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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  November 12, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7:00, howard university students preparing to rally against threats made against students today. thanks for joining us. >> the fbi is still trying to figure out who posted the threat online late last night. the anonymous hate filled message mentioned shooting anybody still on the howard university campus after 10:00 this morning. and if anyone tried to get out using metro, they would regret that choice. howard took the threat very seriously beefing up security on campus and at the nearby metro station. school officials urged students to report any suspicious activity. students are expected to gather tonight for a rally on the campus. >> they said they want to make their voices heard and they're not silenced by the threat. scott broom joins us live. >> reporter: that has been the
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primary reaction at howard today, not to be silenced, to continue on as normal as possible throughout the day despite the involvement. fbi and despite the police presence on campus. as mentioned they are planning a rally in the yard at howard at this hour the we'll be covering that shortly. i have been talking to young students. here are some reflections from two of theme on the day's events. >> generally speaking for 2015, it's nothing new. so we have been hearing about it as far back as trayvon. generally speaking, we are used to it. we are in the afraid of it. >> we are not going to shut up. things like this aren't acceptable. it's just like we're still going to stand up for what's right. what's right is right. >> reporter: the two are saying that today there were in fact a few professors who did decide to take the precaution of closing classes but again the university administration here decided this was in the a lock
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down -- not a lock down situation for the university and many students wanted to show that by showing up and they're showing up tonight for as out growth of the tensions at the missouri university. opponents trying to shut them down with anonymous threats, they're not going to stand for it. >> thank you. two teens are in custody accused of making similar threats against students at the university of missouri. neither attend mizzou. a judge denied bond to hunter park who is a student but at a different campus 90 miles from mizzou. park is accused of posting on yikyak that he would shoot every black person he sees. another person posted something similar and he is arrested after police found him at a
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school several hours away. the university hired another interim president. michael middleton lead the system until a permanent replacement is found. recently he's been working part time to help design a plan to increase diversity and inclusion on campus. he says university of missouri will address demands from protesters and that students deserve to feel safe on campus. >> this is a learning experience for us all. we must tighten our focus, improve our culture and climate across all of our campuses and share in the responsibility to see our university advance in healthy ways built upon respect. >> middleton replaces tim wolfe who stepped down after students said he didn't do enough to fight racism on campus. a bomb squad is checking
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out a suspicious car near the capitol building in the 200 block of pennsylvania avenue in northwest. sources tell us the car contains something that appears to be a pressure cooker or perhaps a propane tank. capital police say the unoccupied vehicle apparently rolled from one parking space to another. they're looking for the owner right now. crews are cleaning up near the parking spot of metro station now after this double decker bus caught fire. deborah spoke with somebody who saw it happen. >> reporter: absolutely. can you imagine walking down the street and you see a double decker bus on fire? that's exactly what happened for a cbs news producer. she shared the video for us. she's walking down the street and sees this. we are standing here at 23rd street between h and i again by the foggy bottom metro station. we will start out with the good news. first, there was one driver, two passengers on board.
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they both got out okay. this started around rush, around 5:00 p.m. in the middle of the busy area near george washington university and foggy bottom metro station. again, that double decker bus catching fire and driving down the street. you see the entire back part of the bus was in flames and then smoke. let's hear from her and see what she had to say. >> i am just walking this way and i get about to the metro station and i turned around and saw the bus on fire. it's probably an engine fire. i don't know. it appeared that everyone got off safe. >> reporter: right now we just saw the tow truck come in to take the bus away. the license is mr. sight seeing inc. the three people on the bus got off okay, no problems there. right now south bound side of 23 23rd street is doing just fine. north bound here is still
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closed. >> thank you deb. friends and family are gathering to remember a well liked popular young man in wood bridge. the 20 year old was shot and killed just before 11:00 in a parking lot off jefferson davis highway. police are searching for the killer. family members say they do not know why anyone would want to hurt him. >> it's like q1ua nightmare th doesn't seem real. he was such a good person. >> the family does believe this was a robbery. it is prince william county's eighth homicide this year. washington reported the 142 142nd homicide when a man was shot and killed outside a home in clay terrace in northeast. witnesses said they heard more than ten shots fired at close range at two men. one man died on the sidewalk. the other was taken to an area hospital in serious condition. >> everything came from one gun. it is like he didn't hear any repeated fire back and forth or anything like that. it was like you heard 10 to 15
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shots. >> family members understandably are overwhelmed with emotion at the scene. officers had to hold back and push away one woman who ducked under the crime scene tape. police have not released suspect information yet. overseas kurdish fighters on the ground and u.s. war planes in the sky work to recapture a strategic city in northern iraq. the military official says u.s. launched at least 20 air strikes against isis militants this morning. around 7000 troops are battling islamic state fighters who are defending the town. kurdish forces have cut off a section of what had been an active isis supply line. they're hoping to shut down the entire route to stop isis from moving fighters and weapons to the strong holds in syria and northern iraq. a military hero with local roots is searching for the perfect spot in his home to
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display his medal of honor given to him today by president barack obama. >> what an honor it was. retired u.s. army captain flo groberg tackled a suicide bomber during a tour in afghanistan in 2012. the a account nearly killed him but saved many fellow soldiers. we caught up with the hero after the ceremony. >> this medal belongs to the true heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice and didn't come home. it also belongs to their families, the true heroes who live with that day everyday. >> captain groberg is the 10th living recipient to be rewarded for actions in afghanistan an we are lucky to have servicemen and women like him serving our country. >> what an honor. he is a local guy. i am so anxious to see what he will be doing in five to ten years. >> remarkable. >> a hero. fan dual and draft kings
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are in jeopardy in maryland. we'll explain the actions state officials are now taking. >> next, a family -- >> breezes are starting to pick up. this is our forecast gust tracker. each number is miles per hour and it's a forecast by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, winds gusting to 40 miles an hour in leesburg, manassas, silver strings -- springs. we'll tell you how cold it will get for the weekend. a family files a big money lawsuit after police were taught on camera tasing g wow. this place is spectacular.
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thank you .
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we worked with a designer from havertys for a complete refresh. you must be happy to get out of that tiny house? yeah you know when we realized how great the furniture could be, we knew we wanted more space. how much more space? we went from a hundred square feet to... three thousand! (whispers) three thousand! we still have the original structure. she uses it as a yoga studio. it's more like a tool shed. refresh your space with bonus discounts up to one-thousand dollars at havertys. plus enjoy twenty-four month no interest financing. havertys. discover something you. newly released video shows virginia cops tasing a handcuffed man 20 times before he died. this violent confrontation was caught on police cruiser and hospital surveillance cameras
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in south boston, virginia. police say 46 year old lynwood lambert junior was picked up for causing a disturbance at a local motel. when he arrived at a hospital for medical evaluation they say lambert kicked out the police cruiser window and ran. that's when several officers pulled out tasers and used them multiple times. >> they're saying it is justified because they have no other answer to why they used so much force with a man who was already restrained. >> instead of bringing the suspect into the emergency room, police took lambert to jail where he was pronounced dead. lambert's family has filed a $25 million civil lawsuit against officers wanted the police department. west palm beach cop has been fired for fatally shot shooting an armed man waiting next to his disabled suv. jones was waiting for a tow truck. officials say raja fired six shots at jones hitting him
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three times. the family and civil rights activists have been demanding answers. new videos show a moment a house exploded in new jersey. you can see parts of the home suddenly burst into the air. the blast leveled a home and left one man dead and two people are still in critical condition. investigators have not pinpointed exactly what caused the explosion but city officials believe a gas leak could be to blame. whether or not you are ready for the snow, maryland says it's ready. how it is prepared for winter weather is after the break. >> you ever use that hotel safe in your room when you travel? it might not be all that
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on h street in dc a streetcar making a practice run got into some trouble. it was clipped by a metro bus. metro says the bus driver swerved to avoid hitk a car that had stopped in front of him. no one was hurt. damage to both vehicles was minor. montgomery county police responding to a 911 call for a body in a home. they found a lab for cooking drugs inside the house. the brother of ethan vilamay insists he was tinkering with a
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chip chemistry set but neighbors don't buy it. >> i wish i could say we're surprised but pretty much everybody knew something was going on. >> it's a sad moment obviously for his family and sobering for the neighborhood. >> police say they removed the chemicals and several pot plants. he was 35 but had a long history of health problems. there is no reason to suspect foul play in his death. fantasy sports betting sites are about to come under the microscope in maryland. the state announced it will take a closer look at fan dual and draft kings. maryland wants to ensure taxes are being properly protected and consumers are protected. new york ordered both sites to stop operating there. much of the upper midwest is getting blasted by fierce winds. take a look at the pictures from south haven michigan along the lake. winds are gusting up to 60 miles per hour, strong enough to kick up 15-foot waves and send them crashing onshore. it's not a good day for a
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stroll along the beach. it might not be long before thoughts turn to snow. are you ready for it? folks at the maryland state highway administration say they're more than ready. they held a winter weather show and tell. they showed off new double winged snow plows and talked about some of the new high tech ways of clearing roads like infrared. we know no one is more excited than topper. >> infrared pavement sensor. ready for something big. are we getting something big? >> not necessarily. the pavement centers are important because it can snow all night long and the way. is 35. >> that's true. >> what we also may not realize is when we were growing up it was state and county. now it is half private folks contracted out. half is half and half is you gotta call guys in west
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virginia and they come in. that's why they need five hours' notice. let's talk about the three degree guarantee. i raised it last night. i went from 64 to 65. how did we do? we'll talk about that at 11:00. you can tractus with the app. it's always available on the app. a live look outside. it's still 62. that's good. dew points are still pretty high. it's not exactly looking like colder air coming in, winds southwest at seven. they will turn and become west northwest overnight. while we will not get 60 mile- per-hour winds like in michigan we'll get 30 to 40 mile-per- hour winds through tomorrow and tomorrow night. tonight is clear and windy, winds can gust to 25. bus stop temperatures 42 to 52 and windy. blustery friday with winds over 30. we are talking about 60 for a high temperature, upper 50s. dress for the low 50s. chilly and still windy on saturday. we are only talking about low 50s on saturday. that means dress for the 40s.
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if your kids have soccer games you will get cold very quickly mom and dad. at 10:00 tonight on futurecast, upper 50s still downtown. it's not exactly a big drop in temps by any means. by early in the morning at 5:30 or 6:00 there will be some 40s 40s, 45 in rockville, 46 silver springs. by 9:00 low 50s to upper 40s. the winds are going to howl tomorrow afternoon. 55 in lease berg, 56 in manassas. this is lunchtime. on the surface these temps look inviting to go out and have lunch. not with 30 mile-an-hour winds. by 6:00 p.m. we are looking at 40s but they can have an effect on high school football tomorrow. trying to kick a last minute field goal against the winds, good luck. upper 40s during the games. let's talk about forecast gust
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tracker. at 6:00 tomorrow morning, ones gusting at 20 to 25 miles per hour in the metro area. then we get into 6:00 p.m. winds are gusting over 30 miles per hour even into southern maryland. not a good day to be on the bay. where all the advisories are in the mountains above 2000 feet, winds will gust over 40 miles per hour. the day planner looks like this, 50s to start, 56 by 11:00 and 57 and full sun by 1:00. saturday we are in good shape, windy and chilly with 52. sunday we are in good shape, 60. if you want to rake leaves, i would wait until sunday. it is milder monday and tuesday with mid 60s, upper 60s wednesday and thursday, maybe a shower late on thursday. in fairfax we have a navy logo, the navy is playing saturday. bundle up if you are going. >> ranked. >> 23rd, my boys. >> do you lay your clothes out
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the night before? >> never. i start with a tie first. then i work my way back. i have so many combinations. bruce harper has done it again. he keeps collecting awards. he's got a long way to go and a great career 
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bryce harper will need a bigger trophy room. monday he picked up the outstanding player award. some believe he is a shoe in for the mvp, right? tune in next thursday for that. harper is collecting more hardware, yothe ung stud earning the silver slugger award, first of his career. it is given to the best offensive player at east position. it is voted on by managers and coaches. he drove in 99 and scored nl best 118 runs. that kid is good. jay gruten said he had to do a
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double take when he looked at the injury report. full participation? everybody? you gotta go all the way back to richmond training camp to find that just in time for the struggling saints. it's a beautiful sight he said. all the regular 53 players on the practice field as they prepare for drew brees and the saints. they'll need a lot of able bodies to deal with the saints prolific offense. gruten is in a good mood after reading the injury report. >> it is good to get everybody at practice and have a full group. you can practice a little longer which is g you are park teen on trial stressing the guys who are -- good. you are not stressing the guys. >> everybody is healthy, got a lot of work in. >> 37-30, skins. prediction 30. >> i like that. >> impressive. >> you agree? >> i hope we run the ball more but yeah, i agree, sure.
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windy tonight and tomorrow, only about 60 with sunshine. >> what about you? >> i agree. he is the star
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all i can do is follow my heart. >> gwen watched his ex-nanny try to single white female her. >> smiling images of the alleged affair was exposed. >> it's what's coming up right now on "entertainment tonight." >> the nanny's family under siege. did she leave the country? >> "e.t.'s" llinteigence on the stefani look alike as blake goes off today on those wild rumors. >> they're actually claiming gwen is pregnant. >> then sophia's dash to the wedding dress designer, joe t tux shop. >> also, dancing's nick carter, why our 35th anniversary throwback got a little emotional. >> i don't want to be that person there saying he die >> plus -- >> she needed time to tak


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