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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  October 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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investigation. >> like it spread across the classroom. >> reporter: investigators say the chemistry leader was leading the demonstration and students say she was burned in a previous incident at the school but said she was a very hands on and popular teacher. when firefighters arrived, the area was still ablaze. the fire was contained by one classroom by a fire supressing sprinkler. >> we thought it was a fire drill and then a lot of fire trucks came. then a couple of helicopters came. >> reporter: students were evacuated to the football field being held for hours. the fire chief tells me in 40 years on the job, he has responded to just a handful of
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these kinds of fires in chemistry classrooms. numerous sources are confirming that the teacher is susan sharon. the administration is now reviewing procedures and protocol and what the teacher may or may not have done in the classroom. live at woodson high in fairfax county, wusa 9. live at anov -- anova fairfax with good news. all three students treated here have improved. and social media is reallying around them. woodson high school quickly became a top trend on twitter in d.c. some students offered firsthand accounts.
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this one tweeted, hearing the screams across the hall were heartbreaking. please pray for the families involved. and another, omg. someone caught on fire at my school. one appeared to be from a victim who wrote i'm still alive. no words. second degree burns can't stop me. then came the prayers. please pray for a member of my wrestling family affected by this event. prayers for everyone at woodson. i hope everyone at woodson is okay. my prayers to all affected.
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>> andrea, thank you, and one student was taken to national medical center and the other to medstar but thankfully, their injuries are not life- threatening. this just in, 17 students injured in a school bus accident. the injuries appear to be just minor. no word on how the crash happened. the murder that rocked an arlington community. for months, the aurora highlands neighborhood was on edge with no one behind bars for the murder of an arlington murder until now. police arrested the woman's estranged husband who was in court today. >> reporter: there is a big sense of relief someone is behind bars charged with the murder of bonnie black, the murder that stunned the community. but some residents don't believe that david black is
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capable of murder. >> personally, i don't believe he did it. it's not a relief in the sense that we got a predator off the streets. >> reporter: larry cooley has lived in the same neighborhood as the couple for 28 years and said he hired mr. black to renovate a townhome. >> he is level headed and steady and speaks about his kids. >> reporter: bonnie black was found stabbed to death in april after police were alerted to the couple's 3 and 5-year-old children wandering the neighborhood alone in their pajamas. authorities zeroed in on david black from the beginning. >> david black was the only suspect throughout the investigation. >> i am not really surprised that they arrived him. >> reporter: the couple were in the process of getting a divorce, separated but living within a couple of blocks of one another in the same aurora highland neighborhood and took police more than half a year before arresting the 46-year-
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old last night without incident. >> the community was on edge for six months as this individual walked the same streets as their children. but again, we want to do a thorough job and we worked around the clock. >> relieved, actually, approximate he was the one package. >> reporter: david black faced a judge wearing a gray jumpsuit and glasses and will appear before a judge next week to set bond and other pre-trial motions. >> and couple's two small children are now with family. president obama has made the decision to send u.s. soldiers into syria despite his previous vows not to put boots on the ground in that area. 50 forces will deploy to northern syria to help coordinate the fight against isis saying it's a training
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strategy. >> this is an indication. strategy that the president announced a year ago. the corps is to buildup the capacity of local forces and take the fight to isil on the ground in their own country. >> secretary of state kerry is trying to broker a cease trial. no verdict yet in the murder trial of charles severance. the jury just wrapped up the second full day. severance is accused of murdering three prominent residents in a three-year span. a lot of circumstantial evidence from three crime scenes were introduced in the case. today in porn's county, a judge sentenced a man to life in prison for a 2013 murder at
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the clarion hotel. the victim, jesse chavez, came to the aid of a pregnant desk clerk who was in danger during the robbery and was shot in the chest at point blank range. two other men will stand trial for their roles in the trial. right now in frederick county, maryland, investigators are looking for a family of five that vanished. officials are particularly concerned about the three children, aged 1 to 5 who are now missing. scott broom is live in urbana with what we know. >> reporter: the family, a husband and wife and 3 kids, have disappeared, missing a week from their neighborhood in urbana. as time goes on, authorities are becoming more and more concerned about the kids. everything seemed normal until the 33-year-old didn't show up
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at his restaurant, and all the family's possessions were found abandoned, and of particular concern, three children, aged 1 to 5, all vanished. amanda hatcher speaks from the frederick county sheriffs department. >> the landlord of the unit that the family was staying in found it unusual that they left and they left all their belongings except for a couple of blankets. the dad was supposed to report back to work, didn't report back to work. the oldest child was taken out of school early, and at this point, investigators are trying to piece together what happened to the family to make sure they're okay and they are from
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korea initially, originally, and investigators will reach out to the korean consulate. they have checked into international flights. they were not able to find anything on the family. they don't believe at this point that the family left the country. >> reporter: you can tell how hard the sheriffs department has been working on this the past week. i have spoken to the landlord and employer who reported all this. she did not want to appear on camera but said it was clear that the family was suffering from financial difficulties, and that may have been reason to stage a disappearance. authorities say there is no sign of foul play but they are becoming more and more concerned about the welfare of these kids. scott broom, wusa 9. >> if you know where the family could be, please contact the fairfax or i should say the frederick county, maryland mayor sheriffs. 9000 gallons of fuel
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spilled into the river and it has been largely contained to the area around 4 mile run and the airport. this spill is likely tied to another spill yesterday but it's unclear how the fuel got into the river. so we're just getting started on on wusa 9news at 5:00. after the break, a suspicious pattern of d.c. lottery winners. we'll have the latest on a wusa 9 investigation. >> we catch up with paranormal investigators as they hunt for spirits. and incredible aftermath video of a suspected tornado in texas. >> all right. tonight is similar to tomorrow night. here is the halloween forecast, dry. it will be mostly cloudy and dry. temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s but young kids going out, it will be in the 50s, dry, and we will come back and talk about
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only on 9, the wusa investigation we broke after the game is getting a lot of attention today. >> officials are talking exclusively with wusa 9. >> reporter: except for the d.c. lottery which is not returning our calls. the reaction across the district was swift and spread around agencies and officials and the lottery itself is saying that the wusa 9 investigation identified what is considered a, quote, suspicious pattern. most officials told us they are quite aware of what we reported but can't discuss it. the district attorney general's office is saying it's way too early per a comment especially if their office was called in.
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we showed you the man who sold himself the winning lottery ticket. >> that's how it works. >> reporter: tonight, look at this, of the five most frequent winner where is we found occupations, one winning 187 times over eight year, each one was a lottery retailer. the records obtained under the freedom of information act show lots of lottery retailers with big lottery wins. you satisfied -- said you're a lucky? this worker at a liquor store downtown won 183 times and another clerk, 90 times. a retailer at eastern market, 93 times. councilmember jack evans who has oversight of the lottery issued a statement saying he
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has already contacted the lottery's top officials about the frequent winners identified in our investigation and the integrity of the lottery and said that the lottery will investigate and if it finds anything wrong, it will be aggressively investigated. >> this is identifying people who are lottery retailers that won multiple times. what about others? >> reporter: we identified $45 million paid to people who won the lottery 10 times or more. and we focused on the top 5. and as we could determine, they are lottery retailers. the other top 5, we don't know where they fit in. >> we can handle losing if will but when you hear fraud is 8[ involved, that gets people upset. >> reporter: we found one case of confirmed fraud. all the others that we're looking at are just
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astronomical odds. our experts are suspicious, and one thing outside law enforcement needs to come in. >> it could be a lengthy investigation. thank you. amazing video from texas where a reported tornado caused widespread damage. the powerful winds lifted a tractor trailer on top of a 3- story holiday inn and parts of a high school were ripped apart about 15 miles southwest of san antonio. >> the building is damaged and behind us, the old jailhouse is completely gone. >> and heavy rain and flooding forced drivers to push out of waist-deep water and flights were suspended out of austin because water blooded the floor of the air traffic control tower. >> someone driving through the
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water. shouldn't do that. >> and i just tweeted a picture from austin, and rain and showers and storms will taper off by noon tomorrow. that's a sight. okay. let's talk about our situation, a little different, cool and dry. >> not bad. >> you have to go back pretty far to have a bad halloween and we'll talk about the 3-degree guarantee first. a high of 60, and i think we're 25 in a row. so the pressure is on. let's see how we did tonight at 11:00. 57, that's good. and the dew point's back in the 30s, so drier air moved in, colder air on the heels of the winds north northwest at 14. so it will be colder tonight, nothing crazy. high school football, evening planner, 56 at 6:00 and 53 at 8:00 and 50 at 10:00. so most of the high school games will be played with temps
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in the 50s. mom and dad are watching it, you know you get cold quickly. i would bundle up. colder tonight and grab a jacket. cool and gray for halloween, and trick or treat temperatures in the 50s, milder on sunday, and a couple of showers possible in the afternoon. keep the tee time. you should be find teated ravens' game. 10:00 tonight, 50 downtown and now back in the 40s. so the temps will fall quicker tonight. 44 in gaithersburg, and 46 in la plata. and we'll advance it to 7:00 in the morning. clear skies to start, and because of that, upper 30s. so 37 in rock hill and 37 in manassas. the clouds are just entering the i-81 corridor. no showers with the clouds, just high, mid-level clouds. and at 10:00, we're backing up to 40, leesburg, 49 and 50 downtown. the clouds will pic thicken up
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and -- will thicken up and roll through and a high of 59 tomorrow. and lees burg and gaithersburg, frederick, 50s tomorrow. notice no showers. it should be dry for the kids. 8:00, the kids heading out, 55 downtown and 51 in manassas and 52 in fairfax, so just a cool night but pretty much uneventful which is what we want for halloween. 11:30, 49 in leesburg and 47 in frederick, and 48 in la plata. so a cool night, nothing out of the ordinary. tonight, though, a little colder, 36 to 46 and winds light north northwest at 10. by morning, becoming partly cloudy. so we start with sun and add clouds. the temperatures, 55 and winds will be light and will continue
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to thicken up during the day. the day planner, 47 at 9:00, and 58 at 1:00, clouds on the increase. okay. so a shower possible on sunday, and under upper 60s and upper 60s on understand in, a few showers possible south of town. the next 7 days, fantastic. 75 on tuesday and 76 on wednesday and mid-70s on thursday and mid to upper 70s on friday, a shower late on friday. >> top, thank you. police announced an arrest in connection with a series of church fires met st. louis area. 35-year-old david lopez jackson, who is african- american s charged in at least two of the fires. flames broke out in six places of worship with predominantly black congregations. the motive for all of this is
5:21 pm
unclear. a massive manhunt for a fugitive accused shooting a tennessee police officer is over now. >> 62-year-old floyd ray cook was killed in a shootout with troopers in kentucky and ended six days of life on the run for the convicted rapist and robber. after a marathon session in the senate, a federal budget deal is headed to president obama's deck. lawmakers gave their final approval at 3:00 a.m. some say that the budget does not go far enough to cut spending. republican presidential hopefuls rand paul, ted cruz, and marco rubio all voted against the budget. straight ahead, why thousands of prisonnies are getting out of jail early. >> and what walmart is doing to get you in the store early this holiday shopping season.
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>> and this is a look at the white house where trick or treaters will see an interesting couple when they open the door, the president and first lady. we'll be right back.
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so extreme, it's dangerous. 6000 non-violent drug offenders are in the process of getting out of prison early as an effort to relieve overcrowding and ease harsh sentencing laws. >> the program officially goes into effect in the next few days but most are living in halfway houses and home confinement. a third of the people released are non-citizens. the department of justice said they will be handed over to i.c.e. for possible deportation. >> an additional 40,000 will be released in the coming months. honda is recalling 300,000 accords. the side airbag models can inflate if the car door is slammed too hard. 19 people have complained of
5:26 pm
being injured because of a defective airbag issue. a virginia art -- artist is taking a target to court. the plaintiff, chelsea mcnair, accuses the company of ripping off her cell phone cover design and is suing claiming that target is selling unauthorized copies of her work under the merona brand. she is seeking a permanent injunction to stop sales and the compensation. the world's largest retailer wants to jumpstart your holiday shopping. on monday, it will roll back prices on thousands of holiday projects, and the promotion will last about 90 days, and walmart's head start for the holiday shopping season accounts for roughly 20% of the sales. halloween and sex offenders. >> two things you don't want to 96, so what authorities are
5:27 pm
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fire at a woodson high school chemistry lab. thefootballteam will go on and play their game. >> reporter: now that things have calmed down a bit here at woodson, everything that was planned before the incident is still on schedule. there were concerned after the classroom fire that that might derail tonight's extra you -- extracurricular activities. but there will be pre-game activities going on including a pre-game pigout which is a barbecue with games and activities, and that is on schedule and is going on as we speak a bit behind me, and you can smell the barbecue. so that's still going on the only thing canceled was a freshman football practice.
5:31 pm
and i mentioned woodson's opponent, and their fans have extended a bit of a friendly gesture. in a tweet, west springfield said they would have a white out encouraging fans to wear white to the game to show support to the woodson community. it would be an eventful night here at woodson. that game is still on for 7:00. >> mola, thank you, and you can get the wusa 9news app, the go- to tool for news when it breaks on your apple or android device. maryland parole and probation officers are planning to hit the streets and visit a long list of offenders to make sure they are staying at home and away from kids. >> be home during 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., and we have asked them to hang a no candy sign on the front door and have the porch light off.
5:32 pm
during that time period, agents will be visiting different offenders in their homes and conducting home checks to ensure that they have complied. >> if you live in maryland, you can check where sex offenders live in your community and visit the online sex offender registry with a link to it on our app, wusa 9. right now, manassas police are reviewing their search for a man accused of sexually assaulting a child, the manassas city police fugitive of the week. he was reportedly sexually abusing his girlfriend's underage daughter at the time and then took off in march. if you have information that leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for $1,000. a d.c. man is behind bars tonight, accused of a hit and run on the beltway that injured the state trooper. christopher wright hit the side
5:33 pm
of the cruiser while finishing up a traffic stop. the truck came to a stop at a guardrail, and he took off running. wright called 911 a short time later claiming he was carjacked. the cops figured out who he was and arrested him for dui and other charges. vu seen this video yet in police in texas are denying that they liked this graphic footage of a biker bar shootout. members of the gang are seen on the patio of a restaurant in waco, and banditos roll in, and a firefight breaks out. you can see waitresses running for cover and customers hiding under tables. that gun fight left 9 people dead and 20 others injured. more than 150 weapons were recovered. who liked that video? >> i have theories or guesses
5:34 pm
as others may as well. but again, those are theorys and guesses. >> police responded in less than a minute and arrested 170 people but of them, no one was charged in connection with the 9 deaths. we have a health alert, and it's a bizarre one. this is from portland, oregon where a 16-year-old girl was diagnosed from bubonic plague. it's believed she contract today from a flea bite earlier this year. the cdc reports it's a bacterial disease carried by rodents and fleas. if detected early, the disease is treatable by antibiotics. and a judge ruled that filmmaker roman polanski is restricted by poland law of extradiction back to the united
5:35 pm
states. the 82-year-old director of "rosemary's baby" said he is relieved. prosecutors have not side said -- said if he will appeal. police officers have been making headlines. >> some because they have been chargedded with a crime or have been victims of violence themselves. but behind the police officers is a family that waits and worries each night until the shift is over. we have the family of a local cop sharing their fees of living behind the badge. and the results of a study that may have guys reaching for their razors. >> and a run away pumpkin. >> and a university president is apologizing after a controversial halloween photo. topper? >> a nice evening, adam, and
5:36 pm
the skies will clear. thefootballgames will be cool, nothing crazy. 56 at 6:00 and 50 at 10:00. some of the late games just dipping into the 40s. we'll come back and talk about the halloween, trick or treat forecast and much, much warmer air on the way. narrator: for state senate, who shares our values? jeremy mcpike - supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia.
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so extreme, it's dangerous.
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let's go trending. all right? the university of louisville's president is apologizing after a halloween costume controversy. >> some are saying it's offensive and others are saying what's the deal? president james ramsey in the multicolors poncho are wearing stereotypical mexican garb and som -- sombreros. this was published in a local newspaper and many are calling this offensive. a spokesman said we made a mistake and we are very sorry. >> tons of things you could be for halloween, plenty of other options. >> but some are saying they don't have a problem with it at all. so let us know what you think on facebook. all right. another story getting a lot of love on facebook, a bartender
5:40 pm
who looks like 90s era leo dicaprio. >> wow, he does. she --he is getting a lot of attention. he does look like him, a lot. >> he will be doing all right. >> especially in this photo. a new study on bearded men and fidelity. >> according to a british website, 47% of men with facial hair have cheated on their partners, 47%, and that's compared to 27% of us clean shaven fellas, and a bearded guy is more likely to have stolen something. so, ladies, the next time you are at the bar with the hipster at the end and are thinking meh? now you know.
5:41 pm
>> likely to have bacteria or something in there, too. >> that, too. >> all kinds of things. and this is cool. a motorcycle that can reach 127 miles per hour and it's believed that the technology will build self driving vehicles because what we need more of now is a motorcycle that could drive itself. >> i would be kind of okay to drive a car that could drive itself but a motorcycle would be frightening. you gotta love this video, a giant inflatable pumpkin that took off and broke loose from a display in phoenix, arizona. this lack o lantern -- jack-o- lantern is 25 feet tall and is just rolling through there.
5:42 pm
but you can't hold a good pumpkin down. it landed in a neighborhood park. if you see that, it's just stop everything and get the phone out and record that. >> stop, drop, and roll. >> what if you are just driving home and all of a sudden, it's the great pumpkin. >> get out of here. coming up later in sports, thy storof a local high school boy's team really having a ball. dave owens will explain. >> and teal pumpkins are helping some youngsters have a happy halloween. >> and they ain't afraid of no guests. we're checking in with paranormal investigators. >> and live from the white house where special trick or treaters have special greeters. >> having a great time. the first lady to the left of the screen. >> and there is president obama to the right.
5:43 pm
>> well-dressed kids. yeah. >> always fun, every year to see who gets to go and when they get a look at them, their faces are like get out of here. oh, we gotta leave it on the pope baby. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. i want tow the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike is the better choice.
5:44 pm
i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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5:46 pm
here in georgetown, what's now known as famous for a 1973 film that will be dedicated with the mayor here, the screen writer, and director. we'll have a live report at 6:15. so from houses to historical sites, paranormal investigators work to determine what is causing or can be bunked. >> we have the story from marblehead, massachusetts. >> reporter: the search for ghosts and spirits often ends
5:47 pm
in mortal disappointment. but every now and then, this happens. >> can you make it go off as high as you can? oh. okay. >> reporter: a crypto- paranormal investigator has investigated 800 cases. >> we began local haunts in my neighborhood, cemeteries, and as we got bigger, we started to do calls in businesses and private residences. >> reporter: most cases like this one where a homeowner thought that a ghost was shaking their bed. it turned out to be the wind moving the garage door. the team said 96% of the time, claims of paranormal activity can be debunked by real world investigation and that leaves 4% of case that is can't. two centuries ago, prisoners were locked up underground. stories of the ghost haunts
5:48 pm
town's inn and bars. just ask this 40-year resident. >> there are ghosts in town. you can sense it. >> reporter: sometimes, it's more than a sense. he has evidence. his recorder picked up a mysterious voice during a visit here. >> were you born overseas? >> no. >> reporter: do you believe in ghosts? >> i believe there is paranormal activity, and we have not named or clarified it yet. that remains to be seen. >> reporter: nick smith said that they'll keep looking. >> i used to think there was paranormal in the basement. >> maybe there is. >> oh, maybe. the team said that their spirit is more educational than entpreneural. they said they want skeptics on their team. >> my kids run into the room every night telling pee there
5:49 pm
are monsters in the bedroom. hopefully, nothing paranormal in the house. most kids want more than a bag full of candy but for youngsters with allergies, it's not possible. >> the teal pumpkin project is providing an alternative. >> how do you feel when you can't have candy? >> oh, sad a little. >> it's a lot of anxiety. >> but now, thousands of families are taking part in the teal pumpkin project started last year by the food, allergy research, and education, and families can put out a teal pumpkin or put out a flyer, and young trick or treaters can get toys instead of candies with nuts or milk.
5:50 pm
great idea. >> yeah. my youngest's best friend has a peanut allergy. you know what her number one wish is in peanut butter cups. >> oh, they are so good. >> i know. these are good colors here and clouds are on their way out and temperatures on the way down, 55 and the dew point in the 30s and winds out of the north northwest at 15 and they will subside tonight. so colder tonight, and i would recommend a jacket. it's friday night after all. a cool and dry halloween and a cool and dry night and temperatures in the 50s. milder on sunday, a shower but not a huge deal and a slight chance of a shower for the ravens, and 44 in gaithersburg. 45 in manassas. this is 10:00, still 50 downtown, and 6:30, 7:00 in the morning, 30s. 38 in gaithersburg.
5:51 pm
39 in bowie. and by 10:00 in the morning, here come clouds. no showers, just clouds. 47 in gaithersburg and 48 in manassas. by 2:00, still chilly. 59 at 2:00 and 56 in gaithersburg. so a cool day and at least it will be dry for the trick or treaters. the day planner, 47 at 9:00 and 58 at 1:00, sunny and mild or sunday. and 67 monday, a proprietary chance of showers south of town. we turn the coroner monday, nice. mid-70s tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and upper 70s on friday and a slight chance of a shower late on friday. been a trying day at woodson high school in fairfax,
5:52 pm
of course. 9 news is keeping you updated on the condition of the staff and students in the wake of the chemistry demonstration gone wrong. our high school profile happens to involve woodson. grace olson introduces us to a new sport on campus sparking a lot of interest. >> reporter: in sports just like in life, it's never too late to learn something new. >> how to spike. i've learned what position does, fine tuning. >> reporter: one senior at woodson has made that something new volleyball for over 30 of his peers. >> i played but it felt wrong, like i was -- like i was playing for another team instead of my own. so i decided to make the woodson team. >> my friends and i were like oh, we should do that. >> i assumed there would only be a few other people that wanted this to happen but there were a lot more people interested than i thought.
5:53 pm
>> it's like i play volleyball, and they're like, that's great. into it gives them an outlet for a sport they haven't had a chance to play. we come from an area in fairfax where you don't have it in middle school or high school. >> reporter: forming the team has met challenges but when needed, dad was there. >> when a couple of the other persons that i approached cooperate do it, i went to him. we couldn't be here without him. >> i would say working together as a team and not just backyard volleyball where you have one or two hits and it's over the net, taking a role, blocking on the net. it's a great opportunity to send that to the younger guys saying, hey, you could have a future. enjoy. >> reporter: in fairfax, virginia, grace ole son, wusa 9 sports. and you want to mention the football game tonight. it will go on as scheduled,
5:54 pm
7:00. >> and volleyball, a much warmer spectator sport. >> yeah it is. no doubt. it's been a trying day but young people are hanging in there. >> they will pull through this strong. thank you. for the first time, u.s. troops will deploy and operate openly on the ground in syria. we'll have details just ahead at 6:00. >> and also ahead, the rnc taking action against nbc in response to complaints about this week's republican presidential debate. >> have you ever met a therapy turtle? we'll introduce you coming up.
5:55 pm
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therapy animals, we have been talking a lot about them in the past couple years. you probably met a dog or a cat. they are used to soothe people in times of need. >> but what about a therapy turtle? a maryland tortoise helps out during hard times. >> reporter: at this senior center outside of baltimore, an african tortoise is the most popular visitor. >> ta da. >> i never saw a turtle with a dress on. that's very unique, i think. >> reporter: wasabi, known as sabi, dresses to impress making people laugh like this 83-year- old. she lost her husband a couple of years ago. >> it lifts up my spirits. >> reporter: sabi gets along with other pets, too but they don't know what to make of her.
5:58 pm
people have no doubt. >> she's adorable. she walks around here. it's great. they make our day when they come and visit went -- . >> reporter: she wasn't always so sociable. >> any interaction, she was terrified. >> reporter: lisa was patient when she rescued wasabi 8 years ago. then one day, wasabi just popped out. >> everybody wants to know about her. >> she is helping people to do what she did, overcome whatever fear. >> she really came out of herschel. >> reporter: and this frilly tortoise is proving sometimes laughter is really the best medicine. >> oh trying to figure out what's up with the dress. and you may be asking the same
5:59 pm
thing. wasabi's owner said that a friend made one for fun and it turned into a dozen. >> she has a formal dress for special occasions. that is one spicy turtle, and they say it adds humor. right now at 6:00, the obama administration decides to sends u.s. soldiers into syria despite previous vows not to put boots on the ground in the war-torn area. >> and a fire at a local high school. >> thank you for joining us. happy friday. president obama and the white house has made the decision to sends u.s. soldiers into syria. there is still fighting in afghanistan and the pentagon ad
6:00 pm
fighting alongside iraqi forces. u.s. forces will be on the ground inside syria. they will help to accord mate -- coordinate the fight against isis. soldiers are expected to assess the fighting on the ground and then determine who group best to partner with. the white house is insisting this is not a shift in policy. >> this is an intenseification of the strategy that the president announced a year ago. the core of our military strategy is to buildup the capacity of local forces to take the fight to isil on the ground in their own country. >> reporter: u.s. secretary of state john kerry is currently in austria trying to negotiate a cease-fire deal that could hold for the next 4 to six months, and for the first time, iran is taking part in the negotiations.


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