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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  October 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: were you nervous today? >> yes. >> every time i heard a lot of sirens today i went past the school. >> reporter: the teen suffers from depression, angry with his classmates, and had a hard time making friends. detectives located multiple guns in the home, owned by the parents and locked away. >> i'm never surprised by things like this that it is happening here a little, but i feel very safe with my kids here. >> it's like we had to have metal detectors in schools now, do we need to have police officers, national guard. what is it that we have to do to make sure that our children are safe. >> if you live in fear every day that something like this is going to happen you're not going to have a very good life, but i feel very safe here. >> reporter: authorities say that there was no written plan or manifesto found at the home when they conducted a search warrant. authorities also seized the boy's computer that there is nothing additional or said that the plot was going to happen
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the next day. they also say that the sheriff says that there was no evidence of bullying, but the investigation continues at this point and the boy's parents were not aware of this plot. live in stafford, surae chinn wusa9. >> yeah, another disturbing threat here to get us all thinking, thank you. that teen has been charged with two counts including threatening to bomb the school and conspiring to commit acts of terrorism. he'll remain in jail until the next hearing. in frederick county, maryland, school officials are taking action to shut down social media accounts, spreading video of school fights. fight video are a popular genre on the internet. the message is that kids are not the only one strolling to see the action. scott broom is live to explain. scott? >> reporter: well lesli, you're right as it turns out that school administrators, they are watching too and that they have been very successful in getting social media platforms like instagram to shut these accounts down. and take disciplinary action against the kids that they
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could identify on tape. >> fight videos, exploitive and brutal as they have seen lots of them. >> they'll be in class and they will say to come over and then like a lot of people, they will come crowd around them and that they will look. >> kind of get some sort of kicks out of it. >> reporter: this account, as they would fight and they were shut down today for violations of the terms of use against violence and bullying. and it was the school system here that blew the whistle. the fifth time this year that they have taken action. michael doer speaks for fed rick county -- frederick county public schools. >> by their very nature of glorified violence and bullying behavior, promoting cyber bullying. it means that we're constantly viewing social media for any content related to our school, good or bad. >> reporter: they could see that the incidents were on the school property and involved students. in addition to shutting down the accounts, administrators are disciplining students that
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they could identify on video. parents and students react. >> kids have cell phones, but that's where the parents need to step in and really do the monitoring outside the school areas. >> just kind of promoting violence and hanger anger and hate and i don't think that's cool. >> if students make mistakes, there are consequences of that. but it shouldn't be that you live forever on social media and on the internet. >> reporter: as you can see from some of the examples we showed you on youtube, they come from all over the country. to give you an idea of how widespread in frederick county, maryland alone the school system has successfully been able to shut down five of these accounts this year. well last year they were able to shut down a dozen of them. reporting live in frederick county scott broom wusa9. >> thank you, scott. when those complaints come n the accounts are usually shut down within 48 hours. a trash truck fire is causing major delays on the icc. that the fire happened near
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shady grove road as no one was injured. we just checked a few minutes ago, told that the two left lanes are open and the far right lane is still blocked for clean up. to questions now from jurors who are deliberating in the charles severance murder trial. those questions are giving us some hints about what's going on inside that jury room. peggy fox has been covering the trial for us since day one. any chance that the jury might be getting close to a verdict here? >> reporter: well, not at all based on two juror questions that came in late in the day and this jury has been deliberating since 10:00 a.m. >> reporter: judge randy bella read their notes asking for colored markers, another easel pad, more copy of their instruction and a list of all the exhibits. an indication that this jury is just getting started. more than 100 exhibits were shown. pictures, videos, receipts, records, some of charles severance's writings. that the jury has been given
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all 2,000 plus pages of the defendant's writings. and they heard from 100 witnesses over three weeks of testimony. and there are ten counts that they must decide on. a first-degree murder charge for the 2003 shooting death of nancy dunning. but the most recent of ruthanne lodato and ron kirby are upgraded to capitol murder because they happened within three years of each other. severance faces six firearms related charges and a malicious wounding charge for the shooting of janet franco who worked in lodato's home, the only eyewitness who saw the gunman, identifying severance in court as the man who did it. another important piece of evidence for the prosecution is the video of a red ford escort with the same dent and sticker as severance's seen in lodato's neighborhood at the time of her murder. the 2003 target video, the prosecution says shows severance stalking dunning the morning she was murdered could help the defense if the jury
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believes their witnesses that it is not charles severance in the video. what's not there, not one hair, fiber, or fingerprint, the defense says is the most telling thing that he's innocent. >> reporter: and now the judge denied giving the jury a list of all the exhibits from the commonwealth and the defense, the defense objected to that, saying that they could prejudice their case if they are looking for a match between the two. and also that they would request that the police reports from the lodato murder since those reports were not admitted in to evidence that the jury cannot see those. the jury went home for the night, back home at 10:00 tomorrow, reporting live in fairfax peggy fox wusa9. >> sounds like they are going through things meticulously, thank you. welfare faction police have charged a 17-year-old with murder. in connection with the death of the man at huntington park. his name, not being released because of his age. police say that they killed 42- year-old khalid aboumalik in a
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robbery attempt. investigators believe the two did know each other. now the teen was already behind bars charged with robbing the victim. frightening moments today for passengers aboard a plane that caught fire. the boeing 767 was preparing to take off at ft. lauderdale when flames broke out in an engine. the passengers were evacuated on the runway. the dynamic airway flight was headed to venezuela as the pilot taxiing behind that plane reported seeing fuel leaking before the fire. and the broward county sheriff's office says 15 people were hurt, one suffered burns, the other suffered less serious injuries. after more than a year of looking and one abandoned search, metro may be close to naming a new general manager. the transit agency is in salary talk with the former executive vice president and chief financial officer of the northern virginia aerospace company atk. taken by fires, financial challenges, a lot of writers are worried about metro, but the head of the new writers union says that she is
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cautiously optimistic. >> but you are convinced that a new leader can make a difference? >> absolutely. >> reporter: and coming up at 6:00, bruce leshan talks to more writers. you'll hear from him. it is the beginning of the paul ryan era in congress. the republican elected to the congress to the house. he didn't want the speaker job, but was pressured to run after kevin mccarthy suddenly withdrew from the race. >> i never thought i'd be speaker. but early in my life i wanted to serve this house. i thought this place was exhilarating because here you can make a difference. >> ryan succeeds john boehner who came prepared with tissues for his farewell. his 25-year congressional career will end this saturday. so a lot of federal workers really reluctant to comment on paul ryan becoming house speaker when we spoke to them today, revealed of the news that there will not be likely
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another government shutdown. at least for the next couple of years. our bruce leshan here with that story after hitting the streets. even though it was a couple of years ago, still on the fresh of the minds out there. >> absolutely. paul ryan's extension is as congress ties up loose ends on a budget deal avoiding a federal default and likely prevents the federal government shutdown in december. >> good music, great weather, and news that the government shutdown is very unlikely seemed to add a little spice to the afternoon food truck lines outside federal offices in southwest today. >> i think that takes some of the pressure and their worry off, so that we could focus our energy on actually doing the work. >> how many government shutdowns have you gone through? >> a total of two. >> reporter: he says that he'll miss his colleagues and the work, but he won't miss the congress and how its treated federal employees. >> we're definitely easy
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targets of congress. inside the beltway here there are plenty of us easy to pick on. >> reporter: they're cautiously optimistic because the house has approved a budget to set spending levels for the next two years and the senate is expected to follow in by a few days. >> not that i'm relieved by it because it's not like a permanent decision. >> you might have a better chance of negotiating with the extreme republican parties that have been giving boehner a hard time. but he is also still a very established republican. >> reporter: but for now the federal workers are not being sent home and food truck operators depending on them for a living say that it is good news. we thrive on government
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workers. >> reporter: consider this that the office of management says that there are $-- there are 2.45 million not including military personnel. but get this. that's the fewest number of the people working for the federal government since 1966. and so it is shrinking. >> yeah. obviously people, well, they are not talking specifically about ryan. they're not optimistic that he'll remove the gridlock. >> they're afraid and that they don't trust congress because they feel that every time they want to cut government, points to the federal workers. we'll have more at 6:00. >> thank you. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00, a maryland man accused of beating his wife to death with a dumbbell. new information on the husband coming up at 5:30. and why virginia's governor is telling the state senator to
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man up. mainly 48 to 56. we'll come back and look ahead to sunday that you might be surprised on how we start out november. and the latest on maryland's breakaway blimp. that's all coming up. narrator: for state senate, who shares our values? jeremy mcpike - supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions.
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and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad. the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving."
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the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding v to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jerecpmy m is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. residence in a troubled dc neighborhood have had enough of the violence. >> a murder on dix street near
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53rd street northeast. 35-year-old leon junior was shot. it's just the latest killing in a string of recent violence. on tuesday the woman was stabbed in the back on the very same block. expected to survive. and yesterday a woman was killed a mile and a half away. even though they are fed up, no one wants to be seen talking about it. after the father of the slain news reporter sent a message to the state senator about his support for gun owner rights, that he reported a message, the father of alison parker, becoming a well-known advocate for gun control after his daughter was murdered. well the governor told stanley to man up. >> and if i called the police every time that someone went online and said much worse than
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what i'm going to be your worse nightmare i would spend 24/7 on the phone calling the police. >> reporter: and now parker, he isn't talking. we don't know what any action they could have taken. covering the rest of the military blimp that floated away from the base of maryland. >> there's a lot to that before they broke free yesterday. and cables were dangling, damaging their power lines as they would float low. going 150 miles before finally coming down on its own. >> two impacted pieces. and like i said that a lot of it, it is hanging in their security and the trees that are in the ravine right now. >> the main section is still in the process of deflating. to help it along, how about a little target practice? firing about 100 shots in to it to help get that helium out.
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i was getting ready to say you cannot miss it. >> no, keep that at home as we are good with it. >> what do we got? very warm today. running after noon like this is crazy. >> we'll see a couple of changes, but not the whiplash changes, that's sort of the reality check. but speaking of temperatures a look at the 3-degree guarantee as we went high and aggressive. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. a little bit on the nervous side. this is off of northwest dc looking northward down wisconsin. the visibility is pretty good. 68 right now. the dew point back in the 40s and the winds are still west at 8. becoming northwesterly. so it will turn cooler tonight. bus stop temperature, 42 to 52, so kind of chilly and breezy in
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the morning also. much cooler tomorrow as i would dress for the lower 50s. and then chilly, but nice for high school football. temperatures in the 50s, falling in to the 40s, a late game. a nice treat tomorrow morning. that the skies will cooperate. you don't need anything, just take a look up and east and jupiter, venus, mars altogether at around 6:30 tomorrow morning and that it is actually a pretty nice site if you have that telescope that yes it will be better, but you don't need one. future cast at 10:00 tonight, still fairly mild. and temps aren't going to fall tonight at all. 52 in gaithersburg. 59 downtown and 54 in manassas and fairfax and then by 6:00 a.m. we're back in the 40s, all right? 43 now in gaithersburg and frederick and 44 in bowie and 46 in fredericksburg and then by 9:00, creeping in to 50 maybe downtown and the upper 40s elsewhere. so it will be chilly at the bus stop. by 1:00 upper 50s and notice
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that these arrows here means northwest winds. so even though that it will be near 60, i would dress for the low 50s tomorrow and by 6:00 p.m. still 57 downtown and 56 in manassas. most of the high school games will be played with those temperatures in the 50s. so as we would get in to tonight and we will just say a clearing sky, breezy, cooler, i suppose you could say chilly and the low temps in the 40s and the 50s. by the mortgage, mostly sunny, breezy, chilly, jackets are a good idea in the 40s and the 50s. by the afternoon, mostly sunny, breezy, cooler, still a perfectly nice day, late october and this is close to our average temperature. winds are northwest. again making it feel cooler than it actually is. so on the day planner we have 40s to start downtown and then the 50s at 9:00. 54 at 11:00 and 51 at 8:00. so temperatures don't exactly zoom up tomorrow. on halloween we're fine still cool. trick or treating in the 50s.
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and then a little warmer on sunday, 67. a couple of showers are possible, but i wouldn't plan the day around it though. the next seven days. a couple of showers are possible on monday too, 70. look at this the lower 70s. wednesday mid to upper 70s. and the mid-70s on thursday and a reminder again to move your clocks back one hour as we fall back to daylight savings time back to standard time. and check the batteries in your smoke detectors as well. >> a good reminder, top. a wusa9 investigation that has not even aired has prompted an internal review at the dc lottery. >> russ ptacek joins us with really the big money wins that are going to people that sell those dc lottery tickets? >> unproportionately it would seem. >> yes, are you guys feeling lucky tonight? >> no. >> all right, well a lot of players are not either because of the information that we found. we reviewed 64,000 lottery wins of dc lottery winners. summing up the top five most
5:21 pm
frequent winners of everyone whose occupation we can identify. every one of them sold lottery tickets for a living. meet lunas assad one of the men issued in a news release identified triumphly as the million dollar winner and that he was a pizza delivery man, but he's not he sold himself that lottery ticket at the store he owns. something they still won't admit and by no means alone. some sore owners have won as much as five times more lottery jackpots than him. and he won 27 jackpots from his own store. and in our own investigation tonight after the game, you'll hear a lot more of this information. also uncovered an arrest that involves a retailer who
5:22 pm
fraudulently obtained 80,000 tickets, then went across the street to cash out those winnings. all tonight at 11:00. >> he seemed pretty open about talking to you. >> yes, very open to talking about it. saying that he is a gambling addict and that he spent every dollar he won putting it right back in the system and that is what he said. that is the reason why he wons because he kept playing. >> clearly an internal review that needs to go on at dc lottery. >> they've launched it. they say that we have identified a suspicious pattern. >> all right, we will look forward to your pattern later on tonight. thanks, russ. we've got an important recall to tell you about. and with halloween fast approaching, some new results of trick or treaters. their favorite candy. and why this emt was suspended after get this trying to save a 7-year-old who was choking.
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i'm jill mccabe, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. all the mouthwash in the world won't help dick black. because what comes out of his mouth is just offensive. black said gays and lesbians lead "lifestyles that are harmful to the culture of this state." he dismissed rape in the military, calling it "as predictable as human nature." black opposes the use of birth control and voted to force women seeking abortions to have intrusive transvaginal ultrasounds. dick black. so extreme, it's dangerous.
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an emt suspended without pay tonight after trying to save the life of a 7-year-old girl. get this qwasie reid's partner were transporting a nursing home patient last week when they got flagged down by a frantic man saying that the
5:26 pm
girl was choking. he immediately began life saving maneuvers. reid's efforts appeared to be in vein as the girl was declared brain dead. but according to the bosses the emt made an unauthorized stop when that guy was trying to flag him down and that is why he got suspended as he says he doesn't regret it that he would do it again if another child was joking. >> i have some important recall information to share with you tonight. their consumer alert. if you're a chip lover check your pantry recalling the sour cream and onion potato chips. the package claims they are gluten free, but they are not. if you can't have gluten, that would be a big deal. the giant wants you to throw away any uneaten portions, bring your receipt back to the store for a full refund. the emissions cheating scandal has dealt a financial blow to volkswagen. a loss of nearly $2 billion in
5:27 pm
the third quarter. countless recalls, also digging their profits too. reporting a loss of $330 million. the votes are in and we're not talking presidential primary here. what really interested trick or treaters this year, halloween candy with the results of the new nationwide consumer survey. reeses peanut butter cups. >> that math is confusing. >> crowned america's favorite candy. i concur. kit kat and butter finger were the other two and lovers of candy corn didn't fair so well, only five states voted it as the number one choice because chocolate is life. chocolate with peanut butter is even better life. >> don't mess with the sugar sheriff here. straight ahead we'll meet the newest members of the state police. and strange new details about a maryland man accused of killing his wife with a dumbbell.
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new information tonight in the case of the laurel man who allegedly used an unusual weapon to murder his wife. >> the lawyer for jason martin says that they would work for their security agent charged with using a dumbbell to kill 42-year-old karla d. martin. andrea mccarren here with more details. >> reporter: adam, howard county police say that the
5:31 pm
couple's three children were inside that home during the outburst of violence, but thankfully none of them witnessed it. 41-year-old jason martin is behind bars, charged with the brutal killing of his wife in their laurel home. charging documents reveal that howard county police were called to glenn ridge drive around 11:00 p.m. on tuesday. according to police records, martin went to the home of a neighbor and said he thought he killed his wife, karla. investigators say martin admitted to using a dumbbell in the assault. police found karla martin in the basement with multiple facial and head injuries consistent with blunt force trauma. despite life saving efforts, she was pronounced dead at laurel regional hospital. in court today a public defender said martin has no criminal record. he said he is working on his doctorate degree in mathematics from cornell university. he's employed as a mathematician by the national
5:32 pm
security agency, and recently taught math at james madison university. investigators discovered a blood covered dumbbell at the scene. the three children are now living with the parents of their dead mothers. adam? >> all right, thank you. now we have late word from howard county that martin did post his $500 bail, just released from jail. well dc police are hoping that the new surveillance video will bring bad guys to justice. investigators on the hunt right now for four people with interest in connection with a knife assault. at the benning road metro station. this happened back on the morning of october 22. two of the people involved, they could be seen here in this video asked to call dc police if you have any information that you could be eligible for a $1,000 reward. a little girl whose disappearance brought in an entire community to tears would have been 10 today. rudd was last seen on surveillance video at a holiday inn with her abductor kahlil
5:33 pm
tatum in late february of 2014. he was the janitor at dc homeless center where relish and her family were staying -- relisha and her family were staying. jerry sandusky is looking for a retrial. arriving for a court hearing this morning. sandusky claimed that his first trial attorney was not effective, appealing his 2012 conviction. he was convicted on more than 40 child sex abuse charges. prosecutors call the appeal faceless. china is dropping its policy of one child per couple. the restriction was first implemented in 1980 to slow the population growth. but in recent years the policy was gradually relaxed as china deals with an aging population. china's ruling communist leaders decided that couples will now be allow today have to children. state media say that the
5:34 pm
proposal still needs approval of china's top legislature. there are some new tough dogs among maryland's finest. eight canines graduated today from a 14-week training program. one of the largest in the history of the program. and the dogs duties, they will include pair patrol work and drug interdiction and protection. >> i'm extremely proud to have these dogs in our unit. and these dogs will be extremely necessary capabilities of the future for the protection of the citizens of maryland. >> and all eight-- eight dog wills be signed across the state in operation for more than 50 years. trending now, halloween costumes and contests for pets. and right after the break, a religious debate hits the classroom. what a little girl says she was forced to admit. still pretty nice out here, a little cooler air rolls in overnight. i mean it is late october.
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here is the forecast lows for tonight. 40 in frederick, 42 in gaithersburg, 42 in manassas and leesburg and even 47 downtown. we'll come back and talk about how what kind of a jacket you'll need tomorrow and the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vot to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremyik mcp is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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to be fearless... mcpike, is not a gift.or state senate, it is not a given. fearless is a choice.
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trending tonight a school is apologizing after accusations that a teacher asked the class to deny the existence of god. >> that's not going to go well with those parents. starting when jason wooley said she received a graded assignment earlier in the day called there is a god. i did not think that it was the institution. >> but telling jordan that both answers were wrong and had to admit that god isn't real. other students told their parents about the controversial assignment and the principal stepped in determining that the task was not something necessary for the students. >> i'm not sure how this teacher thought it would go well. >> these days everything is going viral. you know that's coming out. video game fans are excited
5:39 pm
about this one. >> nintendo will launch their first smart phone game. it will be something between a virtual pet ancommunication tool. that is intended to be a conversation starter. >> because you want to talk to your app or a human waste of time. >> yeah. >> reporter: halloween is not just for people anymore. spending a lot of mornings, the tune of about $350 million according to the national retail federation featuring the devil dog and that pope. one owner brought her cat dressed up as the teenage mutant ninja turtle. oh the trump dog. did you see the trump dog? that's like the pimped out dog with the sunglasses. >> how much do you think that you spent? >> i would say about $3. probably about $100.
5:40 pm
>> for the pet. >> i need the spare time that these people have. all right, it is a way of attracting new businesses. the patriotic pub. that's the cute one there too. candy is on the minds of lots of people with halloween just a day away. >> three things that you'll need to know about. 80% of parents say that they will eat some of the candy that they collected. i figure it would be higher. seven out of ten people picked chocolate as their favorite halloween candy. candy corn came in second. americans will spent $2.1 billion on halloween candy. the same amount spent on the emergency room dental care for all of 2010.
5:41 pm
>> no coincidence there. >> this information comes online. >> they spent a lot of time on that study. >> i think that they actually love halloween candy. es>> y, me too, especial lit chocolate. this game winning shot back in 1993 was a huge upset as they beat the hoyas on the way in sports. diane robber the -- diane roberts has more soon to be renewed from a coach there. right after the break, more on the secret audio tapes from an accused
5:42 pm
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all right it's a must see for any parent, but first it's not for kids. for the first time we're hearing the secret audio tapes to take us inside the mind -- mind of the alleged pedophile. >> they are very hard to listen to. debra alfarone brings us the disturbing details. >> reporter: i've heard some disturbing audio tapes in hi journalism career, but nothing like this. you may have watched this story
5:45 pm
on dr. phil helping to bring down the foremen pitchman shared secret audio tapes where he would talk with phil, talking about the desire for young girls and boys and that i must warn you again this story is not for children. >> for the first time ever hear the secret audio tapes between this woman the florida journalist and former subway pitchman jared fogle. this woman cooperated with the feds for almost five years. what will you do? whatever you tell me. >> yeah, whatever it is that you tell me. >> reporter: they lead to the
5:46 pm
takedown of fogle. why listen? that parents can learn the playbook of a pedophile to help protect the children they love. >> most importantly he is telling a parent that it is what you need to look for. >> i think she's from a broken home. it could be the three of us and that we could sort of, you know, talk, whatever and started sharing stories. then you get a little closer and closer. before you know it, it just happens. >> it's not that hard to do? >> no, i don't know. >> absolutely chilling to hear. he did plead guilty to possession to child pornography and traveling across state lines to have sex with at least
5:47 pm
two teenage girls. tomorrow here on wusa9 at 4:00 p.m. you can hear fogle in his own words allegedly admitting to some of those crimes. i don't even know what to say. >> there are no words, really. thank you for capturing that. a virginia family lost their autistic son, is giving back tonight. >> yeah, tuesday evening, the 3- year-old slipped out of the window of his family's home. his body found in that area a few hours later. the family has set up a gofundme page. but says any leftover money would go towards helping other families. the family was only looking to raise $10,000, raising nearly $14,000 so far. a first lady has been sworn in as their assistant state attorney. she looks forward to working with the team as they battle a substance abuse epidemic. and the husband was robert the
5:48 pm
governor of maryland, of course from 2003 to 2007. and uber, good time today for any cat lovers. delivered kittens to people that wanted to spend some time. your cat on the toilet there just a second ago. sharing the pictures with us. >> yeah, their facebook page. so if you've got more pictures, send them a -- send them along and no shots of the cats in the toilet. >> yeah, we are so good. >> it was on top, but i like what you said. >> a little too much. >> yeah. okay, wow, it is
5:49 pm
spectacular today. 10 degrees above average. >> sharing this news all day long. nothing like whiplash, which we would have in the metro area, get ready. a live look outside at weather cam and showed you earlier looking north of wisconsin avenue. you can see pretty good colors here. still 68. winds are out of the southwest at 8. tonight as the cold front will clear us out turning cooler tonight. bus stop temperatures, a little chilly, but dry. now tomorrow, it will be breezy and much cooler as we will be talking about temps in the near 50s. and with the breezes, i would recommend dressing for the nice 50s. mainly in the 50s and the 40s if you've got the late games. a nice treat for tomorrow morning, 6:30 look off to the east and see jupiter, venus, mars altogether with the naked eye and if you have a pair of
5:50 pm
binoculars to enhance it a little bit. but still very nice. something to see. okay 10:00 tonight, we're not falling very fast. still 59 downtown and gaithersburg and leesburg. by morning we are in the 40s. 44 now in bowie and also in fairfax and 45 in leesburg and 46 in fredericksburg. a little chilly at the bus stop tomorrow. by 9:00 creeping near 50 downtown, but still in the 40s in the suburbs. by 1:00, the upper 50s, walking to lunch, just bring the jacket. 58 downtown. we're looking at about 57 out towards mitchellville. now by 6:00 tomorrow, about 24 hours from now. still 50s. 57 downtown. 56 in manassas and 55 in fredericksburg. then by 9:00 we will follow a little quicker tomorrow night with some 40sin the burbs by
5:51 pm
9:00. then back to 54 at 11:00 and the temperatures don't move much tomorrow as they will move in essentially all day. still cool for halloween, but as we mentioned dry about 59. temperatures in the 50s for the trick or treaters. milder on sunday with maybe a shower as temperatures go back to the upper 50s. again the weekend where we move the clocks back one hour. the 49-hour weekend that's a good deal. should be okay for the game in baltimore. upper 70s on wednesday and mid- 70s with sunshine. in 19 days, georgetown and maryland basketball will resuscitate the rivalry that has been dormant for 22 years.
5:52 pm
wow. local fans are looking forward to the upcoming game, of course. but they are looking back at that night here in 1993. and through the eyes of the player instrumental in their win. >> and it will make the move. they've got it! >> reporter: on the terrapins 1993 team that would beat the big dogs. across town. >> reporter: that was their game as we would be due for a returning game. >> reporter: thinking back on that game a lot. back then a sophomore point guard for the terps team trying to make a comeback. number 10 said that deafter thanksgiving, he felt like something good was going to
5:53 pm
happen. he was the catalyst. >> reporter: at the point guard you would see them develop it a step ahead or half a step ahead. it was a matter of making the proper play. >> what a big win for him. and the terps are back. >> reporter: he credits them with head coach, helping them believe in the process and their future greatness. catapulting maryland to greatness once again. >> that event helped shape me as a person in terms of the importance of preparation and the importance of believing in yourself. that those things carry on so much more later on in life as a coach and as a dad, as a provider. >> reporter: what does he think of the upcoming november 17 game? >> they will beat georgetown
5:54 pm
this year. diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> this local community is on fire that i cannot wait. just ahead at 6:00, a new speaker of the house will mark for a new era for house republicans. we'll have paul ryan's message to congress. a man with no experience running the rail road know what is right from wrong? their new picks from the general manager. but up next, the hidden eye for art and their multimil
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keller graduate school at dof management.y's you can learn to unlock the leader inside you.
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so if you want to own the room, not just be in it. you're our kind of different. keller graduate school of management. learn more at fans of the television series of the soprano will never forget the actor who played the italian tough guy. >> reporting from princeton, new jersey on the actor and his multimillion dollar discovery. >> he may be best known for his role as the italian assassin. you meet a very different side. >> reporter: making the unforgettable mark as the mafia enforcer on the sopranos. but in real life casteluccio went to art school.
5:58 pm
he spotted the long lost italian masterpiece in germany. >> i saw this painting and said that this is unbelievable. covered in layers of yellow varnished, painted over in some areas, but instantly knew that it was the depiction of st. sebastian. whose works are on display in their world's greatest museums. >> i still saw the master signature style. and it was like the lightning bolt hit me, immediately putting the paintings back in front of it. >> reporter: paying $70,000 for the piece and then had it analyzed with their light and restored to their original luster. they say that the painting is worth $10 million making their debut at the museum. >> when people find out that yes they would have this other
5:59 pm
gift, the talent that they are pretty impressed and they would stand back a bit and say wow, i never knew this about you. >> reporter: he hopes that they would find a permanent spot in their museum. to take their proper spot in the area. right now at 6:00, the republican paul ryan would take the reigns of the house of the representatives. promising that this will be changes now that he's the speaker. and candidates are offering sharp criticism of last night's third republican presidential debate. and what do they think about metro tapping that executive with no railroad experience? the next general manager. thanks for joining us, i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. congressman paul ryan of wisconsin is now officially the 60-second speaker of the house. and we have the report from capitol hill. >> reporter: the speaker elect. paul d. ryan of the state of
6:00 pm
wisconsin. >> reporter: paul ryan was greeted by his colleagues after electing him to become the next reader of the house of representative. >> my friends, you have done me a great honor. >> reporter: and now their work begins. >> we need to make some changes, starting with how the house does business as we need to let every member contribute, not once they have earned their stripes, but now. >> reporter: the republicans elected ryan, because they are viewed to ignite their party. and that it would cost them their job. >> some say that boehner didn't fight hard enough for their value, but to them that their


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