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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  October 31, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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>> this is wake up washington on wusa9. >> good morning, washington. coming up this morning, a mclean woman is waking up in the hospital after flames ripped through her home. now investigators will go to work on pinpointing a cause. plus, dozens dead, nearly 200 people injured after a nightclub explosion sent concert goers running for the doors. >> reporter: i'm renee chen. the ghoul and goblins are out. we're at six flags for fright fest. and we are looking at a nice start to your halloween day. will we see any rain in the
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forecast for the trick-or- treaters? all the details straight ahead. >> good saturday morning, october 31st. happy halloween. we are live at 7:00 a.m. in our washington, d.c. studios. coming up this morning, halloween isn't just for kids anymore. wait until you hear how much we're spending on costumes for our pets. and we will check out some cute costumes. >> breaking news on a russian jetliner that went down. we will have more on that in just a minute. we will go to the forecast first. important day. a lot of trick-or-treaters out. >> it won't be warm so maybe a little extra layer under the costume. it's chilly for early risers maybe getting up and getting the jog in before you eat the candy later on tonight. it will be chilly out there. 45 in the district. nice dry air. the winds are calm. it was breezy yesterday.
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not so breezy today. near freezing for a lot of spots. culpepper at freezing. throughout the day not getting above 60 degrees. we're starting off with clear skies and lots of sunshine. through the afternoon, the clouds will begin to build and build and build. so as the trick-or-treaters get going, it will be in the 50s. if you're going to be out late, into the upper 40s. we have a chance for showers that is coming up in just a bit. mike, over to you. >> thank you, allyson. now to the breaking news we mentioned. a russian airliner has crashed after taking from egypt. the plane is similar to the one here. it was carried 217 people and 7 crew members. bound for st. petersburg. it crashed 23 minutes into the flight. an egyptian aviation official says the pilot reported some technical difficulties before losing contact with air traffic
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controllers. one man is dead after a shooting in downtown d.c. also another overnight shooting. this one in southwest d.c. more information on an incident. this one on savannah street. it happened at about 3:00 this morning. police are looking for a vehicle that fled the scene in this case. a woman is recovering in a hospital this morning after flames engulfed her mclean out. no word on the cause of the fire. no one else was injured in this. friday night lights at woodson high school. also somewhat of a vigil. students and parents came together at the football game for five students and a teachers who were injured in a chemistry lab fire earlier in the day. two students were flown to a burn center in serious condition. they have been upgraded to fair condition. authorities in fed rick county right now are searching
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for a family of five that has vanished. 33-year-old june, his wife and their three young children all disappeared one week ago. the father failed to show up for work. also he picked up one of his children early from home. in their home are all of their belongings and one of their cars. police in the philippines say 15 people including children have been killed in a predawn market fire in the southern part of the country. it took over three hours to get this fire under control. police say the victims were clothing vendors who slept in their stalls just so they could be up early for the weekend market, getting ready for the huge crowds. you are looking live right now at reagan national airport. crews are cleaning up 9,000 gallons of jet fuel that spilled into a tributary of the potomac river. the fuel leaked on friday. the clean-up is expected to complete in the next hour or
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so. the airport suspects the spill was linked to another one that happened thursday. all right. halloween is here. there's a scary night on tap at six flags to celebrate the holiday. >> reporter: good morning. it is the last weekend for fright fest at six flags. and, boy, if you want to be scared, you want to be right here. debbie evans, the marketing director here the six flags, tell us what we can expect because when it turns dark, which it is now, what can we expect. >> from noon to 6:00 p.m. it's a not so scary event. but when the sun goes down, it gets super creepily. >> just like now. >> just like now. it's dark now and i'm a little scared. we have 150 ghouls, ghosts, goblins and clowns.
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now there's three of them. what is cool about fright fest, this time of year, the days are shorter and the nights are longer. with the sunsetting earlier you have a chance to ride roller coasters in the dark. you never know when you will find a zombie sitting next to you on the roller coaster. >> tell me about the experience of riding the roller coaster in the dark. >> it completely changes the experience. going 70 miles per hour in the dark when you can't see where you're going makes it much more crazy and much more spooky, much more exciting. this is the only time of year you're able to do it. during the summer when we're open, at 9:00 it's still not dark. here we're open until midnight tonight, 9:00 tomorrow and it will be spooky, creepy. >> reporter: spooky, creepy, all of the above. it's not always spooky. next we will talk about the family fun and the kids get to
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meet the looney toons. back to you. >> law enforcement in maryland will be keeping a close eye on sex offenders this halloween. police will be making house visits and direct sex offenders not to give candy out to children. they are told to remain in their homes and keep their porch lights off and post a sign that says no candy on the front door. police are investigating a fatal accident in southwest d.c. on friday on maine avenue. it struck a vehicle just west of 14th street at the overpass. the victim was reported dead at the hospital. students are recovering after their school bus overturned. it happened when a minivan driven by a fellow student hit the bus on friday. all 28 students were taken to the hospital. five are said to be in serious condition. so far no charges have been filed against the driver of that minivan.
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7:07 now. happening today, the parade in hagerstown. it has taken place since 1921. it makes its way along north pet mac street. we will take you to a white house halloween party. you don't want to miss that. we will see if their brand of movie making will win at the box office this weekend. blimp recovery detail as the army works to recover a big loss of technology. it is cold out here but the winds are calm compared to yesterday. it just feels like a good fall day. clouds will steadily increase. we are headed to the 60 degree mark. tonight as you head out for trick-or-treating, we could get down to the 40s. we will look at
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>> always watching, always tracking. d.c.'s most accurate forecast. >> allyson and i were just talking. we went to friday night lights last night and it was 49 degrees. what about trick-or-treating, will it be that cold. >> it will be cold but not that cold. the good news, it will be dry. you don't have to worry about lugging around the umbrella. just an extra layer underneath the costume. here we go tore today. starting off really chilly. if you were outside last night for the football games, you know. we're dropping down to the near freezing mark this morning and into the 40s for the district. 45 degrees. clear skies are not going to stick around all day long. but really it's a good fall day. temperatures will stay near average into the 60s, lower 60s though. and then we're going to see the clouds steadily increase.
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40 for arlington. laurel at 37. white oak at 34. a lot of spots in the 30s this morning. 36 for leesburg. so even though we will hit about 60, 61 degrees, 50s for the suburbs, tonight will be mainly in the 50s unless you're out after 10:00 at night. that's when you will see the temperatures drop down to the 40s. the clouds are increasing. high clouds to start. by 8:30, it's cloudy. 54 for the district. overnight we will stay in the upper 40s and drop down to the 40s first thing tomorrow morning. saturday we're looking at a cloudy day. temperatures will be more mild as winds stay out of the south. cloudy skies and only a stray shower possible on sunday. monday, our chances for rain and showers is a lot better but it looks to be south of the district for now. that could easily change if the low pressure system moves up higher, more people will see
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rain. right now areas south of the district. today 60 degrees. hold on if you like warm weather. take a look at this. 70s. the first week of november is not looking too bad. it will be 77 by friday. mike. >> that looks good, allyson. the national museum of the american indian will celebrate the day of the dead. it's a mexican custom remembering those that have died. the museum will be opened from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. still ahead, texas in the weather bulls eye once again. possible tornadoes and rain hit the lone star state: and the latest on a massive explosion that
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>> welcome back. we're following developing news right now. 27 people are dead, 180 in the hospital after an explosion at a nightclub. pyrotechnics caught some of the scenery on fire. 3 to 400 people scrambled for the one exit. investigators are still on scene processing it right now. more rain forecast for texas today. the most recent storms are now blamed for two deaths. some areas of central and south texas got as much as 16 inches
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of rain recently. there are also reports of two possible tornadoes. that left widespread damage there. >> we're getting too old to deal with this. it's very difficult. >> emergency responders had to rescue dozens of people from swift-moving water there. they expect to stay busy throughout the weekend. >> and check out this caught on camera. packer was in his car when it was swept away by rising flood waters in austin. he found refuge in a tree. a driver speeding along the shoulder not wearing his sea belt was ejected from the vehicle and his body landed on top of a freeway sign. it happened when the driver lost cop toll and flipped several times. he was most likely killed instantly. happening today, the remaining section of that massive army blimp will be removed from a field in pep
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pen. the $200 million missile detection system broke loose on wednesday and crews spent much of friday clearing a path for the hull to be taken out of the trees. they expect to finish the job at some point this afternoon. all right. if you're going out early this morning for the morning job or you're taking the dog out, it will be cold. 34 for frederick. as you head over to st. george's county, you're chilly at 40 degrees. a beautiful sunrise this morning. by noon we're at 56. clouds will steadily increase. we stay dry for the trick-or- treaters. if you are out trick-or- treating, temperatures in the 50s. after 10:00, temperatures drop down to the upper 40s. we won't be breezy like yesterday though. clouds stick around for sunday
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as well. only a stray shower possible on sunday. the better chance for rain comes on monday for areas off to the south. now let's get a check of your health report with andrea. >> the 5k walk to defeat als is a chance for you to raise money for a cure to provide access to care services, to fund research and influence public policy. join your neighbors and friends tomorrow on the national monument grounds. keep those walking shoes handy for the heart walk next saturday, the 7th. this is the american heart association's premiere event to raise money to save lives from heart disease and stroke. a fun family environment. there's a 3 mile walk with a 1 mile short course and a health and wellness expo for the entire family. get more information on
7:20 am and our mobile app. i'm andrea runn. have a safe and fun halloween. >> sandra bullock and billy bob thorton play spin doctors. they take on a politicians campaign. it's an opportunity to get even with rival strategist hey candy played by billy bob. >> how many times have you gone against candy. >> three or four times. >> how many times has he beat you. >> three or four times. >> he is the reason that she is off the wagon again and gone in deep. >> now, our brand is crisis is in theaters now. at a perfect time. >> rob dressed as the master chief from halo 5. look how huge of a man he is.
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my goodness. more to come in the second half hour. find out why washington redskins pierre is suing fan duel. we will talk to kareem abdul about his new book. why the republicans have pulled the plug on the peacock
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>> reporter: we are checking out the haunted houses at six flags america. and you better be prepared to be scared. this is halloween. and we are here at six flags in upper marlboro. more coming up later. >> just in time for halloween, city hall is paying tribute to one of the spookiest tourist
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attacks in washington, d.c. >> made famous in the scene of the exorcist in which a priest falls down the 75 steps after trying to perform an exorcism. fans showed up on friday night to join the director and screen writer. >> it's just so amazing to think there would be a memorial to this 40-some years after the movie. it's probably the most unofficial tourist attraction in washington, d.c. >> a tourist attraction. also a lot of people go running up and down there. city hall has made the friday before halloween the exorcist day. check out these great snapshots from the white house halloween party. the president and first lady passed out candy of all ages in front of the white house. a toddler dressed as pope francis and the popemobile got the top costume prize. cute. halloween is not just for humans.
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>> huh-uh. you have to take care of the pets. owners are spending more and more to get them dressed for the occasion. >> reporter: it was a super day for pets at this halloween costume contest at a petco store. a devil dog showed up and so did the pope. >> i thought it was a good costume for her. and she is italian. >> reporter: holly came dressed as a shopaholic. >> we did the teenage mutant ninja turtles. >> reporter: you will find every kind of costume from this hot dog in fries to a popular presidential candidate. 20million americans will drop an estimated $350 million on costumes for their pets this year. >> how much do you think you spent on your pet costume for halloween? >> spent about $3. >> probably about $100. >> reporter: halloween has evolved into a major consumer
7:26 am
holiday. some businesses are finding unique ways to attract a new breed of customer. petco holds the contests to pro most their line of costumes. >> they see they can dress their pet up. >> reporter: first place went to this marine. but it doesn't matter who wins or loses. it's about including your pet in the fun. >> you think of them more as a pet or a family member? >> oh, definitely a family member. she has no idea she is a do . >> super cute. coming up in the next half hour, we will hear from students at a virginia high school rocked by a chemistry lab fire yesterday. plus, if you need health insurance, now is the time to get the right policy for you and your family. we will explain what you have to do. if you're going out early this morning, grab the jacket and the heavier one. it'sld co out there. at the freezing mark for a lot of us. i will have the trick-or-treat forecast straight ahead.
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>> this is wake up washington on wusa9. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. several students are recovering from burns as the community comes to rally around those injured in a chemical lab fire. >> reporter: a 3d haunted house.
7:30 am
this is the twisted fairytale alice in wonderland and the mad hatter. coming up at six flags in upper marlboro coming up. >> and do you believe in ghosts? this halloween we follow a teen looking for clues from the other side. pair anormal investigations don't always end with ghosts. we're on the hunt for spirits and other things that go bump in the night. and i'm going to take a look at the trick-or-treaters forecast. how much you have to bundle up for tonight. >> happy halloween this saturday, october 31st. we're live from our studios in northwest washington. it's 7:30. i'm mike hydeck. >> and i'm allyson rae. >> we went to the game last night. they crushed the other team. i won't even say their name. are we talking about layers of coats and gloves for trick interesting? >> i don't think it will be that cold. it will feel like fall, it will feel like halloween. but you won't have to bundle up
7:31 am
with every layer that you can find. it's colder this morning than it will be tonight for sure. we're going to see a big warm- up later on today relatively speaking. a typical fall day this afternoon with clouds increasing. we will be dry for the trick-or- treaters. that's good. right through southern maryland you are a little warmer at 40 degrees. so chilly this morning. in fact a lot colder than it was at this time yesterday by 5 to 10 degrees. in afternoon, we will be similar to yesterday. more clouds and less winds. but temperaturewise very similar. by noon, 56. a lot of sunshine. we will see the high clouds steadily increase throughout the afternoon. topping out at 60 degrees across the area. tonight, the trick-or-treaters dressed for the 50s. if you're staying a little later, dress for the upper 40s. dry but cool and perfect weather. rain chances back in the
7:32 am
forecast coming up. >> top story, one man is dead after a shooting in southwest d.c. it happened friday even on morris road. we're trying to get more information. when we get it, we will bring it to you on the wusa9 app. another shooting on savannah street at 3 a.m. the victim was not critically injured. police are looking for a vehicle that fled the scene however. as five students and a teacher from woodson high in fairfax are recovering from a chemistry lab fire at the school, parents and students are rallying around those injured this morning. something went wrong in the lab. two students were flown to a burn center in serious condition yesterday. they have since been upgraded to fair condition. the team took to the field for their last home game of the season with those injured on their minds. a virginia woman is in the hospital recovering after flames engulfed her home in mclean. it happened on massachusetts avenue. at this point no word on what
7:33 am
caused the fire. no one else was injured in the fire. u.s. police are investigating a fatal pedestrian accident in southwest d.c. it was on maine avenue. a vehicle hit the pedestrian just west of the 14th street overpass. the victim was transported to george washington memorial hospital where they were pronounced dead. and we're following breaking news right now on a russian airliner. it had crashed after taking off from egypt's airport. the plane similar to the one here was carrying 217 people and 7 crew members. egyptian authorities on the scene report there appears to be no survivors. the plane was bound for st. petersburg. pierre garcon is suing fanduel. he accuses fanduel of profiting off his name and his image in tv ads without his permission. he says he is bringing the lawsuit on behalf of himself as
7:34 am
well as any other players being treated unjustly. the juror in the severance trial will resume on monday after not coming to a decision on friday. he is accused of killing three shot inside their homes. an arlington man accused of murdering his estranged wife is waking up behind bars this morning. he was arrested friday. a bond hearing is set for next week. black was arrested for the in you are der of 42-year-old bonnie black back in april. police found her body inside a home after neighbors spotted the couple's young children wandering throughout the neighborhood in their pajamas. are you still looking for that perfect halloween costume? it's time to talk candy too.
7:35 am
>> reporter: a web poll brings in some of your most popular costumes. olaf and elsa tops the list for fairytale costumes. what about candy? maybe that has topped your list. like snickers, reese's. almond joy is another popular one. we're in a haunted house at 7:30 in the morning. debbie evans here. can you explain what this is all about. >> yes. we're in twisted fairytales 3d which is one of six haunted attractions at fright fest this year. jack and the bean stock, the old lady that lived in the shoe, alice in wonderland, all of your favorites have taken a turn for the worst. >> reporter: tell me about the 3d. >> with special makeup and
7:36 am
special paint wearing the 3d glasses creates a completely unique experience for a haunted house. so when you add the scare factor, the surprise factor, add the 3d and all of the special effects, it is a different type of scare. >> so we're getting to our final room here. >> get on with your games. >> reporter: my goodness. >> move aside. >> reporter: a lot of people are actually afraid of spiders. what makes this even worse is that little miss muffet was gone wrong. they will be open tonight and tomorrow night at six flags fright fest. >> reporter: thank you. back to you. >> the nba's all time leading score erica ream abdul-jabbar is here this -- kareem abdul-
7:37 am
jabbar is here in the city. >> when i was a rookie, someone had -- someone had given me a complete compilation of all of the stories. and i took it with me on my first long road trip and started reading it and got hooked. i had read the redheaded league in high school. that was the first time that i realized that sherlock holmes was not an actual person, that he was just a fictional character. >> he will be signing books this morning if you want to see him in person. see the rest of his interview right here on monday morning starting at 9:00 a.m. mark your calendar. the enrollment period for families to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act starts tomorrow. insurance experts are reminding people that you need to reenroll to continue your coverage. even if you're happy with your
7:38 am
current plan. >> every year there's a reenrollment. so you get the information on how the plan has changed. and for the marketplace, open enrollment means that you can make those -- make any changes. >> the enrollment period closes january 31st. those looking for insurance by the new year need to be signed up by december 15th. happening today, the 35th annual pumpkin festival at butler's orchard in germantown. it's a great place if you haven't been out. hey rides, farm animals, pick your own pumpkin and a whole lot more. their home made caramel is excellent, by the way. find out why so many people will have these teal pumpkins on their doorsteps this halloween. plus, a man recovering in the hospital from surgery comes home to find an empty lot. find out what happened to his home. allyson. >> all right. it is pretty cold out here this morning. clear skies. calm winds call for a chilly
7:39 am
morning. we will see a nice day. headed to about 60 degrees. it will be cool but nice. clouds increase. staying dry for the trick-or- treaters. we willkl ta about when we might be not so dry in the full forecast coming up. ♪ pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato before pumpkin season is over.
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halike the new pumpkin macchiato
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just right for a bold start and smooth finish th's no>ever and reach for the one you deserve. >> a good saturday morning, everybody. if you're heading out this weekend, possibly into town, you might want to consider metro as your best alternate to get around any issues or possible delays or even worry about a ticket this weekend. red line running every 18 minutes. orange, silver blue line will also be dealing with single track withing trains running every 24 minutes. on the yellow line, trains will only be operating from huntington to mount vernon square operating every 24 minutes. green line trains will be operating every 16 minutes. we expect better performance tomorrow morning.
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remember if you see something that we don't, tweet at me. khu i bright anearl mond moinjstarat 4:25. >> we to campaign 2016 and the race for president. the republican national committee has suspended its partnership with nbc news involving a debate that the network was scheduling to host in february. earlier this week you may have heard that the gop came down hard on cnbc over the way it handled wednesday's debate. it accused the moderators in engaging gotcha style questions. nbc says it will work to resolve any issues with the party. activists chanting black lives matter interrupted hillary clinton while she was speaking in atlanta friday evening. it happened at african- americans for hillary clinton. she paused for a second, and then responded. >> now, my friends, i am going to get to some very important points that actually prove that black lives do matter and we
7:43 am
have to take action together. >> clinton called for reform of the criminal justice system, including a ban on racial profiling by law enforcement officers. and republican jeb bush received a lot of bad reviews for his performance in the debate. bush spoke to voters in charlotte county in florida before attending a high school football pep rally. a man returns home from a medical recuperation to find his house missing. this is phil williams. when he was out of town for knee surgery, the town demolished his house. they say the home was abandoned and sent letters to williams warning of the demolition. >> somebody could have called me or notified me saying listen this is what is going on the.
7:44 am
>> town claims the house was a hazard. neighbors have complained for years. williams admits it needed work but not this much. >> from houses to historical sites, paranormal investigators are working on what is haunted and what can be de bunked by science or the environment. >>c" just don't call them ghost busters or ghost hunters. jamie followed along on a case and has the story from massachusetts. >> can you give us a sign of your presence. >> reporter: the search for ghosts and spirits often ends in mortal disappointment. but every now and then, this happens. >> if there is someone here can you please make it go off as high as you can. oh. okay. >> reporter: nick smith a pa ranormal investigator has investigated 800 cases of suspected spiritual activity. >> we began doing local haunts in my neighborhood in queens, cemeteries. then we started getting calls
7:45 am
to do businesses and private residences. >> reporter: most cases like this one where a homeowner thought a ghost was taking their bed. it turned out to be the wind moving a garage door. the team says 96% of the time claims of paranormal activity can be de bunked by real world explanations. that leaves 4% of cases like this one in marblehead that can't. two centuries ago, fort stool kept prisoners locked up underground. just ask john who has lived here for nearly 40 years. >> there are ghosts in town. >> really? >> you can sense it. >> reporter: sometimes it's more than a sense. smith says he has evidence. his recorder picked up a mysterious voice during a visit here. >> were you born overseas? >> no. >> do you believe in ghosts? >> i believe that there is paranormal activity. what that activity is, whether
7:46 am
it's ghosts or simply environmental phenomena that we have not named or classified yet, that remains to be seen. >> reporter: and nick smith says he will keep looking. >> now, the team says their spirit is more educational than entrepreneurial. they don't charge their customers. always watches, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. d.c.'s most accurate. >> for everyone who has pumpkins in their front yard, was there really frost. >> there could have been. you don't even have to reach near freezing for frost to form. i wouldn't be surprised. the good news, you probably won't have frost tonight. temperatures warm up a little bit overnight. here is a look at our camera outside. it is cold for sure. winds are calm. clear skies. that's a perfect recipe for the
7:47 am
temperatures to drop down overnight. starting off chilly, colder than yesterday. we will see similar temperatures by the afternoon. not as breezy. maybe a little more comfortable. 45 degrees in some areas. yeah you're still into the 30s out there. 37 for chevy chase. 39 for springfield. fairfax at 36 degrees. you see the clouds coming on in. so sunshine to start for the first half of the day. by the second half of the day, just a few more clouds work their way in. rain showers will start to approach our area by sunday. more so on monday. rain chances don't look great. a lot of the rain that you saw will fall apart. highs today, a nice recovery after a chly start this morning. upper 50s and 60s. 61 for the district. and if you are going to be out trick-or-treating tonight, dress the kids for temperatures in the 50s.
7:48 am
later on the late trick-or- treaters, after 10:00, we will see temperatures drop down to the upper 40s. 50s will be comfortable and winds will be light. let's go through your futurecast. you can see the clouds steadily increasing throughout the day. right through 7:30. we're dry and no worries about rain for the dayment that's good news. 7:30 tomorrow morning, a couple showers. very spotty few and far between and pretty light for the most part. we're not talking about good soakers. much of the afternoon is dry. down through the carolinas. that's where they will see their best chance for rain. monday morning we're waking up to showers in charlottesville. being areas in the district will be dry. look for areas north of the district. really right now areas south of d.c. look to have the best rain chances. everybody else will be dry. that is subject to change. we will keep you updated on the app. tomorrow even warmer. the temperatures just keep on climbing. monday, mid 70s for most of
7:49 am
next week. >> sounds good, allyson. this halloween, kids with food allergies that can't have candy, there's an organization making sure that those kids can get treats too. it's called the teal pumpkin project. it started with a group from the food allergy group or fair for short. >> the teal pumpkin project helps the 1 in 13 children with food allergies have a safer, happier halloween by letting them know that you have treats that they can take home and enjoy. >> and if you have nonfood treats, all you have to do is place one of those teal colored pumpkins on your stoop so the kids know what is going on. see a penny, pick it up. a louisiana man did that for 45 years. and this week he took all of those coins to the bank. it took several hours to run them through the machines. more than $5,000 in pennies. the 73-year-old says that spotting a lost or dropped penny has always reminded him
7:50 am
to be thankful. he said he was going to pay bills with that. if you have travel plans for the holidays, there's a warning before you take to the skies. do not pass the boarding pass. here is why in the saturday consumer alert. >> reporter: most of us throw away that all important pass once the trip is done. if you aren't careful, identity thieves could give that piece of paper a second line. there are websites that allow hackers to crack the code on your info. they can read the bar and get enough information to control your account. to protect yourself, consider using an electronic pass and delete it after your travels. or shred that paper pass to dispose of it in a secure way. lesli foster, wusa9. macy's will be opening its doors on thanksgiving day once again this year starting at 6:00 p.m. on turkey day. customers get a big jump on black friday deals at 700 stores nationwide as well as online. michael jackson is the number one dead celebrity when
7:51 am
it comes to earnings. forks magazine says he earned $115 million in the past year. elvis presley is a distant second all these years later pulling in $55 million. peanuts creator charles schultz rounds out the top three. mcdonalds has been trying to reel vamp its image by adding more healthy options. now the fast food chain is going organic. at least in germany. mcdonalds is testing an organic burger called the mcb. and hour top stories this saturday morning, a woman is recovering in the hospital this morning after flames engulfed her mclean home. it broke out at around 9:00 p.m. last night on massachusetts avenue. no word on what caused the fire to start. and u.s. parks police are investigating a fatal pedestrian accident in southwest d.c. it happened
7:52 am
friday evening on maine avenue. a vehicle struck the pedestrian just west of the 14th street overpass. and 27 people are dead and 180 hospitalized after an explosion at a nightclub. a local tv station report that's witnesses said the explosion came after a spark on stage where a band was performing. it ignited some of the decor. live at six flag america this morning as the park is gearing up for fright fest this halloween. she has been scared several times. >> reporter: we're in a second haunted house. >> we are in fear toy factory where the demented elves are starting santa's reign early. it is being guarded by a
7:53 am
demented soldier to make sure that your halloween is terrifying. >> reporter: we want to thank everyone who woke up early this morning. >> the park opens at noon. from noon until 6:00 p.m., it's thrills by day. so there's lots of fun stuff for the little kids to do during the day. at 6:00, it gets super, super scary. >> can we get a happy halloween, everybody? back to you guys. >> still to come, a smashing pumpkin draws a huge crowd. wait until you see where this massive pumpkin is heading next.
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>> we would like to remind you we are here for the sunday morning broadcast tomorrow. join us. therapy dogs, very popular, right? have you ever heard of a therapy turtle? we will go to a senior living complex to introduce you to one. in our sunday's tech minute, we will tell you about three apps that could help you manage your finances this holiday season. that's coming up tomorrow. finally this morning, the smashing pumpkins have drawn a huge audience and many across the globe. >> but this is a different smashing pumpkin and it got a huge audience in north western minnesota. people turned out to witness a ground-shaking event. not the band. this 1465-pound pumpkin. that's pretty big. it started off as just a seed
7:57 am
just six months ago. last weekend they took it to a local football field -- oh, my goodness, there it goes. they raised it 80 feet and then drop touchdown on an old minivan. >> after the suspense, it was pretty cool. i didn't think it would smoosh the van like it did. >> of course it did. it raises money for the local council. >> make sure that you have a decently warm costume. >> we will be in the 61 degrees range tomorrow. and temperatures go up, up, up next week. >> so glad you woke up with here in washington much that's a wrap for the saturday morning broadcast. >> we will see you
7:58 am
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good morning, it is october 31st, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." breaking news overnight. hundreds are killed when a russian airliner crashes in egypt. and a halloween cons ert turns tragic after the nightclub is set on fire. >> the nfl hears from three cities that may lose their beloved teams. and why


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