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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  October 26, 2015 3:05am-4:01am EDT

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(sighs) (henry chuckles) can you guys manage to get any work done around here? quite a bit. it's an honor to meet you, commissioner. it's been quite a few years since i've been the commissioner. well, you helped turn this city around. people haven't forgotten. has rick here filled you in on what we do? some. enough to reel him in from brooklyn. r train. no problem. he rode it every day when he was p.c. boots on the ground-- there's no substitute. rick tells me you might be open to a consulting position. consulting with whom about what? we have commercial clients we provide security services for. uh, employee vetting, anti-shrinkage, corporate counterespionage. we're training police forces in three caribbean countries and eastern europe.
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and, uh, with the recession here at home, there are opportunities to help local departments with some of their... nonessential functions. i'm not sure there are any nonessential functions-- 21st century policing, henry. well, maybe you haven't noticed, but i'm kind of a 20th century guy. with four decades' experience and a wealth of connections. we know all about you. if there's anything else you want to know about us... just ask. i do not see what the problem is here. running a decoy's our best option. not using you as the bait, jackie. look, look at those girls, look at me-- he has a type. i'm his type. i'm a serial killer's type. we're not talking about a dating site, jackie. we're talking about a guy who's killed three women! lighten up, reagan; i was kidding. all right, listen, she has worked vice, reagan. come on, sarge. look, with all due respect, busting creeps from queens while they're chasing quickies
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is a little bit different than what we're talking about here. jackie, someone else can do this-- you don't have to do it. i know i don't have to do this; i want to do this. why? because they're just girls trying to find their way. and what? they made some mistakes. "some mistakes." i'd say that's putting it mildly, jackie. you know what, reagan? not everybody grows up in a great house in bay ridge with a loving family to fall back on. what does that mean? no, seriously, what the hell does that mean? look, i was in high school. i was a... i was a screwup. i was fighting with my mom, fighting with everyone around me, skipping school, and i decided i don't need this, i'm out of here. and i went, i took off, i ran off to boston. and when i returned home, the locks were changed, and i was out on my own. but somehow, i made it here. it takes one mistake to change your life. (sighs) let's hope this mistake doesn't change our lives, okay? i want two detectives backing us up.
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increased cholesterol, weight or prolactin, trouble swallowing and impaired judgment. avoid grapefruit and grapefruit juice. use caution before driving or operating machinery. i spend time with my family just doing everyday things, really. but you know what? they feel pretty special to me. ask your doctor if once-daily latuda is right for you. pay as little as a $15 copay. visit since i know he won't do it himself, i just want to take a sec to toast pop on his new job. wait-- how come i don't know about this? at least i'm not the only one. yeah, pop, you want to tell us something? there's nothing to announce. i'm just considering. what are you considering, grandpa? there's a private security firm called ajax that have been stocking their pond with old farts from the nypd. i met with them. can you still cook sunday dinner? (laughter) of course i can. that's wonderful news, henry, they're lucky to have you.
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well, we'll see. so, nicky, how did you like the opera? more than i thought i would-- a lot more than expressionist art, i can tell you that. it's about exposure, not judgment. you just liked it 'cause you got exposed to that cute guy. danny: oh, hey, hold on, whoa. that's enough, nicky. linda: not enough for me, come on. he was a nice guy who was trying to explain the artistic process to a certain obtuse niece of yours, and that's the end of the story. (all murmuring) so i understand that you are slammed with the unions. yeah, the last time sandy klemmer wore a uniform was cub scouts. (chuckling): oh, easy, francis. well, he won't budge on anything, pop, and our side's getting pressured to farm out nonessential duties. it's... jamie: guys at the precinct are talking about cutbacks. is that last hired, first fired? i don't think you got to worry about losing your job, kid. the last thing either side wants is another lawyer running the streets. hey. i'm just saying... what-- you're just saying...? that i'm just saying. so they really thinking about laying people off? what's wrong? i figured you'd like having me around the house more.
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i could finally get to that storm window you've been wanting me to fix. danny. i'm just playing. come on, this happens all the time. budget issue comes up, everyone panics, it all turns out to be no big deal. yeah, the bigger deal is, you're letting jackie act as bait in this little sting operation of yours. hold on. first of all, it's not my sting operation. second of all, i don't want jackie to be the bait. oh, it's okay for jamie to go undercover with an organized crime family, but if the female detective-- that would be... did i say that? yeah, you said something... who said what? jackie's going undercover, and linda suddenly thinks she's gloria steinem, i guess. listen, jackie can handle herself-- that's all i'm saying. i didn't say she couldn't. jackie: knock-knock-knock. wow, family of cops leaving their door open. hey, speak of the devil. yes, that's me. hey, jackie. you ready? wow. yeah, hi. i'll get my stuff. great. so let me guess, the great defender is worried. yeah, what do you think? yeah. hey, good luck out there. this undercover thing i'm doing--
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it's scary. i'm always worried i'm gonna slip up and, uh, act like the real me. right, well, maybe the real you is a little less criminal than the real me. no, i'm, i'm gonna be fine, thank you. there's cops all around, there's sound, video. it'll be fine, thanks. good. all right. so you, uh, wearing the appropriate outfit? oh, yeah, well, there you go. nice. yeah. yeah, the calls just came flooding right in as soon as her ad went up. right, i guess i take that as a compliment. all right, i'll wait outside. hey, you, eyes up. love you, love you. love you more. love you most. let's see her.
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(wolf whistles) cut it out, reagan. what're you doing? sorry, jack. all right, video is clear in here. let's test your mic. (blows) (feedback whines) (laughs) all right, you two in the other room, your monitors up? detective: all good-- we see the room and the hall. great. turn off the phones, remember. and, uh, this is my emergency signal, by the way. that's brilliant, jack, except it's not going to get that far. the minute that creep comes in and says sex for money, we're gonna bust in there, bust him, and search him for hypodermics. you got it? meanwhile, where am i putting this with this outfit? listen to me, just because this guy is not into women sexually does not mean he's not going to get close to you. you understand? got it. no, you stay alert. got it, reagan, relax. is that a john? all right, incoming, come on.
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(knocking on door) hi. you'll do. klemmer's on the radio. want to have a listen? what's he talking about? two guesses. respectfully? rhetorically. call-in show? yeah, wnyc. got the number? don't kid a kidder. frank, that's not a good idea. then why bring it up? there's no profit in escalating this until we get a firm agenda as to concessions. okay. baker, call klemmer's office and arrange a meeting right away. (sighs) another night of sleaze and desperation.
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ugh, doused with too much cologne. what, do you people bathe in it? well, you know, jack, you wanted to spend your nights with the lowlifes, and this is what happens. you don't get to see the best the male species has to offer. yeah, what else is new? all right, we got a customer... who looks a little familiar. zoom in on that. jackie: familiar how? oh, hold on. okay, jackie, it's congressman albom. get out of here. the family values guy? yes, yes, yes, the guy who was campaigning with his wife and daughters by his side. listen to me. we got to make this quick and painless, okay? you get him in, he propositions, we frisk him, and we send him on his way. come on. no, come on nothing, jackie, we're not here to collar a politician, okay? if we do, it's front page news and this whole sting goes out the window. (groans) this is one guy we should collar. not if he's not the killer, okay? we're not here to bust some perverted congressman. if he's not the serial killer, we get him in and we get him out. okay.
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hello. whoa. you certainly don't disappoint. (sniffs) (both chuckle) tough day at the office? i don't need the small talk, if you don't mind. this is nice. is it silk? what are you playing at, jackie? you are handsome. really handsome. you should be on tv. you are on tv. (gasps) that's right, i knew i recognized you. right? jackie, st... y-you're that, um, the, uh, the, uh, oh, oh, the, the car salesman! right? who does those commercials. yeah, you got me. ooh, i am lucky, lucky. you know what? i think, um, i think i've changed my mind. what? no, i didn't mean to insult you. you look more like a movie star, or a president.
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how about a president? evening, congressman. this is not what it looks like. i'm sure it isn't. turn around. put your arms up in the air, sir. what? put your arms up in the air before we charge you with patronizing a prostitute. and you don't want us to release the videos to the press, do you? no needles. go on, get out of here. consider this your lucky night. say hi to the wife and kids for me. will you stop it? he's a schmuck. he is. well, you are a new york district attorney, so, yes, i may have certain assumptions. okay, well, i can take it. uh... well, you're serious, conservative. you probably take a rather dim, albeit realistic, view of human nature. well, if you saw... i wasn't done. (clearing throat) i'm sure it doesn't hurt
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atten-hut! mr. klemmer, these are officers from harbor, transit, housing, mounted, patrol, crime scene, emergency service, aviation, evidence, and transportation. all members of your rank and file. take your seats. i just thought it would be a good idea for you to hear from your men about what to cut and not to cut.
3:22 am
i'm all ears. please sit down. oh, and by the way... not a single one of them even has the slightest case of sniffles. so we won't be talking about "blue flu," now or ever. i hope that was informative. you hope it was coercive. look, neither of us want cuts, but there will be cuts, so let's work together to find which ones cause the least amount of bleeding. mm. well, i'm not giving in to outsourcing. i'm not asking you to. well, a former p.c. who's close to you, has hired on with ajax, from what i hear. and they're counting on that to make their offer even more attractive. not interested. you have my word. okay.
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(sighs) coming in, jack. okay. so you my date? nah. the guy's an hour late. mm! rude. yeah. looks like he's a no-show, so i told the guys to shut it down. aw... yeah. look, i, um... i wanted to say sorry for being a pain in the neck. huh. yeah. huh! you know, my kid brother's out working with these mob guys undercover. i don't usually sleep too good at night. yeah. i worry about my family and the people i care about. which includes you, in case that wasn't obvious. thank you. i guess, as you know, i... i've just been on my own for so long that...
3:24 am
look, i need you to have my back; i do. i just... you don't have to protect me, you know? there's a difference. i know. i've lost a lot of partners for a lot of different reasons, jack. i just don't want to lose you. you're not going to lose me. you ready? mm-hmm. okay. hey... i'll wait in the car. (groans)
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(quietly): come on... (sighs wearily) look, jack, i hate to be overbearing and overprotective, but can you hurry your ass up please, and get down here, so i can get home? thank you. (sighs) she's beautiful. yeah, she looks even more like emily than in her pictures. she does. it's going to be okay. we'll take you away from this life of sin. he'll welcome you back. you don't need to be frightened. (weakly): no... i'm a...
3:29 am
i'm... (smacking) i'm a cop. oh, no. you don't need to lie anymore, my dear. i'm a cop. my purse. mom... hmm? hey, can you do me a favor and walk me up to your housekeepers on the 12th floor? they left at 5:00. what do you mean they left at 5:00? i just saw a cart up on the 12th floor. i don't know what to tell you, man-- they left at 5:00. oh, you guys typically let your housekeepers leave their carts out at night, so people can just steal soap and towels and what... towels... dial 911. dial 911 right now! listen to me. you don't understand. we saved them. i'm not a prostitute.
3:30 am
i'm a cop. there has to be some reason that you're here tonight. i don't need to be saved, okay? this is a test, mother. he's testing our faith. right, right, right. i don't know! if we let her go, she will stop us. we'll go to jail. don't... no...! (screaming) don't you see? we have so much more to accomplish! you know that! please, you don't want to shoot me. no! danny: come on! oh, no! not my son! jackie, jackie, are you okay? i'm okay. i'm okay. you killed your own daughter. you killed your own daughter. hey, hey, hey. come here, come here.
3:31 am
(weakly): thank you... i got you. i got you. i got you. i got you. it's okay. hey... you're all right. you're all right. hang on. hang on, jack. (panting anxiously) this is detective reagan. we need a bus. we have a 10-13. (slow, romantic, instrumental swing music playing) (door shuts) evening, pop. francis. (sighs heavily) ah! make me one?
3:32 am
happy to. ta. when does the union get your budget? on their desk tomorrow morning, along with everyone else's. you know, the mayor's office sent over some proposals for outsourcing. is that so? yeah. turns out one of them was the company you met with. ajax? that's the one. i called them today and told them i wasn't interested. corporate life's not for me.
3:33 am
really? i would have had to spend a fortune on new suits just to walk into that office of theirs. and the commute-- ever been on the r train during the rush hour? not if i could help it. and they way they were going on about how indispensible i would be, blah, blah, blah. it was embarrassing. but true. don't you start. and you would have been missed around here. thank you, son. captioning sponsored by cbs the all-new volkswagen jetta. it's great, for the price of good. that's das auto.
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captioned by media access group at wgbh
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speaker 1: noises like that used to make me hit the deck. but now, i can keep going. speaker 2: don't get me wrong, i still don't love crowded places. but it's good to get out again. speaker 3: transitioning from the military can be tough. but many veterans are facing similar challenges.
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get your bounce on. cbs battleground tracker polls show gop front-runner donald trump maintaining his lead in key primary states. in new hampshire trump has the support of 38% of likely gop primary voters. ben carson is second with 12%. the rest of the field is in single digits. in south carolina it is trump at 40%, carson with 23%. the rest far behind. but in iowa the republican race has tightened. trump and carson are tied at 27% with ted cruz coming in third. john dickerson spoke to trump about the iowa poll and other topics for "face the nation." >> well, i don't understand iowa because frankly i just left and we had tremendous crowds and tremendous enthusiasm and frankly even to be tied i'm a little surprised.
3:41 am
i know that i'm very honored by what's happened in new hampshire and south carolina. it's amazing results. amazing. but i think that iowa, it has that same incredible feeling. we had a rally there the other day, and it was so intense and it was so much love in the room. so i'm actually surprised, very surprised that i'm even tied in iowa. >> you also mentioned mr. carson was controlled by his pac, but he has received more small dollar donations than anybody else. so isn't that a sign that he's got grassroots support and not that he's controlled by his pac, as you've claimed about other people? >> well, the people running his pac are highly trained professionals, i would imagine. and those people are using that pac differently than you're supposed to use a pac. they are running iowa for him. they are in there. they're doing all sorts of things that are totally different than what you're supposed to be doing. ben is in iowa very little. he does not go to iowa much.
3:42 am
the people are doing leaflets. they're doing all this stuff. they're essentially campaigning for him in iowa. and that's not what a pac is supposed to be. it's not supposed to happen that way. and as you know, i've disavowed all pacs. i had many people setting up pacs for me and we sent letters last week say we don't want -- we respect them, we love them, assuming it's all on the up and up. because i don't know -- you know, these people run pacs. i don't know what they do with everything. but certainly for the runs that are doing it with the right intention. but we disavowed all pacs, every one of them, john. and every candidate should do the same thing. this whole pac concept is fraught with problems, and i think you're going to see tremendous problems with pacs over the years. and i am disavowing all pacs. i don't want anybody -- i'm self-funding my campaign. other than the little contributions where people send $7 and $50 and $100, we love that because that's an investment, that's a real
3:43 am
investment in our country in the campaign. but other than that i have totally -- i don't want any money. and i think that people should disavow -- candidates should disavow their pacs. >> let me ask you about another one of your challengers. let's listen to something jeb bush said recently. >> i've got a lot of really cool things i could do other than sit around being miserable listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that. >> so he says you're a demonizer. >> well, look, i'm trying to say it like it is. his campaign is in disarray. he paid one person $1.3 million, and he's languishing way, way back in the pac. but his campaign is a total disaster. he's paid people far too much. now he's cutting everybody's salaries. as a businessman if he can cut salaries 40% and 50% why didn't he do it when he started? why is he doing it now? why did he hire them in the first place for so much? that means they would have worked for a lot less money.
3:44 am
but his campaign is in disarray. his whole thing is a mess. but he paid one person, as i understand it -- now, maybe that's incorrect. but paid over a million dollars for one person, and it's okay maybe after everything's done they get a great incentive. but he's doing very poorly. you don't pay that kind of money. so he's got some problems. >> let me ask you a couple policy questions here. we're about to have a fight over the government's ability to borrow money, the debt limit. do you think it's an economic problem if the debt limit is not raised? will that hurt the economy? >> well, i think what they should do is use the debt limit as a very strong negotiating tool to make other changes and to cut costs elsewhere. the republicans don't know how to negotiate, to be honest with you. i'm a republican. it's embarrassing to watch them negotiate. >> but do you -- >> i mean, john boehner said the other day he will not use the debt limit. he will not close. well, i tell you what, when you say that you have now given everything to the democrats and to president obama because they have their way 100% --
3:45 am
>> but let me ask you about that question, the debt limit. do you think that if it's breached that that's an economic problem? leaving aside the question of negotiation. because there's a debate -- >> i don't want to say. and i'll tell you why. we should use it as negotiation. and the problem we have in this country, we're so predictable. whether it's with isis or with iraq or with the negotiation of a debt limit. boehner should not be saying we will not close because you can't negotiate once you say that. you've given up 95% of your strength when you do that. so i'm not going to say but i will tell you, it's an amazing tool to negotiate because it is a very, very -- i mean, it's fairly catastrophic if it happens, but some people are willing to go through that in order to win. and by the way, and i'm not saying they shouldn't be. in order to win and in order to cut the kind of costs. there's so much waste and so much fat. it's like jeb bush's campaign. there's waste and there's fat.
3:46 am
and he's trying to solve the problem. but see, a person like that cannot solve the problem of the country because the country has the same problem that he has. >> donald trump says he doesn't want any superpacs supporting him, but as of last week at least one was operating apparently with trump's blessing. julianna goldman has the story. >> they have these things called super pacs. no one knows what the hell they are, what they mean. it's the dumbest thing i've ever seen. >> reporter: railing against the pacs and the cndidates who have them are regular attack lines in donald trump stump speeches. >> they want to take these people like little puppets and they want to say you do as i told you because i gave you $5 million and you'd better do it. >> reporter: trump made those comments last night amid a flurry of questions stemming from a "washington post" article on whether one of the groups based in denver, the make america great again pac, was operating with trump's approval. ♪ people familiar with the
3:47 am
campaign's initial planning tell cbs news that before trump was an official candidate his team discussed whether to sanction a dedicated super pac and to call it "make america great again," a phrase trump has trademarked. one republican operative tweeted that she had been invited to meet with the campaign in june, ahead of his announcement. she said in those meetings she was told the campaign was planning to have an allied super pac. then over the summer trump's daughter's in-laws, the kushner family, gave $100,000 to the group. they hosted a meet and greet in august at their new jersey beach house. trump attended and some people gave money to the super pac. more connections were revealed later this week in another article by the "washington post," which published an e-mail also obtained by cbs news showing that in early september the consultant who was running the denver-based super pac sent a fund-raising solicitation to a donor where he said he obtained their e-mail from rhona, trump's long-time secretary. on wednesday trump's campaign attorney sent letters to nine super pacs backing trump including the make america great
3:48 am
again pac saying your organization is not authorized to use mr. trump's name and likeness in connection with its fund-raising activities and we are formally disavowing such activities. by thursday night the group's director said it would be winding down, saying "mr. trump has said he doesn't have a super pac. to erase any doubt, i am closing my super pac." and trump insists that every candidate should follow his lead. >> all candidates disavow your super pacs. run for office and be proud but disavow your super pacs. drop them. drop them. >> reporter: the trump campaign hasn't responded to repeated questions from cbs news about whether he sanctioned the make america great again super pac, why he would have been okay with his extended family giving it money, and why he would even let it exist using his signature slogan from july to this point.
3:49 am
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a young girl from the midwest hounded her father into getting her a horse. the rest is harness racing history. steve hartman has the story. >> reporter: for as long as her parents could remember, 11-year-old breana carsey has
3:52 am
had this crazy dream. she's always wanted a broodmare, a mommy horse that would give birth to a baby horse that would grow up to become a racing champion. >> absolutely. this was a fairy tale for her from day one. we put it off for five years almost because we don't have a farm. so we've got to go rent stalls somewhere. >> this sounds expensive. >> yeah. >> why don't you say no? >> well, as she'll tell you, she has me wrapped around her finger. >> are you serious? >> reporter: her foal, an ohio standard bred, was born in the spring of 2013. she named it mjb got faith. mjb for the initials of the kids in her family and got faith for the faith she instantly had in him. >> i really loved him. >> from the beginning. >> mm-hmm. he's super soft too. >> reporter: sweet. but that quick bond posed a real problem for this pushover dad. >> come here, bud. >> reporter: see, for whatever reason, brian thought once he explained to his daughter that her horse could never race, that it was a runt from poor breeding stock, she would just agree to sell it.
3:53 am
but obviously not. >> she's like, there's no price, daddy. so i'm talking to my wife. it's like, we really got ourselves in a mess here. >> yeah. >> and i don't know how we're going to get out of this. so we stake into the races. >> this horse that doesn't belong in the races. >> the horse that i thought we should have gotten rid of already. >> he was more about the money. >> what were you seeing that your dad wasn't seeing? >> he didn't believe in him. >> reporter: brian was stuck. committed to boarding and training this longshot to end all longshots. and this is not a wealthy family. brian runs a small logistics company. and ohio racing, which is harness-style racing, is a $900 million a year industry. >> i want to see him go fast. >> reporter: mjb got faith was so slow he barely even qualified to compete. but then somehow, some way won his first race. won his second race. his third. and his fourth. qualifying him for the state championship held recently in
3:54 am
columbus, ohio. >> i said, baby, if you finish third, you should be so thankful. she goes daddy, if he finishes last, i'm going to be thankful. but he's going to win. >> mjb got faith on the inside. >> reporter: and so it was. >> come on! >> reporter: that this little horse with no pedigree, this pet with no reason for being here beyond the blind faith of a little girl, won an ohio sire stakes championship. >> she says dad, i told you, you've got to have faith. >> reporter: breana took home $100,000 that day. she's already given away half of it to charity. and as for the other half, she plans to use that money as a down payment on a farm. >> i just want to have a farm and be able to go walk out my back door and see him. >> reporter: and that's her plan for happily ever after. just a girl, her horse, and knowing her father -- >> dad, can we please get a cat? >> no. >> reporter: -- probably a cat
3:55 am
3:56 am
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