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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  October 27, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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at 7:00, rain creeping into the metro area. this is just the start of a very wet 36 hours. thanks for joining us. >> the rain and showers are what's left from hurricane patricia. our chief meteorologist is here tracking how much rain we can get and when. topper. >> we are kind of lucky. evening commute is pretty much over and most everybody got home with a dry road. i want to widen the radar, first alert doppler. you see moisture from raleigh through southern virginia, southern west virginia to the ohio valley. it is slow to move in but it will move in in a big way overnight. most of the action in the last hour toward winchester and i81 with a couple sprinkles here and there. for the most part along i81 is where most of the activity is. notice it is all light. that's going to change through
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the nighttime hours. here is futurecast. at 10:00 tonight you might be able to walk the dog without an umbrella if you are inside the metro area. watch overnight, here comes the activity. it will be heavy and steady. everybody will see rain. at 6:00 am, 58 downtown. at least it will be mild. by say 10:00 look at the orange and yellows popping up. this will be heavy rain. we are looking at a very, very slow commute on the way to work and then look what happens at 3:30. look at the red. this is a big time possibly thunderstorms. we'll talk about that and the possibility of gusty winds as well. in dc, three metropolitan police officers are on injury leave after this encounter with a man yesterday. dc police release this cell phone video taken in northeast not far from hd woodson senior high school. eric jones is seen talking to himself, doing push ups and taking off his shoes. as officers ordered him to get
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on the ground he rimed off a karan ten in a and went after the officers. according to police charging documents he was high on some kind of drug and is facing a count of assaulting an officer. one officer had cuts on his arm. another was bitten. the third officer jammed his finger a use of force investigation is underway. the fbi and justice department are looking into a columbia, south carolina deputy who dragged a student from her desk. cell phone video shows ben fields wrapping his arm around the student's neck flipping her and the desk over and dragging her across the floor. fields is school resource officer who has been with the sheriffs department for 11 years. he is coach of the school football team. the sheriff says fields is on leave while a civil rights investigation is underway. >> it wasn't something that he self initiated. he was asked to remove the student from the classroom. did he do that properly? that's what we are going to look at. >> deputies arrested the
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student and she's facing a charge of disturbing school. the sheriff says a teacher, administrator, and deputy asked the girl to leave the classroom before she was dragged out of her desk but they didn't say why they wanted her to leave. she was not hurt. dc health department is investigating several news for possibly misusing controlled substances. the department immediately suspended licenses for two nurses. four others are still under review. the missing drugs were reported in june. health department is trying to figure out whether nurses made mistakes while documenting drugs or if they used them inappropriately. the fbi is warning law enforcement agencies across the country about a possible threat on halloween. it comes from a dangerous anarchist group known as national liberation militia. we have learned the group is reportedly asking members to dress in costume and create some kind of disturbance and ambush police who come to help. they might also target religious and educational
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institutions. it's important to note washington and baltimore are not listed among targeted cities. still police are urging everyone to be vigilant of suspicious activity especially on halloween. deliberations are expected to begin sometime tomorrow in the charles severance trial. he is accused of killing three people in alexandria. the defense wrapped up its case this morning. the rest of the case future prosecution rebuttal witnesses. tomorrow both sides will present closing arguments following jury instructions his fate will be in the jurors' hands. new information on a deadly discovery. laurel police identified the man found in a submerged car as 26 year old marcus freeman. he had been missing and reported missing on october 15. yesterday tree clearing crews found his car upside down in a pond near the parkway and route 198. police say there is nothing suspicious about his disappearance but they are still investigating. prince william county, parents, teachers, school leaders struggling to deal with
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four sudden and tragic student deaths in past four days. >> reporter: experts are sending out a key message. if you are feeling depressed, reach out and talk to someone. there is help, and there is hope. >> it's really a shock, all these kids are dying. >> reporter: young people at brent ville district high school, the latest to carry notes home announcing sudden and tragic death of a fellow student. police found the body of 15 year old christopher owens after an intense search over two days. >> we are all just kind of confused about the situation. >> i am calling to ask for your help. >> reporter: the school superintendent sent a phone message to parents after death of owens as well as india davis and david cobs as osborn park in monasis.
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>> please know you are not in this by yourself. >> there have been multiple suicides in a small area in a short amount of time. >> reporter: warning signs for teen suicides include recent losses like this one, talking about dying, and lacking any kind of hope in the future. watch for them and step in. >> police have yet to confirm causes in three deaths but mental health leaders say we cannot wait for that. the girl with leukemia who scolded congress for shutting down government while kids like her needed research money now. today it was the final good-bye for maddie major. cancer had its way but not before she made a big difference. when we first met her in 2013 she said love was the only answer she had on how to stop politicians from squabling. >> this was a little girl whose message was the only thing that
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matters is love. i believe that that will be the biggest impact on our community. people will remember that there are a lot of things in life, but that's the only one that's going to make a difference in the community and in our world. >> loved ones remembered maddie as the community warrior princess. her family urged mourners to continue to press politicians for more spending on childhood cancer research. lawmakers in the house will vote tomorrow on a two year budget deal that will avert government shut down. it raises spending caps by 50 billion the first year and 30 billion the year after evenly split between defense and domestic programs. it also lifts the debt ceiling until march 2017. hard lined conservatives don't like increased spending. john boehner said the deal is not perfect but it's better than increasing debt limit without more money for troops. a former montana county police k-9 is back with the
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officer who raised him after a fight for months. >> he worked with chip for four years. officials in the police department decided to retire the dog and remove him from the county after they said he attacked his handler during training exercises. he admitted he bit him but it was out of character. after months of fighting what the county and judge ordered the police department says which organization he went to and they traveled out of state to be reunited with chip. >> i pulled up and the male driver looked at me. i rolled photo policy i window down. he rolled his down. i said you wouldn't happen to have chip with you. as soon as i said chip, chip came off the back seat and put his face against the window. i put it in park and jumped out. he jumped right in my arms. it was the best feeling. >> the family says they had to drive nearly ten hours each way to get chip. >> oh my goodness. harsh words are fueling this woman's fight all the way
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to capitol hill. later, i talked with the woman some have called the ugliest in the world about her brave fight against bullies. >> closing shop on the busiest day of the year. after break, the reason one store refuses to open its doors on black friday. >> we stopped you because you are talking on your cell phone while you are driving. >> this is not your average police trap. next, see how they used an officer disguised as a homeless man to catch drivers breaking the law. you are watching wusa9 and your only local news at 7:00.
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trying to remember this story the next time you reach for your cell phone while driving. montana county police officers set up a sting operation to catch drivers using their phones while behind the wheel. they used an officer dressed up
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to look like a homeless man to spot offenders. anybody paying attention could see his sign says he is not homeless. he is a cop looking for drivers breaking the law. >> ultimately the law is it's a hands free device. it can't be in your hand. >> that's smart. it's really dangerous. i am not disagreeing. >> no idea how many tickets they wrote. austin texasers set up at river road and golds borrow in bethezda area. they have done this a few times and told us they pick spots randomly. a major retailer says not only is it closing doors on one of the biggest shopping days of the year, it's also going to pay employees the day off with pay. >> what? >> outdoor chain rei says all of its stores will be closed on black friday. the ceo explained the reason behind the decision earlier today on cbs this morning. >> we started thinking about how can we be authentic as an outdoor company on thanksgiving or the day after thanksgiving and we came to the conclusion
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that for us encouraging people to be outside is one of the most authentic things we can do. >> he is generous too. >> yeah. >> if you are hoping to order from the website, forget about it. that's going to be shut down as well. it's not just amazon that wants to deliver your orders by drone. walmart applied for permission from federal aviation administration to test drones for home delivery and curb side pickups. the retail giant has start testing devices inside its warehouses. back at work today for the last practice before kicking off the bye week. we sit down with some of the players and see how they plan on spending their time off. >> so far so good in the immediate metro area. you don't need this yet but you will need it tomorrow. in addition to rain and thunderstorms check out the forecast on the wind gust tracker. we can see winds of 43 miles an hour at 11:00 tomorrow morning, 43 frederick, 36 downtown. get ready for big winds and thunderstorms. we'll
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involving anesthesia, which may cause muscle problems. other serious side effects may occur, including slow heartbeat and fainting; increased stomach acid, which may raise the chance of ulcers and bleeding; nausea and vomiting; difficulty passing urine, seizures, and worsening of lung problems. the most common side effects associated with namzaric are headache, diarrhea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and bruising. woman: mom and i share a lot of moments. and we're making the most of each one. vo: ask your doctor if new namzaric is right for your loved one. cruel cyber bullies called her the world's ugliest woman. she's now fighting back heading to capitol hill tomorrow. she's going to lobby lawmakers for the first federal antibullying legislation. in a story you will see only on 9 tonight i talked with lizzie about the crusade and
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inspiration behind her award winning documentary a brave heart. >> i will be the first person to tell you that i know bullying will never end one day and be gone. but if there is something that we can do that can help save or protect at least one student, we should do that. >> lizzie used to be the one student, bullied throughout her life because of a rare condition that makes it i am po be for her to gain weight. it was this youtube video posted nine years ago that changed her life. >> a video of someone posted of me calling me the world's ugliest woman. >> reporter: the comments were devastating. lizzie read every one. >> i couldn't stop. i was so desperate to find one person sticking up for me but i didn't see that. instead i saw the world would be a better place if you took yourself out of it. >> reporter: it took years but lizzie was able to heal using
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the hurt to help others. >> motivational speaking. it became easier for me to realize i can use my story to help other people. >> reporter: in september an award winning documentary inspired by her life journey was released. it became motivation to lobby lawmakers for the first ever federal antibullying bill. >> in the process of making the film we were doing research to see what bullying laws were in place to protect kids in schools. there shockingly weren't any. >> i am with lizzie. >> i am michelle and i am with lizzie. >> i am sarah and i am with lizzie. >> i am octavia and i am with lizzie. >> i am with lizzie. >> reporter: lizzie has hundreds of thousands of supporters on social media and on youtube, the very place where this all began. >> my hope moving forward is that there will be more kids who will be able to survive
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bullying. >> lizzie says she's grateful for the day she still gets awful comments and still gets plenty because it lets her know her job is far from over. it gives her purpose, gives her life meaning. >> we are all with lizzie. my question about the legislation, how would it work? bullying is more than physical. it's about words. how would you define bullying? >> her goal is to bring awareness. show kindness. show people that your words matter. even though she's bringing all of this to capitol hill in hopes of starting something, it's really to get people talking. >> absolutely. >> it's really to show teens this is what can happen. your words do matter. >> i looic that. words matter. absolutely. good stuff. >> thanks. in south carolina rain brought more floods to the water logged state. take a look at the road turned river. hurricane patricia is responsible for some of the rain. it is expected to hit here as well. topper is tracking it.
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>> you should never drive through the river like that. you don't know how deep it is. it was up to his hood for crying out loud. don't do that. we will show you the remnants of patricia. it covers a big area. a live look outside, it's 59 and dry for the time being, winds east at 10. winds will pick up tomorrow and tomorrow evening. here is the wide view. there are still rains in south carolina but it is beginning to lift out and north. there is a lot of heavy roin in ohio river, illinois, indiana all the way to wisconsin and iowa. we will zoom in more. you see most of the activity has been south and west which is why we did not issue a yellow weather alert tonight. it's going to roll in here after midnight. it has been wet through cumberland and romney and along i81 corridor. there have been a couple sprinkles but for the most part we are not going to see much tonight until after midnight. rain and showers will over spread the entire metro area. it will be milder. bus stop temperatures 52 to 62 but wet in the morning and also
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when you pick them up in the afternoon. both communities are going to be wet. yellow alert. we are looking at one to two inches of rain across the board. at 10:00 tonight, 57 downtown, 55 in leesburg, 53 in manassas. overnight, boom, here it comes. 58 downtown. it will be mild with low 50s to the north, 54 in leesburg and 55 in fairfax. at 9:00 look at the yellow and orange. that's heavier rain and downpours. 59 in manassas. by lunch heavy activity pushes north. another batch of heavy thunderstorms roll through with heavy downpours. right now our biggest concern will be heavy downpours and also pretty strong winds through tomorrow. wind gusts at 6:00 am could be gusting to 36 miles an hour
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downtown, maybe 38 in frederick. day planner looks like this. we are looking at showers and 59 at 7:00, 61 at 9:00, 63 at 11:00 and 66 at 1:00. some of those downpours will be heavy. thursday we are even warmer with 74 and a couple showers. it does not warrant a yellow weather alert yet. breezy and cooler friday with 61. a nice finish to the week and nice night for high school football. great on halloween with 64. we get an extra hour of sleep this weekend, near 70 sunday. showers after the game, better chance on sunday, great next tuesday. wusa9 game on sports with kristin berset. >> burgundy and gold got in a final practice before racing out of town for the bye week. fred caught up with some of the players to see what their plans are for their time away. >> reporter: want to get away? now is the perfect time for bye week and washington redskins
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going in at 3-4. what do the players and coaching staff do with this much deserved time off? >> kick my feet up, talk crap on twitter, be a fan of football for a week. >> i am going home back to missouri, south of st. louis. i can't wait to go home and unwind a little bit, hang out and eat barbecue, hit a couple food spots and enjoy the family seeing my brothers and relaxing and hang out. >> watch college football and get back to being a fan and just enjoying football as a fan. then we get back to trying to put together a game plan and go up there and shock the world. >> reporter: another good reason for the bye is r and r, rest and relaxation. so many starters are injured and the hope is they can get most of them back for the patriots in new england on
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november 8th. >> get their minds right, get their bodies right. they have a tough schedule coming the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vot to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremyik mcp is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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narratorjeremy mcpike -ate, who supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose baground checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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that's all for our news at 7:00. thanks for watching. lesli foster and adam will be here at
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sandra bullock's first red arpet date night with her new ma >> plus, halle berry filed for divorce after two years with her husband. what went wrong? >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> no need to get married. i did it twice. i tried. >> there are rumors for the past couple months. >> the last appearance together, "e.t." was on the set where they first met. >> do you know what i mean? >> then, sandra hand in hand with her new man george an amal's after dark pda. >> and brad gushing over angie. the exclusive new interview. >> why are blake and g staying at the same hotel and why johnny depp is pranking his wife. bob barker after the nasty fall that sent him to the e.r. >> i cut my head all up. >> and is bindi dancing new emcee. >> now in our 35th season this is "entertainment tonight." >> bob barker on the record with


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