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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  October 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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hello. thank you for joining us. a police-involved shooting in frederick tops our news this afternoon. it happened at a sheetz gas station in the western maryland town. scott broom is on the scene with the latest development.
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what more have you learned? >> reporter: this happened a little after 8:00. we have one suspect on the ground dead and a frederick city police officer injured after maryland state police worked in what may have been an armed robbery suspect and there was a shooting. the suspect on the ground behind us. this is a sheetz store on east patrick. a supposeman described for us a situation with a car wanted from an armed robbery in baltimore and an auto theft that was spotted by state police troopers. they began to box the car in and the person in the vehicle began to flee. his car streaking across the parking lot and the state police confronting him there te frederick city police officer car. here's greg shipley, the spokesman for the state police describing what ecured -- what occurred.
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>> the evidence indicates that the suspect drove his -- drove the vehicle, the navigator directly into the signed of that frederick officer, ramming that vehicle. we believe it was a dlibberrate -- dlibberrate attempt to disable that officer. >> reporter: it's unclear the position of the police officer. we do know he was transported to a local hospital. his car was rammed by the suspect's vehicle. it's a lincoln navigator suv. the confront takes right outside of the door of the vehicle. witnesses here describe anywhere between 4 and 6 gunshots going off and seeing the state trooper backing away with his gun drawn after the shooting. reporting live in frederick, school broom. >> thank you, scott. an investigation is underway into another shooting in the district. it happened in the 7800 block of georgia avenue.
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we're told burglars were in a liquor store when employees reported to work. the police chief describes what happened next. >> the officers pulled into the rear lot. one of the armed suspects opened fire on police officers. the officers returned fire. we have that one suspect that's down here on the scene. that suspect is deceased. >> police are questioning a second person this afternoon about the robbery. two teens accused of planning a mass shooting at a local school are due in court today. the alleged plot involved river bend high school. a 17-year-old was arrested two weeks ago. a 15-year-old was arrested on friday. they are both charged with conspiracy to commit murder. autopsies are scheduled on two teens found dead in woodbridge, virginia. indya davis and lyle ferringer were discovered in a minivan. both were 17 years old. police say both showed signs of injury but investigators would
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not reveal what type of injury. they did say their deaths do not appear to be the result of a random attack. the remnants of hurricane patricia are heading our way. first alert here allyson rae is tracking the storm. but for now the sun trying to come out. >> it's trying. i think we'll see a good bit of sunshine this afternoon. still staying below average. it will be a nice day. cloudy skies all morning. we're getting up to 56 degrees. a little breezy at times with winds out of the northeast at 14 14 miles an hour. here is the moisture. the moisture from patricia kind of combined with another low- pressure system and now it's working its way in. is it wet through mississippi and alabama. we've seen teens of ton, inches, almost a foot of rain for parts of louisiana and texas and it will be here by tuesday night and into wednesday morning. in the meantime we're starting to see some clouds finally fade away. northern maryland getting more sunshine than the rest of us. that will be the trend that will sink on down the clouds
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today. how much rain? by tuesday afternoon, areas will start to see a little bit of light rain push on through. i think our commute home will be fine but after the sun sets, the rain will start to push on through. heavy at times tours night and first thing wednesday morning. doesn't get out of here wednesday afternoon. we'll have the future cast for you -- coming up. i want to show you the rainfall totals. about 1 to 2 inches are going to be the average from this system. some areas, especially farther south and west could see more. i will have that and a look ahead to the halloween weekend coming up. a new report from the world health organization confirms what we've heard that eating processed meat causes colon and ear cancers. bacon and hot dogs pose the same cancer risk as smoking and the risk increases with the amount of meat you eat. here's more. >> reporter: world cancer researchers say people who fill up on processed foods like bacon, sausage and hot dogs
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face a real risk of colon stomach and other canners. scientists from the worth hearth organization saying eating those processed meats, poses the same cancer risk as smoking. >> to put that in perspective, the lifetime risk of colon cancer is 5%. if you have a hot dog every day, your risk goes to 6%. so it's very, very, very small. >> reporter: while doctors have long warned against eating too much meat, the w.h.o. report classifies processed meat as cancer causing and red meat as the likely cause of cancer. >> red meat has always been a part of my diet. i don't want plan to change mine diet. >> it's like anything else. as long as you take it within moderation. >> reporter: the north american meet institute is calling this report dramatic and argues cancer is the complex disease, not caused by the single foods.
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but the w.h.o. says it has hard evidence that came from evaluating 800 studies from several continents about meat and cancer. >> the new report says grilling, pan frying or cooking red meat at high temperatures reduced the highest amounts of chemicals suspected of causing cancer. could this be the win that around? yesterday's comeback has some fans asking that question with washington now hitting at 3-4 on the season. here's a look at where this leaves them in the division standings today. >> this is not your standard victory monday for the redskins. about as improbable as we've seen in the history of the franchise. in 1,202 games, washington has never overcome a 24-point deficit before. by now you've seen this game- rinning throw from kirk cousins. there's a series of plays that kept the redskins in the game
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long enough for cousins to win it. the on-side kick for one recoveredder yay in -- recovered early in the half. if any of those moments didn't happen, we could be talking about kirk and jay gruden's days being numbered. it was up to cousins to finish the job. and he did making him the talk of the town. you like that in that's now trending. sports guy said i doubted him before the game but after that amazing performance. i'm a believer, i see you can'ten kirk. john added seak in the division. riding -- second in the division. they were writing us off. love it. >> i'm very happy for kirk and the entire offense. the receivers made big-time catches when they had to. it's not just about kirk. but i'm happy that he's able to do what he did with all of the scrutiny around him. >> the icing on the cake for the redskins, they get to stop
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and fave saver the win for the -- and saver the win for the next 14 days. this a runaway deer on a children's soccer field is an internet sensation. video shows him around the pit and it even scored a goal. one of the parents was filming. after putting the bound in the net, he bounded away probably unaware of his achievement. coming up, a court date for the suspect in a deadly homecoming crash. and october is domestic
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the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving."
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the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vot to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremyik mcp is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. we have sad news to report. ed walker has died, the dc broadcaster. he died this morning just hours after listening to his final broadcast with his family. walker's radio career spanned more than 50 years. he hosted the big broadcast,
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wmau's longest-running program since 1990. he was recently diagnosed with cancer which is why he had just retired from broadcasting. ed walker was 83 years old. the driver in the deadly homecoming parade crash in oklahoma is due in court today. four people were killed in the accident in stillwater. dozens more were hurt. the lawyer for adacia chambers maintains she was not drunk at the time of the crash. she faces four counts of second- degree murder. the oklahoma reports that she suffered from insomnia and had not slept three days before the crash. prince george's county police are calling the murder of a mother of four a case of domestic violence. she was shot at her home. the man who shot her believed to be her live-in boyfriend then killed himself.
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this woman lived next door. >> i express my condolences for the family. october is domestic violence awareness month. one of the most brutal forms is female genital mutilation. pope francis calls it a degradation of women. this dates back 500 years and continues in the middle east and africa but it's also happening here in the dmv which is why one local woman is working hard to stop it. >> we're brainwashed believing it's a tradition. we're brainwashed to believe this is something that must be done for every woman. >> every ten seconds, a woman is a victim for removal, it's usually done with objects with no sanny dave.
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>> we were laying down and -- with blind folds and the next thing we knew we were being cut. >> annie was 7 when she was cut. >> it's very devastating. had happened to me. my mother died because of it. >> life altering complications are common and women who are american citizens are victims. because of the influx of new immigrants from countries where cutting is part of their culture, figures show an estimated half million girls nationwide are at risk for mgm. even here in the nation's capitol about 4,000 girls are at risk of being disfigured. >> even though it's illegal here in the u.s., they bring the excisers here. >> angela founder of the global woman peace foundation opened support centers in d.c. and arlington. >> we offer counseling and we offer the reconstructive
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surgery. >> she believes the first step to getting rid of this is to expose it. >> we need to see it on television, to hear it on radio. we need to see bill boards about it if possible. we need to educate the american people about this. >> maryland governor hogan is among those enforcing the foundation, 5-k walk to end this. registration opens
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the royal canadian mounted police is taking over the search for the person still missing after a whale watching boat sank. five tourists died in the
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accident from great britain. 21 people were rescued. john blackstone has more. >> reporter: cell phone video taken off the coast shows the capsized tour boat, only the bow is visible above the waterline. local fisherman like lance arrived as the last known survivors were ferried to shore. >> the coast guard asked us to circle around the area to see if we could find any more survivors or bodies in the water. >> reporter: survivors were taken to this dock where some were treated on scene. 18 were taken to the hospital. another five procedure -- pronounced dead. >> at this time we are a doing our best to account for everybody. we've got great resources out there. this is what we do. >> reporter: owned by jamie's whaling station, it's described as a 65-foot lock vessel with three -- long vessel with three docks, ideal for whale watchers. it was carrying 27 people on
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the tour. lance says the boat may have been in a rocky area that's home to a sea lion colony. >> there's at any given time a few hundred animals sitting on the rocks there. it's a daily routine for those boats to go in and view the sea lion. i'm guessing it hit a rock or something must have happened. >> another boat operated also sank in 1998, killing two people. the new signup season coverage under the affordable care act begins november 1st. consumers can start to browse right now. there's a new calculator that estimates total costs based on expected medical needs. premiums are expected to go up in 2016. the tax penalty for people who remain uninsured next year will rise to $695 or 2.5% of taxable income. temperatures are rising just a little bit. the sun is about to come out. >> yeah, it will be a nice afternoon. it's a little chilly out there.
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time 0 to break out the jackets. it will be a nice day. today will be dry. i can't say the same in the coming days. we're looking at a lot of rain headed our way, anywhere from 1 to 2 inches and in sawyer you a yas a -- and in some areas, it could be higher than that. let's take a look outside. cloudy skies. areas in northern maryland are getting sunshine. that sunshine will slowly continue to work its way farther and farther south and temperatures will continue to climb. i think we'll top out in the lower 60s today. 56 out there. that air is nice and dry. north especialliry winds. a little breezy at times. temperatures are warming up nicely. 55 for headache -- hagerstown. it's hard to see things warm up with the cloud cover. we will reach about 667. you are probable -- about 67. you will probably needs the sunglasses on the drive home.
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this morning, 30s and 40s. you can see the sun come out there through northern maryland. that will start to sink down a little bit. the clouds are quickly back first thing tomorrow morning. a lot of showers headed our way, come tuesday night into wednesday morning will be the sometime frame for the best chances for showers. but the rain is not gonna get out of here by wednesday afternoon t will stick around through -- afternoon. it will stick around through wednesday night and thursday morning. clear skies, by 6:00. a nice drive home. a nice monday afternoon. all right. here come the showers. by tuesday, well off to the south and west. this is 5:30. we'll start off with clearer skies. by the time the sun is up. the clouds are already here. 5:00 at night, looking at a dry commute home for almost all of us. showers are already approaching the shenandoah valley. after the sun sets on tuesday, here come the first bit of showers working their way in. it gets heavier into the overnight hours. for the commute on wednesday, wednesday morning will be very
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wet. this updated model shows breaks in the action during the afternoon. this is lunchtime on wednesday. don't put the umbrellas away. during the evening, the last bit will come through and we'll start to dry things out on thursday. 59 degrees tomorrow. 68 on wednesday. wednesday is a yellow weather alert today, especially for those morning hours. we cool off a little bit on friday. the halloween weekend looks nice, trick or treaters will be dry and comfortable. we push the clocks back an hour.
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narrator: for state senate, who shares our values? jeremy mcpike - supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad. ♪usic: "thunder clatter" by wild cub ♪
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vice president joe biden set the record straight on a number of issues in an interview with "60 minutes" last night. he talked about his decision not to run for president and about the loss of his son beau.
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he also spoke about the advice he gave president obama on the raid that led to the death of osama bin laden in 2011. >> we got down to the final decision and the president asked everyone's opinion. and everyone in the room said, well, it's a close call, mr. president, probably and it went back and forth. two people for certain said absolutely do something, one the cia director said go. two, the secretary of defense said don't go. i was the last guy in the room. in order to give the president the leeway he needed, i said mr. president, there's one more thing we can do where we discussed another path to see if it was osama bin laden. i say said you should do that and there would still be time to have the raid. that's a what i would do. we got up, i walked out with the president. i said mr. president, follow your instincts. follow your instincts. >> so many the reporting you
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were opposed to the raid is incorrect? >> it was accurate when i said i didn't say go. and i didn't. what i said was mr. president, try one more thing and the reason for that was imagine if i had said mr. president, go. and he didn't go. and then bin laden did something else, they would have said well, everyone said, even the vice president said to go. and he said no. barack obama made that decision knowing if it was wrong, his career was over. i wanted the public to know this was a man with a backbone of steel. >> two kentucky women at the center of a lawsuit over their right to be married tied the knot over the weekend. they sued kim davis. davis spent five days in jail
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for denying orders. the couple received a license while davis was behind bars. they issued one rule on their wedding day, no one was to mention kim dave vince's name. that's it mh
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>> abby: wow. >> stitch: hey. >> abby: bubbles. what's the occasion? >> stitch: being alive, being reminded of what's important, how lucky we are. these last few weeks, you know, nick and sage's baby fighting to make it in this world, delia's remembrance ceremony, adam's trial. life... [ scoffs ] life is fragile. >> abby: everything can change in an instant. >> stitch: look, um... [ chuckles ] we've had some problems, but so much has happened lately that made me realize we can't waste a single moment, abby. that's why i'm hoping tonight, a night like any night, will be a night we're never gonna forget.


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