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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  October 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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nearly shoved this man off the train. >> i said you are a disgrace to the human race and he got in my face and said do you want to take this outside? >> that is the way he is. >> smith's girlfriend says he needs help. the prosecutor had reached a plea deal for probation for contempt of court and simple assault but after the latest attack she asked the judge to use her own discretion and the judge decided on 7 months in jail. now, the judge had released smith back in june even though he had already violated her earlier orders. he was supposed to be on high intensity supervision but apparently he never even checked in with court services. now, he is doing time for the metro assault and looking at this other charge, assault on a police officer. live at dc superior court, bruce la shan, wusa9. i like to find out who
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dropped the ball there bruce's lawyers says he is abusing oxytocin and the judge ordered substance abuse and mental health screenings. late-breaking news out of prince georges county and it concerns a timeline concerning the death of amanda jones. police the upper marlboro woman was killed before an acquaintance call authorities monday night with concerns about her safety. jones was found stabbed to death the next morning. 5 6-year-old mitchell jerome cole is charged with first- degree murder in jones' death. police say the two had been in a previous relationship. right now dc homicide detectives are hoping surveillance video will help them catch a killer. 9-year-old eric jones from clinton maryland was found bleeding inside the layla lounge. last night near galadat university near union market. medics rushed him to the hospital but he couldn't be saved. people near the area said they
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are used to this violence. >> the door is locked and you have to ring the doorbell to get in. >> authorities are decide figure the club should remain open. >> montgomery dealing with several accidents and two deaths. a 14-year-old that survived a hit-and-run is pleading to come forward. we have the emotional message. >> reporter: 14-year-old hernandez is afraid to cross the street alone. >> i don't know if the people will run me over. >> that's what he said happened on tuesday, october 6th at around 7:30 in the morning when he crossed this intersection on his bike. the african-american woman made a left-hand turn on to seneca highway from with us tearya
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wisteria lane. he said the student was trying to hit him. >> i hit the ground. >> fortunately alvarez suffered a sprained ankle. his father says that hernandez was trying to catch the driver. and he pleaded on camera that the woman and any witnesses to come forward. >> we are just lucky that she didn't kill our son. >> fernando alvarez says he won't let his son go to school. >> he doesn't have a conscience. >> this is a what dad thinks of the thrive but police are not saying anything yet. >> maybe a few feet one way or the other we could have a fatality. and if it was out of fear they left i would like them to come and talk to us. so we could just put an end to this. >> in germantown. stephanie rameriz. now the teen's dad is asking for body shop owners for customers that come in with
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suspicious damage to those vehicles. anyone with information should contact montgomery county police. >> an 18-year-old woman killed today in an accident in silver springs. police say michelle hoya was walking across busy route 29 and struck by a car at oar leaf drive. the traffic was tied up for hours. route 29 is back open to traffic tonight. a parade of defense witnesses in the charles severance murder trial and they may have hurt a big part of the prosecution's case. they talked about the target video purporting to show severance following nancy doning an hour after she was murder. peggy fox covering the trial. what did the witnesses say about the video. >> reporter: they say that man in the video is not charles severance. for the first time today, we heard from charles severance's ex-wife. she is not the mother of his child but she is a woman from
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india who he met while they were both of the students at george mason university. they got married in 1991 but she divorced him less than a year later because of his strange bizarre behavior. charles severance waves to his family members that all testified about his erratic argumentative and strange behavior. his younger brother ben accompanied severance to this debate when he ran for mayor in 1996 and had a bizarre platform. >> i would like to see country dancing in public schools. >> and even though brother ben had a falling out with severance in 2001 over him not getting help for his mental illness, ben's sister, sophie and severance's parents testified that man in the black jacket apparently following nancy dunning the morning she was murdered is not charles. they said the man's face, hair and profile and weight and height are all wrong. >> it is not charlie severance. it is not him.
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that man is way more stocky than charles and his facial features are different. >> george mckinley, a friend and lawyer from cumberland agreed with the family and three more of severance's friends from cumberland, maryland where the defendant lived in 2001 and 2002. charlie severance that i knew was really a very kind person and giving person and he opened his house that he called a bed and breakfast, a hostel for free or on a minimum payment for people that wanted to come in. that's not a guy that you know would be trying to hurt somebody. >> another old friend from cumberland, susan cole was asked by the prosecution about severance's anger over losing custody of his child and why she told detectives about his son you could not rule out murder and she said if someone
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thought their life was in danger anyone could be pushed to do anything. >> a psychiatrist is on the stand and diagnosed severance with a personality disorder with skin owe -- schizophrenia. and he said some writings deal with violence and some point to happened in alexandria and one called the parable of the knocker. it reads "knock, talk, kill, exit" but the defense is trying to prove that just because someone writes about violence doesn't make them a killer. peggy fox, usa 9. apparently this trial is on its way to wrapping up, the judge instructed attorneys to be prepared to give closing arguments on wednesday. that means the case could go to the jury next week. d c police investigating the robbery of a bank in northwest for the second time this week. now, just like last monday a robber walked in demanded money
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from the teller at the sun trust bank in the 5000 block of connecticut avenue. police also say that it appears to be the same suspect. authorities are offering a $5000 reward for information lead to go to the suspect. firefighters say they were really hampered because of lack of hydrants in this area where a fire occurred. they are working to determine the cause. hillary clinton made a long awaited appearance before the house committee investigating the fatal benghazi attack. heated arguments between republicans and democrats. barbara johnson has been monitoring the hearing. there were lots of voices raised but clinton not among them. >> a lot of the bickering and conversation on capitol hill. democrats say the hearing is not about finding what went
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wrong that left four americans dead. they say and the chairman of the committee denies it, it is stopping hillary clinton's bid. that's it. the committee hearing erupted into a heated argument between the committee chairman and the representative the ranking democrat. then mr. chairman, you personally attended the deposition and asked about the clinton foundation and you personally directed your staff to ask questions about clinton and the clinton foundation that they did more than 50 times. >> we just heard email after email about libya and benghazi that sidney blumenthal sent to the secretary of state. i don't care if he sent it by morris code, carrier pigeon or the fact he sent it by email is ir relevant but hes with sending it to the secretary of state. >> democrat adam shiv got involved. it was about private emails
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that clinton friend sidney blumenthal had sent to the private email service that clinton used for state department business. the committee chairman described blumenthal as clinton's personal advisor on libya that she denies. clinton said ambassador stevens never had í5her private email address and at no time did stevens asked for increased security and he died of smoke inhalation during the attack. clinton appeared on the defense at one point when questioned about nobody has been fired from mistakes made at benghazi, i will have her response and more coming up at six. today's hearing ended the way it began bickering at the top and bottom with secretary clinton in the middle. her third appearance, are they done with her yet? >> it appears so. not only three times but they interviewed more than 50 witnesses for this. a lot of people think they will
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come out to a final report. three people hurt on the intercounty connector. a fire broke out after a car and truck could collided in the eastbound lane near new hampshire avenue. it blocked traffic for several hours. officials say it is unclear what caused it. >> we are just getting started on wusa9 at five. members of community write letters of support for a convicted child molester. what they are saying about michael gardner. what donald trump is saying about his republican rivals who are at the bottom of the polls. all right. did it get better than yesterday? i think it did. let's talk about tomorrow morning. maybe you have to go to work at this time. look off to the east at 6:30 and i think we would have cleared. venus, jupiter and mars low in the horizon. check it out. quite a site and we will come back and we have tinkered with the week forecast and we will tell you that means you have to change your plans. change your plans. >> and hearing from
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the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vot to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremyik mcp is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, tomorrow morning. >> a montgomery county man is dealing with the death of his 94-year-old mother, he had heard and lost her after she was struck and kill bay driver in bethesda. >> but he is saying we can learn a lot but how she lived. >> we have more from springfield drive and that's where margaret wyrow got hit. >> she was crossing this intersection over here to go to that building. that is where she went bowling every wednesday night. that's when a 30-year-old man driving a bmw driving
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southbound by the orange circles. this was a woman we all could learn from. >> this is her doing the splits. right here. >> bill wants you to remember his mom for how active she was every day and not the way she died. >> her windshield was broken and i am confident that she never knew what hit her and probably died instantly. >> the retired gym teacher was known as grand marge. she is here beaming at her grandchildren. >> she was in three different bridge clubs and two different bowling leagues. >> on her way to one of the bowling leagues at 7:00 across busy river road when a driver hit her. police are looking at the speed, lighting and they have a lot of investigation still to do. >> it is a terrible situation. >> grand marge lived in this house yards from where it
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happened. bill came by often. >> i go to the car and this is the last thing i see everything i see is her standing and smiling and waving at the door. and that's the image that stays with me the most. because i am driving off and she is driving and smiling and waving. and bill says that while he is awaiting the results of that police investigation to find out if the driver, 30-year-old ken crabman of northwest d. c. was at fault, he says he feels for him and, of course, no one wants to go through this. >> some witnesses say that lighting was an issue. that area not lit well enough when this accident happened. it could be weeks before the accident is wrapped up. the local newspaper is puishing letters of support for convicted child seconds
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offender mike garner. the letters from prominent residents ask the judge for leniency during sentencing. written back in 2012 filing gardner's first convict. it was overturned and he pleaded guilty to the charges recently. one later from brian o'conner saying good reason to temper sentencing with compassion mindful that lengthy prison sentence will serve little prison. >> i believe in mike and i believe in him. >> another, my hope this is a mike will receive a sentence that is as short as possible so he has an opportunity to return to his community. you can read more from the letters by heading over wusa9 news app. >> to campaign 2016 now and donald trump one-on-one. the gop front-runner sat down with bureaual chief and capital download host susan page and asked if trump not getting three percent in the polls
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should hang it up. >> i think it is an embarrassment when bobby gindal gets up on stage and patowky has less than 0 and you look at them and lindsey graham, it is sad. he is a sitting senator but at zero and you have a number of 0s and i would think they would get on with their life and go back home. >> you can see more from susan's interview sunday morning on wusa9. always watching. always tracking. wusa9 first alert weather. dc's most accurate. driving around and kind of worried about the three degree guarantee. i was reading high numbers on my thermometer. we went 76 for the high. how did we do. we will let you know at 11. live look outside. it is gorgeous. a few more clouds than yesterday but 74, that's a good sign and dew points in the low
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50s and humidity comfortable. 4 six percent and winds out of the south at 7. picking out of the northwest and become northwest and a cold front going through. the warm evening for a mild night and bus stop temperatures 48 to 56. a great but cooler finish to the week. perfect for high school football. and clouds return on saturday. there is the change for the forecast. it stays dry. mom and dad you will be going to the soccer game and primarily morning showers. 10:00 a few clouds. a couple sprinkles west of town. temperatures in the 60s. 54 downtown and 52 in buoy. still pretty mild. 9 a.m. in the 50s. most of the clouds along the i- 81 corridor. notice you don't see any green blocks and then by 12:00, 1:00, pretty nice.
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low 60s to mid 60s and 61 in gaithersburg and pretty warm in cumberland. 63 and 63 in romney and oakland 62 at 1:00. and 64 in la plata. and the winds will subside tomorrow in the immediate metro area. there is a small craft advisory for the potomac and wind will calm down from 10 to 15 occasionally. by 6:00 p.m. upper 50s in gaithersburg and mosque else doing low 60s. 63 in hagerstown and by 9 p.m., generally around 50. a couple of 40s. maybe 46 in frederick and maybe 47 in fredericksburg. for tonight, we'll say an isolated shower possible west of town along i-81 and clearing late and breezy and mild. 48 to 56. that's actually pretty mild. by morning, gorgeous and 48 to 62 and temperatures will not go up as fast. mostly sunny and cooler and
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highs of 65 to 69. which is average for this time of year which is still a nice day and a nice finish to the week. winds northeast at ten. even oakland will be warm. 65 in cumberland and 69, maybe even 70 in colpepper. on the day planner, 50s to start and temperatures won't go far, 60s at 11:00 and only 64 at one p.m. clouds coming in and it stays dry and low 60s mainly showers in the morning on sunday. 66. and nice on monday and tuesday. showers and maybe how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control.
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so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control.
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a deadly school attack today in sweden. a man wearing what looked like a star wars mask used a sword to kill a student and a teaching assistant and two others wounded. police shot and killed the attacker at the school. investigators have not identified the man or provided a reason why he went on that attack. in tonight's consumer alert, the shift away from core bow nated drinks to more
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helpful choices. coca-cola reported that 70% of the proceeds came from other drinks. a new youtube subscription video will allow you to watch videos commercial free and way to access to unlimited streaming music with google play music and the top video creators will share in the proceeds. youtube will launch that ad free service next week. volkswagen confirms that it has opened its own probe to find out whether the older models had the software issues. it will look into vehicles equipped with an ea288. the automaker maintains that current models equipped with that do comply with emission standards. investigators are demanding answers after a one-year-old baby was left in a daycare after closing time. >> you wonder how this could happen.
5:26 pm
cornelius jones was upset when he went to the daycare and found it locked up and called 911 and the fire department showed up and forced the doors open and when asked what happen, the mother of the baby, journey says she got a strange explanation. >> she said that they thought journey was a doll, and she is not that little to be a doll. >> if anything, it should be shut down. i mean, nobody leaves kids behind. >> no. the child and family service officials have launched an investigation. services say that daycare has been cited before but for minor issues. you would think if they have a list they would check and see that she was still there. >> it is almost like a real life hansal and gretta. a woman threatens to eat children in the neighborhood. >> a car's man broke down at the side of a highway.
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sentencing day for a d. c. cop
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a former tv police officer and pastor is heading to prison. >> daryl betz pled guilty to sexual assault to teenagers. we have the details on this. gary, good evening. >> reporter: betz pled a few
5:30 pm
minutes ago. the former pastor cried as he he pled guilty to three separate offenses with three young girls of his children. they greed to an 18 year sentence for the former npd sergeant. it involves horrendous breaches of trust for the girls. they were members of betz store front church and in both of the cases and each instance, betz assaulted girls wearing his hpd police uniform. betz fiance found incriminating photos on his phone and passed them along to a father and the entire situation unraveled and his 18 year sentence does not finalize it. the judge will review the sentence and make a formal decision in january. reporting live in u.s. district court. wusa9. garrett, thank you. police in maryland on the hundred for a man accused of
5:31 pm
sexually assaulting two young girls. we can show you a picture. 5 6-year-old daniel raczarra. assaulted a 12-year-old girl and 10-year-old girl between august and november. it happened in annapolis. investigators say they have surveillance video to prove it. he is a native an el salvador. police believe he may have traveled to virginia. if you information call metro crimestoppers at 18667 lockup. you could be eligible for a 2000-dollar reward. supporters fighting to keep laural regional hospital open. they released a new public service announcement hoping to gain support. >> and using reports from the company's president to do it. >> something i didn't appreciate when i started was how deeply this commune loves the hospital. >> many are against plans to transform laural regional from a full service to an am ba
5:32 pm
latory center. community activists filed a lawsuit to keep that from happening. they argue that one hospital that owns it cannot decide on its own to eliminate services at the hospital. when wusa9 called for action heat up, d. c. police want you to be a the alert when you shot online. scammers are would be gone online sellers and potential buyers and post merchandise for sale on the internet of their money and goods. npd says to protect yourself seal the deal during the daylight hours and in a public place, not in your home. also avoid carrying a lot of the cash or wearing expensive jewelry. and check out the wusa9 mobile app for more online selling safety tips. parents of a young man shot and killed by a police officer are demanding to know why their son was killed. >> we learned that although investigators in palm beach florida found a gun at the scene the victim, cory jones,
5:33 pm
never fired it. it happened early sunday morning. police say the plainclothes officer found what he believed was an abandoned vehicle and shot an armed jones after a confrontation. the officer fired six times. and that's not all. the attorneys for jones' family are questioning. when a person, a plain clothes police officer with no badge and who shoots someone draws many questions and we now know that he never had a badge before he shot cory jones that night. now the officer, new man ranka on paid administrative leave. jones was a drummer that played a lot of late night gig and licensed to carry a weapon. his car broke down and he called a band mate for help. >> police made an arrest in relation to a young girl in new mexico. tony torrez is charged with murder 4-year-old lilly garcia that was shot in the head while riding in her father's car
5:34 pm
tuesday. allen garcia and torres exchanged words after an altercation on a highway and anonymous tip lead authorities to torres and he has confessed to the shooting. hasn't been charged with a crime but a 19-year-old is raising eyebrows what he did minute after a deadly accidents. there was a tweet of i just killed a man after he hit a 16- year-old crossing a street in jacksonville and the tweet include a picture of the teen lying on the ground in a pool of blood. he tweeted worse night of my life. and we know he is not being charged with a crime but the tweets could be used against him in court. talk about a beezar story. a minnesota woman could be charged after she allegedly and we are not making this up here, threatened to eat some of the neighborhood children. police say that 38-year-old carrie canewla admitted to mailing letters to a neighborhood family saying the children look delicious, may
5:35 pm
have i have a taste and the family began to receive magazine subscriptions. >> instead of the name on the address level it would say tasty children and things along those lines and angry because children were leaving things in their yard and maybe being noisy how kids are. >> so far the woman is not charged and prosecutors are reviewing her case and perhaps even her head. >> the people next door are reviewing whether they are going to move. >> what a cop did for a struggling father that has a lot of people talking. >> a group of gender rights activists saying forcing women to cover up in public is sexist. and we will take you to a police where visitors can live out the zombie hunting fantasies. that looks cool. a few clouds rolling in and the cold front drops through. 56 downtown and 49 in
5:36 pm
gaithersburg and maybe 48 in buoy and 58 in leesburg. we will tell you what the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding v to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jerecpmy m is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, changes. fantastic thursday night football action on wusa9. the seahawks are ready to take on 49ers. kickoff at 8:25. coverage starts at 7:30 after the nice with bruce johnson and
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jan. taking a look at today's trending stories. women in fort collins, colorado will need to keep their tops on. >> a group of women have been rallying for the freedom to expose their breasts. calling the band sexist but others believe that topless women walking around the tops and other areas would damage fort collins' reputation. the city council decided that women may be topless for breast- feeding and medical emergencies and locker rooms. the country's fascination with zombies, continues as we get close to the halloween holiday. how is this? a pumpkin patch in new jersey that transforms to a zoombie hunter's paradise. people dress as ghoulish features and there is especially designed hay equipment and mounted pain ball guns and glow in the dark paint
5:40 pm
balls. >> when you see the zombie pull the trigger. >> it is like getting a needle. >> it is that hard? >> yes. >> the zombies are gluttons for punishment and they have fun and the customers do as well. sign up for that. get shot by paint guns all day. >> and you know they are getting nailed. a man doing his best to provide for his family is thanking a couple of police officers. you got to listen. the cedar point texas police officer noticed the little girls in the back did not have car seats. listen to what happened next? >> i remember hearing the story about he is saving money and living in a car and trying to get his family more. >> the officer called a colleague that talk to the driver a few weeks ago and instead of slapping the dad
5:41 pm
with tickets, he drove him to walmart and bought three seats and helped him install the seats and that is paying it forward. those kids are safe. >> yes. >> and a rough fall for the maryland football program and another for the terp teams. more on a maryland milestone. that is on its way in sports. >> why
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distracting driving. a mother of four living in filth. raw sewerage coming through her bathroom and it seeps throughout her entire apartment. no effort made to clean up the mess until our cameras showed up. the story coming up. many cars made today have hand free technology that is designed to keep your attention on the road. but a new study from triple a shows hands free can be more dangerous and distracting than we thought. >> the college graduation went from a perfect day to a nightmare in seconds thanks to a distracted driver on a hand
5:45 pm
free device. >> he turned left through the red light and when he did that. the 18-wheeler swerved to try to miss him and clipped the front of his car and slammed full force into our family's car. >> the parents were killed instantly and she was given a 10% chance for survival. she beat those odds but suffered a brain lasting injury and she advocates against distracted driver that killed 3100 people in 2005. >> who would you like to call. >> a new study says that hand free systems with voice commands leave drivers with a technology hackover. >> you get into a distracted zone to an alert driver but it takes time 27 seconds. >> one man evaluated 250 adults in ten vehicles. >> i guess that is a stop signs. >> lingering distraction was found across the board. >> if you are talking on the
5:46 pm
phone, you are now focusing on one task to the exclusion of attending to the driving environment. >> bottom line researchers say because the technology is in your car to say voice to tweet, doesn't mean you should do it when you are driving. chris van cleve, cbs news washington. uber begins service in d. c today. like the window says sharing rides with other could cost you 25 percent less but there is a minimum charge of five dollars. >> the faithful are making respect to the catholic church youngest display. in illinois. she was stabbed to death by a farm hand in 1902. a church deacon explains how that lead to her saint hood at 11 years old.
5:47 pm
>> and the attacker had a dream, had a dream and she appeared to him in a vision and she handed him 14 lillies, one for each time that she was stabbed. and so there is the great miracle that she forgave him and he had a conversion of heart and he changed his life. the sacred remains of the saint will be on display at the church until 10:00. a gun show in upper marlboro. several restrictions. live ammo is banned and no dry firing of the weapons and all of the firearms will have trigger locks. the owner of the arena. the national park and planning commission agrees to host the show when its attorneys concluded that they have no choice. always watching, always tracking. wusa9 first alert weather.
5:48 pm
dc's most accurate. if we could choose a day this week it would be today in terms of temperatures. >> although yesterday was more picturesque but today was pretty nice. some parts of the day went in the 80s. it is still very mild. 74, very comfortable and humidity 46% and that's pretty good. your hair is in good shape. winds out of the south and the winds will turn and become northwesterly when the front goes through. so this warm evening leads to a mild night. it won't be that cold. bus stop temperatures, 48 to 56 and if you are standing around for any length of time. the temperatures in the upper 40s. a cooler finish to the week. pure sunshine tomorrow. now we change the weekend a little bit. clouds on saturday. but dry. morning showers and morning showers on sunday. some could be in the afternoon and some could affect the game
5:49 pm
at fedex. not anything crazy though. 10:00 tonight, 62 in gaithersburg and 69 downtown. by morning, looking at generally clear skies and certainly north of i-66 and north of 50 you are in pretty good shape. a couple of 40s and maybe 49 in frederick and maybe 50 in albany and maybe 51 in buoy and by 9:00, everybody is back in the 50s and temperatures won't shoot up like they did today and yesterday. by one p.m. 64 and 69 downtown in ma nausea's and pure sunshine and a nice day and by 6:00 p.m. temperatures low 60s and 58 in gaithersburg and 61 in romney. a cold front but nothing crazy cold like last weekend. 60 at 6:00 in la plata and probably 61 in buoy. by 9:30, temperatures low 40s and upper 40s and maybe 47 in
5:50 pm
gaithersburg and 46 in frederick. a little bit colder but nothing crazy cold. tonight we will keep an isolated shower and sprinkle west of town and clearing late, breezy and mild. 48 to 56 and by friday morning. great. mostly 48 and cooler. by afternoon, gorgeous, mostly sunny and cooler. losing 10 degrees bru a good day. 65 to 69 and that's average. sometimes it is good to be average. 58 at 5:00 tomorrow and we are 60 by 11 and 64 by one p.m. so saturday, clouds coming in and it stays dry and you will take the kids to the soccer game. 62 and morning showers on sunday. primarily morning showers. can't guarantee they will end before the game at fedex, temperatures a bit milder, 66. next seven days. nice on monday and sunshine.
5:51 pm
and low 60s on tuesday and showers and maybe even a thunderstorm on wednesday, a little warmer on 70 and leftover showers and turning cooler next thursday. now, wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. today we are profiling a sport that we don't usually talk a lot about and a special coach. maryland field hockey coach missy mahar doing what three other division one coaches have done. diane roberts profiling the top terrapin. >> reporter: sunday october 4th for missy. >> i saw all of the videos. >> the field hockey coach won
5:52 pm
her 500th game that sunday with maryland over a 28-year career. >> it is interesting, you look and i realize that there is not one thing i would want differently. >> mahar has declined offers to coach elsewhere. she is coach of the year in unprecedented 9 times and won 7 national championships and 20 conference titles and coached numerous players to become olympians. the momentums of them are all over the office, reminders of the goals each and every year. >> if there is one team that went to national championship every year, there is a lot of people to lose and to give it not so much attention can put you in a position to win more. >> maneuver and get that ball. >> one of her former players tina rizzo coaches with mahar and has the unique perspective of understanding what makes her tick. >> she is just so inspirational. high energy and fun and she
5:53 pm
loves everybody. >> you would be hard pressed to find a player that doesn't love her back. >> i think she is the coach that she is because she is the person that she is. she makes an effort to understand each and every one of her players. >> that's it, guys. >> diane roberts wusa9 sports. boy, talk about that. 28 years and she loves it in college park. >> congratulations to her. >> and many more to come. a great coach with a great program. coming up ahead at six. bruce johnson and jan jeffco. tempers flair with former secretary of state hillary clinton is grilled by the republican led committee investigating the benghazi attack. all of the republican cards falling in place for
5:54 pm
as the season shifts,
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the driver of an 18-wheeler is safe. look at this, in his rig stuck in high waters. it happened in texas. it took rescue crews more than an hour to get that driver to safety. when john stewart fans learned his life after the daily show would take him to a farm, they might have thought it was a joke. >> more than two months after stewart stepped away from his news desk he and his wife tracy welcomed gail king to their
5:57 pm
farm in north carolina. >> do you miss it the way people miss you? do you miss it. >> i miss the people that i work with because you know we e- mail. >> i would think you would sit there and watch and say i wish i was on. >> you don't miss it at all? >> no. >> where is honey? i look outside and he is in the backyard like this. sitting there. >> the joy is in creating it. and growing it and involving it and maintaining it is the part that it becomes redundant. and then you feel like i'm not adding a lot of value to this. am i. >> are you taking the kids to school or are you just hanging out reading a good book?
5:58 pm
>> no. i hadn't been able to do that. i take them to school and i pick them up and go to the car wash and get smoothies and i will go i'm eating a slice in the car. >> and that's # happiness for you. i'm the mayor at the smoothie store. >> i'm the mayor of the smoothie store, we talk about mango infusion, it is awesome. and, of course, i still work. i get to write and it's the flexibility of schedule. i don't feel creative. i feel my life is not only painting with three colors i get the whole thing. >> pretty good. >> has me hungry for a smoothie. >> they have created an animal sanctuary, 50 miles out of new york. >> tracy is is a vegan. a guide to understanding animals and treating them with
5:59 pm
respect. political fireworks on capitol hill. hillary clinton is grilled over her handling of the deadly attack. >> and all but officials. republicans ready to elect paul ryan as the new speaker. >> and wusa9 comes to the aid of a washington family after raw sewerage comes bubbling up into their bathroom. thanks r jan jeffco. >> and i'm bruce johnson. >> hillary clinton went before a committee investigating benghazi and some say it is politically motivated and others say it is about four lives being lost. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton arrived on capitol hill prepared to testify before a select committee looking into the 2012 deaths of four americans at a u.s. compound in benghazi. >> i thought more of what happened than all of you put together. i have lost more sleep than all
6:00 pm
of you put together. i have been racking my brain about what more could have been done. >> republicans say one thing she could have done is respond to the many requests for more security in libya from ambassador chris stevens. >> he asked numerous times for cra po protection. did he have your personal email. >> he took those to the security professionals. >> i think the core theory is this. that you deliberately interfered with security in benghazi and that resulted in people dying. i think this is a the case they want to make. >> democrats say the entire purpose of this investigation is to go after hillary clinton and take down a presidential bid. it is something that the committee chairman says that is not true. >> i understand there are people frankly in both of the parties that have suggested that this investigation is about you. let me assure you it is not. >> and a new survey shows you 54% of cote


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