son's life after a custody dispute. the jury saw surveillance video from a home that appears to show a red ford escort that resembles severance's. a turkish immigrant that hoped a pizza shop five years ago in one of the poorest areas is getting a lot of love. it's been robbed five times. the owner was looking to close until the community came to the rescue. >> reporter: the lunchtime line was steady on martin luther king avenue. >> regular customers or new customers? >> regular. >> regular. >> me, too. >> reporter: customer from near and far sonned to calls to help out the owner after the small restaurant had been robbed five separate times at
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gun point. >> i'm so grateful i'm part of this community because i didn't grow up here but they stay here, support me. now everybody knows. i'm not crying. >> reporter: the security camera system is going in. long-time employee will keep their jobs. >> i love they did this for her. >> it's great to show the community when we really needed it. >> $4,315. >> reporter: you needed -- wanted how much? >> $800. >> reporter: the outpouring of support and money came after community act visitses launched a gofundme campaign online to prevent future robberies and replace some of the cash stolen. >> i saw it on the news, what happened with her shop, so i came in. >> i liver in d.c. my entire life and makes me proud to be a resident. >> it's incredible for people to rally around a business. >> you have people from paul classes, races, donate and say, look, we'll come together to help this business. >> reporter: this area is being gentry if id with new
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businesses on the way. >> capitol hill crabcake. right around the corner from mama's pizza. >> reporter: this is a good spot. >> exactly. >> reporter: residents are ready to support new business and the old like mama's pizza but want to be included in the coming prosperity. you know, bus boys helped transform 14th street many year after the riots. unemployment is high. >> that area desperately needs jobs and job training. >> small businesses provide most of the jobs, not just here but throughout the country. mama's pizza is a great example with six full-time employee from the community. >> great story, bruce. >> thanks. a "back to the future" film festival is about to launch because today is the day film
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makers back in the 1980s envisioned when marty mcfly flew into the future. reston has been renamed hill valley for a day, the same town where the film was set. >> we have a back-to-back marathon screening of the trilogy starting with part i at 7:00 p.m. and part iii around 1:00 a.m. for the true fans. >> all right. after today, you can put your flying skateboard and the delorean cars back on the shelf. >> will do. >> announcer: always watching, always tracking. wusa 9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> we still don't have flying cars. >> that would be nice. >> we could all use that. >> well -- nice and jet crazy. imagine all the cars in the air. >> i like crazy. >> you like crazy. weather is above average and if you like today you will love tomorrow. putting the grass -- i was sweating because of the three
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degree guarantee. we went 73. thought that was high enough. i saw 77 on my car when i drove in. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. live look outside. still 68, humidity comfortable, 52%, wind out of the south at 6. 50s until midnight. 46 do 62, maybe a coat for the little ones. a cold front move through tomorrow night to set us up for a cooler friday but very nice friday. all it's doing is adjusting temperatures to average and that is pretty good this time of year. upper 60s is average. 60 downtown, 56 in gaithersburg, 55 manassas and 55 also in fredericksburg. 50s downtown. 50s downtown. by mid-morning at 9:00, 53 in
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frederick, 54 bowie, and about 52 in fairfax. by 1:00, 70s. 72 gaithersburg, 71 la plata. 73 in cumberland and romney so it will be warm for the mountains all the way to the coast. by 6:00 p.m., low 70s, a few clouds starting to build with showers by 9:00 in the mountain and a couple of showers possible before midnight. 50s to start, 65 by 11:00 and 72 with full sun by 1:00. cooler on friday, not a big deal. 68. low 70s, gorgeous on saturday. perfect for the terps in baltimore with showers for the burgundy and gold. still mild. nice on monday and tuesday. more shower, more organized rain and showers next wednesday. how big is this game? >> think it's the biggest game
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of the year mentally. right? the bucs aren't good. it's one you have to win. two big stories we're following this week. first, like i just said, this may be the biggest game of the season for the skins. and second, get this -- this area could witness a pretty special milestone on saturday
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>> announcer: now, wusa 9 game on sports with dave owens, brought to you by xfinity. desperate washington football team get back to work, preparing for the buccaneers. talk about needing low cost health care, wow.
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washington has the seventh-most man games missed due to injury in the league. that's a lot of guys. frank hanrahan hang out with the walk wounded. >> reporter: a mixed back at redskins park. jackson caught six touchdowns last year for the redskin and has not played except a couple of snaps in the opener against miami. he is still listed as very doubtful for sunday's game against tampa bay. in fact, he is a long shot. but good news -- major tan reed, always an offensive threat, is 100% and will play. also back was trent williams. >> it's tough not being around. it's he's one of the top guy in the league but at the same time, they're the receiving corps. >> i feel like i'm helping out there and separation for the defenders and get open, catch
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the rock. i always feel like i can help. >> reporter: matt jones who missed the game because of the bad toe, was back for practice. chris culliver still out. also out with an injury was linebacker keenan rob pinson, although he thinks he will be able to play sunday against the bucks. maybe keenan lopside is approaching one much milestone, five away from breaking career rushing touchdown record of 77. wow. think about some of the names on that list. ricky williams of texas. ron dane of wisconsin. he's about to bypass them all. you have to be durable to break this record. he's carry the ball over 800 times and only missed two games so we know he's talent and tough. you can add "humble" to the list as well. >> i'm just grateful, grateful
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and excited, honored, and blessed to be where am and, you know, like you said, deflecting the praise because that's where it need to be. it takes 11 guys to make a play go so these are the results of the guy around me. i'm just a product of the environment. >> humble young man. ovi knocks his 900th career point on this goal. the first cavs player to do so. greets and i has 2800 point but tip of the cap to ovi, the best going right now. he's awesome. good stuff. can't wait for that navy game. >> what a great player gretzky was. >> all right. just beautiful tomorrow, little cooler on friday. enjoy. >> okay. >> that's all for
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>> pelley: joe biden shakes up the race. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. >> pelley: also tonight, remnant of america's nuclear past, the health effects from radioactive contamination at dozens of sites. baby boomers are forced to put off retirement. >> right now, all i'm looking at is working and making money. >> pelley: and a big change on "sesame street." a very special new kid moves in to the neighborhood. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, joseph r. biden jr. stepped into the rose garden, laid out a platform, and then gracefully stepped off, brin t


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