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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 22, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, october 22nd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton is hours away from a critical face-off with lawmakers over benghazi. a woman who gave birth mid-flight is reportedly separated from her baby and might have to pay the airline for delays. plus jon stewart, remember him? his new life on the farm and his wife tracey's mission to train how he lives with animals. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. this committee was charged to find the truth. we are a on fact finding mission. >> this was a political witch hunt. we know everything there is to
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know. >> hillarynt cliiton ss on the hearing hot seat. >> committee said its focus will be the 2012 acrin benghazi. >> i think we are out of time to mount a winning campaignor f the nation. >> let's go to hillary clinton campaign headquarters for their reaction. ♪ >> paul ryan got the house freedom caucus support, but not their endorsement. >> the ball is in paul ryan's court. in theth souwest, large hail and strong wind in the el paso, texas, area. storms are far from over across the state. >> road rage in el el ended with a 4-year-old girl shot to death and tony torrez is charged with murder. >> here is the payoff pitch. it's strike three! the mets win the pennant! >> how does a guy get that hot and homer six straight in the postseason? >> i don't know. i wish i could explain it. >> world series bound!
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chicago demanding answers after parents found their daughter locked inside a day care all alone. >> a california storebe robrs grabbing watches and gems. after reports of row lax watches tossed from a car. >> all that. >> i saw that "supergirl" is on tv and an ad promoting "supergirl." she looked pretty hot. that will make the news. you know what they areng goi to do? build a plant and illegals will drive the car and end up stealing the car and that will be the end it. >> what about this? guy running a casino and ruling the world. >> that guy is running for president right now. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning."
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hillary clinton will head to capitol hill shortly to face what could be an all-day grilling. a special house committee will ask questions about the deadly attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, in 2012. her use of a private e-mail server for state department business is likely to come up. >> a new poll shows nearly half of americans believe clinton was not honest during secretary of state but half of them are tired of hearing about the e-mails. natali del conte is outside the courtroom hearing where hillary clinton will be grilled. >> this has turned into a high stakes hearing for both sides. clinton will face hours of questions about a tragedy that happened on her watch and an aide says she will argue that the risks of diplomacy can never be fully eliminated. while republicans will have to prove that this is a serious probe and not a partisan witch hunt. >> people try to paint this thing about hillary clinton. it's not. >> reporter: committee
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republican marriage roby wants to include clinton why diplomatic requests for more security in libya were turned down by the state department. >> that was an important piece and it happened while secretary clinton was secretary of state so we have to have her answer that question. >> reporter: clointon lost her patience at the last hearing. >> what point does this make at this point? >> reporter: adam schiff says they may make another different approach than a month ago. >> i think the claims dispelled by their own members this is all about secretary clinton, in than effort to damage her. i think initially they will keep a focus on ben gasseghazbenghaz. >> reporter: they said it is to damage the democrat front-runner. they wanted to hold two
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hearings. one about benghazi and another about her use of a private e-mail account while secretary of state. something the committee uncovered when they asked the state department with her e-mails. they say her e-mails have nothing to do with the stated purpose to investigate the benghazi attacks that left four americans dead. they say this is not hillary clinton, but democrats say this is the first public hearing you've held with anyone in nine months. >> of course, it's been a while. but the state department has been stonewalling. they are the ones who have been dragging their feet. >> reporter: clinton has not had a public event since the weekend as they prepares for this hearing that could go eight hours or longer. and she knows, norah, even one unfortunate comment will be played in republican ads between now and election day. >> thank you so much, nancy. you can watch gavel-to-gavel coverage today on cbsn. the democratic presidential race folks on hillary clinton
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and bernie sanders. joe biden ended months of speculation saying he will not run. a poll shows the latest on the democratic race in iowa, the home of the first in the nation's caucus. the bloomberg poll shows clinton leading sanders 48% to 41%. major garrett is at the white house where joe biden made his announcement. >> reporter: the scene was historic. for the first time ever president obama attended an event in the rose garden and said nothing. the stage was joe biden's, one he will never command again. joe biden said some things about the presidential campaign. he will now watch on the sidelines. among them democrats running to succeed this president, owe him a lot. >> i believe we are out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> reporter: biden has seriously pondered a presidential race since august. in september, he appeared to have momentum in a draft biden effort. >> it's about your dignity. >> reporter: aired two tv commercials just in case.
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>> you never quit on america! and you deserve a president who will never quit on you! >> reporter: but biden hesitated for weeks. the indecision became a public spectacle. >> have you made your decision equity? >> reporter: biden potential rival hillary clinton turned in a strong performance in this month's first democratic debate and biden's poll numbers slid forcing him to make a decision. biden did not endorse clinton and said this about her half-joking republican mates who are her enemies. >> they are our opposition and not our enemies. for the sake of the country, we have to work together. >> reporter: in a statement biden call-- clinton said the following about joe biden. campaigning in iowa. gop front-runner donald trump
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said biden got it right. >> biden is not running. and -- and i think he did the smart thing, because, frankly, i don't know that he would of won. he wouldn't have gotten the nomination. i don't think he probably would have. and, frankly, i really want to run against hillary. i really do. >> reporter: that was always the fear among biden loyalists that his third bid for the white house could fail and that might tarnish his time at the white house and his entire political career. now biden returns to familiar assignments for this president, keeping an eye on ukraine and iraq and seeing if he can cut a deal or two with republicans. a key group in congress says it will back paul ryan to be the speaker of the house. it now appears ryan will have enough votes to be elected next week. the former vice presidential candidate will only take the job if the factions back him and the freedom caucus said support last night but some of the members
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are not remember to accept proo ryan's preconditions for conserving. a big shift in iowa today. ben karcarson now leads the gop field there in iowa and according to a quinnipiac university poll out this morning. carson has 28% and trump has 20%. the same poll showed donald trump with a six-point lead last month. "face the nation" host and political director john dickerson is here this morning. we want to talk about biden but first about benghazi and hillary clinton today and what is to be expected and what are the stakes for her? >> imagine a day of dental surgery where you have to keep smiling, that is her task. i think to what to watch for is one moment nancy mentioned which is a full day of testimony and four rounds of questioning. she has to basically become and measured throughout so there is not a moment that is going to lead the evening news that will show her losing her cool. she need the opposite. this is her last big obstacle in
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the month of october. >> what was the heart of joe biden's decision not to run? >> i think somebody in june said this is going to the bitter end and the way he makes the decisions. the heart of it was the emotional reaction to his son's dead and i think the very heart he couldn't pull it off. hillary clinton is a formidable candidate and to raise the money in the thick of a campaign is too difficult for him to do. >> on tuesday he met are his political advisers and said can we raise the money in time? my understanding there was a question about whether they could put the fundamentals in place. >> they could actually do it, right. whether you could do the nuts and bolts of running. even if they could do it, they knew it was going to be really hard. it's very hard to build a campaign while you're running a campaign. campaigns that have tried to do have mostly failed in the past. >> he said yesterday he simply ran out of time but a lot of people wondering is that the real story? does his decision to drop out give hillary clinton a clear path to the nomination, you think? >> it would look like it.
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she has endorsements within the party and doing well in the polls and has lots of money. so this would have been a challenge to her candidacy, but now with just burny sanders, she has got a lot of support in the future states. tough in new hampshire. close in iowa. but then if you run down the rest of the states in the democratic contest she is doing very well. >> one thing about joe biden as he thinks about what he is going to do he is obsessed and committed to finding a cure for cancer. >> that's right. that was going to be the mission for the rest of his life. he is now putting new mission in front of him. for a candidate, for a person who has been in politics in washington since 1970 and been committed to his assent, this might be a new crusade for him. >> i was asking the same question in iowa. >> ben carson trumping donald trump? >> this is amazing. carson is now on top and means perhaps a conflict between the two of them. also ted cruz very far behind, he is the one who thought he would surprise everybody through iowa. he is even behind rubio there.
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ben carson is the headline but what happened to ted cruz in iowa? >> john dickerson, lots to think about and thank you very much. he will be the moderator for the democratic presidential debate next month november 14th on cbs. wikileaks posted information apparently by a hark claiming to be a high school student. the documents include an unfinished clearance application which revealed his wife's social security number. a memo to president obama suggesting he tone down his rhetoric on iran. the memo came before brennan joined the administration. so far the fbi does not see any breach of classified information. secretary of state john kerry met with israeli prime minister benefitiinge minute ne in berlin and called for the
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attacks to come to a stop. police say they shot two palestinians this morning who jabbed a seminary student near jerusalem. officials say one teacher is dead, the attack took place in the industrial city of southwestern sweden. at least two students are seriously wounded. the attacker targeted people in the cafeteria area. police say the suspect was shot and wounded. this morning, arson investigators ll the scene of another church fire in the st. louis area. the latest fire is at the shrine of st. joseph catholic church. the overnight fire started at the doors of the church rectory. the congregation is predominantly caucasian. >> a road rage killing of a 4-year-old girl, lily garcia died on tuesday. police say the gunman admitted shooting into a car that was
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driven by her dad. >> reporter: very heart breaking. good morning. tony torrez is in custody being held on 650,000 bopnd. the newest development comes after outpouring comes in for lily's family. a clear indication that this case turned from road rage into outrage. tony torres was taken into custody wednesday afternoon while driving this grayish green sed sedan. the 32nd-year-old later confessed to the road rage death of lily garcia. >> this is wrapping up the way we hoped it would. >> reporter: the shooting happened on interstate 40 on tuesday. lily's father said he had just picked up her and her brother from school. both in the back seat when torres cut off their pickup truck on the freeway. police say the two men exchanged heated words while driving
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before torrez started shooting at the familiar's vehicle. 4-year-old lily was the only one shot. she was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance but did not survive. >> the officers that were on scene, it was traumatic for them. i mean, they literally saw a 4-year-old little girl with a severe gunshot wound which she died from. >> reporter: authorities had offered a 36,000 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest. and it was a tip that led police to torres on wednesday. >> i saw them talking to this guy with a red baseball cap. all of the police got around and started talking to him. >> reporter: a family member thanked the public for their support on a memorial website page set up in lily's honors. our local cbs station says the father memorialized his daughter on social media light she was the light of my life. my little girl showed me how to truly love. police say that an anonymous caller actually led to the arrest that was made yesterday
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of tony torres and that memorial fund for lily and her family still continues to grow this morning. >> mireya, thank you so much. this morning the southwest is dealing with an aftermath of severe thunderstorms. fast moving floodwaters around phoenix wednesday evening trapped a man in a pickup truck. he was lifted to safety. some areas around lubbock, texas, received more than 4 inches an hour. hail pelted cars in el paso area. the el paso times says drivers took shelters under bridges. no reports of major injuries. the chicago cubs this morning are waiting wait until next year for the 107th year in a row. the new york mets are going to the world series for the first time in 15 years. the mets beat the cubs 8-3 last
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night completing a four-game sweep of the national league series. vladimir duthiers is at new york's citifield where the mets will return later today. vlad, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. new york is used to postseason baseball. the city that hold the most world series titles by a wide margin but most of them by the team across the river in the bronx. for it is mets it is their time and their city for the taking. >> the mets win the pennant! the new york mets have won the national league pennant! put it in the books! >> reporter: for a team that plays second fiddle in their own city, the new york mets have top billing for the first time in a generation. rabid mets fans who haven't tasted a championship since the reagan administration tasted victory and champagne too. daniel murphy helped propel his team to the fall classic. >> the 1-1. in the air.
7:18 am
deep right center field. >> reporter: a major league baseball record six home runs in six consecutive postseason games. >> daniel murphy! >> i can't describe the emotion and the feeling that is going through me right now. >> very depressing. very depressing. but there is always next year, right. >> reporter: for but for the heartbroken club on the north side of chicago, their world series drought continues. 107 years and counting. >> cubs win world series! >> reporter: it would have been the perfect hollywood ending. but the cubs were knocked out of the playoffs on the very day that "back to the future ii" win. >> it must have been so horrible! >> it's all right. in chicago we get used to this sort of thing. >> reporter: the windy city is used to this sort of thing and not even a hollywood good luck charm. the star of the "rookie of the year" who was at wednesday's night game, even he couldn't
7:19 am
save the cubs season. the mets arrive in queens later this afternoon and will face the toronto blue jays or the kansas city royals in the world series which starts this coming tuesday. >> vlad, thank you so much. only on "cbs this morning," we are going to talk with mets super fan jon stewart. >> you have to feel a little bit for the cubs today. they worked so hard but go mets. >> the mets have been waiting 15 years, not to be in the world series, they have been on this a long time. >> jon stewart and his wife tracey show
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. efforts to prevent distracted driving might have the opposite effect. ahead, new evidence reveals a lasting distraction caused by using hands-free devices behind the wheel. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning."
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baby. tomorrow on "cbs this morning," two chefs will join
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what did you think of larry davidson's impetitioner nation of you on "saturday night live"? >> well, i thought it was pretty, pretty, pretty good! >> bernie showing he has a sense of humor because you know that is larry davidson. we know signature lines. pretty good welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour devices meant to make you safe may backfire. take a look at on going hands-free and how drivers are being left with a technology hangover. gayle spent some time on the farm with jon stewart and his wife. see how "the daily show" legend may be kicking back but don't call him retired. that story is ahead. "usa today" reports on
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president obama's rare planned veto of the pentagon budget bill. it is part of a larger showdown with congress over domestic spending. the 612 billion dollar measure covers defense spending. the white house says the president will issue a veto today because it using a funding gimmick and they will compensate the president's pledge to close the guantanamo bay prison camp. russia built a new military base in the region. 150 soldiers can live there up to 18 months. the structure is about 150,000 square feet and now 97% complete. "business insider" says pharmaceuticals were crushed after the company was accused of farm. a research firm calls it the farm suital enron that extent valeant stock plum meting yesterday and downore man
7:32 am
19%. valeant denies the accusation. "wall street journal" reported unpressure from the fda, theranos stopped using a finger prick gigs. >> we have to move from our system to the fda and quality system. >> for now the 240 tests accept one. it must be done the old-fashioned way with a needle. "the washington post" reports marijuana use among adults has more than doubled in 12 years. two major new surveys found that 4.1% used marijuana in 2001 but went to 9.5% in 2013. researchers are not sure what caused the shift in marijuana use. a taiwanese woman who gave
7:33 am
birth on a plane is now separated from her child. we showed you this last month. new details have emerged that could land the new mom in legal trouble. vinita nair, good morning. >> reporter: taiwanese reports say the woman concealed her identity from airline officials so she could give birth to her baby girl in the united states and a move that may have landed her in trouble with officials in her native taiwan. on october 8th, cell phone video taken on board a china airlines aaa shows what passengers described a once in a lifetime moment. a newborn baby girl delivered high above the pacific ocean and delivered with the flight crew and fellow passengers, including a los angeles doctor. >> the flight crew was very helpful helping me out with the patients and bringing me any medical equipment i needed.
7:34 am
>> reporter: china airlines flight 8 was traveling from taipei, taiwan, when the woman went in labor two months early. the flight was diverted to anchorage, alaska, but the baby arrived before the plane touched down. >> they are have scissors and collecting buckets and blankets and everything they can find. >> reporter: this week several news agencies reported the woman had been denied admission to the united states and had returned to taiwan without her baby. according to the taipei times, china airlines is said to be seeking compensation from the woman for the cost and delay caused by her baby's birth. >> they may be just keeping the child here until the doctors term it's okay. >> reporter: this is a california based immigration lawyer. he says that even though the mother was denied entry into the u.s., the baby could still have the right to remain in the country, if she was born within a 12-mile radius of the united states. >> if, for some reason, the people of customs and border protection decided she shouldn't be in the united states, they would then send her back on the
7:35 am
next plane and then the child, who is an american, can stay here until the child was able to be repatriated back to taiwan. >> reporter: cbs news reached out to the u.s. immigration officials regarding the whereabouts of the baby. they said they would not discuss individual cases. it is unknown when and if the child and mother will be reunited. >> i was just going to say. i think there is going to be outrage about this. one, to separate the two of them. two, to ask her to pay for it. i don't know if that is a smart pr move by that company. >> there may be another way to resolve that issue. >> i don't know what the legal issues there. if a baby is born mid-flight, does it have to be within the 12 miles of the u.s.? >> what we know is a mother should be with her newborn baby however it shakes out. doesn't make any sense. we will follow-up, i'm sure. >> we will. thank you, vinita. many cars made today have
7:36 am
technology that is supposed to fight distracted driving but a new study released this morning, shows how going hands-free can be more dangerous and distracting than first thought. kris van cleave is in washington with the surprising results. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this aaa foundation study looked at on-board hands-free systems that sync with your ceremony and allow you to give voice commands and found they can be mentally taxi and is like balancing your checkbook while driving and leaves you after the football and go, not one football, but three. j.c. goods college graduation went a perfect day to a nightmare in seconds, thanks to a distracted driver on a hands-free device. >> he turned left through the red light and as he did that, the 18-wheeler swerved to try and miss him. still clipped the front of his car but then clammed full force into our family's car. >> reporter: goods' parents were killed instantly.
7:37 am
she was given just a 10% chance of survival. she beat those odds but suffered a lasting brain injury. >> the brain cells that know how to move my wrist or my fingers or my ankle or my toes and i'm lucky i can walk. >> reporter: she now advocates against distracted driving which killed more than 3,100 people and killed an estimated 424,000 in 2013 alone. >> who would you like to wall. >> reporter: 801 . >> reporter: a new study says it leaves drivers with a technology hangover. >> you get out of that distracted zone into much more of an alert driver but that takes time and takes up to 27 seconds. >> reporter: university of utah professor david strayer evaluated more than 250 adults in ten vehicles. >> oh, my gosh. i guess that is a stop sign! >> reporter: lingering distraction was found across the board. how long depends on how hard the system is to use. >> if you are now, all of a sudden, talking to your car and talking to your phone, you are
7:38 am
now focussing on one task to the exclusion of attending to the environmental. when you hang up, you don't come to right away. you have to say, where am i. >> reporter: second of distraction, goods knows can be deadly. >> i know whatever that young man was talking about on his phone absolutely was not more important than my parents' lives. >> reporter: the study looked at the voice demands by the three leading cell phone platforms. they found those to be just as distracting. bottom line, the researchers say just because your car can do all of these things like voice to tweet, doesn't mean you should do it while you're driving. >> that is really good advice, kris! >> the woman at the end made the best point. whatever you're talking about, is not more important than life. we keep thinking, one more, one more. you can't do it. >> if you're stopped at a red light, people may check their phone. now we know 27 seconds, you're really back on, just leave it alone! >> right. message received, kris.
7:39 am
thank you. jon stewart is enjoying the simple life with his family. >> i get smoothies and call her on the road and say, eating a slice in the car! >> that is #happiness for you? >> you know i'm the mayor at the smoothie store! >> mayor of the smoothie store, man! >> tracey and jon stewart are having a good time on the farm. tracey will talk about her love of animals and jon stewart will show you life after "the daily show" is like painting with three colors. >> what does that mean? >> i'll tell you. if you're heading off to work, set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time you'd like to. we will be right back. now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns.
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when jon stewart fans learned life after "the daily show" my take him to a farm. he and his wife tracey welcomed us to their new york property. tracey is out with a new book and jon is settling into his new
7:44 am
rhythm. we will talk to tracey later. it's a story you'll see only on "cbs this morning." do you miss it the way people miss you? >> ah. >> reporter: "the daily show. do you miss? >> i miss the people i worked with. so we e-mail. >> reporter: butz we are right n the middle -- i would just think material galore on your show, do you sit there and watch and say i wish i was doing, i wish i was on? >> oh, no. what is go 0? >> reporter: you don't miss it at all? >> i say where is honey? where is honey? i look in the backyard. he sitting there like this. >> reporter: not even a little bit? >> because i feel like i completed it, you know? when you feel like you complete a project to the best of your ability, when you've done the best that you think you're able to do, i didn't think -- so i can't regret -- all i can do now is be happy that i had that
7:45 am
opportunity. the enjoy is creating it, in growing it, and evolving it. maintaining it is the part that when it becomes rote or redundant, then you feel like, well, i'm not adding a lot of value to this any more, am i. >> reporter: are you taking the kids to school? hanging out reading a good book? >> no, no. i haven't been able to. >> car wash. >> i pick them up. i go to car wash. i get smoothies and call her on the road and say i'm eat ago slice in the car! >> reporter: that is #happiness for you? >> you know i'm the mayor at the smoothie store. >> the mayor of the smoothie store, man. i go in there. we talk a little bit about mango infusion, you know? this is awesome! i still work. i get to write, but, you know, the flexibility of schedule, it's not like i don't feel productivity or creative, but i feel like my life is now it's rather than just painting with
7:46 am
three colors, i get to get the whole thing now. >> reporter: in the book it says the sty wart family live by the do unto others and what the pope just told us. you sort of put that message out to your children as well. >> always. >> and put it out to the pope. his original message was something different. get it while the getting is good, i think. i told him, i don't think that is going to fly. i think he might want to try do unto -- >> reporter: no way you don't miss us, jon! you're so damn quick and foin! funny! >> at home. >> what could be better than that you know? >> that's great. >> manure has many, many uses, i'm told. we were there to talk to tracey. >> they are married. >> they are married and those two are very tied. tracey stewart's book is called "do unto animals." you'll show how animals reshaped some of her moments in life and
7:47 am
including a turn pointing with her husband jon stewart. >> you have to look at that. >> charlie, you'll love it-to- >> it's about love. >> about love. only on "cbs this morning." jeb bush nominates his pick for best superhero. ahead, we will show you the person who the presidential contender described as pre announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by petsmart. (door bell rings) trick or treat! hello, don't you look so cute!
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♪ former florida governor jeb bush has elected his top superhero. the republican presidential candidate was asked to name his favorite last night during a q&a in las vegas. >> i'm kind of old school. i kind of like -- i like the old school guys, like batman. a little dark these days. >> good choice. good choice. >> i saw that there is a
7:52 am
"supergirl" is on tv. i saw that when i was working out this morning. there is an ad promoting "supergirl." she looked kind of -- she looked pretty hot. i don't know what channel it's on, but i'm looking forward to that. >> what would you do to -- >> that will make news. >> yes, it will. "supergirl" is here on cbs. the series premiere is actually this monday at 8:30, 7:30 central. >> thank you for the promo, jeb! , it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol
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♪ hey! good morning! it is thursday, october 22nd, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including brain surgery on live tv. bryant gumbel is not getting the surgery, but he is here in studio 57 and he is going to take a look at the new show he is hosting. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> clinton will face hours of questions while republicans will have to prove that this is a serious probe and not a partisan ritual. >> imagine a day full of dental surgery where you have to keep smiling. he has to be calm and measured throughout. >> joe biden said some things about the presidential campaign and he will now watch during the sidelines. >> we are fully capablef o accomplishing extraordinary things and when we do, america
8:01 am
won't just win the future, we will own the finish line. >> tony torrez is in custody this morning. the case turned from road rage into outrage. heavy rain floodedds roa in lubbock, texas. some areas around the city received more than 4 inches an hour. taiwanese news reports say the woman who sealed her pregnancy from airline officials so she could give birth in the united states. i still work and now it's like painting with three colors, now i get the whole thing. >> for the mets, it is their time and now their city for the taking. >> here is the payoff pitch and it's in there. strike three called! the mets win the pennant! cubs fans haven't been this disappointed since every moment of their lives! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by liberty mutual insurance. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell.
8:02 am
hillary clinton gives long awaited testimony this morning to a special house committee. she will answer questions about the 2012 benghazi attack that killed four americans. committee members are also likely to ask her about her private e-mail server. >> we first learned about that server when the committee asked for clinton's state department e-mails. republicans, though, made tread more softly this morning than they did the last time clinton testified about benghazi almost three years ago. the committee's critics and even a couple of republicans now say this investigation is mainly political. you can watch gavel-to-gavel coverage of this morning's benghazi hearing live on our digital network cbsn. some say the presidential race is a little more settled. more than 30 years after he first ran for president, joe biden said he will not seek the 2016 democratic nomination. it ends months of uncertainty. biden said all along his biggest concern whether and his family were emotionally ready after the death of his son beau in may. at the white house on wednesday,
8:03 am
biden said he will keep fighting for what he believes in. >> i believe we have to end the divisive partisan politics that is ripping this country apart and i think we can. it's mean-spirited. it's petty and it's gone on for much too long. i am absolutely certain we are fully capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. we can do this. and when we do, america won't just win the future, we will own the finish line. >> major garrett was at the white house for the vice president's announcement. good morning, major. it's clear the vice president had the passion but did he have a pathway to victory? >> reporter: i really didn't. many here at the white house never thought joe biden would run for president, even those who thought he might, thought he would have announced in early october at the very latest. when he didn't, many here in the white house believed it was just a matter of time before joe biden made that announcement that he wouldn't seek the
8:04 am
presidency. i will tell you, there was growing restlessness here within the west wing about the prolonged nature of joe biden's deliberations and that sort of came to a head earlier this week when the white house was forced to deal with questions about what did the vice president tell president obama right before the osama bin laden raid and how much power definite in the white house and did he have veto power over cabinet picks and all of those sorts of things put the white house in an awkward position and now it's relieved to be out of that. >> i was curious to see what the inner circle how they felt about the process and you touched on that. we just saw a picture that was just released showing president obama and joe biden working on the speech. were you surprised to see president obama at his side when he came out yesterday? >> not at all. these two have been a tandem from the very beginning. one of the reasons president obama picked joe biden as his running mate he believed he had great political instincts and didn't believe he was that hyperambitious about seeking the presidency and one of the reasons joe biden is vice
8:05 am
president because president obama didn't want a democratic vice president he always had to worry about being a potential successor. joe biden did this a lot of serious thought but in the end he knew the calendar and the pathway to victory argued against it. >> what do you think was at the heart of some of the remarks that some took as a veiled reference to hillary clinton and how she is running her campaign? >> i think what joe biden wanted to do, because had he a stage he knew he would never have again say something on behalf of the president's agenda and the accomplishments he and president obama have put before the nation. he knows bernie sanders and hillary clinton are moving away from that saying this president hasn't been aggressive enough and joe biden point was he has been and democrats ought to be more grateful. >> thank you. youtube this morning is betting people will pay to play its video and music ad-free. youtube red costs $9.99 a month and you can save videos to watch offline and gives access to a
8:06 am
new music app. >> viewers can watch new original programming from youtube's biggest stars li. nicholas thompson is editor of "the new yorker" website new way to make revenue? >> absolutely. youtube has struggled making money over the years. not struggled getting viewers but can't make any money so now they have a new motto and offering exclusive stuff and the ability to watch it without ads which will appeal to lots of people. if they can convert a small fraction, they will make some money off of it. >> they didn't make money from ads? >> they do but the ads on youtube people close them and people do close them. the content costs, the straeeamg costs enyoutube has never had a great model. >> who is their main source of competition? >> it's facebook. facebook video has been soaring and has youtube scared. the main competition for the new offering a couple of things. one of the most interesting is
8:07 am
the music that people spend more time listening to music on youtube than on spotify or pandora or anything else. >> that surprises me. >> a competitor to bat. once you get rid of the ads some might see it a spokesive replacement and just about the same price and youtube videos strolling in the background while you do other stuff. >> hasn't this always been the conundrum for youtube? one of the most valuable websites out there and has a young demographic and millions of videos. my kids know youtube. they watch youtube. they don't watch original television. they watch everything on youtube. and, yet, they have not found a way to monetize. >> they can't pay the youtube stars and worried some of the youtube stars leaving. their last big effort to increase the quality and was to go with traditional tv players and pull them on to youtube and offer them lots of money. that didn't work. this is a priivot. they are saying let's put the stars behind the pay wall and
8:08 am
give them more money and try to build them up and keep them here. this is a new strategy in that sense. >> thanks. >> good to be here. brain surgery may only be starting to solve our greatest health challenges. ahead, bryant gumbel in our toyota green room how one big leap could happen on live tv announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by liberty mutual.
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♪ ♪ this is the place for me
8:14 am
farm living is for me land spread out so far and wide ♪ >> that is the theme from "green acres." john and i knew that song. it's about a family leaving new york life for farm life. they did just that. they share their home with four dogs, three pigs, two rabbits and two guinea pigs and, oh, yeah, two fish. if you want proof for their love for animals, tracey stewart is due out with her new book called "do unto aneleimals." we join them on the farm for their first live interview on a strorp y story you will only see on "cbs this morning." you could say jon stewart is in hog heaven but tracey creating an animal sanctuary at their recently bout new jersey farm, 50 miles outside of new york city. were you an animal lover before
8:15 am
you met tracey? >> i was so angry at animals until i met tracey. >> reporter: while jon may joke, tracey's love for animals is serious. i was a little apprehensive when i came here today. tracey, i love a good burger! i love bacon, tracey! >> so many people love burgers! >> reporter: you're judging me. what do you say to people who haven't embraced it, with the enthusiasm that you have? >> i feel so good about eating vegan. for me, it makes me feel really good about myself. now that might not be the case for everyone. >> reporter: tracey's new book is a guide to treating animals with respect with sections like be nice to the bugs and lines like mosquitoes love me, so i love bats. you know she is hard-core. and she also has a thing for pit bulls. meet little dipper. three-legged rescue and one of
8:16 am
two pit bulls among the family's four dogs. do you think pit bulls are misunderstood? >> yes. i would say this. if i had a small child and i was going to go get a dog, i wouldn't get a large muscular dog, but not because i think that a pit bull is inherently dangerous. what shows a dog is going to bite is the history of the dog. >> reporter: the history of the dog, not the breed? >> the dog, not the history. but a lot of dogs are being euthanized because they have a big blocky head but they are the sweetest dogs. >> reporter: good boy. while the book is mostly about loving and caring for animals, it also follows tracey's path to animals. like when nefs a relationship with a hypercritical boyfriend. >> he had gone to an ivy league school, so he loved to correct my grammar. he told me that i had too much space between the bottom of my nose and the top of my lip.
8:17 am
>> reporter: this is where i think we should zoom in. >> i just waxed if you want to zoom in. >> reporter: i went and looked in the mirror after i read that part of book. is mine okay? >> somebody says something so crazy to you! >> reporter: that's a clue! noon none of that was enough for you to say bye-bye until when? >> until i finally adopted buy dog enzo. left the front door open and the dog ran out the in the street. the dog did not get hit but, at that moment, i realized it was time to go. >> reporter: isn't it interesting it took something for him to do something egregious to the dog? >> it's funny. at that time it marks a transition into me and who i was becoming. >> reporter: she credits another boyfriend and future husband for making her love of animals the focus of her life. it also cleared the way for you to really find to do what you
8:18 am
wanted to do too? >> yes. because what he was saying to me is you love animals. you've told me that you dreamed of being a veterinarian when you were young. i still can't figure out why you're not doing that. i finally heard that and went back and i went back to school to become a veterinarian tech nir technician. >> reporter: the second day of your life was not the happiest day of your life but it all has to do with a cow. >> we went upstate and we worked on a farm. when we got there, there was a cow that was downed and she was pregnant, and they couldn't get her up. the farmer said, i know of another farmer who has a trailer and he picked the cow up and put it in a pond and massaged the legs until the blood was circulating again as she stood. >> reporter: you also were involved in massaging too? >> yes, so we did it. i was the first one in. i was in the back.
8:19 am
the cow was like feces flying all over me and i have a big happy smile! so happy! >> feces flying and rubbing the cow. that's when we took a urn tutur. i thought tracey and i have different recognition of happy days because you wrote the feces was flying and i was so happy! >> you'll appreciate the next part, though. >> reporter: yes. >> she did get up and she did give birth to a calf. after she was out, we looked up and all of the cows that had been way out in the pasture had come in and they were all lined up to see the baby. >> reporter: i'm thinking that you were really doing exactly what you want to do at this time in your life? >> i am. i'm 48 and i feel like this last year, i've been happy for a long time. i think when i go out and i lie with the pigs and i think like my hair is a mess and my skin is a mess, and, you know, i'm
8:20 am
packing it on down here, i just feel like i don't care any more. i'm so happy! >> packing it on. she and jon are both very happy. the whole purpose of her book is to educate children in particular and those of us who love animals because she believes every animal h a redeeming quality. >> i love her. sounds like a lot of fun. >> they are both a lot of fun and they were both great together. both very happy. i like that. ahead the homecoming queen who traded her evening gown for shoulder pads and friday night lights. that is next on "cbs this morning." ♪ i'm a believer i couldn't leave her if i tried ♪ announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pats like family, so feed them like family with blue! ♪
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the one most accepted by top doctors and specialists. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. visit us at ♪ he'll never have a son. every dad, i'm sure dreams of having a son so he can play football. now he can say my daughter kicked in the game and we just won. >> that's awesome. jody kicked an extra point at her high school's homecoming game after being named homecoming queen. she wanted to make her dad proud and it happened on his final home game as head coach before retiring! jody plans on playing college softball next year. and it shows the importance of
8:25 am
dad and playing girls sports. >> very
8:26 am
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, we are getting on the bus with football great jerome bettis. the nfl's hall of famer rolls back into motor city with a golden surprise. you'll meet the coach who knew he had given him the chance the moment he saw him. plus, we will take a look at remarkable brain surgery and a patient who will be awake. bryant gumbel is in our toyota green room. he is gearing up to take you inside the operating room on live television. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines. "time" reports on paul ryan
8:31 am
accused of hypocrisy. he said if he was house speaker he would not give up time with his family. in 2009 he voted against family leave to federal workers. the "los angeles times" reports on chris rock's return as host of the next year's oscars. the comedian hosted the telecast once before in 2005. at that time he earned mixed reviews for controversial comments but he delivered big ratings. rock tweet a picture of himself holding one of the iconic statues and he wrote, look who's back. #oscars. >> "usa today" reports on "sesame street" new muppet that has autism. julianna will join the crew in books and new app. part of "sis esame street and autism." amazing if all children and said
8:32 am
to reduce the stigma of autism. social security payments will not increase next year for the first time in four decade. "wall street journal" says some companies are trying to force people to save more. only on "cbs this morning," the world's largest investment firm blackrock is out with a new survey that reveals how average investors are holding too much cash and short changing their future. rob kapito, good morning. >> is that trillion with a "t"? >> it's a big responsibility. >> tell us what you found out about cash. >> well, this is a very interesting survey, because we found that people around the globe, this is 31,000 people around the globe in the survey, are more optimistic about their financial future and they actually know what they need to do, but they are not doing anything about it.
8:33 am
and so we see that because people are sitting more in cash than ever before. and cash is not going to get you where you need to get to in retirement. >> so they are being conservative even thorough optimistic about the future. why? >> well, for different groups. some have gone through the financial crisis and they saw what can happen and some of them saw their homes decline 50%, some saw their assets decline 50%. they remember every single time they lost money. the millennials didn't have a lot of assets and are investing and they are spending most of the time on their computer is about financial advice and financial information. they are actually investing in the future. and a lot of people are also nervous and staying in cash because it's a security blanket. and they are very nervous about a lot of the headlines and they just don't want to be in that position again.
8:34 am
>> well, we know where it is and we know how much we got, that is why there is something very comfort baggage that when you have cash. you're saying not a smart thing to do? >> or we need it right away and we have it. >> go under the mattress and pull it out, rob. >> what did you learn about men and women? >> it's very complicated because people know they are going to live longer. when did living longer become a problem? instead of spending ten years in retirement, you're going to spend 14 to 18 and they haven't saved enough. so what is interesting about savings is there is a difference between men and women. men are actually starting to save. women are not saving as much as men and the reason for that is because they control the household financials. they would rather spend today on their children than put away for their own retirement. >> i wouldn't say -- i honestly wouldn't say it's a choice. i mean, of course, you're going to spend on your children. honestly. it's like am i going to get my kids new shoes and new backpack for school or save money?
8:35 am
i'm going to buy my kid the money because they knee shoes for school. >> but you need to save for retirement because you're living much longer. maybe if you take care of your kids as well they will allow you to move back in with them because you're going to need to move back in with them. >> you sound like my mother. she used to say that all the time! >> the average person claims that they need 45,000 dollars of income for retirement. and if you take their assets today and what it's generating because they have so much in cash, they are only generating 9,000. there is a 36,000 dollar gap and you cannot make up that gap by staying in cash. >> where should we invest? >> without respect to stocks or particular things, give us the rules that you think work in terms of what you do. >> so everyone's risk profile is different. your age is different. but, in general, most people in the early stages of their life should be 65% in equities and
8:36 am
35% in bonds and very little in cash. over your lifetime, that equity percentage declines and the bond percentage increases. today, the average household has 65% to 70% cash. you can't invest for the future in the future and what we are trying to create awareness about, it's not timing the market. it's time in the market. so people need to get invested today, especially the millennials. the millennials are actually doing this. they are spending time. they realize they need to use technology, but they also realize they need advice and they are actually going and getting advice and they are teaching the next generations how to do this. >> rob kapito, always good advice from you. thank you for joining us in the studio. this morning we continue our high school honor roll series celebrating super bowl number 50. retired running back and recent
8:37 am
hall of fame inductee jerome bettis helped the steelers win the super bowl trophy. he came back home to the high school campus where he once stood. james brown, host of "the nfl on today" takes us to treat. >> reporter: detroit. >> reporter: earlier this this year, jerome bettis became a new inductee into the nfl hall of fame. >> i want to take you on a bus ride. >> reporter: that bus ride started at mckenzie high school where bettis made quite an impression. >> i was sitting at my desk and doing some paper work and i heard a knock on the door. coach, my name is jerome bettis and i want to play football for you. i saw this kid that looked like a black superman. my reply to his question was, hell yes, son, you can play for me. >> reporter: by his senior year, bettis was one of the best high school players in the country.
8:38 am
>> 235 pounds, fullback and linebacker runs 4.5, 40. >> i was the number one fullback in the country and i was the number two linebacker. i was a better linebacker than i was a running back. my high school career was, you know, a lot of ups and downs. we had some good players, but we weren't able to ever accomplish the ultimate goal, you know, in terms of winning it all. >> reporter: after 13 seasons in the nfl, bettis' hall of fame football career ended right back where it started. >> three-yard touchdown run by the bus! and it's on to detroit for super bowl xl! >> you're going home! >> reporter: with his hometown of motown watching, bettis finally won that elusive title. >> i played this game to win a championship. i'm a champion. and i think the bus is the last stop is here in detroit. >> reporter: with his golden football in hand, the bus
8:39 am
stopped by his alma mater to inspire the next generation of mckenzie stags. >> i sat in these same seats, just like you. i went to mckenzie. so it's not impossible for you all to dream big. it's not. but you've got to work hard, because that is where the true measure of success will come. >> absolutely. such >> dream big, work hard. good advice in all things really. thank you, j.b. tonight on "thursday night football," the seattle seahawks take on the san francisco 49ers. our coverage begins at 7:30 eastern right here on cbs. good game! bryant gumbel is in studio 57 to show us how an operating room is about to become a television studio. we are going to look at the 3d technology that will help doctors perform brain surgery on live tv. >> turn
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ you guys stay well and healthy and enjoy the journey. >> good luck. >> thank you so much. i appreciate that. i always say this is not a right and it's not really a job. it's more of a privilege and i appreciate that very much. i really do. thank you. >> indeed, it is a privilege.
8:44 am
bryant gumbel on his last day of cbs' "the early show." this morning he is getting ready to host a different kind of live event for the first time on american television. doctors will perform live brain surgery. the patient volunteered after suffering years of tremors. they are related to early onset parkinson's disease. >> putting transit in the brain. pretty scary stuff. walk with a cane. >> bryant will guide viewers through the two-hour surgery on sunday. pleased to have you here. >> nice to see that old video? >> yeah. it looked like i was smuggling nuts in my cheeks! >> a mutual friends of ours who represents him said to me, i'm constantly trying to get bryant to come back to television because everybody wants him to
8:45 am
do one thing or another but this is what he said is he doing. >> charlie scolded me the last time i was on saying you have to do more stuff. this is a live project and live television which i enjoy and gives me and viewers an opportunity to learn. we touting this as not just live brain surgery but also celebration of the brain which remains one of the great mysteries of the universe. >> live surgery brain, is that a good idea? live cameras? i'm a little worried about this. bryant, everybody knows they are on camera. >> right. let me dismiss some of your fears. the surgery has been done on 80,000 people and it's elective surgery. yes, every surgery has if you're thinking we are doing this live because the hook is will the patient live or die, you're going to be sadly disappoint. >> the doctor is not playing one. >> right. we are talking about a surgical team of eight people. two neurosurgeons and another guy who is going to do the mapping. another neurosurgeon will dot mapping so they will be taking
8:46 am
turns. we won't necessarily be speaking with the surgeon who is doing something delicate. we are respecting their views. every time they want us out of the way, we are out of the way. >> the patient will be awake? >> the patient has to be awake. >> to judge whether it's working or not. >> right. they are sinking these elerod e electrodes in. >> deep brain simulation is what we try to do every morning on the show. >> i watch. >> you watch our show? >> i watch your show. >> oh. >> by the way, i had a conversation with matt. >> matt who? >> matt lauer. >> i told matt i would be here this morning. he said, why? i explained. he said, oh, cool. >> did you tell him you're watching our show this morning? >> he knows that. he knows that. >> matt is a very smart guy. >> he is, indeed. >> let me just go back to this estimation too. surgery will last for two hours.
8:47 am
>> the surgery will actually last about six hours. we will have the two hours that we think the viewers will most learn from. >> is this a one. time only event? >> this is a onetime only event. it's going to be broadcast live in the united states. it's going to 117 countries and 45 different languages. so what i think in addition to celebration of the brain we are hoping to demystify the surgery because the surgery has great potential for people who not only sump from parkin son's. if they can figure out which is faulty they have the opportunity to address a lot of problems. >> it's fating. will it be graphic? >> no. >> we won't see blood? >> is there no blood involved. another thing. if you're tuning in for a gore fest, this is not the place for you. >> i want the patient to live. i'm fascinated by this but this is scary.
8:48 am
>> several incisions about the size of a nickel so not talking blood here. the mystery in this is will it work? will we see the tremors disappear? >> what you hope is people understand the possibilities so that there will be much more funding for research and everything else. >> exactly right. in greg grindley's case he was afraid of this surgery. when you think they are fooling with your brain you figure other things i'd rather do but it has the great potential for other people. >> for patients like greg grindley what has been the results? >> hard to tell because the range of people suffer and the extent to which they suffer you can judge it subjectively. it has great success and only government-approved i think since 2002 but it's had great success. >> a what is the most dramatic change you've seen in morning television? i know you have experienced it and watched it. >> charlie, i've told you this. i think every generation that
8:49 am
does morning television thinks theirs is better than the wone that followed an there is truth so that and i take exception of that. i like your slogan. >> do you miss morning tv? >> i'm sorry. what? >> do you miss morning tv for yourself? >> i think rather be like tracey and have fecal matter flowing than do that. >> we are tight on bryant. we have to go. would you like to say happy birthday to chris lake? it's his birthday. i bet he gives us extra time for that! >> here is one for you. i would like to say happy birthday to my ex-intern chris lake. how about that? >> now we know where he learns everything. >> brain surgery live airs sunday on the national geographic channel. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:50 am
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the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving."
8:52 am
the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. live coverage of hillary
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[ applause ] upper 70s today. this weekend will feel more like fall. this morning we have men's fall fashion. stone tower winery and butler's orchard. >> we'll have a butcher in the kitchen but we're prepping for america's fine class show with special designers. it's thursday, october 22. this is "great day washington." good morning. my name is chris leary.
8:59 am
>> i'm markette sheppard. we're your hosts of "great day washington." it's thursday. you know what thursday means around here. >> thursday night football. >> oh, yes, a biggie. we have the seahawks going against the 49ers. is will be a biggie. when you think about football, you think about me. i've been thinking about meats all morning long. >> meat itself like pork -- meats like pork and brisket. >> we have all that going on. we have fashion. >> i'm excited. i don't know if the audience was on my twitter but i'm wearing a rooster tail feathered coat made by one of the designers of the american fine crafts show. i was told no roosters were hurt in the making of this elaborate coat. that's coming up later in the show. i don't want to hurt the roosters but apparently the rooster still has his tail. just the feathers are gone. >> that's fine. it's very cold. actually it's not going to be too cold today. the rooster is in great shape. it's wonderful. >> i'll see if i can put it
9:00 am
back on for the segment. >> speaking of cold, i think we have our meaghan mooney. she will be skating around with disney on ice. what's happening out there? >> that's right. this morning i'm down here at eaglebank arena in fairfax, virginia celebrating 100 years of disney. it's something you all can do, too. tickets are on sale right now from now through the weekend right here in our own backyard. it's such a magical time. when you come into a place like this you hear the music. you see the actors. and you feel like a kid all over again. i took it one step further. i got some skates ocht i got laced up. i'm kind of barely standing at this point. tell us a little bit about your role as the mermaid. >> i really love skating on this show. disney on ice celebrates 100 years of magic presented by stoneyfield yo kids organic yogurt. it's a dream come true. it's so fun to put this on the


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