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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 27, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> good morning. it is tuesday, october 27th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news, a "cbs news"-"new york times" poll shows a atdramic change in the republican presidential race. ovide captures a sheriffs deputy throwing a student out of her chair. new details about the moments before the confrontation. >> a major retail chain will be closed on black friday. the ceo of rei is in studio 57 to tell us why. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> if i win and i say win, they'll say he's arrogant. i don't want to be accused of
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being ar gant. okay. >> carson trumps trump as a new gop front ru.nner blood watches continue this morning in the south. >> it's really not a good place to be right now. >> violent arrest in south carolina. the officer dragging and grabbing a students is now expected. the death toll isec exptoted rise following a powerful earthquake that struck south asia, between 300 and 400 people are dead. >> president obama has agreed to a deal that would pre vt enna government shut down. a u.s. warship within miles of the man made island. beijing is calling this a threat so sovereignty. a remaining person lost at sea in a whale watching trip that left five others dead. >> the radar is helping anyway they >> a cbs miami news crew was the first on the scene at a broward crash in broward county,
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flida. th claimed to have a bomb in downtown l.a. t. man threw out cash as lapd officers took him down. >> intercepted by tony jefferson. >> carson palmer win number 75. >> and that that matters. running for president is a full-time job and joe's already got one of those. that's why the race is loaded with unemployed people. >> cbs this morning. >> every candidate in this race has a signature querk. bernie sanders has the tongue. >> politically -- >> welcome to "cbs this morning"
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a. brands new "cbs news"-"new york times" poll shows a shift in the republican presidential race. for the first time, ben carson is leading donald trump nationwide, 26% of republican primary voters support the retired neurosurgeon. trump has 22%. he was the leader just two weeks ago. >> this is the first time that trump has fallen out of the lead since he entered the race. it comes as the billionaire candidate faces a public fact check about a recent campaign claim. major garrett is in washington. major, good morning. >> good morning. ford motor company announces its third quarter profits in about two hours. now what does that have to do with the political story? well, ford's ceo, mark feel with retold, eager to respond to trump's erroneous votes that he shamed the company into mexico. >> mexico took a ford plan. i have been very tough on ford. i heard last night ford isn't moving back to the united states. they may not do that deal. i get credit for that.
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i should get credit for that. >> reporter: credit for what? ford will still spend $2.5 billion in mexico to build two new engine plants and modernize an existing one. ford is moving about 1,000 assembly line jobs from mexico to ohio a. decision the company announced in 2011 after ohio offered $15 million in tax incentives. one of trump's republican rivals, ohio governor john kasich helped engineer the return of ford factory jobs. >> i wouldn't call anybody a liar. look, what i can tell you is you don't win jobs through bomb bass yelling or working people over beating them up. >> reporter: ben carson now leading trump in iowa and the c int s news-"new york times" poll nationally. >> i'm ben carson. >> released this new tv ad the theme the neurosurgeon and political outsider is not impossible. >> the political class and their pundit buddies say impossible. he's too outside the box. well, they do know impossible.
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impossible to balance the budget and impossible to get border security and impossible to put aside partisanship. >> the poll shows carson over trump with republican eadvantage gel cals and among tea party voters. in just over two weeks, trump last 12% among eadvantage cals and 8% among tea party republicans. one trend jumps out, trump has lost ground in every single demographic group while carson has gained. the best news, there is good news, 54% of his supporters made up their mind. only 19% of carson voters, that certainty may prove pivotal down the stretch. bernie sanders still leads hillary clinton in new hampshire. clinton has retaken the lead in iowa. last night sanders was on a pbs program. he talked about clinton and his decision to run for president.
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>> why did you decide to run? >> i decided to run because i have four kids and seven beautiful, beautiful grandchildren. you know, i know that in the united states senate, it is said that every morning, people look in thero mirr and brush their teeth and honestly, charlie, was was not one of those hundred people. who is going to take on the corporate interests and wall street and try to create a government that works for all the people in this country rather than a small number of billionaires. that's the issue. if people think hillary clinton is that candidate. go for it. >> they should vote for her. >> she will stand up to those what you calm the establishment interests, then they should vote for her. if they don't think she should stand up or if you will stand taller. >> it's not a question of standing taller. any look at my life's work. any look at what my agenda is today suggests there is one candidate in this race who is, in fact, prepared to stand up. people are satisfied with the establishment politics. you got a candidate.
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if you want real change i'm the candidate. >> he lays it out very simply, charlie. >> it's an hour conversation. but we talk about whether he is, how different is he really from a range of policies from other candidates, single payer is one specific example him we talked also about the "wall street journal" article said some time ago how $18 trillion in new spending. and what will that mean to the budget? >> cbs will bring you a debate next month. you can watch it november 13th, 8 central on cbs. this morning, leaders have denttively reached a break through deem. it would prevent a government shutdown the next two years. it would also raise caps on spending and cut social programs. nancy cordes is on capitol hill with a look at look at how this deadlock was broken. >> reporter: this is one of the biggest bills this congress ever
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struck. it was filed late last night. it could be voted on as early as tomorrow. >> that would be a few days before the nation is set to reach its borrowing limit and rick default. republican leaders briefed their members last night and democrats will do the same today. the 144-page bill, posted shortly before midnight, would raise spending caps by $50 billion the first year and $30 billion the year after that, evenly split between defense and domestic programs. the deal also prevents a spike in medicare part b premiums and makes reforms to social security disability insurance that could save $168 billion over time. along with lifting the debt ceiling until march of 2017, well after the presidential election. republicans last night sounded optimistic it will pass. >> i won't be a part of shutting goun down the government. i also don't want to be a part of doing nothing. so hopefully this middle ground is something i can support. i can suspect i will.
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>> reporter: it's the kind of sweeping agreement that often eludes congress and the white house. many conservatives remain wary. >> i'm skeptical. this president has never shown interest in we remember noing entitlements. >> on "face the nation" last month, john boehner said she wants to resolve pressing issues before he steps down. >> i don't want to leave my successor a dirty barn. so i want to clean the barn up a little bit before the next person gets there. >> reporter: by the next person, he is referring to wisconsin oh congressman paul ryan who is expected to be elected speaker on thursday and who will benefit from the fact that he will not be facing the threat of a shdown if this bill passes even now or for a couple years to come, norah. >> thaens cardes, thank you so much. this morning a south carolina sheriffs deputy assigned to a school is banned from the campus. it shows the white deputy wrestling, dragging a black
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student from her desk. she is later arrested. we are outside with the investigation. omar, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the county sheriff's department says the officer asked her to leave the room several times, within she refused, the resource officer was brought in to have her quote removed. amountture video posted to social media shows richland county deputy ben feels wrapping his arms around her neck. he flips the student and her desk over and tracks her across the floor. >> put your hands behind your back. give me your hands. >> other video show fields restraining the student in front of the classroom while a school administrator and stunned classmates, including tony robinson looked on. >> i never seen anything so nasty looking, so sick, to the point where, you know, other students are turning away.
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>> reporter: the 34-year-old deputy joined the richland county sheriffs office in 2004. in 2008, he was assigned to the district as a school resourgs officer. fields has also been an assistant coach on the football team since at least 2012. leon lott is the rich larpdz county sheriff. >> it shocked me like everybody else. >> reporter: lott says fields has pland on administrative duties. >> it wasn't something he self initiated. he was asked to remove the student from the classroom. now, did he do that properly? that's what we will look at. >> reporter: the superintendent dr. debbie hamm says school administrators are investigating. the district will not tolerate any actions that will jepp decides our students. fields was accused of excessive force in a 2005 arrest. a jury ruled in his favor. the female student in the video was not injured and released to
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her parents. a second female student in the classroom was arrested and charged with disturbing school. "cbs this morning" reached out to fields for comment, but he has not responded. charlie. >> thanks. this morning, a powerful storm system that pull emed the south is on the move. patricia is moving towards the mid-west and the east. the storm already battered the gulf coast with record-breaking rain. we have a continuing threat of coastal flooding. david in alabama, good morning. >> reporter: charlie, good morning, this is the mobile metro area. it was a miserable monday here, record-breaking here. they got five inches of rain breaking the record set back in 1918. it is all part of the five-day weather event that has pummelled the gulf coast. violent storms pounded the gulf coast monday a. dangerous mix of strong winds and up to 14 inches of rain flooded streets. it left thousands of people without power. in pride, louisiana, crews
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rescued 20 school children from a bus that had become stranded on a flooded bridge. >> is there water in there with them? >> reporter: in baton rouge, people were trapped in their car by rising flood water. people came to their rescue. >> you can't drive by people stuck in the middle of the road with their kids and wave like nothing has ever happened. we got out, helped, did everything we could. >> reporter: in mississippi, many roads were let impassable. in alabama, high tides tore apart this pier. around 11:00 a.m. monday, there were wind gusts of 30 miles per hour in spanish fort, alabama the strong winds drew water from the gulf across the sea wall, flooding a roadway on interstate 10. in mobile, felix's restaurant rose early for lunch, employees walked out with their shoes in
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hand. what a difference 15 hours makes. this is where we were standing yesterday. it was waist deep. now it is barely ankle deep. cities like st. louis, washington, d.c., heads up. it is headed your way. norah. >> all right. david, thank you so much. this morning, tensions between the u.s. and china are rising over contested territory in asia. the u.s. navy sailed a warship within 12 nautical miles in the south china sea. that's within the area china used as part of its own territory. seth doane is in beijing with a response. seth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the u.s. says it was sailing in international waters. china said the u.s. ship was warned and followed. today the uss lassen sailed near territory claimed by taiwan, the philippines, malaysia, brunei and vietnam.
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it shows the expansion of the reef which the u.s. naval ship passed today. it is believed coin built an air strip there capable of handling military aircraft. we travel to the south china sea and hired a small boat to get as close as we could to subi reef to witness china's island expansion. this is subi reef that we are approaching off the star board side of the bow here. it almost looks like a city in the middle of the sea. at today's ministry of more than affairs briefing, china called the u.s. patrol illegal and provocative. we were forced to respond, the spokesman lou cong said. we will decide how and when to respond in our own way. >> does that mean a military response when you talk about stepping up the response? he replied, "i will not answer a hypothick question." >> it is believed there will be more patrols, not only near
7:16 am
chinese outposts, but those claimed by other countries, too, gayle. >> thank you very much, seth. this morning, a powerful earthquake in afghanistan, the death toll is above 300. it triggered mudslides in pakistan. rescuers are trying to reach many trapped in that debris. they have supplies for the victim, but in his words, getting there is not easy. most of the dead are in pakistan where thousands of hoerms were damaged. this morning, a woman accused of driving her car into a crowd in oklahoma is in jail on a million dollar bond. adacia chambers faces four preliminary charges of second degree murder. four people were killed in the homecoming parade. chambers will undergo a psychological examination. adriana diaz is in stillwater, oklahoma, to show us what is next in the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the memorial here at the crash site continues to grow. yesterday the district attorney said a fifth victim is in an extremely fragile state.
7:17 am
she says chambers acted with a depraved mind. chamber's test results and drugs and alcohol could take more than a week. >> go ahead, step on in. >> reporter: adacia chambers family members were in the courtroom when the 25-year-old suspect appeared via video conference from jail. >> it's heart breaking. >> her father floyd says the family doesn't have answers. >> it's terrible. i wouldn't wish this upon anybody. i can't undo it. >> chambers' aunt was with her the night before the crash. >> this is so not her. she's one that will give you a big hug. she's one that if you are down, she'll make you smile. that's my adacia. >> reporter: according to her family, four years ago, calibers spent two weeks at a mental health facility. because she was an adult, the specifics of her treatment were not disclosed to her parents. court documents reveal the suspect told police she was suicidal at the time of saturday's crash, but not at the time of booking.
7:18 am
her attorney says his client doesn't remember driving the silver sedan into the crowd killing four people. but district attorney laura austin thomas says, there is no evidence chambers was in a blackout state. >> she would have a vision of these people in front of her. she has a vision of the motorcycle in front of her. witness reports both hands were on the wheel, she is looking at the people as she drives into them. >> i do not think this is a fair >> reporter: chambers is a passion alt artist she said who would never hurt anyone on purpose. >> she's a good girl. i just wish we could go back in time. so nobody would have to go through any of it. >> reporter: the district attorney asked for two weeks before formally charging chambers, that's because she expects the number of charges to increase, depending on the outcomes of the other victims a. moment of silence for the victims is planned for later this morning. norah. >> thank you so much. a new clue this morning about
7:19 am
what may have caused the deadly whale watching tragedy in canada, one person is still missing. at least five people died when the boat capsized sunday near tofino. a rescueer blamed a sudden wave. they are studying the boat's maintenance records t. five people killed are british citizens. donald trump has a date to host "saturday night live," but the critics don't want to see him live from new york. ahead, why the
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a tv news helicopter to the rescue after a plane crash in florida. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning."
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behind the wheel tomorrow. your local news is next. right now you are
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in. the fireworks display in the netherlands went from an ooh and an ahh to an oh, no, disaster. fireworks set fire to a house that burned down. we are glad to tell you, though, everybody survived here. it's scarier than it looks, yet it is okay. coming up in this half hour, there are new calls for "snl" to dump donald trump. the comedy show faces a growing backlash for choosing the republican candidate as host. will producers withdraw the invitation? >> plus first on the scene of a dramatic accident. a chopper plane crash. we go inside the russ coup, that story is ahead. the headlines the washington post says president obama is considering a shift in the
7:31 am
flight against isis in iraq and syria. he is considering moving a limited number of american special operations troops closer to the front lines in syria. the united states forces would not be put in a direct combat role. a formal decision by president obama could come as early as this week. the new york post has a possible halloween ambush on new york city police officers. the agency said the extremist group national militia has encouraged supporters to cause a disturbance attack police. a law enforcement confirms the nypd did receive an alert from the fbi. the bulletin went out to other police officers as well. a ban on electronic cigarettes in airline passenger's bags. it protects against inflight fires. there have been 26 fires or explosions since 2009. ecigarettes can be kept on carry-on ba. the rule goes into effect in the next two weeks.
7:32 am
the tennesseean and national reports on the tire and auto service company bridgestone buying auto parts retailers pep boys t. deal is valued at $835 million. the acquisition will give bridge toen 800 retail stores in 35 states and puerto rico u puerto rico. . the "wall street journal" reports on wal-mart, thinking about using drones. wal-mart asked the faa to test drones outdoors after testing them indoors. possible uses include delivery from store to customer's cars. they also want to test moving packages from trucks to customer's homes and monitor the flow of products from the air t. move comes almost two years after amazon reveals to us on "60 minutes" that it plans to use drones for deliveries. "saturday fight live" has us as featured politicians, hillary clinton appeared in a sketch less than a month ago, "snl" is under fire for having donald
7:33 am
trump host november 7th. the effort to dump trump in the program. >> reporter: good morning a. coalition of latino groups says trumps inflammatoriory remarks disqualify him from appearing. the comes as a new poll out is showing 72% of hispanics view trump unfavorably. but so far, "saturday night live" isn't backing down. >> let's face it. nobody alive has more class than me. all right. >> donald trump is no stranger to "saturday night live" both as a target. >> i'm just like you, a regular joe, but better. >> and as a host. >> but nobody's better than me. i'm a ratings machine. >> reporter: but when nbc annouced the presidential candidate would host the show next month, there was immediate backlash from latino advocacy groups, upset about comments he made about immigrants from exmoco. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crimes, they're
7:34 am
rapists. >> hate speech is not funny. >> reporter: a member of the a coalition of 40 latino civil rights and policy organizations that sent a letter to nbc an "saturday night live" asking them to take back trump's invitation. >> how is it possible that a man can go out and really disrespect and really put dangerous words out there and nbc is giving a platform for it. >> who is that under there? >> "snl" has long been a destination for political candidates. >> the real one? >> many of whom find themselves with the very actors making fun of them on the show. >> i think "snl" plays a unique role in the way that people perceive candidates. >> but unlike these other guest appearance, trump will be hosting the entire 90-minute show. >> he's exkeyedingly common now for candidates to appear on the show, but hosting is an all toke different matter.
7:35 am
it's a big boost for a candidate to have that kind of platform. >> reporter: a boost that has many of trump's detractors upset. >> i don't see nbc reversing this decision. they see it as a potential ratings gold mine. they see themselves as a political humor place and the worst is a perfect opportunity for political humor. >> reporter: now trump's "snl" appearance could trig ter sec's equal time rules, those rules which don't apply to news programs, give a week, after the "snl" broadcast to request equal time with local stations. nbc is declining to comment on this story, gayle. >> they don't need to comment. everybody else is talking. thank you, jan. victims of a plane crash are thanking a helicopter crew from our cbs station in miami for coming to their rescue t. pilot spotted the downed plane monday in broward county t. helicopter news team landed and checked on the victims before the rescuers airve radioed. elaine quijano is here with an inside look at the moment after
7:36 am
the plane trash. elaine, good morning. >> good morning t. pilot says he was asked by air traffic control to locate a plane spkd of crashing on monday afternoon. when he and his crew located the aircraft, they found themselves rushing to help the victim. >> chopper 4 has just located this plane. >> reporter: the wfor chopper news team was the first to spot the wreckage in the everglades. >> these were folks from chopper 4. chopper 4 was in the air trying to locate the plane. >> reporter: the plane fell into pieces on impact. the pilot saw signs of life and few he had to help. >> seeing the gentleman standing on the wings was food news from my standpoint. but it was a pretty good airplane. i few there could have been other passengers on board. >> reporter: you can see carofaro when a crew member rushed to check on the pilot. he was bleeding and couldn't get out of the plane. moments later, another survivor is seen running back to the wreckage. he had gone to find help. >> it's not the normal day.
7:37 am
but it goes through our head often doing this type of mission, a lot of times we are first responders. >> you want to get out and you want to help. >> reporter: robin russell shoots video from a news chopper. >> when you come across an accident of any sort, that's the first thing you want to do. >> with believe there is a person injured inside the plane. >> reporter: emergency crews had to use the jaws of life to extract the pilot under the plane, he was pinned under the debris. he was airlifted to the prourd health medical center. police say he suffered traumatic injuries but was conscious, the two passengers walked away with minor injury sfwls the plane was not in the canal, it was right side up. it looked to me like he did a good job. >> reporter: the passengers were treated and released. the pilot has not been named. his condition has not been released. norah. >> what an incredible story, elaine, thank you so mump. all right, a radioactive threat in the nation's heartland. ahead the underground burn
7:38 am
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>> oh, he's opening the door. >> get out of there. >> i love this. >> he's into it. >> this is not your average bear. he showed up at a parking lot in the great smokey mountain, decided to investigate. you see the bear open the door, climbed inside and at one point the car started honking. after a while, he got away and sort of ambled off. i love the people taking the video. ahh, look at ha. >> my guess is somebody's lunch was inside that car the bear was hungry. >> he was going for the good. >> there is growing fear in suburban st. louis community
7:43 am
over a potential threat buried in the ground a. local landfill contained nuclear waste left there after the cold war. it was dumped there in the 1970s. there is also a hot spot growing underground in a second landfill about four football fields away. neighbors are fed up. vinita, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, well, one of the landfillshat you mentioned the one that contains the waste was designated a superfund site in 1990. meaning the federal government federal government kould would fast track the cleanup. 25 years later the waste is still there. there is another potential threat. >> you can't 100% guarantee we are okay. >> reporter: hundreds of angry people demanded answers last night from federal officials. >> i'm scared. this is scary. we don't go outside. we don't open our windows. >> reporter: this is the source of their anger and frustration. two landfills that abutt one another if north st. louis
7:44 am
county. one houses two areas of illegally disposed nuclear residue, named a superfund clean-up site in 1990. the other and if little has an underground fire, a slow burn, which has been smoldering for five years. it's thought to be about a thousand feet from the radioactive material. but no one knows for sure what will happen if the fire comes into contact with the waste. >> i don't know why they've ignored it so long, i don't. >> reporter: dawn chapman lives less than two miles from the landfills and helped start a citizen activist group to educate her neighbors. what is the most frustrating. for you as a resident? >> i can not believe that somebody, anybody in their right mind would think that you can leave the world's oldest nuclear weapons waste sitting on the surface of a land film for over 40 years and there not be a consequence to that. >> reporter: st. louis's nuclear legacy dates to world war ii when uranium was processed for the first nuclear weapons t.
7:45 am
sites where the leftover wastes have been stored have been clean, but some low level radiation has moved into neighborhoods. missouri's attorney general is suing the landfill's owner, republic services. he says the company mishandled the fire and his experts say the underground burn could conceivably hit the material in three to six months. the environmental protection agency and republic strongly deny those reports. and the company has spent millions of dollars to contain the burn and control the odors. an acting regional administrator for the e. >> the testing we are doing now or about to embark on with the additional samples wear checking, i think will give the public additional information to support what we have been saying. >> reporter: the e says they will decide whether to install a barrier between two two landfills at the end of the years ago don chapman fears that solution will be too late. >> no barrier will be allowed to be put in by this community. if you cannot 100% guarantee our
7:46 am
safety without it. >> reporter: the underground fire is not the only concern. the past weekend, a grass fire erupted about 75 yards away from that radioactive waste. gayle, in addition to all of those problems, this area is also very close to an earthquake fault line. >> oh, boy, all right, thank you vinita, very much. a major retailer will pay employees to scrip work on one of the busiest shopping days of the world. what in the world is the ceo of rei thinking? he is here to expose why all of his stores will be closed on
7:47 am
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7:50 am
. >> an unusual rescue in
7:51 am
pasadena, it was trapped three stories off the ground when pon leafs collapsed on him. he was there nearly an hour until firefighters cut him free. rescues say he is lucky he didn't suffocate. very dangerous. >> very, scary stuff. presidential candidate chris christie and his wife invite us to their home as they ride out the campaign. >> he knows how to push girls on swings. >> very important. father of daughters. >> oh! wee! >> remember when you were a kid? that's fun. i haven't been on one in years. >> is that a double swing? >> yes. >> two people there. >> me and mary pat. >>. >> the new jersey governor governor gave them a stroll. in.
7:52 am
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7:55 am
>> we have brought you events that change lives. >> people that change education. >> how many girls you want to help educate? >> movements that change the
7:56 am
world. >> and 1,000 morning, ago, we made
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>> hey, good morning, everybody, it's tuesday, october 27th, 2015 him welcome back to cbs this morning. there is more news ahead, including the o of outdoor retailer rei, they are keeping closed on black friday. oprst, here's a look at the eye ener at 8. >> trump has lost ground in every single demographic group while carson has gained. >> monday windgustsf o nearly 30 miles per hour in spanish fort, alabama. >> one of the largest de aalst the white house and this congress has ever struck. it was fedil late last night. >> a teacher asked the student
8:01 am
to leave, the resource officer was brought in to have her removed. >> does that mean a military response when you talk about pistepp ng uthe response? scombl the u.s. was sailing in international waters, china said the u.s. ship was warned. >> the district attorney asked for two weeks before formally charging chambers because she expects the number of charges to increase. >> the pilot wastelocaing a plane. when he located the aircraft, they found themselves rushing to help the victim. >> this weekend jepp held a strategy in houston with his family. they want him to go into the family business. jeb is turning the into the elf. you can tell him to make toys all he wants. he wants to be a dentist. >> i'm charlie rose, for the
8:02 am
first time in the republican presidential race, ben carson leads donald trump in a national poll testimony cbs new york times poll out this morning shows the dramatic shift. >> the two candidates have switched places since our last poll two weeks ago. 26% of primary voters back carson. trump's support among republican voters go from 25% to 19%. women now give carson an 8-point advantage. >> i was looking at this poll. interesting, seven in ten primary vote, say it's too early for sure their mind is made up. >> seven in ten. >> 70%. so people will still, i think, this race could still change a great deal according to these numbers. also, we should point out, trump faces new controversy this morning for a comments about muslim women. on monday, trump criticized efforts to spread freedom to the middle east. he says there was too much focus on women who cover themselves in burqas. >> we want it, the women over
8:03 am
there don't have to wear the you know what. and then i said, oh, well that makes sense, that's nice. then i saw women interviewed. they said we want to wear them. we've worn them for a thousand years. why would anybody tell us not to, they want to. what the heck are we getting involved for? in fact, it's easy, you don't have to put on makeup. look how beautiful everyone looks, wouldn't it be easier? wouldn't that be easy? i tell you, if i was a him who, i don't want to, i'm ready, darling, let's go. it's true. >> trump also said, if the united states keeps trying to export freedom, we won't have any ourselves. new jersey governor chris christie sits in 11th place this morning. cbs "new york times" polls, according to that poll, that is a long way from a certain other blunt talking presidential candidate from the northeast some polls suggest christie is being hurt by donald trump, more than any own republican in the 2016 race t. governor and his wife mary pat invited us to
8:04 am
their new jersey home last week. we talked about his family, his recent comments on gun control and tough competition on the campaign trail. >> why do you think donald trump is resonating with so many people at this particular time. >> listen, i think donald first off is a reality tv star. we never had a reality tv star not as smart as astute businessmen? >> he's that, too. we had many smart astute businessmen run for the president before. this is a person that comes in with nearly 100 name recognition because they were on a popular tv show. other people know him. they generally like him. they love the character that he played on the show. so those are all things that are advantages that no one else in the race has. >> but right now the polls are not in your favor. >> yes. >> how do you, i'm not rubbing it in, they're not in your favor, even the residents if your own state are not saying chris christie is our guy.
8:05 am
>> yeah. >> that's got to sting a bill i little bit. >> no, that's kind of natural. >> how is it natural? >> if you look because when you say you want to lead and take another job, people get offended. they want to stay here forever. well, i'm going to need a few job after 2017. as a matter of fact, i don't want to say in public life, this is the only other job i am interested in in there you have children in college, high school, middle school, school shooting must hit close to home. yet you seem to be eare lucktant to embrace tighter gun control laws, why is that? >> because i don't think they work. that itself the problem. i think the problem here is mental health. take one of those last shooters who stole the gun as we know from his mom. >> yeah. >> now there is not a gun control on the books, unless the people who few that that young man was disturbed went to the authorities and got them
8:06 am
involuntarily committed. if you were a resident on the streets, those people may not have been killed in connecticut. >> do you know your neighbors? >> sure. yeah. >> the governor was first elected. he and mary pat decided to stay right here at home in new jersey. >> i said one day during the workweek, i want to make sure you are home for family dinner. >> that's an organizational feat, with four kid, a dad governor and a mom with a successful career on wall street. >> do you still do that now? >> we still do it. >> let's talk about mary palt being the bread winners so to speak for a while. let's talk about that. you know, because for many people, men in particular, it's very difficult for many men when the wife earns more, when the wife is a primary bread winner of the family. >> yeah. it was never a problem for us. i mean, we started.
8:07 am
>> securing. >> who he is. >> i am, perhaps. honestly, it's all we've ever known. it's all we've ever known, chris was in law school when we got married. so from the beginning, i was paying school tuition bills and working. so it was kind of natural. it's fought something we thought about or ever really cared about. >> never cared about? >> never cared about. >> so i'm proud of her. i think the end of it is, the football, if gender stuff aside, she's my partner. i'm proud of her. >> a lot of men don't see it that way. >> i don't know why, it's a grea example for our daughters in particular. your worth does not come from who you marry. your worth comes from who you are. for our sons, i think for them to see this kind of false macho about you have to be the bigger bread winner. you have to be, you know the bigger presence soldier the way it has to be. >> you have been together since
8:08 am
you were 22. >> we actually were friends since i was, gosh, 19, 18 or 19. >> what made you fall in love with him and the same to you? but i want mary pat to go first. >> well, i always found him really interesting, but in addition to that, he was very funny. >> and makes you laugh? >> and makes me laugh. >> what attracted you to her? >> she's cute, first. i am a go i. >> that's a given. >> you foy that, she didn't mention anything about. that guys, don't worry about. that we have to be honest. i thought she was cute. so that starts it. >> she's still cute, governor. >> yes, no doubt about that. >> next year, governor christie and mary pat will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. >> it's just one part of our life. >> most likely on the road, campaigning for president. >> i don't know many teenagers that don't think it's cool to live in the white house. why do you think you are better than the other candidates who
8:09 am
are running? >> the presidency is all about tests, being tested. and there is no one in this have been. >> hillary clinton has been tested, wouldn't you say? would you say you have been more tested than hillary clinton? >> listen, in different ways, yeah, because my responsibilities i think in many ways have been greater than hers have been. i think when you are in charge of the estate, are you the ultimate accountable person for what happens in that state over a period of time, i do think that that's a much more personal challenge than the challenge of being secretary of state, for instance, or being one of 100 united states senators. i know there is no test, no challenge that will come that i will be up for. and it doesn't mean that everyone will agree with whatever i do. but it won't be because i wasn't ready. >> he says he is ready. the poll, seven people made up their mind. i know he is thinking, yes, see,
8:10 am
that's what i'm talking about. he isn't where he wants to be clearly, he has a long way to go in this race. >> does he have the staying power? will he stay in? >> he told me he will be the nominee. yes, he's got staying power, yeah. >> or does he, ho? >> he said he does. >> he says he does. >> it's interesting, how that might affect the race. >> a long way until next november. >> yeah. february is important. that's the beginning of iowa, new hampshire. >> the. about that word first. this morning, the co-founder and ceo of facebook is making news, not for what he said, how he said et. mark zucker burg gave a more than 20-minute speech in mandarin chinese in beijing. it's not the first time he's spoken in public in mandarin. listen. >> brought speaking foreign language ]
8:11 am
>> wow. this is his first speech in the language, facebook is eager to expand in china where it remains blocked. >> they say chinese is very hard. >> oh, yeah. impressive. >> he's been taking lessons. >> years! >> broadcasting legend ted koppel is here. it might keep you up at night what he is
8:12 am
a major retail cane says it will be closed on black friday. the retailer rei is in the toyota room. employees and customers on that extremely busy shopping day. that's next. also, ted koppel is here with his new book. in
8:13 am
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8:16 am
this morning, american consumers are learning a major retailer won't take their money on one of the behind me. for some reason it's got the moon right -- shines right in. i have the blinds closed but it's like a big lead light --
8:17 am
big led light. it keeps me awake. i've been -- up' like a parrot. you turn the lights out on me and i'm down. but i'm wide awake. >> why? >> we have a harlem globetrotter. he's legendary. i went to a harlem globetrotters game when i was a kid. my mom took me. i' a magical experience. it's good family time, good, clean fun. we're going to have some fun with him today. >> i remember watching them growing up in the '70s. even a car tonight. if you're a man of a certain age like brad pitt, jonny depp, myself, you would know things like that. we're about the same age. google it. we're ready for halloween. is your car ready for winter? we have meaghan mooney out there. there's police out there as we. [ sirens blowing ] >> you never know what you're going to get outside the wusa9
8:18 am
station, but this morning, yes, we are talking about cars. markette, women everywhere, it's the power of the purse. who knew women make up 85% of the car buying and maintenance power when it comes to the automobile industry. and right now with the chill in the air, my fingers are getting cold, that we are talking about winterizing our car. we have lawrence fix, perfect name for this, to tell us why is it so important that right now is the perfect time to be winter rising our car very quickly? >> we want to prepare because this is the time when the cold can amplify battery problem, engine problems, brake problems. that will leave you stuck on the side of the road. so you want to be prepared especially before the snow flies. >> we heard it here and we'll


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