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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  October 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now at 11, take a look at this video. two metro employees being called heros after seeing an armed man on a train and taking safety into their own hands. >> tonight two metro employees are getting big kudos from their bosses by working together to stop violence on a busy train. >> reporter: this happened saturday afternoon.
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a fight broke out. neither of these employees are police officers, but they both stepped in and in the process made a frightening discovery. she wasn't expecting to come across a man armed with a gun. before the station manager made it to her final stop, she and a co-worker came face to face with a man police say committed a felony moments before. >> our suspect committed an armed robbery at the metro station, the platform. >> reporter: the gun he used was in his left pocket. he can be seen arguing with someone on the platform. the argument escalates as soon as the doors close. >> two other guys came behind us, got the guy in a choke hold, and said we have to get that up off you. >> reporter: they stepped in thinking they were robbing tibbs. two of the guys left the train.
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tibbs was still there. >> we were talking to him to find out what he had. he said he had a cell phone a couple of times, then he admitted he did have a gun. >> reporter: her co-worker touched his pocket and felt the gun. you can see that employee on top of tibbs. her co-worker moved the gun away and pinned tibbs to the floor. >> he was trying to get away. we figured we better hold on to him. we didn't know what would happen if he got ahold of it. >> reporter: they arrested tibbs as soon as the train made it to chinatown. this type of encounter is rare and their employees went well beyond what is expected. >> their actions were heroic and may have saved lives. >> reporter: transit police say the initial two men are and don't know what they were fighting about. they do not consider those men to be suspects or victims of the robbery that allegedly took
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place just before tibbs hopped on that train. >> thank you. transit police say tibbs was involved in two robberies before he stepped on the train. in january he pled guilty to one count of robbery and one count of unlawful possession of a firearm. here's video you'll see only on 9. dramatic, up close video as d.c. firefighters go into a chinatown high-rise to get people out after a fire in one of the apartments. you can see the crews going in as smoke pours out of the 7th floor windows. you can see this woman being brought out on a stretcher. the woman was taken to the hospital, but we're told her injuries are not life threatening. it took about a half hour to put out the fire. traffic back to normal. all lanes open. police on the scene after crews found a car upside down and
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partially underwater. >> marcus leaferyman was pronounced dead there. he had been reported missing earlier this month. we are live near the scene in laurel. do we know when this accident happened? >> reporter: that's one of the few unanswered questions police are still investigating at the moment. this is the ramp right here, this ramp merges on to the bw parkway. it was along this ramp where that vehicle was pulled up this afternoon from an enbankment down below. it's not unclear when it happened but how it happened. how did this happen? did anyone see it happen? this overturned car along the baltimore, washington parkway was found partially submerged in water. it was beyond the view of traffic traveling on the nearby parkway. it wasn't until landscapers clearing trees off the parkway spotted the vehicle that first responders could finally pull the car out.
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>> they were able to break into the car to determine if there was anyone in distress in the vehicle. >> reporter: inside they found freeman of laurel dead. it's still unclear how he died -- from the crash, if he drowned, or from something else. investigators hope to answer that when they determine how and when the car flipped off the road. we do know that freeman was reported missing on october 15th, nearly two weeks ago. live just outside of laurel for wusa 9. we have been tracking rain. >> right now we have a yellow weather alert set for wednesday. there is a chance we could see showers before that? >> maybe even as early as tomorrow evening. we'll have leftover into wednesday. a yellow weather alert for wednesday. prepare for a slow commute on wednesday. let's talk about futurecast. we have showers south and west
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of town with temperatures in the low to mid-50s. we put this into motion. by 10, we have heavier rains southwest of colepepper. overnight on tuesday, lots of rain. wednesday morning rain, temperatures in the 50s. notice the yellow and little flecks of orange. we'll have heavier showers and thunderstorms as we get into wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. by wednesday at noon, another batch of showers and storms roll through. the only good news, it will be mild almost warm with temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70s. we'll look ahead to the halloween forecast and have your three-degree guarantee. >> thank you. tonight the superintendent of prince williams schools sent a note home about the tragic and unexpected deaths of four students in the past three days. owens was found in a wooded area. he had been missing since
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saturday. forensic experts are trying to figure out how he died. saturday afternoon two 17-year- old teens from woodbridge were found dead in a mini van. they died from stab wounds. davis' death has been ruled a suicide. the manner of death for ferringer is still under investigation. the couple had recently gone through a breakup. this weekend a 17-year-old osborne park student died in a suspected suicide at his home. the letter says the school is there to help students cope with their feelings. suicide prevention tips have been posted on the school's website. an investigation is under way into a maryland state trooper's fatal shooting of a man who crashed a stolen suv into a police car. witnesses say the man was shot after taking his hand out of his pocket and lungeing at the
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trooper. a large knife was found on the man. that man, who is black, has not been identified. the trooper who shot him is white, but race has not been raised as a factor in this shooting. in the district, police shot and killed a man they say was trying to rob a liquor store and shot fire their way. police chief says the officers didn't even have a chance to get out of their cars before the suspect opened fire. a second robbery suspect was taken into custody just a few blocks away. in prince georges county tonight, another sad reminder of the county's shortage of support for domestic violence victims. 35-year-old tonya sullivan was killed by her husband who then turned the gun on himself. the county has more domestic violence incidents than any other county in maryland. there's only one shelter
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available for victims. last year police had more than 10,000 domestic violence related calls. let's get to campaign 2016 coverage tonight. fewer than 100 days remain until the first votes are cast in the 2016 presidential race. over the last 36 hours, new polls and new clashes have reshaped the republican field. we have been following all the recent develops. >> it was just five days after the last republican debate that one of the top-tiered gop candidates dropped out. the next debate on wednesday has just as much of a chance to shake up the republican field. >> reporter: todayin new hampshire, the man who used the top the polls in iowa took pot shots at the man who has replaced him there. >> carson has lower energy than bush. >> reporter: dr. ben carson
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overtaking trump in iowa. a poll out today had carson up by 12 among likely caucus goers. while trump still leads nationally, he spent the weekend needling his new rival's politics. >> i don't think he'll negotiate well. i'm presbyterian. that's down the middle of the road, folks, in all fairness. i mean 7th day adventists i don't know about. >> he went ballistic when he thought i was questioning his faith. it seems interesting he'd be doing that. >> reporter: forced to cut staff and expenses as his poll numbers sink, he sounded melancholy. >> i have a lot of cool things i could be doing rather than
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sitting around listening to people demonize me. >> reporter: former president george w. bush addressed about 175 top donors trying to rally them. he said his brother would remain in the race as a fierce competitor for the office. he thinks voters will come around. reporting live for wusa 9. >> thank you. on the democratic side, hillary clinton celebrated her 68th birthday today. tomorrow she will appear on steven colbert's late show. bernie sanders will be back in our area wednesday holding a town hall meeting with students at george mason university. to a strange story. a naval academy mid shipman in serious trouble after waking up drunk in a strange woman's home. the 74-year-old annapolis woman called police when she found max smith sleeping on a chair in her living room.
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the 20-year-old smith told police he had been at a bar the night before and met a girl. they went back to the apartment complex, but it's not clear how he ended up in somebody else's apartment. he's now charged with burglary. a school peace officer gets violence in the classroom. take a look at this video that has a lot of people outraged tonight. if you're waiting to buy your halloween candy, we'll tell you exactly what kids say they want in those treat bags. let's get through halloween before we see themes like this. d.c. issues
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the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vot to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremyik mcp is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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join me tomorrow morning. i'm tracking a lot of rain headed for our area. video showing a violent encounter between a school police officer and a student is causing outrage across the country. here's the video. it's cell phone video. it was taken at a south
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carolina high school today. the school's resource officer right there is dragging a black student backward on the floor as he tried to take her into custody. the richland county sheriff says the officer was responding to a disruptive student who refused to leave class. that student was arrested. the superintendent says she's deeply concerned about what you're seeing here and is cooperating with the investigation. the officer is not allowed to work at any schools until that investigation is complete. we're learning more about the woman police say crashed into a crowd of people at a parade in oklahoma over the weekend. >> the young woman appeared in court via video conference today, and her family speaking out for the first time revealing she has been hospitalized for mental health treatments in the past. the judge ordered a psychological evaluation. >> reporter: 25-year-old chambers is being held on a
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million dollars bond. she's facing four counts of first degree murder. >> driving a car into a crowd of people is evidence of a depraved mind. >> reporter: her father apologize today the victims. >> i'm very sorry for those victims and the people who lost their lives. >> reporter: four people were killed. 2-year-old nash lucas and married faculty members both 65, dozens were injured, 17 people are still hospitalized. >> i looked down at my hand, and it was gushing blood. i just sat down, and she kept telling me not to look over at the scene because they were putting bags over people. >> reporter: chambers was hospitalized in the past for mental illness but seemed fine recently. >> the look in her face,
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there's a very blank almost lifeless look in her face. >> reporter: formal charges against chambers could come at a hearing next month. prosecutors say one victim is in what they call a fragile state. that patient's outcome could impact the charges she's facing. if you are still trying to process the latest warning about processed meat and causing cancer, you are not alone. you may have heard the news today, a new world health organization study classifies bacon, sausage, and other processed meat as carcinogenic to humans, which means it could cause cancer. they raise the risk of stomach and colon cancer and red meat is probably harmful too. a spokesperson calls the study alarming. >> there are no t-bone steaks in your halloween bag. this might be the information you're waiting for. the best story of the night
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that doesn't involve any violence. it's a sweet story. the reader of rank the best halloween candy. at number 5, nerds of course. starburst number 4. smarties number 3. then we get into the chocolate. peanut butter cups came in second, and kit-kat number one. >> so now the kids ranked the worst. at number 5, a toothbrush. anyone who does that, i'm coming to your house and we're going to have words. number four, tootsie rolls. miscellaneous hard candy. number two, dusty jelly beans. number one, bite-sized or fun- sized chocolate last on the
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list. apparently it's being able to eat something in one bite is not so fun for the kids. >> i loved the sound effect. >> i'm not frightened by the bite-sized candy. smarties, though. d.c. public works is thinking about winter and snow. >> oh, man. the bad news this year, the d.c. council says the city will issue fines if you don't clear your sidewalks. today meeting, they're actually going to enforce it. the winter sidewalk safety amendment act gives you 24 hours to clear a path after a storm. they will issue warnings first, but after that you will have to pay. residents will be fined $25 and businesses $150. the department of public works will assign volunteers to people who do need help. we know this isn't something you're ready to think about just yet, but our friend is
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always ready for snow. >> kids will be out of school. they may be able to make a little money cleaning somebody's sidewalk who doesn't want to do it. >> i'm thinking of the winter forecast. it also comes to the three- degree guarantee. pressure was on. today we went for a high of 60. i thought i was going to have a bullseye, but 61 not bad. we made our 43 of the last 44. we'll go 59 tomorrow. tomorrow is a tough forecast. it could be 54-55. i'll keep it at 59 for now. right now, 50, relative humidity 68%. winds will begin to pick up tomorrow night but especially on wednesday. a chilly start tomorr. bus stop temperatures 38-52.
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probably a light jacket is a good idea. yellow weather alert wednesday. both commutes are going to be wet. i think a big storm is possible for wednesday evening. 39 tomorrow at 6:00 in gathersburg. generally about 46-47 downtown. by 9:00 a.m., 45 in gathersburg. this is bad data. when i advance this, it will be back to where it should be. by lunchtime, all the showers well to the south of us. that's the best chance of showers tomorrow until we get into the nighttime hours. 57 at 1:00. 55 in the gathersburg. 55 in fairfax. by evening now we get some showers. if you're headed out west
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tomorrow, i think you'll have a wet commute home. by 9:30 tomorrow, temperatures low 50s. they hold steady a little bit and then all of this moves in overnight. we're talking a lot of rain. the yellow and the orange, we're going to have heavy downpours. i think we'll have thunderstorms possible by wednesday evening. how much rain? this is just one model. anywhere from 1-2 inches across the board. almost an inch and a half in hagerstown. on the day planner, 50 at 9:00. 54 at 11. there's our yellow weather alert. rain showers, lightning bolts, and thunderstorms on wednesday. thursday temperatures in the upper 60s. next seven days, friday we're in good shape, low 60s. halloween dry and an extra
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hour. sunday we're in pretty good shape for the ravens game. >> that sounds perfect. >> thank you. >> everybody's still riding that high. >> a win's a win in the nfl. they're in the win column. one more day of work before taking time off for the week. what does coach think about his team's performance? we'll hear from gruden coming up. the wizards the selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express
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♪ ♪ geico for your boat. see how much you could save. opponent aside, the burgundy and gold showed us something fans and coaches have been asking for weeks. they showed some hunger, some discipline, and they showed some heart. we saw all of that in their comeback victory against tampa bay. the redskins dug deep, made those halftime adjustments, and we got a surprisingly successful online kick. it's comforting to know his qb is capable of such a
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performance, but they must do a better job of taking the pressure off his shoulders. >> the objective of this offense is to get the ball in the quarterback's hands and let the play makers make the plays. i think he has the ability to throw as many times as he wants to, but we want to make sure everybody gets involved with the running game. >> it was a somber day around the verizon center with the news of the passing of saunders. he was the first head coach of john wall's pro career. wednesday the wizards open their season against orlando. he said saunders will be on his mind as he looks to guide his team to a victory. while the offense is clicking, it's a matter of keeping up the pace on defense. >> we're going make shots. we're going to push the pace,
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but we have to learn to create offense off our defense. >> they have the offense we've been wanting to see from them for a while. we need to see if they can start it off with a
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