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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  October 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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it's been shaken rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn. right now at 11:00, the strongest hurricane to hit the western hemisphere is making land falls. hotels are shelter, airports are closed, residents and tourists alike are preparing for the worst. >> there are reports of flooding and land slides after the monster storm came ashore
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in mexico, but it made land fall in a relatively unpopulated area. the storm came ashore near puerto vallarta, but coming ashore as a category 5 hurricane she packed wind of 165 miles per hour, and it's not over yet. >> hurricane patricia roared ashore 6:15 local time as a rare and dangerous category 5 storm, packing 165- mile an hour winds as it made land fall. >> reporter: mexican officials are calling it a perfect storm. forecasters expect 15-inches of rain in the next hour, and waves powering up to 30 feet. >> reporter: forecasters say the heavy winds and rains are expected to trigger flash flood, and mud slides before the storm dissipated over the mountains. earlier police warned people to find shelter while they still
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had time. tourists evacuated resort hotels and scrambled to escape her path. >> they said if it's not a safe place go to the technical center. >> reporter: locals hunkered down add red cross shelters. >> so the leftover circulation will track into south texas. >> reporter: some parts of texas expect up to a foot of rain. >> the state department is closely monitoring the storm and potential impact on us citizens in its path. tens of thousands of americans are believed to be living or vacations in the part of mexico slammed. no reports of fatalities or major damage so far. >> we want to give a sense of how strong the winds of the hurricane are. take a look at how they compare to three other storms packing 200-mile an hour sustained
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wind, so the gusts are higher than that. hurricane wilma in 2005, wind speeds up to 185 miles an hour, hurricane katrina had winds up to 175 as did andrew back in 1992 when it hit south florida. so how much worse can it get? howard bernstein has a look ahead at the overnight hours as the storm moves over land fall, and makes its way toward texas. >> yeah, the flooding problem the texas will be big. 10 or 15 inches of rain. the worst of the storm peaked at 200 sustained, gusting to 245, equivalent to an ef5 tornado, but the hurricane force winds only extended 35 miles from the center, so tight and exact storm. it's now east southeast, this thing deep and incredible fast overnight and early this
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morning, and now it's over land it's going to weaken quickly as well gusts to 160 tracking the pressure from 879 millibars, but it's weakening quickly. not just the winds right now, close to the center of the storm, but the massive flooding and land slides that can happen, and we have a shower chance coming for us over the weekend. tell you about that with my forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. watch wusa news in the morning for the damage from the hurricane, and its impact expected to impact our weather in the days ahead, and for updates 24/7 download the wusa 9 app, get breaking news, live comp, and important update -- coverage, and port updates. and scary moment for a 28- year-old woman who was updated
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and nearly raped in the laundry room of an apartment complex. >> but the maizing part is how she was -- amazing part is how she was able to fight off the attacker that's still on the loose. >> reporter: it was here at these apartments where the accident happened. the woman is said to be okay, but the suspect is still on the loose. crime happens at all hours, alexadria police say a woman was walking through the underground laundry room between two apartment buildings when a man grabbed her from behind, wrestled her down, and tried to take her pants off. she wrestled back, and hit him in the face before he pulled out a night and ordered her to be still before he took off. >> it's really unsafe because there's so many corners where anybody can jump out. it's very dangerous. i think we should either have cameras down there or another
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way of security. >> reporter: this woman that didn't want tuberculosis identified says you -- to be identified says you need a key to get into the rooms, but admits there's other ways to get in. there are at least some minimal security, and some surveillance, enough that residents feel safe, or at least they did. >> our complex is a good complex, quiet and nice. kids always out playing, but now that i heard something like this i won't let the kids go down by themselves to take the trash out. they have to have each other or me with them. >> reporter: the suspect is still on the loose. a black male in early 30, six feet tall, , braided hair, tattoos on his arms and hair on his chin, and remember he has a cut from the incident that happened here at the apartments. mola lenghi. >> and anyone with information about this incident or the
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suspect is asked to call the police department. new tonight, police released video they hope will lead to arrests in a stabbing death in a dc night club. take a look at the four men you'll see here in a second. they are persons of interest in a homicide at leila's lounge about 1:00 a.m. thursday. a 19-year-old eric jones is the victim. if you can identify any of the men in the video don't continue front -- confront them yourself, but call the police. there's a 25,000-dollar reward offered. five people including a student were taken to the hospital after this crash involved a school bus. it happened near the intersection of dyson road, and there was a bus driver an aid, and two other adults hurt with the bus collided with a pickup
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truck hauling a car trailer. that trailer was carrying a race car and hazmat workers were called to the scene because of a small leak inside the car. we're still waiting to hear about the cause of the crash. and a vigil for amanda jones, killed inside her home monday night while she talked on the phone with a friend. police say the spent mitchell cole waited inside the home for an hour before ambushing her. he was the victim's ex- boyfriend. to campaign 2016 coverage. donald trump may have lost his grip on iowa. the second poll in two days shows him trailing ben carson in the state, showing carson with 28 percent of likely parts pants in the -- participants in the caucuses, and trump at 19
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percent. support from evangelicals seems to get carson a big boost, and jeb bush cuts back, and hillary clinton wraps up a week of wins. >> reporter: gop candidate jeb bush is hoping to rejuvenate his run for the white house. >> the circumstances when we started the election were different. i have not met a person who thought donald trump who would be the front running candidate. >> reporter: he's hoping to save a million dollars a month by reducing staff, slashing salary, and cutting back on travel costs. >> every dollar we can save in overhead is a dollar that goes on television, radio, media, and voter outreach. >> reporter: he's currently sixth in iowa behind ben carson and donald trump. hillary clinton weather advisorying no time -- wasting no time getting back on the campaign trail of 11 hours of testimony on capitol hill.
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>> this is why she needs to be our commander in chief. >> i'm not running for president obama's third term, i'm not running for bill clinton's third term. i'm running for my first term. >> reporter: she'll head to iowa for the jefferson jackson dinner saturday night, a key dinner in democratic politics. sanders will be there too, and the most recent democratic poll shows 60 percent of voters are less likely to support sanders because of his previous stance against gun safety law. and former rhode island governor lincoln chafee dropped out of the race friday morning. >> and sanders will be back in our area next week holding a town hall meeting with students at george mason university, over issues with young people like affording college. new details on the battle with isis in iraq.
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the defense secretary called keeler a hero -- wheeler a hero. he was killed yesterday rescuing # 0 hostages -- 70 hostages from an islamic state prison, the first time a member of us military was killed in combat in iraq since president obama pulled all us troops in 2011. carter sayings the plan was for the curds to do the fighting on their own. >> however when a fire fight ensued, this american did what i'm very proud that americans do in that situation, he ran to the sound of the gun, and stood up, and all the indications are it was his actions and that of one of his teammates that protected those who were involved in breeching the -- breaching the compound, and made the mission a success. >> it freed some 70 iraq prisoners from captivity.
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they ordered grave after they saw graves being dug. isis fighters told them they'd be executed after morning prayers. members of the military and civilians alike are gearing up for the marine core marathon. >> the arlington event the fourth largest marathon in the united states, about 30,000 runners. they'll run to fight lupus and bone cancer and degenerative diseases. >> i was supposed to not do anymore marathons. i run for everyone that thinks that they can't. that thinks that a diagnosis is an end. that thinks their life is over. >> the race is known as the people's marathon because of its friendly vibe, a tribute to the military, and it's the largest marathon that doesn't offer any prize money. countless people are in
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mourning here in charles county after a 10-year-old losing her battle with cancer. that story in a moment. >> and we're learning more about the man accused of shooting this little girl over a traffic dispute. once you see his criminal history you'll see why the community outrage is growing. >> and a check on the triple threat now facing texas, plus a look at wha
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vo: does hal parrish share our values? as mayor, parrish cut school funding nearly three million dollars. reading and science scores fell. parrish said no to opening new women's health clinics denying access to cancer screenings and breast exams. so instead of dealing with the economy and jobs parrish will join with the richmond extremists to slash education and threaten women's health care. hal parrish -- too extreme for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad. >. retailers already nervous ability a holiday shopping season. tomorrow morning we'll show you how to save big. more news more often, from the news team you trust. wusa9. right now a charms county community is longing a little
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girl that lost a seven-year battle with leukemia. >> those that loved her making sure her amazing life won't be forgotten. ellison barber has more on the special tribute, and they called her the warrior princess. >> reporter: they did, she was just three years old when she was diagnosed with cancer, and fought it for years, but when she passed away tuesday it wasn't expected and happened very fast. this boat is named after maddie major. >> people everywhere have heard of her or know her or her family. >> reporter: they say that's not a surprise. everyone wanted to know her 10- year-old. >> she was always happy.
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>> reporter: that was the maddie we met two years ago. >> it's amazing how she's touched so many people. >> reporter: and drive around charles county and you can see it. every seems to nomad did i. everyone -- know maddie. everyone cared about her. >> she was an inspiration, and just fought so hard. i don't think i could have done anything like that. >> sing it, baby. >> reporter: this is the last video of maddie posted on her facebook page, a moment of happiness in a life that was far from easy. >> no matter how painful or how she struggled, he never took it out on anybody else. >> reporter: that's the maddie people we spoke to hold so close, and they say their warrior princess can rest easy because she showed an entire community the best way to live. >> love. i only answer to love. >> reporter: the boat that
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hangs in this restaurant will be raffled off november 15th, and the money raised from it will go to her family, and the people we spoke to in this restaurant says her family would never ask for it, but know the medical expenses had to be huge, and they want to help them out. ellison barber. >> that smile, and a lot of happy memories left behind. she tried a number of treatment, but her family says it just kept returning. this was the seventh time it had come back. community outrage is growing over the case of a four- year-old girl shot and killed in a road rage incident, and it turns out the suspect has quite the criminal history. today 32-year-old tony torres faced a judge, and in the last ten years he's been charged with drug possession, assault, child abuse, kidnapping and
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receiving stolen property. he was accused of sticking a gun in his girlfriend's mouth in front of their six-year-old son in 2011, and in all of the cases the charges were dismissed or dropped, something police call a failure of the court system. meantime the family of little lily is struggling with her loss. >> she touched so many heart, and she will continue touching so many hearts, and she was just taken from us way too soon. >> way too soon. the hashtag justice for lily has connected supporters around the world. the family's go fund me page has collected tens of thousands of dollars. always watching, always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, dc's most accurate. a lot to talk about weather- wise, just none of it happening here. >> which is great. >> we talked about patricia at the top of the broadcast, made
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land fall several hours ago, and certain places got hit very hard. we'll see the rain moving toward texas, and you're right, it's been a great stretch of weather, but over the weekend a shower threat. want to start up a three-day guarantee, and 67 forecasted, but we hit 70, so we made it, and we have made a lot of them. 40 of 41. that's pretty decent in anybody's book. tomorrow morning if you're up early, if you get up around 6:00 o'clock or so, look at the eastern sky. i think we'll be able to see this nice conjunction of planet, venus and jupiter, we have those close together with mars. it's going to be a little dim off the bottom left of that, but it will be out there around 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. temperatures are running in the 40s and 350s right now -- 50s right now with a couple of 30s
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look at that in frederick, it's a cool night, and comfortable night. light northeast winds, dewpoint at 40, so in the 40, and only a few spots in the 30, but frederick raced to it this evening. cool weekend ahead, talking agent temperatures inth 40, with a shower -- in the 60, with a shower threat early sunday morning. not a yellow weather alert day, but we'll watch it carefully. could make a difference. the penn state game should be fine, but the marathon should be impacted, and the skins game should be fine. all in all, decent weekend. 46, partly cloudy, light northeast winds. looking toward tomorrow morning starting with sun, 40s and 50s, but more clouds in the afternoon. low to mid-60, so you'll need a jacket most of the day.
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dot to love that -- got love that. our game of the week takes us to the common wealth, and i want to thank howard bernstein, dj howard dialing upper -- up perfect weather. mr. scoreboard operator getting busy. let's get right to it. here we go. boy, you could not find a seat in burke tonight. west springfield, if you're a quarterback and your name is musket, that's a good combination. blast off the musket.
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to robertson, braddock with the lead. and their quarterback was bad, 35 yards for the touchdown. spartans back with musket. 28-21. in the fourth quarter, first and goal, atkins goes in, braddock wins 56-21. >> reporter: three touchdowns for you, and on homecoming? >> yeah, it's a great feeling. the line was block great, the holes wide open, just went through. >> we're happy to win, we'll celebrate a little tonight, then back to the work room tomorrow. >> they're looking at me like
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i'm crazy. all right, mt. vernon, looking good, but then he coughs it up, and richardson picks it up and scoots back the other way. the cavaliers shutting out, 49- 0. all right, crossing the border into maryland, the 4a division dominated by orchard, but the other teams battling, and playoff spots still up for grabs. bethesda. we are vikings yes we are. boom, that's not a good combination there. few players later, mor- tan in for the -- morton in for the score. whitman wins. and maryland's top recruit haskins. look at this gun.
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this is my rifle and this is my gun. to stevens to make it 35-12. and neil with the pick, and not just the pick, but the pick six. 50-12 the final there, so great scores. >> you were firing an all cylind we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at
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for the girl scout meeting. okay. for the soccer team. for the girl scout meeting. how many meetings are you having? giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant. the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate.
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applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate and i sponsored this ad.
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