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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  October 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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because of the response for the people in iowa. >> reporter: in addition to questioning their energy, trump questioned his religion at the event in florida this weekend. >> i'm presbyterian. boy. that is down their middle of the road folks in all fairness. i mean i don't know about it. >> reporter: but he and trump went through something like this a couple of months ago. >> he thought i was questioning his faith and he went ballistic on that, so it seems a little interesting that he would now be doing that. >> reporter: both carson and trump will be centered stage on their third debate. the two insisted on changes in their format that will now include their opening statements, limited to two hours. he is huddling with the donors and their family members, struggling with the dynamics of the race. >> i got a lot of cool things to do other than just sit around and be miserable, listening to people to demonize me and feeling compelled. >> reporter: the campaign
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announced major cutbacks last week. craig boswell cbs news, washington. >> and more news in new hampshire this morning during their town hall meeting if be asked if he was ever told before tribing their beginning that it wasn't angry and they started their business with that $1 million loan from his father. john boehner is trying to reach a budget deal before retiring in the end of the week. top house and senate aide currently negotiating with the white house officials. but unless they act money to fund their government is keeping them on the job to run out september 11 to raise that debt ceiling by november 3 or risk of the first time ever default. we are getting the dramatic look on the isis prison in iraq. the helmet cam video shows you their point of view that it will be capturing the isis fighters, killing about 20 more, suffering one casualty.
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he was killed in that fire fight. the coalition air strike destroying the compound as soon as they were out safely. a massive earthquake killing at least 43 of them in afghanistan and another 189 neighboring pakistan. striking 130 miles below earth or much worse. but among the dead in afghanistan, 12 schoolgirls trampled to death. the woman accused of driving their homecoming parade was ordered to undergo that psychological evaluation. facing second-degree murder charges for saturday's crash that killed four people, hurting a dozen more. that they say that their daughter would have a history of mental health issues. >> a little girl that i raised, that they wouldn't have done something like this. and that something has
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happened. i don't know what. and because of the night before that she was fine that she was with my sister and mother. and she was happy. >> chambers apologized to the victims and the families including the 65-year-old couple and the 2-year-old boy. the formal charges have yet to be filed. continuing to search for a person. and the whale watching boat had 27 people on board dropping in vancouver islandyesterday. authorities say that it could take months before you know what caused that boat to flip. students at two different high schools were grieving. >> police found two 17-year- olds dead in the minivan over the weekend after reporting them missing. bruce leshan is live in osbourne park with the latest on this investigation. bruce?
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>> yes, bruce. they said earlier that this was either a murder suicide or double suicide. we got an update from the virginia state medical center that both teams died from stab wounds. the manner of the girl's death india davis and their suicide and the manner of the boys death still a mystery, still unclear, pending their toxicology results and further investigations. >> two people were dying for no reason. and that it is like why. >> reporter: and at their high school in manassas, garfield heights in woodbridge that students are struggling to understand what happened. >> we toughened it out and that you need to go to counseling, which is available too. that they were dating according to family. but they had recently broken up and that they were told not to see each other anymore.
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but police, they found them together in a van in dawson park saturday evening. both dead from stab wounds. >> anything that occurred in that vehicle was between the two of them and that it is just a matter to try to lay it down. >> reporter: neighbors are shaken. >> that it would be for the mothers. >> reporter: they flowed up on social media and for india davis that it does not seem real to me and that this was taken a short two weeks ago. god, i wish that there was a rewind button to rest in peace. for a while, they would wear flannels all week starting tomorrow. >> if you are ever feeling doubtful, keep it to yourself. >> perhaps even more
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traumatizing to the young people here, another student here at the high school died over the weekend. live in manassas, wusa9. >> thanks so much for that as they will be reiterating it if you are feeling distraught out there, talk to somebody about it. one or two boys, planning the mass shooting, they were in court today. that they said that the 15 to 17-year-old boy planned to target their fellow students at river bend high school. one of the teen suspects arrested two weeks ago the other arrested on friday. the text messages online as they started about that threat. and the students are resource officers getting involved. the investigation was launched. >> and these young men, every intention of making it happen making a fake bomb threat to
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the school. the teacher and the students were evacuating the property, going to the location that was pre-determined and that they were going to start shooting at them. >> again if you see something say something. the names are not being released tonight because they are juveniles. they will decide this week whether to charge them as adults. held as heros after stopping a suspect with a gun, which happened on the green line train saturday. in this video, the suspect is in the lower right corner as you can see there that he'll get on the train. he has an argument. and at the navy yard the station manager, they do restrain him, but you need to look cloly to see this. well, that suspect, they have been identified as trayvon tibbs as we hope to hear from the officer coming up at 7:00. please stay tuned for that. one man dead after his car went off the highway.
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landscapers found the vehicle this afternoon, which had been there part least a day. police got in to the water looking to see if there was anyone inside and if they were alive. sadly the only man inside died at the scene. his name has not yet been released to us. as you can see they obviously suffered some damage. coming up, the latest on two deadly police-involved shooting in maryland and in dc. and washington will go in to their bye week on the high note. reaction to kurt cousin's record-breaking performance is still ahead in sports. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. kind of cool right now headed for a chilly night. the low temperatures overnight. you folks north of town this morning, maybe 37 in olney and leesburg. and downtown. we will come back with a yellow weather alert for wednesday and give you the timing of the
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remanence of patricia. but up next, a warning for meat lovers. that you could be
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the majority of the children used to come from the baltimore rental homes. and the larger portions, two rental homes and the owner occupied homes in the other parts of maryland. but up next, police say anat the officer shot his wife d
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or the loaded works. just $12 each. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. at the new papa prince george's county police say that in yesterday's death, is a police officer. 37-year-old anthony sullivan shot and killed his wife before turning the gun himself.
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identified as 35-year-old tonya wilkerson-sullivan. the couple was just married a month or two ago. dc police interrupt an armed robbery attempt near the maryland lines, a shootout and one of the suspects was shot dead. at the maryland line, they were awakened by gunfire this morning. >> sounded like 30 gunshots. >> police arrested -- interrupted the robbery, one suspect fleeing out the back door was shot and killed. they didn't have a chance to get out before the suspect opened fire. so yeah, i think that the officers do what they have to do. >> we have a 911 call from inside. police respond rapidly and interrupt the robbery. >> reporter: it is an area not used with such violence. >> that is their way of it all. >> reporter: parents with
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children and their nearby school were stunned. put on high alert. security increasing on the inside. >> it's like five seats in that area and that is really scary. >> i have a daughter who at this point they will be waking up for school to go outside and you can't because of the 30 shootings. >> they say that while the other parts of the city have seen their increases in violence, that the neighborhood, they were fairly quiet and safe. >> any incidents like this are very concerning to make sure that we have all the resources that we'll need to keep them in our neighborhood safe. >> reporter: again one is shot and killed by police and the second was taken in to custody a short distance away. no name for either at this point. but that they were in their park in that neighborhood for a decade. authorities in maryland say that the crewman was forced to shoot and kill a suspect during their confrontation at the
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convenience store this morning. >> reporter: the veteran trooper would pull that trigger after suspecting the arm car theft trying to get away with that stolen suv and they ran to the police cruiser coming to help. >> the suspect drove that vehicle, the navigator directly in to the side of that officer ramming that vehicle >> that suspect has not been identified, the driver's license of the person a victim of the baltimore shooting several months ago. searching for a man firing at the kentucky state trooper. he has a long criminal past, believed to be on foot in that hills near the border. they no longer fly,
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removing the flag. many students and faculty would get called up for the come pound to promote diversity and their respect on the campus. i thought it was a pretty nice weekend, a little rain on the way you say? >> yeah, we do, courtesy of patricia, all the way across mexico and on in to the gulf and their east coast. all right, we'll start with that 3-degree guarantee in pretty good shape, something like that with a high of 60 today. we will let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. and tomorrow we'll go 59. i might lower that to 50 right now. a live look outside. it is 57. a good thing. 73 degrees. dew points in the 30s, a pretty dry air mass. 34%. and a chilly night ahead, bone
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chilly and dry and the temperatures are probably a good idea this way. and that it will be a yellow weather alert day on wednesday, both commutes will be wet as we might see a wet evening commute tomorrow and tuesday. and 10:00 tonight, no worries. and 45 in manassas, 45 in fairfax, 50 in dc. now, by 6:00 a.m., you've got 39. maybe about 46 downtown. clouds, they are beginning to roll in here at 9:00. but notice all the green, that's the rain. well to the west of us and south of us, out towards harrisonburg. by 9:00, 50 downtown, maybe about 46 also in leesburg. by one o'clock, we will be dry in the metro area with the temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. then by 6:00 p.m., about 24 hours from now. we have rain and showers across most of the areas west of i-95. if you're going up 270 home
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tomorrow out route 7 or south on 95, probably will have a wet ride home. rain showers spreading even further in to southern maryland and prince george's county and most of montgomery county. for tonight, some clouds by dawn and chilly. the winds will be light easterly at 10. on the day planner, 50 at 9:00, 54 at 11:00. only 57 for you by 1:00. and so maybe not an umbrella tomorrow if you are inside that beltway with a little coat. there's your yellow weather alert. maybe a thunderstorm on wednesday. morning showers on thursday, breezy, but still mild in the upper 60s, pretty good. the next seven days, nice on friday in the cooler 60s, trick or treat weather in the 60s as we would gain an hour to move back one hour before you go to bed on saturday night. 70 on sunday, milder with the ravens. then some showers by next monday. but still mild. i said to my son last night with two minutes left, plenty
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of time left and a chance for them to make it up quiet, but pretty. >> seen them do it once before and again, the game with no interception. and look what happens. everybody thought that they were done, right? half time. you thought they were done. people would probably turn their channels. but today burgundy and gold nation enjoying the victory monday. one that comes in a very important time of the season providing a much needed morale boost. coming up live from the coming up live from the redskins park the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas,
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forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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parkeon live television.on and her cameraman were gunned down i know we can't stop all gun violence, but we can save lives if our leaders take action. narrator: but we can't count on hal parrish to act. he gets an "a" from the gun lobby, they fund his candidacy... while fighting against background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. parrish will make us less safe. parker: politicians' condolences aren't enough. it's time for them to act. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad. the washington quarterback is the talk of the town today,
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with their emotion-fueled do you like that? you like that. the redskin fans liked what they saw as the other late comeback, the largest in their history joining us live with more on cousins big day, hey, frank. >> reporter: yeah, they are doing their immiation today, right? they sure did. but you know what, not often that we would see them, that they would become viral as they did in tampa bay showing their fiery side. now, there wasn't much fire in that first half for the redskins as they would trail 24- 0. at the breaks for fedex. and they get that victory, 31- 30. saying today that there is a reason that we don't see them that emotional that often. >> and i still think that he's trying to find his way, you
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know, that he is just an outstanding quarterback for the first time in their career as they would feel like they need to earn their respect first and before they would go wild and that they were very excited, obviously after the game as we all were. but i think that you'll see more and more of that passion come out, to be more successful than what they would have. >> that at the same time, you know, that it is not like all of our problems are solved to have everything figured out u. that they will not freak out to hit their panic button either. if they start to do that, they won't last in this league for a long time. >> reporter: yeah, they cannot freak out, that they do have that bye week to get healthy. next up the new england patriots in 13 days on the road. we'll see if they would like that. live at their park on wusa9 sports. >> all right, thanks so much, frank. and on to some baseball news now, as they are getting closer to hiring their new manager, reportedly narrowed their list of candidates down to just two. they are in town for their
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second interview. baker a three-time national league manager of the year, and the cincinnati reds, but they have not managed in 2013. now, black on the other hand would manage their padres in the last eight and a half seasons as they will be expected to make a decision by the end of the week. both with a lot of experience, i mean that they have not managed their 2013 taking all three of them to the playoffs with a lot of knowledge. >> yeah. i love their sound byte. >> yeah. >> but it will be nice to see that fiery side, when you don't have that, but like we said they are finding their way and after what they did yesterday. >> absolutely. it'll be nice to see. >> yes. wusa9 news at 6:00. cbs evening news is
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>> pelley: a new warning from the world health organization about some of th mds and their link to cancer. also tonight, the fbi director on the rise in violent crime since ferguson. >> what's going on? it's likely a chill wind that has blown through law enforcement over the last year. >> pelley: the story behind the vice president's big decision and absence of mallards. seniors fight the government for the return of their beloved juanita. >> it doesn't seem right. i want ta duck back. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today an international panel of experts said that eating processed meats such as cold cuts and bacon increases the


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