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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  October 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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talk, making it clear that this race is hers alone. >> i'm not running for president obama's third time or for bill clinton's third term, but for my first term. among them equal pay. >> i wouldn't have understood it until i had one, but that it is not okay. >> it was nasty and disgusting. >> reporter: many came to the rally to show their support after the benghazi hearing. >> what moved me the most is how they handle themselves. that she really showed her presidential potential. >> i thought she was like sugar ray lennon. that she was being in that corner and they were swinging at her. they could not land that punch. >> we were so impressed that there is only one word to describe that as she was presidential. >> reporter: the small number of the republicans in
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attendance disagree. >> if you think that you will coast through their candidates that we've got, then they are miscalculating as we've got some of the greatest running for their nomination that we've had had probably ever. >> reporter: and the chair of the republican party in virginia, they also said that the democrats did them a big favor when vice president joe biden decided that he would not run for their presidency. he called him the most permittable candidate. and said that his decision would make it much easier for the republican candidate to win next november. adam? >> we will see, thank you. she spoke of her first granddaughter and said that she and her husband want to do everything that they can to grow up to become anything that she wants. >> hillary clinton has one less democratic challenger. calling it quits, withdrewing from the race today. after raising just $40,000 from outside sources, that they stopped short of endorsing anyone in the race. >> i'm just going to be another voter that will wish anyone
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well and be rooting for the democrats. >> senator bernie sanders and martin o'malley are their only remaining democratic challengers. a sign of things that aren't going so well for a candidate on the republican side of the race. jeb bush is ordering across-the- board pay cuts for his campaign staff. the presidential hopeful is also slashing spending on travel and other campaign costs. the bush campaign officials were told that payroll was being reduced by 40%. staff will be shifted to help bush in iowa, new hampshire, and the other early voting states. a super tax supporting donald trump is shutting down. the leader of the make america great again pact says they will be stopping fundraising activity. the trump campaign says it was one of nine unauthorized pacts claiming to support the republican presidential front runner. it is demanding the return of all funds that were raised. we have an update on the school bus crash in brandy
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wine. prince george's county schools, telling wusa9 that there were 17 students on board at the time of the crash. the county fire department says that one child on board, they did go to the hospital with parents as they give you a live look at their scene right now. the bus driver and the aide also went to the hospital. now, two adults involved are at the hospitals, while the other children were picked up by their parents as we do not know what lead to this crash as you can see that the emergency personnel, they are still there and traffic is moving very slowly as well. in some other news that we're following for you tonight, looking for the gunman. police say that the man was critically wounded this morning in the 1400 block housing complex just a block away from the first district police station and the offices of the homicide unit. >> what we plan to do is to get out for as long as it will take, doing the canvass. and we will follow our leads. >> reporter: police have very
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little to go on and they would only say that the victim was the mayor. a disabled man who had to crawl off the plane at reagan national airport is going to the media in hopes of ending what is a shockingly common problem. darcy neil waited nearly an hour after landing on the flight from san francisco this week for a special wheelchair designed to help him get out of the plane. he finally gave up and crawled up the aisle way to get to his wheelchair waiting on the ramp. >> they all just sat there interfering as we don't have time for this and crawling all over them as they were trying to tell me about the plane. united has apologized to neil, giving him avoucher for $300 off the next flight. that crawling was frustrating and humiliating, unable to go to the bathroom. the whole flight they couldn't wait anymore. the story that you saw only on 9 that would get results.
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the single mother of four with the raw sewage leaking in to her apartment building as they would have new information from their apartment in southeast. spending the night at the hotel in the prois this of moving to the second floor of her building. no longer living in silt. saying that they had reached out to wusa9. >> i thank you all. i definitely thank you for coming out. >> reporter: the cleaning crew pulled out the carpet to break out more yesterday. this is her bathtub several days ago, still deplorable yesterday and today it is clean. >> the inspector came back and resolved that issue. >> reporter: harper contacted us about their property management not responding to the fecal matter seeping through the hallway and in her children's bedrooms. they didn't respond for three days until we showed up yesterday. >> are you going to help this woman out?
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>> i have no promise, ma'am. >> reporter: they would list their apartments as one of 12 properties that they would own and operate in dc and on their website at pride themselves for providing safe and affordable housing in the district. but that they did not want to answer their questions. >> it is just a quick question about how. >> reporter: harper's apartment, they are still uninhabitable as they were ages 2-12, moving up to the second floor. the property management, they also cleaned up the matter in several other apartments. >> i'm grateful that i don't need to see that anymore. >> four years you've been living with us, this problem of the leaking sewage in your bathroom? >> yes. >> and my neighbors and myself that they were able to see. okay that, there is an issue. even though that i'm used to doing it if there is an issue, just say something. >> reporter: the consumer and regulatory affairs had to step in twice to tell the manager to fix the problem. that they also want to tell the
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others that they could call them if they encounter a similar issue with the unresponsive management team. in southeast surae chinn wusa9. if you have a problem that you need help with, let us know about it. just send us an e-mail to newstip on the way at 6:00, bringing up the baby with an update on the national zoo's prize panda cub. all right, now, a beautiful evening underway with a great thing and a high of 70 in town. high school football night, a lot of contests going on. weather will be almost perfect for that. take a look at the weather graphic system as you can see we are talking about the temperatures this evening. the temperatures are falling in to the 50s. i'll be back in a few moments to talk about the weekend and a shower threat headed this way. plus a close call for a prince george's county police officer after the suspect pulled a gun
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vo: does hal parrish share our values? as mayor, parrish cut school funding nearly three million dollars. reading and science scores fell. parrish said no to opening new women's health clinics, denying access to cancer screenings and breast exams.
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so instead of dealing with the economy and jobs, parrish will join with the richmond extremists to slash education and threaten women's health care. hal parrish -- too extreme for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad. jo seph was the passenger in
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the car flipping david hall who stayed in the car as the officer chased clay. >> he bailed out of the vehicle, producing the handgun and put it underneath their arm there. what they are calling user error. charged with attempted murder and has a warrant from august. time now for the update on their newest star. just tweeting out the new photo look at him. that he put on the full pound between monday and thursday and that they say that the cub is working hard. they are not cooperating right now, scooting around in circles, which you know is pretty normal for the cub that age. >> a lot of scooting around all over the place.
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the inspirational story and the marine core marathon, that is still ahead. plus, one for the ages, peop the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vot
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to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremyik mcp is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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only on 9 tonight, a secretly recorded call was played for the jury. northern virginia bureau chief tells us what he did not want anyone to hear. >> reporter: the phone call not only has michael gardner's wife acknowledging some of the abuse, but suggesting to their brother that they do something else. >> reporter: his niece came forward, pleading guilty to all charges. it came right before the prosecution was about to play the secretly recorded phone call between his wife, robin gardner and the former mayor of falls church and the brother.
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>> he touched her genitals. >> and then acknowledges the abuse of the niece. >> and that they suggested that the niece not press charges. >> you know, that does not have to involve the prosecution by the law enforcement and the police department. >> reporter: he was granted immunity and michael gardner pleaded guilty to molesting all four girls. he was convicted and sentenced to 20 years behind embarrass. in falls church peggy fox wusa9. sources tell peggy that gardner is trying to get his wife on their commission to look at bringing back the parole in the state. the victim's families wanted it so they would never be granted parole. donald trump says he would be a good commander in chief because he's a great leader. trump says that our military needs help.
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>> we are in a sad shape, that they would get up, the worse condition that we have been in many years and our military as we need the strong military in deep trouble as they would hate us. >> reporter: you can watch the rest of the interview on sunday at 8:30 right here on wusa9. and the marine corps marathon is this sunday. many of the 30,000 runners, stories, or the inspirational stories. and that they really stand out. the marine wife, mom, and the former special ed teacher was diagnosed with lupus and the disease five years ago. despite all those odds, they will hit the streets with the fellow marathon runner this weekend.
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includinhow metro is showing up just a little bit all on the wusa9 app. before they check the hurricane, expecting to cause their widespread damage in mexico. the astronaut scott kelly shared an image of the massive storm that will be packing 200 miles per hour winds, making hurricane patricia the strong nest their recorded western hemisphere history. with the gusts still over 200 miles an hour that it has
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weakened a little bit from that record setting 200 miles an hour speed down to 910. you can certainly see on the satellite precipitation. i know what's going on. but over there themselves. and the dangerous storm with the winds at 5:00 and 190. and 190 in the ef4 category. it will be coming on shore to last for several hours before they would go inland that weekend. really they are coming on shore as they would stay. there will be some flooding. that they already have all sorts of problems with the rain. as we would get in towards sunday. there are parts of the
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southeast coast of texas 10:00 to 15 inches of rain over this coming weekend. still 70 in harrissonburg. saturday looks okay, 55 right now. and the winds are out of the north at that moment. one of the reasons that it felt so good, 37%. the michael and son weather camera, it should be a good night for the station. it'll happen within the hour from 6:54 to 7:00. it'll get up to 52 degrees, a pretty bright path that you'll be able to see six minutes starting at 6:54. but what we're dealing with is the high pressure nearby with some clouds and rain and west of chicago and their rain moving towards memphis. no problems tonight, just chilly. 38 to 46 by saturday morning. clear to partly cloudy.
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tomorrow morning some sunshine, 40s and 50s in the afternoon. clouds increase. low to mid-60s, but that is right where we should be for this time of the year. your three-day forecast after 64 tomorrow. mainly morning showers for you folks in the marine corpses math. yeah a few showers early, but you'll be okay. monday, we're looking at temps in the low 60s along with tuesday and rain potentially from patricia here on wednesday as we finish out the week on a cool note. back to you. >> thank you so much. all right, some news on and off the field. >> yeah, unfortunately guys and ladies, either one is good that it is not good. >> not yet. [ laughter ] >> it is still okay for tonight that ain't good. the fastest player can't get on the field when you run up 4-2 that you'll need your wheels. and desean jackson's wheels, they are not cooperating. the latest on him on and off the field.
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for the girl scout meeting. okay. for the soccer team. for the girl scout meeting. how many meetings are you having? giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens. brought to you by xfinity. >> let's start with football news. but off the field, desean jackson's california residence was the scene of the home invasion on wednesday, confirming that today. he's in ashburn practicing, but according to their reports, six people were inside when they were invaded by their armed intruders. all right, now, jackson, they are, "letting law enforcement there take care of it."
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that's out in california, of course. meanwhile they will not play, still not 100%. they keep using words like he's close, getting there, but i'll tell you what the team wants to be very careful. so they will wait through the bye week. when maryland joined the big ten, the national rival became penn state, meaning it's a recruiting grudge match as well. intense, yeah. but remember last year's stare down and no handshake at the opening coin toss? do you remember that? this will be the debut who is taking over for the fired team, of course. they mentioned the tension at the beginning of the game. winning 20-19. now the head coaches, penn state james franklin, they briefly hecoacd together. do you remember that? a lot of layers to this one. >> i know our fans enjoy it.
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to see the rivalry, it's close with a lot of success against our players, excited up in baltimore to compete against a good team. >> all right, that will be a good game. i said it last night, i'll say it again, the best chance to win the championship is? the capitals. center good read there, yes. football could sometimes drown out everything. have you noticed that they will be hot? right. back to last night as you might have missed this coming up late. but boy every time they don't oversleep, they just win, right? five games, five goals, scoring the game winner for the first time since february of 2001, going all the way back 15 to 16 years. but again, undefeated when they
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don't oversleep with the alarm clock, they go in. >> yeah, the whole team son fire. >> yeah. >> it is not just over there, all springing their game. >> yes, absolutely. >> i was going to say that there are not too many left right now that it was not too hard to get, right? >> you can lead too. >> they are doing really good. >> we've got a nice night. whatever you mention that they will be making landfall, go back to camille in that coast for us, looking great. the 50s for their high school football. tomorrow in the 60s, the shower or two in to sunday morning. >> all right, that is wusa9 news at 6:00. cbs evening news with scott kelly is next.
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>> pelley: there it is, the strongest hurricane this hemisphere has ever seen, and a popular resort is in its crosshairs. also tonight, hillary clinton hit the trail after a marathon on the hill. in the land of the alligator, it's about to be open season on bears. and steve hartman with the little one-horse power engine that could. >> he's super soft tail. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: news is breaking tonight south of the border be hurricane patrish arb the songest ever recorded in the southern hemisphere is taking aim at mexico. 13 million people are in its path. this is what it look likes from


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