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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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found the body of 35- year-old ethan villama. >> taking no chances after responding to calls for a body and discovering what looked like a meth lab. they geared up in hazmat suits. austin found his brother dead inside of the home. >> struck me as a nice fellow and always a kind neighbor to me and my family. i was grateful for. >> the police left a beer- browing bucket in the front yard and friends insist the cops are jumping to conclusions. that they say ethan was a tinkerer. he bought chemistry equipment because it was cheap and a set of rebreathers because he thought he could use them for scuba diving. the police and some neighbors refuse to buy that. >> i wish i could say i was surprised. but, pretty much everybody knew something was going on over there. >> a little sketchy. put in a hot it tub and people
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were coming and going at all- times. >> yes. they insist he was not cooking drugs. >> but this goes back long before the police had pot plants and chemicalsed in of the house. >> they arrested him 8 years ago with a lot of marijuana in the trunk of his car. and 4 more pounds in his home. >> it is just a sat moment obviously for -- for his his family. and for the neighborhood. >> family members say that he had been sick for a long time. the police say there is no, no evidence of foul play. we are live in silver spring. wusa9. >> all right, brous. >> family members decline to talk to us on tv. they removed the chemicals and the pot plants and they say the home is now safe. tonight, the fbi is assessing the credibility of an online death threat for students. comes at a time of increased tensions across the country.
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after protests led to the resignations of both the president and the chancellor of the university of missouri. peggy fox joins us live from the campus, peggy? >> reporter: now, police officers on campus, that was the sign that something was different. the schooled they were beefing up security and working with law enforcement to try to track down the source of this vile threat. >> we did -- we just want equality and justice and go to school. >> reporter: students tried to go about their business today but the distraction of a death threat posted anonymously against the students one of the top historic black colleges in the country was a bit unnerving. >> surprising at first when i saw it. so, it was -- we have a different group. the person wrote any blank left
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at howard university at 10:00 tomorrow will be the first to go. any of those cheapskate blanks who try to get out using the metro will regret the choice real fast. the personned the police will quote take me down but i will go out knowing i made the world better. >> i activitily take his threat seriously. i feel that it should. violence is no joke to be played with. >> now, congressman, cummings showed up to pay his daughter's tuition and first heard about the threat. >> as a parent it concerns me. at the same time knowing my daughter, you know, she will be cautious about it. at the same time she will tell you. she graduated in may. >> that is what many students here told us. they are going to school and they are just going to keep on about their business. now, some students told us they were told this threat first appeared on a lesser known web
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site. the threat that appeared against black students at the university of missouri first appeared on yikyak. a 19-year-old has been arrested in that case. no arrests yet in this case. we are reporting live, back to you. >> peggy, thank you for that report. the investigators are asking anybody with information to contact the fbi or dc police. a white university of missouri student made his first court appearance. that was today on charges. the judge denied bond for hunter park. meanwhile, prosecutors brought charges against the students at northwest missouri state university. newly appoint president on campus. in order to move forward the schools they named michael middleton to the most.
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he retired as deputy chancellor of the university in august. he replaces wolf who resigned on monday amid protests of the handling of complaints about racism on campus. right now friends and family are holding a vigil for a 20- year-old virginia man who was shot to death. zachary blake was shot and killed before 11:00 in the 14, 400 block. the police are searching for that man's killer. >> i shared with the victim's family that it is not about retaliation or vendettas. it is about regrouping and helping in your family's life. share whatever information you can with the police officers and do the right thing. >> the witnesses say they believe there was an argument over money. they heard 6 gunshots and saw a white tahoe leave the scene. the police believe it was not a random crime. >> a former university student pled guilty to charges of
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distributing on campus, synthetic marijuana and a party drug known as molly. >> zachary kramer was sentenced in february. prosecutors are recommending 12- 18 months in prison. they say 10 students overdosed last last february after taking what they thought was molly. all recovered. isis claiming responsibility for twin suicide blasts. at least 41 people were killed. more than 200 were injured at a palestinian refugee camp in the suburb out of bay route. the explosions occurred 5 minutes apart during the height of rush hour. president barack obama will most with leaders of germany, united kingdom, italy, france next week. that is the fight against the islamic group. the leaders will gather in turkey after the group of 20 economic summits. u.s. backed fighters in iraq cut a major supply. backed by u.s. air strikes
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taking control of the highway in iraq. iraqi kurds say the roadway was used only for weapon and other ammunition. a secret service officer has been arrested for soliciting a child for sex. the investigators say lee rob either morris sent lewd messages and photos to himself never an undercover police officer posing on line as a 14- year-old girl. and messages he talked about being bored at an id check ponent. the secret service says he has been stripped of his badge, gun and cheerance. >> the jury nenew york found a mobster not guilty of helping to plan a major heist retold in the movie good fell las. the 80-year-old was a key member of the group that carried out a $6 million armed robbery back in 1978. but during the trial, the defense attorneys argued that he was framed by the mob. right now we have an update on the dc bus fire we first
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reported at 5:30. that fire is now out. the double decker tour bus caught fire late this afternoon at 23rd and i-street northwest. thankfully nobody is injured. this video taken by a cbs news producer who happened to be walking by when she saw the fire. we got a live shot, the picture of the bus. you can see much of it has burned. you see it. they say the cause of the fire is now under investigation tonight. coming up, two virginia men accused of plotting attacks on synagogues and black churches appear in court. next in sports, now, wide receiver, dez bryant yells at a reporter in the locker room. winds are going to pick up. not going to bring in the colder air in at first. want to walk the doing, you can. temperatures, 46, 42, maybe 43 in fairfax, maybe 44 in silver springs, we will come back.
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coming up next, a car pulls up to 2
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right now, they are looking for a suspect in a shooting. one man dead. they were shot after 11:00 this morning standing outside of the home at the public housing projecdied on the
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scene. the other transported to the hospital. after what the witnesses describe as a close range 1- sided burst of fire. >> we heard about 10-15 shots. and -- and it was quiet for about 5 or 10 minutes and the next thing know, a lot of sirens. >> dc police have not released any information about a possible suspect or a motive in this case. the death marks the city's homicide this year. hais up 57% over the same time last year. >> two virginia men accused of plotting a crime. >> reporter: richmond men were arrested on sunday after they were discovered with a stockpile of guns and explosives. a florida police officer who shot and killed a man waiting alongside his disabled suv is no longer a cop. he has been fired. he was off duty when he fired
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six shots striking cory jones, he was hired in april and still on probation, his family and civil rights activists are demanding answers from the police. a manhunt underway in new jersey after two men impersonating cops shot a police officer. the officer was shot in the hand early this morning after being pulled over in newark. he was treated at the hospital and released. coming up, president barack obama awards the highest military honor to a captain. up next, immigration policy may be divided the republican
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on the democratic side, a new poll shows candidates chasing hillary clinton. >> as the republican presidential candidate gets on the same ballot in new hampshire, they are not on the same page when talking about immigration. >> do we round up people? we round up people. who wants to round up anybody. we pick up the phone and call them.
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the letter, send them an e- mail. go home. >> donald trump proposed a deportation force that he says would round up at least 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> you are going to have a deportation force. do it humanely. >> some say it is the defining issue. >> republicans end up joining arm and arm with the democrats and supporting amnesty, no difference between us, we will lose in 2016. >> while republicans are divided over how to proceed. they a peered united on who is best to handle the immigration issue. the latest economist poll shows 49% say trump is best equipped to handle immigration policies. democrats will likely be asked about the deportation forces during their debate this weekend. hillary clinton is leading the race so far. she is 19 points ahead of bernie sanders. back to you. sanderses picked up the
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postal service for entkorsment. president barack obama awarded the phagz's highest military honor to a retired army -- postal service for endorsement. president barack obama awarded the nation's highest military honor to a retired army man, florent groberg. four americans still lost their lives but many others were saved. >> he grabbed the bomber by his vest and kept pushing him away. >> this is what you do. every soldier would have done the same thing. >> he suffered severe injuries, he has undergone 33 surgeries. he says he shares his medal with the four americans who did not make it home alive. always watching, always tracking, wusa9 first alert weather.
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3 degree guarantee. >> now, let's talk about the 3 degree guarantee. i raised it last night. good thing that i did. just before 11:00. went from 64-65. how did we do? we will talk about that tonight on wusa9 news at 11:00 ask track us for the app. it is free. now, most of what you see, for the maps, you will see it. you can watch us now any time. now, 63. that is good. that is within three degrees. the dew points are not falling, the reason why winds are out. not looking at exactly cold air rushing in. it will be clear and windy tonight. the winds will rush in. bus stop temperature, 42-52. that is really not that uncomfortable but for the winds, we will give you a test tonight. remember the winds will be taking 10 degrees off of the temperatures, blustery friday, 40 mile-an-hour winds in the
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highlands in the mountains, and, chilly and still windy on saturday. so, saturday it is going to feel like it is in the 40s. 10:00 tonight, you want to walk sparky, you can. now, 53 in rockville and also in bowie. upper 50s downtown. now, by morning, we have 40s, clear skies, not crazy cold. 46 now in frederick, 47 in leeberg. now, by midmorning, for either side of 50. mostly sunny skies, lunchtime, they are not going to make it out of the 50s tomorrow. we will struggle near 60 downtown. but, with the winds kind of dressing it. low 50s, it will be a blustery day. then by 6:00 p.m. back in the 40s, and the winds could have an effecton high school football tomorrow. bundle up. in the 40s and the 50s, -- could have an affect on high school football tomorrow. bundle up.
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in the 40s and the 50s. now, we are cold, 52, and bundle up you are going to the navy game. 60 on sunday. nice, actually. next 7 days, monday, phoeulder, middle 60s, middle 60s on tuesday. upper 60s on thursday. perhaps a late shower on thursday evening or night. >> thank you. >> you are going to go out on a limb to predict the wins. >> my predictions have been right. yes, they have lost. yes. now, there is an outfit struggling just as bad as your team, maybe worse, i will explain. what happened in the cowboys locker room that sparked it this. unfiltered.
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a picture of a skunk next to a picture of the saints defense and you get the picture. or smell the picture. boy, it has been a stinky year for the new orleans defense. skins difference has not been either, right? i am jmcalling it stinky. now, they have been gassed recently. they say that puts a lot of pressure on my troops. >> we are banking on people stripping the football and getting in the passing lane and defensive backs making the plays, if you don't get them, a lot of stress on the defense and offense. we have to do a better job when we get them. capitalize on for the
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offense on them. we will peak in on the ravens and coming off of the bye-week. the thrilling game, taking on the jacksonville jaguars. can not wait. nothing makes washington football fans happier than seeing their arch nemesis dallas cowboys spiral into mayhem. greg hardy, say no more. like the commercial, wait there is more. it involves dez bryant. look at this. all right, here is the set up now. reporters were interviewing players today. bryant claims he called his a racial slur. someone tweet about it and then he yelled this at the pr. >> >> let's just drop it. >> . [indiscernible]
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how about you fix it. you are talking to the wrong people, you are talking to the wrong people. >> all right, basketball, now, prepping for the season opener. on paper this is the turn up for the maryland game. or i like to call it, the game of the century, right? now, john thompson iii. now, we want to see where we are, where we are working on. but it is tough. we have -- a lot of it made sense back in june and july. putting the schedule together, looking at it now, it is daunting. >> now, all right, finall louisville tonight, getting raleigh durham. now, with the row your boat deal there. [ laughter ] >> that is awesome. and then the worm are going on over there. what do you do at the airport? that is interesting. [ laughter ] >> that is creative stuff.
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>> yes. >> yes. >> all happening because the plane i guess was late so they just took care of it. >> someone will tape it, and be in a commercial. [ laughter ] >> that is good stuff. we are looking at cooler tomorrow, windy. windy on saturday, colon saturday for the naviy game -- cooler on saturday for the navy game. >> that is the nows at 6:00. the "cbs evening news" is next. >> we will be back with your only local news at 7:00.
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>> pelley: today u.s. air strikes and kurdish troops pound isis in iraq, while at home, an alleged isis sympathizer is
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charged in a plot to murder u.s. servicemembers. also tonight, a judge orders a baby removed because the foster parents are lesbians. tornadoes ripped through the midwest. >> seeing that we have nothing it's scary. >> pelley: and an army captain is awarded the medal of honor for an extraordinary act of heroism. >> i would turn that right back in, right now and say no thank you, bring my guys back. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: u.s. warplane


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