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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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breaking news out of alexandria, virginia. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. police are investigating a body found in beverly park. peggy fox is on the scene. she joins us live with more on what police have discovered. peggy? >> reporter: well, you can see the intersection of overlook, north overlook and south
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overlook drives still blocked off here. the body, still in the woods. you can see the woods back there. that's where this small beverly park is located. i've just learned from a neighbor that that body was found in the park about 100 feet from a school bus stop. many children were out there but no one saw the body at that time because apparent it must have been hidden. now, take a look at video we have for you. we have alexandria police chief earl cook on the scene about an hour or so ago talking to neighbors who live right next to beverly park. this morning around 8:00, a woman walking her dog saw the body and called 911. another woman who had been walking her dogs earlier walked right by the same spot t did not see the body. >> she has two bigger dogs than me. the dogs were off the leash. >> reporter: alexandria police tell us that the body is of
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that a male and the body has trauma to the upper body. police would not release any more information other than that. however, we have learned from other sources that it appears this is not a suicide and that it looks to be a stabbing. but we'll have to confirm that information with police once they release more information tonight. this neighborhood very shaken up over this. it does not appear it was a neighbor. the body was found 100 feet from a school bus stop. none of the chirp saw the body -- children saw the body. no one saw it until that individual. andrea? >> thank you. more breaking news. the president of the university of missouri system says he's resigning. it comes amid student criticism for the way he handled racial issues. president tim wolfe said his resignation is effective immediately. this weekend, 30 football players announced they wouldn't participate in any team
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activities until president wolfe was fired or stepped down. it's an ongoing investigation looking for answers to two key questions. what happened and why in an horrific crash sunday in prince george's county. more than a dozen people were hurt and four killed including a young child. it was about 5:00 yesterday in hyattsville where this all started. here's more with an update. >> reporter: well, the numbers alone from this crash are just shocking. 18 people involved. 14 people hurt. four dead. today, all that's left behind is debris, charred grounds and a lot of questions. >> the flames. the fire was at least 15 feet up. >> reporter: this neighbor was one of several who grabbed their fire extinguishers and tried to help. >> i tried to put it out. it put out a little bit. but it came back. >> reporter: others helped to get the victims to safety. >> there was a lot of kid. we were worried about that.
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>> reporter: it was too late for four people, including one child who didn't make it. investigators say it all started when a pickup rear ended a cadillac. witnesses say the truck was on fire. instead of stopping, it kept going the, crashing into the van filled with people. >> he just flew off the road and he hit the vanned a and the impact was so fast. >> reporter: people who live around here say crashes happen all too often. they say drivers rarely obey the speed limit. the cause of this crash, however, is still under investigation. in hyattsville, back to you. police have not released the names of the victim but we are told the van was from a local church. our news partners at the washington post say the victims are in their 20s and 30s and the children are between the ages of 4 and 10. two families are out of
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their homes after an early- morning electrical fire in gaithersburg. flames broke out on bayridge terrace. the red cross is helping a place for families to stay. a cold start to the day will end in rain and just keep raining. here'sal alley -- here's allyson. >> we're tracking the new information model information. it's changed its timing. earlier to arrive, faster to leave but more rain possibly. we started 0 of -- started off really clear and cold. 51 degrees. we'll head to the mid-50s. we'll have a chance to warm up a little bit before the showers arrive. they will arrive 6:00, 7:00. a lot of people will get home and enjoy a drive dry home before the heavier rain arrives. we didn't issue the yellow
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alert until tomorrow. cloudy skies sticking around for this afternoon. 5:30, most areas are dry. the beltway is drive. parts of 95. a little bit of light rain. parts of 81 will see rain and parts of 66. when i fast forward to 6:00, we're still dry. but by 7:00 we're starting to see the rain come through. coming up later, we'll hack the heaviest -- track the heaviest amounts of rain coming through. this is good news for veterans day. we just have to get through the yellow alert. cloudy skies through 6:00. we'll have the showers for you this evening. we'll be using the wusa mobile 9 app. that's coming up coming up. president obama is promising a full investigation after two american instructors are shot and killed in jordan. it happened this morning in amman at a police training facility. an official tells cbs news, the shooter was a disgruntled officer who was fired. a government spokesman said the attacker also killed a south african and jordanian
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contractor before he was killed. as republicans face off in their fourth debate tomorrow night, ben carson is feeling the heat. he's been accused of lying about his upbringing and claims of receiving a scholarship offer to attend west point military academy. dr. carson is running neck-and- neck with donald trump in recent polls. who is flying off -- he's flying high off his snl big from saturday night. the debate starts tomorrow on the fox business network. hundreds of college students are gearing up for election season by staging a protest. here's the demonstration. [chanting] >> reporter: the rally signs read our generation, our choice. a couple of hundred college students from the east coast all converging in the nation's capitol to get their message out, one year before the presidential election. >> we stand together as youth.
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>> young people are standing up and demanding that we reinvest in a community most impacted by the climate crisis and end deportation. >> ensuring that we have good jobs and a reinvest in the black and brown lives. their message to the white house today and say the movement is just beginning. >> you will see young people standing up and resisting just as much as the movement for black lives over the last year has polarized and galvanized people all across the country. >> anybody who wants to be a viable political candidate in the coming years, take heed of the demand we're putting forth. we'll be almost 30% of the election. what we want matters. >> reporter: back to you.
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>> the group promises morse rallies and ac-- more rallies and actionses here in washington and back on the college campuses. benjamin netanyahu is meeting with president obama at the white house. this is their first face to face meeting in over a year. russian inspectors are examining security procedures at the airport in egypt where a jetliner took off from last month before crashing and killing everyone on board. the u.s. intercepted chatter from isis members after the plane crash claiming they had an insider at the airport. sources say it's looking more likely than not that isis did
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use a bomb to bring down the jet liner. all 224 people on board were killed. each day thousands go through checkpoints to enter the west bank without a problem. coming up, what this woman pulled from her purse that sent her and an israeli security guard to the hospital. see how a new procedure can
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a palestinian woman was shot after she is shown on camera trying to stab and israeli security guard. the guard was standing at the entrance to a west bank settlement when the woman pulled out a knife and attacked. the guard who was badly injured open fire. the woman is also hospitalized with several gunshot wounds. a truck driver in southwest china is being called a hero after he barreled through a tunnel with his truck on fire. authorities say the man noticed the fire when he was midway
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through the tunnel. he got out, tried to put on the the flames, but that department work. when instead of running for his life, he sped through. luckily, no one was hurt. a 100-year-old relic from world war i has been restored to its former glory. talking about this cannon used in some of the biggest battles of the war. in a special ceremony in canada today, it was returned to the third field artillery regiment. this comes days after remembrance day. that's the day canadians give thanks to those who have fought to protect their freedom. allyson rae is up next with the forecast. >> thanks, andrea. i'm tracking the rain headed our way for tonight and tomorrow morning. at 6:30, still dry through the beltway, but showers are already moving through. coming up, i will show through the future cast and you will see when the heaviest rain
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arrives. it will impact your morning commute tomorrow. from the violent streets of d.c., even the good guys carry
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topping today's health alerts, it's the 9th of the month. have you called your buddy today? there is a new cancer add vancement that improves patients who need radiation therapy. it allows for better results. janice monk is a veteran federal attorney for the u.s. coast guard and a breast cancer survivor. the diagnosis was confirmed in january after a routine screening mammogram detected a lump. >> luckily, i was diagnosed at
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the stage zero level and it's called dcis. >> doctors recommended a lumpectomy and radiation to prevent the occurrence. two types of radiation she considered done at the time of the therapy or a catheter therapy that lasts only a week. >> unfortunately, it was determined that i was not a good candidate for either of these two candidacies because it spread more than originally thought. >> but there was a third alternative. concerned that radiation often results in damage to healthy nearby tissue, janice opted for an approach using biozorb. >> the healing process can make it difficult to know exactly where the location was.
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when we use biozorb, we're able to put in something that's impossible to miss. >> reporter: in janice's case, a 2 x 33 coil was inserted where the tumor was removed and then sutured and place. it held clips. and it dissolves in about a year but leaves behind the clips to serve as a visual cue for future radiation treatments and her followdowns. it also helps the cosmetic outcome. >> i'm feeling great now. i have all of the optimism in the world about the future. >> this is appropriate for anyone not a candidate for partial breast radiation. it's also fda approved. we have some advice how to keep your blood pressure down. consider moving to a neighborhood that's walking- friendly. an active lifestyle can reloose the risk of high blood
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pressure, heart december and and -- heart disease and stroke. also study, the scale is not your friend. new research shows young women who weigh themselves frequently are more likely to have lower self-esteem than others. research found women who weigh themselves a lot are more likely to suffer from depression. body dissatisfaction concerns have been linked to eating disorders. millions of dollars worth of marijuana have gone up in south dakota. a tribe planned to sell the pot but the tribe members burned the marijuana instead because they said they are just tired of dealing with the controversy with the federal government. >> when you look at what was being proposed, discussions about busing college kids to and from, concerns about impaired driving, i think for all of these reasons, the
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tribe's decision to suspend the marijuana grow is in a positive direction. >> the controversy started last june when the tribe executive council legalized marijuana on the reservation. that came after the federal government tweaked the law last year allowing tribal members to sell and use marijuana but only on tribal land. no school closings for them but millions are celebrating fresh snow in california and nevada. ski resorts were crowded over the weekend and they hope the fresh powder will draw even more customers. the more fresh snow they get, increasing the chances of getting more of the resort ski trails. a little chill in the area but no word of the s-word just yet. >> let's take baby steps. we'll deal with rain and a lot of it come tonight and through first thing tomorrow morning. this is it gonna impact a lot of travel for the morning rush tomorrow morning. so we're tracking these models and they are speeding up the
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time for the rain to get out of here. now we're thinking we'll see a lot more rain. i will show you the totals coming up. let's take a look at the temperatures. we're starting to warm up by a few degrees. we'll top out in the mid-50s. shenandoah valley still cool. it was cold this morning. a lot of places stayed below freezing. tomorrow morning, we won't be that cold but the clouds and the rain in place, it will be hard for the temperatures to not drop. 52 for gaithersburg. showers are pushing along 64. that's why the temperatures are pretty cool. now for us we're dry. we'll stay dry for a few more hours. if you are getting on the road between 5:00 and 7:00, if you are headed south on 95, you might run into the showers. here's the rainfall shower before we go through the future cast. this is through midnight. how many rain can we expect?
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we'll see less than .25 for most areas. the heaviest rain is not tonight. it is going to come by tomorrow morning. so your morning rush is gonna be pretty ugly. looking at an inch, n and a half for some areas by the time this rain system is out of here. let's time it out for you on your future cast. we're dry. the rain is farther south through 64. by 5:30, most areas will be okay for the evening rush home. a couple of showers still along 81. parts of 81. by 7:00, starting to move through the beltway. most people are home. but if you are not. if you are not getting home from work or starting to go home from work until 7:00, that's when you will run into the showers pushing north of the beltway after 7:00. by 10:00 to midnight, it's light to moderate. there will be pockets of heavier rain by tuesday morning. this is why we have the yellow weather alert for tuesday. look at this. this is gonna be a mess tomorrow morning. 5:00 to 7:00, i will be on on
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"wake up washington." we'll be tracking the heavier spots for you. they will be across the beltway, down 95. the new models get this out faster. it does bring more rain. but we'll dry out faster. starting to see drier weather, south of 66, south of the beltway. as we head through 3:00, we have a chance to warm up to near 60 degrees with some pockets of dry weather, still some lingering light showers. the heaviest stuff will be in the morning. we'll kick everything out by midnight wednesday to the north and by wednesday, perfect timing here for veterans day. it will be beautiful. nicest day of the week. 56 for today. the yellow alert tomorrow, 61. can always use our app to track that rain. 66 degrees for veterans day. now for thursday, we have another front bringing a couple of hours our way. it will leave us with a breezy day on friday and setting us up for a chilly weekend.
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saturday and sunday
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there is such a thing as a free lunch at least in the case of some kentucky police officers. 8-year-old jacob, who loves police officers, decided it was time to show them some appreciation. so the little boy and his parents bought six mcdonald's gift cards to hand out to officers in their neighborhood. they came across sergeant jake reed yesterday. >> we're working a case. i was taking some sames when the -- when jacob and his family pulled up. just handed me the letter and told me thank you for what you do. >> very nice. jacob says he wants to be a police officer when he grows up. >> very cool. >> very good. not a seven-day but get us
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prepared for tonight -- >> yeah, keep the umbrellas on standby. use our mobile app. you can track the rain or join topper tonight and he will track it for you. >> that's it for us. we'll be back at 5:00. have
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>> devon: morning. >> hilary: you're back. >> devon: yeah. of course i am. how are you feeling today? >> hilary: better. >> devon: have you remembered anything at all about us or the accident, where you been? >> hilary: no. no. >> devon: that's okay. i'm sure it'll come back to you soon. >> hilary: maybe. >> devon: i know it will, just like i know that you'll remember what we shared. >> hilary: actually... i already have. >> neil: i have to get going. >> gwen: can't you stay and finish coffee? i've barely seen you the past


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