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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  October 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: while yesterday's incident was certainly scary, some say it is not totally surprising. >> you just can't trust anybody. you could never be too careful. >> reporter: now the officer involved we're told has been with the department for seven years. he's a part of the auto theft team. reporting live for wusa9. >> thank you. police tell us this year alone 102 officers across the country have died in the line of duty. also our prince george's county vigil to honor and mourn a mother killed inside her home. 56-year-old amanda jones stabbed monday night in upper marlboro as she talked on the phone. investigators say her former boyfriend mitchell cole broke in and waited for her to return home and then attacked. police just released a phone call placed by jones' friends who called for concerns for her -- with concerns for her
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safety. >> sounds like she is fighting for somebody that they must have been in the house when she got in there. >> reporter: cole is now charged with first-degree murder. her address 911 indian goose way in upper marlboro. right now an unidentified man is fighting for his life after getting shot near nationals park this morning. the scene around 1:00 on first street southwest with the armed suspect where he shot that man. medics rushed the victim to the hospital in critical condition as investigators were canvassing the neighborhood, hoping to get a better description of the gunman who is still at large. united airlines is apologizing tonight to the disabled man from dc who had to crawl off the plane to get to his wheelchair. >> they say that he waited for nearly an hour after the plane landed for someone to help and then simply could not wait anymore as he went hand over foot up the aisle. bruce leshan has been talking to neil joining us live from reagan national airport with a story that is getting some huge
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buzz on the web, bruce. >> reporter: yes, what is particularly shocking here is how often that this seems to happen. the national disability rights network says that they have 27,000, more than 27,000 complaints, like this from last year alone. >> it is very frustrating and humiliating as we had to see it. >> reporter: darcy neil had been holding it for the whole side from san francisco as it is nearly impossible for him to use the restroom on the plane. >> try to take the backseat when you need to use the bathroom. >> reporter: when they landed at reagan national, no one from united was there to help them. an employee is suppose to use that special narrow wheelchair like this one. to get him off the plane and in to his own wheelchair on the jet way. but nearly an hour after landing, about half an hour after all the other passengers
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had disembarked, he was still waiting. >> i lifted up the armrest and i got out of my chair. and got down on my hands and knees and stard crawling up the aisle way. >> reporter: literally crawling. >> reporter: literally. >> reporter: they say that there is an aisle chair when he landed, but sent elsewhere. by the time that they realized the mistake and brought it back, it was too late. >> and instead of gawking, how about you insist? >> reporter: that the flight attendants were sympathetic, but not very helpful. although that one of them later complained to the airline. >> reporter: the flight attendant was so upset by the entire incident that they would tell united. >> reporter: and now he says that there are at least three of those special aisle wheelchairs here at reagan national. and he says that the supervisor here has been suspended for failing to get one of those special wheelchairs to him, but we have been unable so far to confirm that. we are live at reagan national
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bruce leshan wusa9. >> bruce, let's hope that it means that it will not happen to someone else. and neil says that someone from united did apologize personally to him to give him a $300 voucher for another flight, but says he'll be talking to the media because this kind of thing just has to stop happening. the mexican resorts are bracing for hurricane patricia. it is the strongest hurricane ever recorded. this monster storm is packing sustained winds of 200 miles an hour, expected to make landfall later tonight. police, they issued the evacuation orders, businesses along the southwestern mexican coast boarding up the guests, being relocated to shelters and all flights from the u.s. to puerta vallarta have been canceled. let's talk to howard bernstein who is talking to patricia in the weather center and she is a dozie. >> winds gusting up to 245. think about a real big ef4, ef5
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tornado, which is what's coming ashore. anything good about it? hurricane forced winds only stem 25 miles from the center. a real compact storm on the satellite. the eye was down to five miles in diameter, even getting smaller than that. you may not see another storm like this and we hope that you won't. this is one of the strongeststorms on the planet that we have ever recorded. a few storms stronger like typhoon tiff, but this is a monster. at 5:00 it has weakened just a little bit. similar to what camille did to the mississippi coast back in the 60s here. it's going to come on shore maybe just west oma -- of manzanio. and then this will dissipate as it moves in to northern mexico here in the next couple of days as it weakens overland. but patricia is one of the strongest hurricanes we have ever seen. yesterday was a category one,
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intensifying so quickly within 24 hours. as far as the meteorologist, trying to learn why it did and what it said. i'll come back in a few minutes with your weekend forecast. if you want to follow more on patricia, check out the section that we have on our downloadable app. back to you. >> thanks, howard. one day after being grilled for 11 hours about benghazi, hillary clinton returned to the campaign trail. this afternoon she really lid supporters in old town alexandria -- she rallied supporters in old town alexandria. >> i'm filled with excitement and optimism. and i'm not running for president obama's third term, i'm not running for bill clinton's third term, i'm running for my first term. >> our andrea mccarren was there as she is back here with us now with some reaction. andrea? >> reporter: lesli, they may have thought yesterday's marathon hearings would tarnish hillary clinton or her
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presidential campaign. but it appears to have galvanized her supporters. here is a sample of what they heard this afternoon. >> reporter: if they want to rev up their clinton base, this kind of thing is what they would have to do that this is not my heart around my neck, but on my sleeves for today. >> i thought that she was like sugar ray leonard. she was under, she was being in that corner and they were swinging at her and she could not land a punch. >> what moved me the most is how she handled her with dignity -- herself with dignity and grace showing her presidential potential. >> after the outrageous hostility with the republicans yesterday during the benghazi hearing that she came here, so strong, and so focused. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, we'll hear what some republicans are saying about hillary clinton. we'll bring you more reaction to her comments at today's rally, lesli? >> all right, andrea, thank you. hillary clinton's chief rival senator bernie sanders will hold a town hall meeting
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at george mason university next wednesday. meanwhile clinton has one less opponent for the democratic presidential nomination. former rhode island governor lincoln chai chaff fee dropped out. after repairs caused delays on one of three lines this morning. to and from virginia, they had to be rerouted on the yellow line. those repairs are done and the trains are running without any problems. a crash nearly sent a truck creaming off the edge and in to the water below. two trucks somehow collided on the bridge this morning, leaving one of the areas leading over the guardrail. all the lanes are back open now and none of them appear to be
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serious. a horrifying bus crash in france has left 43 people dead. many of the victims, the senior citizens on the trip and the wine country. >> reporter: they say that the bus slammed in to the timber truck that lost control on their windy road. both vehicles trapped the passengers, but the truck driver and the 3-year-old boy, they were believed to be their son killed instantly. the bus driver was able to escape through their door along with several passengers. and this is the deadliest road accident in france in 30 years. the american soldier killed to free hostages in iraq has been identified. they were deployed to iraq and afghanistan 11 times. and the first to die and combat in iraq since 2011, dying during their raid in which the u.s. specials operations troop and the iraqi forces freed 70 iraqi prisoners from captivity. it is a sad update to a
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story that we first brought you back during their government shutdown. the 8-year-old has died following her battle with lymphoblastic leukemia. at that time, of course, nih and most of the government was shut down, but the family hopes that the clinical trials she participated in will help children in the future. at the center of the political controversy over the processing of applications for the tax exempt status, announcing their decision not to prosecute. in a letter today, the letters of congress. they found them improperly singling out the tea party. for the tax exempt status from the 2010 and 2012 elections. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00.
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coming up, the broken water main turns the street in to a raging river. the inspiration story of the woman who is running in this weekend's marine core marathon, why this race is likely to vo: does hal parrish share our values? as mayor, parrish cut school funding nearly three million dollars. reading and science scores fell. parrish said no to opening new women's health clinics, denying access to cancer screenings and breast exams.
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so instead of dealing with the economy and jobs, parrish will join with the richmond extremists to slash education and threaten women's health care. hal parrish -- too extreme for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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if you happen to see that on the road this morning, no, you were not dreaming. they help get them ready for when we do have the weather. the employees watched cameras in real time.
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>> i'll be the the only one, you know, that came in this morning. the only one saying good morning to everyone. yeah, right. >> by the way, she was the first snowplow driver in prin george's county. dc also had their dry run this morning. a construction worker in queens, new york has serious explaning to do. gusted five hours before stopping the flow. the city officials hope to have that main repaired and the service restored tonight. millions of people, they would face the threat of more severe weather tonight. moving across the western part of the state. >> they're in effect for much
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of texas. dallas is bracing for up to seven inches of rain. >> reporter: overnight pounding rain from central and western texas. the torrential downpour dumping four inches in four parts of the state. the dangerous slow moving storm system flooding streets, leaving them stranded. >> pretty much i was driving and i got stuck. they don't know that it will be water logged in those areas. >> that is another one, it is gone. >> the floodwaters were strong enough to wash away this mobile home as no one was hurt. the drivers, they would have their hands full where the other three inches of rain fell. causing multiple accidents as the violent storm would knock out power to more than 2,000 people swallowing up the ambulance.
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prompting around 30 rescues. >> it is only beginning here as they could see as much as a foot of rain in the next few days. the additional moisture from hurricane patricia near mexico is fueling this dangerous storm. cbs news, dallas. >> they dried it out in the summertime. >> no. you're right the next few hours, that maybe the big strip of it will be hammered. but anybody there, they are really out of the guns, the mud slides accompanying this storm. it is down a clout l bit with winds at that advisory where it
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is weakening. that it might be a little generous. it could have happened, but the strongest storm since the 970s. that it is not a hurricane, but their typhoon, which is a big storm system, coming on to the west here. and that under their depression as they would head towards mexico to show you their flooding there. meanwhile a beautiful day here, the colors starting to peak. you don't have a lot of time here. 68 currently as we were at least 70 this afternoon.
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look at how dry it is. the water temperatures there. that it will be a nice one. coming up at six, the game time temperatures in the 60s. and the other cool thing this evening, that it will be getting up to 52 degrees. a good chance to see that tonight. a shower threat for saturday night in to sunday morning where most of the weekend is dry, but if you are in that marathon on sunday morning, you might be running in to a few
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drops there. that's the big picture on the satellite and radar, thanks to the high pressure with some of this moisture moving our way as we would head in to saturday night. for tonight a quiet one, a chilly one, light to northeasterly winds with the sunshine early, the 40s and the 50s. in the afternoon a few more clouds, dry, low to mid-60s with those showers saturday night in to early sunday morning. three-day forecast. mainly am showers as i have not gone with the yellow weather alert day. monday looks good at 62. so does tuesday with the highs in the lower 50s. and a cool finish. back to you. >> thank you. build-a-bear recalled thousands of furry friends. best buy fires the first shot
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at your shopping dollars. in the most embarrassing way. the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate.
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applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding v to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jerecpmy m is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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the congressman settled a bet today. listen to this. and greet the mets. guaranteed to have the time of your life. >> crucial things happening today going on further. he is still singing, the fight song. yeah, he is wearing that tie. ending by saying he is happy that it is the mets, not the yankees. in tonight's consumer alerts.
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the toys could open and they could joke on that. if you have that dragon, return it to build-a-bear and return it for another animal. normally you need to spend that much to qualify for shipping. starting through january second, make the move. and from $13, well, he's not so happy now. that they say that they will
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sell the doses of the drugs. if they say that you could save nearly $300 a year when you bundle your car. roughly $200 a year. coming up, we'll have the story for a very special runner. but up next, one of michael gardner's victim reacts to the letters written by his be
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outrage at the church. michael gardner. >> reporter: peg, with an selection in two weeks, had this become an issue? >> yes, it had. since he pleaded guilty last month. but some of those people are up for re-election as they say they hope that they are ousted.
5:29 pm
>> it was scary, painful. >> reporter: chris rice's daughter is one of four girls arrested by michael gardner. >> and there was no conversation. >> reporter: she is speaking out as they wrote letters for support after his first conviction. >> some people are calling for your resignation. >> this is just my office. i'm not going to conduct that interview here. >> it was a long time ago. >> i would not condone that. >> you received an apology? >> no.
5:30 pm
>> that he is the council member. >> afterall you supported the convicted child molester. specifically to that question. somebody that they could reintroduce? >> yes, at that time. >> not anymore? >> no. his niece came forward with similar allegations. during last month's trial, he suddenly pleaded guilty to all charges. his plea came right before the prosecution was about to play the secretly recorded phone call between gardner's wife robin gardner the former mayor and her brother. in it, she acknowledges the abuse of her niece. we will play a part of that phone call coming up at 6:15.
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reporting live peggy fox, wusa9. they have all appeared to the school system when the support was substitute teaching in their child's classroom. the game turned deadly on the campus of the university, looking for the gunman that shot and killed the teenager. three teenagers were hurt when shots wrapping out. >> the teacher and student were stabbed to death. and they survived. all to honor those victims.
5:32 pm
>> after the government announced their plans. this is one of the biggest student movements since they rejected the rule. and many of the country's pourest college students won't be able to finish it because of their proposed increase. the marine corps marathon is this sunday, if you're running, good for you. >> which wares to avote without being delayed. it will be closed in both jury excuseds. we told you them all, we'd be telling you stories. here is just one person's story. >> it means the world to me.
5:33 pm
in short, kim isn't suppose to be here. the marine wife and the mom and the former teacher was diagnosed with bone cancer, lupus, and a degenerative disease five years ago. still she runs. >> for everyone that thinks that they can't. that they think that it is the end. and think that their life is over. >> giving her the lift of a light. >> i said if you like this one, i have a whole box of them at home. sharing the light with those in their darkest hour. and a spelling bee medal. >> she may sound preppy, but make no mistake that she has
5:34 pm
surgery scheduled still. collecting medals for so many. >> and we wish you a lot of luck. there will be a lot of metro changes as well. that you may just want to go there as they will be crowded with a lot more on our apps. we are live in georgetown wusa9. 22.6 miles to go, what's a few more to start the race? deborah, thank you. we've got all the road closure and information at metro changes, check that out. make a difference day was born 23 years ago from an idea
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in the u.s.a. weekend magazine. today they feature millions of us, working to make our communities better across the nation. the ceo of our parent company tegna talked about why it is so important for our company. >> that there is such a great sense of mission. and the fact that no matter whether you are young or old or no matter where the project is big or small, you're making a difference by doing this. if you would like to find a project near you, go to click on make a difference day, many here, including me will be working at malcolm x elementary school in southeast washington this weekend. trending now, adel releases her first single from the much- anticipated grammy-award winning album. a texas man finds a family that he lost in his dreams.
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hallly? it is a beautiful evening underway across the metro. nice out here. look at the shot on the michael and son weather camera on the washington monument bay, blue skies, nice sunshine a. nice evening as temperatures fall through the 50s. the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate.
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applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vot to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremyik mcp is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. to be fearless... mcpike, is not a gift.or state senate,
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it is not a given. fearless is a choice. one that's yours to make. will you be bold? will you be brave? you can. because you have the power of a card... that opens doors in all fifty states. the one most accepted by top doctors and specialists. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. visit us at
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trending now, the touching story on the man that lost everything. >> by everything, we mean everything. it's been months. jonathan macomb lost his wife, two children, several close friends when their house was swept away by their floodwaters. he told us that he recently had a first dream about his family since losing him as his daughter ran right up to them. >> we didn't make it, daddy, you did. but we got picked up. my goodness, we're in heaven. i praise to have that dream every night. before guy to bed. >> macomb says that he has been overwhelmed by letters of support from people he's never met and the messages still being left on his wife's facebook page. also trending a baltimore
5:40 pm
mother who gave birth to rare identical triplets. delivering three boys earlier this month at greater baltimore medical center. thomas iii, finnegan, and oliver born after 33.5 weeks in the womb. the doctors say that it is three decades at the hospital, never witnessed the identical triplets. only 23% are identical. >> they'll do something great. >> like hide from mom and dad. >> totally outnumbered at this point. adel is debuting her first single in three years. hello, how are you. to talk about myself i'm sorry. >> and today the british top diva dropped her new song. the new release from "25." with 11 tracks released on
5:41 pm
november 20. they have one kind of special vow. >> sounds great. >> yeah. >> and a college humor website has just released a spoof of espn's 30 for 30 series. a mockumentary telling about the angels from the 1990s disney movie "angels in the outfield." it's an online video featuring real and fictional espn analysts. also references to other fictional baseball players like rick wild thing von from major league and henry rowengardner from "rookie of the year." >> he read that impactfully, really feeling it. coming up the nationwide effort to crack down on criminals that are known as porch pirates. but up next the teenager is alive thanks to the quick action of his teachers and their life-saving efforts
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the middle school student would save the life of the student in that frightening moment captured on their surveillance camera, which happened last wednesday as they would collapse. they sprung in to action, they
5:45 pm
started cpr, but he had just been through that training a few days earlier. >> it's the time that it would kick in and that you need to do what you were trained to do. >> that is not going to be the 2nd and 10. and that i would like to thank all the people supporting my for this. >> turns out that they were born with the genetic heart defect as his heart just stopped. at last check set to undergo surgery to put that defibrillator in to his chest. trying to catch criminals known as porch pirates. >> the people that sneak on and they steal that package off your doorstep. as they report, it is a part of their national crime wave that could get even worse during their holidays. >> rick was expecting ups to leave two packages on his porch. but instead that they would capture that unexpected visitor pulling up in the u-haul
5:46 pm
stealing their stuff in seconds. >> i couldn't believe that this was actually happening that he was in such a hurry to go and get that box, get out of here and follow their ups truck to the other location. police raid the thieves apartments, using their license plate captured by the surveillance video. and inside they found hundreds of packages that police would believe were stolen and that they would have been resold. >> they were doing this for a very long time then? >> correct. just piles of stuff there. >> reporter: law enforcement says that the problem is growing at the alarming rate as shopping habits are changing. and according to the national retail federation, that the consumers say almost half of their shopping will be online this holiday season, with free shipping and shipping promotion in that major selling point. the developers in san francisco say that they would have a solution. a new app called doorman that will hold your packages in the warehouse. and then they would deliver them to your home.
5:47 pm
with your home. >> the whole idea of the company is, you know, to be able to schedule their packages. >> as for rick, he still has their packages. but from the police. all right, they have layered security protocols and that customers could request the drop-off locations. there is a push with a new memorial in the atlanta area. john lewis is calling for the bell tower to be built as invoked by their i have a dream speech. but the freedom proposal is not without their controversy. the veterans and the others say that they are classified as the memorial. the man set that maryland record by catching the 17-pound
5:48 pm
northern snake head fish. he caught that monster fish with the bow and arrow. and that will be a week ago from today as they first waited on the scale in their bathroom. i have never seen anyone take that there. they could now confirm the 17.5- pound catch as it is a new state sports fish record. who knew. so the unusual chase overnight. look at that. yes, it is a miniature horse. that video is not sped up ever, but he's on out of here just running in that downtown area, avoiding to be hit by any car. that they needed some help though from that local cowboy to capture that horse. everyone has that cowboy on speed dial, right? and still no word on where that animal came from. >> yeah, you know, like you would go to your phone and look it up. >> yeah, i'm sure. >> it is like freedom, i'm on out of here.
5:49 pm
>> obviously that they would have the music in my head. >> are you sure that it was not that quick? >> no, of course not. just a beautiful evening underway. really spectacular there now. we'll talk about that in a moment and start off with hurricane patricia, just the category one hurricane that they were not thinking too much about it. then boom, it exploded, incredibly one of the strongest quicknesses, developing thestorms on record, earlier with their winds. the strongest recorded hurricane on their record in their western hurricane. there it is. just about to make their landfall. boy, they are being hammered at that moment on the 5:00 hour, going from 200. maybe more like 185. but it will be the compact storm. only going out 35 miles an hour from that center and it is moving off the northeast at 13 miles an hour. they will put it up worth that ef4 level. so this is just one heck of a
5:50 pm
storm that will be battling the mexico coast right now. it will weaken over the mountains, but the moisture is headed towards texas where they are dealing with heavier rains already and the next few days, they could see anywhere from 10 to 15 inches of rain. around here a beautiful evening. the temperatures dropping in to the 50s for the game this evening. not too much either, but the sweatshirt and that throw in the bleachers, a fun night out there for everybody. 68 in town with the lower 60s on the bay. cambridge 62. even out to the west the low to mid-60s in the valleys with the 50s out west. doesn't get much better than this at this time of the year with sunshine. 68 degrees after the high of 70 this afternoon.
5:51 pm
pretty good viewing, a little more than half way for the horizon. the high pressure now, see them there? they will be coming through saturday night and early sunday morning the primary threat for rain showers. by saturday morning under clear to partly cloudy skies. tomorrow morning the 40s and the 50s on the cool side. in the afternoon a few more clouds. we will get in to the low to mid-50s tomorrow night and sunday morning and that could interfere -- interfere mid-60s. monday cool and dry. they could make it kind of wet around here. >> all right, thank you. some breaking news right now with a school bus accident to tell you about as we'll take you to maryland, the bus. this is in prince george's county, involving the school bus. yes, live over the scene
5:52 pm
right now. what we don't know is if there were kids on board, nigiris as a result of this accident. again, this bus is colliding with the tractor trailer just waiting to hear their reports from the authorities there on the scene in maryland and to see if the kids were on the bus or anyone there as soon as we get more details. we will share those with you. but first, time to turn to dave owens. yeah, tomorrow, debuting their football coach as they would take on penn state. tonight we turn back their clock though to their high school days. you see, he's a dc guy and always said that home is where the heart is. well, they will head towards eight to find out just how true that is. now directing the show at their head coach. the leader who first found his dried right there on the road, forgetting what that means. >> when you make it out of that
5:53 pm
place, you've got a guy that is resilient. i've been able to use all their experiences, being a night and going up there to help me as i move forward. >> before the coach, there is mike loxley the student here at the high school that the teenage defensive back first began firing teammates who would ultimately turn in to coachingpeers. >> pretty much everyone looks up to mike in reference to getting positive. >> and jason was a young player when i was a senior there. i have recruited those schools for years, doing a great job as a high school coach. >> he's been a guy that has been embedded in the city with a great relationship. so it could be a great upswing for us. >> reporter: it's unknown how long his reign at the helm will last. but you could be sure that their offensive coordinator will have their faithful and their fellow knights. those that he has inspired along the way, cheering him on. >> i know that it means a lot
5:54 pm
to coach to come home to be able to coach at the university of maryland. it's a dream job. so you know, we're going to support them. >> it is always a great night. >> reporter: at the high school, wusa9 sports. >> yeah. big bad belou. a dc guy and great recruiter. >> all right, thanks. coming up at 6:00, wusa9 gets results following our report. on species in an apartment. we'll tell you more about that just ahead. and together again hillary clinton reunited with the long- time supporter during the campaign rally in virginia. plus, some hair-raising news. we'll tell you about encouraging new findings
5:55 pm
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for millions of americans, air loss is just something they live with. now a new study is offering hope of the possible cure for baldness one day. the i searchers -- the researchers were able to rapidly regrow hair and mice, using human hair follicles and a class of drugs as inhibitors.
5:58 pm
>> they could induce their hair growth very soon after the applications. >> reporter: it's normally used to treat their blood diseases and rheumatoid arthritis. researchers discovered the dramatic results when they applied that form directly to the skin rather than orally. the findings are encouraging to be estimated 50% of men over 50 who have some form of hair loss. >> it sounds pretty cool that i would be willing to try some to grow back hair that will be pretty nice. >> is it safe to say that i will go for it. yes, yes. >> reporter: but researchers caution that it is just the first step and a lot more work needs to be done to see if it works and if it is safe on people. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. five days for those jack inhibitors, sprouted hair within ten days. right now at 6:00, hillary clinton joins long-time supporter and friend terry
5:59 pm
mcclla for the grass -- mcculla for the grass roots effort. getting help for the single mother and child living in the department. >> plus, historic hurricanes as they will be fleaing mexico. one of the strongest storms on records approaches landfall. >> thanks for joining us i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm adam longo. >> the event coming just one day after enduring 11 hours of intense questioning about benghazi by the congressional hearing. andrea mccarren was at that rally joining us live to tell us all about it. >> reporter: hillary clinton came out swinging, taking barbs at the republicans, ensuring up her support among democrats. >> i won't quit until all americans have a chance to get ahead and stay ahead now. >> reporter: hillary clinton's speech was punctuated by tough talk, making it clear that this
6:00 pm
race is hers alone. >> i'm not running for president obama's third time or for bill clinton's third term, but for my first term. among them equal pay. >> i wouldn't have understood it until i had one, but that it is not okay. >> it was nasty and disgusting. >> reporter: many came to the rally to show their support after the benghazi hearing. >> what moved me the most is how they handle themselves. that she really showed her presidential potential. >> i thought she was like sugar ray lennon. that she was being in that corner and they were swinging at her. they could not land that punch. >> we were so impressed that there is only one word to describe that as she was presidential. >> reporter: the small number t


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